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  A 15% hike in beer tax at GoGos...

Thailand introduces a new tax for alcohol served in bars or entertainment venues

Link Here 10th January 2018
Thailand has just introduced a significant new tax on alcohol served in bars, discos and GoGos.

tax hike details


  Traffic fines and new ticket...

In particular don't stop in front of stop line

Link Here 30th December 2017

Dave's friend Paul should have known that he needed a Thai Driving Licence or an International Driving Permit together with his foreign Driving Licence. That being said the regular fine for driving without a valid licence is only 400 baht (see picture I found on internet), up from 200 baht.

Pattaya traffic fines

In December 2017 a new form of traffic ticket is being introduced (see pictures from Bangkok Post).

Note that one of the possible offences is: Beyond the stop line when waiting for the traffic light. Many motorcyclists, also farangs, seem to ignore that. I find this strange as this rule also applies in Farangland.

new traffic ticket 2017 front


new traffic ticket 2017 back


  Smart visa...

New long term Thai visa for high flyers

Link Here 28th December 2017
thai visaA new long term visa aimed at professionals wishing to live and work in Thailand will launch in January 2018, according an update from the Prime Minister's office.

The Smart Visa was announced earlier this year but details have only just been released including no work permit needed for certain types of professions, annual reporting instead of the usual 90 days, plus equivalent benefits for spouses and children of the holder.

However there is a slight hurdle of having to earn 200,000 Baht a month before being considered a high flyer.

According to information on the website, Smart Visa's fall into three categories:

  1. Highly skilled experts specialising in tech, aviation, healthcare etc. This group will receive a 4-year visa without a work permit.
  2. Investors who have been promoted by the Board of Investment (BOI) investing in 10 target industries will receive a visa term of between 2-4 years, depending on which industry they invest in.
  3. Startups in certain fields will be granted a visa period of 2-4 years, depending on their field. As an example, if it is a hi-tech business, the visa term would be 4 years.

Further details will follow.


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