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 2017: Oct-Dec
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  Saturday night on the town...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Peppermint

Link Here 17th October 2017

peppermint It was busy in Walking Street on Saturday night.

Peppermint is still getting better. There was even a decent crowd of punters in on Saturday night.

There were a lot of very attractive and nubile young Girl's wearing Black Bikini's. The old guard of topless dancers are still there.

Plenty of Girl's Happy to get their tit's out for a tip. One of the show Girl's was waggling her bum in my face and the very attractive young Girl I was with, Mon pulled her G-string down. She wasn't shy and I saw that pussy hair is back in vogue.

In fact I ran out of change before I left, but I'll be back next Saturday with a lot more Change. They are quite happy with 40 Baht where as in Baccara and Unhappy they turn their nose up at anything less than 100 Baht.

Sweethearts was packed. Viking the owner was not happy though, because he was told he could open on Friday night but keep it low key, so he called in all his staff. Then at 7-40 the Police came back and told him he could not open and he had to pay his staff for nothing,

But Saturday night all the Girls were in and they were doing a roaring trade.

Sapphire Club was full to bursting as usual on a Saturday night. The Girls doing the Gymnastics display are wearing much more revealing outfits now.


  Pussy tricks take center stage...

Center Club opens on Soi Diamond

Link Here 16th October 2017

center club signOn Soi Diamond, right of Yes A-GoGo, Center Club (American spelling) has opened at the location that was once Maxine's Club, Dream Club A-GoGo and Carousel A-GoGo.

At first sight nothing in the interior has changed since its last reincarnation. There is still a too large square stage with twelve interconnected chrome poles and there is still double-tier bench seating on all sides.

The air conditioning has seen better days.

Most of the time I was there, there was a boring show by four pussy trick performers who kept their skirts on.

The dancers were more than overdressed, double topped and double bottomed in the most diverse outfits, some of them with camisoles. Most of them were old and most of them were fat to extremely fat. At least some of them were freelancers (or beer-bar girls on their day off) hired at 500 baht a day.

During the dance stints the music was way too loud.

On the first night of their existence there was already a disgusting cigarette smoke stench. I wonder if their air conditioning was actually running and/or if it has ever been serviced.

The gents is still as cramped as before and there is only one urinal (and one washbasin), no cubicle. A place to avoid when you are suffering from acute diarrhoea.

You only get a check bin at Center Club if you ask for one.

A forgettable experience.

Bottled Heineken 160 baht.


 Updated: Racing to open...

Pulse A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 15th October 2017
pulse logoPulse A-GoGo opened on Soi LK Metro on 14th October. After a long period of construction it opened at the venue that was previously Armageddon Bar.

It was also reported that Center Club opened on the same night on SOi Diamond. This is the venue that previously Maxines, Dream Club and Carousel.

So there are now 76 bars describing themselves as GoGos.


  Sombre day...

Pattaya's GoGos shut down on the anniversary of the king's death

Link Here 14th October 2017

walking street greyI had a fruitless trip to Walking Street last night, all the a-go-go's were shut.

There were some bars open with dimmed lighting. Most of the Restaurants were open,d oing a good trade. The one near sweehearts where the police sit, appeared to be selling Beer. My local 7/11 by Hanuman Statue was selling alcohol,

I asked the Kebab man by Baccara what was going on, he said it was one year since the King Died. It seems the police take every opportunity to close the Bars?

The Police were out on the second road again stopping motor cyclists.

It seems that Pattaya's authorities made a last minute decision to ban anything considered to be public entertainment, music or dancing. Walking Street GoGos were not informed of the impending closure until about 7:30pm.

There was no prohibition on alcohol sales, only on having fun. It was hardly surprising, given the sombre anniversary, but the authorities could have given people a bit more notice.



Center Club set to open on Soi Diamond

Link Here 9th October 2017
cener club signCenter Club looks set to open soon on Soi Diamond. It is next door to Yes A-GoGo in the venue that was most famously Carousel A-GoGo, and then Dream Club and Maxine's Club.


  Seeing the funny side...

Club 555 opens just off Soi Buakhao

Link Here 8th October 2017

555 logoIn a single-unit shophouse in a small soi off Soi Buakhaow just before Soi 15 when coming from Soi LK Metro, next to Garden Beer Bar and opposite Baby Boom A-GoGo, a closed-fronted bar and guesthouse has opened: 555 .

(As to Garden Beer Bar: they are mainly catering for French-language people; there is no garden at all; the garden is just in the name.)

Although the 555 bar is rather narrow and dark, it is nicely laid out compared to similar places, such as Excite Club on Soi Xzyte.

Near the entrance were a bunch of farangs drinking, smoking cigarettes and chatting among them, perhaps the owner and his mates.

The girls were a mixed bag, varying from the tall and slim complete newbie without any English to the short, old, fat, mercenary, silicone-enhanced and tattooed threeholer.

I was told the ST bar fine was 300 baht (room upstairs included) plus 1,000 baht for FS.

All of them were keen on getting some notes in their bras and strings. (Bar girls have got to eat too.)

Bottled Heineken 100 baht, lady drinks (tequila) 130 baht.


  Out of Chaos, comes ordinary...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Chaos

Link Here 5th October 2017

chaos signOn Soi LK Metro Chaos A-GoGo has opened at the previous location of Kiss A-GoGo.

The layout looks very cheap. On both sides of the central stage is spacious double-tier red bench seating. However, the benches are too high to be comfortable and there are no footrests on the tables.

In the area right of the entrance, which can be curtained off, is a low square table with a chrome pole on it.

There was a team of five dancers in black lingerie who took off their bras once on stage and there were about a dozen double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in the most diverse outfits, some of them with camisoles.

Some of the females were average, but most of them were sub-average and worse.

There were never more than three or four customers and nobody stayed long.

The way-too-loud music was some kind of crappy techno with the performers shown on a number of flat screens.

Unisex toilets.

BEWARE: some girls are not available; do not waste money on them.

Bottled Heineken 135 baht.


  Pension and funeral plans...

Dodging police and rainstorms for a couple of nights on the town

Link Here 1st October 2017

pattaya floodsLots of Police activity recently, I've seen Police Cordon's on the Thappraya road at the top of the hill twice last week. On Friday night they were out on the 2nd road until the Thunderstorm came. Second road was flooded at the Flyover end,4 or 5 inches deep,

I was talking to Viking the owner of Sweethearts . He doesn't know how long they will be closed for the royal funeral proceedings. The Police won't tell him until the day before. He hopes to be open at the week end. And there are a lot of stunning Girls in Sweethearts at the moment.

I went into the Sapphire club around midnight, it was packed, only just found a seat. There were lots of Girls being barfined.

office Previously I popped into The Office in Soi LK Metro, it was a big mistake.

There were 4 Coyote Dancers on the Stage when I came in. The Stage Lighting was so poor, I could hardly see the Girls. They were followed by 5 Bikini Dancers, then 6 Girls dressed as office worker's in White Blouses and short Black skirts, and then 4 topless Dancers. It was so Dark on Stage that my Sister could have been Dancing and I would never have known.. she's 66, not much younger than the Topless Dancers.

I was left to enjoy my Beer on my own. No girls approached me or even smiled at me. Most of the Girls were clustered near the entrance, probably discussing their pension plans.


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