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Fat chance that this will go down well...

Bangkok Airways announces that it will be weighing passengers and their hand luggage at the boarding gate

Link Here20th September 2023

In compliance with the international civil aviation standard regarding the use of standard passenger and baggage weights for weight & balance calculation purposes, the conducting of a standard weights survey is essential to the safety and efficiency of a flight in determining that the actual weight does not exceed the maximum take-off weight limitation. From 15 September to 31 October 2023, we would like to collect the information by weighing passenger including carry-on baggage at the boarding gate.

Therefore, we assure that the information will be kept confidential and will be used to update standard passenger and baggage weights information.



Small print means small payouts...

Report suggests that travel insurance is a waste of money

Link Here10th April 2023
People are always banging away at the importance of buying accident and illness travel insurance, but the reality is that most travel insurance doesn't end up covering life-saving operations or expensive repatriation.

The Association of British Insurers says that 17% of all overseas claims are rejected, mostly for lack of documentation, and adds that the average payout for successful claims is just over 1,000. In other words, insurers are mainly paying out on small issues such as lost luggage or booking cancellations rather than medical emergencies. The award-winning blog Travelbunny stresses that most failures come down to the small print in the policies which is there to protect the funds of the insurance companies rather than you.

The reasons for failed insurance policies are sometimes specified in crowdfunding entreaties. In 10 detailed traffic accidents, five injured Brits were refused cover because they were not wearing a crash helmet, two were relying on British driving licences (only international or Thai-issued are lawful here), two were participating in hazardous sports and one had had been out of the UK for more than 30 days.

Other small print get outs insurers in a big claim will want difficult to obtain evidence there was no alcohol or substance abuse. The warning clauses most used in the small print are must take reasonable care or must observe national laws. For example, it is technically compulsory in Thailand for back seat car passengers to wear safety belts which, of course, creates issues when they have not been fitted.



Visiting for a short time...

Immigration entry stamps return to 30 days.

Link Here2nd April 2023
Thailand has generally offered visitors from western countries a visa free stay of 30 days. As a promotion of tourism to help post-covid recovery, Thailand temporarily offered a 45 day entry stamp. But now this promotion as ended and vistors are back to a 30 day entry stamp.

The 30 day entry can still be extended another 30 days (with a visit to an immigration office in the days before your arrival status runs out, along with a passport photo and 1,900 baht).



Taxiing tax...

Thai cabinet approves 300 Baht landing tax for all visitors

Link Here14th February 2023

The Thai cabinet has approved the collection of a landing tax, ranging from 150-300 baht, to be collected from all foreign tourists visiting Thailand, tentatively from June 1st.

The landing tax for foreign tourists arriving by land and sea will be 150 baht per head and 300 baht for arrivals by air.

Tourism and Sports Minister Pipat Ratchakitprakarn explained that the landing tax will be used for domestic tourism development and for insurance coverage for tourists while they are in Thailand.

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