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Listing the bars of Pattaya

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

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2 Donna Bar

Jomtien Complex
(inside in the middle)

New beer bar for August 2007

Review from connections of Two Donnas, March 2008: Very Welcoming

The two partners are Joy and Dow who are at the bar every day and night, they will sit down and introduce themselves to all new customers and are not shy about buying a drink (or accepting one!!). Both are pretty well known in Jomtien and seem to know everyone that comes in or passes the bar.

No pool table but all the live English Premier League games are shown.

Prices are lower than most bars, (except next door where drinks are almost given away) beer 50-70 baht, shorts pretty cheap and lady drinks are the standard 90 baht.

Loads of girls, 15 at the moment, nothing too stunning, but a few are pretty cute all can talk English, some young some not so young and one Katoey, all the girls are pretty good crack and up for a laugh, especially if you go inside the bar and close the doors.....

The younger cute ones disappear most night before 10.00 so get there early for a better choice

Barfines are the standard 300 baht, no ST rooms but the girls will take you round the corner if you want,

Verdict, nice atmosphere good reasonable priced drinks and a good bunch of girls with two owners who will make you very welcome.

54 Beer Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Large beer bar with music
99 Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar, previously Tiger Tiger. Short lived and closed in autumn 2007. Now Rosco's Bar

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Ace Cafe

Hanuman corner
Thappraya Road

Eatery which closed and sold in July 2011

Aew's Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 4 Accommodating

I've just got back from Jomtien and stayed in Soi 4. My local become Aeuws bar Soi 4.

It's a small friendly bar, no food but a Thai takeaway kitchen next door will bring you food at next to nothing prices.

The drinks are very reasonable Finlandia vodka and mixer 90 baht.

The punters are mainly Norwegian expats and very friendly after a few drinks especially if your a Brit.

The lady boss Aeuw is a lovely lady and makes you very welcome. As the evening wears on drinks appear for every one on your table and the girl points to some other table which bought them. Nice custom reminded me of Greek tavernas.

Takeaway bar girls in the evenings not young but very accommodating.

Angel Beer Garden

Jomtien Soi 7

Beer bar

Apple Bar

Soi Chaiyaphuk

Opened in early 2012. Closed and is now Pussy Galore Gentlemen's Club


Jomtien Soi 12

New for 2015.
Aussie Bar

New Rompho Complex
Jomtien 2nd Road
(opposite Soi 7)

Open sports bar opened in November 2009. Closed in July 2014 and is now up for sale.

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Baan Pub

Thappraya Road
(front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar with food. Decent steaks and chops


Jomtien Soi 5

Bar and Guesthouse which took over from the Windmill in October 2017.

Ben's Bar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road
(in gay soi nearest beach)

Bar and restaurant. Previously De Pijp Bar

BJ's Beach Club

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (near beach)

Beer bar opened 30th October 2007

News Oct 2006: New

There's a new bar on Thappraya Road a few paces from Dong Tan police station.

The Beach Club is owned by the same individual that owns BJ3, Lucky Star, and a host of other bars and GoGo's. It is managed by Mike.

The Beach Club is an open air bar with friendly staff, very friendly prices and good music played at a reasonable volume.

The theme of the bar is unique and we hope to become the home of those looking for something just a little different than the normal beer bar.

Daily drink specials, free wireless internet, and pool tables, will round out the fun at the Beach Club.

BJ's Sports Bar

Jomtien Soi 5

New in October 2017.

Bla Bla Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Shophouse bar
The Blarney Stone

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Short time bar, renamed from The Blue Room but sane owners. Closed in May 2011 after the death of owner Jimmy.
The Blind Beggar

Soi Wat Boon

Short time bar. re-opened in July using its previous guise as the Winchester Club, see below
The Blue Room

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Short time bar renamed to The Blarney Stone, see above

Bondi Beach

Dong Tan Beach

Bar & guesthouse

Bristol Music Bar

Jomtien Soi 6

Jam sessions Sunday nights

Shophouse bar with live music, no hostesses

From the bar, Feb 2006: Jamming

The Bristol Music Bar is situated in a quiet Soi on Jomtien Beach Road, It’s main attraction is hosting a Jamming Session each and every Sunday from 7:00pm where anybody can bring an instrument and have a Jam with like minded musicians. The Bar supports the Camillian Society based in Rayong who care for children with HIV and Aids and so far since September 2006 have raised over 120,000 Baht.

The Bar, during the week is where a visitor or Expat can come and relax without the Hassle associated with other bars as they do not employ “Ladies” to take care of you. Come and have a game of chess / backgammon and listen to some of their 200 music DVD’s and or watch major sports events with their in house satellite system supported by 4 TV’s around the bar.

Beer Chang is sold at 45 Baht. This bar is a great place to go to if you would just like to chat and not be hassled by the usual interruptions, not to mention listening to great live music on a Sunday night.

Butterfly Bar

Jomtien Beach Road Soi 12

New short time bar opened November 2008 but didn't last long.

Butterfly Schnitzel Haus

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Closed Tuesdays

Shophouse bar with food

July 2006: Pub to Haus

The Bar seems to have taken a break and been re-modelled as a Schnitzel Haus. Previously the Butterfly Pub

February 2006:

Their food is excellent and is freshly cooked.

Has been closed for a 3 weeks due to a holiday but has now re-opened.

Summer 2005:

Heiner and Lee run a clean and pleasant bar with low booze prices and about ten more or less appealing take-away girls. Beer, soft drinks and Thai whisky are reasonably priced with a 20 Baht supplement if bought as lady drinks. Thai and mainly German food is available (the Frikadellen are very tasty) They had to change their venue as some of the shops north of the 711 on the corner of Soi Casa, Jomtien will be demolished soon to make way for yet another 4 rai, 32 storey mega-hotel.

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Camel Bar Eet Cafe

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (opposite Jomtien Complex)

Restaurant & bar

Captain Morgan

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Shophouse bar, previously Chantra Guesthouse, became Captain Morgan in spring 2008.
Chantra Guest House & Bar Beer

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Shophouse bar, now Captain Morgan, see above

Chicken Farm

Thappraya Road
(front of Jomtien complex)

Beer bar opened in the summer of 2008

Review from Ian, May 2009: An Excellent little bar

I called in two weeks ago and although there aren't too many ladies there I was made most welcome. Very refreshing to go into a bar and be welcomed by a lady with a wet towel and a massage, especially when its this hot.

Beer prices are very reasonable with all major beers at 65 baht. Music was excellent with a vast range of songs from the 60's, 70's and 80's.

Top quality service, I will be back.

Colin's Golf Bar

Soi Buakhao
(by Tuesday/Friday market)

Kiosk bar with happy drinks until 7pm at 55 Baht for bottled beer (Jan 2020).

Come Soon

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 4

Shophouse bar

Cosy Bar

413/77 Mu 12 Thappraya Road

Shop bar

Review April 2008: Enticing But Unsatisfying

The bar seems to be under new management with a fair few girls on welcome duty dressed attractively in pleated skirts and blouses.

I was enticed inside but it was a bit of a waste of time, the girl was simply not into anything that naughty uniform may suggest

Review Oct 2007: Same Same

I first ran into one of Kevin's places when it was the Fresh Orange in Pattaya. Found a lovely lady there that I kept the rest of the trip and then ran into several times later. I got some insight and found out he had a hard time keeping ladies. Hard boss to work for at cost to the running of a good bar.

I paid a visit to the Jomtien bar on my last trip. Same Same.

March 2006: Frayed

Tempers seemed pretty frayed and it was not a pleasant environment to drink in. Maybe just a bad evening.

Review from jj, March 2006: Cosy Corner

The Cosy Bar is on the outside of Jomtien Plaza across from the Hanuman Statue circle, is an interesting and variable place.

It is a bit odd how the personality of some bars depends solely on the gals who work there while others have dominant managers who keep things on a more even keel. Cosy Bar is the former.

When the website was constructed a few months ago, the crop of girls pictured there were cute and extremely friendly. Somehow they have all wandered off. The current crop of 4-6 are considerably less fun.

Owner Kevin's livelihood seems to be predicated on his pool nights and Brit pool-playing pals. Everyone else who finds the bar is 'profit'. He also has never figured out how to open the email on his website, so don't bother asking a question.

One unique element of Cosy Bar is the 'cosy curtained corners'. Just past the pool table and inside the bar are two bench-seat areas with curtains. Inviting a couple of gals into the 'cosy curtained corner' can be an interesting experience, just short of an short time room visit. They tend to be very un-inhibited behind the curtain.

Cosy Bar can be a fun evening or a total bust depending on who is working or still available.

Country Club

Thappraya Road

3pm -1am

Shophouse bar with music

Quite a large open fronted beer bar with about twenty girls in attendance. Some of them friendly and pretty.

Has a band that starts about 6pm as a two piece and then gains a few more musicians at 8pm

The bar survived the coronavirus lockdown.

Country Road III

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (near beach)

Large open shophouse Beer bar

Comment January 2012:

Bottled beer now 75 Baht.

Comment from Pattaya-Addicts , Aug 2010:

A very large bar near with about 10 pool tables inside. My kind of bar except 80B for a small Tiger.

Comment by Paul, May 2009: Take Care

This is the second time that they have short changed me. I will not go back again.

Review by Steve, Feb 2006: Moderately Cool

A busy place with loud music, it can get quite crowded. Lots of ladies working here, far too many it sometimes seems. Very variable quality too.

They seem to have a problem keeping their beer cold enough for my tastes. ‘Heineken yen yen’ often results in a modestly cool bottle of beer. But given the number of ladies, as long as you will buy them a drink you will never be short of someone to talk to here (or at least practise sign language with).

Too many mangy dogs around the bar for my liking, but you get a lot of traders passing through and this is a good place to buy pirated DVD’s. Or Rolexes. Or just about anything else. You only get bar stools to sit on at the tables, or even less comfortable stools if you sit by the roadside (too much noise and too many exhaust fumes).

Compared with the comfy cushioned seats available in many other bars in this area of Jomtien, I am always surprised how busy the place is.

Cupido Beer Bar

Thappraya Road
(Soi nearest beach)

Opened in 2009

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De Pijp Bar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road
(in gay soi nearest beach)

Bar and restaurant. Now Ben's Bar, See above
De Windmolen Bar Eetcafe

Jomtien Soi 5

Restaurant and Beer bar closed in 2016. Became Ballermann in October 2017

DK Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar, replacing Palace Bar, opened in May 2006

Review May 2009: Recessionary Blues

The bar seems to have suffered a bit from the recession and seems to have lost the girls who had any interest in looking after customers. Presumably any with enthusiasm for tips and extras have rapidly moved on to Pattaya which has done a better job in retaining a few customers.

They now have a bunch who are more like restaurant waitresses who prefer to stay at arms length rather than get friendly with the customers. I think they would prefer it if you would drink alone and let them get on with their chat with the other girls in front of the bar. Best bet is probably a game of pool as they can enjoy that without too much effort.

Bottled beer is 75 Baht

Review Dec 2008: Consistent

The bar is proving to be one of the most consistent places in Jomtien to find a friendly girl who also knows how to make customers feel in a good mood for a little upstairs entertainment.

Review Nov 2008: Expensive Room

A very friendly girl made for a pleasant stay but they charge a barfine of 200 Baht in addition to the 1 hour short time room charge of 300 Baht. Seems excessive to charge a barfine for just an hour away. Most similar bars don't do this.

Review April 2008: Geared for Pool

I have popped in a couple of times of late and found a pretty girl or two for a chat.

The bar suffers a from a lack of comfortable seating as it seems geared up mostly for pool players.

There is a convenient short time room but be aware that the staff bang on the door punctually when your time is up.

DoDo Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar
Drunks & Dare-a-Licks

Thepprasit: Soi 10 Dare Again

Bar closed at its Jomtien Soi 9 location in 2008. The bar is now set to return to Thepprasit 10 in the location that was previously Rose and Thistle. But maybe this idea did not come to fruition.

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Eagle Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Aircon beer bar took over from Skip's Mardi Gras Pub in autumn 2006. Initially called Noys but quickly changed to Eagle

Easy Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar
Echoes Dance Club

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Bar and dancing, opened November 2005, closed by May 2006
El Coyote Yacht Club & Restaurant

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Beer bar & restaurant closed over the 2009/2010 winter. Now a massage shop
El Jaguar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

New bar for May 2008. Girls and poles for dancing. Closed December 2008 and merged into the restaurant next door

Erling Beer Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

Excellent Bar

Pattaya Soi 7

Beer bar

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Fantasy Bar

Jomtien Complex

Opened Jan 2007. Plush looking aircon venue with high backed easy chairs

Update March 2012: Prices

All basic bottled beers are 50 baht. Cocktails are 70 Baht.

Review from Thai Visa Sept 2008: Marble

By 4 pm the place was heaving. It's a large air conned bar inside with plenty of sofa's and comfy bar stool everywhere and with a huge "terrace" outside with tables and chairs.

The place is wall to wall marble, including the toilets which are the cleanest I've ever seen. They also have "smoking rooms" upstairs.

Drinks were served by one of about a dozen lovelies.

All bottled beers were only 40 baht!

Review from Pattaya-Live June 2008: Whiskey

Nice big double unit with all-marble floors and very nice (hotel-type) black marbled toilets. A real clincher (for me) was the great sofas inside with matching leather footstools....extremely comfortable. I'm not a big beer drinker personally-but at 40Baht for all beer (even Heineken), it's hard to beat!

The Cognac/Brandy selection was something to behold...I don't know of a better selection in Pattaya! Some horrendously expensive stuff, but if you pick through the pricelist, the Hennessy VSOP at 100/baht a shot is, in my opinion, not bad value at all. All cocktails, (Singapore Sling/Mai Tai etc..) are only 100 baht.

Single Malt Whiskey/"Good" Blends, is my drink and they had a few nice choices. It wouldn't be up to the standard of choices that are at the "Whiskey,Whisky Bar/soi 6"....but not too bad nonetheless! Some great deals caught my eye.......... MacAllan(12 yr)-150 baht Glenmorangie(10 yr)-130 baht Johnnie Gold-150 baht

Review from Pattaya Pages Sep 2007: Cheap Drinks

Definitely a place for cheap drinks (Gin only 60 baht, and bottled Heineken only 40 baht!) but sadly, the girls didn't really catch our eye.

Review Aug 2007: Plush Sofas

There were about 8 hostesses available in the bar, of which a couple were good looking. Unfortunately the lady that attached herself to me was not to taste so this was definitely a one drink visit.

I had to try one of the big plush leather sofas but in the end maybe these are not such a good for a hostess bar. My hostess sat opposite and the seats are so big that the distance triggered body language of being standoffish.

Looking around at a couple of guys who were enjoying the company of the hostesses, they were seated at the bar stools. Maybe a lesson for next time.

But the bar is very attractive and the drinks prices are very reasonable at 40 Baht for bottled beers.

Flannigan's Pub

Thappraya Road

Large Irish themed pub opened 6th October 2007. Closed and became Shenanigan's in August 2008

Flying Dolphins Bar

Thappraya Road
(Front of the Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar closed by March 2023 and is now set to become The Lone Star Saloon.

Comment from Pattaya-Addicts , Aug 2010:

The girls in this bar were stunning, dressed in aqua-marine dresses & couldn't do enough for you. Prices were a bit high at 60B for a small Tiger.

From Pattaya Secrets , Aug 2007: Sixties Music

I drink in there quite often when I'm in Jomtien, good for a chat and a game of pool,

The Japanese owner loves playing sixties music...Beatles, Stones, Doors etc

March 2006: Fly On By

There were half a dozen girls, 2 were busy and 4 were playing pool with each other. That meant there were none who were available to chat.

Presumably the manager was offsite as no one seemed to show any interest in customers at this bar.

One to avoid.

The Front Page

Soi Chaiyapruk

Beer bar in South Jomtien

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Golden Inn

Jomtien Soi 7

Long running beer bar closed in 2021.

Good Time Sport Bar

Jomtien Soi 7

Beer bar

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Hanna Henna Bar & Restaurant

Jomtien Complex

Happy Bar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Bar opened in October 2007. Closed in 2010 and now replaced by Winner Bar, see below
Happy Touch Bar

Thappraya Road
(little soi connecting Thappraya road to the beach at the police station)

Closed, now a restaurant
Hide-A-Way Bar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Large bar closed in April 2010.

Holga Danske

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar


Jomtien Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar
Hot Legs Sports Bar

Jomtien Complex

Aircon bar opened in October 2008. Closed in late 2012.

Howie's Nitelife

Jomtien Beach Road
(near Soi 9 )

Beer bar with a lot of English and Americans in there. On Saturday its killer pool night, its good fun and busy too.

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Inner Circle

Jomtien Complex
(in alley by El Coyote)

Beer bar

IQ Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Beer bar, took over from Ma La Ba La Bar in autumn 2006

Soho Square

An Iranian night club. Now closed.

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Jillz Bar

Shining Star Plaza
Thappraya Road

Beer bar new for April 2009. Run by two Dutch sisters, Jill and Jella

Jin Beer bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar
Jit's Restaurant & Bar

Jomtien 2nd Road
(just off Thappraya Rd)

Restaurant now closed

Jomtien Lucky Bar

Thappraya Road
(Front of the Jomtien Complex )

Beer bar

News My 2009: Coyotes Off

The coyote dancing didn't last and the bar now operates as a standard beer bar.

News Dec 2007: Coyote

The bar has recently being developed with an (upstairs?) room for a disco with coyote dancers. The dancing starts at 10pm.

Review April 2006: Transformers

I was enticed in by the prospect of checking out one of the 4 or 5 attractive girls waiting to serve. There were in fact about 10 working at the bar but a few would have been shooed away.

I sat down to watch the Jomtien world to pass me by but the view was somewhat overshadowed by a rather large electric pylon and transformer that sit directly in front of the bar.

No problems, I had an attractive hostess so I turned by gaze inwards instead. Couldn't stay too long though as it was a hot evening and this bar offers little in the way of effective fans.

Bottled beer and coke were 60 Baht & 50 Baht. Lady drinks are 90 Baht

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Kakadu Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

News Jan 2006: Aircon Gone

The bar has now converted to an open bar.

Review May 2006: Welcome Aircon

A welcome air conditioned bar at the end of Soi Whitehouse. The bar has a small bar area and a few sofas. The sofas were press ganged into a sleeping area for the girls on duty rather than for customer seating.

The girls were welcoming enough but after a while preferred to chat amongst themselves. Late offers of short time seemed a little unconvincing after being ignored from proceedings for the last half hour.


Jomtien Complex

Now a massage shop


Alley off Thappraya
(Just before the corner when Thappraya becomes Jomtien Beach Road)

3pm - 11pm

KitCatPattaya Facebook Page

Gentlemen's club/lounge opened on 7th September 2016. Ownership connections with Infinity A-GoGo. Early reports have beer at 90 Baht, lady drinks at 125 Baht and STs at GoGo prices.

Review from Dick Farang, November 2017: Double KitCat

In Jomtien KitCat on a narrow pedestrian alley off Dongtan Beach was nearly deserted on my latest visit.

Two fatties who said they had come from the Naklua bar area tried to double team me.

They did not seem to understand smoke/suck/kin ham (oral), boomboom hoy (vaginal) or boomboom toot (anal), but one of them said a young boy had paid her 3,000 baht, not sure what for.

The cashier and the waitress looked better.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht now, lady drinks still 125 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, September 2016: Kit Inspection

In Jomtien, towards the end of a narrow pedestrian alley off Dongtan Beach and left of Country Road bar, KitCat Lounge-Bar has opened on 1st September 2016 (grand opening on 7th September 2016).

This soi, more or less opposite the police station, has been home for many years to small worn beer bars and snack bars (such as Dutch-owned Ons Moeder ), many of them closed by now.

KitCat Lounge-Bar looks rather posh for this neighbourhood.

The layout consists of booths with bench seating with very high backs, perhaps meant for privacy. The lighting was rather bright.

In front of KitCat Lounge-Bar a bunch of available girls in black dresses were sitting around a table, waiting for customers.

One of them followed me inside and took my order. She told me she was thirty years old, had no children, had had a farang boyfriend and had been selling (expensive) shoes on the second floor of Central Festival.

Just before starting in the P4P business she had invested in big silicone bolt-ons. The pussy in her white string was neatly shaven and, surprisingly, instead of a bra she was wearing white round pasties on her nipples. To be honest her hard plastic boobs turned me off, but that is me.

I was told the takeaway barfine was 700 baht, but that they also had in-house ST rooms at 500 baht, no barfine due.

The girls' asking prices appeared to be 1,000-1,500 baht ST and 1,500-2,500 baht LT, depending on self-perceived quality.

Not many customers.

Opening hours 3 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 125 baht.

KitCatPattaya Facebook Page

KR Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (near beach)

Open shophouse bar

Price Report, Sept 2008:

Bottled beer still 70 Baht.

Review by Steve, Feb 2006: Community

This is the bar on the main road to the beach, its sister KR (or whatever, typical Thai lack of imagination in naming places) is in the off-road soi at the back. There are comfortable cushioned seats right alongside the road. Look right and you are just 30 or 40 yards from the beach. A nice spot to relax, though the traffic fumes can be a pain.

Very friendly ladies and cold beer. Cheaper than some places, too, though at New Year they put the price of a bottle of Heineken up to 70 Baht.

Decent toilets. Free pool from 7:00 until midnight. They make a real effort here, the way they decorate the place for Halloween, Loy Krathong and various parties is a pleasure to behold.

The ladies live on-site upstairs so they have a genuine sense of community. There’s also relatively little staff turnover, so you can get to know the ladies and they probably won’t be gone tomorrow. As with all beer bars, the ladies are mostly not stunners, but at present there are certainly two hot girls here who love to make some money outside the bar confines.

KR Pool Bar

Thappraya Road
(small soi connecting Thappraya road to the beach police station)

Aircon bar associated with KR Bar. Closed in August 2007 and is now Sugar Sweet, see below

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Las Vegas Bar

Jomtien Complex

Short time bar, went dark in March 2009. Connections with the Las Vegas GoGo Bars in Pattaya. 80B for Leo beer. lady drinks are 170B. Bar fine is 800B.
Le Club 69

Thappraya Road
(little soi connecting Thappraya road to the beach at the police station)

Beer bar. Previously Sky bar converted in July 2006 but had closed by Nov 2006. Now Reverted to Sky Bar, see below
Left or Right Fantasy and Disco Club

Rompho beer bar complex
Jomtien Second Road

Coyote bar opened around the 7th November 2015. Closed by June 2016

Leo Bar

Thappraya Road (near Hanuman statue)

The bar has no relocated to Naklua. See Leo's Blues Bar

Long Tail Bar

Thappraya Road (near beach)

Beer bar

Review by Rich, February 2010: Can't wait to get back

Fantastic little bar.

I've been going there for the last 3 years and will back in March with Long Tail Bar being my first port of call for a drink, the girls aren't lookers but really friendly and the owner is a great fella.

Always made to feel welcome a great place to go during the day for a beer and good conversation.

Can't wait to get back.

Review by Rob, July 2008: Great bar for daytime drinking

Great bar for day time drinking. I've spent nearly four years drinking here, many evenings and rarely have I had any trouble holding a conversation.

Spinner the owner when in the bar is always on form and very friendly as is his missus.

The girls are not always stunners granted but it is a bar where you can go meet up with pals have a 'hassle free' beer, play pool or watch football and is great spot for watching the world go by.

Review by jj, April 2008: Non-Descript

This is a completely non-descript bar with a stable of long-in-the-tooth ladies.

Its biggest drawback is the noise. This is generated by the adjacent bar playing something vaguely resembling music at maximum volume. This made normal conversation at Long Tail nearly impossible. Not sure what the neighbors can do when one decides to be the big bully on the block.

Fortunately, the mamassan at Long Tail has not entered into a Soi-7-style battle of the bands. Rather she has just allowed her stereo to gather dust.

All boils down to a place I will not likely be seen in again!

Love Birds

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 9

Beer bar closed, now Saints and Sinners
Lovejoy's Bar

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

Open bar new fro February 2011. Presumably related to the popular Jomtien bar of the same name that targets the cheap beer trade. Now Where Angels Play
Lovejoy's Bar

Thappraya Road
(opposite Soi 12)

Popular beer bar noted for cheap beer
Lovejoy's Bar

Thappraya Road
(opposite Jomtien Complex)

Popular beer bar noted for 40 Baht beers, always popular. Closed in July 2011.

M (back to top)

Ma La Ba La Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5 Ma La Ba La Bar

Beer bar, now IQ Bar, see above

Maggie May

Thepprasit Soi 10

Presumably a bar without hostesses as per the Pattaya version.

Maggie May

Jomtien: Thappraya Rd

A new branch of the chain of gentlemen's clubs opened on 14th February 2024.

From Maggie May:

It is intended to be reminiscent of the original Maggie Mays on Soi Pothole: Great pint of Guinness, eager to please girls and all the naughtiness you can handle.

Curtained booths and VIP rooms are available. Draft Guinness, Draft Tiger along with Asahi in bottles and Thatchers Cider in cans. There are also some small food options

Maggie May's

Jomtien: Soi Wat Boon

Presumably a bar without hostesses as per the Pattaya version. Opened 10th March 2008. Continuing after the ccorinavirus lockdowns.

From Maggie May's, March 2008: Triple

It's a triple unit, more legroom than the original in Pattaya,and a nice new interior. Same value as in Pattaya, 150 Baht Guinness and John Smiths, till 6pm.

Martin's Bar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Beer bar. The bar briefly closed in August 2006 but was back by September but closed again by November. Now merged into restaurant next door

Mermaid Bar

Thappraya Road
(opposite Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar opened in Nov 2006

Review Jan 2006: Too Beautiful

A rather unexciting bar that could do with a few lessons in body language and customer service. Most customers seemed to be only staying for a quick drink as the girls were either too new to partake in the basics, too stand offish, or else too beautiful..."what you looking at?" came my way a couple of times.

Beers were reasonable around the 55 Baht mark but a lady drink cost 105 Baht.

Miss Pattaya Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar closed in summer 2010. Reopened for high season at the end of 2010.

Monkey Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar

Monkey Beer Bar

Drinking Street Complex
2nd Road
(just north of Big C)

Beer bar

Mookda Bar

Jomtien Soi 4

Beer bar

Moonshine Place

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 4

Beer bar & guesthouse

Review April 2006: Cool Advice

If any bar owner is struggling for ideas to attract people to a bar then my first tip must always be to get aircon. My itinerary of Jomtien bars is based on staying cool and I also prefer the level of privacy afforded by an inside bar.

My first visit to the bar was indeed in search of cool...and I found it here. I have walked past the bar several times but it always looked quiet. But once inside it turns out to be a popular hideaway. The usual, drinks, girls, pool and bar games is the order of the day. But it felt pretty much like a local in the UK...except for the drinks, girls and bar games.

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Noy Bar Beer

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Aircon beer bar took over from Skip's Mardi Gras Pub in autumn 2006. Initially called Noys but quickly changed to Eagle

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The Odd Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 4

Beer bar

Oliver's Bar

Thappraya Road (Front of the Jomtien Complex ) Door Candy

I was diverted by a pretty girl inviting me in. She duly followed me in and took my order only to scoot off as soon as she had handed it over.

I really don't know why bars operate this stupid trick, it does nothing to ensure that customers enjoy their stay or indeed return another day. Presumably the owners don't care, as long as you have bought one drink, they are quids in.

75 Baht for a lonely bottle of beer.

Review from jj, May 2006: Offish

I spent a pleasant half-hour sitting on the couch talking to a lady in jeans and a t-shirt, who never once so much as touched my hand!

Don't know why they bother opening the doors.

Review May 2006: Bar for a Rainy Day

As I was walking past, I felt a few spots of rain, so considering it an omen I popped in whilst the ensuing storm passed.

It is a small English run aircon bar with about half a dozen girls, most of which were presentable.

Had a pleasant enough drink with a friendly girl. Coke was 35 Baht, bottled Tiger 65 Baht and lady drinks 90 Baht. The barfine is 300 Baht, an amount considered too high by a half tempted customer.

One Love

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

Orange Bar

Jomtien Complex

Ostin Bar

Thappraya Road
(Front of the Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar, now Three Rose, see below
The Other Place

Jomtien Soi 4

Beer bar closed in May 2006

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Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

The Party

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 4

Beer bar, saloon, massage and hair dressing.
Party Times Bar

Thappraya Road: Jomtien Complex

Opened autumn 2006. Closed in July 2008. Back open by 2008. Closed in summer 2010.

Passion Gentlemen's Club

Villa Thongbura
east of Hanuman statue
Thappraya Road

Gentlemen's Club opened in March 2015.

Happy Hour every day 1 - 2:30pm, all beer 59 Baht. Beers 80 Baht thereafter. Short Time fees are not fixed and Walking Street prices are asked for.

The bar continues after the coronavirus lockdowns.

News from Dick Farang, July 2016: Re-opened

In Jomtien Passion Gentlemen's Club has reopened, but they do not offer ST rooms at the moment. The large (muddy) car park is no longer available.

News from Dick Farang, June 2016: Doomed

Once again, Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien has been closed by police order. Their website only mentions:

Due to unforseen (sic) circumstances Passion Club will be CLOSED UNTIL FURTHER NOTICE .... WE apologize for any inconvenience.


It is with much pleasure we can announce that Passion Club WILL REOPEN ON JULY 7 Keep an eye on our page for further information.

I think this place is doomed.

News and review from Dick Farang, May 2016: Raided

Recently Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien has been raided and closed repeatedly by army and police, the last time on Saturday 16th April 2016:

On internet fora there has been a lot of speculation about what was actually going on.

Their website has remained unchanged, but on their Facebook account the "obscene" pictures have been removed such as this picture of the good old days.

In the meantime Passion appears to have reopened once more.

When I arrived around 3.30 p.m. there were six other cars on the car park.

There was still a guard at the entrance and when you leave you have to ring a bell from inside.

Inside the punters were by far outnumbered by the girls. Most of the females were average or less and in the 35-45 age bracket. All of them were more than overdressed. No bikinis, no lingerie, no special dress code, no action in the swimming pool.

The dim light was perfect for hiding bodily imperfections.

The music was non-obtrusive, the kind you only "hear" when it stops.

The ST barfine is still 400 baht, room included. The going rate for ST is still 1,000 baht, although some will try to get more.

The ST room (or better: one of the ST rooms) is on the ground floor in the corner behind the swimming pool.

This room was clean and clear with a bed, two bedside tables, a sofa and a large mirror which was way too high to watch the action.

The en-suite bathroom was as large as the bedroom, with a washbasin, a toilet, a shower and even a bath and quality plumbing.

Bottled Heineken 89 baht, lady drinks (small liqueur glasses of fake tequila) 125 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, March 2016: Up Up Up

At Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien some changes have been taking place and not for the better.

The only remaining theme days are bikini on Thursday and lingerie on Saturday.

The price of the ST rooms has become 400 baht, from 350 baht before.

They again have started hiring coyotes at 10,000 baht per ten days.

Those coyotes are extremely pushy for lady drinks, to the displeasure of both punters and freelancers. Several freelancers have already moved to Kinnaree Place.

Bottled Heineken 89 baht, up from 80 baht

Review from Dick Farang, October 2015: Theme days

Personally I find Passion Gentlemen's Club in Jomtien as boring as most other gentlemen's clubs in Pattaya, but they appear to be popular with English, Australian and Canadian retirees.

That seems to be the same crowd that will want to go angling and playing golf and go to bed early.

The local fauna mainly consists of 30-to-50-year-old MILFs with a good command of English. The scarce twenty-somethings stay far away from the old farts. Passion is not the place to be for young boys.

Each day of the week appears to have a theme :

  • Monday: commando (no underwear) + BBQ;
  • Tuesday: fantasy outfits (air hostesses, angels, secretaries, nurses, school girls, etc.);
  • Wednesday: Hawaii;
  • Thursday: bikinis;
  • Friday: cowgirls + BBQ;
  • Saturday: lingerie;
  • Sunday: once again fantasy outfits (air hostesses, angels, secretaries, nurses, school girls, etc.).

The notion lingerie is very loosely interpreted; I saw a thirty-something, Da, in a large opaque satin nightdress.

Unless you drive a 4x4 you better avoid the large muddy car park, which is also often flooded.

Rooms available at 350 baht for VST (very short time), i.e. 45 minutes.

Several threeholers are available from 1,000 baht, ST and LT.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht, lady drinks 125 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, April 2015: Pattaya 'i'

Some weeks ago a new gentlemen's club has opened in Jomtien: Passion.

When heading from Pattaya to Jomtien via Thappraya Road, turn left at the golden Hanuman (Hindu monkey god) statue instead of proceeding to Jomtien Second Road or turning right towards Jomtien Beach Road.

Follow this worn-out soi deep into Jomtien Palace Village (some huge houses, but strange enough no security guards) and, near the end, turn right into Soi i (9th character of the alphabet). Do not mind the sign at the entrance of Jomtien Palace Village. Passion is located towards the end on the right-hand side of this Soi i with a big car park across the soi.

At the entrance of Passion was a bouncer. In the courtyard of the compound is a small, apparently unused swimming pool, with the toilets on the left-hand side and at the rear a rather spacious lounge with some flat screen televisions.

This lounge is very dark and it takes a while for your eyes to adjust. Around 2 p.m. it was already very busy with more than 10 punters and more than 20 working girls.

A 30-year-old shy girl with a loose black dress until halfway her calves, probably hiding her bodily imperfections, had worked at Endorphin on Walking Street (previously Club Abyzz), did not like boom-boom , but fancied she was worth 2,000 baht ST.

The 41-year-old mamasan, Lek, who was the partner of an Englishman and had worked at The (defunct) Lounge behind the car park on the corner of Phratamnak Road and Soi 3, looked sexier than most of the girls.

That being said, I have never realised that gentlemen's clubs hired mamasans and I also do not see what their added value can be as all working girls are unpaid freelancers on (small) commissions and doing business directly with the punters.

There seem to be swimming pool parties on Saturdays.

Barfine, room included, 350 baht.

Bottled Heineken was 60 baht during happy hour.

Paweena's Pub

Jomtien Soi 5

Beer bar, restaurant & guest house. Became Siam Cats in 2008

Pig & Whistle Jomtien

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Jomtien branch of the Pattaya Soi 7 Restaurant. There was an upstairs sports bar associated with the British snooker player Jimmy White, but it did not last long.

Ping Pong Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar

Review from Pattaya Secrets , Aug 2007:

Around 3pm, full of girls, counted 15 in the bar, and then realised the hotel next door contained the short time rooms. Same owner. A few cuties and a few scaries.

Ping Pong 2 Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar

Pinuppen Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

Pitt Stop

View Talay 1A
Thapptaya Road

Beer bar

Planet Earth Beach Club

Jomtien Soi 15

Maybe a club for Thais. It came to the attention when raided by police in February 2015.


Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 9

Previously Drunks & Dare-a-licks and then Saints & Sinners
Pukky's Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar closed in Nov 2006
Pukky's 2 Bar

Jomtien Complex

Beer bar new for July 2009, closed by summer 2010

Pupay Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar

Once passing by when the heavens opened. Befriended by a rather large but pretty girl who was just a little too eager for a barfine. I soon found a more suitable companion but the rain stopped and I was on my way.

The bar was marginally notable for catering to both farangs and Thais.

Pussy Galore Gentlemen's Club

Soi Chaiyaphuk

Opened in 2022 in the venue that was previously Apple Bar.

Opens 2pm. Lady drinks 130 Baht as of July 2022.

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Red and White Bar

Jomtien Beach Road
(Near Soi 10)

Beer bar with live music.

Review from Thai Visa , June 2009: Pretty Good Band

The had a really good band (at least for Pattaya). These guys were right on for the music and sounded pretty good too.

Drinks are fairly reasonable considering there was a band. Chang at 75B and San Miguel light for 85B.

Relax Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 7

Beer bar

Rich Pub & Restaurant

Jomtien Beach Road
(corner Soi 1) Rich Pub & Restaurant

Pub & restaurant with pretty lights

Rici's Pub

Jomtien Beach Road (near Soi 9 )

Beer bar


Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Previously Sally's Bar, became Roadhouse by spring 2012. Still mixed girls and ladyboys

Review from Soi-Katoey May 2006: Mixed Gender

Run by a ladyboy and her British husband, this beer bar has between 7 and 10 ladyboys and 5 or 6 ladies working in there on a regular basis.

Nice place, the owners play good music, and they have a friendly attitude.

Review January 2006:

Dropped into this bar at 4pm recently. Left at 4:35pm after a 50 Baht small Chang beer.

Nothing of interest. A gay cashier, a midget, some gender benders with large chests and baritone voices, the ubiquitous pool table, very uncomfortable furnishings and no chit-chat whatsoever.

Thankfully, my one and only visit.

Review Summer 2005:

Stopped there after visiting the immigration office. Sally has HUGE knockers and was very friendly. Sat with another cutie who showed me a few racy pics of herself on her cellphone. I guess those cellphones aren't all bad. I did eat something, but I don't remember what it was. Too many distractions.

Robin Hood

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar, previously Tiger Tiger. Then 99, short lived and closed in autumn 2007. Now Rosco's Bar. Rosco's was equally short lived and the bar is now Robin Hood.

Comment August 2010:

Friendly staff but a tad expensive.

Rosco's Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar, previously Tiger Tiger. Then 99, short lived and closed in autumn 2007. Now Rosco's Bar. Rosco's was equally short lived and the bar is now Robin Hood, see above

Rose & Orchid

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Restaurant and bar

Seems more restaurant than bar

Roskilde Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

Route 62

Chaiyaphruek Road
South Jomtien

Rum Dum Bar

New Rompho Complex
Jomtien 2nd Road
(opposite Soi 5)

From 10am
All day happy hour

Beer bar with free pool, cheap beer and free wi-fi. Opened in February 2011.

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Saints & Sinners

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 9

Opened in 2008 now Poppies, see above
Sally's Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Beer bar with food. Became Roadhouse by spring 2012
Scooby's Bar

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Aircon beer bar closed in July 2008. Re-opened for a while in 2010.


Jomtien Soi 3

Facebook Page

Gentlemen's Club new for 2019. The bar is continuing after the coronavirus lockdowns.

Prices February 2023:

Lady drink 130, beer 80, room 400 ST 1000

Seaside Skol!

Jomtien Complex

Beer bar, closed summer 2007
Shagger Bar

Thappraya Road
(little soi connecting Thappraya road to the beach at the police station)

Beer bar closed in August 2009

Thappraya Road
(at the base pf the Jomtien Complex tower block condo)

Restaurant and bar. Changed hands in August 2008, previously Flannigan's. Now Hemingway's.

Shooters Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Open 24hours

Beer bar with convenient rooms.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , Dec 2007: Great Little Place

A great little place, owned and operated by a very nice couple, Swedish bloke and Thai lady. Good atmosphere, excellent selection of ladies to suit both the older and younger BMs.

Siam Cats

Jomtien Soi 5

Beer bar, restaurant & guest house. Previously Paweenas until 2008

Simple Simon

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Restaurant and bar

Review January 2006: Recommended

A British run restaurant. Good food freshly cooked by mum-in-law. Friendly service. Recommended.

Skip's Mardi Gras Pub & Restaurant

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 5

Beer bar. Now Noy Bar Beer, see above

Sky Bar

Thappraya Road
(back soi connecting Thappraya Road to the beach police station)

Beer bar revamped as Le Club 69 but it didn't work out and the bar has now reverted to Sky Bar
Spy Bar

Thappraya Road: Inside the Jomtien Complex (soi nearest sea)

Short lived beer bar. Girls bar nestling amongst gay bars previously Martin's Bar. Closed in August 2007. Now part of a restaurant
Sugar and Spice

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Aircon lounge bar remodelled in September 2008. Went dark in March 2009. Back in August 2009. Became a boys bar in summer 2010.

Sugar Sweet

Thappraya Road
(small soi connecting Thappraya road to the beach police station)

Guesthouse and bar opened in early 2008. The bar was previously KR Pool Bar

Suzie Bar

Thappraya Road
(little soi connecting Thappraya road to the beach at the police station)

Beer bar

Svein & Nangr

Thappraya Road
(in front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar. Actually more coffee shop than beer bar.

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Take a Seat Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar new in late 2008
Take Care Bar

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar

Draft Tiger is 60 Baht, soft drinks are 40 Baht and lady drinks are 90 Baht

Reported closed in November 2018.

Note May 2010: May 2010: Stifling

The bar is saving money during low season by dispensing with the aircon (and therefore at least this customer)

Review from Pattaya-Live , March 2008: Great Vantage Point

Great vantage point for being a nosey twat, plenty of ladies and lots of ale...It was all good.

Review Aug 2007: Taking More Care

The bar has gradually been employing a few more attractive girls to sit outside and entice people in so it was about time to see if this was reflecting a more positive attitude to customer care.

And indeed things have improved a little. An attractive and responsive girl took me into her bosom and made for a pleasant few drinks.

There are a few other entertainments, firstly there is pool on the large tables or secondly, one could sit for half an hour watching a couple of pretty young things preening themselves in front of the mirror. I have a feeling that some hansum men were expected...not that I saw any though.

Review Jan 2006: No Idea of Customer Care

There were a few cute girls playing pool with young guys and few more pretty enough girls outside. However the bar could only rustle up the bar oldie to take of me so I shooed her away and was left to drink a lonely beer. This bar definitely needs a mamasang to remind the girls that they should be taking care of customers rather than sending them to Coventry. Bottled beer was 55 Baht.

Talay Jomtien

Jomtien Complex
Thappraya Road

Restaurant & bar

Three Roses

Thappraya Road
(Front of the Jomtien Complex )

Beer bar, previously Ostin Bar
Tiger Tiger

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (front of Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar, then renamed 99, now Robin Hood Bar, see above

Tomas Wine Bar

Jomtien Beach Road
(South Jomtien)

Wine bar & restaurant

Top Line Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

Tor's Bar

Thappraya Road
(Front of the Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar taking over from the Flying Dolphins in March 2023.

Toto & Lulu

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

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Vickan's Guesthouse

Jomtien Beach Road

Bar, restaurant and night spot

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Waow's Pub

Thappraya Road
Jomtien (opposite Jomtien Complex)

Beer bar

News Oct 2008: Closed In

The previously open bar has now been enclosed. Not so sure about the aircon though, fans were well needed. Also the girls haven't worked out how customer assignment works and they got it very wrong for me.

Review by Swanks, April 2006: Kwai Falangs

I enjoyed a visit as the "Invisible man". I don't know what the bar girls do there except talk to each other and eat. They would find it interesting to talk to customers I am sure. They might find out that a lot of long term residents understand some "Lao" as well as Thai now and can understand there constant catty comments about customers... Still, just another Kwai Falang [translation: fat old stupid rich westerner] who wont be bothering them again.

Summer 2005:

Large beer bar with a dozen girls. I had a lonely pint as I turned up at meal time and the girls were more intent on the scran than the customers. Perhaps it would be more friendly at another time, but then again, it is always meal time in Thailand.

Wee Beer bar

Hanuman corner
Thappraya Road

Beer bar opened summer 2007
Wet Dreams Bar

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

Short time bar gave way to Where Angels Play in 2013

Who Knows

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi Whitehouse

Beer bar

Wild West Saloon

Jomtien 2nd Road
(opposite Jomtien Soi 7)

Music bar opened in 2010.

Review from Pattaya People , June 2010:

The Wild West Saloon provides a spacious setting, nicely decorated, with pool tables and a stage, where the Philippines house band will entertain six nights a week from 8pm to 12.30am.

The Winchester

Jomtien: Soi Wat Boon

The original Winchester Club was renamed as The Blind Beggar but eventually closed. Then re-opened with the previous name, Winchester Club. Closed again in 2016. Reopened under new ownership in January 2019.

Winner Bar

Jomtien Complex
(inside in the middle)

Took over from Happy Bar in the summer of 2010

Wombat Bar

Jomtien Beach Road: Soi 9

Beer bar

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XXO Beach Club

131/7 Jomtien Beach Rd. (opposite police station Soi Chaiyapruk)

Self proclaimed sophisticated ambiance, exuding class, elegance and style with its tasteful silver-blue themed decor.

Luxury music club located run by famous female rock star Narinthorn Na Bangchang.

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Y.U? Club

Thappraya Road

Opened June 2006 as a bar/disco but converted to a short lived gogo in Jan 2007. Now a dentist.

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Pattaya bars most likely to be listed are those that occupy a permanent looking standalone building. Beer bars in complexes will not be listed unless mentioned in dispatches. Gay/Thai/Karaoke bars are not listed due to a lack of expertise in those areas. Gogo bars are listed on a separate page. I have added food reviews but this is not a comprehensive service. I will only list eateries where people have submitted comments

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself. Click on the street name to obtain a map of the bar area.

Previously the notes included guidelines on barfines and asking prices but in recent times these have become less standardised and at the top end it is now more or a less an unbounded negotiation.

And a couple of words of warning:

  • In short time rooms...keep an eye on your wallet to ensure that it stays with you long time.

  • To those with Thai wives, be aware of the motor cycle taxi network used to keep tabs on errant husbands.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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