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Updated: Best value for money...

Pattaya Hotel Reviews: Areca Lodge

Link Here27th January 2014
Areca LodgeAreca Lodge is prominently located at the centre of Soi Diana Inn.

I Stayed for 2 weeks in the Lodge for the third time. The hotel is really fabulous.

The girls in the reception are very friendly and this also goes for the rest of the staff.

The rooms are very spacious and are very good cleaned every day. Every day fresh sheets and towels.

The hotel has 2 pools with free towels.

The restaurant is very good and not that expensive as I have seen in other hotels.

The hotel is girl friendly, only if you bring 2 girls, they charge you 300 Baht for the second lady.

I have stayed in many hotels in Thailand but the Lodge is the best value for money I have experienced. Prices: 1200 Baht for a standard and 1350 for a delux room. They also have 4 executive rooms for 2050 Baht a night.

Booked again for next year. I can't wait.

Update: Guest Restrictions

November 2010

The hotels policy is now that all and any guests must be above the age of 20 years. (Although they understand that the legal minimum

Update: 2014 High season

26th January 2013. Thanks to Malcolm

Stayed there for a couple of nights and agree with the comments in your listing, but rooms are now B2300 at this time of year, and a second girl is now B500. First one is still free.

Update: Quite right

27th January 2013. Thanks to DavidT

Polleke is quite right. I always book in my visitors there.

The location on Soi Diana allows quick access to many services, shops and entertainment venues.

It's good to book in advance - best to get someone you know here to do it for you as it is easier to give the astute cashier lady cash than try with internet transfers.



Always a good selection of girls...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Barracuda

Link Here19th January 2013

Barracuda Bar and Guesthouse is located on the Naklua Road in the bar area north of Dolphin Island.

I stayed at the Barracuda Bar, Naklua Road for my last 8 days. The rooms are good. Only downside is the music from the bar which can go on till 3am some nights. No good if you retire early.

A standard room is 700B. They do have a VIP room at 850B which has all new furniture and personal gold package True cable box.

The bar is always busy later in the afternoon and in the evening. Tony the UK owner and his Thai wife host parties regularly. Happy hour Singha 55B and 70B in the evening. Lady drinks are a very reasonable 95B. Always a good selection of girls there, most of them very pretty. I counted 16 girls on the Friday when there was a party on. They have stopped serving food but you can order from nearby restaurants.



Offsite Article: Video: Pattaya's only naturist hotel...

Link Here2nd August 2012
Owned by the Naturist Association Thailand, Chan Resort in Pattaya is the only naturist resort in Thailand which allows guests to fully enjoy the natural surroundings of the area – without wearing clothes.

See article from




Pattaya Hotel Reviews: Inn of the Golden Crab

Link Here24th May 2012

I'm staying at the Inn of the Golden Crab again on Soi 13 off beach Road. Lovely apartments B6000 per week at this time of year. There's a roadside bar that is open to all.

The Golden Crab website is and is worth a look at. Only downside is bookings have to be made well in advance in high season. Over 12 moths in advance for Christmas & New Year. I asked about this coming Christmas and they're already full.

21st January 2010    Charlie Place...
Room was good

Charlie PlaceCharlie Place  is located at the corner of Soi Diana and Soi Buakao.

Stayed for 18 days at Charlie Place, Charlie Bar is there too. The room was 800 Baht a night, less in low season. The room was good, no charge for bringing a girl back. Safety deposit boxes are at reception which is open 24 hours as is Charlie Bar


3rd January 2010    Not So Safe Safety Deposits ...
Beware at Holiday Mansion

nesafetydepositbox.jpgThe Holiday Mansion, Soi Chalermprakiat 13, Pattaya - Date November 2009

I arrived and was happy enough with the facilities but after one week I asked the lady receptionist to open my safe deposit box. I took some money out of my wallet and left the remainder in the deposit box she then passed me my deposit box key. On arriving to my room in the evening I discovered another safe deposit pass key in my bedside draw which I returned to reception. She said that I was a very honest man for returning the pass key

The next day when I went to get some more money out of my safe deposit box I opened my wallet to find a significant sum missing. It is obvious that my key was switched and she gave me a spare key. 

I reported the matter to the police but they said they could do nothing unless they are caught in the act. The security camera for the safe deposit boxes was not working. The police also said that they had been to this Hotel on several occasions for the same thing.


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