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The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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2 XS

Soi Pattayaland 1


Closed, now Sawadee Boys

19-69 Club

Naklua Road
   19-69 Club

Renamed from Kittens, closed summer 2006. Now a 7/11



All Girls

Soi Pattayaland 2


 All Girls

Closed in 2007. Now a tailors shop

Amethyst Cloub

Amethyst Club

Soi LK Metro




 Amethyst Club

Opened on 17th November 2013 and closed on 5th July 2016. Has now re-=opened presumably under new management on 3rd November 2016. Apparently after a dispute about using the name, Amethyst, the bar closed for renaming and is set to re-open as Gold on 5th January

ovember 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:

 News from Ishi and Dick Farang, November 2016: Dark

The bar was dark on 15th and 16th November.

 News from Ishi, November 2016: Re-opened

The bar re-opened on 3rd November 2016 under new management.

 News July 2016: Closed and for sale

amethyst sale signThe bar closed on 5th July and has now posted a prominent for sale sign.

The bar is now planning on relocating to the Walking Street venue that was previously Champion (with Guugle upstairs).

 News from Ishi, October 2014: Closed for a couple of days

Amethyst was is dark for a couple of days. It re-opened as promised  on 23rd October.

  News August 2014: Draft

The show bar has now introduced draft beer at 95 Baht. Apparently door staff have signs suggesting 65 Baht, but this is not the case.

  Review from Malcolm, January 2014: Splits

Called in Amethyst, on Soi LK Metro at 9-55 to see the show at 10-00.

Around 20 girls dancing when I went in. Show started, 5 scenes, starting with a few clothes on and ending naked. The memorable scene was a girl leaping about lashing a whip on the floor and doing the splits, swinging round the poles over the heads of those sat by the stage. Her finale was to climb up a pole and jump off, landing on the stage doing the splits. This was not your average 7/8 stone girl. She was a good size 12/14, big girl. Very good show, well choreographed.

Singha B150, ladydrinks B185.

Lots of pressure to keep buying ladydrinks. About 40 - 50 girls working. Very nice decor.

  News from Ishi, November 2013: Angelwitch 2

Amethyst opened on 17th November.

Everything looks like Angelwitch on Walking Street Soi 15. Music, show and costumes of GoGo dancers. But I saw 7 coyotes on the stage. I've never seen coyotes in Angelwitch.

The bar doesn't have a drink menu and it doesn't serve draught beer. The cheapest drinks (soft drinks) are 95B.

It opens at 7pm every day, but the shows don't start before 10pm. There doesn't seem much point going before 10pm as premium prices are charged basically for nothing.

Athena Club

Soi Pattayaland 2
   Athena Club




Baby Boom A-GoGo

ssmall soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15

   Baby Boom A-GoGo

Opened on 15th November 2009. Became a ladyboy GoGo in January 2012.

  Review by Dick Farang, October 2015: Moved and Re-opened

The ladyboy gogo Baby Boom has reopened in a new development in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro.

The only female inside is Poo, the fat wife of the Dutch owner, Josh (PA member josh1963), who is always sitting in a corner, busy on his notebook.

There were five tall and slim ladyboys in the 20-30 age bracket.

The music was rock and not too loud.

Barfine 500 baht in the upstairs ST room.

However, no sex is required to have some fun with the ladyboys.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht, lady drinks 110 baht.

Bachelor Pattaya sign

Bachelor Pattaya

Soi LK Metro

From 2pm



 Bachelor Pattaya

New GoGo opened on 17th July 2013

Oct 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
agency before 12 1500
agency after 12 1000
dancers 800
happy hour to 8pm 60 75       185
from 8pm 120-125 75 165  

  Review from Sedrik, August 2013: Good Vibes

My first visit to the bar was in the company of a few friends at 00:30am. The bill at the time was No 96.

There were about 15 ladies dressed from topless to light bikinis. It was a good quality roster.

Lady drinks were 135 Baht.

It is one of the best decorated GoGos in Pattaya with very good music. The ladies were not shy in speaking to customers. They were up for a kiss, without undue lady drink hassle.

In 2 words: good vibes.

  Early reports, August 2013: Very expensive lady drinks

The bar is something a little different to other GoGos with a more lounge style layout with chairs and sofas is clusters for 4 or so people.

The dancing is coyote with something more like bunny costumes than the usual GoGo wear. barfines are in the range 800-1000 depending on short or long time.

Drinks prices send out very mixed messages. Customer drinks are very reasonable yet lady drinks are amongst the most expensive in town at 175 Baht.

Bada Bing A-GoGo

Soi 8

   Bada Bing A-GoGo

Short lived GoGo in 2008 that was the last gasp idea for a failing coyote bar.

Bang Up Club

2nd Road
(by Drinking Street)


 Bang Up Club

Naughty goings on for tour party tourists

Basaya Model Club

Beach Road
(near Pattaya Klang)

   Basaya Model Club

Opened July 2011. Thai style pub with food, drink, a band and dancers. Reverted to a restaurant by February 2012.


2nd Road



Opened in October 2005 with Pool & GoGo, By Sept 2006, that bar had reverted to a pool hall.

Betty Boum

Soi Pattayaland 1

   Betty Boum

Opened 2009. Previously Spicy Girls A-GoGo. Closed in 2010.

Betty Boup Dance Club

Pattaya Soi 6

   Betty Boup Dance Club

Opened as a gogo on October 1st 2006. Now Fun Seeker

Big Hugs

big hugs sign

Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

From 2pm - midnight



Big Hugs A-GoGo replaced Las Vegas II on 7th December 2016. Connections with So Nice

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

All in:

  50 85     130

  Review from Teigen, February 2017: So Nice Big Hugs

Big Hugs and So Nice on Soi 13/1 are definitely connected and both are open from 2pm until midnight.

Bottled Heineken: 85, LD: 130, All-in (I asked): 1800 (just in case if you are drunk or crazy).

6 dancers here, 6 dancers there, topless (all) and bottomless (some), hands-on (that's if you dare).

  News from Ishi, December 2016: Big Hugs

Las Vegas II was replaced by Big Hugs A-GoGo on 7th December 2016. Despite the name change the bar is still displaying for sale notices.

At an early evening visit there were 4 naked dancers in the bar, of which one was on stage. Draught beer is 50B.

Blue Angel A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 7

   Blue Angel A-GoGo

Opened in June 2007. Sold and renamed at the beginning of 2008 to Sexy A-GoGo see below

Blue Lagoon A-GoGo

Centre Condo, Pattaya Tai

   Blue Lagoon A-GoGo

Opened in February 2006. Became Wet 'n' Wild A-GoGo in May 2007 which later closed

Blue Lagoon A-GoGo

Best Friend Complex
Beach Road



 Blue Lagoon A-GoGo

Opened Jan 2007 as Blue Lagoon 2 but eventually named itself as Blue Lagoon A-GoGo. Closed in November 2009.


Soi Pattayaland 2


Started life as Bubbles and became Crystal but closed in Feb 2007. Now Bubbles Boys.



champagne sign

Champagne A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

From 4pm

Facebook Page

pool table

coyote dancer

jacuzzi show


 Champagne A-GoGo

Opened in August 2005. British owned. The pool table is free.

March 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour to 9:00 75 85 85 house 85   150
from 9:00 85 125 85  

There's an expat discount card giving 5% off drinks after Happy Hour.

  Comment from Dave, March 2017: Flat

I popped into Champagne Tuesday evening, a very forgettable experience.

Some very below average Coyote Dancers and terrible loud music. One to miss at the moment.

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2016: Chubbily Bubbly

At Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is a hole in the wall now towards a LOUNGE or VIP LOUNGE where Club Malibu used to be.

The central stage of the former Club Malibu has been replaced by a smaller, round (unused) one and there is a pool table behind it. The bench seating of Club Malibu is still there, but it was deserted

In Champagne A-GoGo itself were three dancing teams of about ten mostly chubby to fat, overdressed, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes, some of them with ugly pot bellies and ugly tattoos. They stayed on stage for very long stints.

After a short pole-dance intermezzo most customers left.

I did not see the infamous elderly Nancy with the giant glasses, ridiculous silicone balloons and worn white net stockings, who had come from Kiss A-GoGo.

The only nudity I saw were the fatties soaping in the shower cubicle and the erotic cartoons on the television screens.

A mediocre 23-year-old girl told her barfine was 1,200 baht and she wanted 2,000 baht ST and 4,000 baht LT, adding same Walking.

A cute 24-year-old spinner from Surin said her barfine was 800 baht and she wanted 3,000 baht ST and 4,000 baht LT.

She was the only slim female I have seen there and she was a good girl, who did not drink alcohol, did not smoke (in any sense of the word) and wanted to preserve her backdoor virginity.

She did not even push for a lady drink, which is why I finally paid her one. Pity she had such an ugly big tattoo on her small belly.

Many people, staff included, were smoking cigarettes and that caused a terrible stench.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, July 2015: Hiding Tiers

Some people seem to be dreaming of Soi LK Metro as a second Walking Street...Not me.

I do not often go there, mainly because of the motorbikes parked everywhere around and the food carts and the mobile shoe sellers, but more still for fear of being run over by a motorbike.

Champagne A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is still a double shophouse and its neighbour Club Malibu, also a double shophouse, is still closed, but it does have Champagne signs on its façade now.

The layout of Champagne A-GoGo is still basically the same: a (too) narrow central stage and double-tier bench seating on both sides.

I have never been a big fan of double-tier bench seating: I feel uncomfortable on the upper benches and I feel uncomfortable on the lower benches.

The line of reasoning that it seats more customer bums cuts no ice: the punters are more spread and the empty space, especially on the upper benches, serves as a hiding place for the girls.

During my visit there were lots of dancers and waitresses and about a dozen customers.

The dancers went on stage in teams of ten. They were a mix of coyotes clad in denim outfits and girls in red bikinis in the most diverse shapes and sizes, with some huge tops and the bottoms varying from strings with a fantasy metal chain between the buttocks to old-fashioned swimming trunks. Many of them were in their thirties and forties and average at best: ugly faces, ridiculous silicone balloons, nasty tattoos and lots of pot bellies.

I did not see topless dancers. The only nudity I saw were a team of two naked dancers and the two or three girls soaping in a big elevated transparent box.

There was also a short act by a pole dance performer.

On the television screen Japanese adult cartoons were shown.

The girls at Champagne A-GoGo were not pushy at all for lady drinks. Perhaps they do not want to hassle expats and cheap charlies. In that case there must have been expats and cheap charlies only.

Bottled Heineken still 120 baht.

  News from Dick Farang, March 2015: Plans

Rumour has it now that, by Songkran, Bob and his co-owners want to merge Champagne A-GoGo and Club Malibu into a mega gogo.

Whereas a single-shophouse gogo, such as the defunct Submarine A-GoGo, is undeniably too narrow, I doubt if a quadruple-shophouse gogo is a good idea.

Already in triple-shophouse gogos, such as Lady Love on Soi LK Metro and Private Dancer A-GoGo on Soi 15, it is difficult to have a good view of the other side.

Moreover, such a big gogo risks to look very empty.

  News March 2015: Double shift

The best earners of the recently closed Club Malibu have been transferred to Champagne which is now operating two shifts: one from 5 p.m. until midnight and another one from 8.30 p.m. until 3 a.m.

  News August 2014: Afternoon opening ends

The military dictatorship has decreed that GoGos on Soi LK Metro cannot open until 6pm

  News December 2013: Re-opened after renovation

Re-opened on 1st December but visited on the 2nd.

The bar now has one center stage with 7 poles. On the stage I saw 5 or 6 dancers who were topless, bikini and coyote.

The girls were from FunHouse, Crystal Club, Clinic and so on. The topless dancer in Clinic changed to a coyote in Champagne.

The girls advance onstage by one dancer per song.

The bar doesn't have draught beer. Bottled beer and soft drinks are from 85B, lady drinks are 140B.

  Review from Sedrik, July 2013: More coyote than GoGo

I visited at about 9:30pm.

The lady roster is fine with a few stunners. There were 20+ dancers but the dance rotation is a little bit long. The dancing is more coyote than gogo.

There is a weird video loop played non stop on TV (an old porn cartoon).

  Review March 2011: Coyote

The bar seems to have upped the number of coyote dancers whilst the number of gogo dancers has declined. There now seems more coyotes than gogo dancers on the central stage.

There are still the naked show girls, but naked dancers are becoming a bit of rarity in Champagne, The Office and MASH.

  Review by Lean January 2011: Enjoy it to the max

I have found Champagne a go go to be to my liking. My last trip I didn't see the good in it.

Right now, late January 2011, I've had a couple of great visits and have enjoyed the company of a certain dancer.

Nice rooms upstairs, 500 baht, Girl 1000 baht. With drinks and tips altogether about $60 US.........

I see a lot of reviews on this site, and I think too many guys are simply too negative. It's all too good here, there is nowhere else like it, so enjoy it to the max.

I come with a positive attitude, and want to respect and elicit the best qualities out of the girl. When you do that, you will always get the best experience from the girl you select.


Classroom A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2)

   Classroom A-GoGo

No more dancers at Classroom. Now just a bar whiich is listed under bars

Classroom 2 A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 3

   Classroom 2 A-GoGo

Now merged with Honey Pot and named Lek's Classroom A-GoGo


Soi LK Metro


Opened July 2015. Connections with the Billabong Bar on the same soi. The bar wend dark in mid October 2015 and re-opened as an open bar on 31st October 2015.

Clinic A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 7

   Clinic A-GoGo

Opened 29th December 2010. Closed January 2014. Now Meeting Point Soi 7 Bar

Club Oasis neon

The Club A-GoGo

Soi Buakhao
(Near Soi LK Metro)

From 5pm

Reports of a discriminatory 300 Baht entry charge (inc 1 drink)

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking

coyote dancer


 The Club A-GoGo

Popular GoGo opened Dec 18th 2006. Changed name from Club Oasis to The Club in October 2012 retaining the Oasis theme in the tagline An Oasis in Pattaya.  Make sure you get your change back, the service staff can be forgetful.

June 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
- evening until 11pm 700

350 including barfine

happy hour 5pm-9pm 65 75   buy 1 get one free on house spirits    
from 9pm 102 86 150 145 145

There's an expat discount card.

 Review June 2016: Still no interest

It has been 18 months since the last comment about the bar and maybe little has changed since last time.

Actually there was an improvement as one of the four dancers on stage at a time was topless. the others were well overdressed though.

There was still no sign of any interest in customers, and there was only me there to interest.

The bar had smartened up in terms of decor and lighting since my last visit a long while ago, but this is not really a reason to stay beyond one drink.

There is obviously a place in Pattaya for rather passive bars where the girls do little beyond being available, but such a bar policy requires rather more quantity to pick from. The concept does not seem to offer much when scaled down to just four dancers.

 Review from Dave, December 2014: No interest

I popped into Oasis Club in LK Metro Monday Evening.

It was awful. There were 3-4 Coyote Dancers who showed no interest in  the punters.

I've had more fun at a funeral.

 Review August 2012: Holding Up

I have neglected the long running Club Oasis for a while due to the distractions of seeing how the proliferation of new bars is getting on. But on a recent visit Oasis is still doing fine.

It offers more or less the same mix as it has done for a while. Certainly less customers than in the past, but from my slightly selfish view, this was a good thing. There was a better chance of a little company.

The bar still had a stage full of dancers organised in two teams. The dress code is bikini or less, with no signs of coyotes. There were several attractive girls on the stage in both teams.

The Tina Turner look alike mamasang was back in charge. And from my observations she generally brings a bit of life to a bar.

I'm not sure whether the decline in customers is seasonal, or a reflection of the western world going bankrupt; or else an upsurge in nearby competing gogos. However, I don't think any of the new bars have brought anything particularly new that will dominate the area. So I think Oasis, keeping to its long running way of doing things, will continue doing just fine.

  Review January 2012: Back up to speed

Club Oasis is now more or less back up to speed. The very poor period for ladies and the debacle with VAT added to bills is now a distant memory.

I visited during mid evening in peak season and the bar was about full. There were two teams of dancers swapping every 5 or 6 songs. The stage was busy with about 10 dancers. There were plenty of attractive girls amongst them, but the overall ranking perhaps about average. The dress code was generally topless and dancing was reasonably spirited with plenty of smiles.

However the bar does have a rather limited niche. The amount of customers was several times more than the amount of girls. This bar is therefore mostly for that like to watch and soak up the atmosphere rather than expect the company of a dancer. Plenty of the dancers were circulating amongst the audience but they were spread pretty thinly.

I have stopped by several times in lower season and there is more chance for customers who want to hook up with girls to partake, but even then the odds were not on the customers side.

This bars seems to capture the specialised character popular in the Soi Buakhao area. Well run bars with decent drinks prices that pack in the customers, but with many more guys than gals.

  News October 2011: Draft price

The price of a draft beer has now risen to 59 Baht.

  News March 2011: Ex-VAT

The bar has wisely discontinued its policy of charging VAT which correlated with a clear decline in customers. It may not be a total cure though, as the bar also seems to be struggling to find girls who take much interest in the customers.

  Review March 2011: Just a blip?

I have been a regular visitor to Oasis without ever being much of a fan. Mostly because it is a convenient rest break point on a regular journey. Rarely have I been persuaded to stay beyond the required single beer and toilet visit. The bar has generally been ok, it's just that it is very popular and there are usually just too many guys for the amount of girls on duty.

But ever since Office opened up I have moved my allegiance there. It is a bar where I stand a good chance that friendly girls will persuade me to stay a bit longer.

I have a feeling that it's not just my trade Oasis has lost, but perhaps a few others too. Oasis seems to have compounded the problem with some sort of management policy change resulting in the recruiting of overdressed girls who seem more interested in willfully ignoring customers than interacting with them.

And then there was the imposition of VAT as an add on charge.

At least it is reasonably clear that it will be added with the welcome sign giving the draft beer price with '+VAT'. The bins on the table also make it quite clear. There are still prices on the wall that are not clear though.

Why on earth a bar wants to aggravate customers, particularly at check bin times when the tip is so readily withheld. It's not as if there can be any trade or business customers. And surely when many of the customers are from countries where 20% is the norm, then if they don't notice the VAT they will irritated by the extra charge. But if they do notice that VAT will be added then they may jump to conclusion that prices are 13% higher than they actually are.

Anyway with all these negatives adding up I wasn't surprised on my last visit to find the bar pretty empty at a peak evening hour.

However I think this has already registered with bar connections and the bar was offering a very cheap 42 Baht (39 Baht + VAT!) draft beer in a good sized glass.

In addition the girls had reverted back to a GoGo dress code, with bikinis and topless being the norm. The coyote dancers have probably shipped out to the newly opened M*A*S*H. Also there were more customers enjoying a bit of girly company than there has been in my last few whistle stop visits.

So hopefully any recent negativity will be but just a blip.

  News February 2011: VAT

Club Oasis have increased their prices across the board by 7%. They have elected to do this via the reprehensible trick of adding VAT to the bill. As if there were any business customers in the bar.

Club Malibu

Soi LK Metro


Club Malibu

A sister bar to Champagne opened on 15th August 2014. Closed in March 2015.

Club Nevada

Club Nevada

Pattaya Soi 13 2 (Soi Post Office)

From 1pm to 1am

There is a shift change at 7pm.



 Club Nevada

Afternoon gogo with very steady trade and little reason to change much. There are convenient short time rooms. The bar is popular in the afternoon and early evening but tends to run out of girls and steam later in the evening

October 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

All in package:
2000 (45 min limit)

  55-65 125 80   100

  Update from Teigen, November 2016: Back to normal

The month of mourning has now completed and Nevada is back to normal. Half the ladies are dancing fully nude again, and the other ones are wearing small bikinis (but most of them are happy to remove some pieces of it for a tip). Those who had to cover up during this month of mourning didn't suffer from a salary cut. Nice.

The bar has also replaced the mirror on the ceiling above the dancing floor, but nothing else has changed.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: Black ribbons

black bowAt Club Nevada on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) lady drinks are still 100 baht, which is the cheapest for any gogo in Pattaya.

In this mourning period the music is lower and some girls are wearing a black ribbon around their upper arm or a black bow on their bra.

String bikinis, but no nudity.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht now.

  Update from Teigen, October 2016: No nudity

A no nudity policy has been introduced for the period of the King's mourning.

All-in is now 2000, up from 1800. Half of the dancers had bikinis and half opted for full nudity -- nothing in between.

  News from Dick Farang, August 2016: Afternoon opening resumes

The recent police action to close GoGos before 6pm has fizzled out and the bar has resumed opening from 1pm.

  Review, February 2016: Still Going Strong

I visited on early evening of a Saturday night and found the venue to more lively than expected. There were about 10 girls serving about the same number of customers.

Surely not Walking Street standard, but there were a couple of attractive dancers. The dress code varied from bikini to nude. There were just 3 dancers on stage at a time dancing for a nice short stint of 3 dances.

The beer was cheap, as were the lady drinks. I am pretty sure they were only 100 Baht, but surely an excess of beer wharped my memory, they can't possibly be that cheap, can they?

I stayed a while simply because 2 dancers proved to be very good company.

Nevada may be a standard old school GoGo with few of the thrills you would expect on Walking Street. But if you hit it off with a pretty girl, it is just as good as any in town.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: Old-fashioned gogo

On Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) Club Nevada is still going strong.

It opens from the early afternoon until around midnight.

The girls work in two shifts and at the shift change at 7 p.m. all girls of both shifts gather on stage. Most girls seem to work two shifts.

Club Nevada is an old-fashioned gogo where even the worn barstools have their charm.

The layout is very classic with a full-sized central stage and bench seating and mirrors around.

It is not as cramped as Tahitian Queen on Beach Road and the tables for the drinks are bigger than at most other places.

In the back left is a big bar with stools where often punters are chatting.

The music is good old rock and roll and not too loud.

At my last visit (around 3 p.m.) there was an elderly and very corpulent gentleman drinking a draught beer. Of the about ten dancers two at a time were on stage and the others drinking lady drinks with him and caressing his phenomenal belly. He in turn was touching their snatches, probably the only sexual activity he was capable of.

The girls were not particularly young or beautiful, but friendly enough. Most of them were clad in not too big bras and strings. Many of them stripped topless and also bottomless.

If my memory serves me well they do have an all-in offer at 1,800 baht, but you have to climb several flights of stairs for it.

I have sweet memories of the girls I barfined at Club Nevada many moons ago when I was not yet a resident, but a six-week millionaire.

Heineken draught 65 baht, bottled Heineken 120 baht.

  Review from Malcolm, December 2013: Early Fun

Went to Club Nevada at just after 1pm and there was a absolute cutie dancing naked when I went in. Had a few drinks with her and enquired of the barfine. She said long time barfine was B600 barfine and B1500 for her.

Turned out her idea of long time was till 7pm when she was going back to work. I was expecting all night, but she was gorgeous and could suck the chrome off a towbar.

Reasonable lineup, mostly nude, draught Chang B55 and ladydrink only B100

Club Oasis A-GoGo

Soi Buakhao
(Near Soi LK Metro)

   Club Oasis A-GoGo

Popular GoGo opened Dec 18th 2006. Make sure you get your change back, the service staff can be forgetful. Renamed to The Club in October 2012. See above

  News October 2012: Renamed

Renamed to The Club but retains a reference to Oasis on the tagline: An Oasis in Pattaya

Crystal A-GoGo

Soi Pattayaland 2

    Crystal A-GoGo

Soon to re-open as Bubbles (with girls), see above

crytsal club

Crystal Club

Soi LK Metro

From 6pm

CrystalClubPattaya Facebook Page

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking

coyote dancer


  Crystal Club

GoGo opened on 12th July 2013

Jan 15 key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink takeaway:
800-1500 before 12
700-1000 after 12
happy hour To 9:30pm 69 80 80 house 80   130-190
From 9:30pm 69 125   120

 Review, September 2016: Waiting for Wonder

I visited the Soi LK Metro venue at about 9pm on weekday evening. There was not really much going on at the time.

There were 4 or 5 girls dancing on the central stage mostly in coyote street wear, with just one in a string bikini. The girls were attractive enough though. There was a second team of dancers, pretty much as the first team.

There were a few customers, of which two were chatting with dancers. The others were 'waiting for wonder' as one Pattaya forum member eloquently puts it.

Draft beer was 69 Baht. And one glass was sufficient for the visit.

This was the last of the one drink GoGos on my pub crawl. I was 'wonder' struck in my next port of call, Pandora's, and I stayed there for the rest of the evening.

 Review from Dick Farang, January 2015: Recovered

Crystal Club on Soi LK Metro seems to have recovered from their all-time low last summer, but they do not yet reach their pre-coup level.

I sat down at the right-hand side because I do not like the cramped double-tier seating on the left-hand side.

There were teams of six dancers on stage at any time.

About half of the dancers went topless and only two naked.

Once they left the stage they hurried to put their tops (and bottoms).

Some were slightly above average and some sub-average.

There were no coyotes left, but many dancers were wearing big pants.

The sex on the beach music was accompanied by a matching video on the six flat screens.

Although there were not too many customers there was a persistent cigarette smoke stench.

Several of the staff were smoking cigarettes inside and not really interested in the customers; no reason to tip.

Asahi draught 69 baht, bottled Heineken (during happy hour I guess) 80 baht.

 Review from Dave, December 2014: Very Good

I popped into Crystal Club on Monday Night. It was very Good.

Lots of topless girls and one was the prettiest Girl I've seen anywhere in Pattaya.

  Review from Dick Farang, July 2014: Very Quiet

Crystal Club on Soi LK Metro has become very quiet: fewer staff and less than a handful of customers.

There are still three teams of 7-8 dancers left now.

There is still a majority of bikini dancers, but many wear big tops and/or big bottoms.

The very fat mamasan does not seem to care about their outfits.

The topless and naked dancers have disappeared.

The price of a bottled Heineken has gone up from 110 baht to 125 baht.

The military junta has now banned GoGos from opening until 6pm.

  Review, February 2014: Best quality crystal

For all the recent expansion on Soi LK Metro, originality hasn't been a major source of inspiration. I recently stopped by 3 new bars all with more or less the same layout, namely Crystal, Funhouse, and Oscars.

All feature a long thin central stage surrounded by comfortable bench seating.

Crystal was easily the best of the bunch, and it was absolutely nothing to do with the prettiness of the decor, nor really the attractiveness of the dancers.

It was that on the day I visited, the girls were simply being the most friendly. The dancers were scanning the audience for feedback, and then were circulating amongst the customers when waiting their turn to dance.

Also Crystal did not seem so afflicted by coyotes as the other two.

And I don't think it was just me, the bar, was popular and most customers seemed to be generally enjoying the entertainment.

  Review from Sedrik, July 2013: Second look

I visited at a peak time of 23h10 (and according to the bill, the 190th customer)

Of course, the bar no longer employs the premium ladies like at the opening.

There were 18+ ladies, of which one was topless. All the others were coyote. They were not very friendly and some of the girls looked very bored.

The music mix (I didn't see if there was a DJ or not) wasn't impressive.

  Review from ishi, July 2013: First look

I saw almost 50 dancers in the bar (there were 49-51 dancers on the  mamasan's board) in 5 teams but mostly coyotes.

Mamasan said We'll have some topless dancers and bottomless dancers in one month.

Bar Fines for all dancers (including coyotes) are 800 Baht till midnight, after midnight 600 Baht.

Draught beer was 60 Baht (It is 65 Baht officially) in happy hour.

They'll open at 2pm from 19th July.



Destiny frontage


Soi LK Metro

coyote dancer





Opened as a coyote bar on 16th March 2012. The bar adopted more revealing dress codes in mid 2013 and the bar is now qualified as a GoGo. Closed on 29th December. Re-opened as a coyote bar on 8th February 2014. Had a few topless girls a couple of weeks later

August 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
agency 2000
happy hour 7:30-9pm 69 120 100 100   140
from 9pm        

  Review, August 2016: Destined to depart

I stopped by the LK metro GoGo during a weekday Happy Hour.

First impressions were good with a sizeable staff ready to guide customers to the plentiful seating around the central stage. The drinks service was prompt and polite.

The square bar has bench seating overlooking the stage which was occupied by 7 dancers.  The dancers were wearing a wide variety of costumes with a black theme. The dress code ranged from overdressed coyote to sheer negligee. There were several decent looking dancers amongst them.

A rather serious flaw started to emerge at the first dancing shift changeover. All the girls trooped off the stage and slowly a replacement crew appeared in bits and drabs. However the new crew was pretty much the same as the previous set. It appears that there were 10 dancers total in the bar and 3 would take a break each shift.

The stage may look full, but this means that there were hardly any girls available for hostess duties. You would have a double shift wait when your drinking partner 'go dance'.

Inevitably I decided to move on after my drink. But don't assume that this means that the bar is under the cosh. There are plenty of GoGos on Soi LK Metro that are also 'one drink and move on' venues, so there is a steady stream of vaguely disappointed customers arriving after departing from these other bars.

Draft beer was 69 Baht

  Review from Dave, June 2015: Topless

I popped into Destiny in LK Metro on Saturday night,

There were 3 groups of 6 dancers, all topless, wearing black knickers, all attractive and only 1 fatty.

Not many punters, the staff were all friendly,

Music was ok, not too loud.

  Review from Dick Farang, April 2015: Chaos

I visited Destiny on Soi LK Metro only because I felt thirsty.

This double-shophouse gogo has a square layout with a (too) small central stage, red double-tier benches and some high tables with also red stools. The double-tier seating was not as comfortable as it looked at first sight because there was not enough knee space.

The dancers were mostly clad in red and black, but there was not the slightest uniformity in their outfits: strings, double strings (!), big pants, coyotes, bras, short T-shirts, camisoles, fishnet stockings with suspenders, fishnet stay-up stockings, fishnet tights -- you name it. It was a complete chaos, with a ch.

Some of them were topless and some dropped their tops after a while on stage; no full nudity. There were dancers in all sizes, tall and short, fat and unhealthy skinny, ranging from 2 to 7. Some were cellulite bags and some had huge ugly tattoos on their bellies.

Music was too loud.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht.

  News January 2015: Under new management

Stickman reports that Destiny has been sold and continues under new management.

 Comment July 2014:

There are about 20 dancers arranged in 3 shifts, 2 of these are coyote and the other is a show with girls stripping from bikinis to nude.

Dream A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 8

   Dream A-GoGo

Opened January 2006 and went dark 3 days later. Then Bada Bing, but soon closed

Dreams Bar & A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 8

   Dreams Bar & A-GoGo

The signs proclaiming a new GoGo went up in October 2012. However it re-opened on 27th November 2012 as a coyote bar. It later tried the GoGo format when in decline, but to no avail and the bar closed.

Dynamite Lady

Soi Pattayaland 1
   Dynamite Lady

Closed. Now Dynamite Boys





Far East Rock

Far East Rock A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13 2 (Soi Post Office)

From 1pm - 11pm
Most girls depart at 8pm

bikini  Far East Rock A-GoGo

Afternoon gogo catering for expats into rock music. ownership connections with Sexy A-GoGo and Kiss.

Oct 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
- All in 2000
  55-65 110 85 130 130 110

  Update from Teigen, October 2016: Strictly bikini

All-in is now 2000. There are only bikini girls, no nudity of any kind at all (no full nudity seen there for many years).

The bar also has a brand new flashing and shining decoration on front of the club.

  News from Dick Farang, August 2016: Afternoon opening resumes

The recent police action to close GoGos before 6pm has fizzled out and the bar has resumed opening from 1pm.

  Review April 2013: Refurbed

I stopped by on a weekend evening to take a look at the changes since a refurbishment.

The dynamic of the bar is very much the same as before, but the bar does look smarter for a general rework of the fittings.

The major change is to rework the bar counter at the back. The messy DJ area and boss's cubby hole is now an area reclaimed to the bar. With the bar counter itself looking a lot more attractive. This back right area seems more for the Scandinavian regulars than for customers dropping by. It does not really command a good view of the stage so is probably best used as a hangout area.

There were 9 dancers in the bar when I visited with 3 on stage at any one time. This was a good ratio which left plenty of girls able to work the bar for lady drinks. There were 3 quite attractive girls and it was generally a decent line up for the bars in the Sois 13 area. Topless was the majority favoured dress code for the dancers.

There were a decent smattering of customers, and most had a lady by their side (or on their lap). It is probably the least hands-on bar of the local area but the hostessing was working OK anyway.

So very much as before, but looks a little nicer.

  News April 2013: Builders

Far East Rock closed for renovation. It re-opened pretty much as before but with black paint and lightened by a few blue garlands.

  Review from Malcolm, January 2012: Totally Different

Called in Far East Rock today on Soi 13/2. Totally different from my last visit in May.

The bar had just opened and some strange ritual. Going in which all the staff banged an ashtray or drink bin on a table or the edge of the stage whilst a naked girl ran around the bar about 3 times with a glass of something and dabbed some of the liquid on the other girls hands and all the tables. This ritual ended with the girl sticking her bare arse out of the door curtain and emptying the glass between her legs into the street. Ritual over back to normal.

8 girls on duty, all half decent, 3 dancing. Called one girl over to sit with me and had a pleasant 20 mins with her till she had to go dance.

Draught beer 60B. Lady drink 110B.

As I said last time I was there it must have been a bad day

  Review from Malcolm, May 2012: Uninterested

Went in Far East Rock on Soi 13/2 this afternoon and it was a disappointment since my last visit, a lot can happen around here in 2 years.

4 girls on duty, I think.  2 of the girls were topless. 2 girls dancing and when one came off stage, she disappeared into back when next girl started. Carried on like this for the 25mins. I was in there. The dancers had not the slightest interest in me or the one other customer in there.

Draught beer B50. Don't know how much lady drinks were as I never had the chance to buy one.

There was 1 girl on door duty.

  Review February 2012: Decline

After a period of enthusiasm after being taken into new ownership, the bar seems to have peaked and gone into a bit of a decline.

There were four girls dancing at a time, being either bikini clad or topless depending on the choice of the girls. Generally a bit below average, but there were two or three that could be beckoned over.

However they didn't seem overly keen on interacting with customers and seemed to prefer huddling together at the back left of the bar, safely out of range of customer signals. Not a 100% policy though, a couple of girls seemed to find customers to chat to.

Cheap drinks and a general lack of aircon daytime competition seems to keep the bar going during that period. But once the competition winds up in the evening, there are few that elect to drink at Far East Rock, and hence the early closing policy.

  Review September 2011: Better

My first visit since the change of management was in the afternoon, and I can report a definite improvement.

There were enough girls in the bar, so that they did not spend most of the time dancing. and so could spend a little bit of time sitting with the customers.

And indeed there were more customers there than I have seen for a couple of years. Not in any sense overcrowded though.

Some of the girls were young and attractive. Probably the best line up amongst the GoGos in that area. They seemed a little shy though, and the dress code was always bikini.

The bar has sensibly ended the idea of katoey welcome staff.

The bar has always been more of a daytime place than an evening place so any improvement in evening fare has still to be checked out.

First A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 8

   First A-GoGo

Opened in January 2009 in the venue that was previously Zoo A-GoGo. Closed in July 2010. Re-opened as a GoGo on 27th September 2010. Lasted the high season but closed in early April 2011.

Fun Seeker Dance Club

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)
(Beach Road end)


   Fun Seeker Dance Club

OMG changed hands and became Fun Seeker Dance Club in early October 2012. The venue originally became a GoGo as Betty Boup Dance Club. The bar became Wantanna's in August 2012 but had failed by April 2011 and gave way to OMG. Became Fun Seeker in October 2012. Closed in August 2014.

FunHouse A-GoGo

Soi Buakhao
(Corner Soi LK Metro)


  FunHouse A-GoGo

Previously Club Blu. Opened on 2nd September 2013. The bar closed in June 2014.




Soi Pattayaland 1


gold opening

Gold Club

Soi LK Metro

Facebook Page




 Gold Club

Amethyst re-opened presumably under new management on 3rd November 2016. Apparently after a dispute about using the name, Amethyst, the bar closed for renaming and re-opened on 20th January 2017.

March 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
1000 LT
800 ST
  60 130   140   140

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2017: New gold

black backless jumpsuitAfter several attempts Gold Club has finally reopened on Soi LK Metro at the venue that was previously Amethyst Club and before that M*A*S*H A-GoGo.

This is a short gogo with a central stage and double-tier bench seating on both sides. There is a narrow gallery around the gogo which apparently only serves as an access to the firemen's pole.

About half of the dancers were clad in red bikinis and black stay-up stockings. They would strip topless towards the end of their dance stint. The other half were coyotes mostly in white and very pushy for lady drinks.

The quality of the females was average, from 4 to 6, and still a lot better than the cattle at the overpriced previous incarnation Amethyst Club.

The short and sexy mamasan was wearing a black elegant jumpsuit with a backless lace top.

Not many customers and nobody stayed long. No remarks on the lighting and music. Nice and clean separate toilets.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.

  News January 2017: Amethyst turned into Gold

Gold Club A-GoGo opened on 20th January on Soi LK Metro in the venue that was previously Amethyst.

The GoGo had in fact opened under the current management in November last year but an apparent dispute about the name resulted in rework for a renaming to Gold.

The bar is offering opening specials for 1 week: house spirits 80 baht, bottles Leo, Tiger, Singha 80 baht, San Miguel Light and Heineken 100 baht.

Barfine are 800 Baht ST and 1000 Baht LT. Lady drinks are 140 Baht.

  News January 2017: Turning Amethyst into Gold

Amethyst re-opened presumably under new management on 3rd November 2016. Apparently after a dispute about using the name, Amethyst, the bar closed for renaming and is set to re-open as Gold on 5th January.

  News from Ishi and Dick Farang, November 2016: Dark

The bar was dark on 15th and 16th November.

  News from Ishi, November 2016: Re-opened

The bar re-opened on 3rd November 2016 under new management.

Goldfingers A-GoGo

Beach Road: Soi 7
   Goldfingers A-GoGo

Previously a girls A-GoGo but went Ladyboy in June 2007 and closed in December 2008. Now a beer bar.

Gorkle Pattaya Club

Soi LK Metropole
   Gorkle Pattaya Club

Previously Memories A-GoGo. Bought out in July 2007 and renamed Gorkle Club. Closed & re-developed as Ice coyote bar in May 2008. Now Office A-GoGo.



Happiness A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 7



 Happiness A-GoGo

GoGo opened on 19th June 2012. Closed at the end of January 2015. The venue is now an open bar, Happiness Corner Bar.

Honey Girls A-GoGo

Soi Honey
(Between 2nd Road & Soi Buakhao)

   Honey Girls A-GoGo

Opened on 12th February 2008. Closed by September 2008. The venue was gutted in January 2009. Now split into single units

Hot and Cold A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13 2 (Soi Post Office)


 Hot & Cold A-GoGo

A mixture of girls but they are all up for some diddling fun. Closed in September 2014.

Hot & Cold 2

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

   Hot and Cold 2

Brought back into service in May 2006 but closed again in Jan 2007. The bar is now up for sale

Hottie's A-GoGo

2nd Road (in Smile's Avenue bar complex opposite Mike's Shopping Mall)



 Hottie's A-GoGo

Previously a coyote bar it changed to the GoGo format in November 2009. May claim to be a GoGo bar but the girls were wearing too many clothes to count. Now listed on the Bars pages. Closed in June 2010.



Ice A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro



 Ice A-GoGo

Converted from coyote dancing to GoGo dancing on 1st December 2008 but didn't last long before reverting back to a bar. The venue was previously Gorkle Club, and before that Memories A-GoGo. Now Office A-GoGo.




Soi Pattayaland 2


Previously known as Planet Rock closed in Dec 2006 and is now Wild West Boys.



kaos front

Kaos A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

coyote dancer



 Kaos A-GoGo

A new GoGo promising customer-centric policies and prices opened on 5th March

Dec 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaways:
happy hour   not available 90 90 90 180
  130 90  

  Review from Dick Farang, December 2016: Kaotic dresss code

At Kaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro nothing has improved.

The dancers seemed to be wearing as much as they liked and as ugly as they liked.

On average their quality was even inferior to these at the latest version of Pandora's, also on Soi LK Metro.

To my surprise five of them went topless, but they kept their huge double bottoms.

The music was Thai crap from YouTube.

There were not many customers, but nevertheless there was a disgusting cigarette smoke stench.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, lady drinks 180 (!) baht now, small buckets with ping-pong balls 250 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2015: Opening Kaos

Kaos A-GoGo has opened on Soi LK Metro at the previous location of the Belgian bar Mai Lu Si.

Unsurprisingly for those who follow internet forums it was very cramped with a cheap layout. The floor, walls, ceiling and bench seating on both sides were black with mirrors above the benches. The stages were white plastic boxes each with a pole of about 1.80 metres on them.

Two or three dancers were in white underwear, the others in white coyote outfits, sometimes combined with a white camisole. The average quality of the girls was very low, varying from 0 to 6 with the majority towards the bottom of that scale. I really had pity on the ugliest ones among them. I would not be surprised if some had come from the defunct Pe Pé Club A-GoGo.

No nudity.

Rumour has it on internet forums that this gogo was already for sale at 4 million baht even before it actually opened. That being said, Showgirls Entertainment Centre, also on Soi LK Metro, seems to be for sale at 55 million baht. I fear that there will always be buyers with more money than brains.

Bottled Heineken at Kaos A-GoGo was 120 baht, not the budget price of 100 baht as promised on internet forums.

kiss 2016

Kiss A-GoGo

From 7pm

Soi LK Metro



 Kiss A-GoGo

Opened 22nd December 2010. Table dancing. Ownership connections with Far East Rock and Sexy A-GoGo.

September 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

All in:

happy hour 7-10pm 65 75   2 for 1 130
from 10pm 130 60 120

   News from Dick Farang, December 2016: For sale

In front of Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is a prominent BUSINESS FOR SALE banner now.  Are they fearing going broke and looking for a sucker with more money than brains ?

  Review from Dick Farang, September 2016: Kiss Central

After a closure and refurbishment of several months Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has finally reopened.

The façade covers both units and the entrance to the Blue Moon guesthouse has been reduced to a bare minimum.

The inside has become a bit more spacious and everything has been completely refitted, even the toilets which are still in the left rear corner and still mixed. The bar counter has been moved to the rear and in the middle is now a central stage with a number of chrome poles. On the right-hand side is still bench seating, now with one low table without chrome poles and two high tables with two chrome poles each.

On the central stage four dancers in big white tops and skimpy red pleated skirts were moving, going on and off stage one at a time. Most of them were wearing strings, but two were bottomless and happy to show their private parts.

On the low table one naked girl at a time was performing. On each of the high tables one naked girl at a time was dancing in a short transparent red skirt.

Most girls were average, which is not too bad nowadays, some fatties and several huge natural racks.

The music was palatable, albeit not precisely rock and roll.

The lighting was more than satisfactory.

There was a steady flow of customers coming in.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, up from 115 baht.

  News from Ishi, September 2016: Re-puckered

After a two and a half month refit the bar is set to re-open on 16th September.

  News from Ishi, July 2016: Closed for renovations

kiss closedThere is a notice on the door saying that the bar is closed fro renovations and will reopen on 1st September 2016.

  Review from Dick Farang, April 2016: Sex Bomb

Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is one of the last remaining table-dance places in Pattaya.

In front of the bench seating on the right-hand side are now five tables and on the other side one table, each with two chrome poles on them.

There were about twenty dancers, clad in red string bikinis and stilettos, half of them topless, one of them on each table and advancing one table per song. Most of them were over thirty years old and average, some slightly better looking and some extremely ugly.

That being said, some years ago I barfined a 20-year-old spinner from there for a long time. After the first round however, she came from the bathroom with a piece of toilet paper with red lipstick on it and tried to make me believe she had suddenly got men (menstruation). It was clear she wanted to go out with her friends instead of staying with an old man all night. As she agreed to half pay for turning a long time into a short time, no harm was done.

All dancers at Kiss appear to be staff who get three days off per month, 50 baht per lady drink and 100 baht per barfine.

The music was good old rock, Tom Jones' Sex Bomb included, and not too loud and the dancers seemed to enjoy it.

The lighting was a bit poor and made it difficult to watch the upper parts of the bodies.

The cigarette smoke issue of Brian's days as a manager seems to finally have been solved.

Barfine ST and LT 1,000 baht, the girls complaining they do not get barfined at that tariff. The girls seem to expect 1,000 baht ST. For a short-time room 300 baht extra is charged, which means 2,300 baht all in.

Bottled Heineken 115 baht, lady drinks 130 baht.

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Overdressed

I popped into Kiss at Lk Metro on Saturday night.

I must say it was a very boring drink. The girls were overdressed and of a very poor standard and the music was very poor too.

 Review, May 2013: Traditional Style

Kiss is an old style GoGo perhaps similar to those to be found on Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato.

It tends to attract older locals, and older dancers. Probably predictable from the rock music (with videos) from the 70's and later.

The bar is a table dancing set up with about 3 - 5 girls dancing at any one time. The dancers cover all the the combinations of wearing skirts, knickers and bikini tops. There also seems a time in the evening before items of clothing can be dispensed with.

The bar isn't the most lively place as most customers seem to be nursing a lonely drink, but can be friendly enough if you make an effort. This maybe just a reflection on the number of customers preferring to sit alone. But as always I feel the bar would do better if the girls were more pro-active in searching out lady drinks.

Drinks prices are very reasonable.

I find the bar generally to be worth a look, but I am quick to cut my losses if there is nothing doing.

  Review, July 2012: Possibility of a  Kiss

Kiss is one of those bars that is a hit and miss as it depends on who is around at the time.

On the downside the bar has a high proportion of dancers older than average. Saying that, there  are sometimes some attractive girls too. On the upside, the bar has a good ethic and the girls are friendly. So if you are lucky and can snare a pretty girl, then all is good at Kiss. On another occasion, then it is a one drink and go sort of place.

The bar is one of the few remaining where table dancing is the main attraction. It is clear why such bars are getting rarer. The girl may be dancing right in front of you, but she is way too high and you end up not being able to see much, while also being made uncomfortable in the process.

The girls in Kiss dance in less than average GoGo clothing, but its not really the attraction that it should be. The best entertainment at Kiss is the girl who's sitting by your side. It can get quite hands on (but not quite like Baby Doll and the like), and the girls seem to know how to click with customers.

The beer is cheap and the music is old.

  Review, January 2012: Like the name says, the best chance of a kiss on the soi

Kiss has become my favourite GoGo within the LK Metro area. The area is clearly popular, but some of the most acclaimed bars, particularly Champagne and The Office are too popular, and there simply aren't enough girls to go round. Others bars in the area suffer from having too many coyote dancers with likely offish attitudes.

So Kiss stands out for possible the wrong reasons of not being overly popular, but the right reasons of having friendly and accommodating girls.

I guess one of the reasons for the lack of popularity is that table dancing does not make for a good auditorium show. The viewing angles are uncomfortable and the girls faces are lost in the shadows. So the bar has to counter this with a more interactive and personal service to keep the customers entertained.

This characteristic has the rather restraining consequence that the prettiest dancers tend to move rapidly on to the bars where they can get away with just dancing. So whilst such bars generally have a lower standard of dancer, there are usually a few that are still attractive, and so it is with Kiss.

The beer prices are very reasonable and it a pleasant place for a drink and a chat.

  Review, January 2011: Table Doubting

I rather predict that the layout of this bar will not work out well.

It certainly looks good. No problems on that front. It is basically a narrowish bar with a long line of table dancing positions. There is also a small unused stage towards one end an an unused Jacuzzi at the far end.

I for one do not find it very comfortable craning my neck upwards to watch dancers high above me and right in front of me. Its ok for a quick glance but not really comfortable for a long period.

I reckon if you did a scientific man-watching experiment at say Oasis, where there are seats with a dancing table in front of them, then I would postulate that customers will spend most of their time watching the more distant central stage with just an occasional glance at the girl towering above them.

The trouble with Kiss is that the long line of tables mean that there aren't any tables at the other side of the room where one can watch the dancing a bit more comfortably.

Table dancing had a bit of a fad a few years ago when there would be a bit of fun tipping the girls to squat down for a revealing look and play. But those days have long gone as the continuous tipping got a bit wearisome. Now I think table dancing only appears in bars as an add on. It provides a nice busy atmosphere where there is something going on wherever you look. The central stage is still the main focus though.

Otherwise the bar is farang run and seems a decent enough place. There is the mandatory cheap draft beer and most prices seem reasonable.

There were 3 girls dancing an unnecessarily long dance roster of 6 songs. They were dancing topless. The girls were about average which isn't bad in Pattaya. There were about 8 girls in total in the bar. Way too small a number, but its still early days.

I haven't found the girls to be particularly friendly on my couple of visits so far. But I guess that will change. If the bar wants to keep customers then they will need to provide good customer care to make up for the lack of comfortable dance watching options.

Kiss Kool Bar

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

   Kiss Kool Bar

Previously a short time bar with bikini clad dancing girls but switched to a drinking bar in April 2011. Now listed as Kiss Kool Bar

Kitten Club

Kitten Club

Beach Road: Soi Pattayaland 2

From ~5pm

Danger: Men working undercover

Beware of toilet tips



jacuzzi show

 Kitten Club

Mostly a lady boy bar with just a few real girls.

Note that there is a camera in the bar that relays the action to the Penthouse hotel rooms above

Dec 11 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-showgirls 1500 before 11pm
-dancers 400


happy hour to 7pm            
from 7pm 79 99 99 99-135 135 100

  News from Durian Doug, April 2017: Closed

The Penthouse Hotel, Kitten Club (and Obsessions) have been closed down since 7th April.

  Review from : Dec 2011: Ladyboy Onbsessed

I really don't know why the management of the Kitten Club/Obsessions GoGo continues to employ a few females in what is essentially a quite successful ladyboy boozer, other than pretending they are two separate bars with an imaginary divide. The bar currently has 8 girls and 35 ladyboys.

A few years ago Kitten Club garnered a reputation as a rip-off joint in terms of drinks prices, which were not being displayed, and some punters were stung with outrageous bills. That has now changed and things seem to have been well and truly cleaned up.

  Review from Pattaya-Live: Dec 2009: Strange

Kitten Club and Obsessions are 2 GoGo bars in one. They each have their own entrance but that lead to the same bar, a large GoGo bar with a central stage.

Kitten GoGo bar is a girl GoGo bar while Pattaya Obsessions is a Lady Boy GoGo bar. The left part of the stage and the left part of the bar are for girls and for girl oriented customers (real girls dance on the left part of the stage only) and the right part of the stage and the right part of the bar are for LB and LB oriented customers (LB dance on the right part of the stage only). Waitresses are either girls or LB and obviously are not limited to any part of the bar. Strange but interesting mix.

Real girls wear red, lady boys wear black.

  Review from Pattaya Today: Night March, June 2009: Ladyboys

The bar underwent a complete remodelling a few months back after being forced to close for some misdemeanour or other.

While the new layout is more attractive than the previous rabbit-warren incarnation, the overall quality of the dancing damsels is borderline freak show.

Apart from the ladyboys, the genuine girls dancing damsels are a mixed bunch. While a couple are arguably attractive (and given the lighting I think they may well have started life as boys), most are either overweight or just plain frightening.

Drinks prices are ridiculous for what’s on offer: 150 baht for spirits, 139 baht for a lady drink, and 79 baht for draught beer.

Not worth a cracker unless your tastes run to the gender-confused.

  News April 2009: Back

Kitten Club has re-opened with the promise of new water features. I'll leave it to somebody else to give it a look. It was closed with a notice on the door saying closed for being 2 sexy.

  Review from Pattaya Addicts, Feb 2008: Ladyboys

I paid 900 bath for two drinks. One soda for me and one breezer for the lady I barfined!

I decided to look into Kitten club because I had read that they had now moved the ladyboys to a separate bar. How wrong I was.

The service staff marched me right to the back of the bar and then 3 tall ladyboys descended on me like pigeons around fallen breadcrumbs.

  News from eyebee, Dec 2007: Split Kitten

Kitten Club seems to have split into two. There are now two doors; one saying Kitten Club and the other Obsessions. They look to be two separate clubs.

Now Obsessions in Bangkok's Nana Plaza is a ladyboy bar so there is the possibility that this is the case in Pattaya too.

Due to high prices and customer unfriendly policies such as unpriced bills in the bin, Kitten Club is on the Thai-Anxiety, "Never Again" list. So it may be a while before further details are available.

Kitten Club also has a large impressive new neon sign.


Naklua Road

Kittens changed name to 19-69 but that has now closed



Lady A-GoGo

Soi Post Office
   Lady A-GoGo

Just a temporary name for Hot & Cold during the ensuing shutdown after a police raid. There's still a sign though. See Hot & Cold above

Lady Love

Lady Love

Soi LK Metro

From 4pm

Facebook Page

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking


coyote dancer

jacuzzi show

 Lady Love

A new dance bar opened on 14th December 2012. Seems to be mostly a coyote bar and doesn't have a draft beer.

March 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
2000 agency, before 12
1500 agency after 12
1000 topless, shower
800 coyote dancers
700 bikini dancers
happy hour to 9pm 75 75 50 house 75 135-170
from 9pm 125   145

 Review from Dave, April 2017: Not my cup of tea

I popped into Lady Love on LK Metro on a Wednesday evening.

It had very loud music, which I did not like.

The main stage had 6 topless mature dancers, with very large silicone breasts. They were followed by 6 Coyote Dancers. The small stage had a very nice nude blonde.

The Draft Beer was very nice, 75 Baht for a half pint.

The place was quite busy but not my cup of tea.

  Review from Dave, June 2015: A good atmosphere

I popped into Lady Love, soi LK Metro on Saturday evening.

There were topless and coyote dancers, mostly attractive.

There were Naked Girls in the bath, who were also attractive.

The music was ok and a good atmosphere.

  Review from Dick Farang, November 2014: Pretty Soapy

Lady Love is located on Soi LK Metro at the previous locations of the Swedish restaurant Krogen (Swedish for The Pub) and of the Swedish bar Bolaget (Swedish for The Company).

It is a broad gogo that occupies three units. In the left unit (where Krogen used to be) are a soaping stage and a shower with seating around.

In the two right units (where Bolaget used to be) are a rather de-central stage and two tiers of seating.

Between the soaping stage and the main stage are some high tables with bar stools.

Two of the three soaping girls were really beautiful (something becoming scarce nowadays) and one of them got promptly barfined. Although they were completely naked the soaping girls only soaped their body from the waist down, with special attention for the intimate parts.

On the main stage I saw two teams of five sub-average coyotes and one team of six slightly better looking topless girls in strings.

The staff were not pushy at all.

There were several other customers, among them some bell-ringers.

Loud music.

Decent toilets.

Bottled Heineken 125 baht, during happy hour 75 baht.

  News July 2013: Decontracted

The management has announced that the bar no longer employs agency dancers.

  Review March 2013: Unloved

I stopped by in early evening and it was a totally underwhelming experience.

There were 3 other customers in the bar and 4 girls dancing on the centre stage. All the girls were coyotes in tiny shorts and solid bras. They were about average with one girl that stood out from the crowd. At the end of a few songs a second team of 4 more coyotes took the stage. However the pretty girl didn't hang round to work the audience, she changed up and took up her post outside as door bait.

There girls seemed friendly enough with a few smiles from the stage and a couple trying their luck for a lady drink with customers.

Happy hour drinks were reasonable at 75 Baht, which was a good job, as any more than that would have been very poor value for money.

Average girls, not hands on, no show, no nudity...nothing.

  News January 2013: Early Opening

The bar has introduced early opening at 4pm. There is also now a happy hour until 9pm when bottled beers and house spirits are 75 Baht.

  Summary Review December 2012: Mostly Agency Coyotes

There's a central main stage with a particular note that there are no mirrors in bar to occupy the attention of the dancers. There are other smaller stages too and a Jacuzzi.

There seem to be about 20 coyote dancers on hand. With several comments that they are not really keen on the barfine stuff. As a quid pro quo, they don't seem to working to a drinks quota so can be more relaxed about demanding lady drinks than in other bars.

There Jacuzzi girls are naked so the bar just about qualifies as a GoGo.

The music is kept at a decent volume.

las vegas ii

Las Vegas II GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)
(2nd Road end)

From 3pm



 Las Vegas II GoGo

Opened on 1st October 2008 in the venue that was previously 77 Club and Sweet Dreams Bar before that.

The gogo is run by the team that ran Las Vegas Bar in Jomtien most famous for the girls playing pool naked for a suitable tip. No sign of a pool table in the new venue though.

Las Vegas II was replaced by Big Hugs A-GoGo on 7th December 2016.

Feb 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeway:
1000 before 6pm
600 after 6pm

all in:

happy hour 1-2pm 50 small glass 85   85 130
happy hour 4-5pm 50 small glass 85   85
otherwise 50 small glass 95-110 60 110

  News from Ishi, December 2016: Big Hugs

Las Vegas II was replaced by Big Hugs A-GoGo on 7th December 2016.

  News from Dick Farang, March 2016: Temporarily dark

Last night Las Vegas II GoGo on Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) was closed, but their sister Las Vegas III GoGo also on Soi Yamato was open for business.

In recent times they did not even have enough talent to fill one gogo, let alone two.

The bar soon returned.

  Review by Dick Farang, June 2015: A lottery

Las Vegas II GoGo on Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) has reopened.

I was told that they have been closed during one week for refurbishments, but I noticed not the slightest change.

In the toilets was still a sign for sale (in English) with a telephone number. On the floor of the toilets was an empty Cialis blister, but this is Pattaya.

At my visit there were about ten girls for three customers and two of them were on stage at any time.

A skinny one with horrible stretch marks was fully naked and an old balding one was topless in a transparent white skirt without pants. All the other ones were overdressed in white bikinis, some of them with black underwear. To say the truth, all girls were at least below average.

As usual there was no mamasan to be seen, which, by me, is not necessarily a bad thing.

Bottled Heineken is still 110 baht and they still offer a stapled lottery ticket with every drink.

  News from Dick Farang, May 2015: Closed for renovation

Now closed for renovation with the girls working at Las Vegas III in the same soi.

  Review by Malcom, January 2015: What happens in Vegas

Called in a couple of days ago around 4pm.

Ordered a drink and as it arrived a topless girl landed beside me. offered her a drink and she promptly whipped off her knickers, rubbed her hand in her snatch and stuck her fingers under my nose and said smell good. I know this is Pattaya but this happened in less than 60 seconds of her sitting down.

Mixed bunch of girls from bad to half decent and mixed dress from bikini to nude.

Draft beer B50, Ladydrink B130.

  Review by jj, March 2013 : Barely doing the fanny shuffle

Re Las Vegas II & III

Early afternoon visit, soon after opening; moderate number of ladies in each establishment (7-9) with a range of options (young/old; slim/chubby) also a surprising number of customers at that hour, but not much interaction between dancers and customers.

2-3 ladies on stage doing 6 song sets, changing one dancer after 2-3 songs. Vast majority were bikini clad; one topless; some with no knickers and a band-aid for a skirt. All were barely doing the fanny shuffle.

Offered a lady a drink for her top; offer not taken. She did come to sit and flashed her boobs but not much hands-on action among any of the customers even those who seemed to be greeted as regulars.

Not sure why the common owner bothers with two establishments; nothing really to tell them apart. LV II is a shadow of its former self (SEP 2011 review).

  News September 2012: Renovation

The bar closed during October 2012 for renovation. it re-opened with a new sign proclaiming Las Vegas II

  Review from Malcolm May 2012: Very hands On

Following a disappointing visit to Far East Rock, I got a much better reception in Las Vegas on Soi 13/1.

I was immediately pounced on by a very hands on girl albeit with many suggestions to go upstairs. Even the service girl had a quick grope whilst she took my order.

2 girls on stage at once in varying forms of knickerless undress including one with no knickers but kept her bra on??? There were about 7 girls on duty. Lady drinks B125. 1 girl on the door.

  Review by jj September 2011: Afternoon Delight

The rumor of knickerless Las Vegas girls is confirmed. Spent an enjoyable afternoon with two cuties from SiSaKet who spent more time out of their costumes than in; not that there was much there to begin with.

From 1300 til 1800 there are about 10 ladies who are more than willing to entertain both on the dance floor and the bench. Only dancing three song sets allows plenty of time for hands-on fun.

There was a steady flow of customers, most of whom were regulars, judging from the reaction of the ladies. Some were welcomed with open arms and others were kept at arms length. I'll never understand the rationale of guys who go to lady bars, order drinks and sit there and talk. Two sat watching the dancers but talked between themselves and ignored (and were ignored by) the ladies. Two more sat at the bar with their backs to the action. Puzzling......

Biggest drawback was the expensive (125 B) LDs which were only a shot glass of SangSom.

  Note December 2010: Rumours

There's rumors that Las Vegas has gone knickerless with barely a swatch for a skirt. Also reports of some cute dancers.

  Review August 2009: Regulars

A brief visit as a couple of familiar faces meant that I couldn't dally long.

There were just 2 dancing girls who were bikini clad, There were another half dozen girls on hostessing duty. The girls were not special, so it is more down to a good bit of personal attention to keep the customers entertained.

Most of what was going on in my short visit was pretty innocent chatting, but I rather guess that more fun could be had if the customers so wished.

A decent draft was served for the good price of 50 Baht.

It all seemed a steady sort of place where everyone looked content enough.

At least they had a few customers. I guess that there is a pretty regular crowd here. Perhaps even a few regulars that remember the naked pool played at the bars previous location in Jomtien.

Las Vegas III GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

   Las Vegas III GoGo

Opened on 17th September 2012. Closed in July 2016. Now So Nice A-GoGo.

Legs Club

Pattaya Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2)
   Legs Club

Originally Mistys A-GoGo which relocated to Pattaya Soi 15 in June 2008. The Misty's team kept the old venue going renamed as Legs Club. It closed  in June 2010.

lek 2nd rd

Lek A-GoGo

2nd Road
(North Pattaya)


coyote dancer

 Lek A-GoGo

Opened on 14th February 2015.

Feb 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaways:
    120 80   200

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2017: Small worries

Pattaya's northernmost gogo, Lek A-GoGo on Second Road between Soi 5 and Soi 4, is still surviving.

Nothing has changed to its interior in the two years of their existence.

At 9 p.m. I was their first and only customer.

josephine bakerOn the rectangular stage with three chrome poles was a big Josephine Baker shaped dancer, perhaps a ladyboy. Her transparent top was too small for her enormous bolt-ons and she finally threw it in my direction.

She later told me she was from Bangkok, her barfine was 1,000 baht, there was a nice room at 300 baht nearby and she wanted to go with me for free.  As I have always been wary of free lunches and even more so of free rides, I declined politely. Although she had no particularly deep voice, she did not want me to check her fanny.

After her dance stint three mediocre girls in way too big red bikinis had taken to the stages.

Bottled Heineken still 120 baht

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2015: Big at Lek

On Second Road, just before Soi 4 and more or less opposite Alcázar Transvestite Show, Lek A-GoGo has opened.

There is some confusion about the name: the sign says Lek's Classroom Bar, whereas on the façade LEK A GOGO is written in very big characters.

The main colours in the interior of Lek A-GoGo are black and dark brown. There is a small round stage with one chrome pole on it and, separated by a high table with stools, an also rather small rectangular stage with three chrome poles on it. There is bench seating on both sides with rather high mirrors above it.

There were one dancer on the first stage and two or three on the second stage, all of them clad in huge white bikinis. They were all mature to old and average to sub-average. Many of them had put double (and even triple) tops and/or bottoms, not a nice sight. I have seldom seen such a big collection of stretch marks in such a small area.

No nudity.

All dancers appeared to be agency girls on 10 day/10,000 baht contracts. One of them told me she came from What's Up Playgirls on Soi 15; if that is true, it is one reason more to avoid that place.

The music was way too loud.

Barfine was a steep 1,000 baht with the fuglies expecting not less than 2,000 baht ST and 3,000 baht LT.

No ST rooms.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht.

  Comments from Ishi, February 2015: Little prices

I visited after 9pm and counted 10 dancers on the Mamasan's board. Of these, I saw 6 in white bikinis and 4 were coyote. Some of them are from Lek's Classroom Soi 2 which opens as usual on the same day.

Soft drinks are  80 Baht and Bottled Heineken is 120 Baht

Lek's Classroom A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 2



 Lek's Classroom A-GoGo

The bar converted from GoGo to coyote in June 2011. Previously named Classroom 2 and Classroom 2000. Moved operations to Lek A-GoGo in March 2015.


Soi Pattayaland 2

Closed, now a salon

Lollipop A-GoGo

Beach Road: Soi 2
   Lollipop A-GoGo


Loma A-GoGo

Naklua Soi 33
   Loma A-GoGo

Opened in December 2008. Loma is the Thai word for dolphin. Closed in May 2009.

Love Joys A-GoGo

Happy Bar complex
   Love Joys A-GoGo

Closed, now Avenue Mall



Mandarin Club

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

   Mandarin Club

Mandarin Club closed on 12th December 2008 and but re-opened on 9th May 2009. Became a ladyboy bar in 2014 and dropped the dancing.

M*A*S*H A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

   M*A*S*H A-GoGo

Opened in late February 2011. Closed in March 2013. Now Amethyst

Memories Gentlemen’s Club

Soi LK Metropole

   Memories Gentlemen’s Club

Converted from a restaurant to A-GoGo in March 2006. Bought out in July 2007 and renamed Gorkle Club, Now Office A-GoGo.

Miami A-GoGo

Miami A-GoGo

Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2)
(2nd Road end)

From 1pm - midnight



 Miami A-GoGo

Opened on 22nd December 2012. The venue was previously that used by Hot & Cold before it moved.

Jan 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  55 110 80   130 All in 2000 Baht

  Review from Dick Farang, September 2016: Burkinis

Miami A-GoGo now probably has the biggest (pun intended) collection of fat fuglies, old ones, but also some younger ones. One of them was really colossal. I was surprised the stage did not collapse.

Most of them were naked (or in string bikinis that were easily removed) and would probably have looked better in burkas.

They were not shy at all and for a little tip they wanted punters shoving their middle fingers into their cunts and arses, some of them would even suck those middle fingers to clean them.

I did not kiss those girls.

The ladyboys appear to have gone.

Bottled Heineken still 110 baht, lots of 20-baht notes needed.

  News from Dick Farang, August 2016: Afternoon opening resumes

The recent police action to close GoGos before 6pm has fizzled out and the bar has resumed opening from 1pm.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2016: Bikinis and Burkas

At my latest visit to Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) I saw six ugly fatties between twenty and fifty years old in string bikinis; no ladyboys this time.

  Review July 2016: Sad times

I stopped by Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office during the afternoon just before Pattaya police ordered an end to afternoon GoGos.

There were 8 girls in the bar of which 3 were dancing in bikinis or topless. There were a couple of horrors, and a couple of decent girls.

But despite limited assets, the bar was doing quite nicely thank you. The staff were proactively getting the girls to sit with, (or on), the customers, and the girls attentions were seemingly going down well. There was a steady flow of customers, and each would end up staying for a couple of drinks and a couple of lady drinks. (I didn't see many barfines being paid though).

The staff were doing a good job keeping things ticking over. There was a cheap draft beer and lady drinks were 130 Baht.

It seems a bit of a shame that the authorities have felt it necessary to snuff the afternoon GoGos on Soi Post Office and Soi Yamato. I think they stand no chance if they can only open after 6pm.

Their modest offerings probably only work during the hours when Walking Street GoGos are not yet open. The brutal truth is that these GoGos do not really compare with those on Walking Street and these are only a short stroll away. Soi Post Office/Yamato GoGos simply will not be able to compete with Walking Street during evening hours.

Normally with police crackdowns one can be sure that they will prove short lived, however a similar prohibition on Soi LK Metro GoGos opening in the afternoon has more or less become permanent.

i enjoyed my afternoon visit and feel sad that niche markets should be suffocated by arbitrary decisions by the authorities. They are not doing any harm to anybody by opening in the afternoons.

  Review from Dick Farang, January 2016: Bikinis and Burkas

At my latest visit to Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) I saw six ugly fatties between twenty and fifty years old in string bikinis; no ladyboys this time.

Three of them were on stage at any time and some of them took off their bra.

They had better worn burkas.

Unsurprisingly there were no other customers; some people had a short look inside and then made a U-turn.

In-house ST fun 2,000 baht all in (1,000 baht for the bar and 1,000 baht for the girl).

Bottled Heineken 110 baht, Chang draught 55 baht, lady drinks 130 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: Beware

I will never understand the rationale behind creating confusion by hiring girls and transvestites at the same bar (such as their neighbours KiK and USABAR also do) or gogo (such as Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office and We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien).

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2014: Decentralised

Miami on Soi Post Office (Soi 13/2) is one of the newest and probably the cleanest and clearest gogo in this area. It is a daytime gogo that opens from about 2 p.m. until about midnight.

Inside it is spacious enough, but the small central stage is rather a de-central stage as it is in the first half of the area. This is not a big issue as the scarce customers can easily be seated in this first half of the area.

I counted one utterly uninterested young girl, one ladyboy and five fuglies. Three of them were on stage at any time. Most of them were wearing too big bras and/or too big pants. No nudity.

The mamasan looked better than most of her "girls".

Nevertheless, about a year ago, I had a very enjoyable experience there with a long gone girl Noi. If my memory serves me well the room was nice enough and included in the barfine.

Bottled Heineken was still 110 baht.

  Review December 2012: If you are going to start  somewhere, you may as well start at the bottom

I stopped by in the early evening and it was all very disappointing.

The bar is quite traditionally laid out with a smallish central stage. There is comfortable bench seating to the right, a little bench seating to the left, but for the most part there is a long bar counter with a few swivel stools.

The bar looks a little incomplete as there is a large unused space behind the central stage. Perhaps space for a Jacuzzi stage or something later. But in the meantime it leaves a lot of the back right bench seating overlooking exactly nothing.

There were just 2 dancers taking turns and each were dancing for 3 songs. Topless was the dress code. The dancers were below average. There were however 2 other bikini clad girls who were excused dancing. One was below below average, but the other was attractive. However she was enjoying a chat with her friend rather than doing anything that may improve customer experience in the bar.

Draft beer was 50 Baht but that has already been reduced from the 60 Baht reported at the opening, a few days ago.

All very dreadful but at least its bound to better next time.

Misty's A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2)

   Misty's A-GoGo

The bar has now relocated to Soi 15 and renamed itself to Club Mistys. The old venue became Legs A-GoGo which closed.




Pattaya Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)


See Club Nevada above

Nice 'n Eazy

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

   Nice 'n Eazy

The bar was converted to a beer bar in July 2007 but retains the Nice 'n Eazy name


Ninja A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

coyote dancer

 Ninja A-GoGo

Opened on 1st November 2014

Oct 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour     80       150

  Review from Dave, March 2017: Friendly

I popped into the Ninja A-GoGo in LK Metro recently.

It was a very pleasant experience. The place was very lively with a good atmosphere and some very beautiful and friendly girls. No nudity but very sexy girls.

Well worth a visit.

  Review from Dick Farang, November 2015: Ear Clapped

On Soi LK Metro at the previous location of a Japanese-styled karaoke, opposite Crystal Club and between Queen Club and Showgirls Entertainment Centre, one more would-be gogo has opened: Ninja A-GoGo.

It is a double-unit shophouse with single-tier bench seating on the right-hand side and double-tier bench seating on the left-hand side. The seating is less cramped than at other gogos in the area such as Champagne A-GoGo.

In the middle is a rather broad stage with a total of eight chrome poles.

The dancers went on stage for very long dance stints in teams of five to seven. I saw one topless dancer and two bikini dancers; all the others were overdressed coyotes. Most of them seemed to be in the 30-35 age bracket and were average looking at best.

Although they had opened only a couple of days before, it was all but crowded and nobody stayed long.

Not the slightest begging for lady drinks.

I got a terrible headache from the deafening music and tears in my eyes from the cigarette smoke.

It may sound strange, but at several occasions I have detected a foul cigarette smoke smell in very recently opened venues.

I am not going back to Ninja in a hurry.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht during happy hour (discount 40 baht).



Oasis    Oasis

See Club Oasis above


Beach Road: Soi Pattayaland 2

Danger: Men working undercover


Kitten Club and Obsessions are 2 GoGo bars in one. They each have their own entrance but that lead to the same bar. See Kitten Club above

The Office A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

Shows from 10pm

coyote dancer


jacuzzi show

  The Office A-GoGo

Opened on 17th August 2010 in the venue that was previously Ice Bar, Gorkle & Memories

May 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
-agency girls 1500
-show girls 800
-dancers 600

500 inc BF

happy hour to 9pm 65 75 60   125 135
from 9pm 110      

  Review from Dave, April 2017: Passed over

I popped into the Office the other evening, it was very quiet.

A few more punters came in after us and there was a good atmosphere.

An attractive blonde with large breasts approached my friend, who passed her up, so she came to me. As she had to pass me to get to my friend, I also passed her up, I don't take seconds.

The Tiger draft was very good and the few punters there were, were enjoying themselves.

Their were about 16 girls and 5 of them were Topless.

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Lively

I popped into The Office (LK Metro) Monday Evening and I'm glad to say, it is back to its best.

There were lots of attractive girls, topless, bikini and of course office suits.

It was very lively and worth a visit.

  Review from Dick Farang, December 2014: Tailleurs

Each time I stroll along Soi LK Metro I am scared off by the loud music at The Office A-GoGo, but sometimes I defy the challenge.

There were five teams of dancers of four to nine people dancing on the central stage for some ten minutes or less.

Two teams were bikini clad and one team topless, all of them in red; I saw some big tops, some big bottoms, some double tops and some double bottoms. There were also the (inevitable ?) coyote team and a team in black or chalk-line tailleurs (jackets and matching skirts; probably meant as hostesses in office outfits).

A girl in a white transparent neglige and a white string stripped and started soaping in the jacuzzi. Her colleague in a black transparent neglige and a black string, whose ugly face and shape reminded me of a Thai neighbour, did not take off her string and also did not get wet.

Apart from that fugly one, who would have been better off in a burka, nothing was really bad, but nothing was outstanding either.

Some people are dreaming of Soi LK Metro becoming The New Walking Street, but IMO that is not going to happen very fast.

Soi LK Metro is a real mess with motorbikes parked and riding everywhere and food carts and shoe vendors around already before 6 p.m.

Bottled Heineken at The Office A-GoGo was 75 baht during happy hour.

  Note from Pattaya Talk, August 2012: Quick Return

The bar has the excellent policy of a short dance rotation of just one song for a dancer with a lady drink in front of her.

  Review June 2012: A Boring Day at the Office Dear?

I stopped by around 9pm. It was not an impressive visit.

There were only coyote dancers and they were well covered up with shorts and solid bras and so on. There were just three girls dancing at a time with a rotation of 1 per song. The dancers were actually quite attractive though.

There wasn't much in the way of interaction of dancers with customers either. As is often the case when a bar employs coyotes, the service girls were the best bet for company. My friendly waitress kindly pointed out the there were a couple of more revealing girls just about to start a Jacuzzi show and that maybe the coyotes get a bit more friendly as the evening wears on.

For all the hype about Soi LK Metro as the next Walking Street, the soi seems to have a general problem with a high proportion of over-dressed and under-friendly dancers. My advice to flesh seekers is to stick to Kiss, Paradise and Submarine.

  Review October 2011: How Was Your day at the Office?

There's an old adage saying that one's experience of a bar can change from day to day and hour to hour.

I find that this description aptly fits The Office. It is basically a well run bar that ticks most of the boxes that it should to make a good GoGo.

It has a good team of attractive dancers, perhaps second only to Champagne. On my latest visit, there were about 8 girls on stage of which half were topless. Actually this was better than on previous visits, The Office/MASH/Submarine group of GoGos often seem a little nudity challenged and sometimes seem more coyote than gogo.

The girls are generally friendly and most seek out a customer for a chat, but sometimes I have been in early and the girls don't seem very interested. Perhaps the bar needs to build up a bit of momentum before the girls are spurred into action.

But sometimes the bar can get very crowded. I tend to do a quick U turn when I see the bar is full. There are then far too many guys for the number of girls available and there is little chance of any interaction with the girls. A bit like Champagne just down the soi. However spectator mode seems to keep plenty of customers entertained, so they must be doing something right.

  Review by Greeny December 2010: OK crowd

OK crowd, girls interested in interaction except that they are always dancing - they seem to have not much time to chat before they are up and at it again. Hard to connect with a girl.

Prices no different from Walking Street that I could detect and of course quality of girls is much lower.

  Review November 2010: Flashy

The Office is LK Metro's newest bar. About 10 minutes into a visit, the white lights flashed, the music stopped and the half-dozen, half-dressed dancers sprinted for the dressing room.

No police plodded through the door and the clothes came back off as the music went up, but the long arm of the law is obviously reaching past Walking Street.

For the record, The Office is still largely dreadful. Why the bar was about two-thirds full on a Monday night leads one to speculate that its clientele must prefer old, fat single mothers. Diligent fun seekers, however, can still find one or two needles in the haystack.

  Review September 2010: Improvement

Another visit at an early hour to see how the bar was progressing. And indeed the bar has improved.

First of all the dancers had dropped a fair bit of clothing and about half were now dancing topless.

But best of all, the girls were being more pro-active in seeking out customers. In fact the lady that approached me suggested that the boss was now insistent that customers sitting only should at least be asked if they would like company. Surely a policy that will stand the bar in good stead.

Anyway I left with a positive feeling that bar will quickly become established on soi LK Metro/Soi Buakhao circuit. And judging by the good crowds at Champagne and Oasis, there should be plenty of custom to go round.

  Review August 2010: Room for Improvement

I stopped by at an earlyish hour a few days after the soft opening.

First impressions are that the bar looks the part. It has a central stage with a Jacuzzi extension. There are two tiers of narrow bench seating down the sides of the bar and a couple of bays near the door. The back benches have a few long stretches with no access which will probably be avoided by customers.

The music was at a reasonable volume and included a few rock classics I hadn't heard in a while.

The drinks prices were very reasonable with a 60 baht draft and bottled beer at 85-95 Baht. Nuts were provided too.

So really the basics were in place.

There were a few attractive hostesses in office attire milling round but the bar connections suggested that some of these may be not interested in anything beyond being bought lady drinks. Up to them.

There were 12 dancing girls perhaps a little below average although there were a couple of attractive girls. This actually isn't too bad for a bar starting out. It takes a bar with a decent turnover before the bar can command the better girls.

The dancers were well overdressed though, 11 out of the 12 were closer to coyotes than gogo dancers. The dress code was generally knickers under negligee style shorts and a solid bra. One girl had a flapping open blouse that just about rescued the bar from being re-designated as a coyote bar.  The girls were organised into two shifts of 6 dancers

None of the dancing girls were being friendly with customers after their dance stint.

So for the moment, the bar doesn't really offer much for those that like interactive dancers  nor those like to see their dancers nude. But it looks as if the basics are in place that will probably allow for improvement.

Still there were actually a goodly number of customers stopping buy for a look, but mostly stopping for a quick drink and then off.

OMG Club

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

   OMG Club

GoGo Took over from Wanthana's in early April 2011. Ownership connections with O Bar and O2 Bar on the same soi. The bar changed hands and became Fun Seeker Dance Club in early October 2012.


Soi LK Metro



A new GoGo opened on 18th December 2013. Closed at the end of May 2015. The venue is now Touch A-GoGo.



Papa GoGo

Soi Diana Inn


 Papa GoGo

GoGo opened in July 2012 and is part of Papagayo, a long running coyote bar. Closed in April 2013.




Soi LK Metro





The sign says Pandors's but it now seems likely that it should read Pandora's

Opened as a coyote bar opened in October 2015. Became a GoGo on 12th December 2015.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
  99 large glass 120     130

  Comment from Dave, March 2017: Interrupting a wake

I popped into Pandora's in L K Metro on Tuesday.

There were 5 or 6 attractive girls outside, inside I felt I'd interrupted a wake. There were 5 extremely average Coyote Dancers on stage and a few prettier girls sitting around. No action, no atmosphere.

  Review from Dick Farang, May 2016: Hands on

Pandors, or whatever the name may be, on Soi LK Metro has become a gogo.

The main colours of the interior are still beige and black.

On the left-hand side is a narrow stage with four chrome poles and two chrome gym rings.

On the right-hand side is cramped double-tier seating.

The dress code consisted of a tiny black bra, a white string and a white pleated skirt that was not even half the length of what I have recently seen at the new Beach Club.

Thanks to the Velcro fasteners the skirts came off easily and of each team of six or seven dancers two were performing in their birthday suits.

Most girls were average at best and from chubby to fat, but they were a friendly bunch.

Several of them had, after a career on Soi 7, tried their luck at Bliss on Walking Street but had been laid off.

Many of them, but not all, were not shy at all and very hands on for a small tip.

A couple of 20-baht notes goes a long way at Pandors.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht, down from 130 baht at the previous incarnation.

  Review March 2016: Convivial

Pandora's on Soi LK Metro is a small traditional gogo with a side stage, perhaps a little reminiscent of some of the defunct GoGos on Soi Pattayaland.

The venue is a gentle hands on affair, a little less raunchy than Windmill and Babydolls, but nevertheless a good addition to the rather narrow variety otherwise found on Soi LK Metro.

There were enough girls for the reasonable amount of customers that were present late on a Saturday night. Perhaps not the line up for fans of Bacarra or Sensations, but at least the dress code was bikini and topless rather than the near streetwear codes found in many a bar with a more top notch line up. Saying that there were a few girls on show that surely wouldn't be struggling with their barfine quotas.

I was entertained by a very friendly and obliging girl, and it made for a very pleasant visit.

As is often the case with the more hands on approach, it needs a little proactive management to keep everyone on the straight and narrow. And Ricky was on hand to fulfill the role admirably.

Drinks are reasonable and the company is convivial.

  News from Ishi, December 2015: Pandora's

pandoras beerA sign for draft beer posted by Pandora's suggests that the rather unlikely Pandors's on the main sign may be an error.

Paradise A-GoGo

Soi Buakhao (southern end)

   Paradise A-GoGo

Opened on Sept 25th 2006, closed by Dec 2006. Reopened under new management on June 16th 2007. Closed in April 2010. Now Joy Bar Beer

Paradise sign 2014

Paradise A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

From 6pm

Maintains a no smoking policy

Facebook Page


nude  Paradise A-GoGo

Opened on 31st December 2011. Ownership connections with Sweethearts.

Jan 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour  to 10pm 69 80   house spirits 65 150
from 10pm 120 60 95-110

  Review from Dave, April 2017: Lively

I popped into The Paradise Club on LK Metro last night.

It was very lively with a good atmosphere. Everyone was having a good time.

There was a good selection of bikini and topless girls.

The music and draft beer were good.

 Review from Dave, December 2015: More paradise

I popped into the Paradise Club in LK Metro on Saturday Night.

It was much Improved with attractive dancers, several topless and a much better atmosphere, and more interaction from the girls.

 Review from Dave, July 2015: Strangers not welcome

I popped into Paradise club on Saturday night, it was very quiet.

Some attractive topless girls but there is no interaction between punters and girls unless the girls know you. So no atmosphere.

One to have a quick drink and leave.

 News April 2014: Re-opens after renovation

The bar was set to re-open on 5th April

 News February 2014: Closed for renovation

The bar closed in mid February for a 6 week refit.

 News January 2014: New Owners

Paradise A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has also changed hands. The previous owner Johan may now be found at his other GoGo, Sweethearts on Walking Street. Woot has taken up the manager's job

 Review from Sedrik, July 2013: Facing the Music

A midnight visit with the bill numbered as 110th for the evening.

The bar is not a paradise for me, 16+ girls, with a total of almost 1000 kilos!!

There were a couple of good looking ladies, but the others were not attractive from my point of view.

but at least the music was much better than that just experienced at Crystal Club

99 Baht for my vodka-lipo, made it the best standard priced cocktail in any GoGo I tried.

  Review December 2012: Paradise Re-found

I stopped by early evening just before Christmas.

It was my first visit since the recent change of management. I'd read a few mixed reviews about the venue so I thought I would look for myself. As it turns out I could see where both sides of the debate were coming from.

The bar was doing a decent trade. There were 4, then 5 girls dancing on the central stage with a mixed dress code from bikini down to nothing. There were 2 or 3 attractive girls on show amongst the perfectly respectable line up. Perhaps in the previous reincarnation of the bar there were a few more cuties, so generating some of the more negative comments.

But on the positive side, the girls seemed to be friendly and approachable, there is a chatty manager and the place had an amiable atmosphere. Drinks are cheap and the girls are keen to go.

So maybe a little more modest than before, but still a good place to visit. And the bar still has more nudity on show than most LK Metro Bars, which seem to have to put up with a high percentage of coyote dancers.

  News October 2012: Sweethearts in Paradise

Paradise A-GoGo has new owners who are well known in Walking Street where they own Sweethearts A-GoGo.

Johan has now outlined the vision for Paradise and it is to provide traditional GoGo pleasures with plenty of nudity and good value drinks prices. Expensive coyotes and agency models are not going to be found in Paradise.

Connections are hoping that customers will find a girl or two that are attractive enough to barfine, and that expectations for compensation will be reasonable.  Drinkers will hopefully find a girl or two that is fun and friendly, and drinks prices will be reasonable enough to make for an enjoyable visit.

The previous friendly manager Paul is continuing in the job.

Sounds a good approach to me.

  Review July 2012: Not quite paradise but a good place to be

I visited quite early in the evening a day or two before a police raid, so things may have changed.

Everything seemed to be ticking along quite nicely. the bar had fair amount of girls and customers, but was not really what you would call busy.

There were 5 dancers on the central stage at anyone time. They were wearing various amounts of clothes but typically less clothes than the average for Soi LK Metro, where coyote dancers abound.

There were several girls that were well attractive and the rest were probably average. Surely not a bad line up.

The were several girls doing the rounds looking for customers to entertain, and there were several that seemed to prefer hiding away in the dressing rooms. Most customers seemed to have been given an offer of company so good marks on the hostessing front.

Drinks prices were reasonable.

It Would be a shame if the venue has been messed up by the police visit.

  Review January 2012: High

I stopped by quite early during the week after New Year.

The first, middle and last impression is of the very high centre stage. I haven't see one that high since Babe Watch, long since closed in the Covent Garden Complex. I cannot see the point of elevating the girls into the ceiling shadows. Surely closest is best in a GoGo bar.

Anyway there is a double bank of tiered bench seating as the main viewing area. The lower tier has an even more neck craning angle than the high tier.

It is clearly early days for the bar and the dancer count was just 6.  A couple were attractive enough though. 3 were dancing at any one time. The basic dress code was gogo skirt and bikini top, but one girl has a string affair that nearly counts as nude.

There was a cheap draft at 55 Baht and the service girls were friendly.

Clearly too soon to judge...but really that high stage...

  News January 2012: Opened

Paradise A-GoGo opened on 31st December 2011. It is located nearly opposite to sister bar Kiss A-GoGo.

Early reports suggests a slow start due to lack of girls.

Passion neon

Passion Dance Club

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)
(Beach Road end)

Dancing from 3pm

bikini  Passion Dance Club

The bar opened on 1st November 2009. It changed hands in 2012 and is now associated with the Winchester Club in Jomtien.

Nov 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
1000 until 1am
500 after 1a

300 (inc BF)

All in:

  55 115 75 85-125 120

  News from Dick Farang, March 2017: No room at the inn

Soi 6 ST rooms are no longer available, at least to unknown faces.

  News from Dick Farang, November 2016: Passion for sleep

In the toilets of Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 is a for-sale notice.

The dancers at Passion Dance Club were ringing the bell themselves, drinking tequila shots and getting as drunk as lords. Instead of dancing they were sat on the stage. One of them could hardly reach the bench seating where she fell asleep.

It looks as if the old mamasan Nee cannot keep her girls under control.

Bottled Heineken still 115 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2016: Better than Working

In comparison with the more expensive Working Girl, Passion Dance Club, the other gogo on Soi 6, has even better looking girls in black string bikinis, the ST barfine is 300 baht (room included) and the girls are happy with 1,000 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, February 2015: A Passion for Apps

Recently at Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 I happened to be their only customer.

Two dancers in black bikinis (strings and big tops) were on stage for a very long dance stint.

Whereas usually the idle dancers reserve the bench seating along the street wall as their own, they now were spread along all walls. They were six or seven, most of them fully dressed and all of them busy on their mobiles.

At Passion Dance Club many dancers also go into hiding and only undress for their dance stints.

No nudity.

All-in fun upstairs is 1,300 baht, 300 baht for room and bar and 1,000 baht for the girl. Although the heat is on at the moment and this service may have been discontinued.

BEWARE: the old mamasan (54 years they say, although she looks much older) tries to collect the total amount in advance. On the first floor are five numbered rooms, each with a shower cubicle in a corner.

The toilets are communal however.

Bottled Heineken 115 baht, lady drinks 120 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: A Passion for Soi 6

Passion Dance Club is the last remaining gogo on Soi 6 after the closure of Fun Seeker Dance Club.

I have never understood the enthusiasm of many people for the Soi 6 bars and after the walk of shame I often end up drinking a beer at Passion Dance Club before heading for Beach Road.

Passion Dance Club is a more or less square bar with bench seating along the walls. The minimalistic central stage is made of metal with five chrome poles and a pillar on it. In the space under the central stage are some unused chairs, not really stools. There is also an unused small stage in the back.

It is difficult to know how many dancers there are exactly because many of them are hiding in the back room until their next dance stint.

Their dance roster is not very clear. There are two or three or four or five of them on stage and the (very) old mamasan, who has come from the Soi Arab area, does not seem to care.

The dancers are clad in red bikinis: strings and big tops. No nudity. Even the bad lighting cannot hide how ugly most of them are.

The music is very monotonous.

There are also about five hostesses now.

Nevertheless Passion Dance Club seems to attract a steady flow of customers.

All-in price for upstairs fun is 1,300 baht, which reflects the Soi 6 norm.

Bottled Heineken 115 baht, a tad too expensive for the area.

  News from Ishi, January 2014: New Management

The former owner of Toyz became a new owner. So new mamasan is the former mamasan of Toyz(Catz and Private Dancer)

  Review October 2011: Chilling

Being a creature of habit I always start a stroll down Soi 6 starting from the 2nd Road end. And more often than I would expect, no girl stood out as a potential drinking partner for the entire length of the Soi.

So now as I get to the end of the So I like to find a bar with half an hours worth of aircon and a couple of cold beers whilst I consider my options. Maybe to try another cruise of the soi or else hop on a baht bus down to Walking Street.

Anyway there are 3 bars that fit the bill where you pop in without selecting a girl first and chill whilst being entertained by dancers. OMG is a bit of a write off at the moment, it hasn't really gelled as a dance bar. My favourite is Mandarin where there can be good hands on fun, but unfortunately it is often lacking enough girls and is therefore unreliable. So Passion becomes the default choice as it is very reliable for having pretty girls on the stage and enough atmosphere to let the time fly by.

Passion is also the closest in style to a traditional Walking Street GoGo. It usually has 3 or 4 girls dancing, a couple sitting around and the rest sitting outside. This sitting outside seems to be the main difference to a traditional GoGo and is presumably a nod to the Soi 6 ethic of being able to pick up a girl on the way into a bar.

The beer is cheap and cold, as is the aircon. Excellently fitting the chill out criteria, exactly as required.

  Review from Lean June 2010: A Good Time

My visits to this club were enjoyable, and the place rates a return on my next trip to Pattaya........First, Heineken is cold, cheap 60B..... Second, I found the dancers attractive and eager on all of my visits.........Third, showers within the rooms upstairs, versus shared.....

One girl in particular, remembered me from a visit when I just had beer.......told her I'd return, and sure enough, was ready and waiting for me when I came back........gave me quite a experience upstairs....possibly the best on my whole vacation........

I do believe the better looking girls will go for the guys who are not fat, old, and balding........being trim and fit, I had 3 dancers going for me at one time on one visit.......maybe the word got around that I tipped well.

It may be my first stop when I return in January.

  Review June 2010: Taking a Break

I find Passion very conveniently located to take a beer after a first pass of Soi 6, and to take a breather whilst deciding what to do next. I especially enjoy the good aircon.

The bar is attractively designed with a fair amount of traditional chrome. There is comfortable bench seating around 3 sides of a square stage.

The bar usually has 4 or 5 dancers on the central stage and the small table stage at the back. The girls are generally topless.

There's usually a fair range of girls with always some being very pretty.

Drinks prices are very reasonable and short time fun is available more at Soi 6 prices than Walking Street levels.

Plenty of hands on fun to be had to encourage the customers a bit.

This side of it has never seemed to work out well for me though. The prettier girls seem to either be a little bit selective, or else seem to shoot outside to act as door candy as soon as their dance stint is up.

But for me its success is being the only place on Soi 6 where one can have a beer in the cool without committing to a lady at the door.

  Review November 2009: First Impressions

They say first impressions count, and mine was to trip up over a not very visible step at the front door.

But once safely inside, things soon looked up. The bar is a little smaller than Betty Boup opposite and is attractively decorated with a chrome thene. It is basically a square with comfortable bench seating around the walls. The square central stage is quite large and is set lower than most. There are stools with backs around the stage.

The music covers a fair range of genres but is basically there to be danced to. It is perhaps a little loud but it is after all, a dance club.

The girls made for a very impressive line up, probably about the best I've seen for an opening day. One of the advantages of running two bars is the flexibility to move girls around as needed.

There were only 2 or 3 girls dancing as most were occupied being hands-on friendly with the customers. Exactly as it ought to be. A quick look at the white board, showing plenty of barfines and the likes, suggest that this approach was working well.

The drinks prices are very customer friendly too.

So a good first impression, apart from the doorstep that is.

Planet Rock

Soi Pattayaland 2
   Planet Rock

Renamed as Jupiter but now Wild West Boys.

Pook Bar A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 6

   Pook Bar A-GoGo

Located upstairs from the Pook bar. Closed in March 2008 for renovation as lady boy venue. Later became a girl coyote bar, 6 Up


Soi 13/4 (Soi Pattayaland 2)


Opened 6th October 2007 in the venue that was previously All Girls. Closed in March 2009. Now a tailor shop.


P Ying Bar

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)



 P Ying

Bar introduced GoGo dancing since 24th March 2016. Ownership connections with the Las Vegas GoGos.

The 13th Thai consonant is called “ญ หญิง” (yor ying) and is visualised as a girl: “ผู้ หญิง” (phoo ying) = girl, woman.

April 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
happy hour to   60      

  News from Dick Farang, May 2016: Briefly closed

  Review from Dick Farang: All-time low

Calling PooYing Bar (ผู้ หญิง  = poo ying = woman, girl; in the sign the long oo sound is replaced by a heart) on Soi Yamato (Soi 13/1) a gogo is a joke and even one in very poor taste.

Everything inside looks even worse than at Nui's/Runway on Walking Street, which BTW has not been upgraded since its reopening nearly two years ago. The defunct Smile Rock Girls on Soi 15 was a palace compared to PooYing Bar.

In the middle of PooYing Bar is a small, low makeshift stage with two chrome poles and along the walls are some worn sofas that seem to come from a recycling centre.

Nobody was on stage, but two extremely ugly fatties were taking care of the other two customers. One of them was in a string bikini and stilettos; the other one was bottomless and barefoot.

From time to time ladyboys walked in from the street and started begging for lady drinks. The short, old and fat mamasan/cashier seemed to condone this.

The greeter outside looked way better than the females inside.

No waiting staff.

The music was a tape that also contained a disco version of Mozart's Kleine Nachtmusik .

The bill mentioned "Las Vegas Agogo", but I did not receive a lottery ticket.

A new all-time low, even for Soi Yamato.

Bottled Heineken 60 baht during "happy hour" at 11 p.m.

  News from Ishi, April 2016: Old Sister

A third bar on the same soi owned by the Las Vegas group converted from bar to GoGo on the 24th March.

There were 4 dancers in P Ying Bar, one of them was a naked old dancer.



queen club

Queen Club

Soi LK Metro

Google map of LK Metro bars


coyote dancer


 Queen Club

A new GoGo from the makers of the popular Iron Club on Walking Street. Opened on 26th May 2012.

March 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
- showgirls 2500
- coyotes 1500
- dancers 1100
- ST 700
  65 145 75 125-135   165-250

 Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Iron Queen

Queen Club on Soi LK Metro is a place where I had never been back since shortly after its opening.

The first thing that struck me was how spacious ... and how empty it was.

Two smaller stages, one of them previously a jacuzzi if my memory serves me well, remained unused.

On the central stage were seven to eight dancers clad in black. One team were females of thirty years up, very average and mostly in strings and big bras. The other team were oldies, some of them going topless. The combination of worn bosoms and silicone balloons was not a pleasant sight. One of the silicone fuglies was wearing a black string with the word Iron on it, apparently showing where she had come from.

I did not see any shows.

The music was so loud it made my chest vibrate.

Bottled Heineken 145 baht, a bit over the top for the area.

  News April 2014: Shows

Queen Club seems to be re-inventing itself as a show bar with choreographed shows featuring a spectacular pole dancing display.

  Review from Billy Baht, January 2013: Compliments to Queen's management

I was enticed in by the 60 baht Draft beer sign. Yeah I like a bargain

Staff is efficient, quickly finding you a seat and taking your order. The draft beer was a large mug and tasted great (sorry I forget which brand it was)

Now for the good part- the girls were really dancing, some great moves and making eye contact with the customers like they actually enjoyed working there! One little spinner in particular had fantastic timing and she moved so well that I would go back just to watch her, she was that good! Then there was a show, a tallish Thai girl that did an acrobatic show on the chrome pole that seemed to defy gravity. She clutched the pole with leg and or arm pressure and her gig was nothing short of amazing. I heard several Blood helly! comments from the crowd.

I have no idea about take away or ladydrink prices, but the eye candy was to my taste- free!

Compliments to Queen's management

  Review, June 2012: A bit of Walking Street on Soi LK Metro

I stopped by at about 10pm on a weekday evening.

The bar is immediately impressive as a large, stylish bar, designed as per several of the newer Walking Street GoGos. It is as large as a GoGo can be with a fashionable long and narrow central stage.

There is bench seating down the sides. There's also a small stage with over dressed girls and a Jacuzzi with under dressed girls.

The central stage was crammed quite full with dancers. There were two basic teams, one in bikinis (not a single girl dancing topless) and these were switching with a team of over dressed coyotes.

There are also shows which seem to have impressed with pole acrobatics for one show and the girls getting naked in another show.

There were plenty of girls being interactive. I was approached by a knowledgeable girl who I first met years ago in Ark A-Gogo (before it got flooded out). We had a good chat but she was a bit hardened in the lady drink demands department.

Actually this was maybe as you would expect from a Walking Street GoGo like Iron being cloned in LK Metro.

The drinks prices are well set for the bar to muscle in on the existing LK Metro trade. The quality of the shows and generally attractive girls will also shake up the local competition.

On the other hand it was all a bit let down by the excess of clothing and perhaps a feeling that it will attract slightly harder and pricier girls.

  Review from Durian Doug, June 2012: Grand Opening

I visited Queen Club's Grand Opening on June 2 at 9:30 pm for about 2 hours.

As you enter the club:

  • it has one long stage with 6 dancing poles and was occupied by 2-3 topless ladies followed by 4-6 coyote bikini clad dancers
  • at the front left side of the club, there is a table dancing area with 1-2 coyote dancers (occasionally topless)
  • at the back left is a jacuzzi occupied by 1-3 naked girls, offering hands-on audience participation


  • costumed ladies descend from the second floor down a pole one at a time, usually ending up topless & lesbian.
  • gymnastics shows featuring 1 or 2 ladies doing horizontal pole dancing
  • lesbian shows using rings above the jacuzzi


  • bottled beer from 100 Baht
  • all ladies drinks 125 Baht

The Queen Club has the same owners as the Iron Club on Walking Street and offers great entertainment value.

It has set a new standard for agogo bars around Soi LK Metro as well as many on Walking Street.

See Google map of LK Metro bars

  Review from Durian Doug, May 2012: Horizontal pole dancing

I visited Queen Club on May 27 at 10:30 pm for about 1 hour.

Queen Club Agogo is directly opposite Office A-GoGo and officially opens June 2.

It has a long stage with two tall poles and four of standard height. The stage normally has 5 - 6 coyote dancers.

There was a gymnastic show (11pm) featuring two different acrobatic ladies, dressed in bikinis, doing what I call horizontal pole dancing. The second lady ended up topless. Quite impressive and probably from the Iron Club.

Chang bottled beer was 105B.



Rehab Bar and Lounge

Soi Buakhao
(in Blue Rahtree Beer Bar Complex)


 Rehab Bar and Lounge

Coyote bar with a GoGo sign. Currently listed under bars

Rodeo Girls

Soi Pattayaland 2

   Rodeo Girls

A much improved bar after having recently being bought from the Jupiter/Crystal/All Girls group. Rodeo Girls previously converted to Wild West Boys but converted back to girls in Dec 2006. Changed hands after a brief closure in February 2010. Closed in Early July 2010.



Sexy A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 7
(near 2nd Road)


 Sexy A-GoGo

Small gogo bar opened as Blue Angel in June 2007. Became Sexy A-GoGo on 2nd Feb 2008. Ownership connections with Kiss and Far East Rock. Intermittent opening since December 2011 and finally closed in August 2014. Now converted to a massage parlour, Good Luck Massage.

Sexy Girls

Sexy Girls A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 8

From 7pm



jacuzzi show

 Sexy Girls A-GoGo

Small gogo recently extended

Jan 2017 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
dancers 600

- all in 2000

happy hour   65        
  69 130 60 100 100-150

  Review from Dick Farang, January 2017: Singin' the same old song

At Sexy Girls A-GoGo on Soi 8 not much has changed.

Albeit a tad too loud, the rock, pop and country music has come back with songs such as Rhinestone Cowboy .

The dancers were clad in red bikinis or topless in red strings.

Apart from one half-decent girl in a red string and a much too big bra, all the others were fat/fatter/fattest and ugly/uglier/ugliest.

The naked jacuzzi girl was on the chubby side, but not so in the "upstairs department". She had several tattoos, among them a pistol pointing at her private parts.

Four or five other customers.

BEWARE: "automatic tipping", i.e. small change is not returned spontaneously.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, up from 120 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, November 2014: Red and White

Sexy Girls A-GoGo on Soi 8 seems to have changed hands. Anyway, I did not see and hear the (previous) noisy owner.

At first sight the interior had remained unchanged, but the jacuzzi and the fireman's pole seemed to have been kept for decoration only.

When I saw the dancers I could hardly believe my eyes. There were about a dozen of them, varying from fat to very fat. They were clad in red skirts with broad white elastics. Half of them were topless and the other half were wearing red-and-white sailor-style tops. Three to five of them were on stage at any time.

There were also a waitress and a gay waiter, but I did not see a mamasan.

The music was blaring, no more 1960ies, 1970ies and 1980ies.

Shortly after 9 p.m. (not really early for the Soi 7 & 8 area) I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht.

  Review January 2012: Show her the brass, and the brass rubbing will follow

Well what can I say, I've tried all the go go bars in Soi 7/8 but always go back to this little haven...

The music is quite good, but who give a monkey's about music when its well stocked full of eye candy, I have found the staff to be helpful and courteous.

Well I usually stay in the hotel opposite for a couple of night at the start of my stay, Eastiny Palace, you have to pay a fine to take your little Thai darling back, but its a good clean hotel. Its my personnel choice...

Anyway where was I.... Yes I've used this establishment for 3 or 4 years and is usually great, I've taken many a little flower out of this place back to my honeymoon suite opposite.

To be honest I don't notice the prices, maybe am a champagne Charlie, like I give a dam. I've taken many of my friends to his place and never heard of anybody complain of the prices.

The trick with this place is to splash a little cash at first, you know the old Thai motto, no money, no honey . Then when you have you little Thai darling of you choice, you ask to take her up stairs to the pool bar up stairs. I like this spot because its nice and quiet and you can get a good oggle at the birds before they slide down the fireman's pole and start their shift...

Ohh, small word of warning, on my last trip to this establishment, my friend, Kenny Wenny, nearly fell down the fireman's pole whilst throwing ping pong balls to the ladies down stairs.

The last time I was in I was already with my Thai girlfriend of 6 years, she bats both ways, so she made her choice and the 3 of us went back to the honeymoon suite and we spent the rest of the night looking at my vast stamp collection. The next morning we spent that brass rubbing..... It was nice to watch our little friend doing a Bambi out the door, I think the brass rubbing wore her out.

  Review April 2011: Disappointing

Sexy Girls A-GoGo has proven disappointing over the last couple of visits.

The previously reported issue of too many girls dancing too long still exists but on my last visits the girls were all wearing too many clothes too.

This seems now seems to be one of those gogos modelled on Happy. The girls dance for ages and the customers sit alone, sipping profitable drinks, whilst waiting for wonder.

But the Happy model rather requires top notch girls to make it all work. Sexy Girls does have a good share of attractive girls, but not quite good enough to make up for the overdressing and lack of opportunity for good personal customer care.

There are a couple of naked girls who work the Jacuzzi but it doesn't really make up for the rather underwhelming customer experience.

  Review December 2010: Dance Too Long

Sexy Girls A-GoGo has got a fair bit going for it. In particular, it has a fair few decent looking girls, especially for a small bar.

There's also a Jacuzzi with the usual naked soapers, and the bar is now quite spacious. There is a reasonably priced draft beer and a good service team.

The only real downer is that the girls are set on a ludicrously long dancing spell over the course of a two level stage. I do not really know what the top level is in aid of, it is too high to provide much point to downstairs viewers.

And because there are too many dancers packed on the stage, there aren't really enough left over for hostessing duties. So the likelihood is too high of a lonely drink whilst 'waiting for wonder'.

A bit of a shame really as the girls are quite friendly in the short time they have available for hostessing.

  Review May 2010: Narrow Minded

Sexy Girls A-GoGo has re-opened after a brief downtime while it was knocked though into a next door unit.

The end result is that Sexy Girls has become the widest narrow bar in Pattaya.

Rather Bizarrely, the bar has retained the bench seating especially designed for the previous very narrow bar. Previously there was not even enough width for a foot rest, so the drinks tables were ingeniously designed to provide a crossbar acting as the foot rest. These bench seats still run down either side of the newly expanded bar.

The old long strip stage has been replaced by a smart curvy central stage with the addition of an upper level stage with a glass floor.

There is also a large Jacuzzi but this still needs a bit of building work.

So for the moment the bar is more or less the same as before except wider. And although it obviously allows for more customers it is actually worse than before as one is a fair bit further away from the dancers. The dancing on the upper level of the stage is a waste of space gimmick, as the girls are too high and the lighting is too dark.

There were 10 girls dancing, 7 on the lower stage and 3 on the upper.  There were some pretty girls on stage too, but they were all bikini clad, hopefully just as short term measure. The girls were dancing 10 songs which is nothing short of ludicrous for anyone waiting for a girl to return from her dance stint.

I rather guess that the aircon is still the same as for the narrow bar as it was getting a little uncomfortably warm.

There were a few friendly girls offering a bit of hands on fun, but the prettier girls seemed to be hiding on the upper balcony maybe to avoid the hands on customer care part of the work.

Shanghai A-GoGo

Soi Leng Kee


Shanghai A-GoGo

GoGo opened on 3rd December 2015. There were 3 topless dancers on an early visit. Closed almost immediately

Show Girls

Beach Road: Soi 8
   Show Girls

Closed. Now Bada Bing

Showgirls Entertainment Centre logo

Showgirls Entertainment centre

Soi LK Metro

From 6pm

Facebook page

coyote dancer



 Showgirls Entertainment centre

A new dancing bar opened on 4th October 2012.

Feb 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:

1000 showgirls to 6pm
800 dancers to 6pm

800 showgirls 6-8pm
600 dancers 6-8pm

1500 showgirls 8-12
1000 topless 8-12
800 bikini 8-12

1000 showgirls 12-2am
700 dancers 12-2am

600 all after 2am

happy hour 2-8pm 65 75   75 house    
  115-125 90 125-135   125-135

  News September: A Different Way to the Top

The bar is removing the space wasting staircase to the next floor. The bar will continue to open as normal whilst the work goes on after hours. After a short closure the bar re-opened just before Christmas.

  News July 2013: Bar fines nominally reduced but still expensive

1000 showgirls to 6pm
800 dancers to 6pm

800 showgirls 6-8pm
600 dancers 6-8pm

1500 showgirls 8-12
1000 topless 8-12
800 bikini 8-12

1000 showgirls 12-2am
700 dancers 12-2am

600 all after 2am

  Review from Sedrik July 2013: Very Good Looking

Visited at 10:30.

A very busy gogo with a very good dancing roster. There were 20+ very good looking ladies on duty.

About 1/3 were fully nude, 1/3 were topless, and 1/3 were coyote. There were also a few good shows. Almost all the ladies are very friendly.

The bar employs 2 experienced mamasans.

The barfines was 1000 Baht at the time,  but it seems they have lowered the price in the last few days.

  Review March 2013: Fun and Visual Clutter

I dropped by to see the daytime shift, immediately after visiting the drear Lady Love.

And what a difference. Showgirls was about half full with customers, not bad for the early hour.

The layout of the bar is very cluttered and the extensive mirror wall adds to the visual confusion. However this doesn't nothing to harm the fun filled atmosphere. The mirrors reminded me of a fairground maze, all it needs is a little optical distortion.

The stage was occupied by a cast of coyotes that were generally smiling, checking out the audience, and interacting with some of the stage side customers.

After a certain number of songs, there was a full change of dancing team. A full crew of topless girls took over the entertainment.

Meanwhile there was a group of guys in the back left corner of the bar who were monopolising the available hostesses. They were clearly having fun and with the girls perched on their laps.

There were also dancers doing good hostessing work amongst the customers in the stage side comfy seats.

The bar could have done with a few more girls to keep even more of the customers happy, but the overall atmosphere was definitely that of customers and girls enjoying a good time.

  Review from Malcolm, January 2013: Daytime Coyote

Called in Showgirls, Soi LK Metro this afternoon about 3-00 pm. Around 12 customers.

Dancers were in shorts and tops, not much flesh on display.

Draught Chang 60B.

Interesting toilets, the urinals are in the shape of open mouths.

  News January 2013: Afternoon Opening

The bar has announced that it will open in the afternoons from Monday 7th January. There will be happy hour prices from 2-8pm.

  News December 2012: Lap Dancing

The upstairs GoGo/coyote bar didn't prove a success and it was closed. Reports suggests that the concentration of girls on the ground floor have resulted in much better reviews from the bar.

As of around Christmas, the bar will now try to sell the upstairs as the VIP Lap Dance Lounge.

  Review from Durian Doug of, October 2012: Looking Up

I visited Showgirls A-GoGo on Oct 5, 2012 and stayed there for the massive rain that night for 2-3 hours, before wading through ankle deep water on Soi LK Metro and knee deep water on Soi Diana and Soi Buakhaow.

The downstairs is badly screwed up and agree with Ishi's comments. Go directly to the second floor stairs if you can negotiate those seated or standing around.

The second floor part is much bigger and lots more girls, some coyote in the window visible from Soi LK Metro, as well as various cages, some dancing topless on the second floor glass ceiling of the first floor.

The third floor is for parties and short time.

There is a glass elevator between the second and third floors which moves up and down with a coyote dancer visible from Soi LK Metro.

See Updated Google map of Soi LK Metro.

  News from Ishi, October 2012: First Impressions

Show Girls on Soi LK Metro also opened on 4th October. Initial comments centred on warm beer and a rather poor layout of the downstairs bar.

Seems best to try upstairs. Drinks prices are reported to be higher than the Soi LK norm.

Early reports say that there is no nudity and that the girls are fully clothed. Maybe just a coyote bar for the moment.

Silver Star

Silver Star A-GoGo

From 7pm

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking


coyote dancer

jacuzzi show

 Silver Star A-GoGo

Long established gogo on Soi 8. Seasonal opening only from December through April.

Nov 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
-coyotes 1000
-dancers 700
  75 130 100 130-150 195 cocktail*
150 standard

* Beware that 195 Baht lady drinks seem to be the default unless you insist on a soft drink

  Review from Dick Farang, April 2017: Toilet to let

Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 has reopened after a recent police closure and is now keeping a low profile.

In the Jacuzzi were three girls in bikinis, still an unusual sight.

Of the dozen or so dancers five were on stage at any time. Three of them were coyotes and the others, who were clad in white string bikinis, would open their bras on stage, apparently ready to cover up as fast as possible when needed.

I saw one tiny, young and attractive bikini girl with a perfect shape. No full nudity.

Only three or four other customers and very little interaction. A gentleman was buying bottled beers for some girls, but left without barfining.

The TOLET (sic) near the Chinese-Buddhist crib was free of charge.

Bottled Heineken still 130 baht.

  News from Dick Farang March 2017: Dark

Silver Star is Dark, presumably on some sort of police closure after recent raid. The bar duly re-opened after a month.

  News from Dick Farang November 2016: World Wide

World Wide A-GoGo  bar has closed permanently. Several of the dancers can now be found at Silver Star in Soi 8.

  Review from Dick Farang, November 2014: Solid Silver

Silver Star A-GoGo on Soi 8 is a gogo that I often walk past but seldom enter.

It is less cramped and less noisy than its sister gogo Silver Star 2 on Soi 7.

Although Silver Star has often been closed for renovations, not much seems to have changed inside.

I guess it is Thai-Chinese owned as there are some Chinese style cribs.

On my last visit there were girls in all shapes and sizes, but to my surprise not all of them were as old, fat and ugly as they used to be and they also seemed less hands on than in the past.

There were naked dancers with the typical Silver-Star-2 attire, i.e. yellow-green transparent veils around their waists, (with low numbers such as 03, 04 and 05) and dancers in black or red bikinis with big bottoms (with higher numbers such as 43, 44 and 45).

There were five dancers on the central stage at any time and after each song one dancer left the stage and another one went on stage and this was not as chaotically done as at many gogos, but strictly by ascending numbers (..., 03, 04, 05,..., 43, 44, 45,...).

When not on stage their main activity was eating together in a corner.

There were also some naked girls cavorting in the Jacuzzi at the right-hand side. The naked girl performing the sprinkling ritual was not using a tumbler filled with water as usual, but a shot glass filled with salt.

Around 10 p.m. there were some customers, but not more than one per six or seven girls.

As I did not use the toilets I cannot confirm if a tip is due.

The waitresses seem to have discontinued their silly trick of bringing the change in one-baht coins sellotaped in 5-baht batches.

Hieneken (sic) draught 75 baht, bottled Heineken 130 baht.

  News from Ishi October 2012: Re-opened for high season

The bar is re-opened on 26th October with a party.

  News May 2012: Closed for low season

The bar has once again 'closed for renovation'. Presumably it is now set for a seasonal opening pattern and is only open during high season from December through April.

  News December 2011: Re-opened

Re-opened with a change to the stage design and a relocated water feature.

  News from Durian Doug and Brewster, November 2011: Work Starts

Workmen have now gutted the bar. The bar is due to reopen just before midnight on 1st December ready for opening party on 2nd December from 8pm.

  News from Durian Doug, July 2011: Renovations

Silver Star is now closed for 3 months for renovations. A few of the dancers and staff are now working in the sister bar in Soi 7.

There's no sign of any work there and the bar has been closed for many months. It is either closed for good or else will be used just when high season demand justifies it.

  Review from Durian Doug, June 2011: Show the Silver

As of May 15, Silver Star 1 A-GoGo on Soi 8, now has enough sexy naked girls to run hands-on shows in their Jacuzzi starting at 9pm.

They are also doing lesbian shows.

Well worth the visit.

  Review February 2011: Junior Partner

The original Silver Star has become the junior partner of the three Silver Star Bars. It is still in the same mould though, just scaled down a bit.

On my last visit there were about a dozen dancers on duty with half dancing at any one time. There were some reasonably attractive girls on show and they weren't wearing too many clothes.

The girls were making a good effort to connect with the customers, both on and off stage. They were unsurprisingly a bit more keen on seeking out holidaymakers rather than expats though (as distinguished by attitude to the ping pong balls being pushed by the service staff).

The small scale operation probably makes the bar a bit hit or miss, but the positive attitude makes it worth a look. The sister bar on the next soi is a more reliable bet. It is quite similar, but it has more girls and more momentum.

  Review April 2010: Glum

The Silver Stars in general have never really provided me with many worthwhile visits but I am not really sure exactly why.

The bar has quite a few dancers and several were attractive There is comfortable bench seating arranged around the wall overlooking the central stage and there is also a Jacuzzi. There is a reasonable draft beer at 65 Baht.

Perhaps the warning signs are that the bar packs too many girls on stage and they do a very long dance stint. Certainly didn't seem to make for many smiling girls. It is always more fun when the majority of the girls are out carousing for lady drinks and bar fines, they then get a little more animated to look after the customers.

It looks like the bar could be quite lively at times, just never when I've been there.

  Review March 2009: Odd Stacked Against Them

The bar has been around for a fair time and must be doing something right.

Perhaps the secret is having a fair team of above average girls. Probably the number one asset for any gogo.

From there it goes downhill a bit. There were 8 girls dancing in bikinis or topless on the central stage. At the end of a track they would all shuffle around one place so the dance stint must be 8 songs. A bit of a long wait if you are enjoying a girl's company.

Doesn't seem to be much of a problem to me though, as the girls ignore me, as they do most of the customers in the bar.

The bar is also into the silly tip seeking move of sellotaping small coins into 5 baht stacks. As a matter of principle I take the coins and later donate them to a more deserving cause.

silverstar 2

Silver Star 2 A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 7

From 7:30pm

Reports of a discriminatory 300 Baht entry charge (inc 1 drink)

Beware of toilet tips



jacuzzi show

 Silver Star 2 A-GoGo

The former Fawlty Towers bar and restaurant in Soi 7 has been converted into a gogo bar which opened on June 8th 2007

March 17  Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
-dancers 700
  72 130 110 110 to 150 125-170

  News from Dick Farang March 2017: Careful

On Soi 8 Silver Star A-GoGo is still dark, after the high profile police raid that heralded the start of the current morality crusade. Meanwhile at Silver Star 2 A-GoGo on Soi 7 it is still business as usual, be it with less (official) nudity. It was a weird sight, a jacuzzi girl showering in a black bikini.

That being said, all girls were still eager to reveal their secrets for a 20-baht note.

From time to time the lights dimmed and the front door was locked for a show of the sweethearts in their birthday suits.

Bottled Heineken still 130 baht.

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Well worth a visit.

I popped into Silver Star 2 on Monday night.

It was very lively. There were 10 virtually naked girls on stage, and 2 naked girls in the bath tub,

The standard of girl was not as high as on previous visits, but there were some pretty ones, and all hands on fun was happening.

All staff were very friendly. Well worth a visit.

Lady Drinks were 125 and draft beer 72 (half pint)

  Review March 2013: Beyond Expectations

I stopped by perhaps a little too early on a Sunday evening.

There were 6 girls on stage at the time. There were some very attractive girls in the team, way beyond expectations of a Soi 7/8 GoGo. The girls were also very revealingly costumed in a little skirt affair that covered nothing.

Far better than many GoGos, particularly those relying on overdressed agency coyotes.

Unfortunately there were not many dancers left over for customer interaction duties, so not really worthwhile hanging out too long. A helpful service girl suggested that more girls will arrive later on. But I am a bit of sceptic. If one tries later on, then there are still likely to be few girls. Equally helpful service staff will then claim that many girls have been barfined already!

But nevertheless an attractive proposition for a couple of beers.

  Review April 2011: Busy

Silver Star 2 is still the pick of the Soi 7/8 gogos.

The momentum of success ensures that the bar can employ a stage full of stage full of attractive dancers in various stages of undress. The dancers rotate one place per song and it can be quite a long wait.

There are plenty of girls on customer service duties and they can be quite hands on.

For those that appreciate a Jacuzzi show then there are usually a couple of girls cavorting and entertaining those in the ringside seats.

The bar always seems quite busy and most customers seem to have a good time.

On a slightly negative side, the bar sanctions stupidities such as toilet tips and change that is returned in piles of 1 baht coins sellotaped together.

But on the whole the GoGo is quite a success.

  Review October 2010: Surprising

The bar till surprises me that it is consistently popular and generally a fun place to go.

The reason it surprises me is that it has high drinks prices and a fairly hasslesome attitude to tips, being a Thai run place. (Not to such an extent that it is unduly troublesome).

I guess that if there was a decent farang bar in the vicinity, then it would do very well, but there isn't.

But as it stands, the momentum is with Silver Star 2. The girls follow the customers (and vice versa). So for the moment the bar can command a good line up of dancers. And really that is 9/10ths of the reason for the amount of customers.

Perhaps another good reason for the success is that air con bars are pretty thin on the ground on Soi 7 and every so often, beer bar crawlers may fancy an air con break.

But for whatever reason, Silver Star 2 remains a popular bar with a goodly amount of attractive dancers and a fun atmosphere.

  Review May 2010: Liveliest in the Area

The bar seems to do a very good trade and seems the most consistently busy gogo in the Soi7/8 locale.

A fair amount of dancers are on duty in the bar, plenty enough to make the main stage seem pretty crowded. There are usually a couple of teams of gogo dancers in bikinis or topless. Every so often there is a nominal show, which basically means more standard dancing but without the knickers.

There is also a Jacuzzi, home to a couple of naughty girls. There are stools around the Jacuzzi for a little audience participation, but usually the girls are performing for those seating in the bench seats around the walls.

The quantity of girls seems to generate a fun atmosphere which is appreciated by the customers.

The bar is Thai run and a little bit prone to rather ruthless tip extraction, but on my latest visit everyone was well behaved and I had a good time with an ex-Catz friend.

The lady drinks were a bit pricey at 130 Baht, but if supply and demand governs prices then the bar is probably more justified in top end prices than many others.

  Review July 2009: 2 Star

I think this bar has found some secret way of identifying newbies. They seem to instantly recognise me as a critic and give me the cold shoulder. But somehow they sense a newbie and send in all and sundry to pump the new customer for lady drinks etc.

The bar is generally quite lively with plenty of girls and more than a fair share of customers.

There are usually about 10 girls on the central stage generally topless or bikini clad. There are another dozen or so hostessing whilst waiting for their turn to dance. There is also a team keeping the Jacuzzi staffed with 2 girls at a time.

Every so often the main stage is cleared for 'a show' which is basically the best looking girls in the bar dancing naked.

Not really hitting many of the ideals that I look for in a gogo but it seems pretty popular all the same.

So Nice sign

So Nice

Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

From 2pm to midnight



 So Nice

Opened on 4th October 2016 under new management. The bar was previously Las Vegas III. Ownership connections with Big Hugs.

Feb 17 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

All In:

  50 85     130

  Review from Teigen, February 2017: So Nice Big Hugs

Big Hugs and So Nice on Soi 13/1 are definitely connected and both are open from 2pm until midnight.

Bottled Heineken: 85, LD: 130, All-in (I asked): 1800 (just in case if you are drunk or crazy).

6 dancers here, 6 dancers there, topless (all) and bottomless (some), hands-on (that's if you dare).

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2016: Not Nice

Las Vegas III GoGo on Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato) has reopened as SO NICE The Fun Bar.

Nothing seems to have changed and the bench seating is still as worn out.

I saw five horrible fatties, worse even than at Miami A-GoGo on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office). Two of them were on stage at any time. Three were clad in string bikinis, two were topless.

I have been watching the television screens for most of my time there.

The rock-style music was not too loud.

Unsurprisingly I was the only customer.

Bottled Heineken 110 baht, draught beer 50 baht.

Soi 8 A-GoGo    Soi 8 A-GoGo

Renamed Sexy Girls A-GoGo, see above

Spicy Girls A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office)

   Spicy Girls A-GoGo

Closed on 31st January 2009, 10 years after it opened

Spicy Girls Too

Soi Pattayaland 1

   Spicy Girls Too

Re-named as 2 XS then closed. Now Sawadee Boys


Pattaya Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)

Closed as a girl A-GoGo in October 2005 and re-opened in March 2006 as a katoey A-GoGo. Closed in October 2015.

Submarine A-GoGo

Soi LK Metro

   Submarine A-GoGo

Opened in the first days of April 2011. Closed in December 2013.

Sugar Sugar

Sugar Sugar

Soi Buakhao
(corner of Soi LK Metro)

from 5pm

Facebook Page

Maintains a no smoking policy

coyote dancer  Sugar Sugar

Coyote bar opened 1st July 2011.

March 15 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
hostess 650
dancer 800
service 1000
agency 1500

all in:

happy hour to 8pm 55       150
from 8pm 65 120   80+

  Review from Dave, March 2017: Sweet

I popped into Sugar Sugar recently. It was a very enjoyable visit.

There were some nice Coyote Dancers and some lovely topless young Girls.

It was a very good atmosphere with everyone having a good time.

  Review from Dave, December 2015: Coffee Coffee

I popped into Sugar Sugar on Friday Night.

It was very lively with attractive coyote dancers and about 10 topless dancers also very attractive.

Well worth a visit

It still does the best coffee in an A-GoGo.

  Review from Dave, July 2015: Lively

I popped into Sugar Sugar on Saturday night, it was very lively.

Mostly Coyote dancers but very attractive Girls.

With very good atmosphere and friendly staff.

  Review from Dick Farang, March 2015: Coyote

IMO and IME Sugar Sugar on the corner of Soi Buakhaow and Soi LK Metro is not a gogo and has never been one.

On my first visit there, shortly after its opening some years ago, I badly hit my shin against one of the hard pouffes around the central stage. The good news is that those pouffes have disappeared; they are not needed anyway.

The bad news is that I only saw two coyotes and a dozen schoolgirls who where even overdressed compared to those at The Classroom Bar & Hotel (Their sign no longer mentions GoGo.) on Soi 13/4 (Pattayaland 2). About all of the dancers at Sugar Sugar seemed to cultivate fat rolls on their waists.

The waitresses were friendly enough though.

There were less than five customer bums at any time on the barstools with matching tables on the Soi LK Metro side and on the double-tier seating along two other walls.

Bottled Heineken 120 baht, (a very small glass of) draught 55 baht (probably during happy hour only).

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Stunning

An update on Sugar Sugar. It's getting better, there were 3 stunning topless girls there on Monday night.

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Sweet coffee

I popped into Sugar Sugar at LK Metro on Saturday night,

It was very lively in there. Mostly Coyote Dancers but the costumes were very revealing, some topless girls, good music and atmosphere.

The best coffee I've had anywhere in Thailand.

Susie A-GoGo

Beach Road: Soi 4

   Susie A-GoGo




TQ1 bar sign

Tahitian Queen

Beach Road (Near Soi 13)

From 1:30pm.
Shift change at 7:30pm

bikini  Tahitian Queen (TQ 1)

More of a local pub than a gogo. The guys seem to go for a chin wag rather than to check out the girls.

May 14 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
-Fri-Sat 1000
-others 600


happy hour           120
  110 130   120

Has a burger and chips menu. Also tacos, fried shrimp and some pretty good Thai food in the back for the girls. Regular health checks for the girls.

  Review by Malcolm, May 2010: Off Like a Shot

Tahitian Queen on on Beach Rd has certainly risen from the ashes. Called in at 6pm on Wednesday and it was wall to wall people.

Tried to count the girls but I gave up when I reached 30.

1 pretty one attached herself to me but it was very short lived. Within seconds I got you buy me dink I did and and shot glass arrived, from service girls hand straight down her neck and empty glass back to service girl. A few seconds of hands on fun and it was we go room. When I declined the offer she was off like a shot looking for richer pickings.

Ladydrink B120, she was with me for only couple of minutes. Bott Singha B115.

All girls in bikinis.

  News, April 2010: Risen from the Ashes

TQ1 is currently undergoing extensive refurbishment to put right the recent fire damage. The grand re-opening on the 6th of May.

  Review, May 2009: Expensive

How on earth does this bar get away with selling near the most expensive draft beer in Pattaya. The 110 Baht is simply not value for the disappointing entertainment.

The girls were overdressed in bikinis and were not much more than shuffling to the 70's & 80's rock music.

And when not dancing they were doing their best to ignore me even when sitting close by.

Anyway don't listen to me, I am a little biased against non-sexy overpriced bars. Better to take advice from those that like that sort of thing, there were plenty in the bar that seemed to be enjoying it.

  Review, December 2008: Chatty

TQ 1 is a very popular bar, it always seems full.

And yet it has few attractions for this particular reviewer. The girls are overdressed in bikinis, there are large sections of seating with only an end on view of the long thin stage, and one tends to be either ignored or hassled by the girls.

The reason for the popularity is more cultural than due to the gogo aspects. The bar has become a meeting place for farangs who simply like a chat with fellow farangs. This seems to be particularly an American thing.

Anyway you can't argue with a popular bar. If you fancy a chat with your mates, then get down there.

  Review by Dmitri, March 2008: Still Smoky and Full

Still smoky and a full place. It is a shame such a small place gets packed with smokers leaving no air to breathe for others. I had a real headache just after one hour.

People stay in front of you waiting for you to leave to get a place, kind of stressful.

Lady drinks are now 110, not 100 as previously reported.

  Review June 2007: Too Smoky

This bar always seems to turn me into Mr Grumpy. The bar always seems full and often there is no chance of a comfy seat. On my last visit I found a suspiciously vacant seat only to find out why...the chain smokers at the next table.

The replacement location was a stool out of the way of anything much interesting. The girls dance in bikinis but most of the customers are enjoying a bit of banter with their mates and don't seem so interested in the girls anyway.

It is always a very popular bar, so perhaps one day I will get to see why.  


Tim Bar

2nd Road (a couple of doors north of the Avenue Mall car park)

From 5pm

coyote dancer


  Tim Bar

Notable for good rock music but also notable for hassle and aging dancers.

The large neon signs indicate a beer bar rather than a gogo but in fact there is a large gogo inside. Tim, the owner, is a Thai lady who also runs the hotel above the bar.

Nov 2014 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:
1500 LT
800 ST
  75 130 75 115 140-230

  Comment from Dick Farang, September 2016: Unconvinced

I wonder why Tim Bar  on Second Road is still listed as a gogo.

  Comment from, February 2015: Touché

There are perhaps four or five girls on stage. These fall into the 2 -2 -2 category. In other words, they wear 2 bras, two pairs of panties and if they smile at you for two seconds it is a miracle.

  Review January 2012: Nearly Coyote

The bar has had a bit of a makeover since I last stopped by. The flooring has been redone, there is now decent bench seating and the toilets are the best in town.

It looks pretty good but really not so different to before. The bar missed a trick with the bench seating though, it is not located where the stage is. Bench seating is so important when it comes to a taking a few beers. As far as I am concerned stools are one drink and go sort of seats.

The bar was well filled with girls and there was a fair sprinkling of customers.

There were 4 dancers on stage and it was not an impressive show. The dancing was boring, and overdressed. It was lucky that one girl was wearing a bikini top or else I would have classed it as a coyote bar. The bar seems to have a fair amount of traditionally attired coyotes. Then there are the pretend gogo dancers who wear bikinis, but only over the top of solid bras. Then there are just a few real gogo dancers in bikinis. There's nothing less. There were a few decent looking dancers awaiting their turn but it was all too draggy to want to make an effort to stay and see.

There was a reasonable draft beer at 65 Baht and there are loads of service girls to make sure of prompt attention. There was a girl circulating the audience with ping pong balls but she was not pushy.

I guess most regulars go for the rock videos, and maybe a game of pool, rather than the dancers. Not a bar I'll rush back to until I hear that the girls have shed a few clothes. I rather fear I may be gone some time.

  Review January 2011: Still Popular

As always the bar was doing a good trade on a January weekday early evening.

There were about 6 girls dancing all in a lingerie bikini affair. There were about another half dozen or so waiting their turn to dance. There was one very attractive girl and there were a couple more who could get a job on Walking Street.

There were also countless hostesses dotted around the bar.

But somehow the GoGo aspect of the bar doesn't really seem to be the focus of attention  of the customers. I think it is something along the lines of TQ 1 or TQ 2 where it is primarily a meeting point for a community. Maybe Danish bikers. Just a guess after there seemed to be a certain amount of appreciation for a Danish rock act appearing on the playlist.

Anyway the girls didn't seem to be particularly interactive, so I enjoyed a beer's worth of Tom Petty and went off to seek a bar more focused on GoGo entertainment.

  Review July 2010: Victoria's Secret

As per normal the bar was reasonably full with customers. Always a bit of surprise to me but it seems pretty consistent.

Another minor surprise was that the dancing girls have a new uniform idea that I have rarely seen before. They were dressed in striking red underwear. Not your usual knickers and bikini top, but in knickers, corsets, bras, suspender belts, negligee, the works!.

Perhaps a little of an over exaggeration but way too much covering for my tastes, though I can image there may be many who would appreciate this variation. Me, I was wondering if it still qualified as a GoGo bar where I consider the maximum clothing allowed should be a bikini.

Anyway there were 6 or so girls dancing on the square central stage and plenty more dancers, sitting waiting their turn. And in terms of talent, there were a few that appealed, which is a better standard than that of yesteryear.

None of the prettier girls seemed on the lookout for customers to drink with though, so I didn't stay long. I spent the remainder of the time wondering why the place was so popular. In the end, the only thing I found worthy of particular praise was the collection of music videos. There were some real gems, of obscure but excellent rock.

  Review Dec 2009: Large Staff

Tim A-GoGo perpetually baffles me. It has been going a long time and employs an enormous cast of service girls, hostesses and dancers. Yet I never find any particular reason to stay beyond a single beer.

There are usually half a dozen dancers on stage who are always overdressed in bikinis. There aren't many that arouse much interest but there have been a few attractive girls milling round though on my last visits.

The seating is limited to uncomfortable stools and the best bet is to find one where the wall can be used as a back rest.

The girls don't seem very interested in customers unless someone is recognised as a newbie. Then they are sure to receive a fair bit of attention.

The only obvious attraction is an interesting selection of rock videos played on the large screen TVs.

But really I don't see how they attract enough custom to justify the large staff. Perhaps I'm missing something.

  Review May 2009: The Wrong Type of Nibbles

As I was shown to my seat, a couple of cuties were turfed out of my designated stool. I thought things were looking up, but they found some dark corner of the bar to hide in, and I never spotted them again.

The dancing girls were average, and were overdressed in bikinis. There were 5 on the stage at any one time. The music is well chosen with some very classic rock videos and some less well known bands, but still good tracks.

However live rock tracks can be very long and anyone waiting for 5 songs worth of dancing for their girl to return, would be waiting a long time. It doesn't really inspire much in the way of dancing either

There were plenty of girls waiting their turn to dance and these are supplemented by a fair few hostesses.

It seemed strange then, that the girl who tried her luck with me, tried the old trick of approaching one song before she was due to dance. Never works with me, I never buy a drink for at least the first track.

The girl's little trick introduces the low key hassle factor that's associated with the bar. The service staff do regular rounds of trying to sell extras, in particular, vodka shots, ping pong balls and nibbles (unfortunately of the potato chip variety). The hassle was pretty minor though, a simple 'mai ow krup' was sufficient to move them on to bother somebody else.

But it would take one of the cuties mentioned earlier to persuade me to stay for a second beer. Something that has yet to happen for me in this bar.

  Review Nov 2008: Still Doing Well

I was taken aback by a friendly welcome from the Thai managers and wasn't really expecting cordialities when entering a bar and I'm not sure I returned the greeting.

The bar boasts an enormous number of hostess and/or service girls. If they had a half as many, it would still be well staffed. Perhaps it gets very crowded sometimes.

The dancers were all bikini clad but their are now about half a dozen girls that are pretty enough to hold their own in Walking Street. Still a fair few oldies though.

The hostess service girls were friendly enough but I prefer it when the dancers do the hostessing.

Didn't spot any hassle to sell stuff such as munchies and raffle tickets, or indeed, ping pong balls. Perhaps they have sensibly eased off on the hard sell.

The music is still the same with well chosen, but often repeated, oldie farang rock videos.

Tornado A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)
(2nd Road end)

   Tornado A-GoGo

Opened 5th September 2007 as a lady boy GoGo. Converted to Tornado Bar, an open bar in February 2008



Soi LK Metro



GoGo opened on 12th December 2015. The venue was previously Oscars A-GoGo

Oct 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
    130       150 

  Review from Dick Farang, December 2015: Christmas Socks

On Soi LK Metro, at the previous location of Oscars, Touch has opened.

The double-tier seating is very narrow and extremely uncomfortable; even for medium-sized people like me there is by far not enough knee space.

As the waitress forgot to bring my drink, I had to order it again with a different waitress.

On the central stage with seven chrome poles I saw the same number of more than overdressed coyotes wearing opaque over the knee socks, a fashion in Europe some twenty years ago.

They went on stage one at a time and some of them could have been easy on the eye if they had shown a bit more flesh.

The over the knee socks and stilettos would have matched well naked bodies.

At the rear, on a small triangular stage two sub-average topless girls were alternating and after that went for a naked shower in a cubicle behind that stage.

There was a disgusting cigarette stench.

For people like me getting bored there were also television screens with German erotic cartoons.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht.


Beach Road


Listed under Tahitian Queen 1, see above





Wanthana's Dance Club

Pattaya Soi 6 (Soi Yodsak)

   Wanthana's Dance Club

GoGo taking over from Betty Boup. Opened 15th August 2010. Gave way to OMG Club in April 2011.

Wet 'N' Wild A-GoGo

Centre Condo
Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South Road)

   Wet 'N' Wild A-GoGo

Table dancing with several water features. Changed hands in May 2007 and was previously known as Blue Lagoon A-GoGo. Closed in April 2009.

Wild West A-GoGo

Soi Pattayaland 2

   Wild West A-GoGo

Now Rodeo Girls, see above

Wonderful A-GoGo

Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato)


 Wonderful A-GoGo

GoGo opened on 14th November 2015. Closed in December 2015.

working girl

Working Girl

Pattaya Soi 6

coyote dancer

 Working Girl

GoGo opened on 10th August 2016.

Nov 2016 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
ST 500 Baht inc room
  79 89       125

  Review from Dick Farang, September 2016: Rework

Working Girl on Soi 6 has drastically cut their number of staff and their prices.

The first floor is no longer in use. Note that there is an emergency exit on Soi 6/1, next to the toilets.

There were about a dozen dancers left, most of them sub-average double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes.

There were three girls in black bikinis, who went topless on stage ... with lip-shaped pasties.

The only other customers were a couple of Asians, probably Japanese or Koreans.

The ST barfine has become 500 baht (room included), from 800 baht plus 300 baht for a hotel room.

The fuglies still try to get 2,000 baht ST.

Bottled Heineken 89 baht, down from 99 baht, lady drinks 125 baht, down from 200 baht.

  Review from Dick Farang, August 2016: An opening for work

In a double-unit shophouse halfway Soi 6 on the south side a would-be gogo has opened: Working Girl.

On the ground floor is a central stage with some chrome poles.

The bench seating and some tables with bar stools are too far from this stage for a good view.

On the first floor are two transparent dance floors with some chrome poles, so that you can see the dancers from the ground floor. The bench seating upstairs is way too deep to be called comfortable.

Most of the dancers were clad in big fantasy outfits: air hostesses, nurses and (I guess) schoolgirls. Some were wearing huge bikinis with or without an ugly yellow skirt.

No nudity. All dancers were double or even triple topped and bottomed.

Some looked farm fresh, but many were typically the kind of working girls who try their luck at each opening.

One of them was skinny Ann, who tells everybody, true or not, she started over ten years ago at Super Baby A-GoGo on Soi Diamond as a 14-year-old lolita, and who had become a street walker on Beach Road with some stints at Dolls on Soi 6 (before their first closure) and at Only O on Soi Diamond.

The lighting was adequate and the music deafening.

Downstairs were two other customers, upstairs no customers at all.

The only thing that is top at Working Girl are their prices. Barfines 800 baht ST and 1,300 baht LT, a tad steep for Soi 6.

No ST rooms, but there seem to be hotel rooms somewhere at 300 baht.

The girls appear to have been brainwashed to demand at least 2,000 baht ST and 4,000 baht LT.

Note that at Passion Dance Club, the other gogo on Soi 6, with even better looking girls in black string bikinis the ST barfine is 300 baht (room included) and the girls are happy with 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken at Working Girl 99 baht (in fact 100 baht), lady drinks 200 baht.

  News from Ishi, August 2016: Work in Progress

There's a new bar on Soi 6 called appropriately Working Girl. It will open with a party at 6pm on 10th August 2016. The bar is located next door to Pook Bar. The sign says that it will be an A-GoGo.

World Wide A-GoGo

Beach Road
(between Soi 7 & Soi 8)


   World Wide A-GoGo

Long running GoGo closed in September 2016.

  News from Dick Farang November 2016: Closed

The bar has closed permanently. Several of the dancers can now be found at Silver Star in Soi 8.



X-Ray A-GoGo

Pattaya Soi 0
   X-Ray A-GoGo






Zero A-GoGo

Soi Buakhao
(by Soi LK Metro)


  Zero A-GoGo

Opened on 10th August 2015. Closed a short time ater and was converted to a beer bar.


The Zoo A-GoGo Discotheque

Pattaya Soi 8

   The Zoo A-GoGo Discotheque

Opened November 2005 until January 2006. Now First A-GoGo



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Anyone with Middle Eastern or South Asian dark skin should be aware that they may receive a rather negative welcome. 90% of gogo bars have unspecified entry restrictions which can be hard to tie down as different people have had different receptions. Unwelcome faces will be told at the door that the bar is suddenly a members only club. Discriminatory maybe, but it is for real, it is based on experience, and it is supported by those who care about the welfare of the girls.

Just a couple of times people have had a bad experience in a bar which is perhaps the fault of an individual employee rather than bar policy. More often then not, the bar would be more than happy to deal with offsite problems even when it is not strictly their problem. To try and be fair to the bars, offsite complaints about employees can only be considered for inclusion if they have first been presented to the bar involved.

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  • Beach Road Freelancer ... ST 500-700/LT 1000
  • Disco Freelancer ... ST 1000/LT 1000 to 1500/2500
  • Short Time Bar Girl... ST 700 to 1000 + 300 for the room. Note that LT is often discouraged via surprisingly high fees and barfine.
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