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 Updated: Scary Thailand...

Thai Immigration now says that all visitors must report to them or the police in the first 24 hours of a visit and at every subsequent change of address

Link Here 15th February 2017
Jomtien Immigration noticeAs if to remind visitors that Thailand is a military dictatorship, Thai immigration has been starting to enforce a law that requires visitors to report their address to the police or immigration within 24 hours of arrival and at each subsequent change.

The law seems to have 3 relevant parts

  1. visitors are required to provide their first address on immigration cards filled in when entering the country.
  2. a) visitors are then required to inform immigration or the police of their first night address.
    b) house owners or hotels are also required to report visitors staying at their property
  3. a) visitors are then required to report subsequent changes of address to police or immigration
    b) house owners or hotels are as per 1b are required to report arrivals (and departures?) to immigration.

Up until recently the authorities have relied on the house owners/hotels to keep them informed of visitors' whereabouts, but now it seems that immigration is now requiring the reports from visitors also .

And as usual, the level of enforcement is dependent on which department/officer is dealing with issues. Now it would be totally unpleasant for visitors to have to report to police stations, so on the whole, you would have thought that filling in the address on the landing card and relying on hotels for the reporting should be adequate for your typical short visit tourist.

However Thai Visa forum members have been carefully translating the law, but haven't really concluded that the entry card is quite adequate to report your address without the visit to the police station as required in step 2.

People are being fined about 2-4000 baht for transgressions when found out, particularly when visiting immigration for other reasons, such as visa extensions. But its not just the fine, its the thought of getting into trouble in foreign police stations/immigration departments, especially for people who wouldn't ever dream of knowingly breaking the law.

Update: And the Pattaya take on the new requirement

15th February 2017. See article from

A forum member fro Thai Visa has posted a very badly worded immigration poster from Jomtien (above) basically saying that you have to report to the police/immigration every time you change address, although maybe you are covered for the address stated on your entry card. And f you get caught out the fine seems to be about 80,000 Baht for a year.


 Updated: Rubbish Idea...

Thai government has the idea to charge households 350 Baht a month for rubbish collection and disposal

Link Here 25th January 2017
rubbish ideaA new law has come into force since its publication in the Royal Gazette on January 15 under which each household will have to pay 350 Baht  monthly for garbage collection and disposal fees.

And this is only for a basic tier of 120kg or 600 items per month. There will be high charges for heavier users.

The law empowers local administration authorities to manage garbage collection and disposal and set the rules regarding separation, collection and disposal. In addition scavenging will be banned  presumably so that councils can do their own scavenging.

There do not seem to be any details on how payment will be collected, nor how the weighing and item counting will be implemented. And there is nothing on how this very expensive fee can possibly be afforded by minimum wage Thais.

Update: Hold on a moment

25th January 2017 See  article from

The Bangkok Metropolitan Authority and other municipalities have said they needed time to study the issue before they could implement the new payment plan, which increases garbage collection fees from the current Bt20 a month per household to 350 Baht a month.

Bangkok Council member Chayawuth Siriyutwattana said it would take some time for councillors to mull over the proposal and the matter would be tabled at the council's March meeting. To implement the new law, the city must issue a regulation for its implementation in Bangkok, he said, adding that the new rate would not be enforced until that happened.

The city's current collection fee brings in about Bt500 million a year to city coffers, although the city actually pays about Bt6.5 billion to manage and dispose of garbage.

To illustrate the expensive fee, the current old age pension for those age 60 to 69 is 600 Baht a month.  I can't imagine they will be very pleased to be charged 350 Baht to get rid of their rubbish.


  Balloons, flutes and fedoras...

Bar news and reviews

Link Here 30th December 2016

Roger "Braske" who, after running his own bar on Soi Buakhaow, has been a manager at The Place 2 Bee , at Vikings Corner Bar and at Road House 13 has returned to Belgium. He has undergone a medical treatment of about half a year and is probably staying in Belgium for the rest of his life.  Managing a bar (smoking and drinking included) is not always a healthy job.

Stars Bar

cognac balloonOn Soi Khao Talo Stars Bar has changed hands once more.  It is Canadian owned now.

Most of the females there are wives/girlfriends of farangs now who do not want boom boom, but who still do want farang money.  There are no longer ST rooms upstairs anyway.

A complete waste of time and money. Unsurprisingly this bar is mostly deserted.

For those interested: there is again a pool table taking up most of the space.

Bottled Heineken 70 baht, lady drinks (small cognac balloons containing Singha Light) 120 baht (most expensive on Soi Khao Talo, where the norm is 80-100 baht).

Champagne Coyotes

On Soi LK Metro, where Club Malibu used to be, is now Champagne Coyotes , a glass-fronted beer bar.  From time to time one or two coyotes were performing on top of the counter. I could not be arsed to waste time and money there. I wonder when they are finally going to send those "coyotes" back to the prairie, where prairie wolves belong.

Bar de la Poste

white plastic fedoraOn my latest visit to Bar de la Poste on Soi Lengkee there were only fatties and extreme fatties.  They were clad in white plastic fedoras and white T-shirt-like dresses without underwear. For a lady drink they would drop their dresses.

I happened to be the only customer and the ladyboy cashier ordered them one by one to offer me their services.

I was told that the barfines were 300 baht one drink included for the play corners and 400 baht no drink included for the ST room upstairs. Fees for the females were 500 baht for BJ, 700 baht for FS without anal and 1,000 baht for FS with anal.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks still 110 baht.


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