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News Friday 25th May...

NightlifeNightlife News Miami A-GoGo
Still no nudity
Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Miami

News Thursday 24th May...

World NewsAdult News home affairs committee
Commented: Sham Inquiry from the self-appointed partisan UK Parliamentary Group on Prostitution
The MPs should jail themselves for causing prostitution by legislating for crap economic prospects for people

News Wednesday 23rd May...

World NewsAdult News sin city 8 logo
Updated: Sin City 8
An event in Las Vegas hoping to capture the world record for the largest orgy

News Monday 21st May...

Thai EmblemThailand News airbnb logo
Room for debate
Thai authorities start to get heavy about room and property rentals of less than a month

News Sunday 20th May...

NightlifeNightlife News atlantis logo
That sinking feeling
A Walking Street Blog

Other News

17th May

Court decides: AirBnB illegal in Thailand for daily and weekly rental. From

14th May

Optical illusion: An arrow that always points right even when rotated. From

13th April

Giant blue penis painted in public art space in Stockholm. From

11th April

In just two years there are 60 unexplained deaths of British nationals in Thailand. From

16th May: A light hearted blog

Guest post from Dave

The owner of Misty's is a friendly Guy. I used to sit on the Large Step outside but they put a big sign up saying "Fuck ov, sit elsewhere" in English and Thai. I saw several people sitting their of all Races, what harm were we doing?

There's still space to sit though, I sat there on Tuesday evening.


warning orange

4th February from Dave

The Police were in a new place on Saturday night, under the flyover at the junction of Second Road, 3rd Road and Pratamnak Hill, where the coaches go to Bali Hai pier,

The 3rd road was very busy at 7:45am but when I joined Suhkumvit at Pattaya Klang it was very quiet. I think Thai's have started to use 3rd road to avoid Police Cordons on Suhkumvit.

10th January: Warning from David

Having been bitten by a wild dog while walking to Pattaya Park, I have discovered that several tourists are bitten every month in the Jomtien/Pattaya area. Of course, the local authorities do nothing, as usual.


29th May Visakha Bucha Day. Buddhist special day.  Bars closed. The prohibition runs from midnight to midnight and so some GoGos simply delay opening until midnight.

Openings & News

Opening:  Atlantis A-GoGo taking over from Sweetheart's A-GoGo. Around 25th May

Opening: Annabelle's A-GoGo under new management. 15th June

Promotions: Club Eden:

  • Specials: Sundays all night: 2 for 1 on whisky

  • Specials: Mondays all night happy hour (95 Baht for all customer drinks)

Re-opened Club Eden A-GoGo took over from DClub on 28th March 2018. Opened but closed again until 6th April.

Wildcats has a Happy Hour all night promotion every Monday Night.

Re-opened  Mandarin A-GoGo on Walking St. 19th January.

Renamed Chaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro became Kiss A-GoGo on 16th January.


Thailand may be the Land of Smiles but it certainly isn't paradise.

Foreigners are surely greeted by the proverbial smiles but these are often in anticipation of a good fleecing.

Be well informed, respect the rules, respect the girls and play the game with enthusiasm. Somehow the smiles then turn out to be real.

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