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The following reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

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Cat's Place GoGo

Soi Day-Night
(off Pattaya Tai by TukCom)

   Cat's Place GoGo

Lady boy bar. Closed in early 2010. Re-opened in August 2010. Now closed

Champion 2 A-GoGo

Thappraya Road
   Champion 2 A-GoGo

Renamed as We Are No 1, see below








Pratamnak Road

Closed in the summer of 2007, now Stork Club



































We are No 1 bar sign

We Are No 1 A-GoGo

Thappraya Road
(near Jomtien beach)

From 8pm Mom-Fri
Maybe earlier Saturday and Sunday

Danger: Men working undercover



 We Are No 1 A-GoGo

Renamed from Champion 2. Thai run gogo that suffers from overly long dancing stints for the girls.

Oct 16 Key draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit lady drink Takeaway:

All in:
happy hour to 7pm 55 120 75   120
from 7pm 55-75 120 75  

Make sure you get your change, the bar seems to assume that small change is a tip without asking first.

  Review from Dick Farang, June 2016: Alive and Kicking

There has been a (false) rumour on internet that We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien had closed, but I can confirm that they are alive and kicking.

They even have hired two young topless spinners. They still have two ladyboy dancers, several old fatties and the probably shortest waitress in Jomtien.

Four of the dancers are on stage at any time and they go on and off stage the old-fashioned way, i.e. one at a time after not too long dance stints. All of them appeared to be double bottomed.

One other customer.

The music is still a mix of good old rock and pop, "Sir" Rod Stewart included. They also play that funny song " Who the Fuck is Alice ? "

Just for the record, I got my change correctly returned, which nowadays is not everywhere the case.

Bottled Heineken still 120 baht, Chang draught 55 baht all night.

  News from Ishi, July 2015: Late opening

The notice proclaiming 8pm opening was spotted on a weekday and the bar may open earlier at the weekend.

we are no 1 8pm

  Review from Dave, December 2014: Music was great

I popped into the no I Gogo in Jomtien Monday evening.

There were 6 overweight and below average girls in Bikini's. The 2 prettiest girls were Ladyboy waitresses,

The music was great though and beer very cheap at 55 baht for draft

Bottled beer 100.

  Review from Dick Farang, October 2014: Beware

I will never understand the rationale behind creating confusion by hiring girls and transvestites at the same bar (such as their neighbours KiK and USABAR also do) or gogo (such as Miami A-GoGo on Soi Post Office and We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien).

  Review from Dick Farang, May 2014: Changes

We Are No 1 A-GoGo in Jomtien has indeed reopened.

The interior has remained unchanged and the music was still 1970s.

There were about 10 bikini dancers, 4 of them on stage.

No nudity.

Most dancers were older or chubby, one ladyboy.

Two of the waitresses were ladyboys too.

Draught beer 55 baht (still at 11 p.m.), bottled Heineken 120 baht.

  News from Dick Farang, April 2014: Dark

The bar was dark on 20th April 2014. The reason is not currently apparent, hopefully just a temporary blip. And indeed it turned out to be a temporary blip.

  Review March 2013: Still No 1 in Jomtien

It was my first visit to the bar in ages. It was early evening and everything was pretty much as it has always been.

There were 5 girls dancing on stage. Perhaps a better line up than in previous years, with a couple of the girls being attractive and another dancing topless. Only 2 or 3 were make weights.

But as always the really problem with the bar is that there are hardly any girls left over to chat with the customers. On this visit there were 3 girls on hostess duty. They were sitting with customers, but by the time they have visited the loo and gone to the bar to get their lady drink, it was pretty much time for them to return to the stage for another long dance stint.

This gives the bar a very sad atmosphere as most customers are left sitting alone.  Some out of choice, and some because of the lack of hostessing girls.

But it is a totally inoffensive bar with friendly girls, cheap drinks and rock music videos.

And definitely still the number one GoGo in Jomtien.

  Review from Pattaya Polecat May 2011: A Good Word

I must put a good word in for We Are No.1 in Jomtien.

Yesterday afternoon the beer was cool and sweet after a long dusty day around town, there were at least 3 attractive dancers and 3 cute service staff, all of whom were funny and friendly and eager to get close, and the rock videos on the big screen after 5.30pm are to die for.

I've always felt very relaxed in this bar, and, though it has its ups and downs, will no doubt continue to support it. And 1,000 baht flat fee for on-site service can't be bad (the girl gets 500 baht).





Y.U? Club

Thappraya Road
   Y.U? Club

Opened June 2006 as a bar/disco but converted to gogo in Jan 2007.  Went dark in March 2008. Now a dentist shop.





last updated:
Jan 06
draught beer bottled beer soft drink spirit Bacardi Breezer lady drink Takeaway:
festivities refers to holidays when bar fines are set higher than usual

if applicable
UK Pint
Approx price of cheap lager in GBP (£1 = 70 Baht)
happy hour happy hour draught beer bottled beer soft drinks spirit & mixer breezer lady drinks not available= not available
normal hours price in Baht            

Caution: Expensive lady drink upgrades without asking
Girls order more expensive lady cocktails without pointing out that they are more expensive than the advertised lady drink cost.
hot My best guess at the favourite bars as judged by a consensus of reviewers
Danger: Men working undercover

Dancers may be lady boys

Dave's Fave

My favourites as judged by where I visit most.

Japan flag

See Japanese translation of key

Abraxas top 10 GoGo Abraxas Top 10.

A popular reviewer on the Pattaya forums selects his top 10 Walking Street GoGos almost exclusively according to the attractiveness (and availability) of the dancers. See more at Pattaya-Addicts under GoGo Reviews



Festivities bar fine. Many, if not, gogos charge higher barfines on what they consider special days. Every bar has a different definition of which days are special though. And some special days are even more special (expensive) than others.

The reviews are those that I come across on the web, in guide books, from contributors and of course from my own visits. Reviewers may be unreasonably harsh and bar owners may present a rosy picture of their don't take everything at face value...go and see for yourself.

Nudity cannot be guaranteed and whenever the Pattay police are on the prowl the girls cover up. Closing times are sporadic depending upon local enforcement. 2am or 3am is now the norm.

Anyone with Middle Eastern or South Asian dark skin should be aware that they may receive a rather negative welcome. 90% of gogo bars have unspecified entry restrictions which can be hard to tie down as different people have had different receptions. Unwelcome faces will be told at the door that the bar is suddenly a members only club. Discriminatory maybe, but it is for real, it is based on experience, and it is supported by those who care about the welfare of the girls.

Just a couple of times people have had a bad experience in a bar which is perhaps the fault of an individual employee rather than bar policy. More often then not, the bar would be more than happy to deal with offsite problems even when it is not strictly their problem. To try and be fair to the bars, offsite complaints about employees can only be considered for inclusion if they have first been presented to the bar involved.

If anyone would like to add a review or information please email Dave at

Takeaway Prices

 February 2013:  Rates

  • GoGo Girl ... ST 1000/LT 2000 low end bars. 3000/5000 is the starting point in some Walking street GoGos, but 2000/3000 seems to be the norm
  • Beer Bar Girl ... ST 500-700/LT 1000 to 1000/1500
  • Beach Road Freelancer ... ST 500-700/LT 1000
  • Disco Freelancer ... ST 1000/LT 1000 to 1500/2500
  • Short Time Bar Girl... ST 700 to 1000 + 300 for the room. Note that LT is often discouraged via surprisingly high fees and barfine.
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