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The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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Air Port Club frontage

Air Port Club

Walking Street

From 8pm, no longer open in afternoons

Facebook Page

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking

ear protecion required


coyote dancer



jacuzzi show 

 Air Port Club

New for 2008 from the people that brought you Nui's 2, Pinky Girl, Hot Girls and New Star. Opened 1st September 2008. Associated with Skyfall A-GoGo.

Dec 13 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-festive 1500-2000
-service girl 1000
-showgirl to 12 1000
-showgirl after 12 700
-dancer 800

Short times limited to 1 hour

happy hour to 8pm 55       165 110
from 8pm 125 135 95   135,200,250

Beware of the very expensive lady drinks.

  Review from Dick Farang, July 2014: Fisherman's Friends

Air Port Club has never been one of my favourites and will probably never become. I strongly doubt if they still open in the afternoon (except for curfew periods that is).

Air Port Club is still as noisy and cramped as ever before.

There were a number of overdressed hostesses and two or three bikini girls hanging around and the narrow front stage was full of coyotes. On the central jacuzzi were two or three below average naked girls at a time, begging for tips and waving a check-bin with some 100-baht notes in it.

On the mattress stage in the back were two or three naked fatties at a time, some of them unshaved. They welcomed several young two-week millionaires to their mattress, stripped them naked and faked a blow job.

No topless dancers.

The mamasan looked better than most of her staff. I did not see the stunners that are mentioned on some internet forums.

There was a lot of hassle from tequila girls and from overdressed girls scraping their throats. I offered them some Fisherman's Friend lozenges, but that was not what they wanted. When it became clear they were not going to get a lady drink, they tried to get 20-baht notes in their bras and pants. They reminded me of a song by ABBA: Money, Money, Money.

Thank goodness at Air Port Club expats are not bothered with ping-pong balls.

Bottled Heineken was still 135 baht.

  Review from Malcolm, January 2014: Airport Stand

Bit of a change here since my visit last year. The dancers on the front stage were not in their little stewardess outfits, just a mix of tops and shorts.

2 naked girls in shower but only one soaping up and spinning round the tiled podium, the other girl just standing there.

The rear stage/playmat had 4 naked girls just standing around. One had a piece of pipe lagging and hit a guy going to the toilet. Apart from that they just stood there.

Singha and San Migal both B135.

  Review August 2012: Double Teamed

I have rarely had a worthwhile visit to Airport in peak time. Mainly because the bar is too popular, and I tend to avoid the crowds.

On an unexpected afternoon visit, inspired by being caught in a downpour, the 'crowd' was limited to just 2 customers.

There were 8 ladies on duty, none of whom would likely make the grade for the night time shift. They were dancing 3 at a time in way too many clothes.

And for some reason, that I cynically put down to well schooled hassle, I was approached by a double team of girls. These were well experienced girls and there was absolutely no reason why they should need to hold hands with someone else.

Anyway the rain had cleared by the time I had finished my drink and I rapidly moved on.

Airport may score highly in the nighttime league, but its flounders in the relegation zone in the afternoon league.

  Review June 2010: Afternoon Flight

For a change I tried Air Port on its afternoon shift. Surely not a patch on the evening shift.

There were about a dozen girls in attendance of which 4 or 5 were dancing on the front podium stages. Nothing going on in the fun stages towards the back of the bar. The girls were mostly working just the afternoon shift and were a few notches older and wiser than the evening girls.

The dancing uniform was a bit naff with bras rather than bikini tops. A couple of dancers were topless so this is presumably down to the choice of the dancers.

There is a cheaper 55 Baht draft option in the afternoon but that is because the bar is more or less on par with the cheaper options in the afternoon.

I chatted to a girl who worked both shifts, which maybe was a mistake, as she seemed all geared up for lady drink demands as if it were a mega crowded, mega fun bar with lots of alternative options for her. Only it wasn't, as there were only about 5 or 6 customers.

It is probably better to stick with the more specialist daytime gogos. Less expectations on both sides makes them a more laid back option for afternoon drinking.

  Review from Malcolm, January 2010: 20 Baht notes

125 Baht for bottle of Singha but with the amount of naked flesh around, well worth it, and no hassle at all for lady drinks.

OK if you're near the Jacuzzi or bed/stage at the back you will get a tip pot rattled at you, keep a few 20 Baht notes in your wallet for these occasions.

  Review from Materialsman, Oct 2009: 10/10

I have read on Forums that Airport is too loud, too expensive, too small, but f**k me sideways, they are doing something right, and those stewardess uniforms are something else, I love the way they appear to have a sort of colour ranking with the uniforms, from the beautiful blue of the stunning Hello girls and some service girls, there are also white uniforms, red ones, and I even spotted one lady in a black suited get up, very, very sexy in my view, and I am known amongst my peers as an incorrigible pervert of the highest order, with a known predilection for schoolgirl uniforms, but this stewardess concept done Airport Club style blows that right out of the water, even the naked Jacuzzi girls maintain tiny parts of the uniform.

The Club was absolutely chockers, virtually standing room only, and I had to make my way back to the Jacuzzi areas before I could squeeze myself onto a stool. If you think being trodden on is a potential hazard in the Iron Club, then you wouldn't like Airport one bit! It was so compressed in there wedged between the wall and the first Jacuzzi, it was almost uncomfortable, but I didn't give a flying f**k, there were so many naked girls squeezing past me that I managed to cop a feel of more naked, tight ass in an hour than a Catholic Priest gets in a lifetime! I feel I have to mention one of the Jacuzzi girls, simply the largest pair of natural tits on a Thai girl I have seen in years.

The girls here last night were just simply awesome, the dancers, the show girls, the service girls, Hello girls and all, if you can just block out the awful, loud car alarm music played in there, it's the hottest joint in town, and I wouldn't hesitate to bring a newbie into here for his first taste of life Pattaya style, I think it would be enough to make him faint, even the Pope would have a ball here right now, I just wish I had more time to be a regular visitor here.

Another girl on the platform next to the Jacuzzi was rubbing her pussy up rigorously again a chrome pole, there were wet foam truncheons being smacked against naked flesh with reckless abandon, there were gorgeous, skimpy uniform clad girls gyrating on stage, total bacchanalia, if I die, please place my ashes in an urn on the window shelf right here opposite the Jacuzzi's, so I can enjoy the deliciously decadent, debauched scene for all eternity. There is really no other option available to me than to give this place a 10/10 based on last night.

Alcatraz sign

Alcatraz A-GoGo

Walking Street

Beware of toilet tips

coyote dancer



 Alcatraz A-GoGo

Prison themed gogo opened at beginning of December 2010. Mainly coyote dancers and expensive drinks.

Oct 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
to midnight: 1200, 1500
after midnight: 800, 1200
happy hour 8-10pm 79         135-150
200 pole dancers
from 10pm 145-155 100 135-160 150

  News, March 2017: Closed

The bar has closed, nominally citing a 3 month refit.

  Review from Keith, November 2014: Great time

AlcatraZ has had a bit of re-launch recently and the effort seems to be paying off. Keith writes:

I was there couple nights ago and had a great time. Arrived at 10pm to find the place 'rocking' with some great tunes. I got seated after a little walk round as pretty full with customers with gyrating hotties on their laps, yes!

Lighting was dynamic, tunes great, volume not too loud, I counted 3 sets of girls about 15 girls per set, plus 10 quite cute door girls. That is at least 55, plus what ever were out on 'Bail'.

The bail sign read 800Baht so maybe some price reductions there.

Visited about a year ago and found this time greatly improved atmosphere also they have made some new seating which allows you to sit right next to the stage and some new counter type seating with great views .

Staff were all very friendly and made me and my friends trip to Pattaya, well worth it at least worth taking a look.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2014: Jail Undercrowding

AlcatraZ on Walking Street looked very empty with only eight or nine dancers on the central stage and all other stages unmanned or better unwomanned. All were clad in black, some in bikinis, some in coyote outfits, some in skirts and some even in full hostess dresses.

The only nudity I saw was one ugly bosom, but I did see a lot of overweight dancers.

Not many customers.

Some coyotes and some waitresses were pushy for lady drinks.

I noticed a sign BAIL FROM 900 ß, referring to the barfines I guess.

The toilets were stinking of the toilet boy's cigarette smoke.

The waitresses were not too friendly with the exception of Tik (number300), perhaps the shortest waitress in Pattaya, who used to work at Kiss on Soi LK Metro and at Far East Rock on Soi Post Office.

Chang draught 79 baht, bottled Heineken 145 baht.

  News January 2014: Buy 2 get 1 free...BUT...

There's a promotion of 3 for the price of 2 on draft beer but this is very unlikely to be worth having. One person has to order 2 draft beers together and then gets three together. A bit impractical for the many who like their beer cold.

  News August 2012: Looking Up?

The bar is making a few changes. First of all the 2000 Baht agency models have been given the push and barfines are now in the 600-800 Baht range.

Secondly the bar is emphasising its shows. The welcome staff now have boards advertising the next shows in 10 minutes or whatever. The bar is adopting the acrobatic pole show as introduced by Iron Club (and also seen in sister bar Queen Club on Soi LK Metro).

It does seem a wise move as there are many more passers by these days more into shows than barfines. Also one has to notice that the existing show bars of Angelwitch and What's Up are the bars that can get away with the highest drinks prices.

  Review December 2010: Perfect.. for a Hollywood prison musical

The bar would make a great looking set for a lavish Hollywood prison musical. There are multiple level cages, balconies and cell blocks. Perfect for teams of chorus girls to high kick in unison.

As to entertaining customers, seeking out sexy fun or takeaway pleasures, then the theme doesn't work nearly so well. Perhaps the bar designers had another demographic in mind, perhaps it is intended as a cabaret for East European/Asian couples or perhaps as a swanky nightclub for the Bangkok rich.

Anyway for the moment it is operating as a GoGo/Coyote bar so that is the way that it will be reviewed.

The central stage featured 9 dancers of which 3 were attractive topless inmates and the other 6 were a mixture of fully dressed coyotes, half with light dresses maybe in a prison theme, the other half as warders.

There was one lone girl dancing on the already deserted upper levels, but being too far away, this just adds to the overall effect rather than adding any real extra entertainment.

There's loads of lighting to give the bar to overall good effect, but not enough of it is aimed at the stage. The bar is large so the stage can be a bit far way, especially at the back of the bar. So being dimly lit as well does not help much.

The hostesses are uniformed as warders. Which again looks interesting, but may not be the right psychology. Surely most customers have come to Thailand to seek out the more submissive types. A theory backed up  by the popularity of air hostess, nurse and schoolgirl themes. I'd guess not many guys have much of a fetish for dominant ladies.

But the hostesses were doing a good job of roaming the room in search of guys who may like a little company. So a few plus points there.

The drinks prices are top end at around 135 Baht for most drinks (including lady drinks), but with a small draft beer and soft drinks at 100 Baht. I guess the bar connections are hoping that the new Carlsberg draft will have some sort of premium as 'something new', but being as it is the cheapo house lager in many British pubs, then the premium concept falls somewhat flat for me.

Perhaps the prices may fit with some top end swanky idea of where the bar wants to go, but in terms of the basic but remote gogo/coyote dancing on offer at the moment, this must count as the poorest value in town. But of course there are always many in town to whom this is not an important factor. What's up for instance does very well with prices higher than Alcatraz.

It was amusing to see that the usual barfine notices on the walls are replaced here by 600 Baht 'Bail' signs. Actually the price seems more reasonable than previously reported suggesting a bit of downward pressures on prices.

At the moment the bar seems to be doing reasonably well for customers with plenty stopping by its excellent location to take a look. One has to suspect that once the novelty wears off, then the bar will have to dream up something special to justify the high end pricing. The nature of the prison themed decoration of the bar would look very bleak and barren if it scales down to half the amount of customers/dancers. (A bit like the old concrete cavern of Taboo in Covent Garden).

Anyway the bar seemed fine for a beer or two with some pretty dancers and hostesses interacting. But really there are many better bars for girl watching, high energy atmosphere or hands on fun, all with much cheaper drink options.

  Review from Pattaya forums, Dec 2010: Stay Out of Jail

It seems that Alcatraz A-GoGo has opened to disastrous opening comments on the Pattaya forums.

The drinks prices are clearly a sore point with an across the board pricing of 135 Baht, including the draft beer (in small glasses). The draft beer is Carlsberg, which has novelty value in Thailand, but back in my corner of Farangland, it is just the cheap house draft. Certainly not a premium beer.

But having bought a high priced drink, or an extortionate Carlsberg, then surely one could expect to sit back and enjoy some top notch entertainment.

But I'm afraid not, the dancing girls are over dressed, and are simply not of the required standard to justify the premium pricing.

There are girls dancing upstairs, but these are too far away, and too poorly lit, to add anything to the entertainment.

The hostesses are dressed as jail warders. Perhaps good for the theme, but not found very sexy by commentators so far. The wait staff are scouts and the dancers have a zebra print prison uniform.

Not really much on offer for Farangs. Perhaps the bar has other ideas, and is targetting Asian/Russian tourists or something.

Amazon A-GoGo

Walking Street
   Amazon A-GoGo

Closed in October 2005, then VIP, then Lollipop A-GoGo, now incorporated into The Pier nightclub

Angels A-GoGo

Walking Street
   Angels A-GoGo

Small bar opened July 19th 2006 but closed in July 2008.  Now a shoe shop.

angelwitch sign

Angelwitch Rock Dancers

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm
Shows 10pm to 1am

Reports of a discriminatory 300 Baht entry charge (inc 1 drink)

Facebook Page


Danger: Men working undercover

Beware of toilet tips



 Angelwitch Rock Dancers

Professional and erotic shows with expensive drinks. Opened in January 2006. Keep an eye on your tabs.

Nov 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-showgirls (with numbers) 1000 after 12 only
-dancers 600-800
  85 150 130-150 125-145 200 175

  News from Dave, November 2016: Draft

Angelwitch has now introduced draft beer seemingly in response to a fall off in customers. Draft beer is 85 Baht, bottled beer is 150 and lady drinks are 175 Baht

  Review June 2012: On the Unextremities of Pattaya

I stopped by at around midnight on a weekday.

As I entered a show was in progress. It was a nicely put together choreographed show which was entertaining enough. It had a little bit of striptease feel about it though, with several acts featuring just fleeting nudity at the last minute.

After the show, the dancers slid down the poles for a GoGo spot. It was good to see that topless was more or less mandatory. Actually a few of the dancers that were mingling with customers after dancing maintained their topless attire. The stage was packed with girls and it made for a good intermission spectacle.

I have heard a lot about hassle from the service staff to drink quickly, but none of this occurred during my visit. The service girls were properly attentive but were perfectly relaxed and friendly.

The bar was about a third full and emptied out at the end of show sets but then gradually filled up in anticipation of the next set.

A perfectly pleasant visit and an excellent place to go when in the company of someone who doesn't need to know about the extremes of Pattaya nightlife.

  Review from Rick of, March 2010: Big Fan

I have to confess to being a big fan of AngelWitch. It's formula is different from other bars and clubs in town. There is, or at least a while back there was a high standard of performance, choreographed scenes in beautiful costumes that were as creative and artistic as they were erotic.

Those standards seem to have slipped a little in the last year. It's still a great venue, one of the few venues in town where you can take a date and she's going to enjoy the show.

My last visit a month ago left me disappointed, with it's reliance on formula bawdy sketches that you could imagine seeing in any part of town, or even participate in at some of the raunchier clubs in town like Windmill and Babydolls. My date was bored. She sat through the sketches unimpressed and spent half the time checking her watch.

On my visit this week, the show seems to have been revitalised somewhat. We have some new comedy scenes, Tina Turner impersonations, acts with a live Python, and of course the statuesque Oi is on stage in many of the scenes, to impress us with her sensuality. Unfortunately, the lady with the acrobatic talents, who could swing between the steel poles with the skill of a trapeze artist, appears to be missing. Still lots of entertainment, and a show well worth watching.

My date this night loved the show, she smiled and laughed throughout the comedy acts and appreciated the beauty of the costumes and the talents of the show girls and actors. She watched in awe as the girls descended from the overhead gantry, sliding down the chrome poles.

We decided to stay for the next show and watched as the go-go girls descended onto the stage. The go-go dancers at AngelWitch are amongst the hottest on Walking Street.

Great entertainment, well worth a visit.

Beers are Bt 150, soft drinks Bt 125.

  Reader review Dec 2009: Hassle all the time

There are many girls and a show, but drinks are quite expensive (juice or soft drink 150 Baht).

The worst of all is the staff, who hassle all the time asking you to order more drinks. It's not a place I would recommend.

Bar fine 800. Lady 2000 one hour. If you want the lady all the night, get ready to pay 3000 up. There are many places much better than these one.

  Review from Pattaya-Addicts, November 2009: Hassle

Although the shows are noted as high quality the bar is currently taking a persistent knock on the Pattaya forums for hassle.

Complaints include a minimum drinking speed for customers and continuous drinks hassle from the staff.

Drinks are expensive and the girls quote short and long term rates to match.

  Review from BiLLYiSaKiD, May 2009: Homecoming

I first discovered Angelwitch in April of 2008 with a couple US Marine buddies. Even with the high prices we were addicted from the start! We even saw a lot of couples there…

We ended up there every night and I went home with the same hot lil’ cutie every time. And I thought I was a true butterfly! Not with this one. Mamasan always made her wait for me… Now that’s service!

…When I managed to make it back to Pattaya in August, my little darling was no longer working there but mamasan was and she made damn sure that I had my pick of any girl on stage. She even offered to call my original girl back just for me. I declined of course and took full advantage of mama’s kind offer and walked out with a different girl every couple of nights. With mama as a friend and as long as I took care of the girls, no hard feelings. Not even so much as a dirty look… Admittedly that freedom to butterfly was paid for in smiles, tips and ping pong balls!

Because my first drink was always with the head mamasan or the staff my friends and I were always well taken care of… I’ll always make a point to drop in to Angelwitch for a little “Home Coming” whenever I’m in Pattaya.

Strong Points:

  • Very Friendly Staff
  • Clean!
  • Best Sexy Shows…
  • Best Dressed/Almost Dressed Dancers
  • Date Friendly

Weak Points:

  • Expensive
  • Not the prettiest or best dancers

  Review from Pattaya Talk, April 2009: Great Shows

Still providing great choreographed shows although short on customer/girl interaction and lacking much in the way of eroticism.

A good place to take a girl if you’ve already barfined and you can stomach the sky-high drink prices.

  Review Nov 2008: Popular

I'm no longer a regular visitor to the bar due to the very expensive drinks.

The shows are worth the money for those that like choreographed shows. In fact the shows are about the best in town.  I also find it a very good place to go with visitors who may not like the mongering bars that I prefer.

However most of the time I am in participation mode rather than watching mode, so paying extra for shows doesn't appeal.

But there are an awful lot of visitors in town who prefer watching over participating, so the bar does deservedly very well indeed.

Atlantis A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond



 Atlantis A-GoGo

Small gogo with very standard gogo offerings. Took over from Paris A-GoGo in September 2010. Renamed to Atlantis in November 2010 but closed just after Christmas in 2010.

  News May 2011: Redevelopment

The bar is now being redeveloped into an open bar with coyote dancing



Babe Watch

Walking Street: Soi 16


 Babe Watch

Opened November 2005, closed in July 2006. Now Club RelaXXX A-GoGo.

Babydolls design

Babydolls A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm


Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Addicts 3rd place



jacuzzi show

 Babydolls A-GoGo

Opened October 2006, changed hands in Feb 2007, March 2007 and May 2008. It is now one of most noted interactive gogos

August 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink

-showgirls 800
-service 700
-dancers 700
-all after 1:30 am 400

happy hour to 10:00 55 70+ 60 75 150 150
from 10:00 65 85-125 85 105-
  • Monday all night: Buy 1 Get 1 Free special on house spirits.
  • Wednesday all night: Get 1 Free customer draft beer or house spirit with each lady drink

  Review from Dave, December 2016: A scream

I popped into Baby Dolls last night, I was soon surrounded by Girls who know me,

There was a Mixture of attractive Girls and fat Girls, all of them showing their pussies,

I hadn't been sitting their long when a girl opened my zip put her hand in and gave me a J. Arthur,

Couldn't see any Banana's  last time I was there a girl got me to push a Banana up her pussy. When she took it out, I eat it, which caused some screams.

Pussy sucking still going on, cost me 40 Baht. It's a 100 Baht in the Windmill.

  Review, February 2016: Intimate hospitality

I returned after a bit of break and was welcomed back with open arms, (and more). I was well looked after and hence found the bar to be deserving of fives stars for hospitality and intimacy. Ca

tching up on stories did rather bring it home to me that there are some very loyal staff members at the bar, who have been there for an awfully long time. I took this as an indication of staff satisfaction (and a decent amount of customers).

When distractions allowed, I cast my eye around the bar and found it was working pretty much the same as it has always done. Maybe a little easier to get a seat than on previous visits at about this time of year.

There were interchanging teams of dancers on the central stage with a little nudity, and more nudity at the special show tables.

I think other customers who wanted company were being looked after with similar hospitality to myself, so can easily recommend the bar. Perhaps those that prefer top notch girls should try another bar, but I am sure most would find a few girls here worth cuddling.

  Review from Dave, November 2014: Worth a Visit

I popped into BabyDolls on Saturday night, it was very busy,

There were some attractive, if plump, girls on show, much better than on previous visits.

There were all the usual hands on activities going on.

Worth a visit at the moment.

  Review December 2013: Proactive

Manager Phil has now moved on to Secrets Bar in the next Soi. The current managers are Larry, previously of Secrets, and Paul, previously of Far East Rock and Paradise.

What I find great about Babydolls is that the girls proactively seek out customers who enjoy a friendly girl sitting on their lap. There's no hiding away in the back corner for a chat with their fellow dancers in this bar. Of course many customers prefer to sit alone, without being approached until they select a girl for themselves. But that's not really the way Baby Dolls works and there are plenty of other GoGos such customers can choose instead.

The model works for Babydolls and there's always a good crowd in, and of course the large majority of the customers will also be buying lady drinks and tipping.

I often wonder why so few bars try the business model, but I guess it takes a lot of management effort to keep the girls out circulating amongst the customers. It probably only takes an occasional drop in effort before all the girls are congregating at the back of the bar again.

On my last visit I found the bar a little bit crowded as we head towards high season, and at first I thought that there weren't enough dancers to go round. But not to worry,a very friendly service girl popped onto my lap instead.

A consistently goo bar that is just the way that Thai-Anxiety likes it.

  News July 2012: Too few or too many but always spot on

Babydolls is more or less spot on as the almost prefect hands on bar.

When I last wrote in January, the only downside to the bar was that it was a bit too popular, and sometimes there weren't enough girls in the bar to tend to all the customers.

So as a contrast I thought it was the time for comments from the low season.

And the bar is pretty much perfect as usual. The only minor downside in low season is that there are too many girls available. As a regular, I have built up a fair few 'friends'. And now its quiet, they all seem to be available and keen to offer their services. So each new session starts with having to turn down a few of the volunteers.

But thereafter all is good.

The beer prices have dropped a bit too.

  Review January 2012: Lap Dancing

Babydolls is still going strong with its ever successful formula of being hands on and friendly.

The only time the bar disappoints is when it is full, which is quite often in high season. Detracting nothing from the bar, it is one of the worst places to be when it is busy and you haven't got a girl on your lap. After all, who wants to sit in a bar watching everyone else have great fun.

But when you have got a girl on your lap then it is surely a great place to be.

The bar features about 8 girls on a central stage in various stages of undress. There are also 2 naughty show points with 2 girls at each. Although these are almost legendary in naughtiness, they are not the most popular seats in the bar. Perhaps too much of a continuous expectation of tips.

The bar is quite similar to the somewhat smaller Windmill Club, but has one advantage over the competition. When there are sufficient girls, Babydolls splits them into 3 teams of dancers that swap every 4 songs or so. So the girls can spend 2/3rds of their time on their customers laps. When there are less girls then they are split into 2 teams (as per Windmill) and they stay on your lap half of the time. The short dancers rosters of just 4 songs is well appreciated.

Drinks prices are very reasonable and the service is good (unless the waitresses have been cornered on someone's lap for a while).

Baccara neon

Baccara A-GoGo

Walking Street

Beware of toilet tips


Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 1st place



coyote dancer


 Baccara A-GoGo

The Pattaya branch of the noted Soi Cowboy GoGo opened 17th December 2009. Ownership connections with Peppermint, Happy and Beach Club

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-showgirls before 11:30 1400
-otherwise 800
happy hour to 9:30 69
small glass
  85 85   150
from 9:30 155 125 145-170

 Comment from Dave, December 2016: Showing

Some good news Baccara is back, with tits out and show girls.

  Comment from Dave, November 2016: Still no show after mourning period

I popped into Baccara on Saturday and it's still the same, all Coyote Dancers. Even the usually topless girls were coyotes.

No nudity and no Show, I've no Idea why.

Lady drinks now 145b

  News November 2014: Extension

The bar is bricking off the open area in front of the entrance. it currently offers a few coyote poles to catch the eye of passers by but will now be an inside area.

  Review from Dave, August 2014: Taking the Mick

mick mcmanusI popped into Baccara on Friday night, it was packed to the rafters.

As usual, there were some very attractive slim Bikini dancers.

When the showgirls came on there were about 6 new girls, some with extremely large breasts. Most of the showgirls look as if they could go 3 rounds with Mick McManus.

  Review from Nikko, August 2014: No longer top notch girls

The good old time when the Baccara was the best A-GoGo on Walking Street has long gone.

Now it is one of the most boring places. Not enough girls to fill the top floor, so that all of them end up at the bottom stage.

One set of girls with white sport shoes, one set of girls with high heels, only 2 girls topless from the 40-50 girls total.

Staying at the beach looking at sexy Russians tanning on the beach is way more exciting. Who cares about going in an A-GoGo to see girls dressed more than people on the beach, or in the streets?

Are they scared about the police? 80% of the girls where having a bra plus a top. You can barely see their fat tummy.

Attitude is the worst, no girl is looking at you, most of them had surgery so I suppose that they make good money here, doing nothing and being ugly.

Had only a few customers, mostly Chinese or Japanese.

  Review January 2014: Top Notch Girls

I stopped by at a prime time on a week day evening. I was giving a guided tour of Pattaya's best to a one time visitor. This was the example of a high end GoGo with top notch girls.

And indeed there was a fine selection of dancers doing the traditional very long dance roster. The girls were wearing a variety of dress codes with a decent amount of nudity amongst them.

The bar wasn't packed but there were an awful lot of guys for the amount of girls on hostess duty. This somehow made the girls seem a little unavailable, as one would have to make quite an effort to stand out from the crowd.

Despite having an excellent selection of girls, we were soon on our way to those bars where the girls are a bit more in your face on the interaction front.

  News from eyebee on Pattaya-Addicts, September 2011: 50-50

For a couple of weeks now, in Baccara (upstairs), they have had the stupid rule that the girls must dance with their tops on for 30 minutes, then can take them off for 30 minutes.

It changes on the hour and half-hour. Whoever thought this up must take first prize for stupidity! I was in there last night (during the topless half hour), and the place was packed. Many Japanese and farangs all having a good time. Then at exactly half past the hour all the girls put their tops on. You have never seen a place empty so quickly!

  Review October 2010: Happier than Happy

Baccara now seems to be the dominant bar of the Happy group, and seems able to command the lion's share of very good looking girls.

The layout downstairs is very much a traditional bar for watching dancers, rather than for interaction, but the upstairs affords a bit more privacy for those that like a bit of interactivity with the girls.

In fact this upstairs ice breaker has perhaps changed attitudes more generally than an upstairs-downstairs thing, and there are plenty of girls to be seen sitting on laps downstairs too.

The bar still uses a very long dance roster with many girls on stage, just rotating around one place per song.

The bar is very popular with Japanese customers suggesting that the girls' rates will surely be on the high side. But there are plenty of farangs too, so it is in no sense exclusive.

But of course there is a cheap draft beer. Other drinks prices are not so cheap, but not out of order either.

I have a feeling that the Happy A-GoGo placard proclaiming something along the lines of: 'Yes we are no 1' should perhaps be amended to direct customers across the street to Baccara.

  Review by Rick of, April 2010: Upstairs Downstairs

Baccara is one of the most impressive clubs in town. The owners also run Baccara in Bangkok, and they've a created a unique concept that has the potential to be a great go-go bar. It seems to have almost everything a go-go club needs to be successful. There are two floors, effectively two clubs in one, as each floor has a different ambiance.

The downstairs area has a large central stage, but no shower, Jacuzzi or play area. There's about 20 girls dancing in rotation. The stage is big enough for a dozen girls or more, but there's usually eight go-go dancers on stage, dressed in bikinis and fish net stockings, and high heels. Some nights the bikini and stockings are white, other nights the outfit is black. Pretty standard stuff. The girls are attractive enough and reasonably friendly. There's great service, good music that doesn't make conversation impossible, and reasonable drinks prices.

The upstairs area has a sunken dance stage with a glass floor and fireman's pole for rapid descent to the lower floor. If you're in the right position on either floor, you can see the dancers on both floors.

The girls outfit on the upper floor is different, a short skirt and bikini top made of a see-through material, and ankle length basketball style shoes and socks. Quite different from the ground floor girls' outfits, and it's obviously designed for more fun and action. The girls generally remove their bikini top, and don't wear panties. When the opportunity arises, they create their own fun and games, swinging on the chrome poles, and engaging in all kinds of simulated sex acts.

Add to this some loosely choreographed shows later in the evening, basically different costumes, and some new moves and you have the recipe for a great evenings entertainment.

Since the opening in December there have been a few changes to the upstairs layout, with the addition of two small dancing stages, but they are not well positioned and get little attention from customers.

The initial impression when you walk into the club, is a formal atmosphere, a large central dance floor, male serving staff, and no play area. This cool, somewhat inhibiting atmosphere has an impact on the girls behaviour. They don't spend much time making eye contact, they seem totally engaged in watching their own image in the wall mirrors, and chatting with their friends on stage. Great eye candy, but not a lot of fun if you are looking for interaction.

I had more success making eye-contact with the girls on the floor above, while sitting in the downstairs section, as they flirted with me through the glass floor, lifting their microscopic skirts to reveal no panties and great contours.

The girls in the downstairs bar at Baccara are good looking but not exceptional as I would have expected. The successful clubs attract hot girls, but that doesn't seem to be happening at Baccara. Perhaps the girls understand the reasons why, better than the owners. The girls are friendly enough, once you make the connection, but the initial impression is that connection seems harder to make here than at many of the other Pattaya go-go bars.

The upstairs girls are a lot more interested in interaction with customers. Their outfit suggests fun from the moment you see them. A lack of wall mirrors shifts their focus to customers, and the sunken dance floor means the dancers are at eye level with those sitting in the armchairs around the central stage. The upstairs bar also has about 20 dancers, with 8 girls rotating on stage. There seems to be a high turnover, with new faces there every time I visit the bar.

As part of the fun atmosphere on the upper floor, customers throw Bt 20 notes or the more expensive ping pong balls, (for which the girls get Bt 20 a piece). The girls shriek and squeal as they race around the floor trying to catch flying notes.

With all the skill, experience, and ingenuity, not to mention expense, that went into creating Baccara, it should be the one of the best clubs in town, ranking alongside all the other great go-go clubs in Pattaya, like Airport, Peppermint, What's Up, SuperGirl, Happy and Windmill. It's certainly a great club, but it lacks the magic that you feel from the moment you walk into Airport, the energy that you feel at Peppermint, the almost endless stream of cute girls that Happy has, and a soul that permeates Windmill, ensuring every visit is a fun occasion.

While the service levels are very efficient, the male serving staff put a damper on activities. When there's no service girls, there's no opportunity to interact with them like at Windmill, or New Living Dolls, where it seems a part of the evenings entertainment.

A combination of men serving staff, a large central stage and girls who are more interested in their own reflection, than making eye contact, creates a formal almost hands-off, unfriendly feeling.

These criticisms may seem harsh, but at the end of the day, most go-go girls in Pattaya would like to interact with you in the style of Airport or Windmill, if only the infrastructure and the operational management allowed it.

I've had several impromptu interactions with girls at Baccara, that suggest they are willing but may be a little inhibited with the formality of the place.

On one evening, I was climbing up the spiral staircase, to the upper floor. I stopped to allow two of the girls to pass me. They were in no hurry to reach the lower floor and blocked my passage with their bodies, pinning me against the rail and smothering me all kinds of affectionate embraces. An unexpected encounter that brought a big smile to my face!

Baccara is definitely worth a visit. While it's clear that the owners are not trying to emulate the raunchy environment at clubs like BabyDolls and Windmill, they have a more formal, up market style in mind. The result is they have created an ambiance, at least in the downstairs area, that's somewhat chilly and unfriendly. Most customers don't make it, to the upstairs bar. So they miss out on the fun part of Baccara.

Time will tell how successful their concept will be.

Bad Girls A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Bad Girls A-GoGo

A new GoGo is taking shape in June 2016. It is located on Walking Street next door to Insomnia disco. The idea seems to have been abandoned before it opened. The Words A-GoGo have been blacked out and a for sale or rent sign has been posted.

Bada Bing A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

   Bada Bing A-GoGo

New GoGo to replace TQ2 maybe opened 9th December 2011. Closed and replaced by Wildcats which opened in September 2013.

Baron Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

   Baron Club A-GoGo

Previously Lennie's, then Shooters bar. Converted to a Club Mirage A-GoGo in November 2008. After sporadic opening it became Baron Club which opened on 28th October 2011. It closed in April 2013. Now Cream Club

beach club soi happy

Beach Club

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm

coyote dancer



 Beach Club

Table Dancing with ownership connections to Peppermint, Happy, Bacarra. Closed on Soi 15 in March 2016 and is expected to move to Soi Happy

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
agency 1500
dancers 800
happy hour to 9:30 69 150 85 85   150
from 9:30 115 140-165

  News from Dave, January 2017: Beach erosion

I went to beach Club last night and it was about 25% smaller, the end nearer Walking Street has gone, probably to Bypass. There were some topless girls, but I counted over 20 Coyote Dancers, Not many punters.

  Review from Dave, August 2016: Re-opened

I popped into Beach Club on Saturday night which has just been re-opened with a new layout.  It has raised bench seating around the walls and 2 raised stages down the middle of the floor. This is a much better layout than before and about as good as it could be with a narrow space. There was no sign of the four fat waiters.

  News from Ishi, July 2016: Closed for renovation:

Beach Club has closed for a few days until 28th July for renovation. Presumably to sort out its widely criticised seating layout.

In the meantime the dancers have moved to Happy.

  Review from Dave, June 2016: 4 fat waiters blocking the view4 fair waiters

I've discovered why Happy iA-GoGo s so bad, it's now full of coyote dancers, which is very bad in my opinion. I popped into the Beach Club and it's absolutely packed with attractive bikini dancers. The owners are obviously putting all their resources into making Beach Club a success.

From my viewpoint they are wasting their time. Beach Club has a very bad lay out with huge circular sofas with small stages in the middle for dancers, and small stages against the opposite wall. There is a non stop flow of waiters up and down the Isle, usually 4 fat waiters chasing every customer + girls + mamasangs +security + cleaners, all up and down non stop. With the way the seating is arranged you have a very limited view of the girls.

The girls are much friendlier than Baccara or Happy where you have to pick a girl off the stage. Here they come up to you. It seems to be aimed at Chinese/Japanese men, who act like they have never seen a girl before and it is very easy to part them from their money.

Meanwhile Happy, Baccara and Peppermint are left to rot with no new talent, which is the life blood of any agogo. Peppermint was on it's knees after they introduced coyote dancers. Punters stopped going. I can see the same thing happening at Happy, the only advantage Happy has is that is mainly an Asian venue, whereas Peppermint is a Farang place.

  Review from Dick Farang, May 2016: Not even close to Happy

black sports bikiniAfter the madness of the Japanese Golden Week had ended, I visited the new Beach Club on Soi Happy.

I find it strange they are directly competing with next-door sister gogo Happy, whereas Happy most of the time does not even use their second stage.

The least you can say is the layout of the new Beach Club is surprising, not to say the worst I have ever seen.

Along the Soi Happy side and along the Walking Street side are U-shaped booths with in the middle rather high round (NOT reflecting !) stages with a chrome pole on each of them.

Along the Happy gogo side are the bar counter, the toilets and the DJ and along the neighbour's side are some narrow stages, each of them with several chrome poles on them.

Wherever you are seated, you will only have a very partial view.

The red plush bench seating in the U-shaped booths is very comfortable, but if and when it ever gets a bit busy you will feel locked up.

About half of the dancers were clad in schoolgirl uniforms consisting of large white blouses and long black or red pleated skirts with matching neckties. In most other gogos the outfits of the waitresses are skimpier.

That being said Beach Club still has male waiters and way too many of them.

The other half of the dancers were wearing bikinis, varying from string bikinis over pants bikinis to huge black sports bikinis.

More than 80 % of the dancers were on one of the stages at any time and they moved from pole to pole after each song.

Most of the dancers, especially the bikini dancers, were well over thirty years old. One old silicone fatty went topless.

The lighting was (probably intentionally) too bad to get a good impression of the quality of the females. That being said at least a number of them were certainly sub-average.

The music was the usual crap and way too loud.

The air conditioning was on the fresh side, with even the waiters complaining.

There were not many customers and the Asians left even faster than the farangs.

BEWARE: automatic tipping: small change is not returned spontaneously.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, draught beer 69 baht.

  Review from Dave, May 2016: Restricted viewing

I popped into the new Beach Club on Saturday night.

It is a very long thin room with alcove seating and table top dancers. The furnishings were very nice but the overall layout was not too good as you are very limited in what you can see. Waiters were always in your eyeline as they competed for customers.

The girls wearing white blouses and black mini skirts were wearing knickers which was very disappointing. There were a few topless dancers but they did not reach the part of room I was sitting in,

The music was too loud and the aircon too cold. Beer was ok.

I give it 5 out of 10

  News from Ishi, April 2016: Re-opened

Beach Club has closed on Soi 15 and re-opened on Soi Happy, the small Walking Street soi leading up to its sister bar, Happy A-GoGo. The bar was previously located on Soi 15.

  Review from Dave, August 2014: Regret

I popped into Beach club one night last week, it was a spur of the moment decision, which I later regretted.

The Coyote Dancers were on when I sat down, which were quickly replaced by the Bikini dancers and a few topless dancers. I have to say the standard of girl was very poor. Most of the girls were well over 30.

I had one very boring beer, I won't be going back there in a hurry.

  News from Ishi, June 2013: Re-opened after rework

The bar has now re-opened after rework and now features the central stage from the group's old Cavern A-GoGo. There are 3 small sub-stages featuring coyote dancers.

The cheap drinks are continuing but the barfine has reverted to the standard group price of 700 Baht.


Walking Street


Table dancing venue opened October 8th 2005. Ownership connections with Misty's. Due to the end of lease, Beavers closed on 30th April 2011.

Big Willie's A-GoGo

Soi Diamond
   Big Willie's A-GoGo

Became Shark Club A-GoGo, see below

BJ Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

   BJ Club A-GoGo

Opened as a GoGo in November 2008. Closed in November 2009.

Black & White: X Zone 2 A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

   Black & White: X Zone 2 A-GoGo

GoGo opened in March 2009 in the venue that was Taboo, and before that Babewatch. Closed in May 2009 and is now Club RelaXXX A-GoGo, see below

bliss 2016

Bliss A-GoGo

Walking Street

From 8:30pm

coyote dancer


 Bliss A-GoGo

A new GoGo towards the Beach Road end of Walking Street opened on 18th March 2016. It is part of the French chain that included Shark and Mandarin

Nov 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
coyotes pre 12 1500
coyotes 1fter 12 1000
dancers 800
happy hour to 10:30pm 60 60 60 60   150
from 10:30pm 80 140 110 130-150

In January 2017 Bliss strted a Wednesday evening special when all drinks are 90 Baht all night.

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2016: Believe it or not

Believe it or not: one more 'gogo' has opened: Bliss, but it remains to be seen if it is really a blessing.

Its location near the Beach Road end of Walking Street opposite Skyfall used to be an Indian restaurant.

The building is separated from the previous location of Beavers (now a pharmacy: Infinity) by a narrow alley.

To be honest: Bliss is not a gogo, but a coyote bar with a couple of naked performers.

(In my not so humble opinion there are not 80 plus gogos in Pattaya, but rather 50 minus.)

The layout is traditional with a cheapo central stage with ten chrome poles of about 1.8 metres high, double-tier bench seating on the left-hand side and single-tier bench seating on the right-hand side.

(It seems to have become a new and probably cheaper fashion not to fix the (shorter) chrome poles to the ceiling.)

negligeeAt Bliss I saw two dancing teams consisting each of fifteen more than overdressed coyotes in white outfits and two naked dancers. After their stint on stage the naked dancers put a black string and a black transparent negligee and started selling shots. (Note that the French word for such a thing is "un déshabillé")

By far most of the coyotes were comfortably over the thirty-year mark and, to use an understatement, all but beauty queens. You will not want to wake up next to most of their worn-out bodies. It looks as if somebody has been scratching the bottom to find the most worthless available females.

On internet there has been a rumour of 1,500 baht barfines, but I could not be arsed to ask.

The waitresses were friendly enough and the music was the usual crap.

Three days after the opening there were way more girls' bums on the bench seating than customers' bums and nobody stayed long.

The drink menus were similar to those at Shark, Fahrenheit, Lighthouse, Mandarin Walking Street, Crazy House and Palace.

Draught beer (not promoted by the greeters) 80 baht, bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

Blue Sky A-GoGo

Walking Street


 Blue Sky A-GoGo

See Fairies Club

Broadway Club

Walking Street: Soi BJ

   Broadway Club

Opened in July 2006 to August 2006. And then September 2006 to March 2007. The venue was previously Las Vegas City & Jacuzzi A-GoGo.

Byblos GoGo Bar

Soi Diamond

   Byblos GoGo Bar

Venue tried as a coyote bar, a GoGo and a pussy tricks venue. Closed in October 2013.


Bypass A-GoGo

Walking Street (Soi Happy)

coyote dancer



2 or 3

 Bypass A-GoGo

A new build GoGo opened on 25th November 2016. It is a new build GoGo at the space that was previously Crazy Beer Bar.

Dec 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour to 10pm 70 70 70 70    
from 10pm 90 150 120     200 - models
150 - dancers

  Review from Dick Farang, November 2016: Worth a detour

On the corner of Walking Street and Soi Happy, where Crazy Bar Beer and before that for many years Best Bar with comfortable rattan armchairs used to be, another mini-gogo has opened: Bypass A-GoGo.

The layout is somewhat unusual.  Along the left-hand side are mirrors and a low, not too broad stage with on the edge nine chrome poles of about 1.8 metres high.

Along the right-hand side are mirrors on the upper half of the wall, high tables and bar stools. In between is bench seating with a good view of the stage.  Anyway, the seating is less cramped than in other recently opened gogos.

The toilets are upstairs.

The dancers went on stage in three teams of about eight each.

About ¾ of the dancers were mostly fat and ugly, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in white outfits, apart from a couple with black shorts or big Fahrenheit tops.

(Note that I have never seen recruiting in front of Bypass A-GoGo, but there is a banner mentioning salaries of 14,000 to 20,000 baht and 10-day contracts at 10,000 baht.)

About ¼ of the dancers were clad in white string or pants bikinis. They would go topless after a while and some of them would strip naked. Surprisingly, taking into account my experiences with recent openings, some of them were even above average.

There were about as many customers as dancers.

The waitresses were fat, friendly and efficient.

I saw a mamasan handing cash to a girl, who had been barfined. I guess the customer had paid everything up front, something I would never do.

The lighting was good and the music not causing trouble.

Although my visit was on the second day of their existence, there was already a foul cigarette smoke stench.

Happy hour 8 p.m. to 10 p.m: all drinks 70 baht.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, all soft drinks 120 baht, lady drinks 150 baht, "model drinks" 200 baht.



Carousel A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond


 Carousel A-GoGo

Long running GoGo closed in June 2010 and re-opened under new management on 1st November 2010. Closed up and for sale in May 2012. Set to become Dream Club A-GoGo in mid 2013.

casino cream club

Casino Cream Club

Soi Diamond
(2nd Road end)

From 8pm


coyote dancer

jacuzzi show

 Casino Cream Club

Opened on 11th December 2013. Ownership connections with Casino Bar opposite. Previously Baron Club. Renamed to Casino Cream Club in January 2017.

Dec 13 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  not available 130-140 110 130  

  News from Ishi, January 2017: Another spin of the wheel

The old Casino Club on Soi Diamond has been gutted and is being taken over by a tailor shop.

But the name will live in. Sister bar Cream Club opposite the original Casino Club has been renamed to Casino Cream Club.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2014: Whale Net Tights

Cream Club (formerly Baron Club) at the end of Soi Diamond had, to my surprise, a couple of customers.

The layout has become even stranger. More than half of the available floor area is not really made use of.

In the front are now three small marble covered stages, one square one and two round ones. The first of those stages has a chrome rail and the two other ones have a chrome pole on them.

Between the leather sofas on the right hand-side are some rather unstable high round tables with barstools.

There is also an unused shower cubicle.

All the girls, many of them rather looking like ladyboys, were wearing stay-up stockings or whale net tights. Their tops were big and some were also wearing camisoles. Occasionally some of them bared their bolt-ons.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.

  Notes, December 2013: Gentlemen's Club

The bar is decorated as per a London gentlemen's club with lavish leather sofas and wood panel decor. There are only 3 dancing stations suggesting that it is hoped that bar will become a meeting point and hangout bar in addition to the GoGo elements.

Soon after opening the coyotes gave way to more traditional GoGo wear.

  News from Ishi, December 2013: First Glance

Cream Club opens at 8pm usually, but it opened after 10pm on its debut night.

The bar has connections with Casino Club and Night Train Bar.

I took only a brief look yesterday, it was almost a coyote bar but it has a shower booth with topless ladies.

Casnovy A-GoGo

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)



 Casnovy A-GoGo

Large table dancing venue with loud dance music. Opened on 26th October 2007. Closed on 16th June 2016 and became a live music venue.

Catz A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

   Catz A-GoGo

Opened in November 2005. Catz renamed to ToyZ A-GoGo in January 2010 but closed in the summer of 2011. Re-opened in December 2011 at a new venue in Soi 14 but only lasted until August 2012.

The Cavern

Walking Street



 The Cavern

Opened 22nd May 2010 taking over the venue from Sisterz A-GoGo. Ownership connections with Baccara, Beach Club, Happy & Peppermint. Closed on 14th November 2012. Now set to become Sensations A-GoGo.

champion 1

Champion A-GoGo

Soi Lucky Star

From 8pm



 Champion A-GoGo

Thai run gogo once noted for rock music but now a pussy tricks show. The bar moved from Walking Street to Soi Lucky Star in March/April 2016.

Oct 2015 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
700 LT
500 ST
happy hour ended         150

  News August 2016: Dark

The venue was report dark in mid August 2016. Open again on 21st August.

  News from Dick Farang, April 2016: Still up to its old tricks

Champion A-GoGo, which reopened on Soi Lucky Star, is still a pussy tricks bar.

I had a quick look and made a U-turn.

  News from Ishi, April 2016: Re-championed

Champion A-GoGo has re-opened on Soi Lucky Star at the venue that was previously The Blues Factory.

A second branch of Champion earlier opened on Soho Square, and staff refer to this as Champion 2

  News from Ishi, March 2016: Moving

Champion A-GoGo has closed at its Walking Street venue but reopened in a new location on Soho Square in th evenue that was previously home to Cedar Club.

The venue has been operating on Walking Street for many years but recently it has slipped into obscurity as far as farangs are concerned as it opted for pussy tricks shows.

The bar also changed its name from Champion A-GoGo to The Champion.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2015: Re-opened

As it started to rain when I was walking in front of Champion A-GoGo on Walking Street, I decided to have a look there.

I had not been there since they became a show kind of bar.

To my surprise it was completely full.

I noticed a short fat waitress with a round face, who has been around for many years.

I saw some pussy trick shows, a lousy lesbian show and then four gogo dancers performing in white bikinis with huge tops.

Unsurprisingly all girls were far below average. It is not a place where you will want to barfine.

For a couple of 20-baht notes the girls would let you touch their tits or put a finger (or more than one finger) up their pussy to prove they were real puying (females).

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

Farangs have free access, but Indians have to pay up front.

 News from Ishi, October 2014: Temporarily closed

Champion has gone dark. This seems most likely to be a police closure following on from the closure of the upstairs bar Spicy Girls in the same ownership. A thuggish bouncer assaulted a customer who had enough clout for the police to take action. This ended up with Champion being raided as it shared a manager with Spicy Girls. re-opened in November 2014

 News from Ishi, July 2013: Oh No Not the Whistles

Champion has been struggling of late and the management have decided to do something different. And unfortunately the new idea is to try a pussy tricks show.

The happy hour has ended and the draft beer is now 85 Baht.

There is an entry charge for people snared by touts which includes a drink. It is still free to those that walk in independently.

 Review from Sedrik, July 2013: Unchampionlike

The bar was very quiet on a late night visit. There were only 2 customers inside, including me.

There were 12 or so dancers, and all of them were full coyote. No topless, no nude, only coyote. And if that wasn't bad enough, the ladies were well below average.

The mamasan said she was trying hard to recruit new ladies, but without success at the moment.

Not a gogo for me.

  Review March 2013: Minimal Dancers

I visited at prime time and there wasn't much doing.

There were 5 or 6 girls dancing in black latex shorts and were mostly topless. None of the girls would be expecting much in the way of barfine attraction.

There didn't seem to much in the way of customer interaction either, possibly out of customer choice.

The bar had a fair smattering of customers, but maybe more to do with inexpensive drinks rather than for the selection of some female company.

This was one of several bars that I visited that were scraping along on a minimal number of dancers. Bars need to offer pretty girls OR interactive fun OR else a show. The prospects look a bit bleak for bars that offer none of these.

  News from Ishi August 2011: Shower

A couple of weeks ago, Champion installed a shower room. It's at the far end of the bar. Two naked ladies take a shower together.

  Review March 2011: Scaling Down

Apart from the cheap drinks the bar doesn't seem to have an awful lot to offer at the moment.

The onset of low season has meant something of a slowdown in this bar. There are still plenty of bars that attract a good trade but Champion hasn't really been one of them for quite a while. It's not really a high energy sort of place and the girls are on the wrong side of average.

The bar is hardly stylish and the facilities leave something to be desired.

At times gone by the girls generally danced nude but now topless is the norm. And the low season reduction in the number of girls means that they are hard pressed to fill the bar's many dancing stations.

This ends up with the girls dancing too much and not really having enough time to take care of their customers.

So it rather ends up a bar with not enough below average girls with not really enough time to take of customers. Hardly the recipe for Walking Street success.

The Champion

Soho Square


   The Champion

Thai run gogo once noted for rock music but now a pussy tricks show. Champion closed on Walking Street in March 2016 and spawned two new bars, one on Soho Square, and one on Soi Lucky Star. The Soho Square venue closed in July 2016 whilst the Lucky Star venue continues.

Circus A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Circus A-GoGo

Closed in January 2006. Became Angels A-GoGo but now a shoe shop.

Climax A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

   Climax A-GoGo

 Closed. The venue became Private Dancer and then Club Electric Blue

Club 69

Walking Street: Soi 15



 Club 69

Now ToyZ. See Below

Club Boesché A-GoGo

Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex


 Club Boesché A-GoGo

Opened November 2005 and quickly became a popular GoGo notable for its range of entertainment including the much copied Jacuzzi. The name is pronounced boo-shay and is named after a US DJ who is a friend of the owner. Closed in Mid December 2011

electric blue pattaya

Club Electric Blue A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

coyote dancer



 Club Electric Blue A-GoGo

GoGo returned to Pattaya after several years away. It returned to the venue that was previously Private Dancer on 1st May 2015.

March 17 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway
1000 LT
700 ST
happy hour 8-10pm 50 small glass 2 for 1 on Leo 2 for 1 2 for 1 on house spirits   165
From 10pm 90 large glass 150 135 140-170

  Review, October 2016: Generating a few sparks

Club Electric Blue on Soi 15 offers a good first impression. It has a good lively atmosphere with lots of dancing girls. And what immediately sets it above many, if not most, Walking Street bars is that it also offers lots of nudity. There were a decent amount of good lookers amongst the crew.

It is easily the most popular of all the previous incarnations that have used the venue over the last few years.

There was plenty of friendly female servers on hand, and maybe to make sure they are adding the hubbub of people milling round, they are banned from sitting with customers. A bit annoying if you would like a more relaxed chat with long time friends.

The bar offers BOGOF offers during happy hour which is something I generally try and avoid. BOGOFF offers get a bit of bad press, at least in the UK, as they either highlight high baseline prices, or else are wasteful to those customers only really wanting one. In this case the baseline prices are just a little above average.

But a good port of call for those that fondly remember GoGos of old that featured bikinis or less as the general rule.

  Review from Dave, October 2015: Now electrifying

I popped into Electric blue on soi 15 last night, it was very busy with everyone having a good time,

All the Girls on the stage near the door were naked, all of them average or better, some very attractive. The best looking Girls were on the second stage , dressed in shorts and bra,

There were lots of Girls working their that I know, so I had a good, if expensive time,

Still the same mamasang Aom, who is very nice,

Naked Girls and cheap beer. A great combination, can be recommended.

  Review from Dick Farang, May 2015: Not yet electrifying

On Soi 15, at the previous location of Private Dancer A-GoGo, Club Electric Blue A-GoGo has opened.

Some days ago the music was so blaring that I could not be bothered to enter, but this time the noise level was acceptable.

The mattress and Jacuzzi have disappeared. There are now two stages with chrome poles, left and right, and fixed high tables with bar stools in between.  Along the front wall and side walls is still bench seating.

Most of the dancers were clad in too big knotted or buttoned white tops and pleated tartan skirts in different colours.  Some (but not all) were wearing bras under their tops and some were wearing pants or strings, whereas some others "went commando" (if that can be said of a girl). Only two or three bared their bosom on stage.

A number of dancers were clad in huge white stretch bikinis with or without underwear, some of them revealing their camel toe. Three or four dancers in black lingerie went topless and bottomless on stage.

All dancers went on and off stage "en masse" and most of them stayed at the same place all the time without moving around.  Most of the dancers were chubby to overweight.

About all the waitresses were fatties, but as much as I hate fat dancers, I like to hug a fat waitress from time to time.

There were some customers, but it was far from crowded and the girls were all but proactive.

Draught beer 90 baht, bottled beers 150 baht, lady drinks 160 baht. I think there are some special offers during happy hour (8 p.m. to 10 p.m.), such as buy one Leo, get one free. Anyway, I do not drink Leo and I usually leave after drinking one beer.

Club Electric Blue appears to have a website,, but it looks a bit dated and virtually only about the Patpong branch in Bangkok.

Club Electric Blue A-GoGo (CEB)

Walking Street


 Club Electric Blue A-GoGo (CEB)

Closed in February 2006. Now Roxy.

Club Electric Blue Jr

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

   Club Electric Blue Jr

Opened February 2006, closed June 2006 and re-opened in October 2006. Closed permanently in July 2007 and is now a fast food joint.

Club Mirage

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

   Club Mirage

Previously Lennie's, then Shooters bar. Converted to Mirage A-GoGo, which operated sporadically from November 2008 until 9th October 2011. Now Baron Club, see above.

Club Mistys neon

Club Mistys

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm

coyote dancer


 Club Mistys

Misty's A-GoGo relocated from Soi Pattayaland 2 to Soi 15 on 9th May 2008. It was also renamed to Club Mistys

April 17 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink takeaway:
-showgirls 2000 after midnight
-coyote 1000 after midnight
happy hour 8-10pm         170 150
small glass
150 95 125

Free 10% discount card is available for customer drinks.

Review from Dave April 2017: Stumbling

A funny thing happened to me on Monday night as I was walking down Soi 15. I tripped up on a piece of concrete, I managed to save myself from falling over by grabbing the Misty's window. In the confusion I went into Misty's by mistake, I thought I'd have a drink anyway. What a mistake, the place was dead.

There were 8 coyote dancers on stage most of them overweight or past their sell by date.  There were 8 more sitting around of no better quality.

There was no interaction between girls punters (2), not even a smile came my way. To make thing's even worse, no check bins, they must keep it at the bar.

The draft beer was not very good. They need to clean the pipes.

The place is dead ,why don't they bury it? I drank up in 5 minutes and went into a decent place.

Review from Dick Farang, April 2017: Remembering the good old days

At Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street not much if anything has improved, but their barfining prices are skyrocketing.

At my latest visit the big majority of the dancers were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes clad in white doing the Pattaya shuffle. There were also five or six dancers in black bikinis performing a lousy show unveiling their upper departments.

By far most of the females were mediocre, but there were also some cute spinners. One of them was Ae from Buriram (number 44, 25 years, 147 centimetres, 35 kilogrammes, two children by two different fathers), not to be confused with the, also tiny, waitress Ae (number 205). She appears to live in Siracha (35 kilometres from Pattaya) with her (probably lazy) parents and her children and returns home every night after work at 4 a.m. with the bahtbus on Pattayatai (10 baht) and a minibus on Sukhumvit Road (40 baht). That is at least one gogo girl who does NOT hit the discos after work to earn an extra barfine-free penny (a popular myth on some internet fora).

mistys good old daysI had been told that the funny and wild, string-showing waitress Wa (number 201) had come back, but I did not see her.

The useless hostesses seem to have disappeared.

The mamasans are still the same, boring Jaan and apathetic Ning, and they seem to conspire to keep all girls inside, which results in five to ten girls per punter. I did not see a manager, but the security man was still roaming the place and even begging for lady drinks.

From time to time there was some (I guess heavily sponsored) toplessness on the bench seating.

After midnight the barfines were still 1,000 baht for coyotes and 2,000 baht for showgirls with them expecting at least 2,000 baht ST.

At Club Mistys girls who are barfined are usually applauded when they leave in plain clothes with their customer, but this time I did not hear or see applause.

Less than two years ago I still could barfine there at 600 + 1,000 baht ST, 600 + 2,000 baht LT or 1,800 baht in-house all-in.

In spite of good memories I am not going back in a hurry. On their still existing website, I found a picture of the good old days.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht now, lady drinks (very small glasses of cola on the rocks) 150 baht.

  News from Dick Farang, December 2016: A new alignment

On Soi 15 Club Mistys has had its façade aligned with that of Sapphire Club next door. I wonder what the empty space behind the new façade will be used for, an eating area for the girls ?

  Review January 2016: 100% Coyote

Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street has become a 100 % coyote club.

There were about twenty dancers in huge black tops and white shorts with underwear underneath. About six of them went on stage for very long dance stints. Some were average, but most were sub-average. Not the slightest nudity.

The music was too loud to allow any conversation.

On Second New Year's Day there were not even ten customers.

I did see Tim, but not Brian, nor the fattest mamasan.

There is still a donation box for the orphans at the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

Bottled Heineken still 145 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2015: Fading glory

Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street seems to be evolving to a faded glory, which is a pity because in the past they used to have fine line-ups and barfineable sweethearts and because the venue has great potential.

At my latest visit there were two dancing teams of six string bikini girls and four coyotes each. They were still rotating one position after each song, but their dancing act was very tame.

I did not see double tops or double bottoms among the bikini dancers, but they were all average at best. No nudity. From time to time one of the dancers would climb one of the tables.

One mamasan was completely apathetic as usual; the other one (the fattest one of the two) was really boring as usual. There were also some old fat hostesses fully clothed in black; I have never understood what their use was.

Some of their waitresses for years seem to have disappeared: funny Wa and tiny Ae. This is a real loss, as those girls really made you feel welcome.

The security man was roaming around as usual, meddling with drinks and bills, which I have always found disturbing.

Brian and Tim were chatting as usual with some blokes at their table next to the stairway, not to heaven, but to the toilets.

There were also a couple of punters, some Asians among them, but nobody stayed long.

IMO they should take away the unused mattresses around the central stage and widen the central stage, perhaps to a square one.

There is still a donation box for the orphans at the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

Bottled Heineken still 145 baht. Happy hour 8 p.m. to 10 p.m.: draught beer 50 baht, bottled beers 100 baht, house spirits 95 baht.

  Review from Dave, February 2015: Better

I popped into Misty's last night to see if new manager Brian had brought about any improvements.

The music and lighting were the same as in New Living Dolls,

There were more topless girls and dancers on the tables.

A much better ambiance than before with 8-10 punters.

So much better, and worth a visit.

  Review from Dick Farang, December 2014: Turnover

At Club Mistys on Soi 15 off Walking Street long-time manager Paul (known as Miserable Paul on certain internet fora) has quit and has been replaced by long skinny Brian (AFAIK ex Living Dolls 1, ex Dollhouse, ex Kiss and ex Blue Lagoon). Tim is still acting as an assistant manager.

At my last visit there were about thirty dancers in yellow transparent string bikinis, several of them topless. Teams of about ten dancers were on the central stage at any time, rotating one position after each song, but the mattresses and the small table-high stages remained empty.

During my visit there were never more than five customers at a time.

As the distance from the bench seating to the central stage is a bit long for a good view, I usually sit on one of the bar stools in front of the small stages.

The music was a bit too loud to my taste and made a conversation virtually impossible.

There seems to be a high turnover of dancers at Mistys, but that is much less the case for waitresses and mamasans.

A girl I talked to told me she had started ten days ago and had worked at The Office A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro before.

There is still a donation box for the orphans at the Camillian Social Centre in Rayong.

And bottled Heineken is still 145 baht.

Club Relaxxx A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex


 Club Relaxxx

Opened November 2010 taking over from Club Sin City, previously Black & White, Taboo and Babewatch. Closed at the beginning of November 2011. Became a coyote bar in December 2011 but has at least recently installed topless girls in the Jacuzzi.  Re-opened as a GoGo on 29th May 2012. Closed again on 11th April 2013.

Club Sin City A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16
(Just off Walking St)

   Club Sin City A-GoGo

Taking over the difficult venue that was previously Babe Watch, Taboo and Black & White. Opened on 5th June 2009 and closed in September 2010. Now Club Relaxxx, see above

Cosy's A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Cosy's A-GoGo

New gogo at the location that was once Magic Palace. Opened 1st November 2009. Closed in early December 2010.

Counter Soho

Soho Square
Walking Street

   Counter Soho

New gogo for February 2009, replaced or renamed to K A-GoGo in March 2009, see below

Coyote Club

Walking Street
(Beach Road end)


 Coyote Club

Opened as a strict coyote bar but eventually added a few bikini dancers to the line up. Closed in February 2015.

Coyotee's A-GoGo

Soi Marine Plaza
(Soi Lucky Star off Walking Street)

   Coyotee's A-GoGo

Bar primarily noted for its erotic shows and standoffish but beautiful girls. The bar opened in July 2005. Closed on the 4th May 2009. Returned later in May 2009 but closed again in early October 2009 following the death of one of the owners, TJ

crazy house

Crazy House

Walking Street
(centre next to New Living Dolls One)




coyote dancer

 Crazy House

Opened 6th June 2014 taking over at the venue that was previously Teazers. There are ownership connections with Lighthouse, Mandarin, Fahrenheit, Tiger and Shark

Aug 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
show girl 2000
agency before 10pm 1500
agency after 10pm 1000
dancers weekend 1000
dancers weekday 700
service 700
happy hour To 9:30pm 70   70     150
  80 135-140 110 130-160 160

  Review from Nikko, August 2014: One of the best A-GoGos on Walking Street

One of the best A-GoGos on Walking Street as of today.

Had a couple of naked girls in the shower (very rare now) and several girls were showing their breasts (wow exceptional).

Waitress were very pushy for lady drink, 2 ugly ladies jumped on me and my friends and immediately the waitress was asking us to pay a drink. The one on me was easily 40, her face was full of wrinkles but her body was still firm compared with the fat pigs in their 20's harboring their 7/11 died on stage! She did a good job at dancing on me, like in the good old days. My friend had to kick his girl out as she was so ugly I could not believe she could work in an A-GoGo. Her body was ok, but her face was disgusting! He switched with one girl with amazing breasts named Da. She was funny, speaking perfect English that she learned at the University and deserved a lady drink.

Overall, even if the experience was 2* compared with 5 years ago, it was the best place we visited that night.

Barfines are 1000 baht, draft was 80 everything else including water +110, lady drink 150 baht.

The music was not so load, and not as crap as in most A-GoGos.

  Review from Dave, July 2014: Well worth a visit

I walked into Crazy House Friday night. There are coyote, Bikini and topless Dancers, and a bathtub with naked girls soaping themselves,

The standard of girl is very high, some of the coyote dancers are stunning.

Well worth a visit.

Coyote dancers 2500-3000 short time and 4000 up long time.

ps; most of the staff seem to have come from Sweethearts.

  Review from Dick Farang, June 2014: Skinny

Last Friday Crazy House opened on Walking Street at the location where Teazers used to be.

It had seating at both sides, eight small round stages with a chrome pole on each of them and a square jacuzzi.

There were bikini, topless and naked dancers and pushy coyotes.

Apart from one or two, they were all far below average, and some looked very skinny in an unhealthy way.

The drink menus looked very similar to the ones at Shark/Tiger/Fahrenheit/Lighthouse/Mandarin.

Draught beer all night at 80 baht, bottled Heineken at 140 baht, lady drinks at 140 baht.

cream club

Cream Club

Soi Diamond
(2nd Road end)

From 8pm


coyote dancer

jacuzzi show

 Cream Club

Opened on 11th December 2013. Ownership connections with Casino Bar opposite. Previously Baron Club. Renamed to Casino Cream Club in January 2017.

Dec 13 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  not available 130-140 110 130  

  News from Ishi, January 2017: Another spin of the wheel

The old Casino Club on Soi Diamond has been gutted and is being taken over by a tailor shop.

But the name will live in. Sister bar Cream Club opposite the original Casino Club has been renamed to Casino Cream Club.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2014: Whale Net Tights

Cream Club (formerly Baron Club) at the end of Soi Diamond had, to my surprise, a couple of customers.

The layout has become even stranger. More than half of the available floor area is not really made use of.

In the front are now three small marble covered stages, one square one and two round ones. The first of those stages has a chrome rail and the two other ones have a chrome pole on them.

Between the leather sofas on the right hand-side are some rather unstable high round tables with barstools.

There is also an unused shower cubicle.

All the girls, many of them rather looking like ladyboys, were wearing stay-up stockings or whale net tights. Their tops were big and some were also wearing camisoles. Occasionally some of them bared their bolt-ons.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.

  Notes, December 2013: Gentlemen's Club

The bar is decorated as per a London gentlemen's club with lavish leather sofas and wood panel decor. There are only 3 dancing stations suggesting that it is hoped that bar will become a meeting point and hangout bar in addition to the GoGo elements.

Soon after opening the coyotes gave way to more traditional GoGo wear.

  News from Ishi, December 2013: First Glance

Cream Club opens at 8pm usually, but it opened after 10pm on its debut night.

The bar has connections with Casino Club and Night Train Bar.

I took only a brief look yesterday, it was almost a coyote bar but it has a shower booth with topless ladies.

casino cream club

Casino Cream Club

Soi Diamond
(2nd Road end)

From 8pm


coyote dancer

jacuzzi show

 Casino Cream Club

Opened on 11th December 2013. Ownership connections with Casino Bar opposite. Previously Baron Club. Renamed to Casino Cream Club in January 2017.

Dec 13 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  not available 130-140 110 130  

  News from Ishi, January 2017: Another spin of the wheel

The old Casino Club on Soi Diamond has been gutted and is being taken over by a tailor shop.

But the name will live in. Sister bar Cream Club opposite the original Casino Club has been renamed to Casino Cream Club.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2014: Whale Net Tights

Cream Club (formerly Baron Club) at the end of Soi Diamond had, to my surprise, a couple of customers.

The layout has become even stranger. More than half of the available floor area is not really made use of.

In the front are now three small marble covered stages, one square one and two round ones. The first of those stages has a chrome rail and the two other ones have a chrome pole on them.

Between the leather sofas on the right hand-side are some rather unstable high round tables with barstools.

There is also an unused shower cubicle.

All the girls, many of them rather looking like ladyboys, were wearing stay-up stockings or whale net tights. Their tops were big and some were also wearing camisoles. Occasionally some of them bared their bolt-ons.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.

  Notes, December 2013: Gentlemen's Club

The bar is decorated as per a London gentlemen's club with lavish leather sofas and wood panel decor. There are only 3 dancing stations suggesting that it is hoped that bar will become a meeting point and hangout bar in addition to the GoGo elements.

Soon after opening the coyotes gave way to more traditional GoGo wear.

  News from Ishi, December 2013: First Glance

Cream Club opens at 8pm usually, but it opened after 10pm on its debut night.

The bar has connections with Casino Club and Night Train Bar.

I took only a brief look yesterday, it was almost a coyote bar but it has a shower booth with topless ladies.



dclub card

DClub A-GoGo

Walking Street


DClub A-GoGo

DClub closed at the beginning of the year after a short attempt as a nightclub. The bar has now returned to life as DClub A-GoGo. It re-opened on 16th February 2017.

The venue was previously home to Tiger Lounge/Club A-GoGo

March 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
  79 150       165+

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2017: D-

Upstairs from Walking Street, where Dclub and before that the short-lived tomboy club and Tiger Club A-GoGo used to be, DClub A-GoGo has opened.

In the middle of the left-hand side is still the white DJ desk and in the back is still a lounge with sofas. Left of the entrance is a bar counter and in the middle are two central stages, each of them surrounded with eight chrome poles of about 1.80 metres high.

The bench seating on both sides looks comfortable at first sight, but appears to have been conceived for people with extra short legs. Left and right of the DJ desk are black cubes that can serve as small stages.

As was the case in the Tiger Club A-GoGo days the mixed toilets are still outside.

All dancers were overdressed coyotes clad in black, in quality varying from average to plain ugly. On each of the main stages were about six of them. Not the slightest nudity.

The mamasan looked like a ladyboy and perhaps was one.

Some girls were trying to sell shots.

The music was shitty and too loud.

The lighting was very bad, probably on purpose. From the rear disturbing laser beams were blinding the public.

There were not many customers and most of them were Asians.

Nobody seemed to buy lady drinks, let alone pay barfines.

On internet I read somewhere the lady drinks are from 165 baht, the barfines from 1,000 baht ST and the birds' fees from 2,500 (!) baht ST. Draught beer 79 baht, bottled Heineken 150 baht.

Diamond sign

Diamond A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

coyote dancer

 Diamond A-GoGo

Medium sized bar specialising in shows. Closed and up for sale in March 2015. Re-opened by the 'Casino Club Team' in September 2015 but closed by December 2015. Re-opened on 19th June 2016 under the original ownership.

June 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:

  Review from Dick Farang, June 2016:  Same as before but more clothes

Diamond A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has indeed reopened.

At first sight the basic layout looks the same as at the previous incarnation: a spacious central stage with chrome poles and black bench seating around.

On the right-hand side is a white fixed table now with black bar stools behind it, which I have never noticed before.

They appear to share a fire exit with Katoeys Are Us in the black hole on Soi 15 between Club Mistys and Club Electric Blue A-GoGo.

Although there is a lot of seating and there were only a fistful of customers, it was difficult to get seated as there were too many girls' bums claiming all the available space.

The ratio girls/customers must have been between ten to one and twenty to one.

The standard outfit of the coyotes were a pink top and a black latex bottom, both with underwear underneath.

There were also some pushy fatties in black lingerie trying to sell shots of tequila. The average quality of the females was substandard.

No nudity.

The music was blaring, louder than before.

I think I saw a former manager of the defunct Gentlemen's Club, also on Soi Diamond.

Nothing has improved compared to the previous incarnation of Diamond A-GoGo. It does not help having large numbers of overdressed sub-average dancers instead of showing some quality and, please, some flesh.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.

  News from Ishi, June 2016: Re-opening

diamon back entrance Diamond; re-opened as planned on 19th June.

The bar now has a back entrance from Soi15. The right half wall on the photo is the wall of Club Mistys.


The Dollhouse A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 15




coyote dancer

  The Dollhouse A-GoGo

The GoGo re-opened on Soi 15 on the 7th December 2015. It was previously located on Walking Street until it closed in 2013.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour 8-10pm 45 small glass   2 for 1 2 for 1 on house spirits   170
  100 large glass 150 135 140-170  

  Review from Dave, March 2017: Kiss and tell

I popped into the Dollhouse on Saturday night.

A very pleasant experience. There were very attractive girls ranging from Coyote Dancers to nude.

There were 2 very attractive and slim Girls in the large bath who were not shy in showing their pussies, or letting punters feel and kiss them.

The Girls on the stage came over and introduced themselves,

Well worth a visit.

  Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: Re-imagined

Between Soi 14 and Soi 15, at the premises that over the last years have been more often closed than open, a new gogo has opened: The Dollhouse.

They seem to be connected with Club Electric Blue A-GoGo on Soi 15, but I am not sure if there is a link with the defunct Dollhouse on Walking Street.

The main entrance is on Soi 15 opposite Babydolls A-GoGo and the emergency exit is on Soi 14 next to Secrets Bar.

The ground plan is more or less a trapezium with the bar counter on the Soi 15 side, single-tier seating and some smaller stages with a chrome pole on each of them on the long side and very spacious double-tier seating on the two remaining sides.

The central stage is broad enough with a total of 18 chrome poles around it and a fireman's pole.

There were two alternating teams of over twenty dancers each who went on stage for not too long dance stints and stayed at the same place all the time.

In one team most of the girls were naked or topless.

In the other team most of the girls were clad in double-topped and double-bottomed huge ugly bikinis, many of them in violet colour with the word Dollhouse on the back of the pants.

On average the dancers were below average.

The music was loud and monotonous.

Shortly before midnight there were ten customers at most.

Bottled beers 150 baht, draught beer 90 baht, lady drinks 160 baht.

  Review from Dave, December 2015: Dolls undressed

I popped into Dollhouse on soi 15 Monday evening.

It's a large A-GoGo with good seating, although it was full and I was partially unsighted by a pillar.

There were lots of Girls, mostly average or slightly better. Dress was optional and most were naked.

Most of the Girls were from other A-GoGo's like Sweethearts.

Music was good.

Draft Beer 45 baht for happy hour 8-10pm

Everyone was having a good time. I will go again.

The Dollhouse A-GoGo

Walking Street

    The Dollhouse A-GoGo

Medium sized gogo featuring a revolving stage. Ownership connections with Living Dolls Showcase. Expensive lady drinks. Closed towards the end of January 2013. Re-opened in December 2015 on Soi 15.

Dream A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex

   Dream A-GoGo

Opened in summer 2011, previously ToyZ A-GoGo. Closed end of October 2011. Now Pe Pe Club.

Dream Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond



 Dream Club A-GoGo

New GoGo opened on 24th July 2013, closed in June 2015 and became Maxine's Club



Eazy Room A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 15

   Eazy Room A-GoGo

Opening date set for 13th August 2011 but this was cancelled at the last minute. Previously Fun Room. Eventually re-opened under new management on 19th December 2011. Intermittent opening foretold closure by March 2012. Now Noody's Beer Bar.


Walking Street



GoGo opened 27th March in the venue that was previously Coyote Club. Closed in April 2015 and then became Fairies Club, but that has closed too.

 News from Ishi, April 2015: Dark

Dark on 20th April. Staff suggested that the bar has now closed

  Review from Ishi, March 2015: 10pm

I visited at 10:15pm on 28th March. My bill number was 17.

I counted 3 teams and 38 dancers on mamasan's board. Each team dance for 20 minutes. I saw 2 topless dancers and other 36 were all coyotes.

I know that the management has been changed but everything is almost the same as Coyote Club.

The draught beer was 69B.

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2015: Midnight

Europe has had its solar eclipse on 20th March 2015, Asia is going to have its solar eclipse on 9th March 2016 and on Walking Street Eclipse (no gogo/club/lounge addition, only a Thai phonetic transcription) has opened on 27th March 2015 at the location that used to be Coyote Club and Silver Star 3.

Not much, if anything, has changed since its previous incarnation. The most striking detail is the absence of chrome poles.

The first section still functions primarily as a walk-through area with some dancers on stage on the left-hand side and some bench seating on the right-hand side.

The second section has two stages with three to five dancers on each of them, (too high) bench seating on the left-hand side and two rows of small sofas on the right-hand side.

All dancers were clad as coyotes in huge yellow tops and black bottoms, double tops and double bottoms that is. Some dancers were average, but most of them were sub-average. No bikinis, no nudity.

Before I get attacked once more by Pattaya Addicts (as happened after my Kaos review): I was sober, I was wearing my glasses and the lighting was sufficient to distinguish stretch marks.

Whereas most places are packed at (re)openings and the first nights after, Eclipse was virtually empty on Saturday night shortly before midnight and only one night after its opening. Apart from me, the only other customers were a bunch of hooligans; I did not enquire about their nationality.

The music was too loud and the DJ was playing what he liked most, but that happens at many places in Thailand.

I wonder if this place, which is even markedly worse than its predecessor Coyote Club, will survive for long.

Bottled Heineken was 145 baht (same as Peppermint), a bit steep for the kind of venue.

Electric Blue

Walking Street Soi 15


 Electric Blue

See Club Electric Blue above



Fahrenheit sign

Fahrenheit A-GoGo

Walking Street

Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 5th place

coyote dancer




 Fahrenheit A-GoGo

A gogo from the makers of Shark and tiger opened on 12th November 2010.

Nov 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
1500 all night
1500 (1000 late)
1000 LT, 600 ST

300 + Barfine

happy hour to 9:30 70   70 70    
from 9:30 80
130 100 100-140 150 125-180

  Review from Dave, March 2017: Flashy

I popped into Farenheit but popped straight out again because it had flashing lights over the Stage, which my eyes do not like.

  Review from Dave16, October 2016: Pretty good line up

I visited about 9.00pm.

Few customers but a good line up of pretty girls, about 16 on stage at a time. Rotation about every 5 minutes with new girls before same girls return again in different outfits. Topless dancing periodically although without a great deal of enthusiasm. A few of the ladies more into it than others though.

I had no intention of taking a lady so left after about half hour.

Serving staff friendly and did not hassle for drinks, always a plus in my book.

  Review from Dave, July 2015: Not bad

I popped into Fahrenheit last night around 10pm.

There were 16 dancers and 5 punters. 9 of the Girls were Coyote, 6 topless dancers and 1 Bikini dancer.

Some the Coyote dancers were stunning but unfortunately they were only interested in looking at themselves in the mirrors.

There were 2 fat waitresses, who constantly asked me for ladydrinks, which I declined to buy,

One of the topless dancers had massive natural boobs but did not no how to smile. A couple of Girls did smile at me and 2 of the lesser lights did come over.

Music slightly to loud.

Probably better if you're a regular but not bad.

  Review from Mike of, February 2013: Justifiably Expensive

Fahrenheit was relatively empty when I was there this week; I'm not sure if that was a fluke or if the higher prices are keeping people away. They do have a draft beer special at 80 baht but the rest of the drinks are about as pricey as you'll find.

It's a nice place and it's very comfortable. They have well spaced out seating surrounding the stage which is in the middle of the club. There were about 12 girls working, all dancing either topless or nude. Half of the girls in there had Barbie Doll bodies which may or may not be your thing. I was more than a little surprised by this when I first went in because I don't think I've ever seen such a high percentage of bodies quite like that in one place. There were two dime pieces in attendance that night; about as good as it'll get. There were also a few other very pretty girls as well so overall I'm sure the talent that night could have competed with just about any other Gogo in Pattaya.

I'm not in love with the attitudes on the girls, they were a bit stiff and seemed to be rushing through their drinks. They were just a little too professional, but the hotter girls tend to have attitudes like that anywhere you go. I'm sure the two stunners in there would charge ridiculous rates for st/lt. I'm also sure they could be negotiated down a bit. I just didn't have the opportunity to get quotes from the stunners but I would expect to pay 3,000 and up depending on what kind of mood they're in.

So while the prices are high, this keeps it from being packed and the place is really cozy. It's also one of a very short list of places you can go where you're likely to see a gorgeous girl. This kind of place has appeal to the certain kind of guys and I would certainly go again.

  Review March 2012: Well Developed Customer Appeal

The bar has built up a good following and is usually pretty full.

The success is built on an above average team of dancers. The bar also seems to have developed a speciality for busty dancers.

There were about 10 girls dancing and perhaps another 10 waiting their turn. The girls were dancing in dress codes from coyote to topless.

The atmosphere was lively and most customers seemed to be enjoying themselves. I felt perhaps there were too few girls for hostessing duties but otherwise all seemed well.

There were a couple of girls doing the rounds with a tray of tequila shots but they did not seem unduly pushy.

  News from Ishi, August 2011: A Change of Rotation

Until November, the dancers were split into 2 teams, and each team danced for 20 minutes. Whilst dancing the girls did not rotate around the stage.

From December, the pattern changed a little. The teams still dance for 20 minutes, but half way through their set, the girls at the front and back switch their position to the opposite end of the stage.

I enjoyed this change because I was able to get a look at more of the dancers.

  Review November 2010: Manic

I visited on a very busy Friday night and the bar seemed pretty packed with customers.

The bar is smaller on the inside than perhaps you would expect from the outside. There is comfortable bench seating around the sides of the bar and stools at stage side. And for future expansion there is an upstairs area not in use on my visit.

There is a narrowish central stage running the length of the bar and it had plenty of decent looking dancers amongst the 15 on stage. 12 out of the 15 were bikini clad but 3 girls at the front were baring all, perhaps they were show girls.

At a change of shift all of the dancers departed the stage and were replaced by another team. So plenty of girls on hand.

Several girls were entertaining customers so it looks quite a friendly place too.

I found it a rather manic atmosphere lots of girls milling round being shooed out of seats as customers were piling in.

Actually at a toilet break I realised that the bar was not as crowded as it first appeared as the bank end of the bar was deserted. There were a couple of reasons for this, all of the naked girls were strictly pinned to the front end of the stage, no doubt to give a good impressions as customers stepped through the door. Views from the back end of the bar were strictly bikini clad.

Also the stage side seating seems to block the passage ways a bit (like Iron) so it is a little bothersome to push past everyone to the seats at the back.

The drinks prices are in the reasonable range for a lively bar and there is the traditional cheap draft.

Anyway the bar has worked up quite a lively atmosphere in a relatively short space of time so all bodes well.

Fairies Club

Walking Street

   Fairies Club

A New GoGo opened on 18th July at the venue that was previously Eclipse A-GoGo. It only lasted until the 28th September 2015. The GoGo had no sign became known as the No Name GoGo, or else Blue Sky A-GoGo, named after the owning company who also have Casnovy A-GoGo.

Fantasia Show Bar

Walking Street: Soi 14
   Fantasia Show Bar

Bells and whistles showbar closed in June 2007. Now merged into What's Up.

Fantasy GoGo

New Simon Beer Bar Complex
Walking Street

   Fantasy GoGo

Very small gogo opened in October 2009, closed in the first week of November 2009. Re-opened in May 2011. Didn't last long.

Follies Pigalle

Walking Street
   Follies Pigalle

Now Club Insomnia.

Frog Queen GoGo

Frog Queen

Walking Street

From 8:30pm

coyote dancer


 Frog Queen

New GoGo associated with Frog bar opened on 5th January 2017. Closed in February 2017.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
2000 models before 12
1300 models after 12
1600 dancers before 12
800 dancers after 12
happy hour to 10pm 59         260
from 10pm 80 150   180  

  Review from Dick Farang, January 2017: Price Jump

On Walking Street, right of Frog's Bar and probably connected to it, a nameless gogo has opened. Ishi suggests that it is called Frog Queen Super model.

It is narrow and cheaply laid out with a central stage with four chrome poles, double-tier seating on the right-hand side and single-tier seating on the left-hand side.

The seating and very narrow unstable tables in front of it are of the poorest quality I have ever seen in a gogo.

lip shaped pastiesMost of the dancers were clad in white coyote outfits, but there were also some in white string bikinis who went topless on stage, two of them wearing pink lip-shaped pasties. Most of them were rather tall, too fat and silicone enhanced.

Very loud music and disturbing laser beams.

I got a drink spilt over my clothes, not sure if it was because of a clumsy movement by a waitress, a mamasan or the customers sat behind me.

BEWARE: I had to insist and wait to receive my change.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 210 (!) baht, model drinks 250 (!!) baht

Frozen A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

 Frozen A-GoGo

Renamed as The Sea, see below

Fun Room A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15



 Fun Room A-GoGo

Small gogo opened in March 2007. Closed in March 2008. Re-opened  on 12th June 2009. Re-opened early August 2009. Dark again February 2010.



Gentlemen's Club

Soi Diamond


 Gentlemen's Club

The GoGo bar replaced Super Model A-GoGo in November 2007. Convenient rooms. The previous Insomnia prefix was dropped when the Insomnia group sold the bar in October 2008. Went coyote only over the turn of the year 2010/2011 and is now also known as Blue Bar or GC Club depending on which sign they are showing. Closed again in February 2015 before re-opening in June with management connections to Glass House A-GoGo. This incarnation lasted until March 2016.


Ginza A-GoGo

Walking Street

From 7:45pm

coyote dancer


 Ginza A-GoGo

Opened 15th October 2012.

Oct 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour to 9pm 79         160
from 9pm 125 95 145-150  

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Rip Off

A friend and I popped into Ginsa on Tuesday night.

We were immediately pressured to buy Lady Drinks for several girls and waitresses. I rebuffed these requests but they don't like taking no for an answer and kept asking.  When the answer was still no the drinks turned up anyway.

Paul my friend thought I had ordered them and I thought he had, neither of us had. A real Rip Off Joint to be avoided.

  Review from Dave, October 2014: Chain drinking

I was in Walking street last night after the storm. A girl I know named Ying called me over to her agogo. It's called Ginsa.

It is a small narrow place with very uncomfortable seating but with some attractive girls, mostly coyote, but some topless.

Drinks are expensive at 80 baht for draft and 160 for Lady Drink. There is a lot of pressure put on you to buy lady drinks and when Ying had finished her drink the waitress hovered in front of me waving the glass under my nose. I declined to buy another one.

A place for tourists rather than us poor ex-pats.

  News August 2014: Closed on police orders

The bar was ordered to close for 60 days and re-opened around 17th August. However sister bar Ginza II failed to re-open on its appointed date and both bars are now reported to be up for sale.

  News April 2014: Coyote Bar

No dancers wearing bikinis or less have been spotted since September 2013. Nudity later spotted in April 2014.

  News from Ishi, June 2013: Upstairs

Ginza now has some bottomless dancers on the upper floor. The upper bar is used when the ground floor is full. It's a  good job as the downstairs bars is coyote only.

   Review from Mike of, March 2013: You could do worse

Ginza has a Japanese theme but they spent about as much money on their theme decor as a dragon roll would cost. There are more important things to worry about than having an impressive look though.

It's a very narrow club, almost uncomfortably narrow. There is an upstairs room but after enough girls get barfined they close it down, figure by 1AM every night.

They had a draft beer special and the girls seemed reasonable enough with their prices, so you're not going to get hit hard in the wallet here.

The girls were very fun, but I can't say the talent was any better than average and it could have been slightly below average. The girl I spent some time with was cute and had a great body, she was by far the prettiest girl there when I was there, but she was 30. I could care less and I even prefer a girl who is 30 over 20, but this should give you insight about where their recruitment stands in the pecking order. The best looking girl they have there, they probably only have her because of her age.

I won't give a bad review for a place with good service, decent prices, and fun girls; and Ginza certainly has all three. You can have a good time there and if you wind up there one night while you're Gogo hopping you'll be fine. But the roster isn't great and the place isn't comfortable, so it's not a place you have to see.

Ginza II

Walking Street


 Ginza II

Glasshouse became Ginza II on 14th May 2014. Closed after a police raid in July 2014. Now Glass House.

Glamour A-GoGo

Bali Hai
Walking Street (south end)


 Glamour A-GoGo

Opened early November 2012. Intermittent opening. Became Glamour Club, a nightclub, in March 2013 which later closed.

glass house

The Glass House A-GoGo

Walking Street

coyote dancer


 The Glass House A-GoGo

A new GoGo opened on 16th February 2013 with Japanese and US connections. It closed in May 2014 and became Ginza II on 14th may 2014. It re-opened under new management on 1st September 2014.

March 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
2500 before midnight
    140-150 110 140-160 160 150-220

  Note from Dave, March 2017: Flashy

Be aware that Glass House has flashing lights over the stage.

  Review from Dave July 2015:Mostly coyote

I popped into The Glass House on a Wednesday night, quite a pleasant experience.

The Girls were mostly Coyote Dancers, with a few topless Girls. There were some extremely attractive girls on show.

Everyone very friendly.

  Review from Berat, May 2015: Prices up but better girls

I was told that the barfine before midnight is 1500 baht. It was 800 baht 1.5 years ago, what gives? After midnight the barfine is lowered to 1000 baht. Still too much imo.

But that is only the icing on top of the cake. Girls ask for upwards of 5000 baht for long time, if I recall correctly it was actually 5500 for long time and 3000 something for short time... You could get so many beach road hotties for that much money. 

Drinks are really expensive, seemed like everything was fixed around 150 baht.

I walked in at 21.45 On may 25th and my bill was numbered 7. The bar was not crowded at all. I think they are trying to make up for the lack of customers by overcharging everything.

I stayed inside for around an hour and during that time almost nobody came in. Also, this bar has changed a lot in the past 1.5 years. The entire cast of dancers have been replaced with a nicer looking bunch. And the amount of dancers have been increased as well. The staff doesn't pressure you into buying drinks like they used to do in the past and neither do the girls.

  News August 2014: Re-opened

The bar has now re-opened under its original name Glasshouse. It is under new management and now has ownership connections with Wildcats.

Gothic GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

   Gothic GoGo

Gothic themed gogo opened in November 2007. Closed by February 2008. Now Ezy Bar.

g-spot frontage

G-Spot Pattaya

Walking Street




coyote dancer

G-Spot Pattaya

GoGo opened 6th July 2016. Ownership connections with Club Electric Blue and Dollhouse.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour to 10pm 45 small glass     2 for 1 on house drinks   170
  100 large glass 155 135 140-170  

 News from Dick Farang, January 2017: A strange place to find the G-Spot

In The Windmill Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond I saw a for-sale notice for G-Spot Pattaya on Walking Street.

  Review from Dave, November 2016: Hitting the spot

I popped into G-spot on Saturday night, quite a pleasant experience.

Their are 2 stages, nearest the door had Coyote dancers, some very attractive and not over dressed, and the stage at the back had naked Dancers, most of them attractive. There was also a mat with naked girls on.

Everyone was very friendly and the Girls came round to the Punters.

Draft beer in large glass was 99 Baht and lady drinks 170. Barfine is 900 to 1100 depending on the Girl, and boom boom is 3000 short time.

Worth a visit.

  Review from Dick Farang, July 2016: Not yet hitting the spot

ready to dropOn Walking Street G-Spot Pattaya has opened, right of Sugar Baby A-GoGo.

The interior is rather traditional for a gogo.On both sides is comfortable red plush single-tier seating. There are two stages with chrome poles around and chrome gym rings in the middle. Behind the first stage is small counter with some bar stools.

On the first stage were teams of eight to ten mediocre, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes. Some of them were wearing a pleated skirt and white boots.

On the second stage were teams of eight to ten topless and naked dancers. Most of them were shapeless, some looked ready to drop.

Two nights after the opening, shortly before midnight, there were fewer than ten customers and nobody stayed long.

I did not see any interaction between girls and punters.

The lighting was adequate. The music was the usual crap.

Bottled Heineken 155 baht, draught beer 90 baht (after happy hour I guess).

Guugle Show

Walking Street


 Guugle Show

Started life as a coyote bar but there are now a few topless dancers. Previously the bar was Powers Club and City Man. Closed in March 2013 and is up for sale.



Halo Club

Walking Street


 Halo Club

The venue was previously Snowice coyote bar and then GoGo, Voodoo A-GoGo, and the Nok beer bar complex. It is now SkyFall A-GoGo.


Happy A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Happy

From 8pm


Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 2nd place

coyote dancerHappy sign


 Happy A-GoGo

Eternally popular gogo with pretty girls and a no hassle policy

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour to 9:30 69
small glass
130-140 85 85   150
from 9:30 115 140-165

Note that any visible cameras are retained at the door. Also there is a notice saying that mobile phones cannot be used in the bar. Showgirls cannot leave before 10pm.

  Review from Dave, February 2017: Happier

I popped into Happy on Tuesday night. It was much improved with some new topless girls and a lot of the old Girls back. I only counted 15 Coyote Dancers.

There was good music, as always, and a good atmosphere. Let's hope the improvement continues and it gets back to normal, which was the best a-go-go in Pattaya.

 News from Dave, December 2016: Coyote unhappy

Popped into Happy A-GoGo, although It's debatable if it warrants that title much longer.

There were about 40 Coyote Dancers, they came on the stage one after the other. Most of them were not even attractive. It was over 1 hour before a Bikini dancer made it to the stage.

It was only half full and Punters did not stay long, no one appeared interested in the coyote dancers. Only a couple were sitting with punters, consequently there was little atmosphere.

The Show Girls were good as always.

One to miss if you're looking for sexy women.

 News from Dave, August 2016: Unhappiness returns

Bad news the Coyote Dancers are back in Happy A-GoGo. Over 20 of them. I complained to a senior member of staff and he laughed and slapped me on the back.

 Review from Dave, July 2016: Happier

I was in Baccara last week and a Dancer I know called Bang said that the coyote dancers had gone from Happy. Oo I ventured back their last night, and I'm glad to say she was right,.

It was really rocking last night and it was hard to find a seat. All the topless and Bikini dancers were back, and  the showgirls were on form. So a good night was had.

 Review from Dave, May 2016: Coyote Happy

I popped into Happy last night, it was terrible. The Stage was full of Coyote dancers wearing large black pants and even larger black tops. To make things worse, the Girls were only leaving the stage one at a time.

I said to a member of staff, Is this an a-gogo? but he did not understand. Another 10 Coyote Dancers were waiting to come on the stage. It took over an hour for the all Coyote dancers to leave the stage. Eventually some topless girls came on, but 40 mins later the Coyote Dancers were back, so I left.

At the end of my first beer I thought about moving to Baccara but I was in Baccara on Saturday and there were about 12 Coyote Dancers their but it was not as bad because the Girls were moving across the Stage very quickly.

What I don't understand is, who thinks Coyote Dancers are what the public wants?

It isn't.

  Review from Dave, September 2015: The Roof A-GoGo

I was in Happy A-GoGo last night and there was lovely young Girl called Poppy, sitting next to me. She was being barfined by a chinaman, I saw him count out 6 x 1000 Baht notes and give it to the waiter.

I asked another Girl,Pocky,about it and she said it was 3000 short time and 5000 baht long time, she said older Girls can be cheaper.

45 mins later as I was going to Sweethearts, I passed Poppy on her own walking back towards Happy, She smiled and waved, I don't know where the Chinaman was.

But the Price of Boom Boom is going through the roof and the Happy group are very busy apart from Peppermint.


Waling Street





Table dancing bar opened on 10th April 2014. Closed in February 2016.

Harem Club Flatrate

Soi Diamond



Harem Club Flatrate

Part GoGo, part short time bar. Opened on 3rd August 2013. Previously B4 Club. Closed in August 2014.

Heaven Above frontage

Heaven Above A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 7:30pm
Dancing from 8pm
Shows from 10pm

Slow until the shows start
Facebook Page


Beware of toilet tips

 Heaven Above A-GoGo

Lively bar packed with pretty girls who are often criticised for being picky. There are luxurious convenient rooms at the Galaxy Suites above the bar.

August 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
- 1500,1500,900,800,700,600 before 1:30am
- 800,700,600,500 after 1:30am
Barfine depends on salary

500 + barfine

happy hour to 9:30 50 100-115 50 50 125
from 9:30 65 130-140 95 95+

There is a pre-pay card to keep drinks at 90 Baht each if you buy 10. Also card to keep track barfines then buy 6, get 1 free. Over peak season girls are not allowed to be barfined in their first 2 hours at work. The welcome staff have free drinks vouchers to give away.

  News September 2014: 10th Anniversary

The bar has a 10th Anniversary celebration on 12th September 2014.

  Review February 2012: Savoury

A bit of rare visit as I have had little success with the girls. However the bar provided a pleasant environment for a beer.

There were about 10 girls on stage and a couple on show podiums, albeit one of them just on the ledge around the side of the stage. The show girls were more or less naked with just a negligee for decoration. The dancers were bikini clad or topless. The girls were a little above average and several of them were playing the audience well with a few smiles, and maybe checks for interest in a lady drink later on.

The service was notably good, with the little bonus of the girls bringing around dishes of savoury popcorn.

I reckon this rates as one of the better 'watching' bars, but when it comes to something more interactive, then there is a knack that I haven't found yet. Some customers had found the secret though, so maybe just me.

  Review June 2010: Specialist

Heaven Above is perhaps a little different to most Pattaya GoGos and has developed its own style.

It features a central stage full of attractive girls. They operate in two teams. There's the GoGo dancers who do a very long and slow advance round the stage. They wear their own choice of dance attire ranging from quite a lot to not much at all.

There's also a second team of negligee clad girls who occupy one end of the stage, the low brick wall around the stage, and a couple of small side stages.

The main stage is low and the bar is not large, so most seats get a good show.

The subtle difference though, is more to do with the interaction between the girls and customers. Customers who sit quietly will probably get left well alone. Even customers signaling over a girl may well get short shrift too. The trick seems to get into more of a party frame of mind. The chances are that the girls will pick up on the vibe and take it from there.

Not a bar for everyone but it has enough fans to keep it lively late at night. Can be very slow earlier in the evening.

  Review from Materialsman, Oct 2009: Marxist Mindset

One of my favourites is Heavens Above. Once more it didn't disappoint me, some honey's here as always, they seemed to be having some sort of Daisy Duke thing going amongst the staff, you know the look, tiny denim shorts, check shirts tied at the waist, straw hats etc. and very nice it looked too!

I know some of the show girls here have a reputation of bad attitude, but frankly I have never had a problem with any girl from here, maybe through my very persona, I dress reasonably well, I'm not a complete 'fugly', and I treat the girls in my company well. Hey, maybe I have become a member of the Heavens Above clique that some guys whisper darkly of, that's an amusing thought, I've always held on to the Groucho Marx mindset towards belonging to clubs and cliques.

  Review October 2009: Pretty in Heaven

I tend to visit the bar for a hassle free beer that makes for a pleasant backdrop whilst planning the evening.

The bar is attractive with a white theme. There is a fair sized central stage and also a play mat area towards the back of the bar.

There are always a goodly amount of girls on the stage and they are an above average crew. The dancing girls choose their own attire and how much or how little they are happy with.

There are also a few girls, maybe classed as showgirls, who wear negligees. They seem to hold dominion over the raised step around the edge of the stage.

The girls have a very long dance roster rather suggesting that the bar is for watching the girls rather than interacting with them. Well that's my excuse anyway, the girls never seem very interested in me.

  Review by Pattaya Today: Night March, April 2009: Tight Butts

For me, and others I know, Heaven Above has the number one position as far as sheer number of small-bodied, tight-butt dancing damsels is concerned.

The den has also introduced a theme-style night as far as clothing goes, with girls in schoolgirl-style uniforms one evening and then cowgirl tops, shorts and hats the next, and so on.

  Review from Pattaya Talk, April 2009: Interaction

Has always provided a great breed of fare for the eye but an improvement has been made in recent times; that improvement is in terms of interaction, the ladies seem much more willing to gyrate in your direction

  Review from Materialsman, Dec 2008: Stunning Girls

Always one of my favourite Pattaya spots, and one that recently had come in for a little criticism on another Pattaya Forum.

Again the Bar was busy. I think my Heineken was again 120 baht, could have been 110, not really sure.

I did however have a brief chat with the Manager, an affable enough young Aussie chap, who was desperately trying to sell me on the idea of purchasing a special discount drink card for the minimal sum of 850 Baht, which was guaranteed to eventually save me money on my drinks. Sorry, I’m sure it is a good deal but not one I am going to go for while out having a good time and in a fairly incapacitated state, seemed a bit like a Time Share sort of deal.

As for the eye candy on view, well again recently there has been criticism of the line up, but I have to say I thought there were some stunners on show, whether or not they have pussies made of gold that pee pure Pinot Noir, and a stuck up attitude to match, I can’t really say, they certainly seemed friendly enough to my advances, and when I walked out of the club at around midnight there were fifteen very attractive hard bodied girls lined up totally buck naked on stage, and more circling the stage, what’s wrong with that scenario, I mean what more could you desire? The service staff were attentive, and some comely wenches amongst them too.

All in all, still one of the top go-go’s in Pattaya with some stunning girls, in my humble opinion.

Highway Star A-GoGo

Beach Road
(Pier Entertainment Complex near Walking Street)

   Highway Star A-GoGo 

Relocated after closing in February 2006 at the venue that is now Sweethearts A-GoGo. Closed in June 2008.

Honey A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Honey A-GoGo

Honey was replaced by Sisterz A-GoGo in September 2007, see below

Hooty's A-GoGo

Walking Street


 Hooty's A-GoGo

Pussy tricks show bar. Closed as a GoGo in June 2011. re-opened as a show on 5th October 2012. Moved venue to the old Roxy's in June 2014. Closed by June 2015.

Hot Girls

Hot Girls A-GoGo

Walking Street

Reports of a discriminatory 400 Baht entry charge (inc 1 drink)

Danger: Men working undercover



jacuzzi show

 Hot Girls A-GoGo

Standard gogo with a bells and whistles show. Thai Ownership connections with New Star & Nui's Club 2, Pinky Girl & Rock Girls

Apr 09 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
-showgirl 800
  65       110  

  Review April 2009: Asians Agog

The gogo still tries to be both farang friendly and Asian coach party friendly. But on my last visit the bar was pretty near full of Asians looking agog at the razor blades being drawn from a girl's pussy.

One is tempted to be a bit dismissive of such non-erotic shows but the bar surely had more customers than some of the farang oriented gogos in town.

Whilst the bells and whistles shows continue on one stage there is a girl soaping herself in the Jacuzzi. Its not geared up to allow for much customer interaction though.

The beer prices are kept at reasonable levels for the pay as you go farangs with draft at 55 Baht.

It is very much like its sister bar, Playgirls, just down the street but this one is probably the better due to having a few more attractive girls.

  Review Oct 2008: Pretty Hot

The bar is pitched at Asian tourists in that there are no drinks prices advertised by the welcome staff who are also there to charge unsuspecting visitors an entrance charge. As always the bar is free to farangs.

But the strange thing is that it is a perfectly good bar for farang customers too. There is a cheap draft beer at 55 Baht albeit in a small glass. The lady drinks are also in line with other bars at 110 Baht.

There are some pretty dancing girls and they are happy to pop over for a chat. No undue hassle and I had a perfectly pleasant stay.

There is a bells and whistles show but it is at least simultaneous with a pretty girl soaping herself in a Jacuzzi. The shows alternate with dancing and the girls just dance 2 songs. No sooner did my drinking partners say I go dance, and she was back by my side.

Probably mostly down to my pretty hostess, but I well enjoyed my visit.

  Review Jan 2008: Not Recommended

Entrance 600 baht + 1 drink free. Girls were taller and more beautiful, only topless. but the girls were more demanding and ripped off about 1000 baht from us. I don't recommend this place to anyone. seating arrangements too were poor.

  Review Dec 2007: Schizophrenic

The new layout of the bar is the fashionable white theme complete with Jacuzzi. The bar have recruited a few pretty girls to take good advantage of the shower show.

However the bar is still persisting with the bells and whistle show. But the focus of this is a stage towards the back of the bar.

On my visit though, the bar had not yet succeeded in attracting people to watch the shower show. There was just me enjoying the pretty girls of the front stages. A coach party of people were crowded around the old stagers doing their bells and whistles thing on the back stage.

It was fine by me!

  Update from Ray, Nov 2007: Renovated Hot Girls

The bar's had a makeover rather similar to Noi's and is much improved.

The front stage has replaced by seating which has all been upgraded to comfortable white benches and there are now two smaller stages in the middle of the bar, one for dancers, one for the shower show.

The rear stage still has the occasional bells and whistles show.

Worth a look.

  Review May 2007: Off the Radar

The bar seems to warrant hardy a mention in the Pattaya forums so it was time to go and take a look for myself.

The bar is long and very narrow with a couple of side stages on opposite sides. Some seating affords very poor viewing of the stage.

There were about 20 girls of which at least one was katoey. They weren't a bad looking crew. Three were dancing on the first stage and more dance on the second stage if there are enough customers to move down into the seats overlooking that stage.

Perhaps the most striking reason for the lack of farang comments is that most of the customers are Asian. It seems that bells and whistles shows identify that a bar is targeting Asian customers.

There is a menu card on the tables that advertises fixed rates for bar fines, rooms and short time rates for the girls.

Didn't spot anything bad about the is just that there are so many better bars nearby.



Illusion Pattaya Club

Walking Street: Soi 14 & 15


 Illusion Pattaya Club

Large white themed nightclub like gogo opened in October 2008. Same owners as the previous Top Girls. It soon fell back to the bells and whistles show concept but closed in March 2010.

Images A-GoGo

Soi 16, Covent Garden

   Images A-GoGo

Opened May 2006 and closed in October 2006. Now demolished to make the back way into Soho Square

infinity front

Infinity A-GoGo

Walking Street

coyote dancer



 Infinity A-GoGo

Opened on 8th September 2014.

Nov 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
800 Baht
  not available 135 100-110 130-160 200

 News from Dick Farang, June 2016: Temporarily dark

The Go Go was dark on 21st June 2016. It soon re-opened though.

 Review from Dick Farang, April 2016: Infinitely worse

Infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has indeed reopened, but it had better remained closed.

The only positive thing I noticed is that the seating has become less uncomfortable.

Just in front of the left-hand bench seating are now ten identical white plastic cubes, serving as stages, with a chrome pole on each of them.

In front of the right-hand bench seating is now enough space left for walking, which was problematic in this narrow gogo.

The dancers were average at best. Half of them were clad in white and half of them in black. Over 90 % were overdressed coyotes, many of them in camisoles. Even the scarce bikinis were huge. No nudity.

The last two stages remained unused.

The lighting was inadequate and there were very disturbing light beams.

The music was too loud.

One girl who apparently started five days before could only say What is your name ? and One drink for me.

There were not many farang customers, but there were some Asian cigarette-smoking bell ringers.

Bottled Heineken 135 baht, down from 140 baht.

 News from Ishi, April 2016: New management

Infinity A-GoGo has reopened under new management.

 News, March 2016: Not so infinite

Infinity A-GoGo has been dark for a couple of nights for reasons not yet clear.

  Review from Dave, December 2015: Infinitely small G-string

I Popped into Infinity on Monday night,

There were around 10 girls all attractive, bikini and topless.

The girl opposite me was small and very attractive, wearing a bikini. She was pulling her very small G-string down and showing me her very nice pussy and putting my hands on her Breasts,

A very nice experience.

  Review from Dick Farang, September 2014: Infinitely Narrow

Infinity menuInfinity A-GoGo has opened on Walking Street at the previous location of the Italian restaurant L' Italiano.

It is under Hot Girls A-GoGo and opposite Sweetheart's A-GoGo.

In the porch on the left-hand side against the staircase of Hot Girls A-GoGo is a small stage with two chrome poles and two dancers on it.

This gogo is rather narrow inside.

On the left-hand side near the entrance is a long bar.

In the middle is a central stage composed of a series of higher and lower perspex cubes with lighting inside and a chrome pole on each of them.

The seating on both sides is not deep enough to be comfortable.

On the left-hand side most of the seating consists of a kind of square pouffes along the wall with small cheap tables between them.

In the back on the left-hand side are a small similar stage, the DJ booth and the rather spacious toilets.

The lighting level is better than at most gogos.

There were five dancers on stage that went on stage one at a time, which I prefer.

They were all clad in stilettos and silver sequinned bikinis, most of them in strings, but some of them also in shorts and/or big tops of the same material.

The average quality of the girls was slightly better than what I usually see at openings.

Most girls had a very poor command of English, but knew at least two words: one drink.

I did not see any nudity apart from a dancer who was ordered by a mamasan to unveil her enormous bolt-ons.

A 35-year-old fatty had worked at Silver Star on Soi 8 previously.

There were waitresses and effeminate waiters (a trend started by Coyote Club on Walking Street).

I was told the barfine is 1,000 baht.

Draught beer 80 baht all night, bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 140 baht

Insomnia Gentlemen's

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

   Insomnia Gentlemen's Club

Insomnia Gentlemen's Club replaced Super Model A-GoGo in November 2007. The Insomnia prefix was dropped in October 2008 when the bar was sold. Now known as Gentlemen's Club, see above

The Iron Club sign

The Iron Club

Walking Street

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking

Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 4th place


jacuzzi show

 The Iron Club

Opened 1st October 2009. Previously Republika Disco. Expensive drinks but noted for its acrobatic pole dancing show.

March 2017 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  85 185 95 160-185 195

  Review from Dave, March 2017: Expensive drinks

I popped into the Iron Club Monday night. What a terrible place with very loud music.

The place is as big as a barn. 2 very large stages and an unused Bath take up most of the space, with very awkward seating round the walls

It has no atmosphere and not many punters to fill the large area.

A few nice looking girls, 3 I'd seen before elsewhere.

With expensive drinks, lady drinks are 195.

  Review from Dave July 2015: Loud, cramped and average

I popped into The Iron Club on Sunday night. I must admit it was a very forgettable experience. The Music was very loud, the seating is very cramped  and the girls very average.

  News August 2012: Pole Dancing

Iron is impressing many at the moment with an acrobatic show on the poles.

  News December 2010: Bangkok Models

Iron Club have added Bangkok models to their line up for the last few months. However from December (running until next February), things have changed a little.

An Iron-Mama confirmed that the previous stable of models has been replaced with higher-end models. For typical Western-born Pattaya visitors, the upgrade is really a downgrade.

While the previous models danced topless, the new dancer wear pasties on their breasts. And, unlike the previous models, these ones positively do not go with customers, at any price. You can, of course, buy one a Super Model drink, but it will cost you 250 baht for a small Coke.

Following the Walking Street trend, these new high-end models are aimed at the Russian couples, Koreans in pajamas and those content to just look and not touch.

  Review July 2010: Pumping

I've been meaning to take another look for a while now but, for obviously good reasons, the bar has always simply been too full for my tastes.

But for my latest visit I tried earlier about 10ish and it was about a third full. I sat in the middle of the bar so as to report on all the stages.

The front stage was filled with about a dozen girls in a very square military formation. They were all bikini clad except when the got to the last position, they would generally take off their tops. There were some good looking dancers but not exclusively so.

The middle Jacuzzi had a couple of girls doing the Jacuzzi thing enjoyed by a couple of ringsiders. This was not the most popular spectacle. The star stage seemed to be the back stage where the lookers were. There were usually 4 girls half dancing and half doing the usual play stage antics. They were rotating through clothing from bikinis to none.

I was well looked after by a front stage dancer who proved very diverting company. All totally hassle free and without stupidities like lady cocktails. We did have to shoo away an old mamasang who bizarrely thought she may be able to contribute something to our private proceedings.

Actually for the price of the 120 Baht lady drink or two, the girl was excused dancing duties for quite a while, at least until the bar filled and their weren't enough spare ladies to take up the slack.

All in all the visit was a complete success with the only minor gripe being the music volume making verbal conversation a bit of a strain. Still my drinking partner had gotten used to this, and developed an easy to understand tactile body language that got most necessary messages across.

  Warning from Pattaya Forums: Expensive Lady Drinks

Rapid success seems to have been too much of a temptation and there have been a fair amount of complaints about the bar appearing on Pattaya forums.

Particularly prevalent are very expensive lady drinks turning up without the customer asking for them or being told about how expensive the drink being asked for (up to 240 Baht!).

  Review by Materialsman October 2009: No Iron Hoofs

Next to the popular Airport and has a similar layout and some smartly dressed Hello girls outside, although they don't really maintain the concept throughout the staff like Airport. As discussed on various forums, the Club is unfortunately named for some London based Brits, Irons being a word associated with gays, in Cocker'nee rhyming slang, iron hoofs = poofs, fortunately there are only women dancing here.

I have read that the layout is not conducive to sitting in comfort, and I have to agree, having been trodden on a couple of times while people passed by, but it makes good use of the limited space and sort of opens out the further back you go near to the now standard Jacuzzi areas where girls were soaping each other and whipping buttocks with gay abandon. It's pretty smart inside the Club, though the quality of dancing girls left a little to be desired, but it is early days and there is time for it to get better, a sprinkling of beauties though, not all farm fresh awkward shufflers, and the Tequila girl was to die for.

I had a girl target me pretty quickly, I put that down to my beautiful new Hawaiian shirt rather than my visage, so I humoured her for a while until she went to dance/shuffle and finished my beer and made my escape, as her conversation was sadly lacking, must have been new to the scene. Can't remember the drink price, I think around 125 Baht for the bottle, reasonable enough for Walking Street, but currently I could only award a 7/10 due to the standard of girls, but I will give it another try next time, I liked the décor.

  Review October 2009: Iron Awe

An impressive looking venue with a surprisingly large, high ceiling interior.  There is bench seating down both sides of the bar.

The iron theme is perhaps a little cold, but it looks pretty good. The bar is basically long and narrow with 3 stages.  Nearest the door is a gogo stage for 9 dancers. The dancers were wearing a uniform with a futuristic theme and a short blouse garment covering the shoulders. The uniform allows options for either a bra or topless.

The girls were a pretty good selection considering the early days of the bar. But they were dancing an extremely long dance stint of 9 songs. Obviously the bar is hoping for a Happy style audience with watchers rather than those wanting the company of a girl. The trouble is of course, that not many bars can command the quality of Happy, and this bar is not yet one of those select few.

The dancing girls weren't being the slightest bit friendly in terms of seeking out lady drinks and the like.

The middle of the bar has the now inevitable Jacuzzi with 2 girls at a time soaping themselves down. There are stools surrounding the action.

The back stage is quite elaborate with a raised platform and maybe a small rotating platform. The stage was occupied by 2 girls performing a more energetic dance than the standard gogo fare.

The service staff were also wearing smart uniforms, perhaps Air Port Club have set a new trend in motion.

It is early days and the bar wasn't working too well on my visit. Customers were only staying for a single drink. I rather think the dancers uniform will soon be dispensed with as, whatever people claim, less clothes is best. No reason why uniforms for service staff shouldn't continue though.

And if the bar does take off though there is an issue with the layout. There is not really enough space to have stools down the side of the main stage as well as it being a major thoroughfare to he back stages of the bar. There's likely to be all sorts of bumping and barging, surely not a good idea for somewhere where people are likely to be a little drunk after a few beers.





K A-GoGo Wonder Girls

Soho Square
Walking Street



 K A-GoGo Wonder Girls

Failed Counter Soho soon replaced or re-modelled as K A-GoGo in March 2009. Closed 1st August 2009

Katoeys R Us

Soi Diamond + Rear exit in Soi 15.

  Katoeys R Us

Ladyboy GoGo took over from Spanky's A-GopGo in November 2015. Beers are 170 Baht as of May 2016.



Lighthouse A-GoGo sign

The Lighthouse A-GoGo

Walking Street

From 8:30pm

Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 9th place




jacuzzi show

 The Lighthouse A-GoGo

Opened on 20th January 2012. Connected with Fahrenheit, Tiger & Shark

Nov 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
1500 agency coyotes
1000-1400 dancers Fri-Sat
900 dancers Sun-Thu
600 ST
happy hour to 10:30 60 60 60 60 150 180
from 10:30 70 125-130 100 100-140

  Review from Dave, March 2017: Waiting for Pitt

I popped into the Lighthouse on Monday evening. What a disappointment!

There were 10 Coyote Dancers on the stage and 10-15 sitting around. Some of them were attractive some stunning. I made eye contact with none of them,

The waiting staff looked like they'd been to a funeral.

As I was leaving a very attractive girl, sitting by the door, smiled at me. I said it's too fucking late now, why didn't you come over earlier? I got no reply.

I Guess they were waiting for Brad Pitt to arrive?

  Review from Dave, July 2014: Well worth a visit

I popped into the Lighthouse on Thursday evening, they have a new bathtub feature with 2 naked girls washing themselves down.

The selection of girls is one of the best in walking street, with bikini, topless and naked girls, most of them very attractive,

staff very friendly, well worth a visit

  News, July 2014: Rework

The bar has had the builders in who have lowered the central stage and installed a Jacuzzi.

  News February 2012: Prices

Drinks prices fall back to Tiger/Shark/Fahrenheit levels.

In particular, discounted happy hour drinks are now 60 Baht instead of 70. Outside of Happy Hour draft beer is now 70 Baht instead of 80.

Agency coyotes in addition to the 1500 barfine are reported to be charging 2000-2500 ST and 3500-4000 LT.

  Review January 2012: Sardines A-GoGo

The connections of this bar must be well happy. It was pretty near full and yet there were hardly any girls. There must have been about 4 guys for every girl.

The bar is quite small with a narrow central stage nestling between two sides of bench seating. There are also a few stage stools down one side.

There were 5 girls dancing and just 3 hostessing whilst waiting to dance. There were a couple of very attractive girls amongst them and the whole crew would qualify for a fair few barfines each month. Most girls were topless and the rest were wearing bikinis. Thankfully no coyotes.

But it was amazing that there was a steady stream of customers coming in to jammed into the few available bench seats by the bar ushers. To be fair though there was an equally rapid stream of customers departing after one drink.

I assume the bar has somehow tapped into the market of the multitude of passers by who are not really into gogos, but would like a quick look see.

The drinks prices are similar to sister bars Tiger/Shark/Fahrenheit but the draft beer is 10 Baht more expensive at 80 Baht (70 Baht in happy hour).

  News from Ishi January 2012: Opening Day

The GoGo opened with about 15 dancers of which 6 were dancing at a time. Most were bikini clad but some were topless.

Limmatquai 80

Soi Diamond

   Limmatquai 80

Lady boy bar which closed in January 2010 to make way for Spanky's

living dolls 1

Living Dolls 1

Walking Street

From 8pm

coyote dancer




 Living Dolls 1

Popular bar featuring a multitude of girls.

Sep 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
LT 1500 
ST 1000
happy hour to 10pm 59 small glass Chang 79 79 House 79 140 140
150 coyote
from 10pm 145 95 95-115

  News from Dave, September 2015: Price hike

There has been a hike in barfines which are now 1500 LT, 1000 ST. Some nice girls though.

   Review from Dick Farang, July 2015: Re-living Dolls 1

Living Dolls 1 on Walking Street has indeed reopened after some renovation.

The layout is still the same, but the small dancing podium/bath/jacuzzi has disappeared.

The most visible signs of renovation are the new black upholstery of the bench seating and of the bar stools and the new (or repainted) black tops of the tables.

The toilets are still as makeshift as before.

There were eight dancers on stage with two of them going on and off stage after each song. I counted one (1) huge topless dancer and eight (8) bikini dancers, many of them with double tops and/or double bottoms. All the other regular dancers were overdressed coyotes.

Some looked cute enough, many average and some plain ugly.

There was also a show team (I guess) of five strippers, several of them well over forty years old.

Barfine 1,000 baht with even the ugliest ones wanting 2,000 baht ST.

The waitresses were still clad in the same uniforms as before and were friendly enough to return even small change on a tray, which is often forgotten at many gogos nowadays, what I call automatic tipping. You happily tip those sweethearts.

Bottled Heineken 145 baht.

 News from Dave, July 2015: Reopened

Living Dolls One has re-opened.

You'd be hard pressed to see the renovations. New lighting and a lick of paint on the stage and some new seating.

Some nice looking new girls and no Coyote Dancers.

 News from Dick Farang, June 2015: Closed for renovation

Living Dolls 1 A-GoGo on Walking Street opposite Happy A-GoGo has closed and it looks as if the builders are in.

  Note from Dick Farang, November 2014: Friendship

In Friendship Supermarket on Pattaya tai (the big one with the car park), not precisely a mongering venue, I saw a short, slightly overweight girl whose outfit was skimpier that that of the average coyote.

She said her name was Raat, that she was 28 years old and had worked at Living Dolls One on Walking Street. She even gave me her phone number; her name she spelt as Rat.

The security people of Friendship Supermarket seemed very interested in this strange bird. To my personal taste she had too many tattoos and piercings.

  Review from Dave, September 2014: Lively

I popped into Living Dolls one on Tuesday night, it was very lively.

Half the girls were Coyote Dancers but their shorts are very small, some are cut away to show most of their bum.

The showgirls are very attractive and come on every half an hour so you get frequent nudity.

A nice place to have a beer.

  Review October 2011: Body Paint

New Living Dolls is a long running and successful GoGo, that in style and popularity, sits a notch just below the Happy group GoGos.

It is farang run and is therefore aware that the best customers are repeat customers. The drinks & barfine prices are reasonable and the bar is well run ensuring that there are no worries about hassles and other silly tricks that some other bars get up to.

There are enough girls in the bar to have about 10 girls on stage at any one time. The slow procession of GoGo dancing is punctuated by frequent shows. The shows aren't choreographed, just girls making a bit more of an effort than the usual dancers, with a few variations such as body painting.

In terms of interaction with the girls, the bar is similar to the Happy group. Customers won't get asked unless they signal their interest to a girl. Then the girls are more than willing to oblige in partaking in a lady drink or more.

The bar was doing a good trade without being particularly full. Perhaps better than most given the low season visit.

  Review August 2010: Business as Usual

The bar seems to be marking time nicely perhaps to be ready for a good high season when the perennial visitors will flock back.

The basics of plenty of attractive girls and an efficient staff, along with friendly managers should hold them in good stead.

The drinks prices seem to be creeping up though, but there's a good happy hour and the cheap draft beer is retained for the whole evening.

My main low season gripe is that the show is a bit insipid, especially compared with the 'good old days' a couple of years ago.

But on the whole the bar is pretty much business as usual.

  Review April 2010: Better than Ever

Thanks also to Pattaya Ghost

I stopped by at a prime time on a weekday evening and the bar seemed better than ever. I seated my self down on the comfortable bench seating, and before I knew it, a beautiful showgirl was bouncing on my lap. Actually I've know her for a long time so it was hardly an accident.

Whilst I was enjoying myself immensely, I rather think that my good fortune was not exactly perfect for the bar. The reason I say its better than ever, is that it is not quite so jam packed as it was a year ago. Then I would have had to put up with a stool and would have had little chance of finding an unoccupied girl free to lavish such considerate care.

The bar is still doing well though, with a good amount of customers and plenty of girls.

The shows have taken a bit of a strange twist. The popular full-on lesbian shows have been dropped. Replacements seem to be mostly fully clothed affairs. Even more bizarrely, the girls were taking off their clothes just as soon as they de-staged, returning to rejoin their drinking partners in the more traditional gogo attire of very little.

I picked up a little bit of gossip there too. Apparently the managers have been trying to keep a log of girls and their monthlies. Whilst being entirely sympathetic with the umbrage taken by the girls, one has to wonder if perhaps days off weren't being sneaked in a little too often.

Anyway enough of the tittle tattle, there were plenty of other more sensual pleasures awaiting to be enjoyed by the obliging girls.

  Review October 2009: Not So New

The bar has had a little time to settle down after a change of management so time for a quick review.

There have been a few changes to the bar. The unused Jacuzzi has been removed in favour of a small dancing podium. The seats have been reupholstered but in essence the bar looks more or less the same as before.

I also heard that the new owners has dropped the new prefix and refer to the bar as Living Dolls One.

There were the usual extensive team of gogo dancers with about 12 on stage at any one time for a dance roster of 6 songs. There is also a team of showgirls who take to the stage for various lesbian antics and the like. There are plenty of attractive girls on show.

Unsurprisingly the new management have made few changes to the operation of the bar. If anything the bar has improved for me, as a couple of girls bounded over for a bit of good taking care.

I am anticipating a return visit to the bar more than I have for a long time.

  News July 2009: Dolled Off

The bar has been sold and the new owners George and Simon will be at the helm from the 1st August 2009.


Living Dolls Showcase

Living Dolls Showcase

Walking Street

From 8pm

Facebook Page

Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 6th place

coyote dancer


 Living Dolls Showcase

Very expensive bar notable for erotic shows with beautiful girls (many of whom don't go).

Feb 17 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-dancers 2000
happy hour ended           160
  not available 165 130 155-185 220

  Review from Dave, January 2015: A pretty bunch

I came out of Happy on Tuesday night and as my Arthritis was giving me a bit of gip, I took a stroll down walking street, I got as far as Living Doll Showcase and a Girl I know, Mae, called me in. It is not a venue I normally visit as it has no cheap Draft Beer.

I was very impressed by the Coyote Dancers, you would have to go a long way to find a prettier bunch. The topless show Girls were also very attractive, no chubby girls here.

Mae is very cute and I bought her a drink and one for her friend who was stunning.

The music was good and not too loud.

Well worth a visit, but you need long pockets. Cheap charlies keep clear

  News May 2014: Police closure

The bar was closed by the authorities for 60 days after under-18s were found dancing during a police check.

  News October 2013: Coyote

The bar seems to have given up the shows and is now mostly a coyote bar.

  Review from Mike of, February 2013: Not Going Back

The prices are still absurd here; 145 for the cheapest bottle of beer and no draft.

Other than the servers, I was getting the cold shoulder from most of the girls. The topless girls on stage weren't great and I found out that their ST bar fine is 700 and their LT bar fine is 1000. None of them were worth that and the 1,000-2,000 for their fee.

There were a few attractive girls in there who had their tops on and they called themselves Coyote girls on this particular night, with a 1,500 baht bar fine. They were pretty, but not enough to justify that high of a bar fine; and presumably a ridiculous ST/LT rate.

In my opinion this place needs to make an adjustment if they want to have any regular clientele.

  Review from Pattaya-Addicts May 2010: Soft Soapy

They had some soapy show going on the stage but the girls kept their pants on, so it didn't do that much for me to be honest.

In the past Showcase had some attractive show girls, so this helps to justify high drink prices, but none of the girls on stage at the time I was there were particularly outstanding.

  Review from Pattaya Secrets December 2009: Some Beauties

Living Dolls Showcase had some beauties both on show and walking around, no mystery why there are so many bums on seats in that place, some stunners but not half as many as there were in Happy a Go-Go.

  Review March 2009: Friendly Reception

I visited the bar at a prime time of about 11pm. The bar was enjoying a sizeable crowd who seemed to be enjoying the shows.

The format was for a few show numbers on the central stage, and then a few numbers of when all the gogo dancers would take the stage. The stints were not too long which is always good in my opinion.

I have a feeling that the bar doesn't really target hardened Pattaya gogo fans though. The shows are choreographed but not outrageously sexy. In the few numbers I saw the girls were a bit shy and kept their knickers on throughout. Good looking girls, but their reputation of being not so keen to go with customers diminishes the attraction somewhat.

The gogo dancers were average (which of course is pretty good in Walking Street). Again they were a bit shy, with only a couple of the dozen on stage, taking their tops off.

The bar seemed to excel in meeting and greeting, lots of happy long lost friends seem to be re-uniting with girls and staff from previous visits. My service girl was well friendly too.

I can't say I was impressed by the dancing girls hunting lady drinks in twos though. It always telegraphs to me a money grabbing attitude rather than the desire for a one to one hook up.

I would suggest that this is one of the better bars in Pattaya for farang couples. They can enjoy the friendly reception along with the cabaret style show without it being too outrageous.

As a rather hardened pleasure seeker though, I found the entertainment to be marginally sexy, and the drinks prices way too expensive at 135 Baht for a bottled beer.

Lollipop A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Lollipop A-GoGo

Opened on 9th November 2007. The venue was previously Amazon, then VIP Club & GoGo. Lollipop closed at the beginning of November 2012.



Magic Palace A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Magic Palace A-GoGo

Opened on 31st Dec 2007. Closed in March 2008. Now Red Square

manadarin walking street

Mandarin Walking Street

Walking Street
(at corner of Soi 14)

from 8:30pm


coyote dancer

 Mandarin Walking Street

A new GoGo from the makers of Tiger/Shark/Fahrenheit/Lighthouse opened on 1st October 2012.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
2000 models
1500 agency coyotes before 10pm
1000 agency coyotes after 10pm
1000 dancers Fri-Sat
700 dancers Sun-Thu
happy hour to 10:30 75 75 75 75 150 200
from 10:30 80 135 110 100-140

  Review from Dave, September 2015: Drinks pressure

I was walking past Mandarin about 9.30 last night, when a Girl I know, Lek,called me in.

There were about 40 Girls, mostly Coyote, 2 nude and 3 topless, some very attractive.

There were two punters.

I ordered a draft beer and a lady drink for Lek. We had a second round and when Lek finished her drink the waitress asked me if I wanted to buy Lek another drink.

I said not at this moment, when the Mamasang came over and said, if I didn't buy her a drink, she had to go and dance. I said this was a very Bad Rule and would not be coming back. She ignored me. I paid the bill and had 300 change to come but the waitress did not want to give it to me,

A nice ago-go ruined by a Bully Mamasang and pushy staff.

  Review, January 2013: Conformity

I stopped by at peak time in peak season.

The bar was nicely decorated, but the Mandarin theme is entirely incidental. The more memorable 'theme' is that it is more or less exactly the same as the sister bars of Shark, Tiger, Fahrenheit and Lighthouse.

There were quite a few dancers, maybe 8 or 10 on the central stage. It was an unimpressive line up, almost entirely filled with coyote dancers. They have though reduced the coyote uniform down to tiny shorts and a solid bra. (Why can't agency girls dance in bikinis anyway?).

Not much to write home about but things did look up after a change of dance team. The replacement team were nearly all gogo dancers in bikinis and less. A far more attractive bunch or girls.

There were 2 dance teams in the bar, switching after an overly long set. I don't know why the teams were split, one coyote, one gogo. Surely it would have been better to mix them up a bit and ensure that there was a little nudity at all times.

The Mamasang was Ms Tina Turner who was doing her usual firm but fair job. She was being particularly  firm with a customer, ensuring that he knew there was to be absolutely no negotiation down from the mandatory 2000 ST/ 3000 LT dictate. Her pencil was jabbed into her notepad several times to affirm that this is what her rule book demanded.

Overall it is another totally generic bar in the successful family. It has very little individuality or character, and will live or die almost entirely according to the quality of the girls on stage.

  Comment from Ishi, October 2012: Opening Night

Everything is almost the same as other Shark Group GoGos. However the dancers were rather over-dressed.

I counted nearly 30 dancers on the stage in the 2 teams. I saw no bottomless dancers, and just a couple of topless dancers.

Marilyn A-GoGo

Beach Road

   Marilyn A-GoGo

Closed in Feb 2006. The site was redeveloped and is now shops.

Maxine's Club

Soi Diamond


 Maxine's Club

Took over from Dream Club on 8th June 2015. Closed in July 2015.


Walking Street

See Baron Club above

The Moon Club

Walking Street
(corner of Soi Diamond)



 The Moon Club

Very expensive show bar opened on 9th July 2011. Ownership connections with Rocket show bar. Closed in January 2017 and now looks set to become a restaurant.

Moonlight A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex


 Moonlight A-GoGo

Opened 16th November 2013 taking over from Club Relaxxx, and before that, Club Sin City, Black & White, Taboo and Babewatch. Closed on 16th January 2014 but re-opened on 28th August 2014. Closed again in October 2014.



Naughty Girls frontage

Naughty Girls

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 8pm

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking

topless  Naughty Girls

Renamed from Vixens in Jun 2006. Convenient rooms

March 2017 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  65 135 95 130  

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2017: Pretty Naughty

Inside Naughty Girls on Soi Diamond was more activity than one would have expected from outside.

The interior has remained unchanged for years.

There were two teams of about five dancers each clad in black bikinis, some in strings and some double bottomed. About half of them were topless and I saw some nice bodies and some nice natural racks.

There was a steady flow of customers. A more-than-drunk Japanese was buying trays of tequila shots for the girls.

Pity of the cigarette smoke.

I was told the barfine was 800 baht, the girls expecting 1,500-2,000 baht ST and 3,000 baht LT.

Bottled Heineken 135 baht now.

  Review from Dick Farang, June 2014: Naughty Girls Hiding

At Naughty Girls on Soi Diamond I saw 10-15 dancers, most of them overdressed and overweight and some of them hiding in corners.

Two of them went topless and two others were wearing a transparent skirt without pants.

The waitresses were friendly however.

For most of the time I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht.

  Review January 2012: Low Key

This GoGo must be the most low key in walking Street. It hardly ever gets a mention on the forums.

It's certainly not a high energy bar, nor is it hand's on, it hasn't got the prettiest girls in town, nor has it a show, there's no sign of a Jacuzzi, no play area, and there's certainly nothing to complain about with the drink's prices. In short there's little to say about the bar.

It has a traditional centre stage, with girls in traditional gogo attire, doing the traditional Isaan shuffle.

At least there's usually a few decent looking girls in attendance.

Not bad, not good, not naughty, just misunderstood.

  Review January 2011: Sanctuary

If life is getting a little hectic at Walking Street's high energy GoGos, and you fancy a moment of quiet reflection then Naughty Girls is the place to go.

You can enjoy a relaxing beer in your own company, secure in the knowledge that nobody will do anything that could possibly impinge on your personal space.

And there is an attractive setting for your quiet contemplation. The venue features modern, nicely styled decor and there are several attractive dancers on the central stage. The girls provide a pleasant background, but thankfully they never attempt to move into your foreground, lest they disturb your peace.

So having supped your beer, you can emerge from the venue, relaxed and composed, ready to head back into the high energy fun of Pattaya nightlife.

  Review July 2010: Moderate

Naughty Girls continues its very traditional approach to GoGo.

The bar has a narrow central stage featuring maybe be 10 girls dancing at a time. They do a very slow rotation of one girl per song making for a way too long 10 song dance session. There are generally some attractive girls and they dance either topless or bikini clad.

There is comfortable bench seating around 3 sides of the square bar.

There is a cheap draft beer at 55 Baht.

The bars main drawback is that it does not seem to have a found a good way to hook the girls up with customers.

Perhaps they seek to emulate Super Girls next door, where the girls don't make the first move and wait for their number to be called by a customer. Most customers in Super Girls are happy to bide their time over a few beers whilst making their choice. But Naughty does not quite attract the top notch level of girls required to make this mode of operation work. Naughty ends up with a very moderate mix of an uninspired show and not very interactive girls.

  Review February 2010: Symmetry

There's a certain symmetry to Soi Diamond, with the two centre bars on either side of the beer bar isle being somewhat bereft of ideas. (And often, customers)

Naughty Girls is not too far off the mark. It is an attractive bar with a central stage. There is comfortable bench seating around the sides of the bar. There are table dancing positions set amongst this seating, but it is rarely used these days.

On my last couple of visits there have been some very attractive dancers on show too.

There's a 55 Baht draft beer and other drink prices are in line with Pattaya norms.

The flaws that I see are that the girls dance a very long stint, which is usually a cue to depart for anyone waiting for a particular girl.

Secondly in common with neighbours, The Sea and New Star, the bar seems to think that the most attractive girls should be given the onerous job of sitting by the door. If it were my bar, I would assign them the job of sitting with customers instead. Better to get at least a few customers with as smile on their face, rather than concentrating on getting people into the bar only to leave them lonely and bored.

  Review June 2009: Middling

Now a very traditional gogo with not really much going on except the stage full of girls. The bar still seems to err by having too many girls dancing and not really enough on hostess duty. But better ratios then about a year ago.

There are about 10 girls on stage and most are bikini clad with a few topless. Probably about average for Pattaya but that means there are several that are attractive. The dance roster is too long and if your girls says I go dance, then the best reply is: ok I go check bin.

From what I have seen recently the bar is struggling for customers. I've not really helped out much by staying for a second drink, I have been ignored, double teamed and targeted by the bar oldie.

The draft beer is reasonably priced.

The bar is not a million miles away from getting it right but at the moment is does not seem a roaring success.

  Review Jan 2009: Naughtier and Better

Things seem to have improved at Naughty Girls. The bars has recently abandoned its policy of making all available girls dance and there are now a few that available for a chat.

Also a general air of happier girls may also have led to a few more of them taking their tops off for dancing. The unrevealing black boob tube that they used to wear has mostly been left in the changing room where it belongs, and small standard bikinis are now the norm.

I am told that the lady drinks are now more tightly controlled and customers are no longer stung for the expensive cocktail. It is hard to check this out though as I make such a point of ordering a standard lady drink that I am unlikely to get the girls trying it on.

In fact I was very well looked after by a friendly hands on dancer and would have been tempted to stay longer if it wasn't for the still overly long dance roster of about 7 songs.

New Living Dolls One

Walking Street
   New Living Dolls One

Listed as Living Dolls 1, see above

New Player A-GoGo

Soi Diamond
   New Player A-GoGo

Previously The Roof. New Player closed in December 2005. Became Tiger Club A-GoGo, see below

New Star A-GoGo

Also known as Silver Star 3 A-GoGo

Walking Street



 New Star A-GoGo (aka Silver Star 3 A-GoGo)

Lively and expensive Thai owned gogo opened 16th September 2006. The bar also sports a neon sign proclaiming New Star A-GoGo. The bar closed in March 2014 to give way to Coyote Club

New Star frontage

New Star A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 8pm

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking

coyote dancer  New Star A-GoGo

Hands on fun for those that can cope with the high pressure hassle. From the people that also run  Nui's, Airport, Hot Girls & Smile Rock Girls. Convenient rooms

Oct 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

400 (+ barfine)

  55 to 200 95 95 200

  Review from Dave, October 2015: One Star

A friend of mine, Nong, has started working in New Star in Soi Diamond, so I popped in on Wednesday nigh.

There were around 15 Girls, all Coyote dancers, some attractive Girls.

Lady Drinks, San Miguel, were 200 baht.

There was a lot of pressure from unattractive service girls for drinks. They did not want take no for an answer.

I was the only punter for a lot of the time,

Barfine is 1000 baht, room 400 baht and price of boom boom negotiable.

In all honesty I could not recommend this Bar.

 News May 2012: Afternoon Closing

The bar has ended afternoon opening and now opens at 8pm. The demise of teh afternoon shift is put down to a lack of customers.

Lady drinks have increased to 120 Baht.

 Review May 2012: Two Star

As always I have mixed success at the bar but it was quite a hit on my last visit.

Perhaps the inconsistency is down top the wide range of girls working there. They range from the young and very attractive to girls best described as stalwarts. And they seem to have very different views on what they want or expect from the bar. Some are picky, some are hasslesome, and some are good company.

But on the whole the bar is run in a way that enables a good time, even if it doesn't quite guarantee it.

The girls don't spend very long dancing and there are few on stage at anyone time. For a hands on style of bar this is very much the way to go.

The drinks are cheap, so there is nothing is lost if it doesn't pan out on a particular visit. Just try again next time.

  Review January 2012: Playing the Odds

The small bar has a few old stagers that have been hanging around for ages. But otherwise the bar has a rapid turnover amongst the younger dancers.

So every time I go there is more a less a new dancing cast on display. The bar is pretty good for dancing with short dance rosters and often more attractive dancers than you would expect in a small bar.

In terms of interaction it is very hit or miss. It just depends on the current crops of girls whether they are interested in socialising or not.

It is one of those bars where the cheap draft is important, as it makes it worthwhile for just a look see. If the dancing team is a bit offish then nothing lost, but if it is a good day it can be fun to stay for a few.

A totally inconsistent bar, but the odds of a good time are good enough to make it worthwhile to at least take a look.

  Review February 2011: Afternoon Fun

The afternoon GoGo scene seems to be in something of decline ate the moment with some pretty disappointing customer/girls counts, particularly in Sois 13.

But New Star is one of the better bets for afternoon fun. It usually has a fair few girls with some of them being decent looking. The bar works well for the afternoon audience with minimal numbers set to dancing whilst the majority are assigned to customer care duties. The dance roster is proportionally short too.

In fact the bar seems better in the afternoon than at night. In the evening it can take on a harder edge. It particularly targets customers that the touts can aggressively snag on the way to Super Girls. Then all the best girls in the bar seem attached to the entrance to form part of this snagging team.

No such nonsense in the day time and the bar provides a good hangout for the afternoon trade. Not so sure about the short time rates though. The charges are well uncompetitive. But a good place for a beer or two.

  Review July 2010: Knowing the Ropes

The bar can be a bit of a mixed bag but there is always a chance of hands on fun with a pretty girl.

The bar has a fair few girls for a small bar but there is usually quite a range with some well pretty and some well past it.

There are usually just 3 or 4 dancing girls in the full range of bikini to none. The star turns of the team does a play stage stint at the front of the bar with thwack sticks and the like.

As there are few girls dancing at any one time this leaves a good amount pf girls available for hands on customer care.

There's a cheap 55 Baht draft and lady drinks are ok at 110 Baht.

All seems pretty good in terms of the way the bar operates, but there are a few things more that customers need to know.

Firstly the pretty girls are anchored to the seats around the front door. They are available for hostessing, its just that when they haven't got a customer, they have to sit near the door ready to impress customers who poke their head inside for a look see.

The trick is just to select a seat near the front door so that you are close enough to take a look, and be within smile/signal range to ask a girl over. Sitting at the back of the bar tends to result in the old stagers having first dibs.

The second thing customers need to know is that the girls will prey ruthlessly on any newbies they detect. They can swarm around in seconds.

And one last thing to note is that the bar runs 2 shifts changing at 8pm. Both shifts can have some pretty girls, making the bar well above average for daytime fun. Most other bars seem to have more of a 'second' team on the daytime shift.

  Review by Ishi Jan 2010: Merged Stage

The smallest foam Jacuzzi in Pattaya is no longer used. It's a part of the dance stage now.

The problem is that the bar runs out of water. It happens often, there's no water in the toilet or in the kitchen. I'll never order Draught Beer again!

  Reader review Dec 2009: Worth a visit

This bar is quite small but it's worth a visit.

Some of the girls are very beautiful, most of them in topless and with very pretty breasts.

The staff are friendly and drinks are not too expensive.

New York New York

Soi Marine Plaza


 New York New York

Closed as a part coyote bar, part show bar, part night club, part GoGo in December 2012

Nui's A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15
   Nui's A-GoGo

Now ToyZ, see below

Nui's Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

   Nui's Club A-GoGo

Renamed to Runway in August 2014



Only O

Soi Diamond


 Only O

GoGo opened on 22nd October 2015 n the venue that was once Electric Blue Jnr. Closed in April 2016.



Soi Diamond (+ entrance in Soi 15)


coyote dancer



GoGo opened on 1st June 2016 taking over from Shark.

March 2017 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
1000 LT
800 ST
    160     220 showgirls
150 dancers

  News from Ishi, April 2017: Dark

Overmind has been dark for sometime now.

 News from Dick Farang, March 2017: Re-opened

Believe it or not: upstairs from Soi 15 and Soi Diamond Overmind Club has reopened once more.

On top of the Soi 15 entrance is a window now with two chrome poles and dancers visible from the street. With the power lines in front it is not a nice sight.

The interior has been redone completely.

From the Soi 15 entrance side are two rectangular central stages, each of them with two thick chrome pillars on them and surrounded with seven normal chrome poles fixed to the ceiling. Between those stages is a lower round stage with only one chrome pole in the middle. Behind those stages is a square Jacuzzi.

On the Soi 15 side is single-tier bench seating and on the Soi Diamond side triple(!)-tier bench seating.

At the rear near the toilets and the Soi Diamond entrance is one more low round stage with one chrome pole in the middle and some bench seating around.

The dancers were mostly sub-average and clad in white: about 80% in coyote outfits and about 20% in too big string bikinis.

After a while (that means after a mamasan insisted) the bikini dancers would take off their tops. Several of them were wearing pasties in different colours and shapes: lips, hearts and stars. One of them had ridiculous bolt-ons with green stars on her nipples.

Two naked girls were soaping in the Jacuzzi.

Tik, perhaps the shortest waitress in Pattaya who used to work at Alcatraz A-GoGo and before that at Kiss A-GoGo and at Far East Rock A-GoGo, told me she did not like the place and would go back to Alcatraz when they reopen in three months.

The music was way too loud and the lighting poor.

Only a fistful of customers for dozens of females.

The gents is in a state of disrepair.

Bottled Heineken 160 baht, up from 140 baht.

 News from Dick Farang, January 2017: Dark

The GoGo was again dark towards the end of January. Intermittent problems may suggest issues getting enough girls or staff.

 News from Dick Farang, December 2016: Never mind

Upstairs of Soi 15 and Soi Diamond, at the previous location of Shark Club A-GoGo, Overmind Club went dark once again, but re-opened after a few days.

 News from Dick Farang, October 2016: Renovations

The bar was dark on 11th October 2016 for renovations. The bar re-opened on 16th October.

 Review from Dave, September 2016: Nevermind

I popped into Overmind last night. It was a bit confusing because when I finally made it up the very steep stairs, the sign over the door said Shark Club. Nothing had changed inside.

There were 2 groups of Coyote Dancers and 1 group of Bikini Dancers. There were some attractive Girls but none topless.

Everyone was friendly but I saw nothing to make taking your life in your hands negotiating those stairs.

Draft was 55 Baht for a small glass, good value.

  Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Not Overkind

Upstairs of Soi 15 and Soi Diamond, at the previous location of Shark Club A-GoGo, Overmind Club has opened.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged.

Most of the dancers were overdressed in ugly white-and-pink outfits with ridiculous white cups. Some were wearing underwear, but some were, perhaps unknowingly, showing their camel toes.

They went on the central stage in teams of fourteen or fifteen with also one of them on each of the two smaller stages. There were also a number of dancers in turquoise string bikinis, many of them double-bottomed in black.

About six of them did a lousy show on the central stage.

No nudity.

All dancers I have seen were average, say 4 to 6, which is not too bad in Pattaya nowadays.

As often the music was horrible.

Male waiters.

Some customers, but not many.

BEWARE: automatic tipping: small change is not returned.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.




Palace A-GoGo

Walking Street

coyote dancer




 Palace A-GoGo

GoGo opened 17th October 2014.  It belongs to the Crazy House/Mandarain/Lighthous/Fahrenheit/Shark chain.

Oct 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
agency before 10pm 1500
agency after 10pm 1000
dancers weekend 900
dancers weekday 700
happy hour To 9:30pm 80   70     150
  80 135-140 110 130-160 160

Happy Night on Tuesdays when all customers drinks are 90 Baht (checked Nov 16)

  Review from Dave, June 2015: Well worth a visit

I popped into The Palace Ago-go on Saturday night.

There were Bikini, topless and naked dancers. All the dancers were attractive and the staff were friendly.

Well worth a visit.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: A one gin palace

Palace A-Go-Go has opened on Walking Street, left of Sweetheart's A-GoGo (looking from the street).

Everything inside has a cheap look, from the stages to the lighting, to the DJ booth, to the toilets.

There are two rather broad, low central stages with a total of sixteen about two metres high chrome poles, not fixed to the ceiling.

Against the walls is mostly bench seating, but on the right-hand side are also some high tables and stools.

On the positive side: the lighting is bright enough.

The laminated drink menus are very similar to those at Shark, the defunct Tiger, Fahrenheit, Lighthouse, Mandarin Walking Street and Crazy House.

The dancers were uninteresting and average at best. They were clad in black coyote outfits. There were four or five of them on each stage and they were dancing very long dance stints. During the shift changes there were eight to ten on each stage for the duration of one song.

There were also some girls in bikinis (one in red, one in white and one in blue) hanging around, but it was not clear what their role was.

Not the slightest nudity.

The waitresses were friendly enough.

I saw a fat mamasan and a Thai boy manager.

As at many gogos the music was way too loud.

Around midnight there were only a couple of customers and this notwithstanding the fact this gogo opened just two days before.

Not a place to stay for more than one drink.

Draught beer 80 baht, bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

  News from Ishi, October 2014: Open

Palace A-GoGo opened on 17th October 2014

Comments from Pattaya forums from the open night reveal that there are 2 stages and each stage has 8 poles.

There were 40 dancers in the bar. Almost a coyote bar. 1 dancer changes by song.

Lady Drink : 150B while happy hour (till 9:30pm) some drinks : 70B Tiger draft : 80B (all night) Bar fines for coyote : 1,500B (after 10pm 1,000B)

Paris A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

   Paris A-GoGo

Renamed to Atlantis A-GoGo in November 2010. Closed later and was converted to a bar.

Pe Pé Club A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16 (Near Walking St)


 Pe Pé Club A-GoGo

A new GoGo for the small downstairs venue that was previously Dreams, ToyZ and Catz. Opened 27th September 2012. Closed in March 2015.


Peppermint A-GoGo

Walking Street
(Now downstairs under Marine Disco)

From 8pm

Beware of a discriminatory 200 Baht entrance fee for Asians

Beware of toilet tips


Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 8th place



coyote dancer


 Peppermint A-GoGo

Large popular gogo with plenty to see and watch. Ownership connections with Happy, Beach Club and Baccara. The bar moved downstairs in June 2010.

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
agency before 12 1500
agency after 12 1000
dancers 800
happy hour to 9:30 69
small glass
145 85 85   150
from 9:30 115 140-165

  Comment from Dave, March 2017: No pep

Peppermint has Improved with more dancers but still has a shortage of punters. Draft beer is very good in the Happy group, Tiger I believe. The coffee is also very good at 105 Baht.

  Review from Dave, February 2017: No pep

I popped into Peppermint last week. I sat at the stage. I was the only punter at the stage,

I reach retirement age next year and the 8 Girls on stage didn't look if they would be far behind me.

I wouldn't pay 500 Baht to shag any of them, let alone the 4000 Baht the management want. They were replaced after 20 mins by some younger girls but there we're no stunners on show. There was a girl on the other stage with amazing tits but she was in Happy last night.

I think Peppermint was the best a-go-go in town when it was upstairs, but pretty poor now

  Review from Dave16, October 2016: Uninteractive

As Walking Street's Peppermint has a reputation for some hands on fun I paid a visit last night. I had 2 drinks and stayed about 40 minutes.

A lot of pretty girls and quite a few customers in there but absolutely no interaction at all. One customer bought a drink or two for the girls who pocketed their drinks chits and continued dancing until the end of their stint. Then they joined the gentleman just long enough to polish off their drinks, a quick wei and then off to the opposite end of the room to sit with the other girls who were not dancing. This was not what I was expecting at all. One customer who came in and sat near me was a young, good looking guy but he too was ignored.

Checkbin and away!

  Review from Dave, July 2016: Happier

I popped into Peppermint on Tuesday night, there were a lot of very attractive Girls,

NO Coyote Dancers and some vey nice Showgirls. They are much more revealing than  Baccara and Happy, they openly show their Pussies.

Unfortunately not many punters there to enjoy the show, there were only about 15-20.

  Update from Dave, March 2016: Pepped up hassle

A very strange thing happened to me in Peppermint on Monday,

A waiter came over and told the Girl I was with to finish her drink. It was new and over half full. I waived him away and said Fuck off, not loudly.

30 seconds later a more senior waiter came over and told her drink up, which she did. I was looking the other way at the time. I told him your wasting your time I'm not buying any more drinks, but he just Ignored me and went away.

Then I had a string of waiters coming over asking me to buy the girl a drink, which I refused, so she sat there for 10 mins, while I finished my drink and left,

I have never experienced anything like that before in a Happy group Ago-go, and I'm very well known in their ago-go's,

  Review from Dave, December 2015: Pepped Up

I popped in to Peppermint on Monday Night and it was much better,

The Coyote Dancers are now wearing bikini's and there were lots of  Beautiful Girls on show.

A great improvement over the last couple of years,

There were not many punters but that will improve if the new Girls stay.

  News from Dick Farang, April 2015: Less palatial

The front signage of Peppermint on Walking Street has been replaced: PEPPERMINT AGOGO; no mention of Palace.

I think the prices at Peppermint are: bottled Heineken 145 baht, lady drinks 150 baht, but they can have gone up since, draught beer still 69 baht however.

  Review from Dave, February 2015: Old clothes

I popped into peppermint on Saturday night at around 9.30.

There were just 10-15 punters. There were 2 dancers in front of me that must have had a combined age of 90 between them. They were wearing ordinary shorts and t-shirts and made me look sexy.

I drank up quickly and left.

This place has gone totally downhill since moving downstairs.

  Review from Nikko, July 2014: The Mint with a Stage in the Middle

Never been my preferred A-GoGo bar but since they changed the design it become a lot more like everything else in Pattaya.

3 girls were topless from the bikini girls staff. Just 1 month ago all were topless, but this time they seemed to show only on demand (against some cash of course)

A group of farang who converted at least 3000 baht in 20 baht bills were doing a lot of noise, all the girls were screaming at them.

One of them started pole dancing, beers fall on the second stage, that was quite fun, thanks them to save me from the morosity.

The first stage is boring with 4 girls slowly moving (can't call that dancing). The music was the worse, sounding like renovation tools in a bathroom, noisy to say the last, impossible to talk.

Some girls are in the business for long time and not surprising the ones with the best shapes were 30+, all the young girls were overdressed and overweight.

They raised the draft beer from 59 to 79, water and soda 110+, lady drinks 150.

pheromone club

Pheromone Club

Walking Street

coyote dancer


 Pheromone Club

A new GoGo opened on 6th November 2016. Effectively it is the old Amethyst on Soi LK Metro relocating to Walking Street.

Nov 2016 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  not available 150-155     225

  Review from Dick Farang, November 2016: Zillions of females

On Walking Street, right of the previous alley to the old Champion A-GoGo and the disappeared stairs to the defunct Spicy Girls A-GoGo/Guugle Show/Powers Club A-GoGo, a new gogo has opened: Pheromone Club.

That venue has been for many years the German restaurant Bierkutsche and after that a shoe shop.  In fact it is in front of the old Champion A-GoGo.

Outside were greeters clapping their hands the way you also see at SensationS A-GoGo, perhaps aimed at Japanese punters.

Inside is a central stage, which goes up some steps towards the end and which is surrounded with chrome poles.

On both sides is very narrow and very uncomfortable double-tier seating.

Upstairs is also a narrow gallery, the purpose of which is not clear.

There were zillions of females, but only a dozen of punters and hardly a place to sit.

dirndl dressThe waitresses were wearing uniforms that looked vaguely like dirndl dresses.

The dancers were mediocre and clad in ugly big-bikini-based uniforms. Most of them looked over thirty or even over forty and many were silicone enhanced. Up to twenty of them were packed on stage and hardly moving.

At the street-end-side of the stage several unveiled their bolt-ons and saggy tits, not a beautiful sight.

Poor lighting and crappy music.

Bottled Heineken 155 baht.

Pinky Girl A-GoGo

Walking Street (Beach Road end)

   Pinky Girl A-GoGo

Opened Dec 31st 2007. Closed when the venue was demolished in March 2009. Now the New Simon Beer Bar Complex

Playgirls show bar entrance


Walking Street

200 Baht entry charge



jacuzzi show


An upstairs bar in the Nui's group specialising in a mix of gogo and bells & whistles shows.

Apr 09 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
-showgirl 800
  65       110  

  Review April 2009: Playaway

The bar targets Asians and East Europeans with a mix of gogo and unerotic shows with darts and whistles etc.

There are no welcome signs suggesting prices as no doubt there is a cover charge including first drink for some whilst farangs breeze in unmolested for the normal pay as you go price structure. The draft beer was reasonable at 65 Baht.

The bar is narrow with central stages, two dancing stages and a Jacuzzi. The naked girl was soaping herself throughout and the dancers were bikini clad.

The girls were friendly enough and would pop over to inquire of your birthplace. But they weren't hasslesome if you preferred to be left alone.

In fact a perfectly decent sort of small bar with many of the usual gogo entertainments.

There was one tiny little almost insignificant problem though...the girls were well below Walking Street average.

  Review Sept 2008: Pleasantly Surprised

I was rather suspecting a bar that was a bit more hardened to fleecing the bells and whistles crowd but the bar was not such a lost cause.

The steep steps up to the first floor bar wouldn't survive health and safety rules in Farangland. They are pretty unattractive as aesthetically too.

But inside the bar is bright and attractive along similar lines to Airport below.

There are 3 stages, 1 is for gogo, the other alternates between gogo and bells and whistles shows for the tourists. In the centre is a Jacuzzi complete with a a suitably soapy girl. There are no seats near, so no chance of any hands on fun.

All drinks prices are reasonable and the standard for the Nui's group bars. So no premium to watch a show you didn't want to see in the first place.

The gogo girls were a little reluctant to take their tops off and there are none of the the cuties that are reserved for downstairs duty at Airport Club.

I spoke to a couple of the dancing girls and it made for a very pleasant couple of drinks. They were not pushy and were charming hostesses with plenty of tales from a longish gogo careers.

The service was also good.

The Pleasure Dome

Walking Street

   The Pleasure Dome

Plans for The Pleasure Dome have been abandoned


Walking Street

Reverted to Thai ladies and Striptease in March 2011. But closed by February 2012.

Powers Club A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Powers Club A-GoGo

The venue was previously Maya Karaoke and before that, Private Dancer. Opened as Powers Club A-GoGo on 12th March 2010 until it closed in early December 2010. Now Guugle.

Private Dancer A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

   Private Dancer A-GoGo

The venue has had a chequered history:

  • Previously Nui's A-GoGo, but then was empty for several years
  • Opened as Club 69 in Feb 2007.  Renamed as Sakura Club 69 in April 2007 but closed in July 2007.
  • Re-opened in October 2007 and lasted until February 2009.
  • Re-opened in July 2009 and lasted until May 2010.
  • Re-opened on 1st October 2010. Closed 21st October 2010.
  • Re-opened on 14th February 2011. Renamed Climax A-GoGo in March 2011. Closed 17th November 2011
  • Re-opened as ToyZ on 16th December 2011.
  • ToyZ became Private Dancer in August 2012.
  • Became Club Electric Blue in October 2015
Private Dancer

Walking Street
   Private Dancer

Closed. Now Powers Club





Rhino Club

Walking Street
(south end)

   Rhino Club

Rhino opened on 20th June 2011 in the venue that was previously Hot Tuna Pool and before that a GoGo called Teasers. The bar has ownership connections with the Hot Tuna beer bars. The GoGo converted to an open coyote bar in January 2014 but reverted to a GoGo in November 2014. It soon closed in December 2014 but re-opened in January 2015 as a coyote bar. This also closed in May 2015.

Rock Girl's A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

   Rock Girl's A-GoGo

Opened March 2007 until June 2008. It was then sold and became Smile (Rock) Girls A-GoGo, see below

Rocket A-GoGo frontage

Rocket Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond


jacuzzi show

 Rocket Club A-GoGo

Rocket opened on 10th February 2008.

Apr 09 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:


  110 130       - 200

  News March 2009: Bells & Whistles Shows

Rocket A-GoGo upstairs on Soi Diamond seems to have taken a change of direction. The previous manager Kuhn Artit has moved on to Gamebird 2 on Soi 15. The bar has now become a bells and whistles show targeting Asians and East European couples.

The welcome staff signs for cheap drinks have vanished so presumably the drinks prices have inflated somewhat. Draft beer is 110 Baht and bottled beers are 130 Baht.

The bar seemed to have more customers than in its previous incarnation so must be doing something right.

  Review by Mr Mats Oct 2008: Rocket Play

I found a new place for me, Rocket GoGo.

Seated beside the jacuzzi I found two pretty girls and I could play with them too. Very friendly and the service staff were nice to me - an old man from Europe.

Draft bear 40 bath before 22:00 and 55 after.

  Review Sept 2008: One Fatal Flaw

There are many good things to say about the bar, particularly for a Thai run bar.

Drinks prices are good and there is a little hassle from the girls or staff. All the usual gogo entertainments are there including the almost inevitable Jacuzzi.

There seems just one thing missing, pretty girls!

Getting customers to upstairs bars is always difficult but its seems that getting the girls to climb the stairs is nigh on impossible.

  Review by Fontok, Feb 2008: Nicely Laid Out

Rocket Club A-GoGo is situated upstairs on Soi Diamond

Access: They have chopped off the last few yards of the beer bar below to make an entrance lobby. Go upstairs (usual steep thai steps). The gogo is on the first landing. If you go further up, you could find the room(s) for gogo girls that are too tired and need to take a rest...

The Bar: Nicely laid out with good bench seats round the edge and tables with chairs. About 8 girls on stages, while two girls were washing in the Jacuzzi. Appears the changing rooms must be small, so they had to wash in public!

Drink prices were sensible and sticky signs round the top of the mirrored walls with the "price list". Draught Chang was 55 Baht.

Smokers: They have realised bout the new No Smoking Ban and have converted one of the men's toilet cubicles into a Smoking Room (or so the sign on the door says).--- quick thinking that! Well done, even though I am not a smoker.

Yes, I will go back and give it another go. May not be many girls there yet, but some friendly and I am willing to follow up their approaches... I think the BF was 600 Baht, which is pretty standard these days. Did not have the time to find of what the girls wanted... Most seem fresh from the countryside, or so their dancing skills told me (I was taught about reading dance skills a long time ago from an ex-gogo girl in Bangkok).

  Review from Bob, Feb 2008: More of the Usual

Entrance is narrow staircase right before Paris a Go Go. The, what has become usual, interior for new go go's - stage for 4-6 girls, jacuzzi, comfortable seats, etc., etc., etc.

Line up was less then spectacular.

You really have to question the wisdom of someone opening a new go go on the second floor as the season winds down. Even many of the ground floor go go's can barely get more then a handful of customers these days.

Not yet worth the climb up the steps.

Roof Top A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

 Roof Top A-GoGo

Closed. Now Tiger Club which is also closed


Walking Street
(opposite Tony's Disco)



Bar with gogo girls and sexy shows. Opened July 27th 2006. The venue previously housed Club Electric Blue. The bar closed in June 2014 and the staff merged into Nui's Club. The venue is now Hooty's



Walking Street

From 8pm

Afternoon openings have been dropped

coyote dancer

Small & middling gogo. Ownership connections with Hot Girls, Air Port, Play Girls, New Star, Smile. Nui's Club renamed to Runway on 26th July 2014.

Jan 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
1500 agency
1000 dancers


  85 145     150

  Review from Dave, September 2016: Small beer

I popped into Runway last night. It is very small but it was very lively.

All Coyote Dancers but Girls were friendly enough. Some attractive Girls and no Fatties.

3/4 of a small Glass of draft 85 Baht, very bad value.

  News from Ishi, February 2015: Coyote

I haven't seen any bikini dancers in the last 5 months, so I think it's a Coyote bar now.

The bar is now under consideration for delisting.

  News from Ishi, July 0214: Runway takes off

Nui's Club which recently took on the staff and dancers from Roxy held a party on the 26th July to announce the new name, Runway.  However all the signage still suggests Nui's Club

  Review from Dick Farang, June 2014: Your average pils

cristal alkenNui's on Walking Street has indeed been refurbished.

They have a makeshift central stage now and recycled seating and tables at both sides.

Smile Rock Girls on Soi 15 looks like a palace compared to it.

Strange enough they had Belgian beer coasters (see right). Cristal Alken is a very average Belgian pils beer, slightly better than Stella Artois.

There were two teams of dancers.

Of the dancers in white bikinis two or three could have taken my fancy in a nicer and less cramped environment. The majority however were ugly coyotes, mostly clad in white too.

The fatties of the previous incarnation of Nui's had gone.

No nudity.

One waitress and several waiters.

Bottled Heineken was 145 baht.

  Review June 2014: Refurbished

Re-opened after a few days refurbishment in June 2014. On re-opening the bar picked up staff and dancers from the closing down Roxy.

  Review February 2013: Re-worked

Re-opened after a few days work at the start of March 2013.

  Review August 2012: Predatory

I stopped by and the bar was totally bereft of customers. I ordered a beer anyway and was soon double teamed by a pretty girl and her mom (well old enough to be her mom anyway).

The bar is a little bit hasslesome but not in a nasty way. I have occasionally had a good time there, but the odds of this are not great. I have met some interesting girls there and it is sometimes worth a draft beer to take a look see.

The Nui's group has wide range of styles, from the mega success and attractive girls at Airport to some of the most notables dives on Walking Street, not to mention the ping pong show bar at Playgirls.

Sometimes it is this disparity of bars that spawns some of the hasslesome characteristics. The girls in Nui's are well aware of what the girls at Airport can get away with, and maybe set their sights, expectations, (and prices) unrealistically high.

On a previous visit I had a fascinating chat with a girl who also preys on Asian coach party tourists at Playgirls. On this occasion, I couldn't shake the mom, so made a rapid departure. I'll give it another go though.

  Review March 2012: Afternoon Fun

I stopped by in late afternoon in a rare foray into the sun blasted daytime hours. In desperate need of cold refreshment I thought I would brave Nui's 2.

The atmosphere was a little lacking due to the absence of customers and the girls were a mixed bunch somewhat below average. However the average is high enough to ensure a couple of decent lookers.

As is often the case, the afternoon shift make up for lack of 10's by offering a more hands on experience. And in fact the girls in this bar seem to go further than most gogos, even the hands on friendly ones.

I'm not sure whether this was exceptional treatment, or else the norm, there were no other customers to compare experiences with.

  Review October 2011: Too Small

The bar has a good location and gets a good throughput of customers. However the bar does not really have enough girls or enough space to capitalise on this.

Sitting in the bar for an hour reveals how it rapidly fills up and equally quickly empties again. There simply isn't enough good seating to provide for many customers at a time. There's just a single bench seat for 5 or 6 people. After that, there are a few seats around the front stage that has no view of the main stage and a lack lustre dancer rarely doing her best to entertain customers on the 'lonely benches'.

The girls are a mixed bunch, with usually a couple that attract attention. And if the situation allows then they can be quite hands on and fun.

It is a bar that is worth a look, but one must always be ready to make a quick getaway if the best seats are taken.

  Review September 2010: Minor Bar

The bar continues its minor bar existence. It is worth the occasional pit stop as it usually has a few attractive girls and can get quite hands on friendly when the mood is right.

There are usually 4 or 5 girls on the main stage and another 2 or 3 dancing on the tables and secondary stage.

One of these is designated as a show girl, partaking in the soapy stage antics. There are no ring side seats so this adds very little to the bar.

The dance roster is a bit too long for a small bar, so I guess if a customer is being looked after by a dancer, "I go dance" often correlates to "check bin".

As mentioned before, there are too many girls dancing on the main stage which offers a good view to only a few seats in the bar. Perhaps the bar could get a few useful tips from a psychologist.



Sakura Club 69

Walking Street: Soi 15

   Sakura Club 69

Now Private Dancer

sapphire club logo

Sapphire Club

Pattaya Soi 15
(just off Walking Street)

From 8:30pm

sapphirepattaya Facebook Page

coyote dancer  Sapphire Club

Coyote bar opened 23rd May 2010. Previously Gamebird 2.

December 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
-1000 all night (inc room
happy hour to 10pm 65 85 95 75- 160
from 10pm 90 150 95 120-150

100 Baht for 15% discount card. Thursday night is party night.

Sunday night is happy hour all night

  Review from Dave, November 2016: Backless shorts

I popped into The sapphire Club on Saturday night. Still the sexist Girls you'll find anywhere in Pattaya,

It was full of Punters having a good time. I can't recommend it highly enough. No Nudity but if you like girls in Thigh Length Black stockings and extremely small shorts showing beautiful Bums, you'll love it.

There was a very slim Blonde with lovely legs, the back of her shorts were completely cut away so you could see all of her Bum and it was absolutely stunning. The sexiest sight I've seen in a long time. Well worth the tip I gave her.

Lady Drinks 150 and Draft beer in happy hour 65 Baht.

Most of the Girls are very friendly. All the Girls who ate 3 shredded wheat have gone.

  News from Dave, August 2016: Extended

Sapphire Club has re-opened after Building work to extend the inside.

I popped into Sapphire Club last night, it was the same as before only more spacious with an extended Stage.

The Girls were lovely as always, very sexy in their black underwear, stockings and suspender belts. You won't find better group of girls anywhere.

  News, July 2016: Closed for a few days

The bar has closed whilst building work is completed to mere in the space vacated by Smile Rock Girls A-GoGo.

  Review from Dave, December 2015: Short shorts

I popped into The Sapphire club on soi 15, Sunday night,

It was very lively with a good atmosphere.

The Girls are all Coyote Dancers but some of the Girls have cut their shorts back so far they are almost like a G-string. There are over 100 Girls and most of them are very attractive,

Well worth a visit.


It's even better in The Sapphire Club now.

some of the Girls are wearing black thigh length stockings, black knickers, a white bra and Black Braces. Some are in black negligees and black underwear.

It's the best group of Girls I've seen anywhere.

  Review from Dave, May 2015: Noses Down

I popped into Sapphire Club Sunday Evening. It was very lively

There were over 80 Coyote Dancers and 2 topless Dancers but the big difference is you now get interaction from the Girls with punters. No more nose in the air and look away. I was surrounded by 3 Girls. And also had Girls on stage smiling and talking to me, much better,

A very mixed bunch some stunners and some who look like they eat 3 shredded wheat for breakfast.

They have a new Manager, Brian from Sweethearts

A good evening.

  News from Ishi, February 2015: More

Dancers have been increasing since last December. I counted over 80 dancers in these last 2 weeks.

  Review from Dave, November 2014: Lost sparkle

I popped into Sapphire Club Saturday night.

I must say I did not think it could get worse, but they've managed it. All Girls are now Coyote Dancers, with blouse, bra, short skirt and G-string,

There were some pretty Girls, but also some very fat and old ones, who would have to pay me 2000 baht for boom boom.

There is still no interaction between girls and punters.

The draft beer was nice, but one to avoid.

Happy hour draft in Sapphire is now 60 Baht.

  Review from Dave, July 2014: Half a Smile

I looked in on the Sapphire club on Monday night.

I got blanked as usual. A couple of girls gave me half a smile. I was sitting at the stage on my own whilst most of the non dancing girls were huddled in the corner by the door, eating and chatting amongst themselves.

There are a couple of stunners in there but judging by how high they stick their noses in the air, I think you need to make an appointment to look at them.

The Sea

The Sea

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 8pm

ear protecion required


coyote dancer

 The Sea

Long running GoGo closed on 4th April 2016.

June 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-coyotes 1500
-dancers 700

400 + barfine:

  55 130 95 120 150 110-155

 News from Ishi, April 2016:

The Sea went dark on 4th April 2016. The staff are set to transfer to Champion 1, so the prognosis for the bar does not look good.

 Review from Dick Farang, June 2014: Still a GoGo?

Does The Sea on Soi Diamond still count as a gogo ?

I saw 3-4 average bikini dancers and 15-20 less than average coyotes.

No nudity.

At prime time there was only one other customer; the swarms of Japanese and South-Koreans seem to stay away as the quality of the girls is by far not what they are looking for.

Some coyotes tried to get lady drinks.

The old mamasan looked like an utterly uninterested granny.

A waste of time and money.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

I think if you only count the places with a MAJORITY OF bikini or less dancers, there are not 80ish gogos, but some 50 at best.

  Review January 2011: Swell

There seems to have been something of a shift in foot traffic over the last year. Highly successful gogos on Walking Street and Soi 15 seem to have taken some of their trade at the expense of those on Soi Diamond. The basic gogos of Paris (now closed), Carousel, The Sea and Naughty Girls are probably most in the firing line. The others have various specialities that are diverting enough for customers to make an effort.

Anyway of the four mentioned, the Sea has been the most successful at upping their game to keep hold of customers.

In fact on my last couple of visits, there have been quite a few girls keen to get a bit interactive. And consequently there have been quite a few happy looking customers enjoying the bar.

The Sea has always had a goodly amount of dancers for a small bar and the bar has consistently maintained a good quota of attractive girls.

It doesn't really compete with the new breed of high energy bars, but it is a good example of a more traditional format GoGo.

The draft beer is cheap at 55 Baht, but the music is a bit too noisy, verging on uncomfortable.

  Review June 2010: Lively

As only an occasional visitor to the Sea I was pleased to see that the bar seems to have loosened up a little on my last visit.

There was the usual gaggle of attractive girls but they seemed to be having more fun than usual and actually interacting with the customers.

I looked around and noticed that the previously noted officious mamasang wasn't marching around the bar trying to implement her rather aggressive band of match making.

And lo and behold, the girls were doing a better job for themselves.

Otherwise the bar was pretty much the same as before with plenty of girls on stage wearing less than an average amount of bikini bits.

The beer is still cheap and the music is still dance,

Now the question is, whether my unfavourite mamasang has departed or was she just having the night off.

  Report September 2009: Matriarchy

Still a bar that doesn't appeal to me at all.

There are always plenty of girls, many of them well attractive. They have a fair few on stage and are generally topless or less.

The trouble is that the girls seem uninterested in finding a drinking partner. The more attractive they are, the more they have a stern resolve to march off the stage to their seat crowding around the door. 

It seems to be the job of the mamasang to try and match up the girls with the customers. But this method leaves some seemingly unfriendly body language interaction with the girls who have just marched past all the potentially interested customers ignoring them.

The matriarchal controls also extend to negotiating with the customers for the girls offsite fees. Again the higher than average demands adds to the unfriendly atmosphere of the bar.

But if you just want to have a beer and watch some pretty girls on stage, then the bar is sound enough.

There's also a good 55 Baht draft beer in a decent sized glass.

sensations sign

Sensations A-GoGo

Walking Street


Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Abraxas 3rd place

coyote dancer


 Sensations A-GoGo

A new GoGo has arisen from the ashes of Cavern A-GoGo. The bar opened on 4th February 2013.

June 13 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
coyote until 12 1500
coyote after 12 1000
dancers weekends 1000
dancers weekdays 600
  not available 135 110-120 185 150

  Review from Dick Farang, January 2015: Two Few

SensationS A-GoGo on Walking Street has managed to become worse still than it was half a year ago.

More quantity than quality: lots of decibels and lots of sub-average overdressed coyotes. I saw 2 (two) girls in bikinis, no nudity. As on my previous visit several coyotes were wearing skin colour tights.

There was a foul cigarette smoke smell and the air conditioning did not seem to do its job properly.

No draught beer, bottled Heineken was still 135 baht.

No change was returned: still automatic tipping.

  Review from Dick Farang, July 2014: Tights

On several boards Sensations is described as the most successful venture on Walking Street, but I can hardly believe that.

They do have lots of dancers: 10-12 on each stage at any time. Even at prime time there were at least five girls per customer and not many customers were spending lady drinks.

More than 90% were coyote dancers; of the bikini dancers about half went topless.

Several of the coyotes were wearing skin colour tights, apparently a new trend coming from Cowboy 2 on Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, where everybody does.

To say I did not see any top notch talent is an understatement.

One positive point: they have clean toilets.

No draught beer, bottled Heineken was still 135 baht.

No change was returned: automatic tipping?

  Review from Malcolm, January 2014: Not a Sensation

Called in Sensations. About 16 girls on 2 stages, all in shorts and T shirts. Next dance team came on, mostly in shorts and T shirts and a few on back stage in bra's and thongs. 2 took off their bra's then one put it back on and went to sit with a customer leaving just one topless. Next dance team came on and it was back to all in shorts and T shirts.

Not much of a go go and certainly not a sensation.

Singha and San Migal B135.

  Review from Sedrik, July 2013: The quality is there

I visited at 1am, when I had bill number 361.

After a few visits, this is now one of my top 5 gogos.

The roster is just insane, so many ladies in this gogo, with 60-70 girls inside and so many are stunners. 80% are coyotes, 20% are bikini clad but there are no topless dancers

It's not a cheap gogo, no draft, nothing under 120-140 Baht, but the quality is there.

  Review from Mike of, May 2013: Already a Contender

Sensations is the talk of the town right now and for good reason. Their lineup is the best I have ever seen! I wouldn't dare toss that compliment out loosely either. I have seen a couple of places that have had just as talented a lineup, but I have never seen such a large roster of girls at this high level. They feature over 100 girls every night, and most of them are very pretty. The service is great and it's easy to get the girls' attention. The place is packed so it's not easy to find a seat. I don't actually think there are enough seats to justify such a huge roster of girls. But this winds up being a very good thing as long as you do find a seat, since the number of gentlemen in attendance is somewhat limited.

Sensations is pricey. The drink prices are about as high as it's going to get and I was quoted 1,500 baht for a bar fine, which goes down to 1,000 baht either at midnight or 1AM (there was some confusion about that). But I get it - they are extremely well staffed (possibly even over-staffed), so they are justified in charging more than other GoGo's.

The atmosphere was downright exciting and there were just so many good looking girls prancing around the place. The way the stages are positioned you can only see about half of the girls at a time, but they rotate. It remains to be seen whether or not they can keep up with the roster, but if they do Sensations is likely to be in everyone's top 3 GoGo's in Pattaya.

  Initial impressions from Ishi, February 2013: Opening Night

There are two stages in a large bar. About 10 dancers were on each stage at any one time and they changed every 15 minutes.

I saw about 60 dancers in the bar and over 80% of them were coyotes.

It was impossible to select the best seats because the bar was just about full with customers.

No draught beer, soft drinks are 110B, bottled beer is from 135B and Lady drinks are 150B.

Shark A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond
   Shark A-GoGo

Previously Big Willie's and renamed in autumn 2004 to Shark A-GoGo. Now merged with Shark Club A-GoGo see below.

Shark on Soi 15

Shark Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm

coyote dancer



 Shark Club A-GoGo

Shark Club was originally located upstairs on Soi Diamond. It moved across Soi 15 to Spice Club in May 2016, and reverted to the name Shark Club on 1st January 2017.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour             150

  Review from Dick Farang, February 2017: Beach Music

On Soi 15 not Overmind Club, but Spice Club at the previous location of Beach Club has been renamed SHARK, and this in VERY BIG LETTERS. Apparently they recycled the old signage.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged.

The dancers went on stage in teams of about ten. At least 80% of them were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in black fishnet tights; about 10% were clad in a black string and black fishnet stay-up stockings and about 10% in black fishnet stay-up stockings only, apart from their stilettos that is.

I did not see bikini dancers. As was the case in the last year of the upstairs version of Shark Club A-GoGo, the topless and naked girls were by far the best lookers. I would never waste a penny on one of the overdressed fuglies/fatties.

On a more positive note (literally) the music consisted of rock, beach music and popular hits, such as Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.

The lighting was adequate.

There were not too many customers, but as this place is less spacious than the former upstairs location, it did not strike as much.

One of the mamasans told me she was 45 years old and had been living in Pattaya with her family for 30 years.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

  News January 2017: Old Spice, New Shark

Shark Club A-GoGo was a long running bar upstairs on Soi Diamond (also with an entrance on Soi 15).

In May 2016 the bar relocated across Soi 15 to the venue that was previously Spice Club, and more famously before, Beach Club. The old Shark venue was then taken over by Overmind. However Shark owners continued to use the name Spice Club.

But now, on the 1st January 2017, the owners restored the name to Shark Club.

  News May 2016: Sharks and Spice

The upstairs Shark Club venue has closed and the staff have moved to Spice Club opposite on Soi 15. It is uncomfirmed, but it seems that Spice Club has been taken over by Shark Club and this will be reflected in the signage and paperwork in a month or so. Welcome staff are currently manning the closed Soi 15 entrance and trying to convince people to go to Spice instead.

  News October 2014: Dark

The bar was reported dark in early October 2014 but this was just for a couple of days

  Review August 2012: Nostalgia

As I entered I let myself be guided to a seat by the obliging service staff and sat down to enjoy a beer.

After observing the bar for a while I noted that the bar seems to have a two tier customer service scheme going on. Or maybe just coincidence. All customers guided to seating on the Soi 15 side of the bar were immediately greeted with a pretty girl offering her services.

Customers guided to the Soi Diamond side of the bar seemed to be left to sit alone, mostly undisturbed by the girls. The criteria seemed to be based on age, and/or perceived cash resources.

So there I was sitting on the lonely side, but it gave me a chance to survey the bar in peace.

There were two shifts of girls working with about a dozen in each shift. The girls were wearing from bikinis to nothing. A good show on the nudity front. There were several very pretty girls too. So good standards on the dancing front.

I spotted one girl who looked familiar and she obligingly came across to the darkside for a chat. I recognised her from the old table dancing incarnation of Shark Club, and we had a good time reminiscing about the old version of the bar. It had a lot more character then, and was quite hands on. But saying that the current version seemed to be doing quite well in terms of customers, and is probably more popular then before. So one has got to move with the times.

Anyway I enjoyed a couple of drinks before it was time for her to dance. She let me know that she would be gone some time, 30 minutes in fact, so I made my excuses and departed.

Surely I will make a rapid return to the bar, and I will be experimenting to see if the ushers try to shunt me to the darkside again.

  Review January 2012: Clone

I have stopped by a couple of times and never really had much luck in the bar. The bar is perfectly decent with its central stage being well populated with dancers of which several are well attractive enough.

Perhaps there are too many girls on the stage and not enough on hostess duty. There  always seems to be a smattering of customers many of which look a bit lonely. Several of the girls were being friendly sitting with customers but just not enough. The basic dancing show is not quite exciting enough just to sit and watch, and and the girls aren't quite top notch enough to stun guys into passive watching mode.

The bar seems to have traded up from its previous incarnation that had lots of rough edges but also a lot of character. Now it is a lot more professional and slick, but it seems to exist as a rather unexciting clone of several other bars following the same theme. The upstairs location is probably enough to ensure that Shark stays second fiddle to similar downstairs bars.

Perhaps upstairs bars would be better advised to target a niche rather than become a clone.

Maybe a bit overly critical as the bar is quite fine. It's just that I rather miss the old Shark Club which was one of my favourites.

  Review March 2011: Renovated

The bar has now re-opened after a month of renovation.

The bar is totally restyled, changing from table dancing to a gogo with a central stage. Perhaps taking a cue from the successful launch of sister bar Fahrenheit, the bar is laid out similarly with a long thin central stage packed with girls. There are also a couple of small podiums at the end. There is plenty of comfortable bench seating and it is a little more spacious than Fahrenheit.

The bar has actually decreased in size overall with some space being given to an open walkway to the adjoining Tiger A-GoGo.

The bar has some good looking girls dancing, but on my visit the fashion for cramming the stage with dancers means a vey long dance roster of 30 minutes. Hopefully just a teething problem whilst they get act together. The girls were dancing in a range of not much to very little. The standard issue bikinis are very revealing.

The bar has kept the generally reasonable drinks prices but the bar seems to have dropped the happy hour.

But it all looks pretty good. Hopefully they won't lose Shark's emphasis on good hands on fun in trying to recreate the high energy 'watching' bar of Fahrenheit.

  News October 2010: A Tale of Two Ends

The difference between the 2 ends of the bar seems to be maintained.

Easily the best end is the old Shark Club end, accessed from Soi Diamond. The girls are friendly, hands on, and are dressed in a negligee affair.

At the old Shark GoGo end, accessed from Soi 15, the girls simply aren't as friendly and certainly not so keen on the lap dancing stuff. The dress code is a sometimes knickerless short skirt and almost mandatory bikini top.

Given the high end drinks prices, the GoGo end offers poor value compared with many better options. But the Club end is at least competitive in terms of fun and atmosphere and so is worth a try.

  News April 2010: Prices

The bar has generally been a success in the Thai-Anxiety rankings. It scores well in terms of having a decent number of good looking girls who are often quite hands-on friendly.

Perhaps the biggest long term draw back is that the girls are sent on a long dance circuit of usually 7 tables. 7 songs is a little too much especially when they can be very long dance music tunes.

But there are usually enough girls that one usually gets a decent amount of hostess time before the girls go dance.

More recently though the bar seems to have had a bit of a charge on drinks prices leaving soft drinks and lady drinks amongst the most expensive of all gogos in town. Perhaps the latest hike was a little too much though, as there was a rapid rethink and the introduction of a decent happy hour of 70 Baht on nearly all customer drinks.

One of the better GoGos in town, but now on my semi boycott list of bars where I don't want to encourage spiralling prices.

  News June 2009: Club or GoGo

The recently merged Shark A-GoGo/Shark Club still seems to be finding its feet with a pretty variable experience depending on the day of the week.

Although the bar is knocked through the, two ends of the bar still have a different feel, presumably down to having a mamasang for each end of the bar.

I very much recommend the Club end of the bar (ie above Super Girl). For some reason the girls are far more likely to seek out a few tips and hands on fun at that end of the bar. The girls at Soi 15 entrance end seem to be solitary creatures.

Both ends of the bar suffer from an over long dance roster of at least 7 dance songs. I tend to take this is a cue to move on.

The music is always of the dance variety but wildly random volume levels make for very different experiences. Sometimes it is very loud, similar to Casnovy and sometimes the music is kept down. One has to suspect that it's something to do with the boss being present or not.

Anyway I have certainly had a few good sessions mostly at the Club end of the bar and it is definitely on my regular circuit.

  News Dec 2008: Merged into Shark Club

Shark Club and Shark A-GoGo have now been merged into one with the name Shark Club A-GoGo. There are still separate teams of girls with mamasang at each end of the enormous bar area, but the dividing walls have been removed.

The Shark A-GoGo end of the bar now seems to have taken on the procedures of Shark Club.

This include the girls being hands on friendly. I surely enjoyed my stay in the bar. Seems a big improvement on the old Shark A-GoGo

Silver Star 3 A-GoGo

Walking Street (near Beach Road)

   Silver Star 3 A-GoGo

Lively and expensive Thai owned gogo opened 16th September 2006. The bar also sports a neon sign proclaiming New Star A-GoGo. Closed in April 2014. It re-opened as Coyote Club, see above

Sin City A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Pattaya Soi 16
(Just off Walking St)

   Sin City A-GoGo

Now Relaxxx A-GoGo.


Walking Street

Opened 6th September 2007. Closed 31st January 2010. Now Sensations, See above

Skyfall neom

SkyFall A-GoGo

Walking Street


coyote dancer

 SkyFall A-GoGo

New GoGo opened on 12th January 2015. Associated with Airport A-GoGo.

The venue was previously Snowice, Voodoo A-GoGo, the Nok beer bar complex and Halo.

May 2015 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

- before midnight 1500
- after midnight 1000

  not available 140-150 110-120   150-200

  Review from Dave March 2017: TopsFall

I popped into Skyfall on Tuesday night.  I sat down an ordered a Heineken. When I looked up I got a real shock, all the girls on Stage had taken their tops off and their were some lovely pairs of tits on show.

Most of the girls were Coyote Dancers, but their shorts were cut right back, showing a lot of bum.

All the girls were attractive and friendly. It was not too busy, so not a bad visit.

  Review from Dave July 2015: Nearly all coyote

I popped into Skyfall on a Wednesday night. Very nice furnishings.

Lots of beautiful Girls, nearly all Coyote Dancers who danced for 20 minutes. Then some lovely topless dancers for 5 minutes and back to endless Coyote Dancers again.

My friend thought it was great.

  News, April 2015: Police closure

In the early hours of Monday a 55 year old Polish man was beaten up by two bouncers at Skyfall A-GoGo, which is now facing the possibility of receiving a temporary closure order of at-least 30 days.

The owner has decided to close the bar for staff training, presumably in the hope of clemency from the authorities over an official closure.

Later a 30 day closure was reported and the bar re-opened on 17th May.

  Comment from Ishi, February 2015: Qualified GoGo

I visited after 10:30pm last week and counted 77 dancers on the Mamasan's board. Of these, I saw 10 topless dancers who are called Models. So I think it qualifies as an A-GoGo bar now.

  Review by Dick Farang, January 2015: Beautiful...Decor

skyfall matAfter a very difficult delivery Skyfall A-GoGo has finally opened on Walking Street.

First the good news:

After all disastrous recent openings and re-openings of gogos on Walking Street (Tiger, Palace, Infinity, Spicy Girls, Nui's, Crazy House, Coyote Club, Glass House/Ginza II, Harem 2) it is a pleasure to tell that the interior of Skyfall A-GoGo is the most beautiful of all eighty plus Pattaya gogos and a new norm for future gogos.

The main colours are beige and steel blue and there are mirrors around everywhere.

The lighting is optimal with no disturbing flashlights.

The bar is in the front corner left and the DJ's booth in the rear corner right. The bench seating at both sides is extremely comfortable. The owners have clearly resisted the seduction of cramped double tier seating, a typical Soi LK Metro disease.

The three stages are low enough to allow for a comfortable view. The first stage and the third stage both with chrome poles on them have a meandering shape. The second (unused) stage is large and round and has some kind of strange round net curtain or mosquito net in the middle.

The toilets at the rear left are clean and spacious.

And now the less good news:

As with all recently (re)opened gogos the biggest issue were the girls.

At Skyfall A-GoGo they were overdressed, but not in coyote outfits. Their uniforms consisted of a white bow tie, a strapless white top (mostly with a bra with straps under it), a white-and-grey checked miniskirt with big black pants or a black string under it and stilettos of their own choice. Not the slightest nudity.

Unsurprisingly the dancers were a mixed lot of sub-average fuglies, fatties and oldies from late twenties up.

With the advent of McDonald's, KFC et al. it must be increasingly difficult to find enough talent to staff ten or twenty gogos, let alone more than eighty.

This being said, sometimes miracles do happen at places where you expect them the least. About a week ago at Club Nevada on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) I saw a young naked girl with a perfect shape, much better than what I have seen in recent times, even at Abraxas's top gogos. As I had to meet some fellow countrymen (beer drinkers, not gogo goers), I did not enquire about conditions, but I guess she knew her value.

At Skyfall A-GoGo I talked to a 35-year old dancer with a fat and shapeless body, a nose job and a silicone rack, who said she had worked at Angelwitch Rock Dancers on Soi 15 previously, which I could hardly believe.

I also talked to a not too beautiful 27-year old dancer who had arrived from Bangkok only a couple of days ago and had never worked bar before.

She told me she had had two Thai boyfriends only, had no children and had never boomboom a farang in her life.

I had to explain to her the urban meaning of the verb smoke and when she finally got it she seemed very reluctant to do that kind of thing.

She said barfine was 1,000 baht and 3,000 baht for her and did not seem to know the difference between short time and long time when I insisted.

The music was way too loud to have a comfortable conversation anyway.

All customers left quickly after finishing their drinks.

The (mostly corpulent) waitresses were friendly enough.

Coincidence or not, the beer coasters at Skyfall A-GoGo looked very similar to those used at SensationS A-GoGo, also on Walking Street.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.

  News January 2015: The Sky is Falling

Skyfall A-GoGo has opened on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Snowice, Voodoo A-GoGo, the Nok beer bar complex and Halo.

The GoGo has started with coyote dancers well overdressed in unsexy costumes that have not impressed early customers.

There's no draft beer, bottles are 140 Baht and lady drinks are 150 Baht.

Giving Skyfall the benefit of the doubt about being a GoGo, the

Smile Rock Girl's A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 15

   Smile Rock Girl's A-GoGo

Very small gogo took over from Rock Girls A-GoGo in June 2008. Closed in January 2016 and the space is set to be merged into Sapphire.


Walking Street
(Beach Road end)




Opened as a coyote show bar in October 2009 but soon released that less clothes is best. The venue redeveloped as a GoGo in November 2009 but this didn't last long. The bar has been removed and the space used for pool tables


Soi Diamond



Well known Bangkok show bar which opened an expensive Pattaya branch on 3rd December 2011. Closed in mid November 2015. The venue is set to become Katoeys R Us.

spice club

Spice Club

Soi 15

coyote dancer


 Spice Club

Took over from Beach Club on 1st March 2016. In May 2016 the bar was taken over by the French Group as the new home for Shark Club. The bar was renamed to Shark Club on 1st January 2017.

The venue is no longer part of the Happy group, and is now part of the French chain.

March 2016 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

  News May 2016: Sharks and Spice

The upstairs Shark Club venue has closed and the staff have moved to Spice Club opposite on Soi 15. It is uncomfirmed, but it seems that Spice Club has been taken over by Shark Club and this will be reflected in the signage and paperwork in a month or so.

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2016: Same Beach

Apart from the name, not much if anything has changed at Spice Club (previously Beach Club) on Soi 15.

There were tons of bikini girls, most of them around thirty years old and in the 4-to-6 quality range. Many were wearing underwear.

I saw only five girls in strings.

No nudity.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht.

Spicy Girls A-GoGo

Walking Street


 Spicy Girls A-GoGo

Opened 8th September 2014 at the venue that was previously Guugle. Closed on 16th May 2015.

sugar baby

Sugar Baby A-GoGo

Walking Street
(Corner Soi 14)

From 7pm

Facebook Page


jacuzzi show

 Sugar Baby A-GoGo

New GoGo from the makers of Windmill opened on 25th December 2012. Became part of the CEB/Dollhouse/G-Spot group in January 2017.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink

1500 LT to 1am
700 LT after 1am
700 ST

happy hour Ended          
all night 80 160 100 150 170

  Review from Dave, February 2017: No sugar

I popped into Sugar Baby last week, it was a most forgettable experience.

There were not many Girls, most of them below average. The girls on the mats were doing nothing.

I had no contact from any girl, there was no atmosphere.

I won't be going back in a hurry.

  News January 2017: Change of management

The GoGo Became part of the CEB/Dollhouse/G-Spot group in January 2017. Several of the dancers and staff have moved to Windmill

  Review from Dave, September 2015: Copy Cat

I popped into Sugar Baby last night, there were a lot of attractive Girls,

Most dressed as schoolgirls with white socks, small black skirt and white blouse open at the front and some attractive naked girls on the mat,

Several Girls approached me to say hello, I bought a very attractive Girl a drink,

The girl on the mat in front of me, was showing her pussy to anyone who cared to look and my Girl, said, I have one of them, and lifted up her skirt, to show me.

A very pleasant visit.

Readers may also be interested to know that manager Phil (Mr Egg) is now working at Sugar Baby after leaving Secrets.

  Review from Aydin, February 2015: Swarming, could equally apply to any Walking Street GoGo

I was in Sugarbaby in early February. The place is as ordinary as it can get, the worst part being the forced lady drinks on me. A bikini girl sat by me after her dance finished, introduced herself and ordered 3 drinks (2 of the drinks were for her dancing friends I guess) without asking. I was shocked because 3 lady drinks for a minute of talking (no touching or cuddling) was too much. In the end my protests were half accepted and only one ladydrink came. I threatened them by calling the police and they apologized. I only paid for my beer and left without drinking. Not a good way to go in my opinion. Just be very careful.

  News February 2013: upstairs

An upstairs area has opened but I'm not quite sure what goes on there. There are reports of higher drinks prices though.

  Review January 2013: Windmill 2

I stopped by at prime time during peak season.

I found the bar to be surprisingly close in style and format to Windmill. I rather assumed that the Walking Street location would mean a different customer base and hence a different way of working.

The bar hadn't really taken off in terms of quantity of customers nor girls. There were half a dozen dancing of which a couple would have turned a few eyes. They were topless or bikini clad. The girls were following the good Windmill dance pattern of a complete shift change between the two teams after a minimal amount of songs.

As per Windmill,  the girls were making an effort to seek out customers interested in a little hands on fun. I had to break up an attempt at double teaming but the girl I chose of the two was good company and made for a pleasant visit.

Not quite firing on all cylinders yet, but the concept of being a Windmills 2 is an attractive addition to the options on Walking Street.

Super Baby A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond



 Super Baby A-GoGo

Once one of the most consistent bars with one of the prettiest line ups in Pattaya. Closed in January 2016.

Super Girl

Super Girl

Walking Street: Soi Diamond + an entrance on Soi 15.

From 8pm




 Super Girl

New management took over on 1st April 2015. Previously the bar was a sister bar to Super Baby opposite.

April 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
1600 before 12
800 after 12
happy hour to 9:30pm 59         150 - 300
9:30pm to 1am 79 140 120    
happy hour 1am to 2:30am 59        

  Review from Dave, April 2017: Revitalised

I popped into Super Girl on Soi Diamond on Friday night. What a transformation,

There was a real party atmosphere with 15-20 attractive girls walking around and sitting with punters, wearing only skimpy red Bikini bottoms. The mamasang came round introducing punters to girls,

Some lovely girls and tit's on show.

Well worth a visit at the moment.

  Review from Dave, February 2017: Not Super

I popped into Supergirl the other day.

I sat at the stage, there were 12 topless girls on the stage, mostly attractive.

I failed to gain eye contact with any of them, after 15 mins, a mamasang came over and asked me if I would like to buy a Girl a drink. I explained that as I was unable to establish contact with any of the Girls, I wouldn't. She spoke to 2 of the girls indicating me and they just laughed.

I finished my draft beer and left. As I reached the door 2 of the girls who were now sitting round a table looked at me. I said it's too late now, and left.

Very strange place, perhaps it was because I was not Chinese?

  Review from Dave16, October 2016: Good luck

I decided to call in Super Girl on Soi 15 and within ten seconds of taking a seat I had one of the most beautiful girls in there getting up close and personal even before I had ordered a drink! I ordered for her and myself and she called over a friend, topless, and so now had two lovely ladies paying me a lot of friendly personal attention. I wanted to barfine girl one long time but she said she only did st. Shame because she was a real cracker.

Stayed for 3 or 4 drinks then left to get soaked in yet another storm. This only goes to prove that reputations count for very little where bars and Go-Go's are concerned. It all depends on luck!

  Review from Dave, September 2015: Tired.

A friend and I popped into Supergirl the other night.

My friend barfined a very attractive Girl and paid 3500 up front. When they got to the room the girl fell asleep on the bed and he could not shag her, so paying up front is a bad idea.

I was quoted 1500 short time but that was for a lady in her forties,

  Review from Dave, June 2015: A good evening out.

I popped into Super Girl Friday night,

There were Bikini, topless and nude Dancers ,all of them Attractive,

There were 4 Girls from Spicy Girls and 2 from Living Dolls one, both ago-go's closed at the moment,

There was lots of interaction between Girls and Punters, Girls shaking their beautiful bums in your face and more. In fact I ran out of 20's.

Short time is 1500 baht.

Definitely one for a good evening out.

  News from Ishi, April 2015: Late Happy

super girl happy hourSuper Girl has introduced a second Happy Hour from 1am to 2:30am. Draft beer is then 59 Baht, the same in both Happy Hours.

  Review from Dick Farang, April 2015: Beware of double lady drinks

Super Girl on Soi Diamond has indeed reopened, apparently under new management. The façade is still the same and the 'r' of Super has not yet been repaired.

The interior is still as worn out as before; only the bath and some smaller stages seem to have disappeared. The worn and torn fixed barstools have been covered with makeshift bags.

There were two teams of 5-7 dancers in black strings and black négligés , transparent tops or bras, who bared their bosoms after two or three songs. One of them was a long, skinny girl from Chiang Mai with matching (i.e. small) breasts and a huge tattoo between her shoulders, who had stuck pieces of tape, not real pasties, to her nipples.

There was also a team of 9-10 dancers in white bikinis, only one of them in a string and only two of them going topless. I did not see full nudity. Many had silicone enhanced breasts and several were rather chubby or fat.

The average quality of the girls was about the same as at the old Super Girl, but several notches lower than at the old Super Baby, that is before Super Baby absorbed the Super Girl fuglies.

There were never more than five customers (all farangs) at a time, apart from a guided group of 10-15 cigarette smoking male Asians, who on an order by their Leader had to leave before they could finish their beers.

BEWARE: single lady drinks 150 baht; double lady drinks 300 baht.

Most bottled beers 140 baht, Corona 190 baht.

  Review from Ishi, April 2015: First night

Super Girl re-opened on 1st April. They call it's pre-open and the grand opening day will be after Songkran. They have no connections with Super Baby so the format has been changed.

I visited at 11:30pm. The new management has removed 2 table stages and the runway of the center stage.

I counted 27 dancers organised in 3 teams on mamasan's board. Each team dances for 20 minutes.

Dancers are bottomless, topless (models) and bikini in whites. I didn't see any coyotes. I heard it's possible to take away all girls including models and PR outside. Bar Fines for ST are 700B (some are 800B), But it's impossible to take away for LT before midnight.

Draught Beer is 59B in Happy Hour (from 8pm to 9:30pm), 79B after 9:30pm. Bottled Heineken is 140B. Lady Drink is 150B.

  News from Ishi, February 2015: New management

A (New) Super Girl is aiming to re-open by the end of April. The new managers are Japanese and Thai. One Japanese boss is a co-owner of Crazy House in Bangkok.

They want to recruit over 60 Kawaii (Japanese : lovable, cute or adorable) Girls from Pattaya and Bangkok.

  News from Ishi, January 2015: Dark

Super Girl seems to have closed permanently. There has been speculation for the last year that one of the Super bars would close. This year the news was that there would be a closure on 31st January. Police action seems to have brought forward the plans and it now seems likely that Super Girl is closed for good.

Super Model A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

   Super Model A-GoGo

Opened March 2005 until June 2007. Now Gentleman's Club, see above

sweethearts neon

Sweetheart's A-GoGo

Walking Street (central)

From 8:30pm

sweetheartsagogo Facebook Page

bikini  Sweetheart's A-GoGo

Table dancing opened 12th March 2007. The venue was previously The Roof and before that, Highway Star A-GoGo. Ownership connections with Paradise.

March 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:


happy hour to 9:30pm 65   65 65   140
from 9:30pm 85 130 75 most 120  

  News from Dave, April 2017: New owners

Sweethearts A-GoGo is itself under new ownership, Johan the Swedish owner has sold out to a Norwegian known as Viking. The associated hotel remains under the original ownership.

  Comment from Dave, December 2016: Party atmosphere

Lady drinks are now 140b and barfine 1000 in Sweethearts

A real party atmosphere, with every one having a great time, with lots of Sexy Girls.

  News from Dave, February 2015: Regression

Bad News. I popped into Sweethearts on Saturday and the girls were back wearing Bra and G-strings in red. Brian the Manager said it was just for valentines night. But when I went back on Tuesday, it was still the same except for white Bra and G-string, not as sexy as red or black.

Brian and the owner were not there, so I could not find out what was happening.

But it was very disappointing.

  Review from Dick Farang, December 2014: Curtains

The entrance to Sweetheart's A-GoGo is curtained off by a black piece of cloth now and there is a good reason for it: after years of prudishness there is some nudity on display.

Not much has changed, but apart from the traditional team of bikini dancers clad in white with matching stay-up stockings and stilettos, there is also a team of topless dancers now in black strings and ditto stilettos.

Among the (probably newly hired) topless dancers I saw two extreme fatties.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

  News from Dave, November 2014: Surprise

I had a shock when I popped into Sweethearts on Saturday night,

Topless Girls,

It was a very pleasant surprise.

  Review from Dave, August 2014: It's still very sexy

I popped into Sweethearts on Thursday evening around 11pm, as I often do. There was a fair crowd enjoying the table dancers and 70's- 80's rock music.

There was a mix of slim very attractive girls , chubby and some fat girls.

Although the girls wear bikini's, it's still very sexy. There is also hands on fun.

Everyone is very friendly and the drink prices amongst the cheapest on walking street.

A short time has risen from 1500 to 2000.with rooms upstairs.

  News January 2013: New Manager

Long time meeter and greeter Mick recently retired and has now been replaced by Brian.

  Review December 2011: Steady

I popped in for my very occasional beer and everything is about the same as usual. Except that the drinks prices have edged up. They are still within the very reasonable range, but are now more psychologically expensive than major bars with prettier girls and less clothes.

The friendly greeter made his welcome, leaving me to scan the bar. There were plenty of girls with 6 dancing at any one time. They were doing an excellently short dancing roster of just 3 songs. That would be great for customers awaiting their drinking partner to return from her dance shift.

But actually there weren't any customers that I could see sitting with girls. Most seemed to have been attracted in by the open door policy. Other bars just don't seem quite so welcoming to tourists with just a passing interest in GoGos. This rather left groups of customers, several of them ladies,  chatting amongst themselves rather than being interested in the girls.

The bar still is designed around table dancing which is not a comfortable viewing position, too much neck craning and the likes. Also there's no fun if the girls are all respectably clad in full bikinis.

So as usual, I left everybody in the bar enjoying doing their own thing and moved on. A traditional and perfectly pleasant, but unexciting, one beer visit.

  Review May 2010: Narrow Minded

The combination of cheap prices and an 'all welcome' policy continue to keep the bar busy.

Thereafter things seem to drift for me a little. The bikini clad table dancing does not really hit the mark for me, and does not offer the right opportunity to catch the eye of a dancer.

There are usually a good number of girls, especially  for the smallish size of the bar. (Thinking about narrow bars, this must be one of the most successful in dealing with what is usually quite a handicap of a layout). The girls are about average, but average is not a negative term on Walking Street.

There's often a few customers enjoying a bit of 'in yer lap' fun too.

The music is oldie farang friendly and there are plenty of service girls on hand to keep the drinks flowing steadily.

A well sound bar then, makes me wonder why I never stay for more than a beer. Perhaps I have a deep psychological issue with the lack of nudity.

  Review August 2009: Open Door

The bar still seems to be doing quite well in drawing in some of the passing foot trade that would otherwise give gogos a miss.

The bar has about 20 dancers of which 8 are dancing a 4 song shift on 4 tables. The girls are all strictly bikini clad which is related to the open door policy of the bar. Some if the girls can be quite hands on, perhaps beyond what one may expect from an open door bar.

The bar features very reasonable prices for more or less everything on the menu. The dancers and the staff are quite friendly and the owner makes a point of a personal welcome too.

  Review Feb 2009: Warm Welcome

Sweethearts still seems to be doing well. The open door policy coupled with reasonable drinks prices seems to attract a wider range of customers than most gogos.

The owner makes an effort to welcome customers which came as something of a shock as I am not used to being sought out. I usually try and hide away from farangs behind a lap full of girls.

The girls are strictly bikini clad and I guess this is coupled with the open door policy. The girls are not quite top notch but there are plenty who I would entertain on my lap. In fact I stayed single on my last visit. I was coveting my neighbour's hostess, she was lovely.

Of the bars without shows or naughty stuff, this is one of the more successful. Probably down to the cheap drinks and warm welcome.

  Review May 2008: Open to the World

The bar seems to have carved out a niche that is attracting a good crowd.

It is just a little bit more inviting than most gogos. It leaves the front door open so that passers by can see the table dancing within.

The open door policy probably provides a little encouragement for inquisitive tourists who maybe a little shy to venture into the unknown of a closed door bar.

The bar is more friendly than most to South Asian and Middle Eastern tourists too.

The downside for the more hardened gogo addict, is that the open door policy means that there is no nudity or naughty shows for passers by to see (or customers for that matter)

The girls are average but that still means that there are some good looking girls.

The music is oldie farang and the drinks prices are very reasonable.

Good to see a bar catering for a wider audience than most. There's plenty of room in Pattaya for a bit of variety.

  Review Sep 2007: Still One Beer

The bar has policies in place to make this a successful GoGo. The drinks prices are competitive and the barfines are amongst the cheapest in Pattaya's gogos. There are always managers on hand for a chat, or to sort out problems.

As a result the bar has now built up a large team of dancing girls of which many are attractive.

The good policies enable a good bar, but actual fun is still down to individually how one hits it off with the girls. Unfortunately on my visits, the girls have been a little standoffish and so I have rarely stayed long. There is no reason why others shouldn't be luckier.

Another recent negative is that the bar seemed to react more cautiously than most to the worries about a police visit. The girls were distinctly overdressed when other bars were still taking risks.





Walking Street
(Beach Rd end)



Opened on 27th November 2015 the latest in a long line of attempts trying for success at the Beach Rd end of Walking Street. The bar takes over from Fairies, Eclipse, Coyote Club and Silver Star 3.

March 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeway:
    160   200-220   220

 Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: Heineken is Taboo

On Walking Street, at the previous location of Silver Star 3 A-GoGo, Coyote Club, Eclipse and a nameless gogo/coyote/whatever, a new gogo is trying its luck: Taboo.

My visit was short, very short, but long enough to notice the more than blaring music and the less than average dancers; no nudity.

On the left-hand side of the first section is a long bar counter now with some girls dancing on a narrow stage behind it, still without chrome poles.

Not much has changed in the second section, but they seem to have added some small unstable furniture, which makes it difficult to walk around.

While a waitress was trying to explain they had no Heineken beer, a coffee table full of drinks was showered over my feet.

High time I left.

Taboo Club

Covent Garden
Walking Street Soi 16

   Taboo Club

Opened 19th Oct 2006 until 17th March 2008, previously Babe Watch A-GoGo. Now Black & Whte: X Zone 2, see below

Tahitian Queen 2

Walking Street: Soi BJ



 Tahitian Queen 2 (TQ 2)

Old style US oriented rock and roll gogo. Established in 1991. Closed in October 2011. Now Bada Bing A-GoGo

Teaser's GoGo Club

Walking Street

   Teaser's GoGo Club

Opened Nov 2005 but closed by Jan 2006. Now Rhino A-GoGo

See also Teazers coyote dancing bar

The E Gothic GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

   The E Gothic GoGo

Now converted to a Lady boy bar.

Tiger Club A-GoGo

Walking Street
At Soi Diamond (upper floor)



 Tiger Club A-GoGo

Tom Boy GoGo for women only.

Previously at the venue that was The Roof, New Player and now Rocket. Opened next door in Jan 2007. Closed in December 2013 but re-opened in December 2014. Closed in March 2015 suggesting that the bar is only used for high season only. Became a Tom Boy GoGo in May 2015. Closed later in the same year.

Top Girls

Walking Street: Soi 14

   Top Girls

Bells and whistles show venue for Asian tour parties. Now Illusion Pattaya Club, see above

ToyZ A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15



 ToyZ A-GoGo

ToyZ started life as Catz in November 2005 in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16.
Catz renamed to ToyZ in January 2010 but closed in summer 2011.
ToyZ re-opened at the new Soi 15 venue on 16th December 2011.
ToyZ became Private Dancer in August 2012.


Walking Street: Soi BJ


Now Bada Bing A-GoGo, see above

Tramps A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond



 Tramps A-GoGo

Previously Bells & whistles show bar which ran between Nov 2006 until May 2008. Reopened as more traditional GoGo on 28th January 2010.  but it didn't work and was closed by May. Now serves as rooms for Windmill.



Upstairs A-GoGo sign

Upstairs A-GoGo

Soho Square
Walking Street

From 8pm




jacuzzi show

 Upstairs A-GoGo

Originally opened as a coyote nightclub in June 2008.
Converted to GoGo in July 2008. Closed in March 2009.
Re-opened under new management still as a GoGo on 8th October 2009.
Changed hands in February 2011.
Renamed Upstairs A-GoGo in mid November 2012

July 2014 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour 8-10pm 39       155
10pm  - 2am 99 149 99 2 for 1 on house spirits
happy hour 2-3am 39 69 99  

  Comment from Dick Farang, May 2015: An unpalatable brew

As to Upstairs A-GoGo on the far end of Walking Street you have to take into consideration that they have the ugliest dancers in town, the highest pressure for lady drinks and the pushiest ladyboy tout.

In those circumstances I would call a cheap draught beer a poisoned chalice.

  News from Ishi. April 2015: Cheapest in town

upstaiirs draftThe bar has introduced the cheapest beer in any of Pattaya's GoGos. Happy Hour draft is now 39 Baht. The bar runs 2 happy hours, from 8pm - 10pm and 2am - 3am.

  News from Ishi, July 2014: Small fire

The bar has gone dark for a few days as repairs are required after a small fire. The bar re-opened a few days later as expected.

  Review from Dick Farang, July 2014: Exit visa required

Yesterday, after a long while, I visited Upstairs (formerly Utopia) on the Siberian part of Walking Street.

I saw three bikini dancers, four topless ones and two naked ones.

Apart from the naked (dry) jacuzzi dancer, all were plain ugly.

The Danish owner appears to sit there all the time, smoking and drinking.

The interior is still as impractical as before and the stools as unstable.

All the staff were extremely pushy for lady drinks and the ugly, very skinny naked dancer with a lot of piercings was even cheeky.

When it became clear I was not going to waste more money everybody stopped dancing and left the stage, probably waiting for the next customer.

I saw one “hostess”, but there does not seem to be a mamasan.

Draught beer 99 baht, bottled Heineken 149 baht, 2-for-1 offers for shots.

Note that to leave you have to push a button near the exit door; the only other gogo I can remember where customers are locked up this way is Sapphire on Soi 15.

A place to avoid.

  Update from Upstairs, January 2013: Can Do

No Coyote girls or Agency girls.

Shower / Jacuzzi show?... YES
Lesbian / Dildoshow?... YES
Can Customer play / touch / kiss the girls / pussies etc?... YES
Can I order / smoke Shisha inside the Gogo Bar?... YES

Everybody is welcome

  News November 2012 from Upstairs: More Fun

The new renovated Upstairs Agogo Bar has a big Cacuzzi with shower now where customers can play with the girls and enjoy.

There's a new bar Slogan: We have sexy girls and serve ice cold drinks.

Drink specials include an all night promotion: buy 1 get 1 free on house whiskey, rum, vodka, or gin for just 119 baht. The bar has introduced cocktails and an extended range of mixers and beverages. They also offer a late hour special from 02-03 am (all bottled beers for 69 baht)

  News November 2012: Utopia Upstairs

Utopia has renamed to Upstairs A-GoGo after a change of management.

Utopia A-GoGo

Soho Square
Walking Street

   Utopia A-GoGo

Originally opened as a coyote nightclub in June 2008.
Converted to GoGo in July 2008. Closed in March 2009.
Re-opened under new management still as a GoGo on 8th October 2009.
Changed hands in February 2011.
Renamed Upstairs A-GoGo in mid November 2012



VIP Club & GoGo

Walking Street

   VIP Club & GoGo

Opened Nov 2005 until Nov 2007. Then it became Lollipop A-GoGo, now closed.


Soi Diamond

Re-named as Naughty Girls, see above

Voodoo A-GoGo

Walking Street

   Voodoo A-GoGo

Opened mid 2007 until May 2008. Now taken down in favour of beer bars



whats up-imagine sign

What's Up Imagine

Walking Street: Soi 15
(above What's Up Playgirls)




 What's Up Imagine

Upstairs bar at What's Up has closed. The downstairs bar remains popular though. It opened 23rd December 2009. Closed by April 2010. Perhaps a high season operation. Opened again in January 2015 but again closed later in the year.

 News from Ishi January 2016: Outage

The upstairs bar closed for a few saysfrom 12th January citing power outages.

  News from Ishi December 2015: Seasonal Opening

The upstairs bar re-opened for shows on 27th December 2016.

  News, January 2015: Imagine

An upstairs bar has opened at What's Up called Imagine, this time accessible from a separate entrance. The new bar features well produced acrobatic and pole dancing shows.

Top tier pricing is also in operation as per downstairs but the bar has a lot of fans that are happy to pay the price.

What's Up previously tried an upstairs bar but it was not a success. Perhaps the outside entrance is the key to getting more customers to try it out.

What's Up Playgirls

What's Up Playgirls

Walking Street: Soi 15

From 8pm




jacuzzi show

 What's Up Playgirls

Multiple interactive stages brought new life to this largish gogo. Very expensive drinks and bar fines soon followed the success.

March 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
- until midnight 2000
-after midnight 1000
  not available 185-215 185 215-230   250

The bar also charges 20 baht for cold towels.


  Review from Pattaya-Addicts October 2010: Las Vegas Showgirls

What's Up has transformed into something of a cabaret show bar. Like something from Las Vegas with prices to match.

Some will say Angelwitch still rules the standard for shows, but they have not replaced their shows for a while and same-same tends to get stale after a while. This is was my first time at What's Up for a while, so I enjoyed the shows quite a bit.

The shows are choreographed with up to 8 girls but they still remember their roots and the shows feature lots of lesbian fun.

And still the showgirls find the time to entertain customers by sitting on their laps.

  News July 2010: Out of Order

An argument over taking pictures in the bar escalated out of control and ended up with customers being bottled by What's Up staff.

  Review by Rick G of pattaya-discover, May 2010: Gyrations

What's Up has always been a fun experience for me.

A small central stage, with 4 girls dancing, a play area and a shower area, plus a small exercise area where girls swing on those chains that hang from the ceiling. It's one of What's Up's unique features. The more skilled girls swing on these chains, in acrobatic fashion, engaging in all kinds of gyrations, and offering every part of their curvacious bodies for inspection and interaction. Girls are keen to interact, and constantly make eye contact. They're perhaps a little pushy, but there's lots of cute girls willing to interact with you, in any way you can think of.

It's still a great club, and well worth a visit.

  News from Ishi, Dec 2009: What's Upstairs?

What's Up (Officially What's Up Play Girls) is set to open its upstairs floor.

It will be called What's Up Imagine and will open on 15th December 2009.

Imagine and Play Girl have the same entrance and to enter the Imagine we have to use upstairs. One of the staff said that the concept of Imagine is different from Play Girl. I can't guess.

  Reader review Nov 2009: Jacuzzi Tips

The performance at the Jacuzzi is quite interactive and enjoyable. Although there is a girl, the pretty one who she thinks is the queen of the town and she is a bit rude.

They don’t ask for a drink at the Jacuzzi, but a tip is very welcome. A 20 Baht note is enough, although you will need more than one tip if you continue.

The performance at the stage didn’t interest me at all, just the Jacuzzi.

Beer Singha costs 115 Baht, a little expensive.

  News May 2009: What's Up

The bar is expanding into the upper floors (last used as Fantasia Bar). The first floor will be an expansion to the gogo complete with Jacuzzis and the second floor will be short time rooms

  Review April 2009: Bar Owner's Dream

What's Up must be every bar owner's dream. The bar charges top dollar for more or less everything and at the same time is more less packed out.

Over recent years the put some good sexy policies in place with their Jacuzzi and mattress play areas. They also had the idea of getting the showgirls to go clambering amongst the customers in the nearby seats.

All good stuff but for me the bar has simply got too expensive. The beer has gone up from the 60 Baht draft level to no draft and 125 Baht bottles. And the bar fines seem to be more or less set at the top end of unreasonable and can be doubled should a temporary opportunity arise.

Whilst I appreciate the entertainment talent of the show girls, I am not sure what the rest of the audience are enjoying. The girls on the main dancing stage seem somewhat demurely dressed and most of them seem to sit by the door rather than go out mingling.

On my last visit I had a beer and a brief chat with a showgirl I know. As a gesture to the inflated drinks prices I offered the odd 20 Baht note change to my friend rather than leave it on the tray. Another girl spotted the tip and made a surly remark about it being 20 rather than 100. Just about sums up What's Up.


Wildcats A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

From 8:30pm

coyote dancer




 Wildcats A-GoGo

Took over from Bada Bing on 5th September 2013.

May 15  Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
1500 coyote before 12
1000 coyote after 12
700 bikini
happy hour to 11pm not available 90 90 100 150
from 11pm not available 135 95  

  Review from Ishi on opening night: Half wolf half cat

I visited after about 11pm.

I saw 10 dancers on the stage. One dancer would change each song. The girls were dancing enthusiastically, and were paying attention to the audience. Half the dancers were bikini clad and the others were coyote. I saw just one topless dancer. 5 show girls were bottomless.

There were 24 dancers on the mamasan's board but 6 were off.

There was a happy hour before 10pm when st least some drinks were 69 Baht. After happy hour soft drinks are 95 Baht. There's no draft beer.

Bar fines are from 700 Baht to 1,500 Baht (coyote).

Windmill frontage

The Windmill Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

From 7pm


Abraxas top 10 GoGo
Addicts 8th place



jacuzzi show

 The Windmill Club A-GoGo

Opened 19th November 2005. Fun and sexy.

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink

1500 LT to 1am
700 LT after 1am
700 ST

happy hour to 10:00 75     50+ 170
from 10:00 80 160 85 House spirit 110

There is a VIP discount card is still available at Windmill and Sugar Baby for a 10% discount on barfines and all drinks after happy hour. Apply for your member card at any time for instant membership and your discount will apply immediately. Just needs full name and email address.

  Review from Dave, February 2017: Good place

I popped into the Windmill Club the other Saturday, and it was a very pleasant experience,

It was very busy but I managed to find a seat.

Lots of attractive Girls, wearing not many clothes.

The girls were very friendly, 2 girls on the mat were calling me over for some pussy licking. I wasn't in the mood but I gave them 50 Baht each for remembering me,

A good place for a beer.

  Review from Horny Bloke, January 2017: Good stuff

Lady drinks in Windmill are now 170 baht.

It still gets quite packed downstairs starting around 8-9 pm and onwards.

On the main downstairs stage, how risqué the two girls get at the edge of the stage depend on what tips they get (obviously). When no one was tipping, the girls looked bored and periodically applied makeup. When two guys sat next to them and started tipping, they were doing things like sticking ice cubs and beer bottle tops up their puanani.

Good stuff.

  News from Dick Farang, December 2016: Windmill on the up

The Windmill Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has an upstairs section now, which is a bit quieter than the ground floor.

On the left-hand side are factory-style metal stairs leading to it. Even the stairs to the defunct Tramps A-GoGo on the right-hand side were more comfortable.

The music was deafening, but the dancers were all but shy. No coyotes to be seen.

Near the new stairs I saw a for-sale notice for G-Spot Pattaya on Walking Street.

Bottled Heineken at Windmill 160 baht now.

  Review February 2016: Lickherish Allsorts

Although a bit of a fan of Windmill, I haven't been for quite a while, partially due to it being full, or way too crowded, on my last few look ins. So this time I tried the early slot.

The bar was still two thirds full, making me think there must have been a queue at the door for opening time. Anyway, I got a main stage side at the end with the showgirls.

And there was plenty of activity of to keep ones mind occupied (as well as well as ones roving hand).

The main stage was pretty near full of dancing girls showing plenty of nudity. Maybe not quite top notch lookers, but plenty were well attractive.

The shows on the play tables were a bit staid at the time, being more an opportunity to apply make up than anything else. However there was an atmosphere of anticipation whereby one would expect more penetrating performances once the drinks started to flow.

But even at that early hour, one customer was locked together with his drinks partner doing things not often seen in polite company.

It is clearly a very popular bar with plenty going on to entertain all sorts of customers, from those there to enjoy the spectacle, to those that want to get a little more involved.

  Review from Dave, September 2015: Everybody was having fun.

I popped into The Windmill Friday night about 9.30, it was very busy, and everybody was having fun.

All the Girls on the main Stage were Naked. Again ,no Coyote Dancers here, I'm glad to say. Plenty of Girls displaying their pussies.

Highly recommended for a good evening.

The man sitting next to me was having a barfine and it was 3500 all in.

  Review from Dave, September 2014: Well worth a visit

I popped into the Windmill last night around 9-15, it was busy as usual,

All the Dancers were naked, it was very nice.

Most of the girls are only average, but there were a few very attractive girls. I bought a couple of drinks for a lovely girl.

Anyway it's well worth a visit at the moment.

I don't know how long the nudity will last though.



X Zone A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 16, Covent Garden Complex




 X Zone A-GoGo

Very large gogo with multiple stage including the very interactive soapy stage. Opened December 2005. Expensive bottled beer. Closed in July 2014.


X Zone 2 A-GoGo

Covent Garden Complex
Walking Street: Soi 16

   X Zone 2 A-GoGo

See Black & White above. Now closed and has become Club Relaxxx A-GoGo


Walking Street: Soi 15

   XXX A-GoGo

Opened 20th October 2006 and merged into Baby Dolls in February 2007.







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Jan 06
draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
festivities refers to holidays when bar fines are set higher than usual

if applicable
UK Pint
Approx price of cheap lager in GBP (£1 = 70 Baht)
happy hour happy hour draught beer bottled beer soft drinks spirit & mixer breezer lady drinks not available= not available
normal hours price in Baht            

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking
Girls order more expensive lady cocktails without pointing out that they are more expensive than the advertised lady drink cost.
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Dancers may be lady boys

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Festivities bar fine. Many, if not, gogos charge higher barfines on what they consider special days. Every bar has a different definition of which days are special though. And some special days are even more special (expensive) than others.

The reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

Nudity cannot be guaranteed and whenever the Pattay police are on the prowl the girls cover up. Closing times are sporadic depending upon local enforcement. 2am or 3am is now the norm.

Anyone with Middle Eastern or South Asian dark skin should be aware that they may receive a rather negative welcome. 90% of gogo bars have unspecified entry restrictions which can be hard to tie down as different people have had different receptions. Unwelcome faces will be told at the door that the bar is suddenly a members only club. Discriminatory maybe, but it is for real, it is based on experience, and it is supported by those who care about the welfare of the girls.

Just a couple of times people have had a bad experience in a bar which is perhaps the fault of an individual employee rather than bar policy. More often then not, the bar would be more than happy to deal with offsite problems even when it is not strictly their problem. To try and be fair to the bars, offsite complaints about employees can only be considered for inclusion if they have first been presented to the bar involved.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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 February 2013:  Rates

  • GoGo Girl ... ST 1000/LT 2000 low end bars. 3000/5000 is the starting point in some Walking street GoGos, but 2000/3000 seems to be the norm
  • Beer Bar Girl ... ST 500-700/LT 1000 to 1000/1500
  • Beach Road Freelancer ... ST 500-700/LT 1000
  • Disco Freelancer ... ST 1000/LT 1000 to 1500/2500
  • Short Time Bar Girl... ST 700 to 1000 + 300 for the room. Note that LT is often discouraged via surprisingly high fees and barfine.
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