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Raising a glass...

Thai government proposes a significant decrease in tariffs on imported wine

Link Here16th January 2024
The Thai cabinet has approved tax cuts on alcoholic beverages, with wine prices set to fall significantly, in order to boost tourism.

The steep import tariffs on wines, currently assessed at 54% and 60% of declared value, will be exempted indefinitely, officials said.

The excise tax on wine will also be reduced from 10% to 5% and on local liquor from 10% to zero to help small-scale producers, government spokesperson Chai Wacharonke told reporters.

As well, the excise tax on entertainment venues would be halved to 5% of gross revenue to help operators still feeling the after-effects of the pandemic.

The tax measures are expected to take effect shortly, once a ministerial regulation is published in the Royal Gazette, and will expire at the end of this year



Late news...

Pattaya nightlife businesses appreciate 4am closing time

Link Here14th January 2024
The Pattaya Entertainment Industry Association has praised the Thai government's policy of extending entertainment opening hours until 4 AM, citing its positive impact on the local economy, and urging further expansion of legal entertainment zones.

The extended hours, officially implemented on December 15th, 2023, as part of a pilot program in five provinces, have garnered positive feedback from a large number of Pattaya business owners. Most member entertainment businesses reported a significant increase in daily income, ranging from 20-30%, since the longer hours were implemented.

Damrongkiat Phinijkarn, secretary-general of the Pattaya Entertainment Industry Association commented:

This policy is a game-changer for our nightlife community and the local economy as a whole. We express our sincere gratitude to the government for listening to our pleas and implementing these measures.

However, the association also urges the government to consider expanding legal entertainment zones in Pattaya. Proposed areas for expansion of legal nightlife and entertainment zones are parts of Jomtien, especially around the popular gay nightlife area at Jomtien Complex and Soi 7 area, parts of Naklua around the Space Hotel, Third Road to Sukhumvit, and perhaps even parts of Eastern Pattaya.



Hopes dashed...

Talk of 24/7 opening of bars just hot air

Link Here24th July 2023
There's been a few nespaper stories about the Thai Cabinet approving a proposal to allow entertainment venues to operate 24-hours a day. Hopes were raised but it seems that this only applies in the U-Tapao International Airport.

Thai officials and entertainment association representatives have since clarified after the original proposal appeared to cover Pattaya as well that this is not, for now, the case.

Damrongkiet Pinitkarn, a secretary of the Pattaya Entertainment Association, told the Pattaya News that the Thai cabinet HAS approved to allow 24-hour operation of entertainment venues but only in the U-Tapao International Airport area and planned to be developed airport city. This proposal for 24-hour operations does not currently affect entertainment venues in Pattaya, Damrongkiet clarified.

Damrongkiet did add that entertainment venue owners in Pattaya were still pursuing a legal 4:00 A.M. closing hours extension and zoning extensions in Pattaya which have already been formally requested to the appropriate agencies. However, business owners and tourists will have to wait for a final decision when the country has a new government and Prime Minister.

But for now the legal closing times in Pattaya remain 2:00 A.M. in entertainment zones and midnight in non-entertainment areas.




A new bar for Soi Chiyapoon

Link Here21st May 2023
Soi Chiyapoon connects Soi Buakhao by the old Oasis A-GoGo to 3rd Rd. The new Buzzin Lounge is located towardsthe3rd Rd end. It opens on 1st June 2023.

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