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  Oyster Divers and Moon Rock Stars...

Pattaya bar and GoGo news and reviews

Link Here 24th March 2017

silver star reopenedSilver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has re-opened after a month's closure at the behest of the authorities.

On Walking Street Rock Street is still closed after the fire last week, but their neighbours SkyFall A-GoGo have reopened.

Also on Walking Street the building, where The Moon Club used to be, is being gutted.

On Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2), wher e Classroom A-GoGo and some adjoining bars used to be, a four-unit rock beer bar has opened, unsurprisingly named Classroom .

After several takeovers La Guinguette on Soi Siam Country Club Soi 27 has closed once more.

To succeed at such a difficult location you have to offer something more, like White Oyster Lounge on Soi Chaiyapornwithi does.

korandos bar logo fish pool in paddy At White Oyster Lounge on Soi Chaiyapornwithi the dress code for the swimmers has returned to normal, i.e. birthday suit, for quite a while now and that still applies today.

Also the in-house love nests are still included in the ST bar fine of 300 baht.

Most of their girls appear to be solid farmers' daughters recruited from the rice fields in the Korat-Buriram-Surin-Sisaket area and some look really pretty.

These experienced divers, who will gladly pick up 200 baht in coins from the swimming pool's bottom, must have received an intensive training in the fish pools in the paddies.

They are happy with 1,000 baht ST and I have never had one who failed to deliver.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, lady drinks 100 baht for Sangsom cola and 130 baht for beer.


  X marks the spot...

News at 6

Link Here 19th March 2017
x-barA new Soi 6 opened on 19th March. X-Bar is located next door to So What and across from Spider Girl.

It's located in a bit of a ladyboy oriented area of the soi, but so far no ladyboys have been spotted there.


 Updated: State of undress...

Some bars are still on edge after the military government targeted Pattaya

Link Here 14th March 2017

peppermint Peppermint had topless girls but with nipples covered up. Even though the clampdown is over, no nudity.

The leader of the Army Junta is coming to Pattaya at the end of the month and probably the cover up will be back on for his visit.

Update: Undressed and not

14th March 2017. Thanks to Dave

I don't know if the Clampdown is officially over but there are Topless girls In Happy and Skyfall There are naked girls in G-spot and Sugarbaby short times rooms are open over sweethearts.

Girls are still covered up in Baccara and Living Dolls one (nipples covered),

Update: Shortages and short shorts

18th March 2017. Thanks to Dave

Every a-go-go I go in has a shortage of Dancers, even Baccara,

No shortage at sapphire club though. It becomes more like a a-go-go every time I go there, with skimpier shorts and tops.

Since the Clampdown started every where I go the Girls are wearing much more revealing shorts.


  Overmind remind...

News and Pattaya GoGo Reviews

Link Here 11th March 2017

overmind In the small soi off Soi Buakhaow opposite the Sawasdee Siam building, at the previous location of Baby Boom A-GoGo, Fairy Club has become PinUp Club.

In an open shack on upper Soi Khao Talo, where Samorn Bar used to be before they moved across the road, Nice Girl Bar has opened.

At Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 ST rooms are no longer available, the old mamasan told me.

Believe it or not: upstairs from Soi 15 and Soi Diamond Overmind Club has reopened once more.

On top of the Soi 15 entrance is a window now with two chrome poles and dancers visible from the street. With the power lines in front it is not a nice sight.

The interior has been redone completely.

From the Soi 15 entrance side are two rectangular central stages, each of them with two thick chrome pillars on them and surrounded with seven normal chrome poles fixed to the ceiling. Between those stages is a lower round stage with only one chrome pole in the middle. Behind those stages is a square Jacuzzi.

On the Soi 15 side is single-tier bench seating and on the Soi Diamond side triple(!)-tier bench seating.

At the rear near the toilets and the Soi Diamond entrance is one more low round stage with one chrome pole in the middle and some bench seating around.

The dancers were mostly sub-average and clad in white: about 80% in coyote outfits and about 20% in too big string bikinis.

After a while (that means after a mamasan insisted) the bikini dancers would take off their tops. Several of them were wearing pasties in different colours and shapes: lips, hearts and stars. One of them had ridiculous bolt-ons with green stars on her nipples.

Two naked girls were soaping in the Jacuzzi.

Tik, perhaps the shortest waitress in Pattaya who used to work at Alcatraz A-GoGo and before that at Kiss A-GoGo and at Far East Rock A-GoGo, told me she did not like the place and would go back to Alcatraz when they reopen in three months.

The music was way too loud and the lighting poor.

Only a fistful of customers for dozens of females.

The gents is in a state of disrepair.

Bottled Heineken 160 baht, up from 140 baht.

The Pattaya GoGo count has now increased to 81.


  GoGoing Going or Gone...

Silver Star, Alcatraz, Overmind, Working Girl

Link Here 8th March 2017
silver star re-opening Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi was an early casualty of the military's short-lived clean-up of Pattaya. It suffered a high profile police raid presumably resulting in a 30 day closure order.  The bar is a now announcing that t will re-open on 21st March.

Meanwhile Alcatraz A-GoGo on Walking Street  has closed, nominally for a 3 month re-fit, but it seems doubtful that it will return in its current form.

After a period of intermittent opening, the current closure at Overmind looks terminal.

Working Girl A-GoGo on Soi 6 has also closed and is up for sale but there are suggestions that the Night Wish group are taking an interest.

This leaves 80 bars defining themselves as GoGos still in operation.


  Stairs to the stars...

News and reviews from the Silver Stars and Upstairs

Link Here 1st March 2017

silverstar 2 On Soi 8 Silver Star A-GoGo is still dark, after the high profile police raid that heralded the start of the current morality crusade. Meanwhile at Silver Star 2 A-GoGo on Soi 7 it is still business as usual, be it with less (official) nudity. It was a weird sight, a jacuzzi girl showering in a black bikini.

That being said, all girls were still eager to reveal their secrets for a 20-baht note.

From time to time the lights dimmed and the front door was locked for a show of the sweethearts in their birthday suits.

Bottled Heineken still 130 baht.

dclub cardUpstairs from Walking Street, where Dclub and before that the short-lived tomboy club and Tiger Club A-GoGo used to be, DClub A-GoGo has opened.

In the middle of the left-hand side is still the white DJ desk and in the back is still a lounge with sofas. Left of the entrance is a bar counter and in the middle are two central stages, each of them surrounded with eight chrome poles of about 1.80 metres high.

The bench seating on both sides looks comfortable at first sight, but appears to have been conceived for people with extra short legs. Left and right of the DJ desk are black cubes that can serve as small stages.

As was the case in the Tiger Club A-GoGo days the mixed toilets are still outside.

All dancers were overdressed coyotes clad in black, in quality varying from average to plain ugly. On each of the main stages were about six of them. Not the slightest nudity.

The mamasan looked like a ladyboy and perhaps was one.

Some girls were trying to sell shots.

The music was shitty and too loud.

The lighting was very bad, probably on purpose. From the rear disturbing laser beams were blinding the public.

There were not many customers and most of them were Asians.

Nobody seemed to buy lady drinks, let alone pay barfines.

On internet I read somewhere the lady drinks are from 165 baht, the barfines from 1,000 baht ST and the birds' fees from 2,500 (!) baht ST. Draught beer 79 baht, bottled Heineken 150 baht.


 Updated: Authorities vs Pattaya...

News from the front line

Link Here 27th February 2017

working girl The clampdown still goes on. It's not only the Girls being forced to wear bra's, it also affects the short time rooms. You can only pay for a room all night and you have to give in your passport.

The police were in Soi 15 after midnight, taking away motor bikes parked there. I have no idea how they were choosing them, they could be ones not displaying tax, but that's most bikes.

Working Girl on Soi 6 closed on 22nd Feb.

Silver Star on Soi 8 aims to re-open after a 1 month police closure. The staff have moved to Silver Star 2 on Soi 7.

The gentlemen's clubs seem a particular target of the current police  action and are on the defensive. Kinnaree Place was locked on 24th Feb. Club 4 was closed on 22nd February. See local news article

There is also an unconfirmed rumour that Alcatraz A-GoGo will close from 1st March for 3 months renovation.

Update: Swanning off

27th February 2017. Thanks to Teigen

Kinnaree Place Ishi noted that Kinnaree Place was locked on 24th Feb .

In fact Kinnaree Place hasn't opened at all from Thursday 23rd.

However I just saw that this morning (28th) that they are cleaning the place again and the gates were open. Maybe back to normal, or now just a pick-up place and a venue for drinks and buffet... Wait and see.


  Unhappy Pattaya...

Miserable military government orders a crackdown on Pattaya nightlife

Link Here 23rd February 2017

Daily Mail logoI've just been into Walking Street, what a waste of time. There was no action. No nudity anywhere.

Apparently the Police found an English guy having sex with a girl over the Windmill, the English papers got hold of the story and dubbed Thailand sex capital of the World. The government are very unhappy and have had a clamp down,

But the story must have originally come from the Police? So they are to blame.

I wonder how long it will last?

Unhappy Junta

See article from

In response to a recent report that labels Pattaya as the world's sex capital , the junta head has announced a crackdown on prostitution.

On 21 February 2017, Gen Prayut Chan-o-cha, the Prime Minister and junta head, announced that he will order the police to uproot Pattaya's sex industry. He asserted that local authorities always do their best to suppress the industry.

Prayut said the Thai media should not highlight the issue due to the risk of tarnishing the country's image, adding that the Thai media should not believe a story written by foreigners.

'Happy' Zones

See article from

A top policeman at a crisis meeting to discuss Pattaya's crime and image has announced that 'Happy Zones' will be set up in the resort to protect tourists and their possessions. The 'Happy Zone' idea comes from national police HQ and will be introduced in tourist towns nationwide but trialed in Pattaya first where the need has been deemed as urgent, reported Siamchonnews.

Yesterday operators on Walking Street were invited to Pattaya town hall to meet with regional chiefs, local cops, district officials and immigration forces to hear the plans.

Somprasong Yenthuam, a Chonburi police spokesman chairing the gathering, said that tourism revenue was very important in Thailand and the safety of tourists and their possessions was paramount. Specifically he asked for all establishments to set up their own CCTV. Each venue and shop is to have their own liaison officer to work closely with police, military and the municipal authority.

The policeman spoke of 'protecting' visitors from crime but clearly the CCTV policy is to try and suffocate the sex trade.

Ludicrous Claims

See article from

Pattaya's police chief has hit back at claims that Pattaya is only about sex by making ludicrous claims that tourists come to the resort for its natural wonders. But he seems determined to clear out the streetwalkers nonetheless.

Apichai Kroppetch blamed the emphasis on sex on British businessmen who have set up in the sex trade at the resort. Referring to the UK newspaper report he spouted:

It is not true, it is just lies. Pattaya is more about nature than sex. reported that police were going to target streetwalkers who line Beach Road as well as conduct more raids on the sex business in the resort.


  Another step...

Upstairs A-GoGo re-opens

Link Here 23rd February 2017

Upstairs A-GoGo sign Upstairs A-GoGo re-opened on 21st Feb.

Meanwhile the dark Overmind is saying that it is undergoing another renovation, but this is not entirely convincing.


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