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  In a different light...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Lighthouse

Link Here 17th December 2017

Lighthouse A-GoGo sign After a long while I revisited The Lighthouse A-GoGo on Walking Street.

There are still two rectangular low central stages with five about 1.80-metre-high chrome poles each.

The bench seating is still as cramped and I had to sit between two drink tables.This was not a problem as most of the bench seating was empty anyway.

There were two dancing teams who moved one spot after each song.

I saw ten dancers in double-bottomed white bikinis, no strings. I also saw six dancers in black lingerie who, once on stage, would strip topless and bottomless, except for one with pasties on her nipples who kept her string on.

Some of them were slim and attractive, but several were fat and shapeless. Many had stretch marks. I think Dave needs a new pair of glasses.

A Japanese or Korean punter called a girl straight off the stage, did not pay a lady drink, apparently talked business immediately and left with the bird.

I wonder if short times at The Lighthouse are still limited to one hour. Several years ago, when barfines were still 600 baht and the gogo girls were still happy with 1,000 baht ST, I barfined Fon (who had worked at the original Tiger Club A-GoGo on Walking Street and at Club Oasis A-GoGo on Soi Buakhaow and would later be happy at SensationS A-GoGo also on Walking Street where she could keep her clothes on.) We went to the now closed Majestic guesthouse across the street and at a given moment Fon started panicking when she realised she had a time limit to meet.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150-170 baht.


 Obituary: Charlie...

Owner of the Mai Lu Si Bar, once on Soi LK Metro, dies aged 68

Link Here 16th December 2017

charlie pattayaCharlie, the Belgian owner of Mai Lu Si bar, off Soi Buakhaow in the small soi opposite Pattaya City Hospital and before that on Soi LK Metro, has suddenly died, three weeks short of his 69th birthday.

The Roman Catholic funeral service, followed by the interment in the family plot on the adjacent churchyard, took place at Saint Nikolaus (Swiss patron saint Niklaus von Flüe ) Church on Sukhumvit Road.

Pookie from Surin, Charlie's common-law wife of 19 years, does not know if she can go on with the business.

Condolences to Pookie and to his family.

May he rest in peace.


  Tilting at Windmills...

Walking Street impresses on Friday

Link Here 16th December 2017

Windmill frontage Much busier in Walking Street on Friday evening.

Good crowd in the Sapphire Club but not packed, a lot of attractive new Girl's.

Baccara was busy, a lot of new Girls and a lot of old favourite Girls back. But if you're not Oriental you don't get much of a look in, with the Girls in there. Show Girls were back, but only stripped down to G-Strings.

The Windmill was good, some nice looking GIRLS with plenty of Pussy on show. My Favourite sisters were back but this place suffers with Cheap Charlies, out of 14 people sitting round the Stage, I was the only one giving tips when the Girls showed me their Pussies, inside and out, haha.

Sweethearts were doing a good trade, with a good atmosphere. I was sitting with an 18 year old called Bang, stunning but too young for me, her sister Obar also stunning, work's in there as well. There are 2 Girls their I can not tell apart, Soy and Nam. Nok told me that they are not  Sister's they just have the same Father, haha.


  Three Houses and a Supergirl...

A night on Walking Street

Link Here 15th December 2017

glass house Very quiet on Walking Street last night.

Few Punters in Dollhouse but some very nice Girls with a lot of Pussy on show.

Supergirl had only a few Punters and not many Girls.

Glass House was very quiet. There were some nice looking Girls but mostly Coyote Dancers. although later 7 Bikini Dancers appeared who removed their tops. No Draft, Bottled Beer 100b and Lady drinks 175 Baht. Not much to recommend it, but friendly staff.

Crazy House was better, with a good crowd of Punters, a lot of nude Dancers and Topless Girls with some pussy licking.

The Police were out on the 3rd road again this morning, 20-30 of them.


  A dead language...

Mandarin closes and other bar news

Link Here 14th December 2017
mandarin 2017 Last night Living Dolls Showcase was open, but Mandarin Walking Street was still closed. It seems that the French group that runs Mandarin have insufficient girls for their bars so have decided to close Mandarin and redistribute its dancers.

The GoGo count now stands at 80.

It does not look as if Bollywood gogo on Soi 13/3 (Pattayaland 1) will be opening any time soon. The street is hardly accessible as it has been completely dug and the sewers are being replaced.

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi 16 (Soi Arab) two Indian discos have opened:

  • RAAS , at the previous location of the short-lived Soi 16 Music Hall;
  • KAMA , at the locations where Pe Pé Club A-GoGo/Dream A-GoGo/ToyZ A-GoGo/Catz A-GoGo and Club Boesché A-GoGo used to be.

fake tripadvisorTo those still trusting TripAdvisor reviews , read this:

I Made My Shed the Top Rated Restaurant On TripAdvisor
TripAdvisor's fake restaurant shows the public are useless critics
Jaw dropping secret behind London's top rated restaurant on Trip Advisor
Writer 'tricks' TripAdvisor into making his Dulwich shed number one ranked restaurant in London

Compared to most dancers in most gogos in Pattaya nowadays, the gogo dancers on German television forty years ago were a lot sexier: MICHAEL ZAGER BAND - Lets all chant (GoGo Girls @ MusikLaden 1978)


 Updated: Just a break between performances...

Living Dolls Showcase and Sexy Girls A-GoGo go dark

Link Here 13th December 2017
sexy girls closed)Living Dolls Showcase is a long running GoGo near the shrine at the Walking Street Tree. It was dark on 11th December, but it turned out to be a 1 night closure for repairs. The GoGo opened as normal on 12th December

Sexy Girls A-GoGo at the 2nd Road end of Soi 8 has also gone dark. However the prognosis is not so good. Ishi did a little asking around and found that the bar is not expected to re-open.

So the GoGo count is now 81.


  Opening move...

4Play A-GoGo opens on Soi 6

Link Here 11th December 2017
Ishi reports that a new Soi 6 GoGo that has opened at the venue that was most famously Mandarin Club:

4Play opened on 1st December, but no dancers came to work, so it opened as a beer bar on that day. However by 9tth December when I visited I saw 1 dancer (topless) on the stage, and 4 girls outside.

See Soi 6 map .

There are now 84 bars around Pattaya that define themselves as GoGos.


  Ping pongs, torpedoes and an oasis...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews, Peppermint, Happy and Shark

Link Here 10th December 2017

peppermint Started Friday night in Peppermint . It was only half full but there was a lot going on, with a man buying a lot of baskets of balls, so all the Girls were screaming and throwing themselves everywhere.

I was with 2 very attractive Girls a stunning slim Blonde called Eye, with a very cute Face and a slim dark haired beauty called Mon. They were both well oiled and were dancing around flashing their lovely Bums at me and gyrating on my lap. Paul was with the Show Girls as usual, he has a Harem's in Peppermint, Baccara and Sweethearts.


Popped into Happy later, the place was packed. Some very attractive new Girls on show, but little action, no showgirls, very few Ladies sitting with Punters, nobody throwing ping pong balls. My friend Paul was quickly bored. I was chatting to an old English friend who loves it in there.

There were some little darling's on the stage, no 14 was Gorgeous, but the jury is still out.


Popped into the Shark Club to see Apple an old friend. It was very friendly and the Models in Black G-strings were attractive, but the Coyote Dancers weren't up to much apart from one with tit's like Torpedoes and a pretty face. She was soon barfined, she was like an oasis in the Desert.

I was being chatted up by the Mamasang, while Paul went upstairs with Apple, well he is on Holiday.


  They saw the light!...

News and Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Lighthouse and Wildcats

Link Here 8th December 2017

Last night Mandarin on Walking Street was dark, the reason is not yet apparent.

It's hard to believe at Club Nevada , but it's true! Brand new shinning red upholstering on all the seats since today.

Reviews from Dave

We had a very Surprising and entertaining Evening in Walking Street on Thursday night.

Lighthouse A-GoGo sign We started in The Lighthouse , where I was greeted by 2 very attractive Girls on Stage, Rose and Far, who knew me from the Windmill. They were wearing black Bikini tops and G-strings, They were waving their very attractive bums and tit's at me. There was also Mild from Sweethearts who is extremely slim and attractive. Far and Mild came and sat with me, Rose and an extremely attractive Girl sat with my friend Paul.

Far was very free with her hands and had my zip open and was examining the goods inside. Far and Mild very both very Happy to get their tit's out for a 100 b tip and were constantly kissing and cuddling me.

There were 7 or 8 Girls who were wearing Stocking's and Suspenders and not much else, with some very nice pussies on show. You wont find a better looking bunch of Girls anywhere.

I don't know if this is a change of Policy or nobody told the new Girls that they weren't supposed to have fun?

Can recommend a visit soon.

wildcats We followed later into Wildcats on Soi BJ, where Barbie, another sweethearts old Girl is working.

This was a totally different group of girls, consisting mostly of Coyote Dancers and 1 topless girl. Half the girls were wearing shorts and half G-string's, most of the Girls were a few pounds overweight but still friendly and attractive.

I was approached by 4 Girls, one spent the whole of my visit grinding her ample bum into my Dick (where do they get the energy from ?). Another Girl came up to me and Flashed ample naked Bosom in my face.

A very enjoyable visit .


  Better side...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Bad Girls

Link Here 7th December 2017

bad girls frontage On Father's Day, the 5th December 2017 most bars on the Bright Side were open and serving alcoholic drinks, but on the Dark Side the bars were closed.

The Lobster Pot restaurant on Walking Street is still closed.

On Walking Street, opposite Palace A-GoGo, The Bad Girls Club has opened in a space that is as narrow and only half as long as their nearby sister gogo Infinity A-GoGo.

On both sides is bench seating that is not deep enough to be comfortable and the drinks tables are too near. Towards the left-hand side are three small oval stages, each with two chrome poles fixed to the ceiling. You can only walk right of them.

In my opinion, if the building is so narrow, the stage should be along one side wall and the seating along the other side wall, as was the case at Angels A-GoGo on Walking street and at Popcorn, Legs Club and Rodeo Girls on Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2). Pandora's on Soi LK Metro still has such a layout.

I saw six or seven dancers in black bikinis with way too big pants. The others were clad in black catsuits with a string underneath, black suspender dresses (American: garter dresses), black bodies (American: bodysuits) with black stockings and similar outfits. Most of them were old and/or fat.

No nudity on stage. Unlike Dave I did not see any slim attractive topless girls in G-strings and I stayed until I finished my beer, which was my first beer that day. Perhaps they have changed their policy and their complete crew after his visit.

black catsuit black suspender dress black body
 catsuit  suspender dress bodysuit

I was told the barfine was 1,000 baht, the girls expecting 3,000 baht ST and 5,000 baht LT.

The mamasan was an elderly ladyboy.

The music was the usual crap and too loud.

The strobe lights were very disturbing.

Not many customers.

BEWARE: automatic tipping: small change is not returned spontaneously.

Chang draught 69 baht, bottled Heineken 135 baht.


  But were there any blondes?...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Marilyn Monroe

Link Here 4th December 2017

Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo logo On Walking Street, at the latest location of the not so successful Italian restaurant L'Italiano, Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo has opened. (Also on Walking Street some years ago Infinity A-GoGo opened at the previous location of that hapless restaurant.)

The good thing is that there are several steps up and that you remain high and dry even when Walking Street turns into a Canal Grande once more. The bad thing was that I, still recovering from a bad cold, was greeted by a foul cigarette smoke stench and way too loud music.

Whereas most recently opened gogos are too small and too narrow, Marilyn Monroe is rather spacious, even a bit too spacious to be cosy.

The dominating colour is black, giving the whole a cool feel.

In the second part are two rectangular central stages, each of them with about ten at least two-metre-high chrome poles. In the first part along the left-hand side are a large drinks bar and a smaller also rectangular stage with five similar chrome poles and some bar stools. Along the remaining side walls is elevated bench seating with a good view of the stages (and of the bar counter).

black bady doll black  neglige



I saw two teams each of about twenty more than overdressed coyotes with red tops and white bottoms. They were varying from chubby to serious overweight.

There was also a team of about a dozen dancers in black lingerie, most of them in baby-dolls or négligés, who towards the end of their dance stint would go topless. At least half of them were wearing pasties and several had ridiculous bolt-ons, not a pretty sight. One of them was young and extremely skinny; the others were mediocre and old.

The dancers hardly moved on stage and stayed at the same spot all the time.

Not more than five to ten customers at any time.

The waiters were polite and correct.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.


  Good Girls Bad Seats...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Bad Girls

Link Here 3rd December 2017

bad girls frontage I popped into Bad Girls. recently opened on Walking Street, it was a big mistake.

The music was Diabolical, extremely loud and was mostly African Americans swearing.

The seating was terrible, very cramped and uncomfortable.

Draft Beer was very good, a full half pint of Chang for 69 Baht, which was a promotion apparently.

There were around 15 - 20 Girls, all slim and attractive. They were all topless with just a G-string.

But the place is so narrow, you could only see the Girls in front of you properly.

I wanted to wait until the Girls changed over,  but I was so desperate to get out, I couldn't wait and I left 90% of my Beer.

It seems the bar has connections with Infinity.

A big thumbs down.


 Diary: Constitutional news...

Dates for the diary and bar news

Link Here 2nd December 2017
diaryTuesday 5th December 2017 is the late King Bhumibol's Birthday, the Thai version of Father's Day. Although there is now a new holiday for the new king's birthday, the 5th of December will be maintained as a memorial day for King Bhumibol.

Sunday 10th December 2017 is Constitution Day, and Monday 11th December 2017 will be a substitution day. This holiday does not effect bar opening.

On Walking Street Living Dolls Showcase now has HAPPY HOURS: all drinks are 95 baht until midnight.

On Soi Khao Talo Boom Boom Bar , until recently Balloon Bar , has become ONE BAR. Perhaps the name was not deemed appropriate.


  Light on enthusiasm...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: The Lighthouse

Link Here 1st December 2017

Lighthouse A-GoGo sign Very quiet on Walking Street last night,

I popped into the Lighthouse around 9-30,there were 3 punters, a few more came in later.

There were around 20 Girls, all slim and attractive. Half of them were wearing Stocking's and Suspender's and not much else, plenty of Pussy on show. The other half were wearing Black G-string's and small Bikini Tops.

4 or 5 Girls gave me a half smile but no one approached me. As usual, it's pick one off the stage, something I never do.

The Girls who were not dancing sat in the corner near the door. They looked like mannequin's, no laughter, no screaming, no atmosphere.

The music was good.

Small glass of Draught Beer at 90 Baht was poor value. A shame because the Girls were very attractive.


  Dressed down after the Fleet Review...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 26th November 2017

sapphire club logo Very quiet in the a-go-go's Saturday night,apart from Baccara and the Sapphire Club of course.

The Girls were back wearing the Sexy gear in the Sapphire Club , no sign of any Denim. Viking the Owner of Sweethearts was enjoying a beer in Sapphire, he said he met a Girl he knew and bought her a Lady Drink (160 Baht), that must of hurt, lady drinks are for us mugs, haha. As I was leaving the Sapphire club at 10-30 pm about 30 people were coming in, the place was already very busy.

One of the Identical twins was outside Misty's ,she tried to persuade me to come in by saying  that the Girls inside were wearing Bikini's instead of Coyote garb. This sounds like good news.

Walking street was very crowded with Rubberneckers but not many Punters.

The police were active again last night on 2nd Road, stopping motorcyclists and later in the evening Clamping down on food vendors in soi 15. Why don't they clamp down on Baht Bus drivers, most of them don't have licence's and the vehicle's are in very poor condition?



Crystal A-GoGo under new management

Link Here 26th November 2017
crytsal recrystallisationCrystal A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has announced that it is under new management.

The bar will have a re-launch party on Saturday 9th December that it calls Crystallisation: The Relaunch Party.


 Updated: Gold's up!...

Bars opening in Pattaya

Link Here 23rd November 2017
gold opening partyGold Club A-GoGo has re-opened on Soi LK Metro. The bar was originally Amethyst but re-opened as Gold Club at the beginning of 2017. It lasted for about 6 months before closing in June.

gold pricesThe bar has displayed a banner proclaiming drinks prices. It will be offering draft beer at 69 Baht and local spirits at 100 Baht.

There is i a Grand Opening Party on Friday 24th November. The bar has booked a DJ as a star turn, so perhaps that gives an indication of the style of the bar.

Gold is the 81st GoGo in Pattaya.


  Charmed at Electric Blue...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 19th November 2017

electric blue pattaya I popped into Electric Blue later Friday night, there were around 18-20 totally naked Girls. Half of them were slim and attractive and the others were ok. There were some very attractive Coyote Dancers on the other Stage. It was busy in there as always.

The 2 Girls I was with were not shy about hiding their charms and when on stage were waggling their pussies in my face,

Mamasang Aum asked:  had I been in Baby Dolls? , I said no because the Girls were not very attractive in there. It used to be really good before but no good recently. Aum said it was because they will not pay the Girls good money.

I bumped into the punter I had met earlier in Sapphire club in Baccara. He won't find cheaper boom boom in there, haha.

Still no pussy on show in Happy group. I don't think it will ever come back.

It was very quiet on Saturday evening in Walking Street, only 6-8 punters in Sweethearts at midnight,


  Making our USA visitors feel at home...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 18th November 2017

cap and shortsjpgI popped into the Sapphire Club last night, it was a shock.

Out go the sexy clothes, the Stocking's, Suspender's and G-string's. And in come Denim Shorts, Denim Jacket's  and Baseball caps.

The Girls are still very attractive of course but for a Bum Man like myself it's a dis-arsed-her.

I asked a punter sitting next to me what he thought. He liked the Girls and the outfits. When I told him that this time last week the Girls were wearing Stocking's and Suspenders he was Gutted.

He was shocked at the prices being asked by the girls, 3000 st and 5000 lt, and said it was 2000 lt when he first came over. He said would look elsewhere for cheaper boom boom.


  Some Like It Hot...

Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here 17th November 2017
some like it hotMarilyn Monroe A-GoGo has opened on 16th November i2017 in the venue that previously L'Italiano Restaurant, and is located on Walking Street opposite Miami Nightclub betweens Sois 13 and 14.

Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo logoThose with a long memory, spanning the last 11 years or so, may remember a previous GoGo celebrating Marilyn Monroe. It was hardly a respectful use of the name though, as it was a pussy tricks bar which was infamous for some rather more unpleasant tricks than usual. It may just be a Pattaya legend though.

So there are now 80 bars claiming to be GoGos operating around Pattaya.


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