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No News Sunday 10th November...

News Wednesday 6th November...

World News Adult News singapore parliament logo
Riskier business
Singapore increases penalties for sex work related crimes


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Just a few Thai news items that may be of interest to farangs.

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News Tuesday 5th November...

World News Adult News dollar shave on pornhub
Pornhub porn: The best a man can get
Dollar Shave Club advertising on Pornhub is certainly better than Gillette and its preachy woke TV ads

News Monday 4th November...

Thai Emblem Thailand News i spy
Updated: Thailand has become a surveillance hub
And is now considering mandatory GPS tracking for cars
World News Adult News amateur tv logo
Proving how dangerous it is to hand over ID details to websites
VTS Media camgirl websites accidentally reveal users' login details.

News Saturday 2nd November...

Thai Emblem Thailand News thai anti fake news logo
Fake news
Thailand opens its new internet control center

News Friday 1st November...

World News Adult News mustang ranch logo
Mustang Ranch lives to lay another day
Morality campaigner fails to get Nevada's legal brothels banned

News Thursday 31st October...

Thai Emblem Thailand News bangkok swampy
When Swampy becomes more of a prophecy than a nickname
Climate Scientists predict that Bangkok will be underwater by 2050, you'd better start recycling those plastic bags

News Friday 25th October...

Thai Emblem Thailand News bangkok pattaya railway
The GoGo Express
Bangkok airports to Pattaya and U-Tapao high speed railway given the go ahead

News Thursday 24th October...

World News Adult News erotic dancer
No erotic dancing, no suggestive offers, no obscured nudity
Facebook has updated its censorship rules about sexual solicitation

News Wednesday 23rd October...

World News Adult News the picture
The People in decline
Australian lads' mags close after convenience stores ban them

News Sunday 20th October...

World News Adult News miss scissor hands
Designing virtuous sex robots
Ludicrous academics call for sex robots to be designed with a 'consent module' [and no doubt programmed with robot headaches too]

News Monday 14th October...

Thai Emblem Thailand News immigartion bye
One branch of the authorities considers how to encourage foreign visitors to Thailand
Whilst another reminds those potential visitors that they are liable to be arrested, jailed, humiliated in the local press, deported, and banned from Thailand for 5 years, just for as little as a 1 day overstay

News Sunday 13th October...

World News Adult News pornhub award
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: More popular than the Oscars
Winners Announced at the 2nd Pornhub Awards

News Saturday 12th October...

World News Adult News hookers logo
Hook, line and sinker
Just a reminder to those unnecessarily handing over their personal data to adult websites, eg for age verification. Hackers will attempt to steal your data, ask

News Wednesday 9th October...

Thai Emblem Thailand News thai visa
The old or infirm need not apply
Long stay O-A visa will require mandatory health insurance from 31st October

News Wednesday 2nd October...

World News Adult News Dirty Money
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Cash is best
Home loan applicants face scrutiny of their bank transactions and whether they may be related to adult entertainment

News Saturday 28th September...

World News Adult News showgirls las vegas
Offsite Article
Offsite Article: The last peep show in Las Vegas
From strip joint to joint shop

Previous News

Thai Emblem Thailand News

19th Jan
Causing a public embarrassment
Bangkok police arrest film makers on Khao San Road for setting up a fake sex toys stall
World News Adult News

18th Jan
Extracts: Fun for all
Sexy holiday packages for ladies to travel to nudist or swingers resorts in the Caribbean and Thailand
World News Adult News

17th Jan
Commented: Ground down
London's Windmill lap dancing club closed down after feminists hired private eyes to snitch on touching in private dances
World News Farang land
Offsite Article: Detecting people who walk side by side
Facebook's patent applications reveals some of its creepy ideas about working out who you know
World News Adult News

11th Jan
Thai sex workers explain
We don't do sex work because we are poor, we do sex work to end our poverty
Thai Emblem Thailand News

10th Jan
A 15% hike in beer tax at GoGos
Thailand introduces a new tax for alcohol served in bars or entertainment venues
World News Adult News

6th Jan
So there you have it, nobody reads Playboy for the articles
Playboy is considering closing down its, now non-nude, print magazine
Thai Emblem Pattaya News

5th Jan
Seven Up
Pattaya to Bangkok motorway tolls to rise significantly in April 2018
World News Adult News
Stripped out
Toronto's strip club scene is giving way to condo developments
Thai Emblem Thai Life

4th Jan
Experiences of traffic police
Breathalysers, paper work and torches
World News Adult News
Extract: Increasing diversity
Porn trends according to the tube site xHamster
World News Sex Aware

3rd Jan
Extract: Everybody Lies
A book comparing what people say about their sexuality and what they search for in porn reveals some interesting, if perhaps unsurprising, results

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