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 Commented: Not so smart, sounds more like a prison island...

Thailand considers tagging all its tourists in Phuket, so it can keep a watchful eye on them

Link Here 19th March 2018
electronic tagThailand's popular resort of Phuket has an ambition to turn the island into a 'smart city', according to Thailand's digital economy minister.

The province may also develop an electronic wristband system for foreign tourists so their identity and location would be known in case of untoward incidents, said Digital Economy and Society Minister Pichet Durongkaveroj.

He said the province has planned to develop the uses of wristbands to track tourists and to use Big Data to analyse information about tourists' habits.

He said the Phuket command centre would also link to all CCTVs on the island to work with face-recognition software to guard against crimes as well as to collect the data of tourists who use public boat services.

Comment: Alienation

19th March 2018. Thanks to Dave

letter writingWhy are the Thai Authorities doing everything they can to Alienate Tourists and Expats.

Raiding Darts Clubs, Bridge Clubs, putting them in Gaol for Smoking on the Beach.

The Police are constantly stopping Tourists on Scooters looking for international Driving License's, which were never needed before.

Now wristbands to track Tourists movements, registering Mobile Phones with your Passport.

Thailand is turning into another North Korea, The sooner we have Elections and get rid of the Army the better.


  'Welcome back Mr Jones, we see you have another new girlfriend, we've a special for you on condoms'...

7-Eleven convenience stores to snoop on customers using facial recognition technology

Link Here 17th March 2018
7 eleven logoThe convenience store 7-Eleven is rolling out artificial intelligence at its 11,000 stores across Thailand.

7-Eleven will use facial-recognition and behavior-analysis technologies for multiple purposes. The ones it has decided to reveal to the public are to identify loyalty members, analyze in-store traffic, monitor product levels, suggest products to customers, and even measure the emotions of customers as they walk around.

The company announced it will be using technology developed by US-based Remark Holdings, which says its facial-recognition technology has an accuracy rate of more than 96%. Remark, which has data partnerships with Alibaba, Tencent, and Baidu, has a significant presence in China.

The rollout at Thailand's 7-Eleven stores remains unique in scope. It could potentially be the largest number of facial-recognition cameras to be adopted by one company. No corporate entity is so entrenched in Thai lives, according to a report from Public Radio International. And that may be crucial not only to the success of facial recognition in 7-Eleven stores in Thailand, but across the region.


 Commented Are you nuts?...

Thai Immigration set to require a psychological test for any farang wanting to marry a Thai

Link Here 24th February 2018
thai wedding
  Do you take this woman to be your lawful wedded wife?... I do
Are you nuts?

A regulation change was issued by the Department of Provincial Administration (DOPA) head office in Bangkok in Aug 2017. The result was revealed this week after a farang contacted The Phuket News asking for clarification on why he was required to have a criminal history check so he could marry his Thai fiancee.

Specifically they are making farangs who are marrying Thais get a criminal record check and a personality profile check.

The criminal record check required farangs to be fingerprinted and these are run through checks with the Thai police. Apparently this is limited to Thailand and won't be pursed back to the farang's home country.

The thinking behind the move is that the Thai authorities think that they can root out a few 'bad guys' before letting them get their hands on a long term visa through marriage.

The DOPA issued another notice under the regulations of which it was specified that foreigners from any of 13 countries were recently being more commonly involved in wrongful marriage and family registration. The 13 countries haven't been named lest it causes them reputational damage.

The time taken for the certificate to be approved or rejected will depend on other circumstances surrounding the foreigner. This includes whether the foreigner has been here a long time, already have children with a Thai person, have businesses here, and so on. If a person is found to have a criminal record relating to drugs or breaking immigration laws, the office will refuse the marriage certificate.

The psychological testing required has not yet been detailed.

Comment: Fair's fair

5th March 2018. From Dick Farang

Re the article Are you nuts?... Thai Immigration set to require a psychological test for any farang wanting to marry a Thai , I have to mention that, for Thais to be granted a long term visa to the Schengen area (which covers most of Europe), one of the many conditions is to get a clearance from the Bangkok Police Headquarters on Henri Dunant Road, fingerprinting and mug shots included.

I guess that only a civil marriage is meant here, not a traditional wedding, usually concluded in front of a Hindu priest and in the presence of an odd number of Buddhist monks and ... a dowry.


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