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 2018: July-Sept

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No fall off in talent...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 15th July 2018

People were standing on the Back of my Baht Bus last night. They were Thai so I don't think they would be fined, but I think this is another in a long line of new Laws which the Police will not bother to uphold.

Popped into Peppermint on Saturday night, it was busy for a change, lots of new young Girls in Black Bikinis. Not much nudity on show, half a dozen of the old girls were topless, but some very sexy and lively young girls who were shaking their booty's.

No show Girls but a good atmosphere.

I got short changed 100b but ignored it, it's not worth making a fuss over 2 quid. Staff very friendly as always,

Popped into Sweethearts oops Sorry Wildcats , only 9 Girls from the Defunct Sweethearts in there. Some nice looking ladies on show, including 7 or 8 Topless ones. 2 of the Topless Girls had superb arses.

Again a good atmosphere with everyone having a good time and very friendly staff.

Popped into the Shark Club, it was very busy as usual. Full of Bikini Clad young Girls. I did not stay long they'd turned up the Music.

The young Asian man sitting next to me was sitting with a very attractive young Girl who looked about 16, she went off to Dance and he went to the Toilet. When he came back 5 Tequilas had arrived on his table. He made a double take and checked his bill. If that Girl drunk all 5 of them she'd be a good bet for a Barfine, haha.

Going home up soi 15 Sapphire club was shut, I asked next door and they said they were running a marathon. if that makes any sense.



Maggie Mays gentlemans club and Irish Bar...

Maggie May has branched out into the Gentlemen's Club market

Link Here 13th July 2018
The long running Maggie May Bar on Soi Chayapoon has branched out into the Gentlemen's Club market.

It held its official opening party on 13th July but had a soft opening earlier.

The bar is located towards the 3rd Road end of the Soi near The Den and New Peacocks Bar.

Our opening hours are 1300 till 0100

The owner invites customers to pop by and be entertained by live music and of course the marvellous Maggie Maydens.



Forty+ Girls...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 11th July 2018

Fairly quiet on Walking Street last night.

I popped into the Lighthouse , the Usual mix of attractive Girls in Bikini's and 3 naked Girls. I had 1 beer and left.

Popped in to Panda A-GoGo next. It was packed managed to find a seat at the back. I could only see 1 stage from there.

The Coyote Dancers were on when I entered. They seemed to Dance forever because they don't move around. The Topless Girls came on after about 20 mins. Unfortunately I had all the old Girls on the Stage in front of me, they were all pushing or pulling 40. All the young Girls were up the other end out of my sight.

So be careful where you sit, unless you like the old Girls? The Man in front of me was sitting with two stunning Topless Girls.

Finished the evening in Happy , lots of lovely looking Birds in their as usual, stayed for a couple of Beers,



From Kaos comes Dolls LK...

Dolls LK opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 8th July 2018
Kaos A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro has become Dolls LK. ore to follow.

The GoGo count stays at 75.




Tumbleweed A-GoGo...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 6th July 2018

Someone killed Walking Street. I called the Sheriff and he said.. what happened

I said ... don't know, I just got here and it was dead,

I came from Jomtien on the Stage and that was empty, nobody on the roads, not even a drunk Injun.

I went into the Windmill Saloon and it was empty. I played Poke Her with Pussy Galore and her friends had 1 Beer and left.

The Sheriff was outside with a Super Girl. He took her away to ask her some Questions,..What have you done with all the Customers? But she new nothing

No football on, so where are they?

Later on I played Baccarat but that was dull and boring, so i went home,



A Messi own goal...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Yes!

Link Here 1st July 2018

It was very quiet in the Walking Street A-go-go's on Saturday night, a lot of people sitting in Bars and Cafe's watching France V Argentina.

I popped into the Sapphire Club , it was only 25% full. The Football was on all the TVs. The Girls on the Stage were all dressed as Footballers and were all watching the game and were giving out big screams when there was a Goal. I was sitting with A and Aon who were in the England strip, some lovely looking Girls in there as normal.

I followed down to Walking Street, which was very busy with the usual Asian Tourists, Popped into Yes A-go-go on Soi Diamond. I'm afraid it has not improved. There was new seating, which was a big improvement on the old seats. The best seats in front of the stage were reserved, I'm not sure why because there were only 3 people in the place, 2 Japanese men were sitting in the Corner surrounded by about 10 Girls.

The music was still too loud. The Girls were wearing Baby Doll Nighties, some with just a G-String, others with Bras, stockings and Bikini Bottoms. You could see very little of the Girls from my seat but when they left the stage and passed me some of the Girls looked well endowed.

Half a pint of Draft Lager 80b and Lady Drinks were a bargain at only 240 b, yes 240b.

I'm afraid the future was this a-go-go looks very bleak unless they improve their service very quickly.

Happy was very lively, only half full, but it did fill up around midnight. There were lots of Girls in this week, with a couple of lovely new Girls. One of them turned out to be the sister of the Girl I was sitting with. No showgirls again, the Happy group seems to have stopped the shows.

The Police were out for the first time in 2 months, on Second Road near Walking Street and in a new place on Thappraya Road outside Food Mart. They were stopping scooters and Cars.

On the way down a man on a Scooter with no helmet passed the Bus, then a few seconds later passed it again going up the road on the wrong side of the road. He must have spotted the Police Cordon.

A policeman on a Scooter passed our bus on the inside, who is it that does not know the Highway Code?


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