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News Tuesday 13th November...

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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: Why Are Young People Having So Little Sex?
Maybe because internet porn is safer sex than the real world where one has to worry about a ton of bricks falling on your head should you say something deemed inappropriate

News Wednesday 7th November...

Thai Emblem Thailand News no smoking map 0300x0217
Something stinks
Thailand to extend no smoking zones 5 metres into the street from the entrances to a long list of buildings


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Just a few Thai news items that may be of interest to farangs.

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News Friday 2nd November...

Thai Emblem Thailand News uk pension letters 0281x0400
Updated: Seeing the cash
From 2019 annual retirement and marriage visa extensions must be qualified by showing money or income in a Thai bank rather than by letter from the British embassy

News Thursday 25th October...

World News Sex Aware try something new
Try something new today
Sex toys are coming to Sainsbury's and Walmart

News Tuesday 16th October...

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Offsite Article
Offsite Article: It's politically incorrect to fantasise over Thai or black girls
Race, porn, and education: will the UK's 2020 sex education update teach people to be PC about their choice of porn?

News Tuesday 9th October...

World News Sex Aware UltaBuild
Safety plugs
Sweden set to specify sex toys standards to prevent people getting them stuck up their arse

News Monday 8th October...

World News Farang land uk department of health 0300x0201 0297x0198 logo
Don't tell your doctor anything lest it be used against you
British Government proposes Orwellian scheme to connect up people's health records with data snooped from their social media use to nag them about their health

News Saturday 6th October...

World News Adult News Texas state seal
Unfriendly Texas
Hotel guest arrested for possessing 11 dildos in his bag

News Thursday 4th October...

World News Farang land thai hotel hitler
Jewish groups outraged by Thai Hitler themed hotel room
But of course Thailand has just about zero interest in European history and simply doesn't know who Hitler was, nor what Nazi symbols stand for

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