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2020: Jan-March

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Stay in Pattaya...

Restaurants closed and alcohol sales banned in the evenings

Link Here31st March 2020
The governor of Chonburi province has ordered all restaurants to be shut immediately for onsite eating and drinking. Only takeaway from restaurants will be allowed. The province includes Pattaya, previously one of Thailand's premier tourist areas now a ghost town because of the virus.

The order - effective immediately - came as a swathe of further restrictions were announced ramping up Phakrathorn Thienchai's response to the Covid-19 situation.

Also closed forthwith are huge tourist attractions namely Sri Racha Tiger Zoo, Nong Nooch Garden and the Four Regions Floating Market.

No one is allowed to bring food and alcohol to consume in public areas - reservoirs were mentioned in the order in particular.

All bars, spas and tradition massage are to remain closed until the crisis subsides.

Furthermore, the governor has also announced that no alcohol can be sold between 6pm and 6am. This is in addition to Thailand's existing laws that only allows the sale of alcohol between 11am and 2pm and after 5pm.

The move to ban the sale of alcohol from 6pm is understood to have been implemented in order to discourage people from gathering in public - which too have also been banned, with group gatherings in parks, beaches and even communal areas of condos now banned.

Beaches remain open during the day but social distancing should be practiced.



Updated: Closed...

The authorities have closed Pattaya bars as a measure against coronavirus

Link Here17th March 2020
Thailand's public health minister and deputy PM Anutin Charnvirakul has told a press conference that the Public Health Ministry will suggest additional precautions to the government and Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha on Monday, including the temporary closure of bars and entertainment venues, including nightclubs, concerts, live music venues and other venues where people congregate.

Anutin says these measure would be to help prevent the spread of the Covid-19 coronavirus , and would be based on zone-by-zone decisions by the government and coronavirus response teams.

Anutin announced several other measures will be suggested to the PM, to include potential limitation of travel for Songkran and enforced cancellation of private cultural and local festivals.


Update: Songkran postponed

16th March 2020. See article from

A meeting of the Covid-19 Administration Centre, chaired by Prime Minister Prayut Chan-o-cha, approved a motion to postpone the Songkran holidays from April 13-15 to later dates. The meeting cited the reason of increasing social distance and minimising public movement both domestically and internationally.

The new date for Songkran will be announced later.

On the topic of bar clsoures, the government agreed to close all venues with a capacity for more than 50 people, such as entertainment premises, boxing stadiums, and universities, and the topic will be discussed agaon on 17th March.


Update: Closed

17th March 2020. See article from

The Provincial Government of Banglamung and Chonburi have ordered, effective from March 18th, 2020, that all entertainment venues must close until March 31st, 2020.

This effects ALL bars, cinemas, sports venues, karaoke bars, nightclubs, gogos, beer bars, massage parlors, Gentlemen clubs, etc. This is regardless of the size of the venue or bar.

It does NOT effect restaurants, malls or shops which may stay open, but must ensure proper hygiene measures and at least one meter between patrons.

The Pattaya News notes this is also NOT a lockdown, people are free to move about as normal.

So now the Pattaya GoGo count stands at zero for the forseeable future.



Show's over!...

Living Dolls Showcase closes on Walking Street

Link Here14th March 2020
Living Dolls Showcase has closed on Walking Street. Owner Ken has been running the bar for 17 years but is now retiring.

So now there are just 67 GoGos open around Pattaya, and it does not seem likely that the tally will increase until the current flu pandemic blows over.



Pretty and plain, natural and plastic...

Out and about on Walking Street

Link Here10th March 2020

I was out with my girl on Walking Street. We took a go-go bar stroll on Sunday evening between 8 and 9 o'clock. It was lively on the street with people from all over the world. Among the Westerners, the older generation 60 plus dominated; almost exclusively men. Plus smaller mixed groups of Russians, mostly couples. The largest group, however, was made up of Asians. Japanese, Koreans, several Indian groups of men. There was a complete lack of the Chinese package tourists, who in the last 5 to 6 years really clogged up Walking Street around this time.

The first Gogo was the Dollhouse .

Here about 30 girls dance in two shifts. There is also a show show with two to three girls and a table on which two girlies loll around and fondle each other.

Most of the girls are at most average. But even here, a pretty girl can be found. Among the good 30 girls, two or three were quite pretty. But this is individual and subjective. There is one very attractive one; but her big boobies are made of plastic.

In the Dollhouse there is always something going on. There is always a sufficient number of guests; mainly old white men. There is no fear of contact here. Next to us, two pensioners, who were having quite a rough time with two girls. They sat down on the laps of the men - sometimes with their faces turned towards them, sometimes with their backs - and the gentlemen grabbed them and cuddled around violently with the young things. All this for a lady-drink and for the duration of a round of dancing; so about 20 minutes.


Here I met girls who knew me from last year. They recognized me immediately, even though I'd only been to Beavers once. I must have bought them a few ladydrinks and must have been in a good mood, which then jumped over to the girls. Maybe it was the other way around ... hahaha

I gave the draught beer plenty of credit. My girl desperately tried to stop me from drinking, but I reigned roughshod over her as the alcohol level increased and I stood up to her. Unfortunately!!


Here are a whole range of very pretty girlies at the start. The ensemble - line-up - is a feast for the eyes. About 30 girls dancing in two shifts. In between there is a show interlude of a very beautiful, slim and also tall dancer, a Russian, who inspires the audience with her solo dance. An almost professional choreography, everything very aesthetic and wonderful to watch. If I remember correctly, one layer dances bare and one in bikinis.

If you are looking for a pretty girl, you are in the right place. I suspect that the prices of these girls are also significantly lower than in the hip gogos of Soi 15 and WS.

Annabels, Soi Diamond

Music at a pleasant volume, lighting adequately bright so that the girls can be seen well. About 30 girls at the start, dancing in two shifts. A lot of meat is shown, on top.

I was not at all enthusiastic about the female line-up, significantly below average. I checked with my girl to see what she thinks of the girls. "Not so good, not pretty, at most average". In addition her critical expression. Good that I had her with me, so I was not alone with my judgement.

However, when I scanned the girlies a third and fourth time, I discovered three girls with natural (!!!) beautiful big hooters, full boobies. Real ones, no plastic, no silicone.


A go-go shed for Japanese and Koreans. About 60 girls, many of them very pretty girls dancing in bikinis; there is nothing naked to see here.

Personally, I don't like this gogo-bote. Mostly full of Japanese and Koreans and maybe a few other men from Asian countries. Also quite high prices for drinks and lady drinks.

A lot of the girls with plastic tits. For whoever likes that, here you go.




Black Snake Club opens after rework on Soi Buakhao

Link Here8th March 2020
Black Snake Club is located towards the southern end of Soi Buakhao.

It started life as a boy bar for the ladies but became a coyote bar with ladies in early 2020.

It closed quite quickly for a little rework, notably to install a central stage.

The bar re-opened after the modifications, still as a mostly girl coyote bar

Reports from the initial opening as a girl bar confirm that it was not quite 100% girl, and there was a dangly bit too many.



Crash Landing...

Runway closed

Link Here7th March 2020
In addition to Rich A-GoGo Runway/Nui's Club 2 was also dark on Friday. Again the reasons are not yet clear. The bar is a bit rundown  in terms of its presentation so it rather looks the part to be closed. It is has been open at that location for as long as I can remember.

These 2 closures with as yet unknown prospects leaves the GoGo count at 68, its lowest ever.

Allso notable last night was the longest snake of Baht buses waiting to fill up to go to Jomtien, that I have ever seen. Presumably this is reflecting a sudden drop in tourist numbers.



Gone to GoGo Heaven...

Heaven Above closes on Soi Diamond

Link Here6th March 2020
The long running Heaven Above A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has announced n Facebook that Friday night's closing party was the end of the bar and that venue is closed from Saturday.

That leaves the GoGo count at a historic low of 69. And in addition Rich A-GoGo was padlocked on Friday night. The reasons are not yet clear but the GoGo count could soon be dropping to 68.

Worrying times as it does not look like to travel will be returning to normal any time soon.



Updated: Chinese and Korean connections set to depart from Soi 6...

Bar news from Soi 6

Link Here 5th March 2020
Maggie Choo's is the latest acquisition by the ever expanding Nightwish Group.

Wet Six Club towards the beach end of Soi 6 is closed and the word is that the bar has been acquired by La La Land.

Kiss KTV Bar never made its opening and its references to the Korean KTV karaoke scene suggest that it many need a little rebranding in light of Korean tourism taking a covid-19 hit.

Meanwhile the most notable news is that Pook Bar has closed. It has been the mainstay of the Ladyboy trade for aver long time. (I can just about remember Pook A-GoGo when it was operating with born and bred ladies).

Update: Pook Bar re-opened

5th March 2020. Thanks to Ishi of (Japanese language)

Pook Bar re-opened after the closure which lasted just 2 days.




Club Nevada closes

Link Here1st March 2020

Club Nevada on Soi 13/2 (Soi Post Office) closed yesterday 29th February.

Today I saw the movers who took out all the sofas. Hopefully some much needed renovation is going on, and it's a only a temporary closure.

I was told a month. It was a goldmine in the past when the old mamasan was taking care of it, the bikers loved it. Some nudity on stage was the rule, but since then... only a bunch of those clothed old fugglies.

IMHO, renovations won't do it without a complete staff change.

The GoGo count is now perilously low at 70.

Update: It seems likely that closure is permanent.



Happy Ever After 10:30pm at the Palace...

Palace introduces a late happy hour

Link Here29th February 2020
The Walking Street GoGo Palace has introduced the concept of a late Happy Hour (which actually starts quite early).

From Sunday to Thursday most standard drinks are 100 Baht after 10:30pm. Normal prices apply on Friday and Saturday.




The Nightwish groups opens another new bar on Soi 6

Link Here27th February 2020
Utopia bar has opened in the central section of Soi 6. It is the 28th member of the rapidly expanding Nightwish Group.

The group has a characterful naming policy based on emotions, vices and sins. Whenever a new one joins the chain, it always inspires a thought about alternative suggestions. My favourite is to add 'Gluttony' to the vices set. And how about "Infidelity', 'Naivety' or 'Gullibility'.



Hands off...

A visit to So Nice

Link Here26th February 2020

I recently stopped by So Nice but it was a bit of a struggle. There were no ladies that would get a job anywhere else bar the daytime gogos. In fact there were hardly any dancers at all.

In the past the ladies would try and make up a bit by being outrageously naughty in the bar. But on my last visit, (based on too small a sample to suggest anything other than a one off), the dancers were not offering the usual naughtiness.

It crossed my mind that perhaps this was related to practical and sensible concerns about Chinese flu. But the end result was that there was no point being in the bar.

At the time the flu was not quite so obvious a threat as it is today, but surely the flu will put a but of a dampener on hands on fun. In fact it doesn't bare thinking about what will happen to any type of bar, should things get any worse.



Updated: Rollercoaster Party...

Party Girlz is dark again

Link Here20th February 2020
It seems that Party Girlz A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is dark again. It has opened and closed several times already so I will wait a few days before updating the GoGo count.

It has also been reported that the other yoyoing GoGo, Harem on Walking Street, has re-re-opened. Again I shall wait for a few days before updating the count. But on 19th February it was dark again.

Without these 2 bars there are just 71 currently open around Pattaya.

Another dancing bar, Black Snake Club on Soi Buakhao has also gone dark for the moment.



Updated: Dark Angel...

Angel A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here17th February 2020
Angel A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has gone dark, at least for a night. The reasons are not apparent and maybe it is a little soon to jump to conclusions.

Thailand has been reporting massive drops in the numbers of tourists, not just from China. The risk is not just about getting the flu yourself, it is also about the possibility of getting stranded should there be a breakout in another country and flights get cancelled.

It must be worrying times for the bars. Perhaps expats could help out by drinking a bit more.

Update: Still dark

17th February 2020.

Well Angel A-GoGo is still dark and it doesn't look like much is happening so this now leaves just 72 GoGos open around Pattaya. This is getting down to lows not seen for many a year.



'Now, this is my kind of place'...

Titty Twister bar opens on Soi Post Office

Link Here15th February 2020
Titty Twister has opened on Pattaya Soi 13/2 or Soi Post Office in January 2020.

The name was first used for a popular dark side live music venue from 2009 to 2012. There was also a Titty Twister 2 on 3rd Road next to the Castle and Buffalo bars.

The name originally comes from the great movie From Dusk Till Dawn where Titty Twister was the name of the Mexican strip pub that was the arena for an epic fight with vampires. 




Rise of the Bats...

A new venue is taking shape in Soi LK Metro

Link Here13th February 2020
  Something new is taking shape on Soi LK Metro. Signs for Rise have appeared at the venue previously associated with Champagne A-GoGo and was once the Champagne Coyote Bar.

The sign features the bat logo that is similar to New Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond which was rapidly renamed to Coco.



Winners and Losers...

News from round Soi Buakhao

Link Here12th February 2020
The Winner Bar took over from The Good Goat Bar in January 2020.

The Honey Corner Bar has just taken over from Noi.

Thaniya Club has left Tree Town and is now home to builders.

The Black Snake Bar towards the south end of the soi started life as a boy bar for the ladies has given up on the idea and is now a coyote bar with ladies.

Meanwhile on Soi LK Metro The Time Bar has posted very prominent for sale signs. It's still trading though.



Remember Anna Jet?...

A7-DJ Bar takes over from the PJ-DJ Bar.

Link Here11th February 2020
The Anna Jet bar was very known in Pattaya at the 2nd Road end of Soi 7. It was later taken over and became the PJ-DJ Bar.

This has now been sold and is continuing as the A7-DJ Bar . A name that is clearly referencing the original Anna Jet Bar.

The sale was reported in the Pattaya forums with pleas for prospective buyers finally being been met, but at a very cheap price of zero.



Rooting around in Annabels...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here8th February 2020

I popped into Walking Street on Friday Night, it was very quiet on the Roads. The Police were out in force at the food Mart traffic lights, stopping cars and motorcycles.

Started in Annabel's , a lot of nice Girls in Rah Rah Skirts and open fronted Blouses. The Skirts did not hide much and the Girls were keen to show their Pussies for a small tip.

There were 2 attractive naked Girls on the mat, with a large Carrot to use as a Dildo for some unknown reason the Girl put a Condom on the Carrot before pushing it in her friends Pussy.

I was sitting with a pretty Girl called Nim who was rather Chubby but had huge Firm Tit's and a Hugh Jarce and another very pretty Girl with a lovely Tud, she was very friendly and kept kissing me and rubbing my Dick.

A Farang in his 30's came round and made the Girls on Stage remove all there skirts. I have to say the majority of the Girls looked much Sexier with the Skirts on. The English guy sitting next to me agreed.

Stayed for a draft lager at 80b, lady drinks were a reasonable 160b and headed to Baccara , passing Atlantis it was closed.

Baccara was fairly quiet, no Peppermint Girls were in so I sat on my own. There were some attractive Girls but most of the big titted Girls were missing. The waiter told me they were closing at midnight.

Stayed for a draft lager and watched the Girls round and headed for the Shark Club , which packed as always and very lively.

I sat with the usual Girls. A Girl who was sitting over the other side of the room with a punter got up on the Stage naked and was throwing money in the air.

There was a Dancer sitting on my right in Civvies, she was knocking back the bottles of Singha Beer like it was water, she drank 4 while I was there and she was very small and slim. How do they do it? she was buying lady drinks for her friends, she was getting a discount I saw the waitress working it out. You'd think they had somewhere better to go on their night off, she had gorgeous eyes.

I headed home up soi 15 at 12-10am there was no sign of it closing or stopping serving drinks. Everything was still open in Soi 15 apart from the Sapphire Club which was in darkness and looked as if it didn't open on Friday.



Rust treatment...

Iron Club closes for a 2 month renovation

Link Here7th February 2020
Iron Club on Walking Street across from Soi Diamond has closed for a 2 month renovation.

Staff and dancers have moved to sister bar Queen Club on Soi LK Metro.

So now there are just 73 GoGos open around Patttaya.



Flatlined?...No...just a blip?...No...Flatlined...

Pulse A-GoGo goes dark

Link Here7th February 2020
Pulse A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has been dark for a few days, maybe since the start of the month.

The reasons are not yet clear but it has been reported that the bar has been under a cloud for a while.

Update: Re-opened

6th February 2020.

The bars has returned to life and was open on Tuesday.

So there are still 75 GoGo bars open around Pattaya, and I don't suppose that Wu Flu will be helping much with future prospects.

Update: Re-closed

7th February 2020.

However the bar was closed again on Wednesday




Harem Club re-closes

Link Here3rd February 2020
Harem Club A-GoGo has closed again on Walking Street. It had been closed for months but re-opened for January 2020. It was just a 1 month respite though.

There are now 75 self proclaimed GoGos open around Pattaya.



Having a Coronary Moment...

Atlantis A-GoGo has a little fun with Wu-flu

Link Here2nd February 2020




Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Pandora's

Link Here31st January 2020
Pandora's is A GoGo located on Soi LK Metro.

I stopped by Pandora's, one of my favourite GoGos. It wasn't the greatest line up and there weren't many familiar faces from my last report 3 months ago. Still a few dancers you'd like to share a few drinks with though.

The girl I selected was a new recruit on her first day, though she told me she had previously worked at the bar some years ago. She clearly wasn't yet fully immersed in the feel of the bar so I only stayed for a couple of always reasonably priced drinks.

I spent a dance rotation philosophising about the merits of a bar. Most of the good experiences are really down to how you click with your drinking partner. The decor of the bar, drinks prices, music choice etc become secondary to the enjoyment of interaction with the girl.

It was my conclusion that good bar policies increase the probability of a good experience but there are no guarantees. A poor bar has a poor probability of good time but one can still strike lucky.

So it is my observation that Pandora's offers a good bet, but in this case my selection fell a the first fence. I expect a winner next time though.



Cobra Gold 2020...

US service folk set to enjoy their annual visit to Pattaya, flu allowing

Link Here28th January 2020
The 39th annual Cobra Gold military exercise will be held from February 24 to March 6 with 4,000 US personnel, three navy ships and one commercial vessel.

Cobra Gold is an event held between the Thai and US armed forces every year. It's the largest Asia-Pacific military exercise held each year, and is among the largest multinational military exercises in which the US participates.

Local media report that on recent visits shore leave and liberty for US soldiers has been greatly restricted and it is highly likely that the soldiers will not be given freedom to hit the town on the visit due to concerns about the Wuhan Coronavirus.



Offsite Article: A fiver for a half pint...

Link Here27th January 2020
Stickman reports that GoGo beer prices are heading towards 200 Baht

See article from



Re-opened, re-closed and re-opened again...

Party Girlz resume on Soi Diamond

Link Here25th January 2020
Party Girls A-GoGo first opened on 14th June 2019. It closed soon after on 1st August but returned life on 18th December 2019. Unfortunately it clashed with Pattaya authorities and was closed again with a police order on the door.

Well the 30 days are now up and the bar has again re-opened.

So there are now 76 GoGos open around Pattaya.



News from Up North...

Bar news from northern Pattaya

Link Here23rd January 2020
Differ is a well known Thai Pub that is located a couple of sois north of the 2nd Road Big C in north Pattaya. It will re-open in a couple of months after extensive building work.

Lisa on the Beach on Beach Road has had a few moments of popularity as a coyote bar but has now decided to have a crack at the live music gig. The bar has had a little work to clear space for a band.

Meanwhile on Soi 6



The Mews...

A new Pratamnak gentlemen's club

Link Here19th January 2020
A new gentlemen's club has opened just off Pratamanak Soi 6. It uses the venue that was previously the Romanasia restaurant. If you start at Pratamnak then about 800m down turn right at the second 7-11.

The new venue is open from 1pm to 9pm, offers nearby rooms at 350 Baht, has lady drinks at 120 Baht and the standard rates for the ladies.



The night of no return...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here14th January 2020

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, lots of Russian Tourists everywhere.

Started in the Dollhouse which was disappointing no Girls I knew were in and the Girls who were there ignored me.

Stayed 30 mins and headed to the Shark Club , totally different story in there. with half the Girls smiling at me. There were several lovely new Girls, one was small and was shaking her lovely booty at the punters and a dreamy tall slim Teen who was stunning. For anyone who likes Silicone there was a very attractive lady with huge boobs, seen her somewhere before can't remember where.

There were 2 separate Punters buying 3000b worth of ping pong balls. Sat with my usual Girl Del, she went off to Dance and didn't come back. Later her I spotted her sitting in the corner with one of the 3000b punters. This really annoys me but it always happens in the high season when Girls are trying to maximize their earnings.

I stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into Electric Blue which was doing average business. Mamasang Aum said it had been like it all night. Of course this meant there were a lot of Dancers. Bought a Girl a drink she went off to Dance and didn't come back. Bought a drink for Dancer Aum she went off to Dance and came back to say she had a better prospect, so I decided to call it a night.. then May appeared, she's small and cute with stunning eyes, ex Peppermint, so i stayed to get her a drink.

Then headed home up soi 14 to the Russian Express back to Jomtien. Not a great night but usually the case in January.



Searching for diamonds in the buff...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Annabels

Link Here12th January 2020
I stopped by just before the bar was renamed from Diamond to Annabels.

The bar has a large central stage with bench seating on all sides of the stage. There is a smaller stage towards the front of the bar that is a repeat of the large stage. The bar also retains a few table dancing podiums directly in front of the bench seating.

The stage was quite full of dancers in various stages of undress, mostly topless. There were plenty of good looking girls but not quite the standards of Pin-Up/Sapphire and the like. But that's always going to be the case as the basic mode of the bar is hands-on.

The centre of each of the stages was reserved for two naked girls to provide a few sexy going ons, mostly with each other, but I'm sure a little audience participation may be available too.

As always in the Windmill bars, the girls are very keen to sit with, or on, customers in return for a few lady drinks. My chosen drinking partner was delightful company, both in terms of enjoyable chit chat, and also the sexy stuff.

The bar divides al the dancers into two shift, one dancing and the other  sitting with customers. They change over frequently so its never too long to wait for your drinking partner to return from dancing.

There were plenty of customers, and more than enough girls to go around, so I was a little surprised when a friendly manager told me that the they were waiting to build up even more girls before they could open up an upstairs bar.

Anyway the evening was a success, time flew by, and I'll be back soon.



A discontinuity in Infinity...

Infinity A-GoGo re-opens after a 4 day break

Link Here7th January 2020
infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has re-opened after a 4 day new year break.

So the Pattaya GoGo count is restored to 75.




Coco is still bats...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here5th January 2020

Popped into Walking Street Saturday night, normal crowd for a Saturday night. Usual Police Cordon on Thappraya Road, looked like they were searching Bikes for Drugs.

Started in the Panda Club which was quiet, well down on Girls. There was a Japanese man sitting next to me who bought a tray of 24 Tequilas, they didn't last long as the Girls and Waitresses were knocking them back. Not sure if he was very rich or very stupid but he was wearing a Baseball cap on back to front and his Sunglasses on the back of his neck. I sat with usual Girl Nun.

Stayed for a San Miguel and headed to Baccara, which was quite busy, but got a seat at the stage.

Some very nice Girls as usual with not so many Silicone enhanced Topless Dancers as in the past. The ShowGirls stripped down to nothing, unfortunately the beautiful Coyote Dancer with the Big Arse was not there. Ann and some of the Peppermint Girls came down looking for a 40b tip.

Stayed for a Draft Beer and headed into Coco A-GoGo in soi Diamond.

On the positive side it was lively with good seating and no Bang Bang Music.

Negative there was no nudity, variously dressed Coyote Dancers, some very attractive Girls but none of approached me.

Had a Draft Chang which was not very good, they need to clean the pipes. Lady drinks started at a bargain 200b and went up to 250b for models. I only saw one and 300b for Russian Girls of which there were 4 or 5 Russian Girls of very average appearance.

Why anyone would want to buy them a drink at those prices is a mystery. One Russian Girl was as tall as me, she was wearing 8 inch heels, she did a Dance round the Pole. The best looking Russian Bird was sitting on her own.

I can't think of any reason for going back and I think this new Agogo will not last long, unless they introduce some nudity and put the prices down, which of course they won't.

Didn't stay to finish the Beer and headed home.



Coco pops up in Soi Diamond...

A new GoGo opens after rapid construction work

Link Here3rd January 2020
Coco A-GoGo opened on 2nd January 2020 in the venue that was previously New Bat A-GoGo. It has been rebuilt in a very short space of time to get up to speed whilst peak season is in full swing.

It is the 75th GoGo in town.



Second thoughts on No.1 A-GoGo...

A quick change of mind about the name

Link Here2nd January 2020
New Bat A-GoGo on Soi Diamond is currently under intensive reconstruction work readying to open as a new A-GoGo. Presumably the haste is to try and get it up and running whilst peak season is still in full swing.

A couple of days ago a new sign appeared proclaiming the new name to be No.1 A-GoGo. But this has already been changed, and now reads CoCo A-GoGo.

Meanwhile it has been reported that Infinity A-GoGo on Walking Street has gone dark but that Harem Club A-GoGo has returned to life. 

Meanwhile recently re-opened Party Girlz has re-closed with a rather official looking closure order pinned to the door.

Pending further investigation the GoGo count has reduced by one to 73.

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