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Pattaya Bar Reviews: J Club

Link Here 26th April 2017

j club signOn Soi Full Love Inn one more single-unit hostess bar with doorbell and YouTube music has opened: J Club.

It is supposed to be Japanese themed , but it does look as ordinary as the neighbouring bars.

There were seven or eight birds and two of them looked slightly better than the average quality on the Soi Full Love Inn strip .

Some of them were clad in colourful beach bikinis with some kind of transparent kimonos on top, the only objects that could be labelled Japanese .

I was told ST was 300 baht in the playroom downstairs and 350 baht in a room with shower upstairs with the girls expecting 1,000 to 2,000 (!) baht ST.

For the complete duration of my visit I was their only customer.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.


  Streets paved with gold...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 23rd April 2017

gold opening On internet there is a rumour that Gold Club on Soi LK Metro (previously Amethyst Club and M*A*S*H A-GoGo) is for sale once more. Rent appears to be 160,000 baht per month. No other amounts or expenses were mentioned.

Upstairs from Soi 15 and Soi Diamond Overmind Club has closed once more, for more than a week already. pparently the triple-tier bench seating did not help. On internet I read that a policeman in uniform was sitting among the scarce customers, not a good omen.

On the Dark Side the following bars have closed: Joy Joy Bar, Little Lion Bar, PP Bar, Rendezvous Bar.

At Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 I am all but an unknown face , nevertheless the old mamasan Nee told me their ST rooms are no longer available.

Also on Soi 6, at the previous location of Working Girl, a new bar is taking shape: Nature Club.


  Viking News...

Bar news from Walking Street and Soi 6

Link Here 21st April 2017
wickedViking Bar became Wicked on 20th April 2017. It s located on the north side of the central section of the soi 6. (N53 on map )

The new owner is the former manager of Sweetheart's A-GoGo on Walking Street

In presumably connected news, Sweethearts A-GoGo is itself under new ownership, Johan the Swedish owner has sold out to a Norwegian known as Viking.

Date Corrected: And a little more news from Sweethearts, there is a birthday party on 29th April.

Meanwhile Overmind has been dark for a while now and so has been removed from the GoGo count, which now stands at 80.


  Someone's having Kittens...

Bar news from around town

Link Here 10th April 2017
Kitten Club The Penthouse Hotel, Kitten Club (and Obsessions ) all in the same building on Soi Pattayaland 2 have been closed down since 7th April.

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi 16 (Soi Arab) a very noisy disco with a very original name has opened: Soi 16.  I was told that bottled beers were only 75 baht (perhaps a temporary promotion), but I could not be arsed to endure the noise.

On Walking Street Rock Street is still closed after the fire last March, but their neighbours SkyFall A-GoGo have reopened.

Also on Walking Street the building, where The Moon Club used to be, is being gutted.

On Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2), where Classroom A-GoGo and some adjoining bars used to be, a four-unit rock beer bar has opened, unsurprisingly named Classroom .


  Remembering the good old days...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mistys

Link Here 7th April 2017

Club Mistys neon On Walking Street the Italian restaurant L' Italiano (opposite Alcatraz A-GoGo and, before that, at the current location of Infinity A-GoGo) has closed. The Russian clubs upstairs and the latter's aggressive touts in front will not have helped.

At Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street not much if anything has improved, but their barfining prices are skyrocketing.

At my latest visit the big majority of the dancers were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes clad in white doing the Pattaya shuffle. There were also five or six dancers in black bikinis performing a lousy show unveiling their upper departments.

By far most of the females were mediocre, but there were also some cute spinners. One of them was Ae from Buriram (number 44, 25 years, 147 centimetres, 35 kilogrammes, two children by two different fathers), not to be confused with the, also tiny, waitress Ae (number 205). She appears to live in Siracha (35 kilometres from Pattaya) with her (probably lazy) parents and her children and returns home every night after work at 4 a.m. with the bahtbus on Pattayatai (10 baht) and a minibus on Sukhumvit Road (40 baht). That is at least one gogo girl who does NOT hit the discos after work to earn an extra barfine-free penny (a popular myth on some internet fora).

mistys good old daysI had been told that the funny and wild, string-showing waitress Wa (number 201) had come back, but I did not see her.

The useless hostesses seem to have disappeared.

The mamasans are still the same, boring Jaan and apathetic Ning, and they seem to conspire to keep all girls inside, which results in five to ten girls per punter. I did not see a manager, but the security man was still roaming the place and even begging for lady drinks.

From time to time there was some (I guess heavily sponsored) toplessness on the bench seating.

After midnight the barfines were still 1,000 baht for coyotes and 2,000 baht for showgirls with them expecting at least 2,000 baht ST.

At Club Mistys girls who are barfined are usually applauded when they leave in plain clothes with their customer, but this time I did not hear or see applause.

Less than two years ago I still could barfine there at 600 + 1,000 baht ST, 600 + 2,000 baht LT or 1,800 baht in-house all-in.

In spite of good memories I am not going back in a hurry. On their still existing website, I found a picture of the good old days.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht now, lady drinks (very small glasses of cola on the rocks) 150 baht.


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