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2009: May

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29th May   

Draft Beer...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: X-Zone
Link Here

Coyotee's A-GoGo is located on Soi Marine Plaza.

The bar has always been on my occasional visit list mostly due to having expensive beer. Previously the cheapest option was a 125 Baht bottle but now they have recently added a 70 Baht draft.

Interesting that none of the welcome placards tell of a draft beer option. If I don't see the option of a cheap beer on the welcome signs them I assume the bar is expensive. Surely worth writing the option on the signs lest there are others who make the same assumption.

The bar was doing fine with a fair few customers dotted around but there was still lots of room for more.

The girls were friendly and fun so I will have to drop by at a time more conducive to a longer stay.


26th May   

The Wrong Type of Nibbles...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tim
Link Here

Tim is located on 2nd Road nearly opposite Mike's Mall

As I was shown to my seat, a couple of cuties were turfed out of my designated stool. I thought things were looking up, but they found some dark corner of the bar to hide in, and I never spotted them again.

The dancing girls were average, and were overdressed in bikinis. There were 5 on the stage at any one time. The music is well chosen with some very classic rock videos and some less well known bands, but still good tracks.

However live rock tracks can be very long and anyone waiting for 5 songs worth of dancing for their girl to return, would be waiting a long time. It doesn't really inspire much in the way of dancing either

There were plenty of girls waiting their turn to dance and these are supplemented by a fair few hostesses.

It seemed strange then, that the girl who tried her luck with me, tried the old trick of approaching one song before she was due to dance. Never works with me, I never buy a drink for at least the first track.

The girl's little trick introduces the low key hassle factor that's associated with the bar. The service staff do regular rounds of trying to sell extras, in particular, vodka shots, ping pong balls and nibbles (unfortunately of the potato chip variety). The hassle was pretty minor though, a simple 'mai ow krup' was sufficient to move them on to bother somebody else.

But it would take one of the cuties mentioned earlier to persuade me to stay for a second beer. Something that has yet to happen for me in this bar.


24th May   

Sometimes Hot...Sometimes Not...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Club Boesche
Link Here

Club Boesché is located in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 just off Walking Street.

When a good friend of mine first told me of a place where we could down cold suds and watch tight-bodied women soap each other up (among other things…) in the middle of a Go-Go Bar, I was actually nervous to go… Even with all the anticipation it took us three days into our April 2008 trip to make it to the famous Club Boesche. Letting the excitement build was well worth it. WOW!! What a night… The club was packed, the girls were super hot and they actually had some drink specials going on. The music? Umm… Can’t say I even remember what kind was playing… More like a loud rumble than music but, it sure kept the girls moving…

…And with a little encouragement from our group, the ladies we were with actually stripped down and hopped in the hot tub… Two of them weren’t even on shift! Since it was early for me (9PM), no bar fines from Boesche that night but, I did set my sites on one of the hostesses who wouldn’t stop massaging me while I checked out the sites and enjoyed my drinks… “Bar fine next time” I told her.

…Next time ended up being almost four months later! But this time Boesche had almost nothing to offer… The club was dead, the available girls seemed distracted and the hot tub show consisted of a girl pretty much soaking her feet. We were so bummed… And I actually had raved about this place to the group of newbies I brought with me this time. Being newbies they didn’t have as nearly a bad time as I did. I attributed the lack of interest from the girls to us visiting during low season in August but, we were welcomed generously at other places that same night. We even gave it another shot a couple nights later but, same deal… Good looking but, same bored talent.

Strong Points:

  • Girls always HOT!
  • The place just looks cool… Innovative

Weak Points:

  • Too much hype
  • Average service at best


23rd May   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Angelwitch
Link Here

Angelwitch is a show bar on Soi 15 just off Walking Street.

I first discovered Angelwitch in April of 2008 with a couple US Marine buddies. Even with the high prices we were addicted from the start! We even saw a lot of couples there…

We ended up there every night and I went home with the same hot lil’ cutie every time. And I thought I was a true butterfly! Not with this one. Mamasan always made her wait for me… Now that’s service!

…When I managed to make it back to Pattaya in August, my little darling was no longer working there but mamasan was and she made damn sure that I had my pick of any girl on stage. She even offered to call my original girl back just for me. I declined of course and took full advantage of mama’s kind offer and walked out with a different girl every couple of nights. With mama as a friend and as long as I took care of the girls, no hard feelings. Not even so much as a dirty look… Admittedly that freedom to butterfly was paid for in smiles, tips and ping pong balls!

Because my first drink was always with the head mamasan or the staff my friends and I were always well taken care of… I’ll always make a point to drop in to Angelwitch for a little “Home Coming” whenever I’m in Pattaya.

Strong Points:

  • Very Friendly Staff
  • Clean!
  • Best Sexy Shows…
  • Best Dressed/Almost Dressed Dancers
  • Date Friendly

Weak Points:

  • Expensive
  • Not the prettiest or best dancers


22nd May   

Well Positioned...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Jack Tar
Link Here

Jack Tar is located at the centre of Soi 6 opposite Red Point

Good well priced food at this bar and very well positioned for checking out the talent at other bars as well as getting recon from the expats and regulars that drink there.

Also a good bar to go to if you want to see any sporting events.

Good place to chill out if you aren't in the mood for a bar girl.


21st May   

Under New Management...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Bus Stop Bar
Link Here

Bus Stop Bar is located at the 2nd Road end of Soi 6

Under new management since the start of the year and it is now run by a Kiwi guy and his partner. Completely new set of girls since my visit there last year.

There were about 7 girls there ranging from 5's to 7's out of 10 and contrary to the previous comment, I would have been able to bar fine any of them, the girl must have been having a bad day.

Not as good as it used to be but the new guy will probably be trying to find his feet as he is new to the Pattaya scene.

At this point in time, I would just call it an average bar.


20th May   

Updated: Re-Opened after Re-Staffing...

Coyotee's A-GoGo re-models
Link Here

Coyotee's A-GoGo on Soi Marine Plaza re-opened on Tuesday 19th May.

Deano of Coyotee's writes:

After 2 stressful and rumour filled weeks, Coyotee's A-GoGo will be re-opening its doors tomorrow night at 8.00 pm with a bit of a party. There will be free shots [as Paul observed, hopefully of the alcoholic variety] and maybe even some free beer to start!

We have a new mama-san (obviously!) and an entirely new staff and dancers. Bar-fines will be discounted and, for a change, Coyotee's girls will be happy to bar-fine.

New Coyotee's Barfines will be as follows:

  • Dancers ...500 baht
  • Showgirls...700 baht
  • Staff......500 baht.

So back up to 75 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less


19th May   

Definitely Worth a Visit...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Clansman
Link Here

The Clansman is a Soi 6 Bar located towards the Beach Road end.

I was welcomed by the owner (Alan) who was a great source of info while I was in Pattaya and a hell of a nice guy as well.

There was 4 or 5 girls there ranging 5's to 8's out of 10 and they were all very friendly.

Great little bar, good pricing on beer with a large selection of some of the best Malts (prices on the bottles, so no surprises) and the place seems to come alive at night.

I stayed there and the rooms were very good (Bt500 per night) and cleaned daily but if you want something more up market, he also rents out condo's over towards Jomtien). No problems with taking girls from other bars back.

All in all, definitely worth a visit.


17th May   

Dance Marathon...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Beavers
Link Here

Beavers A-GoGo is located at the Beach Road end of Walking Street

The bar is consistent in its pros & cons.

The plus side is that the bar employs good looking girls who are generally hands on friendly.

The negative side is that the girls have a marathon dance roster of 2 songs on each of the 6 tables in the cycle.

The table dancing girls also angle for a 20 Baht tip to squat down for a close up show. But I find this a little passé and keep my tips for those giving good attention at my stool.

The bar employs quite a lot of girls for a small bar so it always seems lively.


16th May   

Dolphins Swim Away...

Loma A-GoGo closes
Link Here

The Pattaya-at-Night website is reporting that Loma A-GoGo has closed.

Loma (meaning dolphin in Thai) was unsurprisingly located in Naklua just beyond the dolphin roundabout.

This reduces Pattaya's gogo list down to 74.


15th May   


Hell Club re-opens as Devil's Den
Link Here

The Devil's Den is located on Soi LK Metro off Soi Buakhao

Hells Club reopened as The Devil's Den on Friday 15th May 2009. The bar now offers a booking service.

The bar specialises in multiple partners and multiple orifices. The bar now offers a booking service. It is well worthwhile checking out their website for further details.


13th May   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Mandarin Club
Link Here

Mandarin Club has recently re-opened. It is located at the Beach Road end of Soi 6.

The bar seemed pretty much unchanged from previous incarnations. 

There are still 4 bays of comfortable sofa seating overlooking a central dancing area now cut down to 2 smallish stages. At the other side of the room there is quite an expansive bar counter. It all looks pretty good with the sumptuous red theme that is traditional to the bar.

The dancers were generally a little below par and were a little overdressed dancing in skirts, knickers and bikini tops.

There were about 8 girls on duty, 2 of which were dancing. A couple were sitting with customers and the rest were sitting out front.

2 of the girls were good looking but unfortunately I was the 3rd in line. The 2 pretty girls were in fact looking after their customers well, but my assignment was a bit prim and proper, so not really much to stay for.

The draft beer was a reasonable 60 Baht.


13th May   


Pattaya Bar Reviews: Soho Bar
Link Here

Soho Bar is a new short time bar on Soi 6 next door to Sex Soi 6 Bar

To be fair I normally would have walked on by due to the girls on show, but being inquisitive I said hello to a girl and walked in.

It turns out to be a perfectly typical Soi 6 bar with sofas set out cross ways down the bar. It is perhaps smaller than most because they have made a bit of space out front for those that would like to have a cigarette outside.

Unfortunately my drinking partner was a hardened Soi 6 lady who simply was not interested in pleasantries nor an enticing interview. So things didn't pan out.

A bottle of beer is set at around the 75 Baht mark.

A bit of a naff visit, but there was nothing to suggest things wouldn't be better on another day with a different girl.


12th May   

Dark on Walking Street...

Black and White GoGo and Gamebird 1 beer bar
Link Here

Black & White A-GoGo (X Zone 2) has closed. Guys were removing stocks and stuff last night to it seems pretty permanent.

It had only been open a couple of months and I for one enjoyed a few nights there.

X-Zone upstairs is now packed with extar girls but not many customers to match. Some Black & White girls have moved elsewhere though. Part of the bar has been curtained off to scale it down a bit.

Pattaya is now down to 75 bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less.

Gamebird 1 is a beer bar on Walking Street at the corner of the alley down towards New Living Dolls One. Despite plenty of customers, the bar was reported to have closed due to unrealistic terms for a lease renewal. No doubt the girls can be found at Gamebird 2 on Soi 15. It could do with a few extra girls anyway.

Also Pattaya at Night is reporting that the Russian targeted B-52 disco on Soho Square has also closed. Its been running minimally for some time.


12th May   

Updated: Closed for Re-Staffing...

Coyotee's A-GoGo re-models
Link Here

Coyotee's A-GoGo on Soi Marine Plaza made the news a couple of nights ago when they suffered a police raid. Details are sketchy on what the police were looking for but customers weren't unduly harangued.

Perhaps more dramatic was a forum post from Deano, one of the owners:

Due to an amazing number of complaints against and problems with our Mamasans - we at Coyotee's A-gogo have fired our thai manager, both mama sans, our bar staff and doormen and are in the process of re-structuring our staff with more friendly service to our customers, and mama sans that understand allowing barfines and not ripping off we, the owners, to the tune of a small fortune over the last 6 months.

We apologize to any customers who have been the victims of our mama sans and their scams in the past and promise to re-open with a complete new attitude!

Update: Fed Up

6th May 2009. Based on article from

Late on the evening of the 4th May, a total of 30 [adisputed figure] bargirls stormed into Pattaya Police station to complain that they were all owed money from the owner of the Coyotee's A-GoGo bar in Soi Marine Plaza, South Pattaya, where they worked. They were all fed up with the constant broken promises of being paid.

Update: Serious Issues

10th May 2009.

Further forum postings have suggested that the bar had become the focus of serious crime and the police are involved. The owners have posted that owed salaries have been paid and the bar will re-open soon. The serious nature of the issues suggest that it may be best to wait and see.

Update: Reopening Soon

12th May 2009.

Despite Stickman postings on the subject the owners are around and working towards re-opening the bar


12th May   

Economy Blues...

Club Boesche Drinks Specials
Link Here



11th May   

Coyote Bar...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Byblos Club
Link Here

Byblos Club is located on the corner of Pratamnak Road and Soi Diamond

The downstairs bar at Byblos features half a dozen coyote dancers. They were a few pretty girls amongst them.

Byblos gogo tends to target non farang customers with its upstairs bells and whistles show and the same applies to the coyote bar.

I sat with a friendly dancer for a couple of drinks but everything was a bit prim and proper for my likes. Saying that, there is a curtained off seating booth but I didn't give this a try.

The drinks were reasonably priced.


10th May   

Dolls Indeed...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: New Living Dolls One
Link Here

New Living Dolls is set back from Central Walking Street opposite Happy A-GoGo

After having found a comfortable seat I looked up at the stage to see a dozen good looking girls with few clothes to share between them.

I relaxed to drink my free first beer and all was well.

I glanced round at the bar to find that it was well crowded with appreciative customers enjoying the show.

There are plenty of service girls and there are plenty of managers and owners and the like if you would like a chat.

The drinks are reasonable and the barfines are competitive.

The bar is also a no hassle bar where the girls leave you alone unless called over.

Not really my sort of bar though, the no hassle policy coupled with a high ratio of customers to girls usually ends up being a lonely drink.


9th May   

Updated: Red Alert...

Mandarin Club set to re-open on Soi 6
Link Here

Mandarin Club on Soi 6 looks set to re-open on Saturday 9th May.

Dancing girls have been employed and rehearsed but by all accounts, a few drinks first may be in order.

Update: Opened

9th May 2009

Mandarin Club re-opened bringing the number of bars with girls dancing in bikinis or less to 76.

Meanwhile in the middle of Soi 6, Soho Bar opened for business next door to Sex Soi 6 Bar


7th May

 Offsite: Watching Pattaya's Decline...

Link Here
Not enough quality tourists to support lady boy show

See article from


6th May   

Your Duty...

To pay extra beer tax of 2-3 Baht per bottle
Link Here

The Cabinet have approved an increase in excise taxes on cigarettes, liquor, and beer, with immediate effect.

Deputy Finance Minister Pruttichai Damrongrat said due to the higher excise tax, cigarette prices could rise by Bt3 per pack, while liquor and beer prices would be raised by Bt2-Bt3 per bottle. The increase of the sin tax would take effect immediately after the Cabinet approval.

According to Pruttichai, the sin tax increase would generate around Bt12 billion in additional income over the next 12 months.


5th May   

Soho Comes to Soi 6...

New bars bringng much needed oxygen to Pattaya's nightlife
Link Here

There's a new bar for Soi 6 named Soho Bar. It is next to Sexy Soi 6 in the middle section of the street.

Meanwhile down on Theprassit there is a new oxygen bar, Oxybar A concept that is fashionable in Europe but new to Pattaya. The idea seems to be to take a drink and then take a draw on a (flavoured) oxygen gizmo. The benefits of oxygen are claimed to be: energy, heightened concentration, alertness and memory.

I think if I was a marketeer in Pattaya I would adapt the claims to include something about virility and sexual prowess.

Thinking about it though, doesn't a lack of oxygen heighten sexual pleasure (as in breath play). Perhaps an oxygen bar isn't such a good idea for Pattaya after all.


4th May   

Well Behaved...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Catz
Link Here

Catz is located in the Covent Garden Complex on Soi 16 just off Walking Street

There are many good things about Catz and I regularly pop by for a quick beer.

The bar now offers very competitive drinks prices and barfines. It has a fair amount of girls generally above average and the service staff are friendly and generally hassle free.

The toilets are also hassle free and sufficient for the size of bar.

So all in all I would characterise the bar as one of the good boys of Walking Street.

But of course Pattaya customers are not always after the well behaved, and want something a little 'badder'.


3rd May   


Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tahitian Queen
Link Here

Tahitian Queen (TQ1) is situated on Beach Road near Mike's Mall

How on earth does this bar get away with selling near the most expensive draft beer in Pattaya. The 110 Baht is simply not value for the disappointing entertainment.

The girls were overdressed in bikinis and were not much more than shuffling to the 70's & 80's rock music.

And when not dancing they were doing their best to ignore me even when sitting close by.

Anyway don't listen to me, I am a little biased against non-sexy overpriced bars. Better to take advice from those that like that sort of thing, there were plenty in the bar that seemed to be enjoying it.

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