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The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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Bang Up Club

2nd Road
(by Drinking Street)

Naughty goings on for tour party tourists only

Black Banana Club

Walking Street

A gay GoGo opened in December 2019 at the venue that was previously Hidden A-GoGo.

Bollywood A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13/3 (Soi Pattayaland 1)

Opened in May 2019, presumably for an Indian audience.

It has taken a long time to appears as work started back in November 2017.

Closed by October 2019, but reopened in December 2019.


Catwalk A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi 15

Catwalk A-GoGo opened on 5th April at the upstairs Soi 15 venue above New Star A-GoGo. It is part of the Airport group and was a pussy tricks venue for tourists.

Center Club

Soi Diamond

Opened on 14th October 2017 at the venue that was most famously Carousel, but later became Dream Club and Maxine's Club. Became Su Casa A-GoGo in 2021.

Champion A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Lucky Star

Thai run gogo once noted for rock music but became a pussy tricks show. The bar moved from Walking Street to Soi Lucky Star in March/April 2016 and closed in December 2018 as the venue became part of a redevelopment project.

The Champion

Soho Square

The original Champion closed on Walking Street in March 2016 and spawned two new bars, this one on Soho Square, and one on Soi Lucky Star. The Soho Square venue closed in July 2016 whilst the Lucky Star venue continues.

Crazy Russian Girls

Walking Street
(by Soho Square)

East European dancing bar. Opened as Crazy Horse but was renamed to Crazy Russian Girls. Closed in September 2016. Tried in after the coronavirus lockdowns but closed again in March 2023. Re-opened in May 2023.


Deja Vu

Soho Square

Also signed as Eros

Expensive Russian dance bar originally planned for opening in 2013 on Walking Street but this didn't work out. Now open on Soho Square but had a shaky start for a few days after opening in March 2014. Closed in April 2014. Re-opened in December 2014.


European Club

Pattaya Dragon
2nd Road: Soi 5

Asian tour party venue

Not fully included in list as it does not advertise public admittance and may in fact have a cover charge designed to deter.

It's a companion to the Model Club and features the Russian/Uzbekistan girls that dance at Galaxy Cabaret.

This venue is on the site of the new but failed Pattaya Dragon complex.



Galaxy Cabaret

Walking Street

Long running and very expensive GoGo that featured East European dancers closed in Summer 2020.

glass house

The Glass House A-GoGo

Walking Street

Facebook Page

Opened on 16th February 2013 with Japanese and US connections. It closed in May 2014 and became Ginza II on 14th may 2014. It re-opened under new management on 1st September 2014.

The Glass House opened an upstairs Super Model Show in March 2019.

February 2019

2500 before midnight

coyote dancer
draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
happy hourto 10:30pm 100 270
not available 150-200 110 140-160

News August 2022: Re-opened

The bar re-opened after the coronavirus lockdown of 2022.

News September 2020: Re-closed

Post lockdown opening doesn't seem to have worked out for Glass House A-GoGo and it re=closed on 27th September 2020. It was later revealed that the closure may be to do with a closure order made by local authorities.

News July 2020: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

News, March 2019: Upstairs

The Glass House opened an upstairs Super Model Show in March 2019. Early repsorts suggest that this proving popular, especially with Asian customers.

Update from Dave, June 2018: Cheap beer no more

I got persuaded to go into the Glass House , not a place I like, the Cheap bottled Beer has gone. Prices now from 150-200b. There were more Girls in there than before and some nice looking Girls, mostly Coyote Dancers, but some Topless.

Review from Dave, May 2018: A Lovely new crop

I popped into the Glasshouse last week. I don't like the place it's too Cramped, uncomfortable seats and loud music.

There were 8 Fat and Mediocre Coyote Dancers on the Stage. After about 20 minutes the Girls changed over and there were 3 attractive girls. One was Gorgeous, she had a lovely smile and a fantastic Arse. She was smiling at me and waggling her lovely Arse at me, only I couldn't see it properly because a Fat Waitress was standing in front of me.

I asked her to move so I could see the Girl and she said did I want to buy her a drink. I Said no I want you to move out of the way. Then a little voice piped up I'll buy her a drink it was my mate Paul, so he got her the Bastard, but he didn't boom boom her. He must be mad.

Later 6 Bikini Girls came on and they removed their Tops. There was a stunning Skinny Blonde.

Review from Dave, March 2018: 3 Shredded Wheat

Met a Girl I know outside the Glasshouse on Monday evening, Oiy from New Living Dolls. She persuaded me to go in for a drink. It was full of Staff and Dancers from the defunct New Living Dolls.

I found the place to be cramped. There were a few attractive Coyote Dancers on show, but all of them looked as if they had eaten 3 Shredded Wheat for breakfast,

There were 2 very attractive Girls wearing white shorts, where you could quite clearly see the shape of their Pussies and they knew it.

No Draft but all bottled Beer 100b.

Update from Dave, December 2017: Coyote

Glass House was very quiet. There were some nice looking Girls but mostly Coyote Dancers. although later 7 Bikini Dancers appeared who removed their tops.

No Draft, Bottled Beer 100b and Lady drinks 175 Baht. Not much to recommend it, but friendly staff.

Note from Dave, March 2017: Flashy

Be aware that Glass House has flashing lights over the stage.

Review from Dave July 2015: Mostly coyote

I popped into The Glass House on a Wednesday night, quite a pleasant experience.

The Girls were mostly Coyote Dancers, with a few topless Girls. There were some extremely attractive girls on show.

Everyone very friendly.

Review from Berat, May 2015: Prices up but better girls

I was told that the barfine before midnight is 1500 baht. It was 800 baht 1.5 years ago, what gives? After midnight the barfine is lowered to 1000 baht. Still too much imo.

But that is only the icing on top of the cake. Girls ask for upwards of 5000 baht for long time, if I recall correctly it was actually 5500 for long time and 3000 something for short time... You could get so many beach road hotties for that much money.

Drinks are really expensive, seemed like everything was fixed around 150 baht.

I walked in at 21.45 On may 25th and my bill was numbered 7 . The bar was not crowded at all. I think they are trying to make up for the lack of customers by overcharging everything.

I stayed inside for around an hour and during that time almost nobody came in. Also, this bar has changed a lot in the past 1.5 years. The entire cast of dancers have been replaced with a nicer looking bunch. And the amount of dancers have been increased as well. The staff doesn't pressure you into buying drinks like they used to do in the past and neither do the girls.

News August 2014: Re-opened

The bar has now re-opened under its original name Glasshouse. It is under new management and now has ownership connections with Wildcats.


Hot Girls A-GoGo

Walking Street

GoGo with a bells and whistles show. Thai Ownership connections with Air Port, New Star & Nui's Club 2. Closed in June 2018 with customers directed to Playgirls (above Air Port)



Jacuzzi A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi BJ

East European dancing venue became Broadway Club which closed and is now earmarked for the stall Moonlight Complex.



Lady's Shadow Club

Walking Street

Very expensive club featuring East European girls. Opened on 20th December 2009 at the venue that was previously Polo Entertainment. Reverted to Polo with Thai dancers in March 2011

Las Vegas City

Walking Street: Soi BJ

Closed, then became the Broadway Club which closed too.


Model Club

See Sexy Model Club

Monro OK

Walking Street

Russian girls GoGo which opened in 2023 at the venue that was previously Air Port A-GoGo

moulin rouge 2017

Moulin Rouge

Walking Street

East European coyote dancing features in the public glass booth. Presumably high prices will also be copied from the other East European bar, Galaxy

April 2018


draught beer bottled beersoft drink spiritlady drink
220-260 800

News from Pattaya at Night , August 2011: Open

The bar closes sporadically

News from Pattaya at Night , July 2010: Renovation

The bar has closed for a few weeks for renovation. Re-opened in September 2010.

Review from Thai Visa , August 2009: Seeing Red

On Walking Street someone stuck a Buy 1 Get 1 ticket in my hand outside a new place called Moulin Rouge. It is a new bar with Russian girls .

I went up the stairs and into a very dark red room with around 8 Russian dancers, 5 Thai bartenders and me as the only customer. I sat down to watch the dancers and ordered one Heineken.

2 minutes later the waiter came back with a bill of 260 Baht!! and insisted I paid it before I could get my beer. Anyway I paid the bill and got my beer, and found out that the Buy 1 Get 1 ticket I received 4 minutes ago outside their door, was no longer valid.

After 5 minutes a pretty rough looking Russian dancer came over and started crawling on me. No thank you, I only want to sit and watch the show . She snarled at me and told me the rules said you cannot refuse a dancer and you must pay her some tips. You can only tip 100 baht, and its better when you tip more than one bill .

I got up, got out, and left the nice Russian girl with my 260 Baht Heineken.


The New Rose

Soi BJ
Walking Street

Pussy tricks bar for tourists. There seems to be an entry charge for everyone. Opened in September 2018.

News May 2019: Dark



Playgirls show bar entrance


Walking Street

An upstairs bar in the Nui's group specialising in a mix of gogo and pussy tricks shows.



Entry charge:
200 Baht may be waived for customers arriving independently of touts

coyote dancer
bikini toplessshow
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink

News December 2020: For Rent

The prospects of this GoGo returning from lockdown seem remote as the venue is now sporting a For Rent poster.

News July 2020: Re-opened

Re-opened after the end of the coronavirus lockdown.

Review from Dick Farang, July 2017: The 3m high club

Air Port Club on Walking Street being closed until 27th July 2017, the greeters try to persuade patrons to climb the stairs to Playgirls upstairs.

This long narrow venue has one very long stage in the middle with an unused jacuzzi behind it and very high bench seating on both sides.

To my surprise the place was full.

The dancers, most of them double-topped and double-bottomed, but also a number of bikini-clad and some topless ones, where doing the Pattaya shuffle until two pussy-trick performers replaced them. The dancers I have seen were varying from very mediocre to extremely ugly. However, they were all but shy and eager to get some 20-baht notes in their bras and pants (front and rear).

BEWARE: bottled Heineken 185 baht.

Review April 2009: Playaway

The bar targets Asians and East Europeans with a mix of gogo and unerotic shows with darts and whistles etc.

There are no welcome signs suggesting prices as no doubt there is a cover charge including first drink for some whilst farangs breeze in unmolested for the normal pay as you go price structure. The draft beer was reasonable at 65 Baht.

The bar is narrow with central stages, two dancing stages and a Jacuzzi. The naked girl was soaping herself throughout and the dancers were bikini clad.

The girls were friendly enough and would pop over to inquire of your birthplace. But they weren't hasslesome if you preferred to be left alone.

In fact a perfectly decent sort of small bar with many of the usual gogo entertainments.

There was one tiny little almost insignificant problem though...the girls were well below Walking Street average.

Review Sept 2008: Pleasantly Surprised

I was rather suspecting a bar that was a bit more hardened to fleecing the bells and whistles crowd but the bar was not such a lost cause.

The steep steps up to the first floor bar wouldn't survive health and safety rules in Farangland. They are pretty unattractive as aesthetically too.

But inside the bar is bright and attractive along similar lines to Airport below.

There are 3 stages, 1 is for gogo, the other alternates between gogo and bells and whistles shows for the tourists. In the centre is a Jacuzzi complete with a a suitably soapy girl. There are no seats near, so no chance of any hands on fun.

All drinks prices are reasonable and the standard for the Nui's group bars. So no premium to watch a show you didn't want to see in the first place.

The gogo girls were a little reluctant to take their tops off and there are none of the the cuties that are reserved for downstairs duty at Airport Club.

I spoke to a couple of the dancing girls and it made for a very pleasant couple of drinks. They were not pushy and were charming hostesses with plenty of tales from a longish gogo careers.

The service was also good.



Rocket A-GoGo frontage

Rocket Club A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Rocket opened on 10th February 2008. Pussy tricks bar for tourists

April 2009



toplessjacuzzi show show
draught beerbottled beer soft drinkspirit lady drink
110 130 200

News March 2009: Bells & Whistles Shows

Rocket A-GoGo upstairs on Soi Diamond seems to have taken a change of direction. The previous manager Kuhn Artit has moved on to Gamebird 2 on Soi 15. The bar has now become a bells and whistles show targeting Asians and East European couples.

The welcome staff signs for cheap drinks have vanished so presumably the drinks prices have inflated somewhat. Draft beer is 110 Baht and bottled beers are 130 Baht.

The bar seemed to have more customers than in its previous incarnation so must be doing something right.

Review by Mr Mats Oct 2008: Rocket Play

I found a new place for me, Rocket GoGo.

Seated beside the jacuzzi I found two pretty girls and I could play with them too. Very friendly and the service staff were nice to me - an old man from Europe.

Draft bear 40 bath before 22:00 and 55 after.

Review Sept 2008: One Fatal Flaw

There are many good things to say about the bar, particularly for a Thai run bar.

Drinks prices are good and there is a little hassle from the girls or staff. All the usual gogo entertainments are there including the almost inevitable Jacuzzi.

There seems just one thing missing, pretty girls!

Getting customers to upstairs bars is always difficult but its seems that getting the girls to climb the stairs is nigh on impossible.

Review by Fontok, Feb 2008: Nicely Laid Out

Rocket Club A-GoGo is situated upstairs on Soi Diamond

Access: They have chopped off the last few yards of the beer bar below to make an entrance lobby. Go upstairs (usual steep thai steps). The gogo is on the first landing. If you go further up, you could find the room(s) for gogo girls that are too tired and need to take a rest...

The Bar: Nicely laid out with good bench seats round the edge and tables with chairs. About 8 girls on stages, while two girls were washing in the Jacuzzi. Appears the changing rooms must be small, so they had to wash in public!

Drink prices were sensible and sticky signs round the top of the mirrored walls with the "price list". Draught Chang was 55 Baht.

Smokers: They have realised bout the new No Smoking Ban and have converted one of the men's toilet cubicles into a Smoking Room (or so the sign on the door says).--- quick thinking that! Well done, even though I am not a smoker.

Yes, I will go back and give it another go. May not be many girls there yet, but some friendly and I am willing to follow up their approaches... I think the BF was 600 Baht, which is pretty standard these days. Did not have the time to find of what the girls wanted... Most seem fresh from the countryside, or so their dancing skills told me (I was taught about reading dance skills a long time ago from an ex-gogo girl in Bangkok).

Review from Bob, Feb 2008: More of the Usual

Entrance is narrow staircase right before Paris a Go Go . The, what has become usual, interior for new go go's - stage for 4-6 girls, jacuzzi, comfortable seats, etc., etc., etc.

Line up was less then spectacular.

You really have to question the wisdom of someone opening a new go go on the second floor as the season winds down. Even many of the ground floor go go's can barely get more then a handful of customers these days.

Not yet worth the climb up the steps.


Sexy Model Club

Pattaya Dragon
2nd Road: Soi 5

An Asian tour party venue.

Su Casa A-GoGo

Soi Diamond

Center A-GoGo became Su Casa A-GoGo during the 2021 coronavirus lockdown. Previously the venue was most famously Carousel, but later became Dream Club and Maxine's Club.


Top Girls

Walking Street: Soi 14

Bells and whistles show venue for Asian tour parties. Now Dollhouse

Tramps A-GoGo

Walking Street: Soi Diamond

Previously Bells & whistles show bar which ran between Nov 2006 until May 2008. Reopened as more traditional GoGo on 28th January 2010. but it didn't work and was closed by May. Now serves as an upstairs bar for Windmill.




Walking Street

Bar with East European dancing opened on 8th January 2016. Became Stars Club in March 2018.



XO Club

Walking Street
(by New Living Dolls One)

Expensive East European dancing bar associated with Galaxy Cabaret, opened on 14th August 2013 but has had several intermittent periods of being closed.




last updated:
Jan 06
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if applicable

happy hourhappy hour draught beer

not available= not available

bottled beer soft drinks spirit & mixer lady drinks
normal hours price in Baht        

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking
Girls order more expensive lady cocktails without pointing out that they are more expensive than the advertised lady drink cost.
hotMy best guess at the favourite bars as judged by a consensus of reviewers
Danger: Men working undercover

Dancers may be lady boys

Dave's Fave

My favourites as judged by where I visit most.

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no smokingNo smoking    


Many, if not all, gogos charge higher barfines on what they consider special days. Every bar has a different definition of which days are special though. And some special days are even more special (expensive) than others.

The reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

Nudity cannot be guaranteed and whenever the Pattay police are on the prowl the girls cover up. Closing times are sporadic depending upon local enforcement. 3am or 4am is now the norm.

Anyone with Middle Eastern or South Asian dark skin should be aware that they may receive a rather negative welcome. 90% of gogo bars have unspecified entry restrictions which can be hard to tie down as different people have had different receptions. Unwelcome faces will be told at the door that the bar is suddenly a members only club. Discriminatory maybe, but it is for real, it is based on experience, and it is supported by those who care about the welfare of the girls.

Just a couple of times people have had a bad experience in a bar which is perhaps the fault of an individual employee rather than bar policy. More often then not, the bar would be more than happy to deal with offsite problems even when it is not strictly their problem. To try and be fair to the bars, offsite complaints about employees can only be considered for inclusion if they have first been presented to the bar involved.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

Takeaway Prices

 February 2013:  Rates

  • GoGo Girl ... ST 1000/LT 2000 low end bars. 3000/5000 is the starting point in top end Walking street GoGos, but 2000/3000 seems to be the norm
  • Beer Bar Girl ... ST 500-700/LT 1000 to 1000/1500
  • Beach Road Freelancer ... ST 500-700/LT 1000
  • Disco Freelancer ... ST 1000/LT 1000 to 1500/2500
  • Short Time Bar Girl... ST 700 to 1000 + 300 for the room. Note that LT is often discouraged via surprisingly high fees and barfine.
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