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Covered Walkway...

Pattaya's mayor considers a roof for Walking Street

Link Here13th February 2021
The upbeat Mayor Sontaya Khunpluem of Pattaya has said that the work being done on Walking Street is so much more than just cable burying. He's going to transform the street into something suay ngaam (beautiful) that the resort can be proud of.

The road surface was going to be completely renewed, he said and that included the drain and pipe covers.

A study is also being done about the possibility of installing a domed roof over the street.



Late trains...

There will be a slight delay due to a lack of money

Link Here1st September 2020
The high-speed rail project to link Suvarnabhumi, Don Mueang, Pattaya and U-Tapao airports faces a delay due to a budget problem.

The budget to demolish infrastructure to make way for the new high-speed system has not been approved, meaning delivery of the first phase will be delayed from January 2021 to February-March, the SRT announced.

The infrastructure had been earmarked for demolition but contractors would have to wait for approval of the 2021 budget before finishing the job, explained Transport Ministry permanent secretary Chaiwat Thong-Kamkoon on Friday. The budget would be approved before the end of this year, he assured. Contractors had already been hired to undertake the work, he added.



More lounging around...

Pattaya ends no beach umbrella wednesdays

Link Here30th August 2020
Five years after the government ordered beach chairs and umbrellas off the nation's beaches at least once a week to restore nature to coastlines, Pattaya is doing away with No Chair Wednesdays amid the coronavirus recession.

Pattaya Deputy Mayor Manote Nongyai laid out 17 changes to beachfront-business regulations. The main change will be an end to the Wednesday practice of removing all beachchairs and umbrellas to allow for beach cleaning and provide a back to nature experience once a week.

But in times of a massive drop in tourists, chairs and umbrellas will be prohibited only until 10 a.m. on Wednesday while the beach is cleaned.  The day also will be getting longer. Instead of having to close up shop at 6pm, vendors now will be allowed to operate until 8pm daily.

The plans still need to be approved by Pattaya's mayor and full city council.



Trains of thought...

Pattaya considers its pie in the sky train idea

Link Here21st August 2020
A public hearing in Pattaya was told that 80% of residents agree with plans to build a monorail to alleviate the resort's dire traffic and transport problems.

The pie in the sky train would meet the proposed High Speed train at the station to the east of Sukhumvit Road. It would then travel along the motorway and along Sukhumvit before heading towards the sea. It would then be built along Sai 2 road and wind up at Bali Hai port.

There would be around 13 stations spaced 650-700 meters apart. Building is expected to start in 2024.

The latest hearing was designed to gauge public opinion and assess environmental impacts.

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