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  Very happy, but no sugar and no pep...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy, Sugar Baby, Peppermint

Link Here 19th February 2017

Happy sign I popped into Happy on Tuesday night. It was much improved with some new topless girls and a lot of the old Girls back. I only counted 15 Coyote Dancers.

There was good music, as always, and a good atmosphere. Let's hope the improvement continues and it gets back to normal, which was the best a-go-go in Pattaya.


I popped into Sugar Baby last week, it was a most forgettable experience.

There were not many Girls, most of them below average. The girls on the mats were doing nothing.

I had no contact from any girl, there was no atmosphere.

I won't be going back in a hurry.


I popped into Peppermint last week. I sat at the stage. I was the only punter at the stage,

I reach retirement age next year and the 8 Girls on stage didn't look if they would be far behind me.

I wouldn't pay 500 Baht to shag any of them, let alone the 4000 Baht the management want. They were replaced after 20 mins by some younger girls but there we're no stunners on show. There was a girl on the other stage with amazing tits but she was in Happy last night.

I think Peppermint was the best a-go-go in town when it was upstairs, but pretty poor now.


  One super and one not...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Windmill and Super Girl

Link Here 15th February 2017

Windmill frontage I popped into the Windmill Club on Soi Diamond the other Saturday, and it was a very pleasant experience,

It was very busy but I managed to find a seat.

Lots of attractive Girls, wearing not many clothes.

The girls were very friendly, 2 girls on the mat were calling me over for some pussy licking. I wasn't in the mood but I gave them 50 Baht each for remembering me,

A good place for a beer.

I popped into Super Girl also on Soi Diamond the other day.

Super Girl I sat at the stage, there were 12 topless girls on the stage, mostly attractive.

I failed to gain eye contact with any of them, after 15 mins, a mamasang came over and asked me if I would like to buy a Girl a drink. I explained that as I was unable to establish contact with any of the Girls, I wouldn't. She spoke to 2 of the girls indicating me and they just laughed.

I finished my draft beer and left. As I reached the door 2 of the girls who were now sitting round a table looked at me. I said it's too late now, and left.

Very strange place, perhaps it was because I was not Chinese?


  Beach Music...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Shark Club

Link Here 3rd February 2017

Shark on Soi 15 On Soi 15 not Overmind Club, but Spice Club at the previous location of Beach Club has been renamed SHARK, and this in VERY BIG LETTERS. Apparently they recycled the old signage.

At first sight the interior has remained unchanged.

The dancers went on stage in teams of about ten. At least 80% of them were double-topped and double-bottomed coyotes in black fishnet tights; about 10% were clad in a black string and black fishnet stay-up stockings and about 10% in black fishnet stay-up stockings only, apart from their stilettos that is.

I did not see bikini dancers. As was the case in the last year of the upstairs version of Shark Club A-GoGo, the topless and naked girls were by far the best lookers. I would never waste a penny on one of the overdressed fuglies/fatties.

On a more positive note (literally) the music consisted of rock, beach music and popular hits, such as Tom Jones' Sex Bomb.

The lighting was adequate.

There were not too many customers, but as this place is less spacious than the former upstairs location, it did not strike as much.

One of the mamasans told me she was 45 years old and had been living in Pattaya with her family for 30 years.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 150 baht.


  Come Alone...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Come Together

Link Here 3rd February 2017

come togetherOn Third Road Soi 33, at the previous location of Le Carré Blanc , Come Together has opened. The entrance is behind the corner now.

The bar counter with some bar stools is near this new entrance. There are some bar stools more along the outer wall (in fact curtains in front of windows), a sofa and a small curtained-off area. No ST rooms. It looked less dark and even sleazier than in its previous incarnation.

I saw four or five old fuglies that I would not even have touched with a bargepole, but that is me. I was told BJ was 500 + 300 baht and FS 1,000 + 300 baht.

The female I spoke to said she had 'men' (menstruation) and hence did only smoke . I would not be surprised if everybody there had 'men' every day of the week. Behind me a gentleman sitting on a bar stool was being smoked .

Unsurprisingly all other patrons appeared to be frogs. (When I was young political correctness was not yet invented and racism was rampant. Our Dutch neighbours were considered clean people (not yet coffee shops by then) and the French the dirtiest bastards on earth, with the possible exception of the Chosen People .

Some sixty years ago our school trips started at 5 or 6 a.m. and consisted of swallowing as many kilometres as possible and as much lemonade as possible. Although there were hardly any motorways by then, the objective was to cover as many provinces as possible. Once it was decided to even cross the French border from the province of Namur.

In those pre-Schengen times it took at least half an hour of negotiations with the customs people before we could cross the border into the village of Givet. After 10 or 20 metres on French soil we were already convinced: France was even dirtier and more underdeveloped than Wallonia.)

Open 2 p.m. until 12 p.m.

Bottled Heineken 95 baht.



Pattaya Bar Reviews: Club Sin

Link Here 31st January 2017

club sinOn Soi Full Love Inn one more hostess bar with doorbell has opened: Sin Club.

As most bars on that strip (i.e. with the exception of Le Carr39 Blanc which is double unit and Pirates which is one and a half unit) it is a narrow single-unit bar.

On the signs the name is spelt both Sin Club and Club Sin .

The bar appears to be part of Bryan Flowers's empire.

(On the same strip another smallish, presumably Japanese themed, bar by the same group is taking shape: J Club.)

The layout of Sin Club is nothing to write home about: a bar counter with bar stools on the right-hand side and one curtained-off area to the rear.

I was their only customer and saw about six mediocre girls around the thirty-year mark.

Barfine 300 baht, room upstairs or curtained-off area downstairs included, FS 1,000 baht.

Bottled Heineken 90 baht.


  Easy Going...

Pattaya Bar Reviews: Bamboo Entertainment

Link Here 29th January 2017
Bamboo Entertainment signLast night Overmind Club (both entrances) was dark once more. That seems to become a chronic disease.

On upper Soi Khao Talo Happy Moon's Bar has become The Secret.

Bamboo Bar on Pattayatai near Walking Street appears to be a real gold mine. It is always crowded from early on, with most Thai females arriving between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m.

Live music, mostly hits from the previous century such as My Way , and a dance floor in front of the singers and orchestra.

A lot of mature birds there (but not all) and many of them heading for the Walking Street discos later at night, often in teams of two or three.

Going fees are 1,000 baht ST and 1,500-2,000 baht LT, no barfine.

It is hit or miss if you will find a girl who fits the bill, but the easy-going atmosphere helps with the vetting and I have never met a starfish there.

The Pattaya Beer Garden formula however does not seem to work well, probably because punters cannot as casually roam there.

No "check bins" at Bamboo Bar, but immediate payment.

I presume they apply dual pricing with Thais paying much less. Some Thai females (probably the more hardened pros) are drinking alcopops or sharing bottles of Thai spirits, but the majority are sparingly nursing their still water, soda water or coca cola.

If you pay with a 1,000-baht note the waiter or waitress will give you a plastic badge as proof of payment until they bring the change.

That being said I have made it a habit of always carrying enough small cash and changing the higher denominations at trusted places such as restaurants, supermarkets and the post office.

Bottled Heineken 140 baht.



Pattaya Bar Reviews: Velvet Club

Link Here 28th January 2017

velvet club cardOn the left-hand side of Pattayatai Soi 16 near Soi Bongkod Soi 5 Velvet Club "Bar Club Hôtesses" has opened.

In front, probably because of frequent floods in that area, are three steps leading to the door. As usual this door was opened before I could ring the bell.

The interior is rather stylish.  I was told they have ST rooms upstairs, included in the 300 baht barfine.

The girls were average with the exception of an also overdressed 20-year-old slim girl from Sisaket. Although she was apparently new to the trade and extremely shy, I discovered she had a nice B rack and a tight belly.  I understood that she had kept her shape by breastfeeding her 1-year-old baby. The others said her fee was 1,500 baht, but I declined as her English was so poor that it was impossible to find out the kind of service she would be providing.

The only other customers were some farangs chatting together in the back of the bar.

It would not surprise me if Velvet Club had ownership connections with Geisha Bar off Third Road.

Bottled Heineken 100 baht, lady drinks ("fortified" apple juice) 130 baht.


  Singin' the same old song...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Sexy Girls A-GoGo

Link Here 22nd January 2017

Sexy Girls At Sexy Girls A-GoGo on Soi 8 not much has changed.

Albeit a tad too loud, the rock, pop and country music has come back with songs such as Rhinestone Cowboy .

The dancers were clad in red bikinis or topless in red strings.

Apart from one half-decent girl in a red string and a much too big bra, all the others were fat/fatter/fattest and ugly/uglier/ugliest.

The naked jacuzzi girl was on the chubby side, but not so in the "upstairs department". She had several tattoos, among them a pistol pointing at her private parts.

Four or five other customers.

BEWARE: "automatic tipping", i.e. small change is not returned spontaneously.

Bottled Heineken 130 baht now, up from 120 baht.


  Beach Erosion...

Too many coyotes at Beach Club and Happy

Link Here 13th January 2017

beach club soi happy I went to beach Club last night and it was about 25% smaller, the end nearer Walking Street has gone, probably to Bypass. There were some topless girls, but I counted over 20 Coyote Dancers, Not many punters.

So I went into Happy, a bit busier, but still more than half empty. Again loads on Coyote Dancers. What is Happening? No one is going to fly 5000 miles and spend thousands of pounds to see girls in shorts, sports bra's and T-shirts. Is this a deliberate ploy by Happy Group? or are Coyote Dancers all they can get? Their profits must have Dived over the last 6 months.


  A new price jump...

Frog Bar opens a GoGo on Walking Street

Link Here 6th January 2017

frog signOn Walking Street, right of Frog's Bar and probably connected to it, a nameless gogo has opened. Ishi suggests that it is called Frog Queen Super model.

It is narrow and cheaply laid out with a central stage with four chrome poles, double-tier seating on the right-hand side and single-tier seating on the left-hand side.

The seating and very narrow unstable tables in front of it are of the poorest quality I have ever seen in a gogo.

lip shaped pastiesMost of the dancers were clad in white coyote outfits, but there were also some in white string bikinis who went topless on stage, two of them wearing pink lip-shaped pasties. Most of them were rather tall, too fat and silicone enhanced.

Very loud music and disturbing laser beams.

I got a drink spilt over my clothes, not sure if it was because of a clumsy movement by a waitress, a mamasan or the customers sat behind me.

BEWARE: I had to insist and wait to receive my change.

Bottled Heineken 150 baht, lady drinks 210 (!) baht, model drinks 250 (!!) baht


  Stairway to Heaven...

Pattaya bar news and reviews

Link Here 24th December 2016

On Walking Street Naam Bar has disappeared due the new Midnight Pattaya development around Soi BJ.

On Soi LK Metro Armageddon Bar has closed and the builders are in. According to their website they will become a gogo, one more. As it is a double-unit shophouse it will at least not be as cramped as Kaos A-GoGo, also on Soi LK Metro.

On Soi 15 Club Mistys has had its fa ç ade aligned with that of Sapphire Club next door. I wonder what the empty space behind the new fa ç ade will be used for, an eating area for the girls ?

In front of Kiss A-GoGo on Soi LK Metro is a prominent BUSINESS FOR SALE banner now. Are they fearing going broke and looking for a sucker with more money than brains ?

On Soi Diamond the expensive Night Train Bar has become Pearl in the Soi Diamond . I wonder if the same prices apply.

Windmill frontageThe Windmill Club A-GoGo on Soi Diamond has an upstairs section now, which is a bit quieter than the ground floor.

On the left-hand side are factory-style metal stairs leading to it. Even the stairs to the defunct Tramps A-GoGo on the right-hand side were more comfortable.

The music was deafening, but the dancers were all but shy. No coyotes to be seen.

Near the new stairs I saw a for-sale notice for G-Spot Pattaya on Walking Street.

Bottled Heineken at Windmill 160 baht now.


  Not so high...

Pattaya GoGo Reviews: Happy and Sweethearts

Link Here 23rd December 2016

Happy signStill very quiet last night, I got a baht bus straight away, no traffic, straight into Walking Street (from Jomtien).

No hoards of Chinese tourists in Walking Street.

Popped into Happy A-GoGo , although It's debatable if it warrants that title much longer.

There were about 40 Coyote Dancers, they came on the stage one after the other. Most of them were not even attractive. It was over 1 hour before a Bikini dancer made it to the stage.

It was only half full and Punters did not stay long, no one appeared interested in the coyote dancers. Only a couple were sitting with punters, consequently there was little atmosphere.

The Show Girls were good as always.

One to miss if you're looking for sexy women.

On the other hand Sweethearts was great a real party atmosphere. Everyone was having a great time with lots of Sexy Girls.


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