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Not 'too' good...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sugar Baby

Link Here 17th August 2018
Sugar Baby is located on Walking Street at the corner of Soi 14.

The Walking Street market place can be a ruthless affair and rather confirms the old adage that you can't have you cake and eat it.

I started off an evening stroll at a bar noted for a plethora of good looking girls, only to find that the girls had a attracted a plethora of guys, clearly a little better looking than I.

So I moved on to a lower tier bar where I knew that I could command a little attention. And indeed that was true, but the trouble was that I did not really want he attention of most of the girls on offer.

So I moved on again, and aimed for the middle ground, and Sugar Baby came to mind.

It proved to be a success. The line up was totally lacking stunners, and so the bar was totally lacking the crowds. But nevertheless there were plenty of average looking dancers on show, and on Walking Street, that average is pretty good.

I was well entertained by a charming girl who had an easy going talent for mixing good conversation with good hands on attention. Time flew by, aided by plenty of entertainment on stage, and proficient and friendly service staff.

But I bet the bar's takings were nowhere near the first bar, which was maybe a little 'too' good, at least for me.



Doing the rounds...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 15th August 2018
Who fancies a game of  paper, rock, scissors?

It was lively on Walking street on Monday night.

I had a couple of Beers in the Lighthouse , with the Usual array of attractive Girls.

I followed into the Panda Club, it was packed to the Rafters. I managed to find a seat as someone was just leaving.

The Topless Models were on when I entered, 6 to each of the 3 Stages. Unfortunately I could only see 1 stage due to large square Pillars on the left hand side of the room which limit viewing.

I sat there on my own for 30 mins and was contemplating leaving when Koy and her very attractive sister came over and I ended up staying another 45 mins.

Not sure why it is so popular, as viewing of the Girls is very limited due to them not moving around the stage, and you end up looking at the same 2 girls for 20 mins. Maybe its the name.

Going home up soi 15 I popped into the Shark Club , it was very lively and again I couldn't get a decent seat, but I managed to move after a couple of mins.

Some lovely young Girls on sho , 4 cute Girls with their tits out, and all 4 had really nice tits. I was just studying one when she waved to me. I hadn't realized it was a Girl I was with last week. She came over for a drink.

There were the Usual Stupid Asian men buying rounds of 10 Drinks, mostly Tequila. It's not surprising that the Go-gos like them, they are barmy. There were 3 buying rounds of 10 and 2 getting in rounds of 5. The Man on my right got in a round of 11 Tequilas and was playing, paper, rock, scissors with 2 Girls and the loser had to drink a Tequila. Apart from being a waste of money and very childish, how do they stay sober?

Every time I go in there the Girls are wearing more revealing clothes, which is very good.



The only way is up...

Club Eden tries karaoke

Link Here 14th August 2018
Club Eden has converted from an A-GoGo bar to a Japanese karaoke bar. It re-opened on in the new format on the 13th August 2018.

The bar has had many attempts at being a GoGo and a nightclub. Some of those pretty decent gogo girls on on offer, so one can only really blame the stairs for being the hindrance to success. Being a Japanese karaoke bar is unique in Walking Street, so maybe that will prove a good reason for braving the stairs. Of course if it is a big success, then someone will surely open a karaoke bar at ground level.



A Fistful of (300) Dollars...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 12th August 2018

I popped into Bliss A-GoGo on Walking Street on Wednesday evening, it was very Quiet.

The Models came on Stage but kept all their Clothes on ( I later found out this was because the Army were in Walking Street in large numbers).

There were 2 Farangs sitting in the Corner and it was his Birthday, so they had Cake and played that bloody awful Happy Birthday song for him, All the Girls were cheering and shouting. Then he got on stage with biggest handful of 20 b notes I've ever seen at least 10.000 bs worth and started chucking them in the air. There was pandemonium as the Girls were flinging themselves everywhere.

I had one Beer and left.

Later I popped into Wildcats . All the Girls were covered up in there as well.

Some Girl who said she knew me came over and sat on my lap. She was hefty with big Boobs. She gave me a real working over. She later turned around and was rubbing my face in her large silicone Tit's and sticking her nipples in my mouth. She was very firm everywhere, but she was wasting her time, my Dick didn't move a Millimeter.

I like Girls Cute and demure. But it was very enjoyable and I gave her a 100b tip.



Paradise Lost...

Club Eden and Mandarin are no more.

Link Here 10th August 2018
Eden Club closed a few days ago and is now set to become a Lounge & Japanese Karaoke with private spaces and VIP rooms in next week. I heard they will take off the stages and dancing girls, so it will not re-open as a gogo bar.

Meanwhile the fate of Mandarin Club looks sealed as a prominent for Sale sign has been posted. No doubt there will be a few prospective GoGo owners that will be well interested.

In the meantime there are now 76 GoGos operating around Pattaya.



Hidden charges...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Hidden A-GoGo

Link Here 9th August 2018
Hidden A-GoGo has just opened on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Maxim and Marilyn Monroe.

I popped into Hidden a-go-go Wednesday evening, I had no problems finding the place.

When I entered it was packed, but when I sat down and looked round it was all Girls sitting on the Bench Seats. There were only 4 Punters and 70 or 80 Girls.

The Coyote Dancers were very attractive in white Tops and Navy Blue Rah Rah Skirts, and the Models were wearing very nice red underwear of various kinds. There was no Nudity but it was the Same all over Walking Street because the Army were in Town,

The Music was ok but the Stupid DJ Turned the Sound up Later when another 10-12 Punters came in.

Nothing to really recommend it at this stage, I would need another visit to see if the Models remove there Bras.

On the Down Side, there was no Draft Beer, but Bottles were a Reasonable 150b... BUT Lady Drinks were a very unreasonable 200b,which is a rip off, by greedy owners. Of course the Venue is aimed at the Asian market so it might work.

I was sitting with Pat who used to be in Happy and Inn from new Living Dolls was working as a Waitress. Nnormally I would buy Lady Drinks but I just gave them a 100 b, so by being Greedy the owners lose out.



Dark Paradise...

Club Eden goes dark

Link Here 7th August 2018
Club Eden is the GoGo above Soi Diamond, with its entrance up a flight of steps on Walking Street.

The bar was dark last night for reasons as yet unknown.

It has a recent history of periodic closures, so maybe this is just another glitch.




Hidden A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here 6th August 2018
A new GoGo opened on 5th August at the venue that was previously Maxim and Marilyn Monroe's A-GoGo.

There are now 76 bars open around Pattaya that call themselves GoGos.



Shows return to Happy and a small show at Shark...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 5th August 2018

Very Quiet in Waking Street on Saturday night, apart from the rubber necking tourists.

Popped into the Sapphire Club, lots of beautiful Girls as always, one new Girl with a stunning figure.

Not many Punters when I arrived at 9-20, but did fill out later.

I walked round to Happy which was nearly empty about 15 punters. Again it filled out later.

Not much to look at on the Stage, it was a mixture of Girls who have worked there for 5 to10 years and Fat Coyote Dancers. Where all the Crumpet was I don't know.

I had back ache off and on all week and it wasn't helped by sitting on a Stool in Sapphire for 90 mins. So when I started to get back ache in Happy there was nothing to keep me there. I paid up after one Beer, and just as I got my change, the Show Girls came on. I've not seen them in months, so I stopped to watch the Show. The Girls only Stripped down to a G-String and they turned the lights down, but it was great. It was such an improvement on what went before, I forgot about my Back Ache.

I followed into the Shark Club , it was all change in there. The Girls were all wearing Denim Shorts cut smaller than Bikini Bottoms and a Bra. It's full of young Girls 19-20. There were 3 Girls who got there Tit's out.

Some very attractive Girls were Smiling at me, but unfortunately I got lumbered with Apple, she's a bird that my friend Paul always knobs when he's here. She had her 19 year old half sister with her, they have the same Father. She was quite pretty but didn't excite me, got them both a drink, I had one each side but they kept talking across me, that really pisses me off.

Then Apple started talking to a Thai lady sitting next to her. She was sitting with a Farang in his late Thirties, he was Well gone, he went to the Toilet and walked back passed his seat and the waitress had to run after him and bring him back. All I could see of Apple was her back but she turned round and whispered that the Thai Lady was in fact a LadyBoy, no one would ever of known from looking at her.

There was a Farang Midget up the other end of the room and some Girls were having Great fun with him, picking him up and he was dancing with the Girls, and giving them a piggy back or trying to.

I got really pissed off with Apple she was taking to the Ladyboy for about 20 mins, her sister kept trying to bring her back but she wouldn't return to me, so I paid up and left.  I won't be buying Apple any more drinks.

The good thing about Pattaya is you don't have to put up with shit like that, you are the one with the money,



Updated Dolled Off...

News from Soi 6

Link Here 5th August 2018
The Soi 6 coyote/GoGo bar Dolls has gone dark with a notice on the door suggesting that the bar is being renovated. Maybe this has something to do with the recent opening of Dolls LK on Soi LK Metro.

Meanwhile Smoke & Kisses opened in July 2018. It is an open bar located on the south side towards the 2nd Road end of Soi 6.

The venue was previously Z Bar, Bret Bar and before that Christina May.

See location S18 on the Soi 6 map from  


The notice in the window suggests that Dolls on Soi 6 is hopping to re-open by 5th August.

Update: Re-opened

5th August 2018.

Dolls re-opened on 4th August.

Hidden A-GoGo is set to open tonight on 5th August on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Maxim and Marilyn Monroe.



High Cost of Living...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Living Dolls

Link Here 1st August 2018

I popped into Living Dolls on Tuesday evening, not a bad experience.

The Music was ok, not too loud.

There was very comfortable Bench Seating and a well lit stage, unfortunately I could only find a seat at the back of the room.

There were 6 Topless Dancers in Stockings and Suspenders on stage when I entered.

3 Girls were sitting at my Table and they were chatting to me. I said sorry I Can't concentrate at the moment and pointed to a Girl on Stage with very large Breasts. This was supposed to be a joke but they misunderstood and fucked off.

The Topless Dancers were Followed by Coyote Dancers wearing Bikini Bottoms, small T-Shirt and Bra. Unfortunately the Girls do not move round so your stuck looking at the same Girl for 15 minutes,

The Mamasang Asked me if I wanted a Girl to come over, but I couldn't see them, only the Girl nearest me and she spent the whole time looking at her self in the mirror.

An Indian Man came in and sat next to me, but when he enquired to the price of a Beer he soon left. 185 b is a bit over the top. I can afford it but it's not Value for Money. There is nothing in Living Dolls to make it worth this price. Some nice looking Girls but you get that everywhere.

All the Staff were very Friendly.



Early Birds...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Pandora's

Link Here 28th July 2018

Is it just me, or is the banking business in Pattaya on the decline? Perhaps its something to do with apps and smart phones. Whatever the reason, my bank has decided to shorten its opening hours and I ended up starting my evening's prowl a little earlier than I would have liked.

After wasting time on a beer in Club Nevada I headed over to the early opening bars in Soi LK Metro, and the most promising was Pandora's.

The happy hour price on a bottled beer is a remarkably cheap 45 Baht, and the bar was already getting quite full, perhaps more to do with a lot of girls occupying seats, rather than an extraordinary amount of customers.

There were 3 teams of girls dancing for about 4 songs a shift. There were 6 girls on stage at a time, and they were all dancing in bikinis or less. There where several good looking girls, and none who were particularly old or fat.

The girls were being instructed to sit with customers rather than seeking out their own choices, but at least it meant that there was plenty of social interaction going down. Saying that there wasn't much of the hands on stuff happening, maybe happy hour is a little early for that, a few drinks have to slip down first.

All in all it seemed livelier than most bars at an early hour, but I departed noting to myself to visit a little later next time. 



All will be revealed...

Hidden A-GoGo is announced for Walking Street

Link Here 24th July 2018
Signs have appeared in Waking Street announcing that Hidden A-GoGo will soon be appearing at the venue that was previously Maxim and Marilyn Monroe A-GoGo. The bar is set to open on 5th August 2018.

I hope they have got their licensing paperwork in order as that is rumoured to have been behind the failure of the two previous attempts.



25% off at Sapphire, paradise at Eden, and happy in Happy...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 23rd July 2018

Popped into the Sapphire Club on Saturday evening, very nice Girls as usual but they were 25% down on numbers,

Walking past the Eden Club , Fonn was standing outside so popped up for a Beer, which was very nice. There were around 30 slim and attractive young Girls on show, most of them were  Coyote Dancers with about 8 Girls in Black Bikini's who later removed their Tops. Unfortunately there were only 3 customers, the place deserves more patronage.

A Chinese Guy sitting on my left bought a round of 10 Tequilas a few seconds later 2 Dancers came round Selling more Tequila. He bought all 6 and a couple of minutes later he got in another round of 10 Tequilas, he was Buying them for Dancers and Waitresses. I call them Waitresses but I wasn't sure what sex they were, Lady Boy or Tom Boy. Later he Bought another round of 10 Drinks, some of the Girls were drinking Tequila mixed with Baileys. I tried one it was very nice, In that it hid the flavour of Tequila,haha

Fonn Drank 3 tequila/Baileys I don't know how they do it, I'd be pissed mixing my drinks like they do.

There are some beautiful Lady Boys standing outside soi Diamond advertising Katoys R Us  You'd never know they weren't girls till you hear them speak, Ello Darling . t's very funny,

Popped into Happy , it was very lively, couldn't find a seat round the stage, so sat at the back. Saved me some money in Tips. I sat with Bang it was her 20th birthday, and a pair of very attractive Coyote Sisters, only dancer Me bothered to come over for a tip.

There was a new Topless Dancer. she was short and chubby with a huge pair of tit's.

No show as usual, although Gai the great Dancer was back,



Holiday Weekend...

Dry days and bank holidays

Link Here 21st July 2018
Thursday 26th July. Bars are asked to close at midnight.

Friday 27th July Asarnha Bucha Day Buddhist special day. Bars closed.

Saturday 28th July Khao Pansa . Buddhist Lent Day + King's Birthday. Bars closed. The bars are allowed to open after midnight, and some will.

Monday 30th July . Public holiday. Bars open



Doing the Vauxhall Walk...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 19th July 2018

Very quiet early Wednesday evening on Walking Street.

Walking down soi 14, there were 3 very attractive teenage Girls standing outside Secrets in Black Coyote Garb, I don't know what goes on inside but the Girls were lovely.

Popped into Bliss A-go-go , the Models were on when I came in, 14 Girls in Black Fishnet all over body stockings, some with G-String some without, Good Music always with the Models, a very good song by Adele. The Models were followed by the Coyote Dancers and then some very attractive Girls in Black G-String and Bra, a new feature. There was a good crowd in.

When I popped into Panda A-go-go, it was a different Scenario, very quiet, half empty. Some lovely Girls on show wearing long socks that came over the knee and extremely small shorts, very sexy. There were also a group of around 16 topless Dancers.

About 10-30pm the place started to fill up with Asian men, most of which were wearing Base Ball Caps, not an attractive accessory. My Beer was not very good, they need to clean the Pipes, drank half and left.

Popped into Electric Blue , which was very lively with a group of Asian Men having fun with a Naked Girl on the Mat. There were half a Dozen Naked Girls on the Stage by the Door, one of them was a young Girl with a very nice pussy. She kept showing it to me from the front and the rear, she later popped down for a drink.

There were 6 or 7 very attractive Girls, unfortunately it varies from night to night. Mamasang Aum said it had been very quiet early on, but had just became busy.

There was a Big Fat Guy sitting next to me smoking a Cigar, surprisingly none of the Girls borrowed it. The Girls in the [sadly defunct] Queen Anne in Vauxhall wouldn't miss a trick like that, as happened to a friend of mine called Phiz, he had to smoke the wet end, haha.



Chinese whispers...

Mandarin goes dark

Link Here 18th July 2018
Mandarin A-GoGo was dark on Walking Street on 17th July.

The reason is not yet clear but the GoGo has previously been chosen for temporary closing when there are not enough girls amongst the French Connection bars.




No fall off in talent...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 15th July 2018

People were standing on the Back of my Baht Bus last night. They were Thai so I don't think they would be fined, but I think this is another in a long line of new Laws which the Police will not bother to uphold.

Popped into Peppermint on Saturday night, it was busy for a change, lots of new young Girls in Black Bikinis. Not much nudity on show, half a dozen of the old girls were topless, but some very sexy and lively young girls who were shaking their booty's.

No show Girls but a good atmosphere.

I got short changed 100b but ignored it, it's not worth making a fuss over 2 quid. Staff very friendly as always,

Popped into Sweethearts oops Sorry Wildcats , only 9 Girls from the Defunct Sweethearts in there. Some nice looking ladies on show, including 7 or 8 Topless ones. 2 of the Topless Girls had superb arses.

Again a good atmosphere with everyone having a good time and very friendly staff.

Popped into the Shark Club, it was very busy as usual. Full of Bikini Clad young Girls. I did not stay long they'd turned up the Music.

The young Asian man sitting next to me was sitting with a very attractive young Girl who looked about 16, she went off to Dance and he went to the Toilet. When he came back 5 Tequilas had arrived on his table. He made a double take and checked his bill. If that Girl drunk all 5 of them she'd be a good bet for a Barfine, haha.

Going home up soi 15 Sapphire club was shut, I asked next door and they said they were running a marathon. if that makes any sense.



Maggie Mays gentlemans club and Irish Bar...

Maggie May has branched out into the Gentlemen's Club market

Link Here 13th July 2018
The long running Maggie May Bar on Soi Chayapoon has branched out into the Gentlemen's Club market.

It held its official opening party on 13th July but had a soft opening earlier.

The bar is located towards the 3rd Road end of the Soi near The Den and New Peacocks Bar.

Our opening hours are 1300 till 0100

The owner invites customers to pop by and be entertained by live music and of course the marvellous Maggie Maydens.



Forty+ Girls...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 11th July 2018

Fairly quiet on Walking Street last night.

I popped into the Lighthouse , the Usual mix of attractive Girls in Bikini's and 3 naked Girls. I had 1 beer and left.

Popped in to Panda A-GoGo next. It was packed managed to find a seat at the back. I could only see 1 stage from there.

The Coyote Dancers were on when I entered. They seemed to Dance forever because they don't move around. The Topless Girls came on after about 20 mins. Unfortunately I had all the old Girls on the Stage in front of me, they were all pushing or pulling 40. All the young Girls were up the other end out of my sight.

So be careful where you sit, unless you like the old Girls? The Man in front of me was sitting with two stunning Topless Girls.

Finished the evening in Happy , lots of lovely looking Birds in their as usual, stayed for a couple of Beers,



From Kaos comes Dolls LK...

Dolls LK opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 8th July 2018
Kaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has become Dolls LK. ore to follow.

The GoGo count stays at 75.




Tumbleweed A-GoGo...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 6th July 2018

Someone killed Walking Street. I called the Sheriff and he said.. what happened

I said ... don't know, I just got here and it was dead,

I came from Jomtien on the Stage and that was empty, nobody on the roads, not even a drunk Injun.

I went into the Windmill Saloon and it was empty. I played Poke Her with Pussy Galore and her friends had 1 Beer and left.

The Sheriff was outside with a Super Girl. He took her away to ask her some Questions,..What have you done with all the Customers? But she new nothing

No football on, so where are they?

Later on I played Baccarat but that was dull and boring, so i went home,


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