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Show your money!...

Thai Immigration reveals new rules for those showing income for a 1 year visa extension

Link Here 6th January 2019
Now that several foreign embassies have ended their service of providing letters supporting visa applicants income cliams, Thai Immigration has outlined replacement rules for evidencing ncome.

The income requirements remain unchanged in value (40,000 a month for those supporting Thais and 65,000 a month for retirees). Thai Immigration will now accept evidence as follows:

  1. Tax receipts of the supporting relative presumably thos issues by the Thai tax authorities.
  2. Evidence of a pension. Letter of certification from a Thai bank supported by bank statements showing a pension being transferred to the pensioner's bank account every month for at least 12 months. Exceptions are allowed for those who have been retired for less than one year.
  3. Evidence of income from a foreign embassy or consulate for those whose embassies are still providing the service



Health concerns...

Thailand proposes health insurance as a requirement for a long term visa

Link Here 29th December 2018
Foreigners with one-year Non-Immigrant Visa O-A (Long Stay) will have to compulsorily arrange health insurance, according to new proposals.

The criterion under the Immigration Act 1979 was approved by the Medical Hub Committee, Dr Kittisak Klapdee, adviser to the Minister of Public Health, said on Sunday. The measure was approved in principle the amendment of the criteria for one-year long-stay visas.

Once it comes into effect, foreigners having the visa will be required to have Thai insurance policies covering their entire stay in Thailand with minimum Bt40,000 out-patient medical bill coverage and minimum Bt400,000 in-patient medical bill coverage.

Those already having overseas insurance policies that meet the minimum requirement would be exempted from subscribing to Thai insurance policies.

The proposal  will now be forwarded to the Cabinet for approval as a formal policy.

Commented: Cover charge

28th December 2018. Thanks to Dave

If this compulsory Health insurance comes in a lot of people will be going home, the cheapest quote I could find was 400 quid a month



The military government is set to take a step back...

Thailand will have a general election in February 2019

Link Here 8th December 2018
It has been officially confirmed that the much-awaited election will take place on February 24, 2019 with advance voting scheduled for February 17, according to Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam.

This will mean that 4 days will be affected by an alcohol ban around voting days.

Bars on the weekends of 16th-17th/23rd-24th February will be closed from 6pm on Saturday and nominally all of Sunday. However bars generally seem to be able to open mid or late evening on Sunday.


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