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2008: August

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28th August   

Out of the Red into the Black...

Mandarin is closed for refurbishment
Link Here

The half way gogo cum short time bar on Soi 6 has closed for a refit.

They are advertising for staff and it seems that the intention is to become a full gogo.

And as far as decor is concerned, black is the new red.


27th August   

Lineker's in Pattaya...

A new bar set for a good kicking
Link Here

A new aircon sports bar opened in August 2008.

One of the chain of pubs associated with Gary Lineker that are found in Europe's more boisterous holiday resorts.

Said to be glass fronted, with white lights and empty.


26th August   

Dreaming of Coyote Dancing...

Another Soi 8 bar goes coyote
Link Here

Dream's Bar Beer is located on Soi 8 near Silver Star A-GoGo.

It is now the 3rd in the soi to enclose itself and offer air con with the almost inevitable coyote dancing.


21st August   

Sheared Off...

Pattaya's ongoing bar redevelopments
Link Here

Shearer's Blues Bar is/was a good bar located at the South end of Soi Buakhao opposite Paradise A-GoGo

Now closed and under renovation, looks like the full building and not just the bar which was done up about 18 months ago, so don't know if will open again as shearers.

From Pattaya Secrets

The 77 Bar is now open. 6 reasonably good looking girls sitting outside. Fairly dark inside and they have a pool table.

77 Bar is located at the 2nd Road end of Soi 13/1 (Soi Yamato), previously Happy Dreams Bar.


20th August   

Open Love Club...

Love Club tries a new angle
Link Here

Love Club on Soi 6 has changed a bit and has removed the front to become an open bar.

It is an idea that has been tried a couple of times before and usually ends up with the bar returning to the Soi 6 enclosed norm. Recent examples are Bus Stop and the Mandarin Beer Bar.

The only (girl) bar that seems to have made a success of an open bar is the Soi 6 Corner Bar. But perhaps its location on 2nd Road may make it a special case.


19th August   

Seventy Six Bars and Counting...

More bars
Link Here

Pattaya at Night is reporting that the small kiosk shops have been cleared from Soho Square, the slow starting Walking Street development near Soi 16.

Absolut , a new cold sounding bar has opened in Soho Square. First impressions have been based on the steep price of drinks. 180 Baht for bottled beer and 240 Baht for spirits with mixer!

Another new venue has put up a banner in the square proclaiming its name as Counter. It is said to scheduled to open on 15th October.

Meanwhile the opening of the Playgirls bells and whistles show brings the number of bikini (or less) dancing bars to 76. The bar is located up (steep) stairs above Air Port Club on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond. Both these bars are in the Nui's group. Air Port Club is set to open on 1st September.

The new bar on Soi Yamato looks ready to open. A comment on Pattaya Secrets says: It has an outside wall plaque of three naked gold plated females so looks as though the inside activities are going to be interesting!

If it turns out to be a bar featuring gogo girls then it will be the 77th such bar in Pattaya.... And as if to be inspired by the Thai-Anxiety gogo list, it is to be named 77 Bar.


16th August   

Bad Girls...

More bars
Link Here

A new bar has opened on 2nd Road between The Avenue Mall and Soi Diana

It is a small bar, coyote style with a similar decor to Club Blu, Ice Club etc. The twist here was the dancers were wearing black or white PVC outfits, along with high heeled boots and face masks.

Meanwhile it is reported that Playgirls above Air Port Club has opened on Walking Street. It is an upstairs bar located opposite Soi Diamond.


12th August   

Absolut Peach...

More bars on Walking Street
Link Here

There's another cold sounding bar taking shape on Covent Garden. Presumably the name, Absolut Bar, suggests that they may be targeting Russian customers.

From Pattaya Addicts

It looks as if another gogo - Peaches - is due to open on Walking Street just in front of Lollipop. It is a very small bar that used to be Blue Ice.


10th August   

Darting into Pattaya...

Darts star Andy Fordham to visit Pattaya
Link Here

English Darts star, Andy Fordham is planning a tour of Pattaya, beginning on September 11th 2008, to organise some Charity Darts events in a number of Pattaya venues.

His trip will be partly to promote the game in Thailand, but also the proceeds will go to help homeless children.


8th August   

There's Gold in GoGos...

More new bars
Link Here

The Pattaya Ghost reports that the new Airport Club will appear on Walking Street opposite Soi Diamond. It is being developed by the people behind Nui's 2, Hot Girls, Pinky Girl and New Star.

There is also a new gogo/club being developed on Soi 13/1 (Yamato). It will open at the venue that was previously Happy Dreams Bar/Massage at the 2nd Road end of the soi. It has an outside wall plaque of three naked gold plated females. (Perhaps a connection with the defunct Goldfinger A-GoGo as the owner moved on to Stringfellows ladyboy A-GoGo just a few doors down).


6th August   

On the Lam...

Lam Morrison returns to The Blues Factory
Link Here

Lam Morrison has returned to The Blues Factory

You can see Lam Morrison from midnight on Wednesdays and Thursdays and from 1230am Fri, Sat and Sundays nights.

The Blues Factory is located on the passage from Walking Street to Soi Marine Plaza behind JP International Bar


2nd August   

Chinese Whispers...

A refit for Mandarin Club
Link Here

Mandarin Club on Soi 6 is set for a refit from Mid August 2008.

I am not sure that the half gogo, half short time bar needs much physical rework but it desperately needs a relaunch. It has been fading for a long time and has minimal girls at the moment.


2nd August   

Signs of the Times...

Walking Street neon pruned back
Link Here

This morning Sat 2nd August there are several vehicles and teams of workers removing and taking away the illuminated signs in Walking Street. In particular the signs affected are the ones that arch over Walking Street

Is this part of the new Mayor's clean up or is it something else?

First the trees along the beach footpath now Walking Street. What next?


1st August   

Dry Tears...

Thailand to shut down for King's sister's funeral
Link Here

It seems that the authorities have lined up a grand send off for the King's sister. Her funeral is set for 14-16th November and the buzz is that Thailand will be pretty much shut down for the funeral. Bars and shops are set to close.

Meanwhile it is the Queen's birthday Tuesday 12th August. This is also Mother's Day. The bars were open as normal in 2006 and 2007. Perhaps worth a little worry in that there are politicians pushing for celebration days to be dry (to cure all Thailand's ills)

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