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Dangerous Thailand...

Thailand tops the chart for travel insurance claims

Link Here 20th June 2018
Thailand is always top of polls and charts about dangerous holiday destinations. No doubt there are more dangerous places, but then people don't go there on holiday. Thailand is the most likely place in the world where British visitors are likely to do be killed, but before you jump to conclusions about guns and murder, the most likely causes are death are more to do with motorbikes in conjunction with alcohol.

Now Thailand has been found to be the world's riskiest holiday destination for British tourists, according to a new report from UK firm Endsleigh Insurance Services. It looked at data from 2017, ranking countries on where the most insurance claims were made and Thailand came out on top.

The report found that Thailand accounted for 23% of travel insurance claims made in 2017 - more than any other country. Travel insurance claims included emergency medical expenses, damaged luggage and flight cancellations.


Offsite Article: Reality and the Denial of Sex Work in Thailand...

Link Here 11th June 2018
Salinee Chumsuwan, at the culture ministry said sex toys should not be legalized when there is no solid research supporting them, instead recommending that people who have urges should instead resort to meditation or sport

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Pay Point...

Thailand will introduce a points system for traffic penalties from next year

Link Here 10th June 2018
Police have said that the points system for driving offences will definitely be introduced in 2019.

In total drivers and riders have 12 points to play with each year before getting a ban.

  • Category one:  Minor 1 point offences such as no helmet or non-wearing of seat belts. That's one point.
  • Category two: Medium 2 point offences that includes going through red lights and going the wrong way on roads.
  • Category three is described as serious and includes drink driving, driving under the influence of drugs, speeding and fleeing the scene of an accident. For that you will get three points.

Collect 12 points in a year and you will suffer a 3 month ban.

Get 3 bans and you will be banned from driving for a year.

Get 12 points in a year again after that and you lose your licence for three years and have to make a new one thereafter.

The measures were announced by Pol Maj Gen Ekkarak Limsangkat who chairs a committee looking into changes in the traffic laws. A consultative meeting was attended by 500 members of the public in which the points system was revealed by the Maj Gen who said it would definitely come in next year, reported Daily News.


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