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News Tuesday 26th May...

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Thai News
True Censorship
Miserable Thai ISP blocks Pornhub, an important entertainment source during lockdown

News Monday 25th May...

Amsterdam window shopping
Adult News
Amsterdammers cannot face sex workers
Residents, comfortably cushioned by lockdown bail outs, dream about keeping coffee shops and red light windows locked down permanently


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News Sunday 24th May...

pie in the sky train
Pie in the Sky Train
The annual airing of council plans to build a monorail system in Pattaya

News Friday 22nd May...

Germany flag
Adult News
Socially distanced forever
Miserable German lawmakers have fallen in love with the lockdown rules and want sex workers to be permanently distanced 2 metres from their customers

News Thursday 21st May...

seoul sex dolls video
Adult News
Updated: Football dummies
FC Seoul replace banned crowds with sex dolls

News Wednesday 20th May...

Adult News
Poles apart
US strip clubs resume but have to consider social distancing ssues

News Tuesday 19th May...

amazing thailand
Thai News
Trust is earned not self proclaimed
Thailand's tourist authority is set to update its promotional slogan to 'Amazing Trusted Thailand'

News Monday 18th May...

central festival pattaya
Thai News
Offsite Article: Mall adjusted
Thai shopping malls reopen but with ludicrous requirements to sign in and out of each shop
DVD front cover
Adult News
Fun in lockdown
Dutch pragmatism encourages 'fuck buddies', whereas the UK unrealistically expects boyfriends and girlfriend to stay social distant

News Saturday 16th May...

english collective of prostitutes logo
Adult News
A crisis in intimate care services
Sex workers inevitably don't qualify for furloughing so continue to work on

News Friday 15th May...

thai chana app
Thai News
Locked out in lockdown
Thailand introduces its own coronavirus tracking app

News Wednesday 13th May...

thai ministry tourism logo
Thai News
Are you insured against insurance companies refusing to pay out?
Thailand considers an insurance fee on all visitors to cover such eventualities

News Tuesday 12th May...

phuket smart checkpoint
Thai News
You may want to avoid going to Phuket in Thailand
A coronavirus check will include, facial recognition, providing personal information, a check against criminal records, a check on the car, and an app with location tracking to keep tabs on your whereabouts in Phuket

News Saturday 9th May...

tui logo
Thai News
The European holiday trade 'may be gone some time'
Major European holiday company is seeking to defer payments to hotels for rooms occupied in the high season just gone

News Friday 8th May...

morality in media logo
Adult News
Warped neurological thinking
Morality in Media calls on payment companies to censor porn websites for them

News Wednesday 6th May...

chang from redditt
Thai News
Creating a panic
Prayut surely will lengthen supermarket alcohol queues by threatening to re-ban alcohol

News Monday 4th May...

sexy ppe
Adult News
Playing doctors and nurses
Greek brothels set to re-open after lockdown, but now with requirements for additional PPE

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