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Listing the bars of Pattaya

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

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A & P Bar & Restaurant

Thappraya Road

Renamed to Pilgrim's Restaurant and then closed
Art Home & Bar

Thappraya Road
(Near corner with Pratamnak)

Beer bar said to be a good possibility for lesbians. Closed in August 2009. Now a Country Roads bar.

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Bar 4

Pratamnak Soi 4

New beer bar for June 2011.

From Bar 4, June 2011: Swimming Pool Bar

Bar 4 is a pleasant beer bar in attractive surroundings located in what has become known as The Beverley Hills of Pattaya.

Featuring ice cold beer at very welcoming prices, beautiful attentive staff, a swimming pool, 70's to 90's music, live motorsport and much more to follow.

Berni Bar & Restaurant

Pratamnak Road: Soi 6

Bar and Restaurant


The Square
(near Soi 4)

Pub opened in 2014. Didn't last long.

Blue Olives Gentlemen's Club

Off Soi Pratamnak Soi 1
Near the Pratamnak Rd end

Facebook Page

Gentlemen's Club opened on 6th November 2018

Blues Sports Bar & Grill

306/89 Thappraya Road
Chateau Dale Plaza (between Pattaya and Jomtien)

Lounge bar and restaurant. Expensive looking bar nestling in amongst the expensive looking restaurants. Previously Cuvee Lounge. Closed by mid 2008.


soi maeauen 2/7
which is about 2 kms down thepprasit Soi 7

Daytime gentlemen's club which was previously Rioja.

Brennan's Bar

Thappraya Road Soi 15 (Soi Norway)

Beer bar

Butterfly Guesthouse

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar

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Caddy Shack

Theprassit: Soi 8
(Near Eden hotel, opposite the Punch & Judy)

Has moved further along the soi towards Theprassit. The old bar has now become May Bar Beer.

Review from Dave, March 2017: Well recommended

I popped into the Caddie Shack for Sunday Lunch. It was a very nice experience,

All the staff were very friendly. The Sunday lunch special was; soup, roast with choice of meat and ice cream & Banana for sweet. I

It was very nice but the quantities were very large. I could not eat it all.

Draft Cider was on special offer at 130b per pint. I had draft Fosters Lager. which was very nice.

Can be well recommended.

Review from Jil in Pattaya, Nov 2007: British Place

It was a nice enough British place, with the same standard fare that you find at the other two dozen British pub-style eateries in Pattaya. Worth a visit if you're nearby.

California Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4 (Soi Asia)

Shophouse bar

The Camel Toe

Soi Kopai Soi 10
(In vicinity of the land office)

A Gentlemen's Lounge opened in June 2016. Previously Secret Garden and KIDS VIP. The bar is still going strong in September 2023.

News from Dick Farang, June 2016: Toe Poke

On Soi Kopai Soi 10, at the previous location of KIDS VIP and Secret Garden, The Camel Toe has opened.

The premises have been completely refurbished. The inner walls have been removed and also the naked sushi girl table has disappeared. The toilets are inside now, left of the bar counter, which has been extended to the right. The disturbing fake oak trunk above the bar counter also has disappeared.

Everywhere are high tables with bar stools and coffee tables with bench seating now. The different sections can still be curtained off.

I saw two chaste waitresses in solid denim shorts and white polo shirts. I also saw five or six mostly old, fat and ugly freelancers in thin white cotton shorts and in thin white cotton spaghetti shirts. As they were wearing underwear there was no camel toe effect.

I saw several men, but a number of them could have been the boss and his mates.

I was told that no barfines were charged, that a ST room nearby was available at 350 baht and that the girls expected 1,000 baht ST.

I was also told that The Camel Toe was owned by the same people as Pandora's on Soi LK Metro.

Bottled Heineken 80 baht.

Cat Flaps

Pratamanak Soi 4/Soi 5
(connecting soi just south of Kinnaree Place)

1pm - 9pm

Gentlemen's Club spotted in summer of 2023.


Thappraya Soi 12 (Soi Pattaya Park)

Gentlemen's club opened on 13th December 2017. Closed and put up for sale in January 2018. Ownership connections with Runway A-GoGo.

Cham Isaan Bar

3rd Road
Corner Pattaya Tai

Bar noted as a favourite

3rd Road: Soi 17
(a third of the way to Theprassit Road)

Beer and short time bar opened in autumn 2008. Closed in autumn 2014.

News November 2014: Closed

Now closed

From Pattaya-Live , August 2009: Latest Impressions

Not so high quality ladies these days.

From Pattaya-Addicts , Sept 2008: First Impressions

Good looking bar with high quality ladies but they are asking top dollar and may be out of place in a fairly remote soi.

From Chicaboom, Sept 2008: Plans

The plan is to do a quality British breakfast from 8.00 am and also offer good food throughout the day.

Midday we have at least 8 ladies all dressed in uniform eg nurse, secretary etc, these girls will dance, serve and be very willing hosts to our clientel.

Short time rooms are available and we think it will become a good funtime place to spend the afternoon.

Nice seating area outside if you fancy a quiet beer. Evenings will be very much the same same with more stunning hosts and we may try some live music.

All major sporting events will be shown on our 3 lcd screens and to stand out from the crowd we have a 10 foot long hdi projector with all the surround etc , giving out an awesome experience.

Chile's Bar & Grill

Thappraya Road

Bar & Restaurant which originally didn't last long and closed by Aug 2007. However it has now re-opened for 2007 winter high season.

Christiana Bar

Thappraya Road
(At junction with 3rd Road)

Bar & guesthouse
Club Tropicana

Pratamnak Soi 4
(opposite Asia Hotel and near beach end)

The venue was previously Viper Club, and before that, Sapphire Lodge. The opening stalled in June 2016 with the rumour that there is long term police closure order slapped n the venue. Club Tropicana never opened and the venue is now a Chinese restaurant.

Cobra Lounge

Pratamnak Soi 5
(towards the beach end)

Beer bar associated with the Venom Gentlemen's Club

Coffee and Beer Bar

Pattaya Tai

New for 2010. Clean and offering very cheap drinks, no girls though.
Colosseum Pattaya Show


Ladyboy show. Priced at 1000-1100 Baht for farangs and 600-700 baht for Thais
Country Road

3rd Road
(near Thappraya Road)

Large beer bar with music opened in June 2007. Closed by January 2012.

News Oct 2007: P.T.K. Band

The Band name is P.T.K. Band. The bandleader and Guitarist is Phuk.

The Band previously played at Country Road II, Soi 19 in Bangkok but relocated to Pattaya in June 2007

Country Road Pool & Bar

Thappraya Road
(at the junction of Pratamnak)

Open beer bar noted in April 2010 but now closed
Cuvee Lounge

306/89 Thappraya Road
Chateau Dale Plaza (between Pattaya and Jomtien)

Lounge bar and restaurant. Expensive looking bar nestling in amongst the expensive looking restaurants. Has now become Blues Sports Bar and Grill, see above

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Dao's Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar. Very small, Thai style

Diamond Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar

Diamond Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 5
(a few paces down a small soi opposite the Thai market)

Beer bar opened in 2015 or 2016

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Thappraya Soi 13

Swiss Restaurant

From Dick Farang, February 2015:

On Thappraya Road Soi 13 I discovered a Swiss restaurant: Edelweiss.

Everything is a bit basic, but the food is good, reasonably priced and plenty and the place appears to be popular with Swiss people.

They have two daily specials: menu 1 at 225 baht and menu 2 at 315 baht.

Both daily specials and all main dishes include soup and salad buffet.

Eden Bar

Theprassit Soi 8

Short time bar previously the Harley Pub

Elephant Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Restaurant & bar. Closed and now a Family Mart.

Enjoy André

Thappraya Soi 6 Enjoy André

Restaurant and bar

Review from Dick Farang, September 2014:

Recently I have visited Enjoy Andre' restaurant several times.

It is located on Thappraya Road Soi 6 (on the way to Jomtien), a bit off the beaten track.

As it is partly open air, it is possible you have to move further inside when it starts raining.

The owners are André from Limburg province in Belgium, who lives in Thailand for 22 years, and Mai from Buriram, his wife of 18 years.

Apart from an ample a la carte choice, they also have a daily special, such as tomato soup-chicken-ice cream at 240 baht.

On Fridays they serve fresh sea fish.

On occasion they offer original Belgian witloof (chicory in good old English, endive in American) or Dutch maatjes (young immature raw herring; the Wikipedia definition soused herring is rather misleading).

All dishes are home-made to the best Belgian standards.

Their mashed potatoes (and hence their potato croquettes) for instance are made from boiled potatoes, milk, butter and egg yolks (very important) and spiced with nutmeg, pepper and salt.

In order to ensure continuity, André and Mai train their cooks themselves instead of hiring chefs .

Of course, they also offer typical Belgian desserts such as pancakes, Brussels waffles and dark or white chocolate mousse.

Since Mai Lu Si bar at their new location seem to have given up selling Belgian beers, Enjoy Andre' without a doubt has the broadest choice of Belgian beers in Pattaya nowadays.

The venue is well known in the Belgian, Dutch, German and Swiss communities of Pattaya.

Prices are very moderate for the quality offered.

Bottled Heineken 75 baht, most soups 80 baht, steaks from 285 baht, beef tenderloin ( filet pur ) from 350 baht, pancakes from 85 baht, waffles from 95 baht.

Comment from Dick Farang, August 2014: Belgian Beer

On Thappraya Road Soi 6 (which is opposite Soi 5) I discovered a Belgian owned bar-restaurant Enjoy André with a broad selection of Belgian beers.

I paid 165 baht for a Palm Speciale.



Gentlemen's Club opened on 22nd October 2011 and closed in September 2012.
Eye Candy Bar

(between Soi 3 & 4)

Coyote dancing bar new for 2011. Closed by June 2012. Tried again briefly a few months later but it didn't work out. Now an estate agent.

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Free Drop Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar. Now Sapphire Lodge.

Pratamnak Road

Freeway closed in the summer of 2007, now The Stork Club

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Geegi Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar

Gossip Cafe

Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South Road): Soi Day Night

Cafe, bar, beer garden & bakery

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Harley Pub

Theprassit Soi 8

Renamed Eden Bar, now closed


Pratamnak Soi 1/11

Open from Noon to Midnight

Info page

Gentlemen's Lounge opened in 2013. Previously Times Lounge

Turn off Pratamnak at the Ratchawarun Road the main junction towards the highest point of Pratamnak. Then head towards Cozy Beach and look for Soi 11, the last soi as you head towards the sea.

News from Ishi, March 2015: Re-opening

The bar is set to re-open with a party on 4th April.

News February 2015: 30 Days

The bar has fallen victim to a 30 day police closure.

Review from Dick Farang, February 2015: In the wake of a raid

Last Tuesday around 5 p.m. the gate was closed at Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge (previously Times Lounge) on Soi Kasetsin Soi 11 although I had seen three farangs entering just before I parked my car.

Suddenly the (electric) gate was opened and it was closed again after I got in.

(At that moment I was not aware of the police raid on the previous day).

Inside there was no music and no air conditioning. I only saw about six passive chicks and the three farangs, probably Scandinavians.

When I asked what was going on, I was told the manager was sick . Perhaps the manager's illness was related to the police raid on the previous evening.

Anyway, there were much fewer than 100 patrons and by far nobody looked younger than 20 years.

When I left the gate was opened and immediately closed again.

Bottled Heineken still 90 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, November 2014: An unwanted buffet

Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge, previously Times Lounge, is located on Soi Kasetsin Soi 11.

(Soi Kasetsin is the first soi past Soi Phratamnak Soi 2 when coming from Central Jomtien and is heading down to Cosy Beach; I am not sure if it is the same soi as Soi Phratamnak Soi 1.)

Soi Kasetsin Soi 11 is a deserted street with a lot of parking space.

At the entrance of Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge there are several stairs to climb.

This club is built around an outdoor swimming pool.

When I arrived there was one other farang, perhaps the owner.

There were a dozen of girls in all shapes and sizes, all of them probably freelancers and over thirty years old, nothing to write home about.

They were all but communicative, shy and apparently not interested in the real thing , but only in lady drinks and 100-baht notes.

None of the girls stayed outside (at the swimming pool area) and many were smoking cigarettes.

I saw an ad for German beer and some copies of the German-language magazine Der Farang .

There was a small buffet (on a Tuesday) and with my first and only beer I was charged 200 baht for food , which I refused to pay.

If I want to eat I go to a decent restaurant and pay the right price.

If I want to enjoy a buffet, I go to Cherry's Restaurant on Third Road where I get a splendid buffet at 399 baht (on Wednesdays and Saturdays).

Bottled Heineken at Heaven Gentlemen's Lounge is 90 baht.

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Pratamnak Road
(near junction with Thappraya road)

Disco In the previous re-incarnation this night spot was noted for being the one that boogie through dawn. Closed in July 2007.

Irish Wolfhound

Pratamnak Soi 4
(near Paratamnak end)

Beer bar new for 2011.

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Jade House Gentlemen's Club

Thappraya Road : Soi Jomtien Nivate

Facebook Page


Short time bar in an attractive garden/swimming pool setting. There is a Wednesday and Sunday buffets which are free for customers spending 300 Baht on drinks. The bar continues after the coronavirus lockdown.

News October 2023: Anniversary

The bar celebrated its 22nd Anniversary on 20th October 2023.

Review from Dick Farang, August 2015: A tickle unfancied

Jade House off Thappraya Road is still German-owned, but no longer by Gerd from Berlin.

What I always find weird at Jade House is that the idle girls are sitting outside (not many top models among them to use an understatement), but that you have to get into the lounge bar to order your drink and that you are followed inside by a girl who seldom tickles your fancy.

Barfine (room included) still 300 baht ST with the girls expecting 1,000 baht ST.

The en-suite hotel rooms are rather small, but very nice with a big mirror on the wall and a smaller one on the ceiling and several erotic paintings, the kind you see everywhere around in painting shops.

I was told that the salaried girls have to be there from 2 p.m. to 8 p.m. and are paid 7,000 baht a month with a day off every 15 days.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht, lady drinks 110 baht, both up 10 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, November 2014: Intimate Corners

Jade House is located in a neglected village between Thappraya Road Soi 7 and Thappraya Road Soi 9. At the entrance of this village are two arches with an abandoned sentry box. Inside the village is first on the left-hand side Refresh Fitness Club and then on the right-hand side Jade House. (On Thappraya Road there is a big sign for Refresh Fitness Club.) The entrance to Jade House is a small sub-soi between two buildings.

On a German-language forum I read that Jade House is (or has been) owned by a German named Gerd.

The original name was Jade House Berlin (see Google Streetview).

This club consists of a dark lounge bar with some intimate corners and a rather big garden surrounded by hotel rooms with a de facto unused swimming pool, a small fish pond and numerous Buddhist statuettes.

Most girls were flocking together outside near the entrance and seemed all to be over thirty years old, but they were friendly enough.

They are all freelancers who get a share of 40 baht for a lady drink and 100 baht for a barfine and expect a fee of 1,000 baht for ST.

Barfine, room included, 300 baht.

I was recognised by Taa, a threeholer who used to dance many moons ago at Catz A-GoGo on Soi Arab (one of the previous incarnations of Pe Pe Club). I had to admit that for her 35 years she still looked very good. (Those Thai girls really have elephant memories, or at least very strong visual memories.)

Bottled Heineken 80 baht, lady drinks (apple juice on the rocks ) 100 baht.

Review from Ishi, September 2014: Once a Hidden Gem

I visited at 4:30pm.
I saw about 15 ladies in the bar and courtyard.

Everything is almost the same for 5 years.
Opens everyday 1pm-8pm.
Water 60B.
Heineken 80B.
Lady drink 100B.
Bar Fines 300B(including the ST room).
Food ticket 200B (on Wednesdays only. Including 2 drinks).

Review from Pattaya Secrets , November 2011: Not So Good

Now 1000 Baht for the girl and 300 for the room. Beer is 80 Baht. Pretty much the same prices as similar venues, but Jade is the loser in terms of quality of the girls.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , April 2010: Still Good

Still good compliments for the BBQ garden, pool and the rooms. Mentioned that the all in price was 1000 Baht.

Junction Bar

2nd Road: Soi 17

Bar closed by November 2006

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Soi Kophi Soi 10
(In vicinity of the land office)

A Gentlemen's Lounge Previously Secret Garden, became VIP by 2014. Closed in February 2015 and later became Camel Toe Gentlemen's Club

Kinnaree Place

Pratamnak Road: Off Soi 5

Afternoon short time bar billed as a gentlemen's club. Closed as Kinnaree Palace in summer 2009. Re-opened in march 2010 under new management and with a slightly new name.

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La Cuisine au Beurre

Pattaya Tai (South Road) on the Soi next to TukCom In the Buttery Quarter

On the soi right of the TukCom building (Soi Day Night 2) I discovered a good and not too expensive restaurant: La Cuisine au Beurre.

The name means something like the butter-based (as opposite to olive-oil-based) cooking and was the title of a 1963 French comic film with Fernandel and Bourvil.

When coming from Pattayatai it is the first restaurant on the right-hand side of this soi and it is located on the corner of a narrow arcade that leads to Soi Day Night.

The restaurant is nicely laid out with comfortable tables and chairs and nice table cloths and napkins.

The toilets are in the arcade at the end of the building, past the open kitchen.

They have an elaborate set menu at 350 baht with a choice between four or five starters, four or five main dishes, seven or eight desserts and coffee or tea.

The bread consists of some slices of bâtard with a portion of salted Allowrie butter.

With the main dish you can choose one of about eight different side dishes.

One of the desserts is a piece of cheese to be chosen from a tray.

(Keep in mind that cheese is rather expensive in Thailand.)

Among the à la carte options I saw tournedos Rossini at 620 baht, not too expensive if it is the real thing.

La Cuisine au Beurre seems to be popular with Belgians, Germans and Swiss.

Le Bordeaux

Soi Day Night
(Off Pattaya South Road near TukCom)

French bar and restaurant

Update from Dick Farang, October 2016: Up, up and away

Prices at Le Bordeaux on Soi Day Night 2 have gone up once more. The cheapest set menu is now 590 baht. Last time I walked past I saw one (ONE) couple inside.

Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Very well cooked

On the soi right of the TukCom building (Soi Day Night 2) I tried a French-style restaurant: Le Bordeaux. When coming from Pattayatai it is on a corner on the left-hand side of this soi towards the end of the soi. It is more or less opposite the Pattaya branch of the Swiss-owned Grottino bakery. It is also on the same soi as La Cuisine au Beurre.

In this same soi are several other restaurants that often get good comments on internet fora, but in my opinion are not so good. One, I will not name, is even really bad.

Le Bordeaux is very spacious and consists of an open bar/lounge section on the corner and a fully air-conditioned restaurant section. It is nicely laid out with comfortable seating.

They have a set menu at 390 baht with a choice between three starters, four main dishes and three desserts. It is also possible to take two courses only at 350 baht.

The bread consists of some crispy slices of bâtard with fresh salted butter.

Everything was very well cooked and their profiteroles were outstanding.

At the beginning of the meal guests get a complimentary amuse-bouche and at the end a chocolate.

Their most expensive à la carte item is Dover sole meunière at 980 baht.

In their wine cellar fridges I saw bottles of Sauternes, but I did not enquire about the price.

Update from Dick Farang, July 2016: Price increase

The price of a set menu at Le Bordeaux on Soi Day Night 2 has gone up from 390 to 490 baht. The existing price gap with the competitors on the same street (320-350 baht for a set menu of three courses) has increased.

I suppose they want to concentrate their efforts on à la carte diners, but nowadays in Pattaya (and certainly in this lowest of low seasons) big spenders are few and far between. I also doubt if they can survive on the local gay community as on my latest visit I only saw straight couples and singles.

On certain internet fora there is a member gtruch who behaves as if he is one of the owners of Le Bordeaux or at least connected to them and who is trying to discredit other places on the same street. That uncongenial behaviour gives me a very unpleasant feeling and, although I am not a big fan of the restaurant concerned, I feel now like avoiding Le Bordeaux

The Lion Pub

Soi Kopai Soi 10
(Corner of Regional Land Road )

Sports bar. Open afternoon and evening with a few girls on hand.

Close on Sunday 22nd December 2019.

Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Taking a lion's share

The Lion Pub is located on the corner of Soi Kopai Soi 10 and Regional Land Road . (On some printed maps this road is still shown as Soi 17, whereas in fact it is PATTAYASAISONG 16 and its extension across Third Road.)

At my first and only visit The Lion Pub looked surprisingly spacious, but also very deserted.

Their prices for breakfasts, snacks and simple pub grub are a lot higher than what you usually see in Pattaya.

That being said the high tables and bar stools do not seem the most comfortable seating when eating.

Apart from the regular waitresses there were also some old and ugly "hostesses" rented from an "agency" on ten-day contracts, who were paid 400 baht a day.

I was told that The Lion Pub has ST rooms upstairs at 500 baht and that those older birds expect 1,500 (!) baht ST for themselves.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.

October 2005:

The way this bar is run is weird even by Thai/Pattaya standards. The attention you get seems to depend on whether the boss is in the bar when you drop in. No boss there today so the only entertainment I had was scratching my balls on an otherwise empty plastic sofa and gawking at a muted TV. The ten or so girls present were chatting among themselves, smoking and mobiling.

September 2005:

Some attractive, well built and friendly girls. Their ST room/shower is the best I have seen in a long, long while.


A lot of fun on a party night. About 20 mostly attractive girls keep the customers entertained by party games and dancing.

Perhaps they spend too much time entertaining and not quite enough chatting with the customers.

On a subsequent non-party night I was treated like a leper.

Look Out Inn

Center Condo
Pattaya Tai

Beer bar

January 2006:

Popular with residents and visitors alike.

Lought Gaaw Pub

Pattaya 3rd Road (near junction with Soi 17)

Thai style outdoor bar & restaurant with live music didn't last long in 2006. Also notable as the location of my wedding reception.
The Lounge Bar

The Square
(near Soi 4)

Gentlemen's Lounge. Closed by February 2015.

Love Beer Bar

Pattaya Tai (junction with Soi 24)

Beer bar

Lucky Sar

(in the vicinity of Jade Club)

Beer bar new for 2011.

Lucky 7 Bar

Soi Buakhao

Re-opening under new management in August 2023.

Lucky Star Bar

Corner of Soi 8 and Beach Rd

Noted as a forum favourite in April 2014. Lady drinks noted at 160 Baht.

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Manhattans Steakhouse

Thappraya Road

Restaurant, closed by April 2016.

The Mews

Soi Romanasia
Pratamnak Soi 6

Gentlemen's club opened in January 2019. Closed in November 2020.

News November 2020: Closed

The Mews Gentlemen's Club off Pratamnak Soi 6 has announced that it will be closing at the end of November. Post covid trade is reported to be insufficient to make it worthwhile.

The staff will move to the nearby Lotius Bar at the top Pratamnak Soi 4.

News January 2019: Open

A new gentlemen's club has opened just off Pratamanak Soi 6. It uses the venue that was previously the Romanasia restaurant. If you start at Pratamnak then about 800m down turn right at the second 7-11.

The new venue is open from 1pm to 9pm, offers nearby rooms at 350 Baht, has lady drinks at 120 Baht and the standard rates for the ladies.

Mini Golf Pub

Thappraya Road
(near junction with 3rd road)

Restaurant with mini golf course

January 2006:

Belgian run. The mini golf course has become very shabby over the last few years due to lack of maintenance. The expensive menu has remained. I would guess it will be up for sale and the site redeveloped soon. Shame as there are not many minigolf courses (not tried Nova Lodge yet). Cost of a round is 100 Baht/person. Putter, scorecard and pencils included.

Miss cruella

Theprassit: Soi 10

Bondage, fetish and S&M club, previously Secret Motions. Closed in 2014

Montana Bar

Pattaya Soi 17 (Regional Land Rd)


New for December 2014. Early reports suggest that there is a little fun in the bar along the lines of Telephone Bar, Carre Blanc and Club 4.

Update from Dick Farang, November 2017: Prices

At Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road bottled Heineken is again 90 baht.

Review from Dick Farang, July 2016: Back open

Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road has reopened under the same management, but is now an open-fronted bar with furniture and a pool table on the terrace.

Inside nothing seems to have changed. There were three or four girls only and one other customer.

One of the girls was Ae, a not so young spinner with minimal English, a perfect body and a clean-shaven beaver. To be honest I prefer a more mature girl with the body of a 20-years-old to a young fatty with the body of a 40-years-old. That being said, Ae, who had started only some weeks ago, was very enthusiastic and still genuinely horny.

Montana still rents out rooms and has ST rooms upstairs (included in the 400 baht barfine).

Bottled Heineken still 99 baht, lady drinks (cola on the rocks ) 130 baht.

News from Dick Farang, June 2016: Taking a break

Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road is closed from 31st May until 30th June and to reopen on 1st July.

From Dick Farang, February: 2016: A new ploy?

Yesterday shortly before 9 p.m. I visited the gentlemen's club Montana Bar & Lounge.

I was the only customer and apart from the fatties there was an older tall lady who took my fancy. We agreed on ST upstairs, went to room 6 on the second floor, showered and started cuddling on the bed.

Suddenly the girl reached for her mobile and said: Police come. At first I did not grasp what she was talking about because of her limited English. Then she insisted on putting our clothes again and going downstairs.

For me, at that point, the momentum was completely lost anyway. At the bar I finished my drink at my ease, awaiting what was going to happen. She asked me lukewarmly if I wanted to come back the next day. No police showed up, only a bunch of drunken frogs, one of them stripping naked.

I am still puzzled: did she suddenly change her mind for some reason? Anyway, she will have got her share of the lady drink (130 baht) and the barfine (400 baht).

Review by Dick Farang, March 2015: Thriving

Since the closure of Thai Fun Club (all signs removed) and KIDS VIP (banner SALE on the closed gate), both on Soi Khopai Soi 10, the last remaining girlie bar in that area, Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road, is thriving.

On Wednesdays there is a non-mandatory buffet at 100 baht and on that occasion the curtained-off area with sofas and coffee tables left of the entrance door is open.

On each of my visits their line-up seemed to have improved.

The uniforms have been dropped however and replaced by plain clothes . One of the better looking girls is 35-year-old Kaan from Buriram, a mother of two who used to work at Billabong Bar on Soi LK Metro and who is slim with a nice modest bosom and an unshaven beaver. She did not have tattoos, but she did have a navel piercing. Her Thai boyfriend is a 23-year-old serviceman, whom she makes believe she only serves drinks.

The girls at Montana Bar and Lounge work in two shifts (one until 8 p.m. and one from 7 p.m. on) and are freelancers who are paid 300 baht per day for showing up. They also get 40 baht per 130-baht lady drink and 100 baht per barfine (300 baht in a curtained-off area and 400 baht in a room upstairs). They expect 500 baht for a BJ and 1,000 baht for FS.

The building is a double shophouse and each side still has its own stairwell. There are lots of rooms on several floors and the rooms are very spacious with en-suite bathrooms and lounges with sofas and a coffee table. I think this are the same rooms that are rented out at 690 baht per night.

Bottled Heineken at Montana Bar and Lounge is still 99 bath.

Review from Dick Farang, February 2015: Curtains

At Montana Bar and Lounge on Regional Land Road there were fewer girls now, but the quality had slightly improved.

Two of them were very tall, albeit no ladyboys. One of those two was 38-year old Lek ( small , little ), not a very suitable name.

I noticed that there was also a curtained-off area left of the entrance door and opposite the bar. Personally I do not like the idea of those curtained-off areas and of hearing noises from the other side. I would even prefer sex in a completely open area.

Bottled Heineken at Montana Bar and Lounge had increased from 90 baht to 99 baht.


Pratamnak Soi 6

Bar with live music opened in December 2014. Closed by 2016.

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Thepprasit Road
(opposite Pattaya Kart)

R/C Racing and Sports Lounge. Enthusiasts of NanoTrax miniature car racing

Nitra Pub & Travel

Thappraya Road

Beer bar


Thappraya Road

Bar & Restaurant

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OK Corral Saloon & Pub

Soi Rungland
(near junction of 3rd Road and Pattaya Tai )

Beer bar with pub grub. Organises golf tournaments

From OK Corral, Sep 2007: Daily Schedule

OK Corral is run by long time Pattaya bar owner Denis offering beautiful clean air con rooms.

  • Golf days: Tues, Thurs and Sunday
  • Darts: Fri
  • Pool match: Mon
  • Quiz: Sun and Wed,

(Opposite Soi 17)

Oxygen Bar now closed

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PaPa's Place

Pratamnak Road
(near junction with Thappraya road)

Beer bar. Gave way to something more Middle Eastern in 2012

Pee Tuu Bar

Pratamnak Road
(near junction with Thappraya road)

Beer bar
Pilgrim's Rest

Thappraya Road

Bar & Restaurant opened around the beginning of 2007 but quickly closed

Polo's Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar

Punch & Judy

2nd Road: Soi 17
(Near Eden hotel)

Large English style pub opened November 2010. Now up for sale, a prominent For Sale sign was posted in July 2018.

Noted as a very nicely decorated pub that serves good food.

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R (back to top)

Residents Bar

Thappraya Road
(Near Theprassit)

Beer bar opened in 2010

Rhapsody Bar

Soi 17
(Between Red Lion and Caddy Shack)

Aircon bar opened in January 2009

From Rhapsody, Jan 2009:

We have big screen TV for sports, new pool table, air con, the bar is for guys who like to chill enjoy sport (football or what ever your choice), shoot a few frames of pool or just have fun with the ladies, up to you. Happy hour 12noon - 6pm San Mig/ Heiniken 55bt, Singa/Leo/ Chang 45bt.


soi maeauen 2/7
which is about 2 kms down thepprasit Soi 7

Daytime gentlemen's club along the links of Kinnaree. Luxurious Spanish themed decor. Now Blush Gentlemen's Club

Roeng Pahk Pattaya

3rd Road
(by Thappraya flyover)

Thai pub taking inspiration from Alcatraz and is themed as a police station. Opened in early 2012.

Rose & Thistle

Theprassit: Soi 10

Also noted as Maggie Mays II

News from Rose & Thistle, May 2011:

No room charges s/t, and cheap drinks, 5 new enthusiastic ladies looking for fun and good promotion on drinks

Comment, October 2005:

I paid a few visits when it was my most local farang bar. Friendly enough but not really a bar to pick up a girl.

Generally quiet but there were always tales of a lively time on the night before my visits.

S (back to top)

Saban Nga

Thappraya Road

Restaurant & bar
Sapphire Lodge

Pratamnak Soi 4
(opposite Asia Hotel and near beach end)

Gentlemen's club opened on 9th November 2011. Started off as an afternoon and evening gentlemen's club but switched style to an evening and late night coyote bar. Closed in February 2014. Became Viper Bar in March 2015.

The Sauna Bar

Pratamnak Soi 6

The bar is very much a hotel swimming pool. It opened in 2019.

The bar has featured publicity events with sports hunks and celebrity models in eg for visitors to observe a photo shoot.

Secret Garden

Soi Kophi Soi 10
(In vicinity of the land office)

A Gentlemen's Lounge from the makers of Champagne A-GoGo. Became KIDS VIP and then Camel Toe.

Secret Motions

Theprassit: Soi 10

Bondage, fetish and S&M club opened in April 2009. Later became Miss Cruella

Seven Oaks Restaurant & Pub

Thappraya Road

Shoot Pool Sports Pub

Central Condo
Pattaya Tai (Pattaya South Road)

Nov-March: from midday
April-Oct: from 5pm

Tel: 0878 340028

Aircon pool hall and sports bar

From Shoot Pool, Sep 2007: Pool Hall

Shoot Pool is an air con pool hall and sports bar (hassle free families welcome) with top quality imported wiraka pool tables and large screen for all the major sporting events.

Beer prices are from 45 baht and believe that our prices are very reasonable for an air con bar.

We have a good clientele of expats and holiday makers that keep coming back.

Soho Bar

Thappraya Road (Pattaya end opposite Mini Golf Pub)

From 5pm

Short time bar opened 13th March 2007.

September 2014: Prices

Sangsom and coke 90 Baht.

Review November 2011: Oh Dear

Oh dear, unfriendly girls resulted in that easy to get, but hard to shake, rating of 'never again'. Bottled beer was a waste of 75 Baht.

Review from Pattaya Addicts Jan 2008: Chilled

A small bar on the corner, a beer bar with seats inside and out, dark inside with memorabilia scattered around the wall.

It can get a bit cramped, as it only hold about 20 people, but there are around 10 or so girls working daily, of variable quality.

Beer is reasonable and its a chilled place to hang out.

Review from Pattaya Secrets , June 2007: Good Atmosphere

Some very nice girls, usually 4-6 on duty. Drinks are cheap, the atmosphere good and girls friendly. The music is good. Room/barfines are 300 with 700 short time.

I think it's well worth a visit and plan to go back again soon.

Review March 2007: Soho Walk Up?

Good to see a new short time bar opening in an area of town without so many bars.

From a UK slant, the name Soho, does little for me except conjure up an image of clip joints and establishments best avoided.

Still I braved the prejudice and found a pretty standard beer bar layout with bar stools rather than the far more inviting sofa affairs. The bar is long and narrow and decorated with many pictures from London.

The bar could do with a little privacy perhaps by closing the main door. But then again, as there is no air con, then perhaps it would get unpleasantly hot.

Even after chatting for a while I found it a little hard to believe that short time was the aim of the bar. None of the girls chatting to customers appeared to be getting down to anything very sexy. In fact the girl chatting to me was hardly what you could call attentive or enticing.

Other little things to iron out were that the music was a little loud and that the best looking girls were baggsed by the owner and friends. There were plenty of girls to go around though.

Bottled beer was reasonable at 65 Baht, soft drinks were 50 Baht & lady drinks 105 Baht. There is also Tiger draft beer. I didn't ask about the short time prices as didn't want to give my inattentive drinking partner false hope.

Still early days but I rather suspect that the hardened short timers will stick with the more discreet and comfortable Jade Club just up the road.

My drinking friend did make one good point: Do you know any short time bars on a main road? Made me ponder a while but there is the Buffalo bar on 3rd Road, albeit set back a bit.


Pratamnak Road: Soi 5

Massage, bar & salon
Star Meeting Point

Pratamnak Road

Now The Stork Club see below

Stork Club

Pratamnak Road
(on the Pattaya side incline)

Hostess bar opened in March 2009. The venue was previously Freeway, then Star Meeting Point and then back to Freeway. Closed in 2010
Summer Bar

Thappraya Road

Beer bar proved short lived and closed in May 2006

T (back to top)
Thai Fun Club

Soi Korpai Soi 10

Gentlemen's Club. New in 2012. Closed in February 2015.

Tigglebitties Tavern

584/38 Moo 10 3rd Road: Soi 17
(a third of the way to Theprassit Road)

Tel 038 427101

Beer bar opened in autumn 2006

Review from Thai Visa , May 2010: Good Food

55 Baht San Miguel, 60 Baht Spirits, 80 Baht lady drink.

They also have some really good food. The best American breakfast in town.

Review from Pattaya-Live , August 2009: Very Nice Bar

Impressed by the design and comfort, its a very nice bar .

Had a few and we were well looked after by the staff of about 12, mostly decent lookers.

Review April 2007: Pirates & Bras

Tigglebitties is a large beer bar with plenty of stools at the bar and and plenty more dotted around the many tables and dancing poles.

The decor is naval and pirates complete with hanging bras, presumably the pirates booty. The bar is only partially enclosed from the street so there is no feeling of privacy.

There were several girls on hand, of which a couple were attractive. But they did not make the slightest effort to get any better acquainted beyond what would you like to drink?

Pleasant enough but surely a little disappointing to those reading the promotional material. This suggests that the bar sees itself as The Buffalo Bar but better.

Times Lounge

Pratamnak Soi 1/11

Gentlemen's Club opened 7th November 2011. Gave way to Heaven Gentlemen's Club in 2013. Turn off Pratamnak at the Ratchawarun Road the main junction towards the highest point of Pratamnak. Then head towards Cozy Beach and look for Soi 11, the last soi as you head towards the sea.
Traveller Bar & Restaurant

Thappraya Road: Soi 12 (soi Pattaya Park)

Bar & restaurant that briefly opened in Spring 2007 when the soi was well used by Russian tourists staying at Pattaya Park Hotel. The Russians now seem to have deserted so the bar closed.

Tsunami Beach Bar

Pratamnak Road: Soi 4

Beer bar

Tunkki's Bar

Soi Day Night
(off Pattaya Tai)

Bar & restaurant. Finnish restaurant with noted chef
The Twilight Zone

Theprassit Soi 10

Now closed

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V (back to top)

Venom Gentlemen's Club

Pratamnak Soi 5
(towards the beach end)

The entrance id from the associated bar, Cobra Lounge

Viper Bar

Pratamnak Soi 4
(opposite Asia Hotel and near beach end)

Sapphire Lodge became Viper Bar on 9th April 2014. The bar hasn't followed the gentlemen's club line and does not offer ST rooms. Closed in May 2016. Now a Chinese restaurant.

W (back to top)

Walkabout Creek Pub

Pattaya Tai
(Corner of 3rd Rd)

New for summer 2013.


Bali Hai Entertainment Plaza
(just south of Walking Street)

Japanese venue opened in Autumn 2008

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Y (back to top)

Yensabai Marine Disco

Pattaya Soi 18


Review from Pattaya Secrets , Jan 2007: Nice Looking

I decided to check out the Yensabai Marine disco in the Yensabai Marine Mansion this morning around 4:15am. I walk in to a very nice building, went up one floor where I was greeted buy two cuties. One escorted me into the disco. There are like five people in the place. It's a huge nice looking room but no customers.

Z (back to top)


(between Soi 3 & 4)

Beer bar new for 2011.


Pattaya bars most likely to be listed are those that occupy a permanent looking standalone building. Beer bars in complexes will not be listed unless mentioned in dispatches. Gay/Thai/Karaoke bars are not listed due to a lack of expertise in those areas. Gogo bars are listed on a separate page. I have added food reviews but this is not a comprehensive service. I will only list eateries where people have submitted comments

The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself. Click on the street name to obtain a map of the bar area.

Previously the notes included guidelines on barfines and asking prices but in recent times these have become less standardised and at the top end it is now more or a less an unbounded negotiation.

And a couple of words of warning:

  • In short time rooms...keep an eye on your wallet to ensure that it stays with you long time.

  • To those with Thai wives, be aware of the motor cycle taxi network used to keep tabs on errant husbands.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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