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  More time needed...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Tantra A-GoGo

Link Here 14th August 2017

tantra On Walking Street, right of Sweetheart's A-GoGo, one more superfluous narrow gogo has opened: Tantra A-GoGo.

In the middle are two cheapo, white, rather low stages, each of them with six chrome poles, one of them fixed to the ceiling. On both sides is, unsurprisingly, very cramped bench seating. I was lucky to be seated on a bar stool along the wall with a high table next to it. Although there were only a handful of customers at Tantra, it was crowded, only because it is so narrow.

There were two teams of mediocre, more-than-overdressed, double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes.

One of them was Lek Dracula, who started as a greeter at the long gone Hooty's A-GoGo on Walking Street and after that has been working at the beer bar joints in front of Pattaya Beer Garden and at Mandarin Walking Street.

There was also a team of (mostly old and ugly) so-called models in black lace lingerie and black stay-up stockings, several of them silicone enhanced, performing a lousy show to the tune of Zombie. The average quality of the string-bikini dancers at Passion Dance Club on Soi 6 is much higher.

Already two days after the (soft) opening I noticed a terrible cigarette smoke stench. The music was the usual crap. I think not many people will appreciate the lighting with constantly alternating colours.

Unisex toilets.

I surmise Tantra is a new venture of the Bryan Flowers Empire.

Barfines (for coyotes only, I guess): 1,500 before midnight, 1,000 after midnight.

BEWARE: automatic tipping: small change is not returned spontaneously.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht, lady drinks 150-200 baht.


  Pearl diving...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: The Black Pearl Bar

Link Here 11th August 2017

former black pearlsOn Soi Chaiyapornwithi White Oyster Lounge has changed hands and has been renamed The Black Pearl Bar.

Many moons ago it was known as Black Pearl 2 and by then there was also a Black Pearl 1 on Soi Siam Country Club not far past Butterfly Bar (see old map right).

The new owner is a skinny former bargirl sponsored by an Australian.

The modus operandi has remained unchanged with naked girls diving into the swimming pool picking up coins for a total of 200 baht.

Most girls, several threeholers among them, are still there. Also the petite bottle-blonde tomboy cashier is still there. First time I saw her, I thought a farang choir boy had got lost.

The ST bar fine is still 300 baht room included and the girls are still happy with 1,000 baht. The four rooms upstairs are again available, but the room downstairs is in use by the owner now.

Open from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m.

Bottled Heineken still 80 baht, standard lady drinks still 100 baht.


  A decent portion of nudity...

Pattaya Bar and GoGo News and Reviews: WakaWaka, Club Electric Blue and Babydolls

Link Here 31st July 2017

waka wakaAlthough Pattayaland (with the exception of Boyztown on Soi 13/5) has become a ghost town, a new place, WakaWaka , has opened on Soi 13/4 opposite the entrance of the defunct Obsessions.

I cannot remember if that is the same place as the long gone Rodeo Girls or next door. What I do remember is that at Rodeo Girls the stage was against the wall on the right-hand side with double-tier bench seating on the other side, whereas at the nearby Legs Club the stage was on the left-hand side.

Although I liked to have a drink at those two places from time to time, I have never seen a bird there who could catch my fancy.

When I arrived at WakaWaka there was a foul smell on the terrace as if lots of people had being smoking outside.

Having a look inside, I saw an empty, low stage with two chrome poles on the left-hand side and two old fully dressed fatties sitting on the right-hand side.

I decided to make a U-turn.

Club Mistys on Soi 15 is celebrating their 20 th anniversary.

I saw an unconscious girl being carried away, probably “maaw maak maak”.

electric blue pattaya Club Electric Blue A-GoGo on Soi 15 is one of the scarce gogos where you still get a decent portion of nudity.

On the main stage, just behind the entrance, two teams of some ten naked and topless dancers were cavorting. On the other stage were two teams of four or five overdressed double-topped and double-bottomed performers. About ½ of all dancers went naked on stage, about ¼ were topless and about ¼ were overdressed. However, the average quality of the naked bodies was rather poor.

With a bit of luck you will find a MILF with a much better shape at Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai. Typically, the overdressed dancers at Club Electric Blue A-GoGo were the pushiest ones begging for lady drinks.

Not many customers, but still more than at most other places.

The music was horrible. Very cramped toilets.

Bottled Heineken still 150 baht.

babydolls re-opening Meanwhile Babydolls is set to -reopen on Soi 15 after a police closure. It will re-open on Thursday 3rd August.


  Joining the 3m High Club...

News and Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Playgirls

Link Here 23rd July 2017

ginza reopensGinza A-GoGo has re-opened on Walking Street. It has been closed since a change of owners in May earlier this year.

Avoid driving under influence, the alcohol limit being 050. One of my fellow countrymen has been lucky: nice police officers escorted him to an ATM where he was allowed to withdraw 20,000 baht tea money.

On Soi 6 Dusk Till Dawn has gone dark.

The Swiss restaurant Swiss Food on Soi Diamond has been dark for several nights already, perhaps temporarily.

On Soi 6 Nature Club has never opened, but they already have changed the signage to Nature Bar.

Air Port Club on Walking Street being closed until 27th July 2017, the greeters try to persuade patrons to climb the stairs to Playgirls upstairs.

This long narrow venue has one very long stage in the middle with an unused jacuzzi behind it and very high bench seating on both sides.

To my surprise the place was full.

The dancers, most of them double-topped and double-bottomed, but also a number of bikini-clad and some topless ones, where doing the Pattaya shuffle until two pussy-trick performers replaced them. The dancers I have seen were varying from very mediocre to extremely ugly. However, they were all but shy and eager to get some 20-baht notes in their bras and pants (front and rear).

BEWARE: bottled Heineken 185 baht.


  Star makeover...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: New Dao Bar/New Dao Cafe

Link Here 16th July 2017

new daoBetween Soi Khao Noi and Soi Nern Plab Wahn, on the edge of two incorporated (rather neglected) villages, New Dao Bar/New Dao Café/New Dao Resto has opened at the location where Dao Bar/Café closed over half a year ago.

The village on the Soi Khao Noi side has its entrance about 100 metres before Le Rouge when coming from Sukhumvit Road.

There is a 7ELEVEN minimarket on the corner.

The village on the Soi Nern Plab Wahn side has its entrance about 100 metres before the petrol station when coming from Sukhumvit Road.

The layout of the restaurant, swimming pool and bar has remained unchanged: the girlie bar can still be accessed via the restaurant or via the back alley.

On my visit I only saw freelancers around the forty-year mark, some of them fat. I did not see ladyboys this time.

I happened to be their only "real" customer as the other farang inside had come with his Thai wife for playing pool.

They still have ST rooms included in the 300 baht barfine.

I was told the current owner is a short fat Belgian.

They appear to sell several Belgian beers, including Tripel Karmeliet on draught at 150 baht for a small glass.

Be aware that Belgian special beers have an alcoholic content higher than that of the local produce.

I advise buying Belgian quality beers, such as Kwak, Tripel Karmeliet, Westmalle Tripel or Duvel, at Friendship Supermarket or BigC (from memory 170-180 baht per 33 cl. bottle) and sample them at home.

The New Dao guest house rents out rooms from 590 baht per night.

I did not try their restaurant, but the one at the old Dao was disgusting and too expensive, as about any "restaurant" on the Dark Side.

New Dao Bar opens from 1 p.m. till midnight.

Bottled Heineken 85 baht, lady drinks 119 baht.



Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sapphire Club

Link Here 30th June 2017

sapphire club logo As to Club Mistys on Soi 15, tiny Ae, the cute spinner from Buriram, has probably left as I saw a fat girl sitting outside with number 44, the number that used to belong to Ae.

That being said I am surprised the numbers for the girls are recycled so fast.

I did not want to lose time and money there.

cat suit open crotchInstead I had a look at the extended Sapphire Club next door: a too dark shithole with dozens of mediocre, arrogant, double-topped and double-bottomed dancers in too big white, black and mixed "coyote" outfits, also some pushy shrews in black lace open-crotch cat suits with a black bikini underneath, monotonous, too loud techno crap and fewer than a dozen patrons.

Big is not always beautiful.

On a positive note the greeters said "Thank you, Sir." when I left.

If this is what Pattaya's nightlife is going to look like in the future, they better change Pattaya to a resort city for Russian families, at least if the Russians do not prefer Cambodia: Cambodia tourism industry eyes more Russian visitors .

Bottled Heineken at Sapphire 150 baht.


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