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News from Up North...

Bar news from northern Pattaya

Link Here23rd January 2020
Differ is a well known Thai Pub that is located a couple of sois north of the 2nd Road Big C in north Pattaya. It will re-open in a couple of months after extensive building work.

Lisa on the Beach on Beach Road has had a few moments of popularity as a coyote bar but has now decided to have a crack at the live music gig. The bar has had a little work to clear space for a band.

Meanwhile on Soi 6



The Mews...

A new Pratamnak gentlemen's club

Link Here19th January 2020
A new gentlemen's club has opened just off Pratamanak Soi 6. It uses the venue that was previously the Romanasia restaurant. If you start at Pratamnak then about 800m down turn right at the second 7-11.

It seems to be very much modelled on the very successful Kinnaree Place which is only about 500m away. In fact there are rumours suggesting that Kinnaree's days are numbered due to the impending end of lease with the lands being bagsied by a condo developer.

The new venue is open from 1pm to 9pm, offers nearby rooms at 350 Baht, has lady drinks at 120 Baht and the standard rates for the ladies.



The night of no return...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here14th January 2020

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, lots of Russian Tourists everywhere.

Started in the Dollhouse which was disappointing no Girls I knew were in and the Girls who were there ignored me.

Stayed 30 mins and headed to the Shark Club , totally different story in there. with half the Girls smiling at me. There were several lovely new Girls, one was small and was shaking her lovely booty at the punters and a dreamy tall slim Teen who was stunning. For anyone who likes Silicone there was a very attractive lady with huge boobs, seen her somewhere before can't remember where.

There were 2 separate Punters buying 3000b worth of ping pong balls. Sat with my usual Girl Del, she went off to Dance and didn't come back. Later her I spotted her sitting in the corner with one of the 3000b punters. This really annoys me but it always happens in the high season when Girls are trying to maximize their earnings.

I stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into Electric Blue which was doing average business. Mamasang Aum said it had been like it all night. Of course this meant there were a lot of Dancers. Bought a Girl a drink she went off to Dance and didn't come back. Bought a drink for Dancer Aum she went off to Dance and came back to say she had a better prospect, so I decided to call it a night.. then May appeared, she's small and cute with stunning eyes, ex Peppermint, so i stayed to get her a drink.

Then headed home up soi 14 to the Russian Express back to Jomtien. Not a great night but usually the case in January.



Searching for diamonds in the buff...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Annabels

Link Here12th January 2020
I stopped by just before the bar was renamed from Diamond to Annabels.

The bar has a large central stage with bench seating on all sides of the stage. There is a smaller stage towards the front of the bar that is a repeat of the large stage. The bar also retains a few table dancing podiums directly in front of the bench seating.

The stage was quite full of dancers in various stages of undress, mostly topless. There were plenty of good looking girls but not quite the standards of Pin-Up/Sapphire and the like. But that's always going to be the case as the basic mode of the bar is hands-on.

The centre of each of the stages was reserved for two naked girls to provide a few sexy going ons, mostly with each other, but I'm sure a little audience participation may be available too.

As always in the Windmill bars, the girls are very keen to sit with, or on, customers in return for a few lady drinks. My chosen drinking partner was delightful company, both in terms of enjoyable chit chat, and also the sexy stuff.

The bar divides al the dancers into two shift, one dancing and the other  sitting with customers. They change over frequently so its never too long to wait for your drinking partner to return from dancing.

There were plenty of customers, and more than enough girls to go around, so I was a little surprised when a friendly manager told me that the they were waiting to build up even more girls before they could open up an upstairs bar.

Anyway the evening was a success, time flew by, and I'll be back soon.



A discontinuity in Infinity...

Infinity A-GoGo re-opens after a 4 day break

Link Here7th January 2020
infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has re-opened after a 4 day new year break.

So the Pattaya GoGo count is restored to 75.




Coco is still bats...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here5th January 2020

Popped into Walking Street Saturday night, normal crowd for a Saturday night. Usual Police Cordon on Thappraya Road, looked like they were searching Bikes for Drugs.

Started in the Panda Club which was quiet, well down on Girls. There was a Japanese man sitting next to me who bought a tray of 24 Tequilas, they didn't last long as the Girls and Waitresses were knocking them back. Not sure if he was very rich or very stupid but he was wearing a Baseball cap on back to front and his Sunglasses on the back of his neck. I sat with usual Girl Nun.

Stayed for a San Miguel and headed to Baccara, which was quite busy, but got a seat at the stage.

Some very nice Girls as usual with not so many Silicone enhanced Topless Dancers as in the past. The ShowGirls stripped down to nothing, unfortunately the beautiful Coyote Dancer with the Big Arse was not there. Ann and some of the Peppermint Girls came down looking for a 40b tip.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into Coco A-GoGo in soi Diamond.

On the positive side it was lively with good seating and no Bang Bang Music.

Negative there was no nudity, variously dressed Coyote Dancers, some very attractive Girls but none of approached me.

Had a Draft Chang which was not very good, they need to clean the pipes. Lady drinks started at a bargain 200b and went up to 250b for models. I only saw one and 300b for Russian Girls of which there were 4 or 5 Russian Girls of very average appearance.

Why anyone would want to buy them a drink at those prices is a mystery. One Russian Girl was as tall as me, she was wearing 8 inch heels, she did a Dance round the Pole. The best looking Russian Bird was sitting on her own.

I can't think of any reason for going back and I think this new Agogo will not last long, unless they introduce some nudity and put the prices down, which of course they won't.

Didn't stay to finish the Beer and headed home.



Coco pops up in Soi Diamond...

A new GoGo opens after rapid construction work

Link Here3rd January 2020
Coco A-GoGo opened on 2nd January 2020 in the venue that was previously New Bat A-GoGo. It has been rebuilt in a very short space of time to get up to speed whilst peak season is in full swing.

It is the 75th GoGo in town.



Second thoughts on No.1 A-GoGo...

A quick change of mind about the name

Link Here2nd January 2020
New Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is currently under intensive reconstruction work readying to open as a new A-GoGo. Presumably the haste is to try and get it up and running whilst peak season is still in full swing.

A couple of days ago a new sign appeared proclaiming the new name to be No.1 A-GoGo. But this has already been changed, and now reads CoCo A-GoGo.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has gone dark but that Harem Club A-GoGo has returned to life. 

Meanwhile recently re-opened Party Girlz has re-closed with a rather official looking closure order pinned to the door.

Pending further investigation the GoGo count has reduced by one to 73.



The 2nd No 1...

No.1 to take over from old Bats A-GoGo

Link Here31st December 2019
Rapid and extensive building work has been undertaken at the recently closed Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond. And a new sign has appeared proclaiming that the bar will be called No.1 A-GoGo. 

There is another GoGo in Jomtien disputing the title, or at least the name, called We are No 1.

Meanwhile the Roof Club has opened on Walking Street which seems to be a night club.



Scoring at Electric Blue...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here30th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Sunday Evening, it was much busier on the roads with lots of Russian Tourists. I noticed a lot of lights in Condo Buildings which had shown no sign of life before. The Police were out on The Thappraya Road going into town and coming back but they were having little success, people have wised up to them and were using the backway past the Caddy Shack.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was busy but still way down on Girls. There were some attractive Girls in Red Bikinis with 7 girls Topless. Had a draft Lager but only stayed an hour as the very loud Bang Bang music was giving me a headache.

Followed into the Doll House which was packed and much quieter. Luckily someone left as we entered and got 2 seats at the stage. There were some lovely naked Dancers, 3 of them were bending forwards to give us an excellent view of there beautiful Arses and Pussies.

Stayed for a Draft Lager then Paul wanted to leave to get a coffee so we moved onto the Shark Club which was full as usual. Sat with the usual Girls.

The Acrobats were on the Poles when 5 or 6 Farangs came in and sat at the stage, 2 of them were acting like total wankers, one was trying to touch the Girls as they were swinging round the pole, then he started trying to give them money. Then the dick Head who was Fat, bald with glasses started running and jumping in the aisle trying to touch the Girls.

We stayed for 1 drink and Paul wanted to move on to Electric Blue, which was not a great idea as there were not many Girls in there, Mamasang Aum said they had been a lot of Barfines. One of my Girls in there Amp was pissed and she kept falling over me. She was arguing with Waitresses and barking out orders to the other Dancers. I had  to keep my hand on my beer to stop her knocking it over. Luckily she went off to Dance and a Farang couple came in and she said they were barfining her. First Farang lady I've seen in Walking Street agogo this December.

There were a group of men watching the Liverpool match on the tv and were shouting when they scored. Then i realized it was my neighbour Chet from Norway and his mates.

Some very nice nude Girls on show but no where near as good as the Dollhouse but I think most of the best ones had been taken out. Paul was sitting with Amp's sister Ann who was bouncing up and down on his lap. Stayed for 1 Beer and headed home,



Like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind...

Diamond A-GoGo renamed to Annabels

Link Here 28th December 2019
Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is the sister bar to Windmill Club opposite. It has now been renamed to Annabels and continues under the current management.

The name has been used by the chain in the past when the chain took over G-Spot on Walking Street. It was renamed to the slightly longer spelling of Annabelle's.

And for the sake of completeness the current Annabels was actually a relocation of the Walking Street GoGo Sugar Baby A-GoGo, which was once next door to Annabelle's A-GoGo.



Bliss like What's Up Dolls' Beavers...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here27th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Thursday Evening, a little harder to get a Baht Bus they were coming round the Corner from Beach road either full or empty, 2 empty ones tooted us and slowed down then drove off when we tried to get on. The Police were out on Thappraya road on the way into town and had confiscated about 20 Scooters.

Walking Street was very slow again, we started in Bliss which was about half full. There were 10 Topless Dancers and Nana who was naked. Sat with an attractive girl I've never seen before. There were 9 waitresses and 4 Mamasangs in a small go-go and about 30 Dancers, one very petite Girl from Super Girl had very pronounced Camel Toe, you could have lodged a 10 baht coin in there.

Stayed for 1 Beer and headed into Dolls which had 6-8 punters but was lively with about 16 Dancers, half of them Topless, some of then very attractive. I sat with Nam as usual, who said Earn was now working in the Bat. Paul was sitting with 2 very attractive Topless Dancers.

Stayed for 1 Beer and moved onto Soi 15 looking for the Bat but it is in Soi Diamond, so we made the mistake of trying Whats Up .

It's a very large a-go-go with very low seating. There are 2 Stages one small one with beds on it and the Dancers invite you to sit on them. We didn't so not sure what happens.

There were 10 Punters in, 7 of them Farang. Some stunning Girls but also some mediocre and Fat Girls. The drinks were a rip off at 185b for water and 250b for a Lady Drink. Nothing in there to justify those prices. Bar fine was 1000b but it was 12 o'clock. We didn't stay long and when we left the place it was empty.

We crossed over to Beavers which was doing a good trade, some lovely naked Dancers on show, with 2 Girls on the Mat openly showing their charms. Paul and I got the wrong Girls in there, I had the tall slim one and he got the cute one with the Big Arse. We should have swopped.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed home, a very quiet night.



New bats quickly become old bats...

New Bat A-GoGo closes on Soi Diamond

Link Here26th December 2019
The New Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has closed its doors. It had only a had a short run, opening in July of this year.

Someone is keen to get the replacement up and running quickly as the bar has already been gutted by builders. Maybe will still be New Bat though.

There are now 74 GoGos open around Pattaya.



The low down on Party Girlz...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here25th December 2019

A lot more traffic on the roads on Christmas Eve but Walking Street was still quiet.

Started the evening in Happy which was about half full. The Show Girls were on as we entered, they stripped down to nothing. We sat with our usual Girls who were complaining about no Barfines, they said this was the quietest Christmas they had known. There was a coach load of Japanese tourists looking very bored sitting around the stage. They stayed about half an hour, only sipping at their drinks.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Lagers and moved on to Party Girlz which was entertaining.

The only seats available were a very low couch and I wondered how I would get up when time to leave. I sat with a very attractive 19 yr old called Porn who had large natural Tits. There were several very attractive Topless Dancers and 7 Coyote Dancers. The music was varied and good.

As I expected I could not get up off the Couch when it was time to leave. The mamasang who was under 5 foot tall, but stocky, put her arms around my back and lifted me up, she must have been very strong as I weigh a 100 kilos.

We passed on to the Angel which was very quiet. There were some beautiful Girls in there but none of them came over to us.

Our usual Girls Aor and Nook were already sitting with a Punter, so we did not stay long and moved on to Electric Blue which was fairly busy.

There were some stunning Naked Dancers on show. Sat with May who is very cute. A cute Blond was Dancing Naked on the Stage, she was parting her legs and rubbing her Pussy, she said you forget me, but I'd not seen her for 6 months. Later she came over and was kissing me then rubbing her fingers on her Pussy and putting them to my lips. Then May did the Same thing. Paul was sitting with the only 2 Girls in the Place that were wearing Clothes.




Party Girlz re-opens on Soi Diamond

Link Here24th December 2019
After a bit of false start in November Party Girlz re-opened again on Soi Diamond on 18th December.

The venue has previously been known as Super Models, Imagine Gentlemen's Club, Gentlemen's Club, Dream Club and Maxine's.

It is the 75th GoGo in Pattaya.



Remember my name...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here22nd December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday Evening, the roads were very quiet. Got on the first Bus that came round from the beach, still no Russian tourists.

I started in the Lighthouse which was a big improvement from my most recent visit, lots of very attractive Girls about 14 of them Topless. The music was good.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers and headed up walking Street, stopped at the King Cafe to watch the world go by, well mostly Fat Indians.

Went into the Palace which was completely packed. Luckily 4 Asian men left as were going in and got their seats. The music was loud but ok as they mixed the music up. No sign of Earn, but my mother could have been there without me seeing her, it was so narrow and crowded.

Mauy from Sweethearts came over for a drink, she said no customers in Atlantis. She called over Ying from Sweethearts who kept getting her very large Tits out. Mauy said hello David amazing how they remember your name after 2 years. There were a lot of very attractive Girls in there, although you could not see all of them. There seemed to be a lot of Barfines.

I was sitting next to a very ignorant Asian Man who kept sitting cross legged and turning his back towards me, making it even more cramped than it was, I tapped him on the shoulder and he said sorry but it didn't stop him doing it all the time.

Stayed for a San Miguel and headed over the road to Pacha which was mistake. There were very few customers and the music was extremely loud Hip Hop crap. There are 3 small stages with 4 Girls on each. The Girls dance for 20 minutes which is way too long as the Girls don't move around and your stuck looking at  the same Girls.

When the Topless Models came on, the very fat mamasang came and stood right in front of me. Itapped her on the back to get her to move, she said did i want to buy them a drink?  A t 200b a time, i said no I want to look at them, she saw the funnyside.

2 Girls from Happy came over not seen them for over a year, but they still remembered my name.

Didn't stay long after that earbashing music and walked up to the Shark Club for a coffee before heading home. The coffee was terrible way too strong.



Updated: Ripe for business...

Black Banana Club opens on Walking Street

Link Here22nd December 2019
Black Banana Club opened on Walking Street on 18th December. It is located at the venue that was previously Hidden A-GoGo. It is not yet clear what sort of club this will be but the authorities haven't been keen on handing out any new GoGo licences on the seaward side of Walking Street.


It has been reported that the venue is in fact a boys club.



Exploring New Avenues...

Avenue Mall set to become a GoGo plaza

Link Here21st December 2019
The Indian led Baku group is progressing plans to turn the eternally struggling Avenue Mall into an entertainment plaza complete with A-GoGos and nightclubs.

The 2nd Road venue over the road from Sois 13 is set to open s for business next year. Contracts have been signed with City Hall and Bang Lamung district.

Some businesses such as McDonald's and Villa market will stay.

Social media representative for Baku Scott Griffiths clarified the Avenue Plaza project with Thaivisa. He said:

The venue is not an entertainment complex for Indians, said Griffiths. It will be open to all nationalities just like Walking Street and LK Metro. Architects have been appointed and will shortly be marking out all the plots.

He also said that a building and bar fitting company from Bangkok has been appointed and are ready to start construction in the New Year. To date Baku group has 17 verbal agreements out of 39 plots. Some of these have come from big players in Walking Street and LK Metro. Griffiths said that the group had negotiated low rentals without key money meaning that in many instances rents will be 50% of costs in Walking Street.

At present Baku Group runs Baku lounge, Baku 6, Y Bar, Bachelor's A Go Go, The Roof, 15th Avenue and Sensations Bar.



Tipped over over tip...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here19th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street last night, still quiet on the Roads. The Police were out in force on Thappraya Road on the way into town at 9pm they had confiscated around 20 Scooters.

Started in Super Model which packed when we entered but empty when we left. For some reason they turned up the music at 10pm when the place was nearly empty.

Had a San Miguel and passed on into Dolls which was quiet. Some Lovely Topless Dancers on Stage as we entered. The 2 best looking ones came and sat with Paul and I sat with Nam from Superbaby. Nam wanted to know if iId seen Earn as she'd told her I was asking after her.

I had an Orange Juice as I was not feeling well in SuperModel and outside, but soon recovered. There was a lovely slim and cute 21 yr old sitting between Paul and I. Had some great hands on fun with the 2 Topless Models, who were great fun, especially the 21 yr old who kept pushing her lovely arse at me.

Stayed for one drink and headed for the Shark Club. Stayed to see the acrobats and a Coffee which was much too strong. Paul wanted to go so we headed up soi 15 to Electric Blue.

Sat with usual Girl Aor who is very meaty with great legs. I had a glass of Draft Lager. There were 2 Girls from Peppermint Dancing Naked on the Stage. I was giving May a tip and my Lager got knocked onto my lap. I thought I'd knocked it over as I've knocked several drinks over at home recently, but May said another Girl tried to pinch my Tip from her and they knocked the drink over. They also knocked Aor's drink over me, luckily I didn't have to pay for either drink but I was very wet.

Had a great time with May who has a lovely pussy and Aor who has a big pussy as well as a big arse. Paul sat with a stunning naked Girl who came through from Beavers. She was leaning over the stage pointing her Pussy at him and he was fingering her pussy.

It's getting so that the Dollhouse, Beavers and Electric Blue are the night in town,



Limited options...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here18th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street last night, still very quiet on the Roads with few Russian Tourists in Jomtien. Police Cordons on both side of the road outside Food Mart coming home.

Started in The Dollhouse, some lovely Naked Dancers and Girls in Rah Rah Skirts with nothing underneath, alot of the Girls leaning forward and pointing their lovely Pussies at us for a 50b tip. There's a new feature of a Blow job Tent, didn't see anyone using it. Not sure of the cost of a Blow Job.

Stayed for one drink and a lot of Tips and headed down soi 14 to PIN-UP, it was very crowded with a lot of Topless Girls.

Paul sat with Num from Sweethearts who was bouncing up and down on his lap. An Asian man who was sitting with 7 Dancers bought the biggest tray of Tequilas i have ever seen, must have been 60 Tequilas plus, they were all taking pictures of themselves with the tray on their phones.

Stayed for one Drink and headed over the road to Baccara which was half empty.

The upstairs was closed with the Girls Dancing downstairs in yellow Bikinis. Instead of leaving the stage the Girls were moving round in a circle. The Baccara Girls came on next wearing Black Bikinis with a lot Topless Silicone enhanced Dancers.

Sat with Girls from Peppermint. As last time, there were more Farang punters than Asian ones, although a few Asian men came in later they were still outnumbered. Things changing big time in Happy group, with Asian punters deserting them.

Saw the lovely Coyote with the very big Arse. Paul sat with very attractive Show Girl who has ignored him for the last 2 years, but her options were limited last night.

Stayed for one Draft Beer and a lot of Tips and headed home up soi 15.

Stopped for a drink at Sake Bar near Happy and asked for Orange juice. No Orange juice just Pineapple or Orange Juice , so I asked for Orange juice and got Pineapple, haha. Very reasonable prices much cheaper than a-go gos. Some very nice privateer Girls sitting there looking for business.




Spicy Girl A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here16th December 2019
Spicy Girl A-GoGo has taken over from Tee Rak A-GoGo on Walking Street by Soi Diamond. The venue was probably better know n before as Moon A-GoGo.

There are now 74 self proclaimed GoGos open around Pattaya.




The Tequila Scam...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here15th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, it was a little busier than of recent.

Started in the Sapphire Club , it was the same as last time 25% down on Girls, stayed to watch all the Girls round, one set of Girls were wearing Blue Bikini's which were very nice.

Headed to Happy , it was same same in Happy except the Show Girls were on and danced down to nothing. The Girls in the Beech Club end were wearing Skimpy Black Bikini's. They seem to be making some effort to bring back the crowds but it's not working. Baccara and Happy are well down as the Asian Punters head For Supermodel, Panda Club, The Palace and Pin -Up.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into The Angel where the Topless Dancers were on. Sat with Nook a topless Dancer with amazing legs. Two Girls came around selling Tequila I said no 3 times but the Girl would not take no for an answer I looked at Nook and she had one in her hand , I explained I don't buy Tequila because it's a rip off and she handed it back but the Girl would not go away. In the end I told her to Fuck Off. I'm surprised I don't read more about the Tequila Scam.

Some very Beautiful Girls in there. Paul sat with Meow and arranged to shag her on Monday,

Stayed for one drink and headed home up soi 15. Mamasang Aum was outside Electric Blue. She wanted us to come in for a drink but we'd had enough. She wasn't pleased we'd been in Beavers the previous night.

On our Baht Bus was a huge Lady Boy with a large pot belly and legs like a footballer. She was trying to chat up all the men but I kept my eyes well averted. She tried to get Paul to sit next to her, Paul said he never goes out with Girls with bigger Dicks than him.



Damn good...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here14th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Friday night, still very quiet everywhere.

Started in Dolls that had 4 customers, which is a shame as it is very nice. Sat with Nam from Superbaby, she said Earn was working in the Palace, next door to Atlantis, (I Assume), don't think she meant Buckingham Palace.

Paul sat with 2 very attractive Topless Dancers. There was a Topless Dancer opposite me who I had bought a drink for and she was just wearing Bikini Bottoms, (no G-String) which she kept pulling into her Pussy slit.

Stayed for 2 Beers and moved next door to Super Model but there was nowhere to sit down, which was a shame as there were some lovely Topless Models on stage.

So crossed over to Skyfall which was also very busy. The Coyote Dancers were on when we entered, not very good what I could see of them. There is a constant flow of people walking up and down between you and the stage. It was very noisy. Later they were replaced by The Topless Dancers who all had extremely large Silicone enhanced Tits. They didn't stay on stage long and it was back to the Coyote Dancers.

I can honestly say I can see no reason for going into this a-go-go as it has the worst viewing in Walking Street, and could not find anything to recommend it.

Passed into the Shark Club , which had a lot of Girls missing so did not stay long after the Acrobats were on.

Paul wanted to leave so we headed up soi 15 to Beavers which was doing a good trade. A lot of Beautiful Naked Girls walking around and on Stage.

A Girl kept pointing her very large Pussy lips at me. Paul was sitting with a Girl with a lovely body and a lovely face. Yoyo was occupied by a man with a large black beard, she was laying on her back  with her legs towards him and he was giving her a finger fuck. Paul Barfined his bird for 800b (it was after midnight) and took her upstairs.

I paid up and just as I was about to leave this girl turned up with stunning Tits and even more stunning smile and with beautiful eyes. Would have got her a drink if I hadn't paid up. The Mamasang was giving me a wank. It kicks skyfall and Golden Club into touch, the worst 2 a-go-go's I've been into in walking street.



Lack lustre at Golden Club but better at Panda and Electric Blue...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 13th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street Last Night, it was very quiet with most of the a-go-gos very slow.

Started in Bliss A-go-go with around 6 punters. There were about 20 Coyote Dancers and 9 Topless Dancers, and Nana who Danced naked. I was sitting with Nana but this lady came over who said she knew me from the Lighthouse, she kept talking and talking, I couldn't understand half that she said but she wouldn't go away. She was coming out with rubbish like Good For You and other crap, so i paid up and left.

Then I made a big mistake going into Golden Club . The music was very loud and there were only 5 punters. The pressure to buy drinks was extreme with Showgirls coming round selling Tequila at the bargain price of 250b. I said no but they don't want to except that answer and put the glass down on your table. Anyway, you have to be very firm before they will finally go away. I can't see this a-go-go succeeding and it will be a long time before I go back.

Moved next Door to the Panda Club which was much better. Much better Girls, the Topless Dancers were on when I entered, followed by the Showgirls. I sat with Nun as usual and a beautiful Showgirl came and sat on Paul's lap. They were playing the wooden brick game, where you take a brick out without the wall falling over. Nun went off to sell Tequila's at 160b and I had 2 blond Topless Dancers come over to introduce themselves. They were very attractive, with big Tits and Arses.

Had a San Miguel and moved on to Electric Blue , where there was a fair trade with a couple of stunning naked Girls. Paul was with his Fan Club the Mamasang and Waitress, whenever I go in there it's where's Paul?

I sat with my usual Girl who has a fabulous Arse. Just before i was leaving MAY appeared, not sure where from, maybe Beavers. I've not seen her for 6 months, she used to work in Peppermint. She is small and slim with fabulous eyes. She's been there 2 weeks, will pop in again next week. It's on the way home but i'm usually pissed by the time iIget there and just get the Bus home.



Brace yourself for an aural battering...

A Walking Street Blog (from Soi LK Metro)

Link Here11th December 2019

Made a bad decision last night decided to go to L K Metro. Went on the Scooters down the backway past the Caddy shack to avoid the police. It was like a Ghost Town, the roads were empty. Past Tukcom and up Soi Buakhao no problems parking.

Started in Kink , which was quite good, some nice looking Girls in White stockings and Suspenders and 7 naked Girls on the bed when it came down from upstairs. The music was very good.

Stayed for one drink and headed into ShowGirls which was awful. There were 6 mediocre Girls on stage, They were replaced by six more, 2 were quite nice, but they pissed off to sit with a regular punter who didn't even buy them a drink. There was 1 lady about 50, I said to Paul: I bet she comes over to me... and she did. I just ignored her, Paul said: I'm ready to go when you are after 5 minutes

The ShowGirls came on, they were terrible, so we made a quick exit into the Paradise Club.

This was even worse. The DJ was playing extremely loud Hip Hop Music, I put tissue in my ears to block it out. The Girls were not very good either. Paul sat with a very thin Girl with big Silicone Tit's, trouble is they had a 6 inch gap between them. The Typical Punter in Paradise is a 67 yr old Farang, why were they playing this crap music? that they could have little interest in. We soon left, I complained to the mamasang about the music.

Outside we passed the only busy bar which was on the Corner, they had  live music, the singer should have been done for murder, it was awful.

I took my ear plugs out before entering Sugar Sugar which was a mistake as they had a new DJ started that night and he was playing the same crap music very loud, so the ear plugs went back in.

Sugar Sugar was much better with some very attractive Girls but very few punters. Paul was with an attractive Bird who reminded me of someone, but I couldn't work out who. I was driving me mad so I asked Paul. Turned out to be LEK she's worked all over walking street. Stayed about an hour and headed to the Scooters.

Passed an English Guy who was trying to pull up his trousers, he had a big paunch so i suggested braces like I wear but he said he had a belt, we met him again at the Kebab stall and he was complaining that the price of Boom Boom had doubled. Actually with the low pound its trebled, from 20 quid to 60 quid minimum,

I won't be going back to L K Metro in a hurry.



The spirit of Peppermint lives on...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here10th December 2019

Popped into Walking Street last night, it was quiet as usual.

Started in the DollHouse which was packed. I always praise the staff but the Dollhouse is the exception, they are miserable, Surly, don't want to serve you, and nobody shows you to a seat when you enter.

However the Dancers were lovely, there were around 30 Naked Girls all around 19/20, some with stunning figures. There were a similar number of Girls in Rah Rah skirts with nothing underneath. Yoyo was there, don't know why.

The Bath feature has gone and has been replaced by a small stage. There were 4 Naked Girls dancing, really enjoying themselves, showing their Charms from every angle with plenty of Pussy Fingering and Licking. A very lovely Naked Girl, Tall with a cute face, came  and sat on my lap. It was very nice all that teenage flesh all over me.

Stayed for a Draft Lager and watch all the Girls twice. The music was very good, and then headed down soi 14 and to Pin-up which was really Buzzing.

I managed to get a good seat near the Door. There were around 60 Topless Girls in 2 Groups of 30 and a group of 30 Coyote Dancers, some very cute Girls on show.

Paul sat with Num from Sweethearts and I was with a girl from Peppermint who was all over me like a snake. Paul sat with Num like he was at a Church Picnic. The music was really good.

Stayed for 1 Draft Lager and headed over the road to Baccara, which was only about half full.

There were some very nice new Girls and the old Silicone enhanced Girls were back. Sat there for 10 or 15 mins on our own as usual as we were ignored by all the girls as always...when  we were suddenly engulfed with Girls from Peppermint who were dancing upstairs and had seen us through the floor.

Paul got 3 and 2 came to me, they all wanted the usual 40b tip for getting their Tits out, but I was lucky there were 2 Farangs sitting in Armchairs next to me and they started chatting up my 2 Girls and bought them drinks.

There were 8 Peppermint Girls dancing upstairs, not sure what happened to the original upstairs Girls, there was no sign of them. 3 lovely Coyote Dancers came on the main stage, they were about 19 on the chubby side but very attractive, lovely faces and Arses. One Girl had very big Tits which she got out for a tip. There was a lovely Chinese looking dancer very slender With Tattoos and a cute face. I gave her a tip and a couple of other Girls were watching and wanted similar tips. The Chinese looking Girl came over to say thank you for the Tip, I would have got her a drink but i was running out of money. I'd given out 1500b in tips. That was the best time i've ever had in Baccara.

The place was nearly empty when we left at 1-30am, headed home up Soi 15, Katie was outside the Sapphire Club, she asked me in for a drink but I said I'd no money, so she said I'll buy you drink and got her money out, but I couldn't face another Beer.

Stopped outside Misty's, Paul wanted to buy some food and Jib, late of Sweethearts, came by she's working in Beavers now.

Another great night in Pattaya,

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