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Listing the bars of Pattaya

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

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Anton Bar & Restaurant

Naklua Road

Beer bar & restaurant closed by June 2016 and is now a Kiss restaurant

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Barracuda Bar

Naklua Road

Long running and well known beer bar and guesthouse that became Best Restaurant in 2020.


Soi Diana Inn
(In arcade near 2nd Road)


High marks for the quality of product and overall value for money.

Boars Head

Soi Chayaphun

Long running restaurant/bar, Crazy Dave's, closed in 2015 and became Boars Head. Listing checked in September 2017.

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Friendly

Crazy Daves is now called Boars Head on Soi Chayaphun. Dave left after around 13 years there. Now owned by Andy and his Thai wife who used to be the Chef of the old Stags Head before it became Oscars on LK Metro. Very friendly couple.

Has good rooms upstairs from B7500 per month. Food available at reasonable prices.

Singha B65. No girls at the moment. Average toilet.

Bob's BBQ & Grill

Soi LK Metro

Restaurant moved from South Pattaya Road and reopened in LK Metro in October 2007. MAde way for Bachelor A-GoGo in 2013

Pattaya Klang
(Beach Road end)

Irish themed pub, previously Bennigan's and before that, Oliver Twist

News September 2009: Gutted

The workmen seem to beneficiaries of this bar as it is currently being redeveloped again.

Note from Pattaya-Live , Feb 2009:

Good place for hassle free food and drink. He`s a decent guy as well.

Butterfly Schnitzel Haus

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Closed Tuesdays

Shophouse bar with food

July 2006: Pub to Haus

The Bar seems to have taken a break and been re-modelled as a Schnitzel Haus. Previously the Butterfly Pub

February 2006:

Their food is excellent and is freshly cooked.

Has been closed for a 3 weeks due to a holiday but has now re-opened.

Summer 2005:

Heiner and Lee run a clean and pleasant bar with low booze prices and about ten more or less appealing take-away girls. Beer, soft drinks and Thai whisky are reasonably priced with a 20 Baht supplement if bought as lady drinks. Thai and mainly German food is available (the Frikadellen are very tasty) They had to change their venue as some of the shops north of the 711 on the corner of Soi Casa, Jomtien will be demolished soon to make way for yet another 4 rai, 32 storey mega-hotel.

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Cabbages & Condoms

Birds & Bees Resort Hotel
Pratamnak Road: Soi 4


Review from Jil in Pattaya , Nov 2007: An Education

The restaurant was founded by former Minister of Health, Mechai Viravaidya, as a way to raise funds for his personally-funded birth control programs and AIDS education and awareness efforts in Thailand.

It really is very easy to write this restaurant review and not say a thing about the food. I could start with the resort instead: The lush tropical jungle, the manicured gardens, the whimsical and tongue-in-cheek anti-government signs posted around the grounds ("Don't steal, the government doesn't like competition"), the ponds and streams and fountains and pools, the private villas, oceanside bungalows, and wonderfuly decorated rooms (ranging from $75 to $180 per night for rooms, and up to $360 per night for suites)... it's simply fantastic.

The restaurant, which is reached by a long walk through the jungle grounds, is a monstrous, sprawling teakwood structure perched on — and continuing down — the hill overlooking the resort's private beach. It has 5 levels of covered and uncovered decking which in size makes this one of Pattaya's largest restaurants. However, with the decks built around the trees (so that it seems that not a single tree was cut down in the restaurant's construction). Not a single opportunity to impress, not a single detail has been missed in this restaurant. It is simply beautiful.

The food? It is fine. Quite good even. The menu is primarily mainstream Thai dishes, although there are most of the standby Western favorites for the less adventurous. The best part is that it's quite inexpensive: Most of the Thai entre้s are in the 200 baht ($6) range, with the larger and more top-shelf dishes (filet mignon, grilled seabass) in the 300-400 baht ($9-12) range. Soups, appetizers, sandwiches, and other light fare are in the 75-150 baht ($2-4) range.

It's really quite simple to sum up Cabbages & Condoms restaurant: If you have people visiting from out of town, if you want a quiet romantic dinner, or if you have a large party, then you should go to Cabbages & Condoms. It should be at the very top of every person's list for restaurants... for places... that every person should visit while in Pattaya.

News Jan 2007: Fine Dining and an Inflated Bill

I decided to dine in one of those upmarket restaurants where they scam their customers by printing prices less VAT and not including the mandatory 10% service tip.

Cabbages and Condoms at the bottom of Pratamnak Hill (on Soi Asia) is a fine example. It looks great in a jungle setting complete with water vapour jets. The beach views make for a fine setting too.

I ordered my meal only to be politely told 5 minutes later that the kitchen had run out of my choice. No problems, I selected another dish. The alternative option was good and much enjoyed.

The falang food selection is a little limited, particularly when some of the combinations are somewhat unappealing. I quite fancied a lamb steak but didn't really want mashed potato with it.

Everything was fine until the inevitable check bin. The expensive bill had predictably been inflated by adding in both the unavailable dish and the replacement.

The mistake was quickly rectified and the cashier was also happy to waive the service charge in atonement.

Caddy Shack

Theprassit: Soi 8
(Near Eden hotel, opposite the Punch & Judy)

Has moved further along the soi towards Theprassit. The old bar has now become May Bar Beer.

Review from Dave, March 2017: Well recommended

I popped into the Caddie Shack for Sunday Lunch. It was a very nice experience,

All the staff were very friendly. The Sunday lunch special was; soup, roast with choice of meat and ice cream & Banana for sweet. I

It was very nice but the quantities were very large. I could not eat it all.

Draft Cider was on special offer at 130b per pint. I had draft Fosters Lager. which was very nice.

Can be well recommended.

Review from Jil in Pattaya, Nov 2007: British Place

It was a nice enough British place, with the same standard fare that you find at the other two dozen British pub-style eateries in Pattaya. Worth a visit if you're nearby.

Café des Amis

391/6 Soi 11 Thappraya Road

Open from 4:30pm

Restaurant with plenty of parking outside.

Review from Pattaya Mail , August 2008: Impressed

To say the Dining Out Team was impressed would be an understatement. The ambience is wonderful, with a French provincial feel to it. There is even an old black and white photograph of a Caf้ des Amis either in Vientiane or Hanoi, as well as some old Parisian scenes.

The bar area is comfortable, you do not feel rushed, and you can even eat there if you wish. Inside the dining area it is more classical Thai, but the table settings are classical European.

The food was of a high standard, and certainly not overpriced. It was a most enjoyable evening, and Caf้ des Amis definitely does get a very high recommendation from both Madame and myself. Do try it, you will not be disappointed.

Casa Pascal

2nd Road (opposite Soi Post Office )

Gourmet restaurant.

Review from Jil in Pattaya, Aug 2007: Pattaya's Best Gourmet Restaurant

Located across Second Road from the old Shenanigans in the same back-from-the-street area as Ruen Thai restaurant, Casa Pascal is quite simply the best restaurant in Pattaya (price notwithstanding) in my opinion.

The decor is handsome, the wait staff is perfect, and every dish is a learning experience. Not a single opportunity for service is missed: You can even call 038-723-660 for Pascal's personal limousine service to come pick you up from wherever you are, and drop you off after your meal.

We chose to have the 2,900 baht ($87) "Gourmet Set Menu", which was a 7-plate meal, with unlimited beverages. (If you find the price a bit much, you can have the same meal for 1,450 baht ($44) without the all-you-can-drink option.) In London or New York, a meal like this would run into the hundreds-of-dollars range.

Cheap Charlie's

Soi Buakhao
(100m south of Soi Diana)

Bar and restaurant associated with Maleez Lodge.

Comment from Malcolm September 2019

Cheap Charlies on Soi Buakhaw, well it is cheap. Singha B49. No food more than B199. Daily special meal for cardholders B99.

Cherry's Cafe

Soi Diana Inn

From the popular people that brought you Cherry's Restaurant. Put not popular enough

Cherry's Restaurant

3rd Road
(opposite Xzyte)

Restaurant. Note the restaurant has moved a few doors further north in summer 2008. Closed in June 2019 and became the Wintage Club.

News June 2019: Closed

The once popular restaurant closed in June 2019.

Review by Jay, Oct 2006: Better Values

Cherry is owned and run by a Thai who worked and was well trained as a chef at Bruno's.

Prices much less than Bruno's; with an extensive menu of Italian, Western & Thai entrees. Ex. - Sirloin steak w/ baked potato, veggies, free (basic) salad bar and appetizers was 180-Bt..tender and quite good.

Cloth table covers and napkins, attentive but not obtrusive service. Nice food presentation. I hope more farangs learn of this place!! Aussie steaks 275-Bt/up. One of the better values in Pattaya!


Thappraya Road

Italian Restaurant new for 2007. Not seen any signs of life in so far in October but back towards end of November

Review Aug 2007:

The restaurant is making a good start. The Italian owner is on hand to ensure that everything is as it should be.

The food is good quality and is real Italian (at least as far as a non-Italian can tell).

The pizza, pasta & meat courses were all good though perhaps my Thai dining partner was rather expecting a US style deep pan pizza.

The decor is good with plenty of art work but I did rather miss an aircon.

Main courses are around the 200 Baht mark

Crazy Dave's

Soi Chayaphun

Long running restaurant/bar, Crazy Dave's, closed in 2015 and became Boars Head.

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Due Cafe

Soi Siam Country Club

Restaurant became Siam Cafe in February 2015. Reverted back to the name Due Cafe in September 2015.

News from Dick Farang, September 2015: Due 2

Siam Café on Soi Siam Country Club has changed its name again to the original name Due Café . However, there is no link with the previous Belgian owner of Due Café.

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Thappraya Soi 13

Swiss Restaurant

From Dick Farang, February 2015:

On Thappraya Road Soi 13 I discovered a Swiss restaurant: Edelweiss.

Everything is a bit basic, but the food is good, reasonably priced and plenty and the place appears to be popular with Swiss people.

They have two daily specials: menu 1 at 225 baht and menu 2 at 315 baht.

Both daily specials and all main dishes include soup and salad buffet.

Elephant Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Restaurant & bar. Closed and now a Family Mart.

Enjoy André

Thappraya Soi 6 Enjoy André

Restaurant and bar

Review from Dick Farang, September 2014:

Recently I have visited Enjoy Andre' restaurant several times.

It is located on Thappraya Road Soi 6 (on the way to Jomtien), a bit off the beaten track.

As it is partly open air, it is possible you have to move further inside when it starts raining.

The owners are André from Limburg province in Belgium, who lives in Thailand for 22 years, and Mai from Buriram, his wife of 18 years.

Apart from an ample a la carte choice, they also have a daily special, such as tomato soup-chicken-ice cream at 240 baht.

On Fridays they serve fresh sea fish.

On occasion they offer original Belgian witloof (chicory in good old English, endive in American) or Dutch maatjes (young immature raw herring; the Wikipedia definition soused herring is rather misleading).

All dishes are home-made to the best Belgian standards.

Their mashed potatoes (and hence their potato croquettes) for instance are made from boiled potatoes, milk, butter and egg yolks (very important) and spiced with nutmeg, pepper and salt.

In order to ensure continuity, André and Mai train their cooks themselves instead of hiring chefs .

Of course, they also offer typical Belgian desserts such as pancakes, Brussels waffles and dark or white chocolate mousse.

Since Mai Lu Si bar at their new location seem to have given up selling Belgian beers, Enjoy Andre' without a doubt has the broadest choice of Belgian beers in Pattaya nowadays.

The venue is well known in the Belgian, Dutch, German and Swiss communities of Pattaya.

Prices are very moderate for the quality offered.

Bottled Heineken 75 baht, most soups 80 baht, steaks from 285 baht, beef tenderloin ( filet pur ) from 350 baht, pancakes from 85 baht, waffles from 95 baht.

Comment from Dick Farang, August 2014: Belgian Beer

On Thappraya Road Soi 6 (which is opposite Soi 5) I discovered a Belgian owned bar-restaurant Enjoy André with a broad selection of Belgian beers.

I paid 165 baht for a Palm Speciale.

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2nd Road: between Soi 1 & Soi 2

Restaurant closed in summer 2009

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Thappraya Road
(by Foodmart)

From 11:00am-11:30pm Gians

Italian restaurant

Review from Pattaya Today , Aug 2007: Re-Vamped

A stylish, classy renovation. The ebullient proprietor, Guido Vietri has totally re-vamped the previous premises of Habitu and created a snazzy, modern Italian restaurant with a most pleasing ambiance and sophisticated designer touches.

The new Gian’s hits the spot in so many ways and is sure to please Pattaya’s foodies. It combines traditional, healthy Italian cuisine with an agreeable modern approach in an elegant and contemporary interior but with a laid-back vibe.

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3rd Road

Fine dining restaurant closed by November 2008
Henry Bean's Bar & Grill

Beach Road (North end)

Large American themed bar and restaurant. Became the Tavern in mid 2010, see below

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Jack Tar Beer bar

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

Beer bar with food

Review from Dave, May 2009: Well Positioned

Good well priced food at this bar and very well positioned for checking out the talent at other bars as well as getting recon from the expats and regulars that drink there.

Also a good bar to go to if you want to see any sporting events.

Good place to chill out if you aren't in the mood for a bar girl.

Review from Swanks, August 2006: Tarred with a New Brush

The lightning struck tower of change has hit the Jack Tar big time! The place is still inhabited by the same bawdy and good natured ex-pat crowd with the odd tourist who thinks he has slipped in unnoticed, but gone are the poisonous grim meanies and especially the chief viper from the kitchen.

Not only was my visit well worth it for the food, but I got a beaming smile , very friendly, very welcoming and attentive service from some quite charming waiting and bar staff. Nothing seemed too much trouble for them!

I thought I'd gone in the wrong bar by mistake! Well worth a visit now! Don't forget its not a late night place though, more for an afternoon of spirited debate , if you take my drift!

Review from Swanks, April 2006: Service with a Scowl

This always was a "Beer n Sport" bar and was previously very welcoming.

Since the ousting of Scrumpy George by the bar girl mafia there, it really has been the tail wagging the dog! George's management style might have been a bit "Faulty Towers" ,but he managed to keep a lid on what started as a bad attitude in the kitchen,and then spread to the rest of the staff like clap at Loy Krathong. Now it really has took hold and even the new Thai manager seem to have mastered the lip curl (as used on social inferiors by Thais) . This is issued on every possible occasion now and usually is accompanied by "Knowing looks" between staff members. This attitude problem has been mentioned to me by several of the former customers without my saying anything first so it cant be just my imagination.

Beer still cheep and the food is possibly the best, for the price, in Pattaya. Just don't expect service with a smile.


Soi Sukrudee 80/164 Moo 9 (By Nova Park Hotel)

Restaurant and Irish pub without hostesses

December 2023: Re-opened

It took a while but Jameson's has finally re-opened after the covid shutdowns.

Review from Ian, November 2011: Reserved

I have been in this bar twice.

The first time I went there was reserved signs on the bar and tables beside the bar where no one was sitting. I bought a drink and was told by the bar staff I would need to leave the bar area as the seats were all reserved. I said I would sit at the bar and move when the people who reserved the seats arrived. I was told this was not allowed and had to sit myself away from the bar area. Drank my drink and said I would not be back.

Went again last night about a year after the first time to see if things have changed.

What do you think? Exactly the same. Again the staff informed me I could not sit at the reserved seats even though no one was sitting at them.

Will not be back again.

Review from Pattaya Chat, March 2005: Good Track Record

Very nicely fitted out but like has already been said it is in the middle of nowhere but that can be a good thing if you want a quiet drink with a few friends away from the madness and there is plenty of space for parking in the pub car park. The couple of times I've been in the place it was pretty empty which is a shame really as it could be a good boozer if it can get enough custom.

The manager used to own Jools in Bkk about 10 years ago and also the TQ2 as well as managing Delaneys/Shenanigans and is a nice guy.

Great weekend carvery and wonderful staff. 50 Baht for a coke, 30 Baht for water

Review from Pattaya Chat, March 2005: Pea and Sham Soup!

Was one of the Manager's first customers when he had Jools in Bangkok where portions were super-size, especially the Pea and Ham soup. Therefore when I tried Jamesons a while back for lunch and saw the aforementioned soup on the menu I decided that past experience would prevail. Ordered Pea and Ham Soup and Roast Beef sandwich.

Soup arrived, a smattering of green sludge was deposited on the bottom of the bowl. indeed not enough liquid to drown the proverbial fly! The sandwich arrived, two miniscule pieces of bread buried under a mass of rabbit fodder, specifically requested NOT to be supplied! Somewhere there were two tiny slivers of meat, and I do mean tiny!

The manager was called for who just laughed in my face as I explained politely my dissatisfaction. Needless to say never been back.

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Walking Street

Eating & drinking Irish themed bar now Baccara A-GoGo

King's Table

Soi 13

Review from Malcolm May 2012: Popular bar

I think I did the Kings Table on Soi 13 a disservice last time I was here by saying it was more a restaurant than a bar. This is not true, Its a very nice, busy bar.

The 2 German owners are usually about and are friendly and helpful, the girls (not barfineable) are in red uniforms and look very smart.

The food in the restaurant is good and you can eat at the bar if you wish. They have a good barbeque on Saturday evenings.

Review from Malcolm May 2010: Restaurant

More restaurant than bar. Hotel caters for wheelchairs. Food good and reasonable. Bottled Singha B65

Klein Heidelberg

Naklua Soi 18
(not far from Naklua Road).

German Restaurant
Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: A big soup amongst German restaurants

Klein Heidelberg is a German restaurant on the right-hand side of Naklua Soi 18, not far from Naklua Road.

Before it was invaded by McDonald's et al. some decades ago, Heidelberg was a very picturesque city in Western Germany. It is home to the oldest university in Germany and the previous Thai king Ananda Mahidol (Rama XIII) was born there.

It is praised by the song Ich hab' mein Herz in Heidelberg verloren (I Lost My Heart in Heidelberg) and Elvis Presley's Wooden Heart was based on the traditional student song Muß i' denn .

In Mannheim, a stone's throw from Heidelberg, Karl (or Carl) Benz built the first motor car and his more marketing-minded wife Bertha and their sons undertook the first ever long-distance motor car trip, from Mannheim via Heidelberg to Pforzheim.

Bertha Benz

Note that in many languages the word for petrol is derived from the surname Benz ("Benzin" in German, "benzine" in Dutch and even เบนซิน = "bensin" in Thai), but in those days they had to rely on solvents for cleaning sold in pharmacies. Even today in petrol stations in Thailand if you want pure petrol, not gasohol, ask for "bensin".

Do not confuse Klein (Little) Heidelberg in Naklua with Alt (Old) Heidelberg on Beach Road near Walking Street, which is a disaster.

Klein Heidelberg is very spacious and open fronted with nice wooden tables and (a bit strange) wooden swivel chairs.

The only inconvenience are the countless passing buses with budget Chinese who are shipped to and from a tourist trap somewhere towards the end of Soi 18.

The "small" Flädlesuppe (beef consommé with pancake stripes) with a slice of German quality bread at 75 baht and the Kaßler (slightly smoked, slightly brined, steamed pork loin) with Sauerkraut (fermented white cabbage) and mashed potatoes at 245 baht were excellent.

As usual in German restaurants the portions were very generous. The "small" soup was bigger than what you get at many places. I wonder what their "big" soup looks like.

They sell Chang and (BEWARE: cloudy) Weihenstephaner Hefeweißbier on draught. They also sell bottled Warsteiner (a bit too sweet to my taste) and German spirits.

Klein Heidelberg appears to be popular within the German community.

It is one of the scarce remaining German restaurants in Greater Pattaya that still offer original quality food.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.

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La Cuisine au Beurre

Pattaya Tai (South Road) on the Soi next to TukCom In the Buttery Quarter

On the soi right of the TukCom building (Soi Day Night 2) I discovered a good and not too expensive restaurant: La Cuisine au Beurre.

The name means something like the butter-based (as opposite to olive-oil-based) cooking and was the title of a 1963 French comic film with Fernandel and Bourvil.

When coming from Pattayatai it is the first restaurant on the right-hand side of this soi and it is located on the corner of a narrow arcade that leads to Soi Day Night.

The restaurant is nicely laid out with comfortable tables and chairs and nice table cloths and napkins.

The toilets are in the arcade at the end of the building, past the open kitchen.

They have an elaborate set menu at 350 baht with a choice between four or five starters, four or five main dishes, seven or eight desserts and coffee or tea.

The bread consists of some slices of bâtard with a portion of salted Allowrie butter.

With the main dish you can choose one of about eight different side dishes.

One of the desserts is a piece of cheese to be chosen from a tray.

(Keep in mind that cheese is rather expensive in Thailand.)

Among the à la carte options I saw tournedos Rossini at 620 baht, not too expensive if it is the real thing.

La Cuisine au Beurre seems to be popular with Belgians, Germans and Swiss.

La Stroganoff

Pattaya Soi 13/1 ( Soi Yamato )
(Beach Road end)

French Restaurant.

Review from Pattaya-Live , Sept 2008: Superb Food

Had a really fantastic meal at this French restaurant, superb food at reasonable price.

Review from Lindsay, Sept 2008: Top Notch Grub

They have a special three course menu every night for 260 baht and it is top notch grub.


Soi Chayaphun

Le Cap Bretton Restaurant and 69 Bar became L'Adresse in December 2014. Closed by June 2016.

Le Bordeaux

Soi Day Night
(Off Pattaya South Road near TukCom)

French bar and restaurant

Update from Dick Farang, October 2016: Up, up and away

Prices at Le Bordeaux on Soi Day Night 2 have gone up once more. The cheapest set menu is now 590 baht. Last time I walked past I saw one (ONE) couple inside.

Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Very well cooked

On the soi right of the TukCom building (Soi Day Night 2) I tried a French-style restaurant: Le Bordeaux. When coming from Pattayatai it is on a corner on the left-hand side of this soi towards the end of the soi. It is more or less opposite the Pattaya branch of the Swiss-owned Grottino bakery. It is also on the same soi as La Cuisine au Beurre.

In this same soi are several other restaurants that often get good comments on internet fora, but in my opinion are not so good. One, I will not name, is even really bad.

Le Bordeaux is very spacious and consists of an open bar/lounge section on the corner and a fully air-conditioned restaurant section. It is nicely laid out with comfortable seating.

They have a set menu at 390 baht with a choice between three starters, four main dishes and three desserts. It is also possible to take two courses only at 350 baht.

The bread consists of some crispy slices of bâtard with fresh salted butter.

Everything was very well cooked and their profiteroles were outstanding.

At the beginning of the meal guests get a complimentary amuse-bouche and at the end a chocolate.

Their most expensive à la carte item is Dover sole meunière at 980 baht.

In their wine cellar fridges I saw bottles of Sauternes, but I did not enquire about the price.

Update from Dick Farang, July 2016: Price increase

The price of a set menu at Le Bordeaux on Soi Day Night 2 has gone up from 390 to 490 baht. The existing price gap with the competitors on the same street (320-350 baht for a set menu of three courses) has increased.

I suppose they want to concentrate their efforts on à la carte diners, but nowadays in Pattaya (and certainly in this lowest of low seasons) big spenders are few and far between. I also doubt if they can survive on the local gay community as on my latest visit I only saw straight couples and singles.

On certain internet fora there is a member gtruch who behaves as if he is one of the owners of Le Bordeaux or at least connected to them and who is trying to discredit other places on the same street. That uncongenial behaviour gives me a very unpleasant feeling and, although I am not a big fan of the restaurant concerned, I feel now like avoiding Le Bordeaux

Le Cap Bretton Restaurant and 69 Bar

Soi Chayaphun

Restaurant and bar became L'Adresse in December 2014

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Manhattans Steakhouse

Thappraya Road

Restaurant, closed by April 2016.
Molly Malone's

Walking Street

Eating & drinking Irish themed bar. Previously named Kilkenny's but was renamed in December 2007. Closed in September 2009 and is now Baccara.

Morning Star

Soi Chayaphun

Drink and food. New for 2016. Closed by May 2017 but re-opened ny September 2017..

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Soi Chayaphun

Bar & Restaurant billed as an English style curry house. Closed due to owner's death in 2013.
The New Inn

Sukhumvit: Soi Khao Talo

Bar and Restaurant now an opticians shop.

Nicky's Bar & Restaurant

Soi Buakhao (south)

Aircon beer bar & Restaurant

Review from Jil in Pattaya, Aug 2007: High Quality British Food

Prices for food were reasonable, and the dining room was clean and bright with new furniture and pleasant-enough decor. The staff seemed generally competent and the service was error-free. Everything was more than acceptable for an establishment that isn't focused exclusively on food.

Overall, Ricky's on Soi Buakhow is a nice little restaurant serving reasonably-priced, high quality British food. Definitely worth a visit for a middle-of-the-road budget combined with a good appetite.

Nordic Garden Restaurant

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4, from Jil in Pattaya , Dec 2007:

A lovely little courtyard open-air restaurant with pools, waterfalls, trees, plants, live music, and a Friday-night, all-you-can-eat steak plus food buffet for 300 baht. On nights other than Friday, they serve a regular menu. The steak was simply great... nice and tender.

There really isn't more to the restaurant or the meal than that; but what else do you need? For 300 baht, you can gorge yourself on steak which at other restaurants would cost you 2 or 3 times as much, if not more.

If you're not a fan of steak, you have a very nice buffet served in a very nice setting. It's nothing overly special, but then again when you think about it: It is.

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Oliver Twist Old English Pub

Pattaya Klang (Beach Road end) Oliver Twist Old English Pub

Themed English pub with food but no hostesses. From the same team as the Ali Baba restaurant located above the restaurant. However word of mouth advertising did not pan out for the restaurant so it was rebranded as Bennigans in October 2007, see entry above

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Palmer's Bar

Soi Pattayaland 2

Beer bar with food and a good quiz league team. Moved in 2015 as the whole building had been put up for sale. Moved across the same soi from its original location and later closed in January 2018.

Pan Pan

Thappraya Road
(opposite Food Mart)

Pizza restaurant

From Thai Visa , June 2007: Best Pizza

Pan Pan is THE best Pizza in the area. I love 4 seasons. Yummy but too big for one person like me anyway. They are also very honest

Patrick's Belgian Restaurant

216/51-52 Moo 10
Central Shopping Arcade
Soi Diana Inn


Review from Dick Farang, December 2014: No Sole

Patrick's Belgian Restaurant occupies a double unit in the old arcade, which is off Second Road, opposite Mike's Shopping Mall and parallel to Soi Diana Inn (Pattayasaisong 13).

I am surprised that some people seem to find this a good restaurant.

I always follow my own nose and I always only pass judgement on what I find on my dish. IMNSHO several restaurants in this arcade are tourist traps, just like the ones on Walking Street.

I have been to Patrick's Belgian Restaurant twice and in my experience it was each time bad and too expensive. The table cloths were not clean and the staff not too friendly. The soups tasted stale as if they had been warming up for hours.

The main dishes were less than average too: once Flemish rabbit and once sole .

I have to admit that I have never found real sole (Dover sole in English) in a restaurant in Thailand. In fact usually some kind of farmed freshwater fish, probably frozen pangasius fillets (often marketed as pacific dory ) or tilapia fillets or something similar, is served. Foodland Supermarket occasionally sells fresh whole slip soles (small soles). Real soles are (saltwater) flatfish and hence have both eyes on the same side and are easily recognizable.

The only good things about Patrick's Belgian Restaurant were the desserts: once profiteroles and once chocolate mousse. I doubt however if those desserts are home made.

Review from Materialsman, Nov 2008: Heavenly Profiteroles

On to last evening’s entertainment, we kicked off with another splendid meal at Patrick’s Belgian Restaurant opposite the back of Mike’s Mall, consistently had good meals there over the years, and last night was no exception, steak in a Roquefort blue cheese sauce, followed by a plate of heavenly profiteroles.

PIC Kitchen

Pattaya Soi 5

Restaurant in a luxurious jungle hut setting

Review from Jil in Pattaya , April 2007: Sitting on the Foor

One of Pattaya's fanciest, prettiest, and oldest restaurants (founded 1984)

The restaurant compound is built out of a gorgeous old teakwood Thai house. The decor was great, the music was great.

There are 2 dining rooms: one where you sit in chairs; and one where you sit on the floor.

Predictably high prices of course, about 2.5 times those in more straightforward restaurants.

So would I recommend the place? Sure... just as long as you know what the price is going to be, and that what is defined as the best Thai food in Pattaya is, to my palate at least, not too much different from restaurants that cost half as much. But, it is a nice place to spend an evening with friends or as a couple, and the Thai girls love it. (Just don't let them see the bill at the end of the night.)

Pig & Whistle

Pattaya Soi 7

Long running Restaurant & English Pub closed in June 2019.

Jomtien Complex

Restaurant, now closed

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Queen Victoria Inn

Pattaya Soi 6 (Yodsak)

English themed pub with no hostesses. See also Hotel Review

Review April 2007: Bar Watching

I did pop by once before when I thought it would be good to watch the last England vs Australia test match in an 'a traditional English pub'. I popped out quick quick when they were showing American tennis! This leads me to doubt that there is any actual English connection to this bar.

Anyway I eventually visited again (TVs were off this time).

The bar is pleasantly decorated and features rows of tankards and glasses suspended from the ceiling.

The tables overlooking the short time bars are popular, presumably people like to feed one type of hunger whilst considering their options over the other type of hunger.

The range of farang beers was good but I stuck with draft tiger at 60 Baht (the bottled option was 70 Baht).

Newspapers are available for the short while it takes to knock up the food. The menu was extensive and the food was good but not exceptional. They probably take similar high quality boil in the bag/microwave catering supplies as other fine farang food restaurants in Pattaya.

Not many customers were lingering after eating though, there are better things to do in Soi 6

From Queen Victoria Inn

A traditional English pub in the heart of Soi 6 where you can have a drink or traditional English cooking with no hassle. Live sport on large screen TV on Saturday and Sunday.

Note that this is not a short time bar as per the majority of those in Soi 6

A pint of Guinness is 160 Baht

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Red Lion Pub & Restaurant

Sukhumvit: Soi Khao Noi (corner of Soi 13)

From 11am to 10pm

Pub & restaurant with no hostesses.

News from Dick Farang, August 2015: Open for business

As of August 2015, Red Lion Pub & Restaurant on Soi Khao Noi appears to be open for business.

Review from Pattaya Today, April 2007:

Seating is comfortable and cosy in the forefront with a dining room to the left and a huge bar at the rear where drinkers can sit and watch the big-screen TV.

The Red Lion has a leisurely opening at 11.00 am when the full range of the pub’s breakfasts and morning snack foods can be enjoyed. The big breakfast comes with unlimited tea or coffee and doubles up on everything, i.e sausages, bacon, eggs, toast, masses of baked beans, all the works. It costs B.150 for a Fred Flintstone start to the day with a smaller one for Wilma at B.110.

Lots of traditional English options on the menu including: sausages & mash, fish ‘n chips, scampi, and home-made fish cakes, chicken tikka masala. There’s a special kid’s menu evoking childhood memories with offerings of fish fingers, chicken nuggets or sausages with chips and beans to please the juniors. The Thai menu is huge presenting 86 dishes.

Review from jj, May 2006: Restaurant & Pub

Not long after opening, I asked the owner (Adrian) if it was a bar that served food or a restaurant that served alcohol.

He said he had aimed for the former but seemed to have achieved the latter.

Food was quite good for a while then a change of cooks and an increase in prices ran him off my list of restaurants, ie portions and taste not up to the price.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , May 2006: No Girlies

About 200 yards after Pattaya Hill Village, on left hand side. large English type bar. inside and outside dinner areas. Pool table. No girlies. popular with Brits who live in the Moobans around it. Food quite expensive for the location.


Soi Leng Kee

Beer bar and restaurant

Review from Malcolm, September 2015: Screening Success

Retox is a new bar on Soi Lengkee, right hand side towards 3rd Road.

Opened by the previous owner of he Irish Rovers on LK Metro. Very much the same as Irish Rovers but a lot smaller. All new with some tables outside and then through the doors into aircon lounge. Many big screen TV's.

When I walked up there Saturday around 7pm all the bars on the street were either empty or very few customers. When I got to Retox it was wall to wall customers probably due to Chelsea and Arsenal on the TV's.

I didn't see a menu but food is available and I've been told he does a very cheap breakfast.

Bottle of Singha was B60.

When I walked back down some of the other bars were showing the same football match and still quiet. Maybe some of his old customers have followed him but then again the new I-Rovers is busy so maybe it's the big screens and aircon that attracts customers


3rd Road
(500m north of Pattaya Tai) Good Food

Pat's Pies and Deli is now Rigby at the same location.

Now basically just fish and chips + sandwiches.

Roasts etc at 24 hours notice. Here's the email for orders:

Pat and Chard have been serving us good food for more than 15 years!

On South Road from Suhkumvit, turn right on Third Road then 500 metres on the left.

The Rising Sun

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

Beer bar. Closed in November 2013 and the bar has moved to the small soi off Soi 7 at Happiness A-GoGo. Meanwhile the venue has become Rising Star, see above.
The Ritz

Pattaya Soi 13/1 ( Soi Yamato )

Restaurant with aircon. Now The Swan

Robin's Nest-Ur-Raunt

Soi Diana Inn

Restaurant and hotel

News August 2020: Closed

The restaurant has closed for the moment but notes that it may return should mass tourism to Pattaya do likewise.

Review from polleke , Nov 2007: Big Portions

I have eaten here many times during my last visit to Pattaya.

They have both European and Thai dishes on the menu. The food is really good and comes in big portions. ( especially the European dishes )

The prices are very OK. For instance 80 Baht for 2 eggs on toast with a cup of tea or 220 Baht for an enormous sweet and sour deep fried fish.

Inside there is big TV screen.

They also have rooms that are 500 Baht for the standard and 700 Baht for the delux room.

I loved to sit outside and watch the traffic passing by on Soi Diana inn. Will certainly eat again here next time

Rosie O'Gradys

Pattaya Soi 7

Irish themed eatery that didn't survive the coronavirus lockdowns. Now LUPA Bar.

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Sailor Inn

Pattaya Soi 13/2 ( Soi Post Office ) 183/9

Beer bar and restaurant. Norwegian owned with Norwegian Food. It is presented more as a restaurant than a beer bar. Listing confirmed in August 2018.

Reader review March 2007: Good Grub

I ate breakfast in the Sailor Inn twice in March 2007. It was the best breakfast I've ever had anywhere in Thailand in more than 20 years of coming back to The Land of Smiles. The meals were enormous and delicious as well as great value.

I highly recommend this place for grub.


Soi Chayaphun

Diner noted for cheap but good value meals


Walking Street : Soi 14

Hostess bar & hotel opened 1st September 2006. The long running bar closed in January 2019. The venue became a bar of the Scooter Bar chain, although the hotel continues as Secrets.

Avenue Mall
2nd Road Shenanigans

Irish themed restaurant without hostesses. Originally located in Marriott hotel but crossed the road to The Avenue Mall in mid 2007. Closed in February 2013. Now set to become The Acorn family pu

Siam Cafe

Soi Siam Country Club

Due Cafe became Siam Cafe in February 2015. Reverted back to the name Due Cafe in September 2015

Simon's Fish & Chips

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)


News May 2007: Coupons

Caused a bit of stir on the Pattaya forums when a free beer coupon was not honoured even when agreed with the staff before the order. The coupon had apparently expired but this was not printed on the coupon.

The consensus of opinion is that the food is relatively expensive but that the real English chips are very good.

Simple Simon

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Restaurant and bar

Review January 2006: Recommended

A British run restaurant. Good food freshly cooked by mum-in-law. Friendly service. Recommended.

Som the Diner

Soi Khao Noi Soi 9

Som Bar was a single unit beer bar which opened in 2014. Closed in December 2015 to become Som the Diner. Which also had closed by August 2017. Now sports a for sale/rent sign.


2nd Road: Soi 13

Restaurant, no hostesses. Quiz night on Thursdays

Themed as a US sports bar with large screen TVs dotted around, a pool table and decor to match.

Serves a selection of food including English and Thai

Review from Malcolm May 2010: Excellent food

Not the cheapest place in town but aircon and good toilets, excellent food. Singha B80. Glass wine B90.

Golf matches arranged from there by owner, Dave. Had pleasant chat with Manager Rodney.

Free Wi Fi.

Steak Lao Keo Carabao

3rd Road
(south section near Tony's Gym)

Restaurant connected to very famous Thai band, Carabao


Soi Pattanakan (the extension of Soi Nern Plab Wahn Soi 28)

Tues-Sun: 11am - 10:30pm

Facebook Page


News from Dick Farang, March 2017: Intermittent

The restaurant Suggestions on Pattanakan Road near Soi 4 seems to open intermittently.

Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: A Suggestion

On Soi Pattanakan (the extension of Soi Nern Plab Wahn Soi 28; stress on the last syllable), just behind the corner from Jungo Bar, is a Belgian-owned restaurant: Suggestions.

To be honest, I was all but impressed.

The good thing was that I could park in the shade of some trees as there were no other cars on the car park. You have to walk around the building to find the entrance.

The first thing that struck me when I entered were the clumsy violet chairs with high backs.

The only other customers were an elderly, probably British, couple.

The waitresses were not too friendly and the tablecloth not too clean, but I always care the most about what I find on my dish.

The lobster bisque (170 baht) was the worst one I have eaten in my whole life, even compared to those at the tourist traps of Walking Street.

The salmon steak (395 baht) was nouvelle cuisine style: a very big dish with a very small piece of salmon on top of some strange mashed potato mix and some morsels right and left.

(Forty years ago nouvelle cuisine was fashionable , say snob. I thought it had died a silent death, but I must be wrong. I would not be surprised if it were still served in Michelin-star restaurants. I have known people who saved a month or longer to go and dine at a posh restaurant, whereas me I always have preferred to eat decently each day of the month and that three times a day.)

I did not see the owner.

I do not know what kind of ingredients they used at Suggestions, but the next day I still had a dirty taste in my mouth.

They also have a budget weekly special at 295 baht, but I am not going back.

There seems to be a link with restaurant Aroi on Soi Toongklom-Tanman.

(When following the southbound carriageway along the railway the first crossing past Soi Khao Talo is Soi Nongkraborg and the next one is Soi Toongklom-Tanman.)

It is sad that AFAIK there are no decent restaurants left on the Dark Side since the disappearance of Manneken Pis and (the original) Due Café, both on Soi Siam Country Club.

And one final piece of advice: never ever trust TripAdvisor reviews.

The Swan

Pattaya Soi 13/1 ( Soi Yamato )

Restaurant describing itself as Pub & Grub. Previously The Ritz. Listing verified in January 2015.

Swiss Food

Soi Diamond

Bistro closes at 1am

Swiss restaurant went dark for a while in 2017 but re-opened in August 2017. Up for sale again in February 2020.

News From Dick Farang, October 2017: Re-opened

On Soi Diamond the Swiss restaurant Swiss Food has reopened.

They have two daily specials now: a very cheapo one at 320 baht and another one at 460 baht.

There are better choices available in Pattaya.

Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: Downhill

Swiss Food restaurant on Soi Diamond is going downhill.

One of the owners, Roland, has gone back to Switzerland for medical treatment and the other one, Stefan, is making a real mess of it.

In recent months they have lost most of their well-trained staff.

Only customers ordering bottles of expensive wine and pousse café are warmly welcomed.

Instead of two daily specials there is only one left, at a variable price, usually between 400 and 500 baht (soup and main dish).

For the salad bar they now charge 75 baht extra if taken with a main course.

Otherwise they charge 200 baht for soup and salad bar.

I wonder how long this is going to last before they share the fate of the defunct Swiss House restaurant, also on Soi Diamond.

Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: Cosy

One of the Swiss restaurants I regularly visit is Swiss Food on Soi Diamond opposite Black Horse and Windmill Club.

It is a very cosy restaurant with impeccable table cloths and napkins.

The background music consists of instrumental versions of popular classical music such as Plaisir d' amour .

The staff are very polite and well trained.

The owners Roland and Stefan (or one of them) are always present.

They have two daily menus: Menu 1 at 290 baht and Menu 2 at 350 baht. Menu 2 also includes a dessert.

As in several Swiss restaurants in Pattaya these menus and also a la carte main dishes include soup and salad bar.

The salad bar at Swiss Food is refrigerated, which is not everywhere the case.

Instead of baguette with garlic butter, you can also get Swiss style Bauernbrot (farmer's bread); just ask your waiter or waitress for brown bread .

Their adjoining bistro remains open until 2 a.m.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.

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Trattoria Italiana

Thappraya Road
(Jomtien next door to Food Mart)

Italian restaurant previously Momma Trattoria
Tropical Bert's Beach Bar

Pattaya Soi 6/1

Restaurant without hostesses. Closed 2014 and moved to the dark side.

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The Wintage Club

3rd Road
(opposite Xzyte)

Cherry's Restaurant became the Wintage Club in July 2019
Wi's Restaurant

3rd Road
(opposite Xzyte)

Restaurant. Now closed

Witherspoon's Pub & Restaurant

Soi Buakhao

Pub & Restaurant opened in March 2006, Previously The Lobby. Moved further north on Soi Buakhao in 2019 to near the old R-Con Corner Bar at the dog leg.

Review from Pattaya Talk , April 2009: Premiership

A great place to watch the Premiership football at the weekend They have six different screens each showing a different game so your likely to catch your team. The food wasn’t great though.

Review August 2007: Your Typical Pub

Strange for a themed pub but the restaurant appeared a little formulaic. There are several 'English' pubs in Pattaya, none of them offer hostesses for a chat with your meal, all expect you to be interested in the sport on TV and all seem to buy their meals from the same microwave/Boil in the bag catering suppliers.

Still the service was good, the meals were inexpensive, they were perfectly good quality and had good sized portions.

Now if only I could find an 'English' pub that would supply a pretty dinner companion.

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Pattaya bars most likely to be listed are those that occupy a permanent looking standalone building. Beer bars in complexes will not be listed unless mentioned in dispatches. Gay/Thai/Karaoke bars are not listed due to a lack of expertise in those areas. Gogo bars are listed on a separate page. I have added food reviews but this is not a comprehensive service. I will only list eateries where people have submitted comments

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself. Click on the street name to obtain a map of the bar area.

Previously the notes included guidelines on barfines and asking prices but in recent times these have become less standardised and at the top end it is now more or a less an unbounded negotiation.

And a couple of words of warning:

  • In short time rooms...keep an eye on your wallet to ensure that it stays with you long time.

  • To those with Thai wives, be aware of the motor cycle taxi network used to keep tabs on errant husbands.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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