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Updated: Best value for money...

Pattaya Hotel Reviews: Areca Lodge

Link Here 27th January 2014
Areca Lodge Areca Lodge is prominently located at the centre of Soi Diana Inn.

I Stayed for 2 weeks in the Lodge for the third time. The hotel is really fabulous.

The girls in the reception are very friendly and this also goes for the rest of the staff.

The rooms are very spacious and are very good cleaned every day. Every day fresh sheets and towels.

The hotel has 2 pools with free towels.

The restaurant is very good and not that expensive as I have seen in other hotels.

The hotel is girl friendly, only if you bring 2 girls, they charge you 300 Baht for the second lady.

I have stayed in many hotels in Thailand but the Lodge is the best value for money I have experienced. Prices: 1200 Baht for a standard and 1350 for a delux room. They also have 4 executive rooms for 2050 Baht a night.

Booked again for next year. I can't wait.

Update: Guest Restrictions

November 2010

The hotels policy is now that all and any guests must be above the age of 20 years. (Although they understand that the legal minimum

Update: 2014 High season

26th January 2013. Thanks to Malcolm

Stayed there for a couple of nights and agree with the comments in your listing, but rooms are now B2300 at this time of year, and a second girl is now B500. First one is still free.

Update: Quite right

27th January 2013. Thanks to DavidT

Polleke is quite right. I always book in my visitors there.

The location on Soi Diana allows quick access to many services, shops and entertainment venues.

It's good to book in advance - best to get someone you know here to do it for you as it is easier to give the astute cashier lady cash than try with internet transfers.



Excellent Place...

Pattaya Hotel Reviews: Robin's Nest

Link Here 26th January 2014
Robin's Nest is located on Soi Diana Inn between Soi LK Metro and Soi Buakhao/

Stayed at Robins Nest on Soi Diana Inn for a few days. It's a bar, restaurant and guest house. Excellent place.

Owned by the same people who have the Sportsman Bar on Soi 13, Dave, Des, Steve and Lee.

The Bedrooms are good and B900 a night this time of year.

The food in the restaurant is great and the bar is good too. Plenty of TV's with football and other sports if your into that. Great staff and no hassle from girls or street traders. Girls not barfineable.

Bit of noise from bar over the road till 2am.



Always a good selection of girls...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Barracuda

Link Here 19th January 2013

Barracuda Bar and Guesthouse is located on the Naklua Road in the bar area north of Dolphin Island.

I stayed at the Barracuda Bar, Naklua Road for my last 8 days. The rooms are good. Only downside is the music from the bar which can go on till 3am some nights. No good if you retire early.

A standard room is 700B. They do have a VIP room at 850B which has all new furniture and personal gold package True cable box.

The bar is always busy later in the afternoon and in the evening. Tony the UK owner and his Thai wife host parties regularly. Happy hour Singha 55B and 70B in the evening. Lady drinks are a very reasonable 95B. Always a good selection of girls there, most of them very pretty. I counted 16 girls on the Friday when there was a party on. They have stopped serving food but you can order from nearby restaurants.



Offsite Article: Video: Pattaya's only naturist hotel...

Link Here 2nd August 2012
Owned by the Naturist Association Thailand, Chan Resort in Pattaya is the only naturist resort in Thailand which allows guests to fully enjoy the natural surroundings of the area – without wearing clothes.

See article from




Pattaya Hotel Reviews: Inn of the Golden Crab

Link Here 24th May 2012

I'm staying at the Inn of the Golden Crab again on Soi 13 off beach Road. Lovely apartments B6000 per week at this time of year. There's a roadside bar that is open to all.

The Golden Crab website is and is worth a look at. Only downside is bookings have to be made well in advance in high season. Over 12 moths in advance for Christmas & New Year. I asked about this coming Christmas and they're already full.

21st January 2010    Charlie Place...
Room was good

Charlie Place Charlie Place  is located at the corner of Soi Diana and Soi Buakao.

Stayed for 18 days at Charlie Place, Charlie Bar is there too. The room was 800 Baht a night, less in low season. The room was good, no charge for bringing a girl back. Safety deposit boxes are at reception which is open 24 hours as is Charlie Bar


3rd January 2010    Not So Safe Safety Deposits ...
Beware at Holiday Mansion

nesafetydepositbox.jpg The Holiday Mansion, Soi Chalermprakiat 13, Pattaya - Date November 2009

I arrived and was happy enough with the facilities but after one week I asked the lady receptionist to open my safe deposit box. I took some money out of my wallet and left the remainder in the deposit box she then passed me my deposit box key. On arriving to my room in the evening I discovered another safe deposit pass key in my bedside draw which I returned to reception. She said that I was a very honest man for returning the pass key

The next day when I went to get some more money out of my safe deposit box I opened my wallet to find a significant sum missing. It is obvious that my key was switched and she gave me a spare key. 

I reported the matter to the police but they said they could do nothing unless they are caught in the act. The security camera for the safe deposit boxes was not working. The police also said that they had been to this Hotel on several occasions for the same thing.


4th December 2007    Soi 6 Hotel? ...
Consider late night lady boy hassle

Lady Boy I would like you to warn your readers that if you are staying in soi 6 when coming home early morning drunk get a taxi direct to your hotel do not walk.

I found the Soi 6 and Soi 6/1 are getting worse with ladyboys, they try to grab you after you tell them 2 or 3 times No!, you have to get aggressive by telling them to fuck off before they leave you alone. If there are 2 or 3 of them and only you, it could be trouble. they huckle you aggressively and I always keep my money pocket secure when approached by these things.

So if staying in these streets early hours get taxi direct to your hotel.

 also dave went out one night not drinking as had a heavy night before, so i decided to go to tony's for a freelancer, i bought one bottle of water i never paid for it i just walked straight out when my bin came, 180baht they are charging for a bottle of water in tony's the exact same i bought one hour before going into tony's from a 7 11 shop at 15 baht, i am not greedy but you would not even pay that for water in the centre of edinburgh. so i would say it is a rip off and more expensive than european discotheques.


October 2007    A1 Accommodation
Chaplin's Bar and Guesthouse

Chaplin's I have just returned from staying at Chaplins Bar in Pattaya.

It has to be said that of all the places I have been to in the world, they get no better than this place! If you are like me, I like to stay where I actually feel welcomed... and trust me - you are part of the local crowd within minutes of arriving...

This is a down-to-earth local pub with a quality pool table, dart board etc - but with one exception... it's in Pattaya!!

Fun, relaxed, great beer, great company and a brilliant landlord. The rooms are huge, air conditioned and cleaned to the highest standard every day laying on fresh supplies of drinking water to stock the fridge up with...

Willie and Lek (owners) make you feel welcomed from the moment you arrive and will cater for your every need - be it showing "where to go" and "what to do" to arranging fishing trips, golf days or just general sight seeing tours.

A1 accomodation and A1 staff.


October 2007    A Good Rub-A-Dub
Queen Vic Pub & Hotel

Queen Victoria Inn I would like to say a few things about the Queen Vic in Soi 6.

The description that you already have of the bar area of the Queen Vic is spot on.

I stayed at the hotel in April and am going back next month. Vic the owner has various prices of rooms to suit everyone, he has budget, 500 Baht a night, standard 600, superior 700, deluxe 800 and I now believe he has a penthouse at around 2000 a night, but this has a Jacuzzi etc in it.

I stayed in his superior at 700 Baht a night, the room was recently renovated, to a high standard. I must add, aircon good, king size bed, room safe, en-suite, TV, tea & coffee facilities, DVD player. value for money, it has been the best I have stayed in Pattaya.

Even though it is pub/hotel he has security on from about 7pm till 6am, and Soi 6 may put you off but he has a back entrance at Soi 6/1 so you can come and go as you please if the hustle and bustle of Soi 6 is not your cup of tea.



April 2007

    A Real Star of a Place ...


  Roof Garden Inn

Roof Garden Inn

From Pattaya Chat
See also

Stayed at the Roof Garden Inn, what a great bunch of people. And when I decided to go home early they gave me a refund of the unused nights without even being asked too. The owners sister, from Scotland was a treat to talk with in the lobby. Rooms nice, clean and the best that anyone could ask for. A real Star of a place.


February 2007

    Guest friendly hotels ...



ie no guest or joiner fees

Not a complete list but derived from hotels with the information on their website and other sources on the Internet


  • Apex
  • Areca Lodge
  • Beach View Hotel
  • BJ Guest House
  • Bistro
  • Chaplins Bar and Guest House
  • Diamond City Place Apartments
  • Diana Inn
  • Hillside Resort
  • Eden
  • Konig Mansion
  • Norge
  • Klein Vannderen
  • Le Katai
  • Lek
  • Ma Maison
  • Montana Court
  • Mulligan's Bar
  • Nova Lodge
  • Orchid Inn
  • Roof Garden Inn
  • Sabai Lodge
  • Sabai Resort
  • Sailor Inn
  • Sawadee Resort
  • Shagwell Mansions
  • The Vault
  • Welkom Inn


28 th Jan 2007

    Nice Place, Shame about the Pool ...



at the Royal Twins Hotel

Thanks to Tim

I've stayed at several different Pattaya hotels and haven't really had much to complain about except this time.

I stayed at the Royal Twins Palace Hotel. The staff was "helpful", but very unfriendly...not enough to really complain. The price, 1,200Baht was actually pretty good for the accommodation/location, pretty standard with no real frills. Just nice.

However, the pool was utterly disgusting. I've never, ever seen a public pool so disgusting in my life. Many of the hotel guests complained to no avail. The weird thing is that the pool actually worsened in the two weeks I was there. Just throw in some chlorine and the problem is 90% solved. Why do you think they would not clean it? Many of us just went to lay by the pool and as time went on fewer and fewer people would even get in.


17th Dec 2006

  Recommended: The Vault ...


Great small place to stay

Thanks to Jefe

While on a recent trip to Pattaya I stayed a place called The Vault which is on 2nd Road across the street from the Baiyoke .

Upon arrival you are greeted by the very friendly staff that the owner, Michael, employs to keep the peace. The first night I was there I stayed in one of the two Penthouse rooms (soon to be 3) and for the price (2,300 baht) have to say I was incredibly impressed. Not only does the room come with a huge bedroom, a massive bathroom with separate shower and jacuzzi tub, a wonderful living room with large TV/DVD/Stereo entertainment system and possibly the best feature possible - a stage complete with stripper pole and full length bar. If this wasn't enough there's a complete kitchen with washer/dryer (although laundry is free to all guests). The nightly charge includes all member/joiner fees and guests are encouraged.

The first night in the Penthouse I had 5 and what a show they put on for this weary traveler. I moved into a "Long Room" the next night and although it was much simpler than the penthouse - a great room. Huge hot shower and balcony. Very clean and with the same entertainment system.

There is an internet room on the first floor with 4 high-speed computers and completely free to paid lodgers.

The only thing bad I can say is 2nd Road is noisy all day/night long and most of the rooms are right on the street. So if you're a light sleeper, this may not be the place for you. Also, there is no lift so if you stay on the 4th floor it may be tough for some older guests to get up/down.


Update: Closing

23rd November 2014.

The hotel is set to close on 1st December 2014.


29th October 2006


Poor reviews deleted at the request of Penthouse Hotel who contend libel


14th October 2006

The New Rich

From Tim

Aisawan Top notch hotel, a bit out of the way if you just want to go into the city and party. Private beach, 3 pools.. excellent service.. I did not eat or drink there as I knew it would be pricey.. this is for the NEW Rich.. lots of Russians.. some Chinese from Taiwan.. mainly a Euro hotel.. Few Brits or Americans outside of myself..
While I lay by the pool and observed the 150+Kilo Russian men in their Speedo bathing suits.. with their hot slim girl friends.. I had the thought.. MONEY does talk.. LOL.. by the way there were some 120+Kilo Russian women there in their bikinis..
I could not stay at the pool too long.. the sights were tooooooo laughable..


4th July 2006

The Suite Smell of Scam

From Pattaya Secrets

Every time I call hotels from previous visits to reserve a room they "always" without fail tell me that nothing is available "except" the suites. Even in off season. Suites are basically twice the price of a standard room.

When I get there the place is more than half empty. However after pointing this out at the desk the reception would prefer I leave than admit they were trying to milk me for more cash.

I accept the room for the one night and begin my search for something more suitable for the duration of my stay.


Hotels that have tried this with me are:

  • Pattaya Center Hotel
  • Sandy Springs
  • White House
  • Dynasty
  • Sun Beam







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