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The prime minister changes hats...

Democratically unelected military government replaced by elected government run by the military

Link Here 16th July 2019

Thai Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha formally resigned as the head of the military government on Monday, whilst taking his position as prime minister of an elected government.

Hs government is supported by a 15 party coalition with a slim majority on the lower house, but has strong support from the upper house where the 250 members were appointed by the military.

The former army chief Prayuth seized power in a 2014 coup, saying that the intervention had been necessary to restore order after six months of street protests and violent clashes. Prayuth has a second job as the defence minister in the new government.



Dangerous Thailand...

41% of fresh vegetables sold in Thai markets are contaminated with harmful levels of pesticide

Link Here 27th June 2019
From my experience, farmers certainly know the score, and it is standard practise to soak all vegetables in a mild detergent solution. The most worried about vegetables are cucumbers, runner beans and watermelons. Thai farmers are also very keen on organic farming, not because of concerns about consumers, but because they passionately believe that pesticides kill them and their families.

Pesticide watchdog Thai-PAN has just published its most recent survey, which reveals that 41% of all vegetables in Thailand's fresh markets are contaminated with chemical pesticides to a level that exceeds internationally acceptable standards. 12 types of banned chemicals were also discovered.

Prokchol Ousap, coordinator of Thailand Pesticide Alert Network (Thai-PAN), reported that the organization recently analysed 286 samples of vegetables. She said that the sample sources ranged from fresh markets and shop houses to produce shelves in city department stores. The samples included 15 types of vegetables and nine types of fruit commonly consumed by the public. They were sent for analysis by ISO-17025 certified laboratories in the United Kingdom.

The result is shocking as they found that 41% of the samples were contaminated with chemical pesticides, said Prokchol.

The worst contamination was found in bok choy, kale, Thai basil, chili, cauliflower, oranges, rose apples, guava and grapes. The lab also found contamination of 33% of imported fruit was over the standard, while 48.7% of locally grown produce exceeded acceptable contamination standards.

She went on to say that fresh fruit and vegetables on the shelves of large department stores were more contaminated than those sold in local fresh markets, adding that products that are labeled as meeting GAP and GMP standards are safer as only 26% were found to be contaminated.



Killer cards...

Beware of supposed health giving cards that are in fact radioactive

Link Here 18th June 2019
Thailand's Office of Atoms for Peace (OAP) has warned of excessively high levels of radiation from the so-called energy cards that their distributors claim can cure illnesses and help relieve aches and pains.

Tests on sample cards conducted by the state agency found radiation measuring at 40 microsieverts per hour, which is 350 times higher than the maximum exposure humans should get to radiation a year.

The agency also warned against drinking water in which an energy card has been dipped, as doing so raises the risk of cancer. It said OAP would take legal action against the distributors once it has gathered enough evidence from its tests on the cards.

The OAP warning came in the wake of media reports saying that many villagers in the Northeast had been tricked into buying these so-called energy cards from distributors, who made money from both selling the cards and recruiting new distributors as part of what appears to be a pyramid scheme.

The cards are being sold at Bt1,100 to Bt1,500 each.

The OAP also said that anyone who wants to discard these cards can contact the Thailand Institute of Nuclear Technology for assistance.


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