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 2017: Jan-March
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21st January

  Amethyst turned into gold...

Gold Club A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro
Link Here
gold openingGold Club A-GoGo opened on 20th January on Soi LK Metro in the venue that was previously Amethyst.

The GoGo had in fact opened under the current management in November last year but an apparent dispute about the name resulted in rework for a renaming to Gold.

The bar is offering opening specials for 1 week: house spirits 80 baht, bottles Leo, Tiger, Singha 80 baht, San Miguel Light and Heineken 100 baht.

Barfine are 800 Baht ST and 1000 Baht LT. Lady drinks are 140 Baht.

There are now 84 GoGos around Pattaya.


14th January

  Another spin of the wheel...

Cream Club renamed as Casino Cream Club
Link Here
casino cream clubThe old Casino Club on Soi Diamond has been gutted and is being taken over by a tailor shop.

But the name will live in. Sister bar Cream Club opposite the original Casino Club has been renamed to Casino Cream Club.


13th January

  Beach Erosion...

Too many coyotes at Beach Club and Happy
Link Here

beach club soi happy I went to beach Club last night and it was about 25% smaller, the end nearer Walking Street has gone, probably to Bypass. There were some topless girls, but I counted over 20 Coyote Dancers, Not many punters.

So I went into Happy, a bit busier, but still more than half empty. Again loads on Coyote Dancers. What is Happening? No one is going to fly 5000 miles and spend thousands of pounds to see girls in shorts, sports bra's and T-shirts. Is this a deliberate ploy by Happy Group? or are Coyote Dancers all they can get? Their profits must have Dived over the last 6 months.


11th January

  What's in a name?...

GoGo and bar news from around Pattaya
Link Here
Frog Queen GoGoThe GoGo associated with Frog Bar is missing a sign but a party poster confirms the name Frog Queen. Perhaps if you kiss one of their ugly frogs she may turn into a beautiful princess.

The new GoGo being built on Soi Diamond will likely be called Relux. Perhaps Relux is to Deluxe as Retox is to Detox.

ccome togetherMeanwhile the blow job bar Come Together has taken over from Carré Blanc, presumably referring to the Soi Full Love Inn location.


7th January

  Another new GoGo for Soi Diamond?...

Bar news from around Pattaya
Link Here

swiss houseOn Walking Street, at the previous location of Abbe's Bar, a new gogo Pacha is nearing completion. Meanwhile DClub went dark.

On Soi LK Metro, where Amethyst Club used to be, Gold Club did not open on 5th January and also no recruiting is taking place.

It looks as if on Soi Diamond, at the previous location of the defunct restaurant Swiss House, a new gogo is taking shape.

The Casino Club, closed on police orders is now being merged into a tailor's shop...the ignominy.

Last night Overmind Club was open.

In The Windmill Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond I saw a for-sale notice for G-Spot Pattaya on Walking Street.


6th January

  A new price jump...

Frog Bar opens a GoGo on Walking Street
Link Here

frog signOn Walking Street, right of Frog's Bar and probably connected to it, a nameless gogo has opened. Ishi suggests that it is called Frog Queen Super model.

It is narrow and cheaply laid out with a central stage with four chrome poles, double-tier seating on the right-hand side and single-tier seating on the left-hand side.

The seating and very narrow unstable tables in front of it are of the poorest quality I have ever seen in a gogo.

lip shaped pastiesMost of the dancers were clad in white coyote outfits, but there were also some in white string bikinis who went topless on stage, two of them wearing pink lip-shaped pasties. Most of them were rather tall, too fat and silicone enhanced.

Very loud music and disturbing laser beams.

I got a drink spilt over my clothes, not sure if it was because of a clumsy movement by a waitress, a mamasan or the customers sat behind me.

BEWARE: I had to insist and wait to receive my change.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 210 (!) baht, model drinks 250 (!!) baht


5th January

 Updated: Post peak...

Sugar Baby and Overmind go dark
Link Here
sugar baby renovationsSugar Baby A-GoGo was dark on Walking Street last night citing renovations. The girls were relocated to Windmill Club.

Meanwhile Overmind on Soi 15/Soi Diamond was also dark. This has happened a couple of times before perhaps due to difficulties in rounding up a dancing crew.

Both closures are probably just a blip so the Pattaya GoGo count will not be changed for the moment.

Update: Re-opened

And indeed it was blip, both bars re-opened the following night.


4th January

  Waning Moon...

Moon Club goes dark
Link Here
The Moon Club sign Moon Club is on the corner of Walking Street and Soi Diamond.

The GoGo has now been dark for the last 3 nights.

One staff member explained: It will re-open in a couple of week for renovation, but a former member of staff was less positive saying: It closed, not sure re-opening.

Until it re-opens there are 82 bars claiming to be GoGos around Pattaya.


3rd January

  Old Bars, New Hands...

Several well known bars are back, albeit in new formats
Link Here
le pubThe Charming Egg meets the Charming Crab

The Charming Crab is a long running beer bar at the 2nd Road end of Soi Diamond. It has now become Le Pub . Mister Egg, the well known bar manager previously at the original Electric Blue, Windmill, Sugarbaby and Secrets is in control.

Player's Lounge

The Player's Lounge has re-opened towards the south end of Soi Buakhao. I'm not exactly sure why, but it seems quite big news on the Pattaya forums.

Robin Hood Tavern

Shenanigan's started life as a pub/restaurant in the Marriott Hotel/Royal Garden Plaza on 2nd Road. It seemed the centre of society for those that read Pattaya's English language newspapers. The pub moved across the road to an upstairs location at the Avenue Mall and gradually fizzled out. The pub is now re-opening as the Robin Hood Tavern.


2nd January

  The Return of Jaws...

Shark Club A-GoGo returns to Pattaya
Link Here
jaws return advertShark Club A-GoGo was a long running bar upstairs on Soi Diamond (also with an entrance on Soi 15).

Shark on Soi 15In May 2016 the bar relocated across Soi 15 to the venue that was previously Spice Club, and more famously before, Beach Club. The old Shark venue was then taken over by Overmind. However Shark owners continued to use the name Spice Club.

But now, on the 1st January 2017, the owners restored the name to Shark Club.

Of course this does not affect the Pattaya GoGo count which remains at 83.


1st January

  Alchemy on Soi LK Metro...

Turning Amethyst into Gold
Link Here
Gold Club banner Amethyst on Soi LK Metro tries its hand as an Angelwitch style show bar. Eventually the owners decided it may be best to move to Walking Street and relocated there as Pheromone Club.

Amethyst on Soi LK Metro then re-opened, presumably under new management on 3rd November 2016. Apparently after a dispute about using the name, Amethyst, the bar closed for renaming and is now set to re-open as Gold on 5th January.


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