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Dangerous Ferries...

Officious covid testing points ready to whisk foreigners off to covid quarantine prison

Link Here24th January 2022
The good news is that Pattaya's bars masquerading as restaurants are now allowed to open until 11pm.

The bad news is that the authorities are getting more strict about these 'restaurants' following strict covid restrictions requiring a certificate of a negative covid test taken in the last 3 days. If you haven't taken a test gangs of hazmat clad people are waiting nearby to give you a test. Of course if you are unlucky enough to fail he test these same people will arrange for you to be hauled off to quarantine prison. Young asymptomatic victims may be lucky enough to able to self isolate at home but the rest are sent to quarantine. Note that proof of vaccination is not enough to avoid the tests.

The Thai press are reporting that such measures are not proving very good for business. A similar negative test requirement is required for people to travel to Koh Samet off Rayong. The Bangkok Post reports:

Pathida Limprasit, a tour operator from Surin province in the Northeast, said she brought 10 Swedish tourists to visit Koh Samet. When they arrived at the pier, she was asked to show the group's ATK test results.

She said she decided to cancel the trip because the 330 Baht (7.50) service fee was too high, especially as the tourists had all been fully vaccinated and had passed quarantine.

Ferry owner Thara Bunkokeu said after the province announced the requirement on Jan 20, many tourists had decided not to visit the island.

Most tourists just plan a one-day trip so when they hear about the ATK fee, they decide not to bother, he said. I'm losing about 10,000 baht a day. I urge the authorities to either reduce the test fee or revoke the measure.

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