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  Seven Up...

Pattaya to Bangkok motorway tolls to rise significantly in April 2018

Link Here 5th January 2018
thai motorway tollThe Thai military government has approved an increase of tolls on Highway 7 or known as Bangkok-Pattaya motorway from 60 baht to 105 for cars, effective from April 19.

Transport Minister Arkhom Termpittayapaisith said the approval came after the Special Highway Department has finished the construction of nine new toll booths on the Bangkok-Pattaya motorway.


  Traffic fines and new ticket...

In particular don't stop in front of stop line

Link Here 30th December 2017

Dave's friend Paul should have known that he needed a Thai Driving Licence or an International Driving Permit together with his foreign Driving Licence. That being said the regular fine for driving without a valid licence is only 400 baht (see picture I found on internet), up from 200 baht.

Pattaya traffic fines

In December 2017 a new form of traffic ticket is being introduced (see pictures from Bangkok Post).

Note that one of the possible offences is: Beyond the stop line when waiting for the traffic light. Many motorcyclists, also farangs, seem to ignore that. I find this strange as this rule also applies in Farangland.

new traffic ticket 2017 front


new traffic ticket 2017 back


  Dangerous Thailand...

Pattaya's mayor sets 5000 Baht fines for those caught smoking on the beach

Link Here 6th December 2017
smoking dong tan beachThe Pattaya mayor has announced a war on smokers. Heavy 5,000 Baht penalties will await those who break the law come February as the local authority rolled out their campaign to stop beach smoking.

Sophon Cable TV reported on the mayor beginning the anti-smoking war with a large number of officials and operators in attendance at various events on Jomtien Beach.

The Pattaya authorities gathered together beach chair operators and Thai traditional masseuses gathered for 'training' and the message was clear - help us rid the resort of smokers on beaches and in forbidden places.

It seems that the mayor has ideas t extend the smoking ban to other areas, but it is not yet clear where.

Meanwhile the toilets on Dong Tan Beach in Jomtien have been designated as smoking areas.


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