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Updated: The descent of Pheromone...

Pheromone A-GoGo dark whist a new pussy tricks bar opens

Link Here 21st September 2018
Pheromone A-GoGo has gone dark There's an official looking notice on the door so maybe it has been shut down by the authorities.

But coincidentally as one scent is lost, another opens. As mentioned by Dave The New Rose pussy tricks bar has opened on Soi BJ by Wildcats.

And in other vaguely GoGo related news the once short lived Top One A-GoGo has posted for sale signs so that some one else can have a forlorn chance of success on the unloved Soho Square. Top One had already given up as a GoGo and had tried the tom bar idea.

On Soi 6 the old Mandarin A-GoGo has had another relaunch and is now Kelaya 66 Bar. Google reckons that Kelaya means 'beautiful lady' in Thai.

There are now 76 bars calling themselves GoGos open around the Pattaya area.



The new New Rose...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 17th September 2018

I popped into Peppermint on Saturday night. I had a lot of difficulty finding my seat by the Stage, not because the place was packed, but because the Girls were all over the Floor.

The Farang Man was in and throwing 20 baht's in the air. There was a good crowd of 20 to 30 punters, and it was very lively with a great atmosphere.

Lots of attractive Girls in Black Bikini's. I gave out about 1000 baht in tips. the Girls with nice busts were showing their Tit's and the Girls without were pulling up their Bikini Bottoms to show their Buttock's.

The other Farang must have given away 10 times as much as me. His Thai Girl Friend was getting up on the Stage and dancing, she looked pissed.

I stopped for a couple of Beers and moved on.

Opposite Peppermint is an alley way leading to the 2nd Road, where there is a large Bar with Many pool Tables. On the right going down towards the 2nd Road I saw a Sign saying Champions on the site which used to be a night Club. I didn't go in, just saw the sign.

Outside Wildcats I noticed a new Venue has opened up called New Rose . The man outside said a show was just starting, I asked if it was Pussy tricks and he said it was, I didn't go in as I hate Pussy Tricks.

So I popped into Wildcats which was very lively. I sat on the Left and got a comfy seat. Sat with 2 Girls from Sweet hearts, Barbie and Bang. There was a mixture of Girls on show, some topless, some in G-string and Bra, but a sexy looking group.

The  Mamasang wanted me to Bar Fine her and the 2 Girls. My mad Norwegian neighbour probably would have done. Last year he Barfined everybody in a Bar on soi Buakhow, including security, and brought them home. HE emptied 7/11 of all its alcohol to have a pool party. I stayed in Bed, haha.



Mandarin mannequins...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 12th September 2018

I popped into Bliss Agogo on Tuesday evening, it was very lively with the Models on Stage. When I

arrived they were Dressed in Red, 5 were topless and 2, Nana and Ice showing their pussy. They came over for a drink while the attractive Coyote Dancers were on stage.

When the Models went back they were really having a good time, they'd bought a Bottle of Tequila between them and were putting on a good show. But I was the only Customer, there had been 7 but 6 of them had left, leaving me on my own for about 15 mins. It was very entertaining with good dancing and music.

I had a couple of Draft Beers and left.

 Popped into Mandarin which was not a great idea. There were 11 Coyote Dancers on the Stage, wearing large black Pants and Black Bra. Some of them were attractive but the just stood there like Mannequins, not smiling or Dancing. There was no eye contact with any punters, they just stared into the mirrors.

The Seats were comfortable but there was not enough leg room, and I didn't like the Music. But the thing is it was full of punters, maybe Bliss should change it's name to Bamboo club or something Chinese sounding.

I didn't finish my Draft Beer as it wasn't that good and I was bored watching Coyote Dancers Standing around talking to each other. Bliss was 100 times better,

Popped into Happy which was half emp ty but still had good atmosphere. There was a stunning Topless Girl Dancing, she usually works in Baccara but she'd had 3 months holiday and when she went to Baccara they already had enough Girls so she came to Happy.

I was sitting next to an American,he said he thought she was a man. I said there are no Men working undercover in the Happy Group, he was shocked when I gave Ta a 100b tip. He said he'd been in Pattaya 5 day's and spent 1000 Baht. He must be having a good time, haha. He moved off to Peppermint, hope they could cope with such a high roller.

There were some very nice Girls on show and a lot of Topless Girls. all the old Showgirls were Topless, they usually dressed as Coyote Dancers, I could never understand why. The stunning Girl from Baccara said she liked Big Dicks and did I have one, unfortunately her luck was out,

None of the Girls I usually sit with were in so I had 1 Draft beer and went home,



Back to Baccara...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 10th September 2018

I popped into the Sapphire Club on Saturday night. It was very quiet but had the usual array of very attractive Girls on show. Stopped for a pint of draft which was very nice.

Moved on to Baccara , which was very busy as always. It was much better than my most recent visits. There were a lot more Dancing Girls than previously. On my visits in the last year it was just the same old faces. New Faces are the life blood of Agogos.

They even had the Show Girls back, 9 downstairs and 6 upstairs. 3 Japanese men sitting on my right were buying drinks for all the Girls with large silicone Tits. Quite an expensive pastime in Baccara, haha. Had 1 Beer and left.

Popped into the Beach Club , which was not a very good move. After the Girls in Baccara and Sapphire Club, they were very disappointing in Beach Club. They were mostly Coyote Dancers in Red. There were 7 or 8 Topless Dancers, but none of them got the Blood Rushing through my veins. Most of the Girls were well below average for Walking street. A lot of Asian men came in took one look at the Girls and walked out,

the staff were all very friendly as usual in all Happy group premises. Had 1 Beer and left,



Kinks sorted...

Kink A-GoGo opens on Soi LK Metro

Link Here 9th September 2018
Kink A-GoGo opened on Soi LK Metro on 8th September at the venue that previously Gold.

The bar is reportedly seeking a very late night crowd with the suggestion of staying open until 8am.

Early reports on Pattaya forums note that bottled beer is 135 Baht and there is no draft available.

Kink is the 78th GoGo operating around Pattaya.



Baht bus dancing...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 5th September 2018

The Police were out on Thappraya Road at the Top of the Hill, stopping people on the way into Town. They were still there on the way home,

I popped into the Lighthouse on Tuesday evening around 9-30pm it was very quiet with only 2 Punters and 11 Dancers. All the Dancers in Black Bikini's were attractive. 4 female punters came in later, I Had 1 Beer and left.

Went into the Panda Club , it was packed as usual, but I got a seat at a table by the Stage. Sat with Koy and her sister. I had a good view of the Girls but I wasn't impressed, they were not that good. When the Topless Birds came on they were distinctly below average. I'm afraid I can't see anything great about the Panda Club. I don't like the layout and the Girls are nothing Special. The only Girls who looked at me were 4 from the Sapphire Club. Stayed for 1 Beer and left.

Popped into Hidden A-go-go which was lively, some very attractive Girls on Show with some real Stunners. I would have bought a few Lady Drinks but I won't pay 200b for a few mills of Cola, maybe its because I'm an ex-pat and that the Tourists are Happy to pay this Price? But I think they'd sell double the Lady Drinks if they were 150 b like Panda Club. The Mamasang is a Ladyboy from New Living Dolls, I would have told her about the Lady Drinks but the Music was too loud,

Finished in Electric Blue which was very Boring with no one I knew in there. No mamasang Aum or the friendly waitresses, the Draft Beer was not good either, so I lefty early.

When I got to the Second Road for a Bus home, the Bus was full but it did not move and everyone got off and into the Bus in Front. When that was full we were told to get into the next bus. The full bus pulled away, then we were told to get back on the original bus. I don't know what the Problem was but the Driver drove like a madman, the bus was jumping up and down, like the shock absorbers were gone.  was glad to get home safely, the Man was driving much too fast.

Of course none of the Drivers are any good and most of the Vehicles should be in the Skip. But the Police aren't interested, all they want is 400 Baht off Tourist's riding Scooters.



Offsite Article: More Stick...

Link Here 4th September 2018
Stickman returns with an article about Patttaya

See article from



Peppermint, Wildcats and Sharks...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 2nd September 2018

Very quiet on walking street early Saturday evening.

I popped into Peppermint for a couple of Beers. It was very quiet.

At 10pm there were 8 punters, then a Farang came in with his Thai Bird and it really livened up. He bought 2 Buckets of Ping Pong Balls, all the Girls suddenly appeared. He then bought a round of 16 drinks and 2 more Buckets of Balls. The place was really rocking after that. Later he was throwing 20b s in the air.

I was Sitting with Pretty Face (Kit) she has worked in Happy for about 5 years. She said she was going home on Sunday for a Holiday and when she comes back, she'll be going to the Panda Club. I asked why? it's not very good, Happy and Peppermint are better. Panda Club seems to be the In place at the moment.

There are Half a Dozen old Girls who always come over to me for a tip, they get their Tits out for 40b. Some of the new Girls saw them and joined in, there were 3 or 4 really lovely new Girls, 2 really cute ones with very nice Tits.

Pretty Face was wearing a Black Bikini, she said the Girls could chose their own clothes, 90% of them were wearing Black Bikini's,

You always take a risk when you leave somewhere that is very good but I passed on to Wildcats which wasn't too bad. Some very sexy Girls, they were wearing extremely small shorts, the size of a G-string. All the Girls had Camel Toe and some lovely Bum on show. One Girl was Topless with a fabulous body. There were a couple of other Topless Girls who were very good Dancers and were shaking there Booty.

I stayed for one Beer but my seat was very uncomfortable, it was too narrow. I had not noticed that before, but looking at the seat next to me, I could see it was wider than mine.

I then Moved onto the Shark Club , unfortunately they have gone back to the Bunny outfits, but there was still a lot of Flesh on show. The Models were wearing Bikini Bottoms and 2 of them got their Tits out. The music was good and there were some stunning young Girls in there as normal. They were still very Sexy even though they were wearing more Clothes.

My Favourite Bird was Topless last time I was in there, but this time she was wearing a one piece outfit cut as narrow as it could be. She still looked Fab. There were 2 incredible thin Girls in G-strings, they looked fantastic but they were sitting with Chinamen.

I sat with Apples sister, she's very attractive but on the Chubby side. I like them as thin as possible.

10 shots are 900b. One Chinaman bought 3,000 baht's worth of Ping Pong Balls.



Just a few kinks to straighten out...

Kink A-GoGo set to take over from Gold

Link Here 31st August 2018
A new sign has appeared on the new GoGo that is taking shape on Soi LK Metro.

Kink A-GoGo is set top open next weekend at the venue that was previously Gold A-GoGo.



In Heaven Above but not in Heaven...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 29th August 2018

I've just got a letter from the UK pensions, they want to know if I'm still alive. Is this rubbish going to happen every 6 months?

I did go out on Saturday night ,it was very quiet nothing really worth reporting. I had a pint in the Sapphire Club , it was fairly quiet in there with the Normal array of lovely Tud's ,

Looked into Super Girl there was a lot of very attractive Girls on show, much better than my most recent visits. Some very nice pairs of Tit's on show but as usual there was one Girl who refused to move round and was blocking some of my view.There were the Usual stupid Asian men playing Rock, Paper, Scissors with the loser drinking a tot of Tequila.

Popped into Heaven Above , it was like being a Gate Crasher at a wedding, I was totally ignored by all the Girls. Not a place I could recommend,



Updated No end to vice...

Miami goes temporarily dark on Walking Street whilst Pook Plaza lands in Soi Buakhao

Link Here 28th August 2018
Miami Bar and Club is a night club on Walking Street near Soi 15.

It never seemed to make many waves as a night club. The venue was previously well known as Alcatraz A-GoGo. It was purposely built as an A-GoGo, but was perhaps a little too cavernous for an A-GoGo. Probably a nightclub is a better fit.

Miami re-opened on 27th August. It had been dark for 2 nights.

Pook Plaza opened on 27th Aug on Soi Buakhao by Soi LK Metro.

Several Pook bars have existed on Soi 6 and Soi Buakhao for quite a while now but have bee generally associated with ladyboys. However Ishi notes that 2 bars opened and: I didn't see any lady boys.

See location on Google .



The Bypass Re-opens...

Meanwhile bars struggle on Pattaya Tai

Link Here 25th August 2018
Bypass A-GoGo closed a few days ago on Walking Street possible due to paperwork issues. Whatever the reason it is all sorted now and the GoGo re-opened on 24th August.

There are now 76 GoGo bars operating around Pattaya.

Meanwhile gentlemen's club style bars are struggling in the Pattaya Tai and 3rd Road area. Geisha Club on Pattaya Tai Soi 16 has closed and is up for sale while the nearby Velvet Club on Soi LK Pavilion is sporting a prominent for sale sign.



Have you the stomach for bliss?...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 23rd August 2018

Very quiet on Walking Street last night.

I popped into Bliss for a couple of Beers, 5 punters in when I arrived, but it filled up a little later.

I was sitting with a Model and her more attractive sister, who was wearing a Black Bikini. The Model was rubbing my stomach as all the Girls do when a man came in with the Biggest stomach I have ever seen and sat opposite. I said your Boyfriend has just come in. She laughed and said she didn't have a Boyfriend and preferred Pussy. She said she was joking.

Passed into Hidden A-GoGo which was even quieter. The Models in red underwear were on when I entered, they removed their Bras, not a bad looking group. There was one Girl very small and slim with big tits. I gave her a tip and she came over for a drink. I forgot they were 200b, but I only got her one.

The Models were replaced by young Girls in Navy Blue Rah Rah skirts. There were 4 of them putting on a really good show, shaking their Booty's. The music was really good.

The Bench seats were not wide enough for someone of my height, 6ft 3in, and there was a terrible smell of smoke.

It filled out a little later but deserves more patronage,

Popped into Happy to finish. It was very quiet also, with 20-25 punters. Not many stayed long.

I was sitting at the Stage when my favourite Coyote Dancer came over and we went and sat at the back. Another Coyote Dancer who has a nice face but is too fat came and joined us. I can't shake her off without being rude, which of course I'm not.

Had a good hour in there. Happy was always full before the introduction of Coyote Dancers, their takings must be right down,



Low key...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Baby Dolls

Link Here 22nd August 2018
Baby Dolls is an A-GoGo located on Soi 15.

I've stopped by Baby Dolls a couple of times in the past 2 weeks, noting both times that the bar doesn't seem to be setting the world on fire these days.

The basics are very much as they have always been, albeit now played out a smaller scale. There were 2 teams of 6 dancing girls, working in the usual 4 song shifts. There was plenty of nudity on show, but there were no showstoppers.

There were also a couple of girls taking turns on the play mat, and 2 more for the shower area. One girl was taking a nap during her turn. To be fair, there were no customers watching, so it didn't matter much.

There was a little naughty stuff going on in the back row, but generally the girls were not being proactive in seeking out customers to drink with.

The draft beer was served in a good size glass, but its alcoholic effects worked more towards being nostalgic rather than lustful.



ByPass ByPass and head on to Mandarin...

Openings and closings on Walking Street

Link Here 19th August 2018
Mandarin A-GoGo on Waking Street has opened under new management.

Three-quarters of dancers had moved across from Runway so presumably this identifies the new owners. Or maybe the bar has employed a very influential mamasang.

On the same day ByPass A-GoGo went dark. This seems down to  30 or 60 day closure handed down by the Pattaya authorities.

There are now 75 GoGos operating around Pattaya.



Not 'too' good...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sugar Baby

Link Here 17th August 2018
Sugar Baby is located on Walking Street at the corner of Soi 14.

The Walking Street market place can be a ruthless affair and rather confirms the old adage that you can't have you cake and eat it.

I started off an evening stroll at a bar noted for a plethora of good looking girls, only to find that the girls had a attracted a plethora of guys, clearly a little better looking than I.

So I moved on to a lower tier bar where I knew that I could command a little attention. And indeed that was true, but the trouble was that I did not really want he attention of most of the girls on offer.

So I moved on again, and aimed for the middle ground, and Sugar Baby came to mind.

It proved to be a success. The line up was totally lacking stunners, and so the bar was totally lacking the crowds. But nevertheless there were plenty of average looking dancers on show, and on Walking Street, that average is pretty good.

I was well entertained by a charming girl who had an easy going talent for mixing good conversation with good hands on attention. Time flew by, aided by plenty of entertainment on stage, and proficient and friendly service staff.

But I bet the bar's takings were nowhere near the first bar, which was maybe a little 'too' good, at least for me.



Doing the rounds...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 15th August 2018
Who fancies a game of  paper, rock, scissors?

It was lively on Walking street on Monday night.

I had a couple of Beers in the Lighthouse , with the Usual array of attractive Girls.

I followed into the Panda Club, it was packed to the Rafters. I managed to find a seat as someone was just leaving.

The Topless Models were on when I entered, 6 to each of the 3 Stages. Unfortunately I could only see 1 stage due to large square Pillars on the left hand side of the room which limit viewing.

I sat there on my own for 30 mins and was contemplating leaving when Koy and her very attractive sister came over and I ended up staying another 45 mins.

Not sure why it is so popular, as viewing of the Girls is very limited due to them not moving around the stage, and you end up looking at the same 2 girls for 20 mins. Maybe its the name.

Going home up soi 15 I popped into the Shark Club , it was very lively and again I couldn't get a decent seat, but I managed to move after a couple of mins.

Some lovely young Girls on sho , 4 cute Girls with their tits out, and all 4 had really nice tits. I was just studying one when she waved to me. I hadn't realized it was a Girl I was with last week. She came over for a drink.

There were the Usual Stupid Asian men buying rounds of 10 Drinks, mostly Tequila. It's not surprising that the Go-gos like them, they are barmy. There were 3 buying rounds of 10 and 2 getting in rounds of 5. The Man on my right got in a round of 11 Tequilas and was playing, paper, rock, scissors with 2 Girls and the loser had to drink a Tequila. Apart from being a waste of money and very childish, how do they stay sober?

Every time I go in there the Girls are wearing more revealing clothes, which is very good.



The only way is up...

Club Eden tries karaoke

Link Here 14th August 2018
Club Eden has converted from an A-GoGo bar to a Japanese karaoke bar. It re-opened on in the new format on the 13th August 2018.

The bar has had many attempts at being a GoGo and a nightclub. Some of those pretty decent gogo girls on on offer, so one can only really blame the stairs for being the hindrance to success. Being a Japanese karaoke bar is unique in Walking Street, so maybe that will prove a good reason for braving the stairs. Of course if it is a big success, then someone will surely open a karaoke bar at ground level.



A Fistful of (300) Dollars...

Walking Street Blog

Link Here 12th August 2018

I popped into Bliss A-GoGo on Walking Street on Wednesday evening, it was very Quiet.

The Models came on Stage but kept all their Clothes on ( I later found out this was because the Army were in Walking Street in large numbers).

There were 2 Farangs sitting in the Corner and it was his Birthday, so they had Cake and played that bloody awful Happy Birthday song for him, All the Girls were cheering and shouting. Then he got on stage with biggest handful of 20 b notes I've ever seen at least 10.000 bs worth and started chucking them in the air. There was pandemonium as the Girls were flinging themselves everywhere.

I had one Beer and left.

Later I popped into Wildcats . All the Girls were covered up in there as well.

Some Girl who said she knew me came over and sat on my lap. She was hefty with big Boobs. She gave me a real working over. She later turned around and was rubbing my face in her large silicone Tit's and sticking her nipples in my mouth. She was very firm everywhere, but she was wasting her time, my Dick didn't move a Millimeter.

I like Girls Cute and demure. But it was very enjoyable and I gave her a 100b tip.



Paradise Lost...

Club Eden and Mandarin are no more.

Link Here 10th August 2018
Eden Club closed a few days ago and is now set to become a Lounge & Japanese Karaoke with private spaces and VIP rooms in next week. I heard they will take off the stages and dancing girls, so it will not re-open as a gogo bar.

Meanwhile the fate of Mandarin Club looks sealed as a prominent for Sale sign has been posted. No doubt there will be a few prospective GoGo owners that will be well interested.

In the meantime there are now 76 GoGos operating around Pattaya.



Hidden charges...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Hidden A-GoGo

Link Here 9th August 2018
Hidden A-GoGo has just opened on Walking Street at the venue that was previously Maxim and Marilyn Monroe.

I popped into Hidden a-go-go Wednesday evening, I had no problems finding the place.

When I entered it was packed, but when I sat down and looked round it was all Girls sitting on the Bench Seats. There were only 4 Punters and 70 or 80 Girls.

The Coyote Dancers were very attractive in white Tops and Navy Blue Rah Rah Skirts, and the Models were wearing very nice red underwear of various kinds. There was no Nudity but it was the Same all over Walking Street because the Army were in Town,

The Music was ok but the Stupid DJ Turned the Sound up Later when another 10-12 Punters came in.

Nothing to really recommend it at this stage, I would need another visit to see if the Models remove there Bras.

On the Down Side, there was no Draft Beer, but Bottles were a Reasonable 150b... BUT Lady Drinks were a very unreasonable 200b,which is a rip off, by greedy owners. Of course the Venue is aimed at the Asian market so it might work.

I was sitting with Pat who used to be in Happy and Inn from new Living Dolls was working as a Waitress. Nnormally I would buy Lady Drinks but I just gave them a 100 b, so by being Greedy the owners lose out.







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