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Updated: Moved On...

Mandarin A-GoGo merged into Bypass, and other GoGo news

Link Here 21st January 2019
Mandarin A-GoGo on Walking Street has announced that it will merge into Bypass , also on Walking Street, on 18th January.

Meanwhile the upstairs A-GoGo on the upper floor of the Walking Street end of Soi Diamond is set to re-open as The Catwalk A-GoGo . The bar was previously Overmind, and before that Shark.


Tee Rak A-GoGo is now taking shape on the corner of Walking Street and Soi Diamond. The name means 'darling' in Thai. (Although Thai girls often joke say 'darkling' which means something more like monkey's arse).


And indeed Mandarin closed on the appointed day. So there are now 78 GoGos operating around Pattaya.



Not in the mood...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 20th January 2019

Popped out to Walking street last night it was fairly busy.

I started in Peppermint which just over half full. Some young and cute Girls as usual. I sat with a lovely young Girl with a wonderful face and Smile, I'd seen her before but not for several months. It livened up about half past Ten when a group of Farangs came in and started throwing baskets of ping pong Balls around. Only 3 topless Girls and no showgirls.

Stayed for 2 Draft Beers and moved on to Baccara , which was full as usual. It's always a cheap drink in there as the Girls are interested in the free spending Asians. Lots of Attractive Girls with Large Silicone Tits but no young Girls apart from 6 Coyote Dancers, but they were all on the Fat side. No show Girls while I was there for an hour.

Had a Draft Beer and moved on to the Shark Club . This was very quiet, full of punters but no atmosphere. There was the Usual Asian guy playing paper.,rock, scissors. He bought 10 shots for 900b and put a 100b under each one. He was playing with 3 Girls, so whoever lost got the Shot and a 100, What a mug. None of my Birds were in so I had another cheap visit, had one Draft Beer and headed home.

A very Dull evening, or was I just not in the mood?



No More Secrets...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 18th January 2019
Secrets hostess bar on Soi 14 is set to close in March 2019. It will then be reworked as one of the chain of Scooters Bars. The Hotel and restaurant will remain as Secrets.

Secrets has been influential in Pattaya since it opened in 2006. In particular its forum was one of the major sources of Pattaya information for many years. Perhaps its decline could be down to social media taking over as the dominant internet medium.

Another iconic institution from many years ago was the Winchester Club on Soi Wat Boon, South Jomtien. It was very much a forerunner of today's gentlemen's clubs. It is now springing back to life under new ownership.

Another complex in the Soi 7 and Soi 8 area has gone to dust. It was located on the small cross soi connecting sois 7 and 8. JD Bar has closed on Soi 8 whilst Lek's Classroom Bar 2 has closed on the cross soi between Soi 7 and Pattaya Klang.

On Soi Buakhao we have lost the Unique Blue Sports Bar , Seventh Heaven and the Three Lords . Pleasure Hut has also closed but is replaced by Rocker Bar

On Soi 6 Miss B Haven has closed presumably after getting into serious trouble after a police raid.



A double kiss on the pink before screwing back into the bottom pocket...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 17th January 2019

Popped out to Walking Street last night about 11pm, I was watching the Masters Snooker.

It was fairly busy but a Shortage of Girls everywhere.

Started in Bliss which was very Lively. Nana was back from visiting her mum. She was wearing an all over black body stocking with no crotch and no knickers.

There was a slim very attractive Naked Dancer called May who kept pushing her pussy towards me, I bought her a Tequila she was pissed but she usually is. There a chubby Girl with a lovely Face and Big Knockers called Mai who was Dancing Topless.  Bought her a drink also.

Stayed for one Beer and moved on to the Panda Club . This was well down on Girls as well, less than half the normal number.

I Sat with A Girl called Mae from the Sapphire Club, she is very well built with a lovely face and a hugh Jarce. She's a Coyote Dancer but she showed me her Tit's. they were very nice, a Good size. Another Girl came over for her drink, she said her name was 'Popular'. She didn't speak much English but Mae was translating, she was very friendly if you know what I mean, and said I was Horny, haha.

Stayed for one Draft Beer and Headed home.



Blue shows, Happy shows and acrobats...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 13th January 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, the roads were very busy, Walking Street was heaving, not with the usual Coach Parties of Asian Tourists, but with Punters.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was very busy, the usual array of beautiful Girls on show. I was sitting on my own for most of time before Katie and Mo came over for a drink.

There was a new feature of a Cabaret with 5 Girls wearing Bra, Small white Tops and extremely Baggy Denim Shorts, cut down from Jeans. Katie was saying Sexy Girls, and checking my Heart, but  I'm afraid it was an extremely boring 15 mins, it was very un sexy and tedious. They said they'd be back later, luckily I'd gone before that. The Girls were knocking the drinks back in 5 mins, so as I'd seen all the Girls I paid up and left.

Then decided to give Happy a try, and got the surprise of my life when the Showgirls came on, and not only that they stripped down to nothing, thats the first time since the old King died. There were two groups of Dancers one with Bikini's and one with Coyote Dancers who were wearing Rah Rah Skirts and G-string with a small Jacket Top.

Sat with Bikini Dancer Bang and Coyote Mae who has a Hugh Jarce so looked very good in the Short Skirt. Mae's sister also turned up as I was dishing out some Tips, she's Tall Slim and very attractive.

Stayed for one Beer and moved on to the Shark Club. It was packed with only Space to sit at the Stage but someone left before my Beer arrived and got a good seat. The Acrobatic Girls were on Stage, they put on a superb show on the poles as usual. They should be in a Circus, the best Cabaret I've seen. the Manager of the Sapphire club should take a look.

Sat with Polly, She has a very pretty Face and is very Friendly, A little on the Chubby Side with a Hugh Jarce. She was wearing a Rah Rah skirt and G-String, so very sexy, with a small jacket top.

Nui, Del's sister, was sitting next to me, she is very Small and was bouncing up and down on a chinaman's lap. I said to Polly if you did that I'd end up in Hospital, so she stuck one ample leg over mine. later Polly's sister Money came over, she was very attractive. The Mamasang came over and asked me where my Girls were, by that she meant, Pie, Del And Ray. I said you should know, you're the Mamasang? They weren't in the Bar.

Stayed for one Beer and headed home.



A low bench mark...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 9th January 2019

Popped into Walking Street last night. The roads were fairly quiet, Walking Street was busy without being overcrowded.

Started in Peppermint which was quiet with 12-15 punters. Some nice new Girls on show. The lady I was sitting with was pointing out all the 19 yr olds, some very nice ones. The Manager has Died, he was 55, of smoking. Cancer I assume.

Stayed for a Couple of Beers and then thought I'd try the New Harem . It was quite nice to start with, attractive Girls on the Stage, 8 Topless Dancers. There were 3 Girls from Happy and several other faces I knew.

But when I sat down on the Bench seating, I got an uncomfortable shock.  I assume the seats were made by a passing group of Dwarves, they were low and very narrow and there was plenty of leg room so it did not make sense. Apart from the seating it was quite acceptable, I soon paid up and left.

Passed into Baccara which was very busy as usual. What was unusual was it was full of Farangs. I was sitting next to a young man about 30, all the girls who ignore me were trying to chat him up, but then a very attractive Girl tried her luck and they moved to the back of the room.

A very Ignorant Chinaman came and sat next to me and was blowing smoke in the air, I was trying to wave the smoke away, but he ignored my efforts, so I had to move, why do they allow smoking in a-go-go's it's illegal? Anne came down from upstairs for a drink, Hobnob had a day off. I don't like it upstairs as you can't see the Girls Tud's, stayed for 1 Beer and headed home,



Twas the night before New Year's Eve, when nothing could move, not even a mouse...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 7th January 2019

Popped out on Sunday the 30th, had great difficulty in getting a Baht Bus. Most of them were empty but they would not stop, crazy they are going to Walking street anyway, why not make a few Baht on the way. Waited over 20mins till we got one. There were groups of 10-15 people waiting up near Foodmart, they had no chance of getting a Bus. It took 1 hour to reach Walking Street, I've never known crowds like it outside New Years Eve.

Popped into the Sapphire Club which was packed, not a spare seat anywhere apart from 2 Tables that were reserved. I said who are they reserved for but she didn't answer. Luckily 2 people left and we took their seats at the stage. Later a Single Farang was sitting on his own at one of the reserved seats, the other table was still empty and they were turning people away. Who were they expecting, the King?

The usual array of lovely Girls on show, had one Beer and moved onto the Shark club . I didn't venture into Walking Street as it was almost impassable. Shark club was very busy, I sat with Ray, but she was not interested, she sat on the edge of the seat and had her back to me, couldn't work out what she was looking at it wasn't me and it wasn't the Stage, she was blocking my view of the Stage. When she went off to dance she didn't come back after a couple of mins like the Girls sitting with Paul, but stayed for the Dance stint. The waitress I don't know if it was a him a her or an it, tried to take the Girls glasses away while they were half full, I waved at it and told it to fuck off,

I don't like this time of year, too much pressure for buying drinks and making money. Pauls Bird in the Sapphire club was getting drinks off 3 men and my Bird disappeared for 30 mins. I'll be glad when we get back to normal. Certainly won't be going to Walking Street New years eve, no chance of getting a Baht Bus and far too crowded,



Not so bright at Lighthouse, not so hot at Fahrenheit, and found cheetahs at Wildcats...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 6th January 2019

Popped into Walking street last Saturday night, it was very busy with difficulty getting through the Crowds.

I started in the Lighthouse which had very loud music and no nudity. We sat down and ordered a draft Beer which is always very nice and my friend Paul the pussyman said: I'm ready when you are. I didn't think it was that bad. Two Fat waitresses were standing talking in front of me, I said I can't see through you but they did not understand. I said I did not pay to look at you and they moved about a foot. Soon paid up and left.

Followed into Fahrenheit , it was really Buzzing. I didn't get the best seats. The place was full of crumpet but I got lumbered with Lek again. Apart from being a lesbian she's not crumpet but she keeps telling me she loves me and kissing me on the mouth. Paul sat with her other half who is very attractive and kept asking Paul to go upstairs. One Girl had a hugh jarce, Paul said I should get her a drink but I didn't fancy her, she had no tit's and looked like she was chewing a wasp.

Stayed for one Drink and moved on to Wildcats , which was also busy. I sat with FA from New Living Dolls, she's chubby but very firm and has a very nice face. Paul was sitting with the Girls from Sweethearts, Num, Barbie and Tuk-ta.

Barbie was sitting on my Left and the Mamasang came round and asked me if I wanted to get her a drink. I said she was with Paul, so no just a drink for FA, but 2 drinks turned up and I got charged for 2 drinks. I pointed out the mistake and they took the drink back but I didn't get a refund. A Japanese man next to Paul was also complaining about the Mamasang. Why was the mamasang getting involved in serving drinks? There were 2 Asian men sitting in front of us and they were buying endless drinks for 3 waitresses and 3 Dancers. There was a constant party going on with them, so I assume she didn't want to interrupt it. Stayed for 1 Beer and paid up didn't make a fuss and demand a refund for the extra drink, life's too short and it is Christmas,



Apple Pie and Custard...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 3rd January 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Friday night last week, I was expecting it to be very busy but it was quiet.

Started in Bliss agogo . The Models were on stage as we entered, some very attractive naked Girls. We sat with 2 of the Models they really mullered us, kept showing us their pussies rubbing their fingers in them and putting their fingers under my nose, you'll be glad to know all I could smell was soap.

Stayed to watch the Models round again and popped into the Panda Club , which was packed. We managed to get a good seat as 2 people were just leaving as we arrived. Sat with sisters Koy and Nun as usual. There were some lovely topless Girls on stage and some beautiful Coyote Dancers. Stayed for 1 draft Lager which was not too bad,

Stayed to watch the Topless Dancers again and Followed into the Shark club , which was fairly quiet .Sat with Kitty , Pussyman Paul sat with Apple who had yet another Sister, she is 18 and very cute but with big tit's. Apple said she is called Pie which I think is a joke. None of the Girls use their real names, If she has another sister she'll probably be called Custard?

The Models were on doing their very good acrobatics on the Poles Some very lovely young Girls as usual. I gave 1 of the Girls 50 b for some food and she got 2 bowls, not sure what it was, it was like spicy spring rolls in a honey sauce. It was really nice even the pussyman liked it and he usually only eats Sausages, haha. The Pussyman lived up to his name by taking Apple upstairs for some Boom Boom. I went home.



Extinguished Passion...

News from Soi 6

Link Here 3rd January 2019
Passion Dance Club has been running as a Soi 6 GoGo for quite a few years but has been dark since the 28th December 2018.

This reduces Pattaya's GoGo count to 79.

Meanwhile Tomcat's at the other end of Soi 6 has opened in the bar that was previosuly Bull Dog



Christmas Box...

A Walking Street Blog (from Soi LK Metro)

Link Here 2nd January 2019

Popped into LK Metro after Christmas. All the Bars on the Second Road were busy and the Bars in L K were extremely busy.

Popped into Pandora's Box, first it's small but with very Comfortable seating. There were 4 Girls on Stage and about 10 altogether, most of them attractive. Some Topless and 1 nude. Very friendly place with waitress from Private Dancer. Good Draft Beer at 75 b and Lady Drinks 150b. Well worth a visit,

Passed into Paradise which had some fairly attractive Girls, ostly Bikini but with about 8 Topless. Pussyman Paul sat with 2 very nice Birds, a lovely Blonde with a Great Arse, and a topless Girl who sat with her tits out all night. The blonde was not shy about showing us her tits either.

Stayed for one Draft Beer and Followed onto Sugar Sugar . This was really different with a real party atmosphere with a group of 8 English Guys who kept ringing the Bell. There were some really attractive Topless Dancers, 4 or 5 who had stunning Figures. One young Girl in a Bra and G-String had a super arse and spotted me ogling it and she put her hands on it to stop me from seeing it. But she was only joking and was smiling later. I put a 100b in her G-string. There was a stunning topless dancer with lovely tit's, I gave her 100b and the other Girls saw and all came over for the same. I'll die a poor man but have fun doing it, haha.

The Kebab Lady was doing so much business she couldn't keep up and was sending people over the road to another stall, (they are related), the lady was doing good business selling Spaghetti Bolognese but the Burger lady was quiet,

Another lively evening in Pattaya,



God rest ye merry gentlemen...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 31st December 2018

God rest ye merry gentlemen
Let nothing you dismay
Remember Pattaya our Savior Was open on Christmas Day
To save us all from Satan's pow'r
When we were gone astray

Popped into Walking Street on Christmas Eve. Started in the Lighthouse. Some pretty Girls on Show. I sat with attractive Blond Rung and Pussyman Paul with a very cute new Girl called A. There were no naked Dancers present. The Music was really good and all the Girls were Dancing ,

I had a couple Draft Beers and left for the Panda Club , got a good seat with a good view of the Stage. When the Topless Dancers came on they didn't remove their Tops. I asked Mamasang Pui why not and she said the Police had been round and told them no nudity. Why? they're not Christian, anyway it ruined a good evening. never had this problem at Christmas before. I wonder if it will be the same tonight?

Managed to win 2 games of Only Connect, went home at midnight.


Popped into Walking Street on Christmas Day Evening not knowing what to expect.

Walking Passed Electric Blue all the Girls were covered up on stage, went into the Sapphire Club which was not very busy but full of beautiful Girls as usual. When the Topless Girls came on, Half of them had their Tit's out, but later put them away. When they came back 40 mins later they all had them out, so they must of had the all clear. Sat with a beautiful Girl called Mook, Mai got called to stand outside.

Stayed for a pint of Draft and moved onto Baccara about 11pm, it was very busy but managed to find seats at the stage. No problems there the Girls were out with all Tit's blazing. Paul's regular Squeeze Hobnob came down from upstairs, so I knew I was in for an early night. Once she starts whispering in his ear there's only one outcome, Boom Boom, It's 1000b short time and 2500 for the Girl and 2400b long time, a short time is 90 mins.

Managed to get by the Shark Club and Electric Blue with out being Grabbed by a Pretty Girl. So I had a nice cheap night and was home by 12-15am.



One follower...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 29th December 2018

Popped out to Walking Street last Saturday evening.

Started in Bliss A-GoGo , the place was really Buzzing with a lot of new attractive Girls. There were 8 Naked Dancers on the Stage freely showing their Pussies. There was one Gorgeous new Girl who was tall and Slim with a beautiful face, unfortunately my friend Paul got her, but he didn't Bar fine her, he must be mad. He'll never get a second chance.

Followed into Fahrenheit which was also busy with a real party atmosphere. I sat with Lek from Sweethearts and Paul had her Girlfriend, a Stunning Lady, slim with fab Bottom and legs, and large silicone tits. There was a mix of sexy Coyote Dancers and Topless Dancers.

A man in a wheelchair came in, he's been following us around. I Saw him Sugar Sugar, then the Glass house, and now Fahrenheit. There was a lovely looking Dark Skinned Girl who was very popular, she had very large silicone Tits and was flitting from one customer to another.

Finished in The Shark Club which was very lively. I Sat with Ray, and Paul with sister Apple, Kitty was smiling at me from the Stage so I gave Ray a 100b to give her and soon after a chinaman gave her 400b, he later Barfined her. When the Showgirls came on they grabbed a couple of young Chinamen and pulled them on stage, they stripped one man's shirt off, but for the other man, they took his trousers down and nearly took his shorts with it. The girls were having great fun with them and all the Girls in the Bar were Screaming,

Later the 2 Gymnast Girls did a great show on the poles, they were hanging upside down and stretching their legs out like Ballet Dancers. At about 12-30am Del came in so I got her a drink. I used  the clenched fist to suggest she'd been having Boom Boom but she said no, sleeping, haha why will these Girls never admit to having Sex?

A very good evening but it was not quite so good on Friday evening, Started in the Sapphire Club which was great as always sat with usual Girl Mai and lots of very attractive Girls on show. Paul had his usual Girls, Far and Blondie.

Stayed for a pint of Draft and moved on at 11pm to Happy which was dire. They are back to Fat Coyote Dancers. The Big Boss must have been round, he wants a-go-gos with no sex content and he got it. The next group of Girls were also Fat Coyote Dancers, they were well covered up with big pants and large T-Shirts. The Bikini Dancers came on next again with very little sex appeal, being well covered up.

Got Pulled into the Glass House by Oiy, it's an A-go-go I do not like. The Seating is too cramped, no Draft Beer, and less atmosphere than a Funeral. There were 20 Topless Dancers on stage when we entered, but they were followed by 2 Groups of 15 Coyote Dancers, soon paid up and left.



See downstairs upstairs...

A Walking Street Blog from Soi LK Metro

Link Here 26th December 2018

Popped into L K Metro last night.

I started in Kink , it was on the old site where Gold was. It had the most comfortable seats I've ever sat in. There were 20 Girls on Stage wearing G-String, Bra and small top. They were a very average bunch, half of them were overweight. My friend Paul went upstairs for a smoke, when he came back he said the Girls upstairs were naked on a Mat.

When the Coyote Dancers finished Dancing a Slim attractive Girl came over and sat on the arm of my chair. She said she knew me from Sweethearts and the Lighthouse. I didn't recognize her but the light was bad and I didn't get a good look at her face. Paul sat with Cleo from the Lighthouse and Spicy Girls.

After the Coyote Dancers the Roof of the Room started to descend on to the Stage from upstairs. There were about 8 naked Girls on a bed who were freely showing their Pussies. The show lasted about 10mins. The men upstairs had a good view of the Girls through the hole in the floor before the bed was raised again. Then back to the Coyote Dancers  on Stage.

Not surprisingly the place was doing good business. No Draft Beer.

Moved on to Bachelor Club . There were only 16 Girls, half of them Topless. There were Girls from the Sapphire club, Sweethearts and Happy that I knew. The Music was very loud. Paul got Charged for 3 Draft Beers instead of one, luckily I noticed it, 65b for a half pint. Not a bad experience,

Next we went into Zombies R Us, sorry, Dolls L K . Don't waste your had earned money in there. Some nice Slim Girls, but they were only interested in your Money, Soon left.

Popped into Sugar Sugar , it was very lively as usual. Some nice topless Girls on the Stage. A Group of Old English Guy's came in, they were having great fun, one of them took his top  off and put on a Girls chiffon top and was Dancing on the Stage. We had a Drink with the  waitresses as usual but they were busy as there were only 3 service Girls working and the place was very busy. A small indian looking guy Barfined 3 Girls, I hope he has a lot of energy?

Got a Kebab and headed home,



A nudge for Soi 7...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 24th December 2018

Popped into Soi 7 on Tuesday evening ,it was very noisy with Bars competing with music.

Walking down to the beach road end I got hit from behind by a white Car, he just nudged me out of his way. A very pretty Girl came and asked me if I was alright, she said it was a Farang Driver. A few yards further on another man had been hit by the Car, he was holding his elbow.

Popped into Silver Star , it was very quiet with a few attractive older Girls on the Stage. A very attractive Blonde kept bending over and showing me her Pussy. I lodged a 100 b note in it. As usual all the other punters were just sitting watching with their Beer. Still the same waitresses and mamasang that have been there for years. I stayed for one Beer and caught the Bus to Walking Street.

Popped into New Star Ago-go in Soi Diamond. I had a San Miguel, the Draft Beer in there is terrible. I sat with a Lady with very Large Tit's she insisted on showing me her Pussy, as did several other Girls looking for a Tip.

I wanted to go to Electric Blue but realized I was in the Wrong soi so I cut through Super Girl.

Electric Blue was fairly busy. I sat at the Stage and a very attractive Girl came over and said did I want company, she was Tall, very well built with a Fantastic Arse. She was wearing shorts cut like a G-String and had lovely legs.

There was an old Jap who was trying to touch the Girls Pussies without Paying, The Mamasang kept asking me if I wanted to take the Girl upstairs, i said no, no Power but she kept on insisting the Girl has Power. She asked me about 6 times.

The Draft Beer was not very good so I didn't finish it, certainly not worth 110 b.



Cheap shots from Shark...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 22nd December 2018

We popped into Walking Street on Monday evening, not one of our Better Visits.

Got to the Lighthouse about 9-20pm and 2 of the 3 Girls I usually sit with had been Barfined already and the 3rd one was with a Fat ugly Chinaman.

So stayed for only 1 Beer and moved onto the Panda Club . We were lucky 2 men were just leaving as went in and we got a good seat. Sat with sisters Koy and Nun as usual. Koy has a stunning figure and Nun is cute. There were 20 Topless Dancers on stage when we entered with a lot of really attractive Girls and Boobs on show. When the Coyote Dancers were on they were down on numbers, so 2 Farangs were getting up and Dancing. There were also a couple of waitresses and the extremely Fat Mamasang from Sapphire club Dancing. The 2 Farangs were throwing some 20 b notes around.

There was a Tall and Fat Chinaman sitting behind us, he appeared to be wearing an extremely large pair of Pyjamas. He kept walking up and down and standing in front of us waving his arms around and causing a nuisance and more importantly blocking my view of the Topless Dancers who'd come back on stage. To make thing's worse a Fat ugly mamasang kept standing in front of me. Eventually the Chinaman pissed off to the other end of the room and I could see the lovely tits and Arses clearly again.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers, which better than before and passed into the Shark Club. Sat with Kitty, a very attractive Girl who was pissed on my previous visit, but sober this time. Paul sat with Apple.

There was a special offer of 10 shots for 900b, so I thought was a good idea to get them for the Girls. When they came, Bee the waitress said the Girls can't drink them. They are for customers, I got extremely pissed off as there is no mention of this in the Ad. I said I wanted my money back, Bee said she could not return the Drinks they'd kill her. The Girls were Dancing, Bee said if I bought them another Lady Drink they could drink them, I said fuck off and paid up to leave. But the Girls came back from the Stage and they were playing, Rock, Paper and Scissors and the loser had to drink a shot. They were having a great time so it all worked out well in the end but I did not buy anymore Lady Drinks, and think that Rock, Paper, scissors is very childish.



Updated: I'll name that bar in one...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: But which one?

Link Here 22nd December 2018

There's one gogo bar near Walking Street that has hugely improved since last year. It's now like Windmill but without the ghastly sweating, pushing crowds and like Babydolls but without the well-built old grannies.

I can't give you the name as this would lead to it being swamped. But afficionados should be able to guess which gogo it is. Visit it quickly before our friends from India and Korea take it over.

Update: Could it be?

22nd December 2018. From Anders

Come on, spill the beans.

Cant figure out which Bar you mean. Shark, Wild cats, Dollhouse? Not located on Walking street was the only clue you gave.

Could it perhaps be Silver Star? Quite good 2 weeks ago. Hardly Crazy House, hands on but nearly a majority of the customers were Indians. Naughty Girls? Nevada was terrible, no reason to visit. Peppermint? Supergirl? Heaven Above? Or up in LK Metro?




Super dark...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 21st December 2018

Popped into Walking Street last night. it was fairly quiet.

Started in Super Girl. There were some very nice Topless Dancers on Stage. Earn 20 my usual Girl, came over for a drink. She's unusual in that she's a lovely dark brown colour, most of the Girls are whiter than me. Pussyman Paul sat with her friend, a lovely tall Girl with lovely Tit's.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers and moved onto Happy , which i didn't think was a good move on entering, the place was half full and Fat Coyote Dancers were on the Stage. But it livened up a little later when all my Girls turned up, Bang, Mae and Mae's sister. Mae is short and Chubby but her sister is Tall and Slim. Stayed for 1 Beer and left for home.

One of my Favourite Girls from Sweethearts was standing outside Atlantis, she's slim and dark with long curly hair. She said remember me ? I was nearly tempted to go in but I was keen to get home.

Popped into Caddy Shack for lunch I had Fish and Chips which was lovely but the Pussyman's Dinner never appeared so I asked Oom the very cute waitress where Paul's dinner was. I told her he wanted a HAM Sandwich. She was trying desperately not to laugh but could not keep a straight face.



A few tips...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 19th December 2018

Popped into Walking Street Friday evening, it was fairly quiet with not much traffic on the Roads.

Started in Sapphire Club where there were less Girls than normal but still a lot of Beautiful Girls on show. Sat with Mai a beautiful Model with lovely Natural big Tit's that were very firm and an older attractive Lady called Ros whose Daughter also works in Sapphire Club.

Stayed for 1 Pint of Draft Lager about 90 mins and Moved onto Baccara which was very Busy. Good for a cheap drink as the Girls are only interested in the big spending Asian Men. Had 1 draft lager, some very nice Girls on show with plenty of Silicone. There was an endless stream of Girls going past me to 2 Asian men sitting behind me. In the end they Barfined 4 Dancers.

Stayed 45 mins and went to the Shark Club which was a little quieter. It was full of Young cute Girls as always. Sat with Del-Ray 2 cute young Girls. Del went off to Dance for 5 mins and she was Dancing next to a Girl who was the spitting image of Hobnob from Baccara. It turned out to be Nui, Del's sister so I had to buy her a drink as well. Del was sitting on my lap and she had 1 Cheek right on my Knob it was very nice as she kept moving her small but lovely arse up and down. Well worth the price of a Lady Drink.

Paul the Pussyman was enjoying himself with 4 Girls. He had a very cute Girl on his lap doing the same. Apple his usual Squeeze was on Blob Duty. A very Drunk but beautiful Girl was climbing all over me and kissing me with a lot of intent. There was a very severe mamasang who made her go and Dance she was struggling to stand up let alone Dance.

Another great night in Pattaya, (if your willing to spend a little money).



A few degrees hotter...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 16th December 2018

Popped into walking street on Thursday night. Started in BLISS , some very nice Girls on show. There were 8 Naked Dancers on Stage when we entered, several really nice Girls, one Girl had very Large Silicone Knockers, there was a very attractive very tall Girl. My usual Girls Nana and Ice were not in, so I sat with a couple of new Girls.

Stayed for 1 Beer and popped into Hidden A-GoGo which was not one of my better ideas, the music was too loud. The Coyote Dancers were on stage and the Girls were well covered up and Danced for ages. When the Topless Dancers came on they only Danced for 10 minutes and because of the lay out you could see little of them. Lady Drinks are a Rip Off at 200b so I soon paid up and left.

Walking Past Fahrenheit , Fonn rushed over and Grabbed me and pulled me inside. Straight away I saw an old friend from Sweethearts, we sat at the back on comfortable bench seating. There were 15 Topless Girls on the Stage, some very nice Girls and Tit's on view. There was a really good atmosphere and the place was really buzzing with lots of people I recognised. 2 very attractive Blondes came round selling Tequila and one of them said did I remember her from the Sapphire club. I didn't all these Girls look alike, her name was Bor which I did remember. Later she came over for a drink and I got a close up view and I did remember her when she smiled. She'd lost a lot of weight but still had a beautiful face and stunning Arse,

Stayed there for a couple of Hours, a really good visit, Fonn got barfined by a Farang and Thai lady. All these dancers seem to swing both ways.

Skipped the Shark club and went home.



The Envy of Soi 6...

More bars

Link Here 14th December 2018
Lisa on the Beach is a new coyote bar located on Beach Rd between Sois 7 and 8. The venue was previously the live music bar, We Are the World. The bar opened on the 8th December 2018. The bar has connections with Lisa Bar in the One Patio Complex at the north end of 2nd Road. The bar is glass fronted and had 35 girls on the mamasang's board on 10th December.

Envy Bar opened on 15th December. It is located on Soi 6 next door to Passion A-GoGo in the venue that was previously Halifax Bar 2. N71 on Ishi's map .

Meanwhile Kelaya 66 Bar the Soi 6 bar opposite Envoy, went dark for a few days but re-opened on the 12th December.



Weighty issues...

A Walking Street Blog albeit from Soi LK Metro

Link Here 13th December 2018

We Popped into L K Metro last night it was very busy with all the Bars packed, The a-go-go's were doing good business,

Started in Lady Love which was only 1/3 rd full when we entered, but filled up around 10 pm. There were 10 Topless Dancers on Stage all with large Silicone enhanced Boobs. There were 3 or 4 naked Girls in the Bath, one of them that Paul has Boom Boomed on a Couple of occasions. Waitress Joy was in from Sweethearts.

Had 1 Beer and passed onto Paradise which was very lively with 6 Topless Dancers on Stage. When the Girls changed over there were another 6 Topless Girls, not the best bunch I have seen. Later 10 of the Girls came back on Stage naked.

Waitress Joy was in from Silver star, she'd put on a lot of weight, she'd been home and put on 7 kilos, nice looking Girl but if she wants Boom Boom she'll have to loose it quickly. Paul was sitting with a lovely slim Bird on his lap'.

We stayed for 1 Beer and moved on to Touch. There were a mixture of Coyote and Naked Dancers but the lighting was very poor and you could not see much. Waitress Jib was in from Sweethearts she'd put on a huge amount of weight. The place was full and we were sitting near the door with not a great view, especially with the poor lighting.

I stayed for half my Beer and moved on to Sugar Sugar . This was completely different. it was very bright, very noisy, a real Party atmosphere. There were some lovely Topless Dancers on Stage, they put on Jail House Rock and the Girls were really dancing, although the 2 beauties in front of me were doing the Twist. I had a very nice Coffee and Paul a coke Light. He bought shorts for 2 of the Dancers, one had B52 and the other a Tequila.

We headed home via the Kebab lady but she wasn't there, so we crossed over the road to another kiosk. I asked the lady were the lady opposite was she said it was her sister and she had the day off, but the whole kiosk was missing. Anyway the Kebab was very nice. Next door they were selling Spaghetti Bolognese and there were kiosk's selling Pizza ,Curry and Fish and Chips.

The Police were out on Thappraya Road in a new position before Food mart on the Road into Pattaya. They were stopping all Motorcyclists,



Pattaya's 80th...

MJ Kitty Bar opens as a Soi 6 A-GoGo

Link Here 12th December 2018
MJ Kitty Girl Bar has re-opened as a GoGo bar on 8th Dec at the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

The bar is located at S75 on Ishi's Soi 6 map

Ishi reports that he saw 3 topless models, 17 coyotes and 8 hostesses at around 10 pm on 10th Dec.

Happy Hour from 6 to 9 pm (draught beer 55B). Model drinks are 200B Lady drinks are 160B.

MJ Kitty is Pattaya's 80th GoGo bar.



A voice but no box...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 11th December 2018

Popped into the Sapphire Club on Soi 15 on Sunday night, still the best a-go-go in town. All the Girls were in and there were some lovely new teenage Girls on show. I was sitting with Mai, a Topless Dancer with lovely big real Tits.

There were 7 topless Dancers altogether, all of them well endowed. Some Fabulous Arses on show as always. I stayed for a pint of Draft Lager, about 1 -1/2 hours till my bum went to sleep from sitting on a stool.

Followed into Baccara which was very Busy. I managed to get an armchair by the stage.

A lot of Silicone on view. I Didn't get any Smiles off the Dancers, apart from the Girl who Likes Big Dicks. There were Half a Dozen Fat Birds on show. I didn't fall asleep this time, my Arthritic knee was keeping me awake.

Anne came down from upstairs for a drink. I got her a second Drink, but before she could drink it someone Barfined her. At least she came over and told me. Paul's longtime Friend Hobnob also came down for a drink. He later Barfined her. Llater on the newGirls on the Stage started smiling at us. There were quite a few very nice new young Girls for Christmas.

Paul pissed off with Hobnob so I had an early night. I managed to dodge the lovely looking Bird outside Electric Blue and got home at 1 am. As I turned into Soi 15 on the way to the Bus there was a lovely looking Bird sitting outside a shop. i was just ogling her when her phone rang she said Helloo, it was a Ladyboy, haha, some of them it's difficult to tell.




Harem Club opens on Walking Street

Link Here 10th December 2018
Harem Club A-GoGo opened on Walking Street on the 8th December taking over from Pheromone.

So there are now 79 GoGos around Pattaya



Happy hunting in pairs...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 9th December 2018

Popped into walking street last night trying to Dodge the Rain.

I started the evening in the Lighthouse. I sat with Rung, tall attractive with Big Tit's and a lovely face. Paul was with Som, small and cute with a fantastic arse and legs. She was really working him over and got a nice reaction in the trousers. There were some stunning Girls in there as always. Most were in Bikini's, 3 were Topless.

I stayed for 2 Beers and moved on to the Panda Club , which wasn't great.  It was too busy and the Topless Girls were only on Stage for 5 mins. There was a terrible Cabaret with 3 very attractive Girls, but it was a very boring 10 mins. Got Stuck with the least attractive Girl in the place. I don't think she'll last long, no one will Bar Fine her. Paul was with Koy, and I was with her younger Sister Nun.

I stayed for 1 Beer and moved on to Happy which was full when we entered. Paul sat with his usual Girl Nook. My Birds Bang and Mae were on a 3 day Holiday, but a friend of theirs came over, she was stunning she was with  a girl I can't shake off with out being rude. Bought them both a couple of Drinks. The Showgirls came on Always a good view in Happy.

Had 1 Beer and headed home in the Rain about 1-15am,



The military government is set to take a step back...

Thailand will have a general election in February 2019

Link Here 8th December 2018
It has been officially confirmed that the much-awaited election will take place on February 24, 2019 with advance voting scheduled for February 17, according to Deputy Prime Minister Wissanu Krea-ngam.

This will mean that 4 days will be affected by an alcohol ban around voting days.

Bars on the weekends of 16th-17th/23rd-24th February will be closed from 6pm on Saturday and nominally all of Sunday. However bars generally seem to be able to open mid or late evening on Sunday.



Apples and pairs...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 8th December 2018

My friend Paul arrived from England on Friday evening and we headed off to Walking Street a couple of hours later,

Had a couple of Beers in Peppermint which was fairly quiet, some very nice Girls in Blue Bikinis. As usual all the Girls came overlooking for 40 Baht tips. There were 2 young amazons with big Silicone tits who were eager to display them for a tip. They should have been up on Stage  Flashing them, unfortunately the manager bought us free drinks, I don't really want 3 Beers in the first ago-go,

We passed into Wildcats which was very Lively with some very attractive topless Girls really strutting their stuff on Stage. Peppermint could do with some action like that. Paul was sitting with the Girls from Sweethearts, Num, Noi and Barbie, whereas I got a cute chubby Girl.

Stayed for one Beer and moved on to the Shark Club which was very good with some lovely young Topless Dancers. I sat with Ray and Del, 2 very cute Girls and Paul with Apple. I suggested he had a threesome with the 2 sisters, Apple and Ray. Apple was up for it.

There were 2 Girls doing very good acrobatics on the Stage Poles, the Music was very good, and I finished with a Coffee.

I got stopped outside Electric Blue by a lovely Bird, but I managed to escape home just as the Rain Started.


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