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Updated: Hello Darling...

Tee Rak A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here 21st February 2019
Tee Rak A-GoGo opened on 14th February 2019 in half of the venue that was once Moon A-GoGo.

Tee-Rak is the 79th GoGo operating around Pattaya.

Update: Yes darling

 21st February 2019. Thanks to Ishi of (Japanese language)

Tee Rak; opened on 20th Feb. It didn't open on 14th. Because they didn't get licence on 14th Feb. The boss and I talked about this in the Tee Rak on 14th Feb. I know some girls were in front of Tee Rak with the board of Yes A-Gogo. The same Chinese owns Yes and Tee Rak.




A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 16th February 2019

Walking street On Saturday night was like the M25 at rush hour only with tourists who don't let you cross the road into Peppermint . Opposite the sports bar Champions has reopened with the ping pong shows upstairs.

Peppermint was very quiet, 5 customers when I arrived but was buzzing after 10 pm when the place filled up with mostly Farang Punters. There were the usual attractive Girls in black Bikini's, 3 Topless Girls, all 3 very long in the tooth. The Girls in the Doll House were just as good and they were virtually naked, but Peppermint has the better atmosphere.

Stayed for two Draft Beers and moved on to Pin-Up. I won't be having a picture of this agogo on my wall. The Seating was ok but the Music was too loud. It was too cramped, they'd tried to fit too much into a small space. It was very busy, extremely noisy. Draft Beer was a reasonable 90 b for a Half Pint but Lady Drinks were a rip off at 200b.

There were a lot of Girls, the usual mixture of Topless Dancers and Coyote Dancers, many I had seen before in other agogo's like Airport, Living Dolls, Panda Club and sleeping beauty from Supergirl.

Some people will like it but I won't be going back in a hurry. Not bad but too cramped.

Followed into Baccara for a bit of peace and quiet. Got a seat at the Stage, with usual quantity of silicone on show. Later the showgirls came on, not very exciting, all the good dancers were out or have left. They were followed by the Girls from upstairs coming on the Main Stage. This is a good initiative, but I think brought on by the lack of Dancers. You used to be able to sit in Baccara for an hour without seeing the same Girl twice, but now it's more like 20 mins.

The Upstairs Girls were wearing Rah Rah skirts with nothing underneath. There were a few cute ones and 3 with very large Tits. Something unusual happened 2 of the Cute Girls were smiling at me. I'm totally ignored by the downstairs Dancers, who are very quick to chat up Asian men.

Stayed for 1 Beer and Moved onto the Shark Club , this was very busy. Sat with usual Girl Ray, There were 3 Thai ladies sitting opposite me and they were buying ping pong balls and throwing 20 Baht notes into the air. Stayed for 1 Beer and headed home.




A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 13th February 2019

Popped into walking street last night, not very busy, no trouble getting a Baht Bus.

Started in The Doll House, not a very invigorating visit. There were a lot of very attractive Girls including about 5 skinny ones. They were mostly dressed in very short Rah Rah Skirts with nothing underneath and open fronted blouses. There were a few naked birds and a few Coyotes. I prefer the Girls with some clothing to naked. Not that it made any difference, apart from a couple of Birds that smiled at me, I was totally ignored.

To make things worse the Girls do not move around the Stage, so you are stuck looking at the same view for 15 mins. The Girl in front of me had very long pussy lips which was nice. There was a lot of Pussy on show, the fashion at the moment seems to be Hairy.

it's the sort of place where you have to be a regular. The Draft Beer was very nice and there was a 2 for 1 offer on shorts during happy hour, but the music was terrible. So I sat there bored for 30 mins and I certainly won't be going back soon, unless they change the Music.

Totally different in the Lighthouse , I had 2 stunning Girls sitting with me before I'd ordered a beer. There were only 2 punters in when I entered but there were half a dozen cute girls outside and they brought in the Asian men in, so the place was nearly full when I left. Some very attractive Girls, a couple of them naked. The Draft Beer was good and the music was good. Totally different atmosphere to the Doll House,

Followed into Fahrenheit which fairly busy with a lot of attractive Girls. The Coyote Dancers were on when I first entered but were soon replaced by the Topless Dancers. A lot of silicone on show this week. Sat with Om from Baccara who has very large silicone tits, she has a slim body so the Combination looks good, and Lek from Sweethearts, and many other Bars, Fonn was sitting in front of me with big fat english guy who was having a good time Stayed to watch the Topless Dancers round again and headed home, a quiet night.



A new pin...

Pin-up A-GoGo opens on Walking Street

Link Here 12th February 2019
Pin-up A-GoGo opened on 12th February 2019 on Walking Street. It is a new venue located at the corner of Soi BJ.

There are now 78 GoGos open around Pattaya.



Updated: Return to Nature...

Bar openings

Link Here 12th February 2019

Nature Bar on Soi 6 has re-opened on 10th Feb after a little down time.

Tee Rak A-GoGo new for Walking Street had promised a 9th opening but didn't quite make it.


Tee Rak A-GoGo is now scheduled to open on 14th February.

Meanwhile another new GoGo is taking shape on Soi Luck Star just off Walking Street at the venue that was previous Champion A-GoGo (and once The Blues Factory). The new bar will be known as Republic A-GoGo.




A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 9th February 2019

Popped into Walking Street Saturday evening it was very busy, took me 25 minutes to get a bus.

Started in the Sapphire Club, it was very lively with the usual array of beautiful Girls. I ouldn't see who it was but someone was ringing the Bell, buying lots of ping pong balls and throwing large quantities of 20 Baht notes on the Stage, which always livens things up, with the Girls throwing themselves everywhere in an effort to get the money. First thing I do when this starts is grab hold of my Beer, so it doesn't get knocked over.

One very cute young Girl had Sugar Daddy Tattooed on her very nice Bum. I was musing ,would I'd be able to read it when she was sitting on my face?

Followed into Happy which was really Buzzing. There were over 20 young Coyote Dancers on the main Stage and 6 more on the small stage. There were some very cute Girls all from Beach Club. None of them looked in my direction of course. Then a Girl I recognized Nok walked past, she saw me and came over for a drink. There were 3 or 4 other Girls I recognized from beach club they all came over to say hello. They made a huge difference as Happy had become very stale. These Girls from Beach Club really livened things up.

The Showgirls came on and stripped to nothing but they turned the lights down so you could not see too much. Someone Chucked in a Basket of Balls but the Girls were very careful about how they picked them up, so no pussy on show like in the good old days. Haven't seen Happy this entertaining in years.

No sign of any Building work. I wanted to ask Nok why Beach Club had closed, but the music was very loud. Grabbed a Kebab and headed home,



Lost pensions...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 7th February 2019

I popped into Walking Street last night, everywhere was very busy with Tourists, much busier than Saturday.

Had a lot of difficulty getting a Baht Bus, waited about15 mins, there was no shortage of Buses but the Bastards wouldn't stop. Two stopped, then when I moved to get on they drove off and 1 driver stopped, then saw 3 people 30 yards up the road and drove on.

Got one eventually and there were 3 Aussies aboard, a young man about 30 and 2 middle aged ladies, they'd come from Bangkok where they saw a ping pong show. They said the ladies were too old. We were talking about pensions and they said that Australia was stopping paying Pensions to ex-pats in 3 months. I hope they don't get that Idea in the UK. It's a disgrace if it's true.

One lady couldn't breathe because of the bad air, I didn't notice it at all but I had the same problem the first time I went to the Philippines.

Popped into Bliss which was very lively. Some very attractive Girls. No Model show as most of the models had gone to the Lighthouse, May and Ice were still there. There were 3 Topless Dancers and May Danced nude. The biggest of the big waitresses called El, was saying she remembered me from Peppermint when it was upstairs where the Marine Disco is now. She said her friend was called Pat who I once barfined about 10 years ago. El was a Table Top Dancer, you'd have to make the Table out of Steel now, haha how do these Girls remember us after so much time?

Had a couple of Draft Beers and moved onto the Panda Club . It was very busy but managed to get a seat where 2 Thai ladies were just finishing their Drinks, I recognized one, she used to work in  Waow's Pub in Jomtien 10 years ago, not as a Bar Girl but helping out. Last time I saw her was a couple of years ago in Sweethearts.

Lot's of lovely Girls in Panda club, Sat with Sisters Koy and Nun. Nun had a stunning friend who weighed 35 kilos and she was average height. There were some lovely Tits on show as usual.

Stayed for I Beer and moved onto the Shark Club . It was very busy but I managed to get a reasonable seat. There was an Asian man sitting on my right, I couldn't see him but he was making a lot of noise buying drinks for 3 hostesses. Later he moved, he was Japanese and he was shouting using a lot of hand signals and shouting things like hoy and Good and the Girls were falling about laughing. I'm sure they would all the time he was getting the drinks in. I know 7 Girls in there but none of them were in, so I had a cheap visit and went home,




News from Soi 6

Link Here 4th February 2019
My Friend You towards the 2nd Road end of Soi 6 was famously known as blow job bar with fun on the couches. It has now transformed into an open bar after a short renovation. Surely a loss of a Soi 6 icon.

Amnesia bar has taken over from the Bunny Club. It is located on the south side of the street by Smoke and Mirrors.

According to posts on the Pattaya forums, dancing girls may now be found at Maggie Choos.



New signings...

Walking Street GoGos in progress

Link Here 3rd February 2019
There are the logos for two new A-GoGos, Tee Rak and Pin-up, taking shape on Walking Street:

Meanwhile the New Living Dolls One venue that has been empty for sometime is being merged into the East European XO Club.



Piling on...

A walking Street Blog

Link Here 2nd February 2019

It was quiet in Walking Street on Saturday night.

Started in Peppermint with nothing much to report, a few attractive Birds. I sat with May, very cute but kept she talking about the Backstop.

Stayed for a couple of Draft Beers and headed into Wild Cats. Not a great move, they've started a group for weight watchers. 3/4 of the Girls were 5-10 kilos overweight and for some reason they all wanted to sit on me.

Sat with Barbie 10 kilos overweight and Mae 5 kilos overweight, and 2 other girls both 10 kilos overweight who kept trying to get drinks off me. I stayed for 1 Draft Beer. One of the Fat Birds a lovely Hugh Jarce,

Popped into Baccara for a draft Beer, crowded but got a seat at the stage. No worry about Fat Birds sitting on you there. There were a few, but they are not interested in Farangs.  Something happened I've never seen before, the Girls swopped over, with the Girls upstairs dancing down stairs and vice versa. I'd never seen any of the upstairs Girls before so it was a nice change.Some cute Girls on show. They used to shut upstairs at 1 am with the Girls coming downstairs, don't know if they still do it. A Fat Coyote Dancer took her top off, she had a nice pair. It worked she soon got picked off the Stage.

Got home in time to watch the Second half of the Rugby, so it turned into a good night.



Washed away...

Beach Club A-GoGo closes

Link Here 1st February 2019

Beach Club on Soi Happy closed on 31st Jan.

Ishi reports that in building works over the next couple of months, the dividing wall to sister bar Happy A-GoGo will be removed and the Beach Club space will be merged into Happy.

Beach Club moved from Soi 15 in March 2016 but had been open for a long time in the Soi 15 venue.

There are now 77 GoGos open around Pattaya.



The Lighthouse is Bliss...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 30th January 2019

I popped out to walking Street for a few Beers Last night, it was not very busy.

I started in the Light House , well I think it was the Lighthouse. The Waitress who served me was from Bliss, previously Sweethearts and Private Dancer. When I looked at the Stage, all the Dancers were from Bliss. They were even wearing the same all over black fishnet body stocking. I was confused for a couple of minutes, Kik the Waitress (another new name) said Bliss no good.

There were a mixture of nude, topless and bottomless Dancers, most from Bliss. The best one was totally naked and put on a very good show with the girl next to her. There were 10 punters in but I was the only one spending any money as usual. I gave the 3 best looking Girls a 100 b.

Then a young English Guy came in with a Thai Bird and was sitting next to me. He told her to Give the very attractive Naked Bird some Money. It looked like a 100b but the Dancer pushed it away, then she agreed to take it and the Man about 40 lay down on the Stage between the Dancers legs and she pissed on his Face. He loved it, he got up with some difficulty wiping his face and smiling.

Had a couple of Draft Beers and passed into Fahrenheit , I was lucky Lek was not in, the Waitress tried to tell me where she was but I didn't understand what she was saying.

There were 3 Groups of 20 Girls, one in white and Black Coyote, one in white and yellow Coyote, and the third group in Black Bikini. The Girls removing their tops after a few minutes. There were some very cute young Girls with lovely natural Tits. I only saw 2 or 3 Girls with Silicone enhancement and the natural ones were so much better. It was the best group of Topless Dancers I have seen and they did not put their Tops back on when they left the Stage either, which was really nice. The Coyote Dancers were also very attractive,

A Farang came in with 4 Girls and was sitting in front of me to my right, the Girls were giving him a really good going over. The Girl nearest to me was a little Chubby but attractive and she was well gone Drinking San Miguel. She was up dancing in the Aisles, very entertaining.

There was a young Chinaman sitting on my right, he had a string of Girls coming up to him but none of them got a drink out of him. I sat with a slim attractive Coyote Dancer, I had seen her before but could not remember where. Bumped into Viking, he's got even Bigger, Stayed to see the Topless Dancers round again, all the Girls Danced for 20 mins and then went home.

A very entertaining evening.



The Blues...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 27th January 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday Evening, it was very busy.

Started in the Sapphire club which was full with Girls and Punters. The usual array of lovely Girls on show. I had a pint of Draft Tiger which was very nice, yet I don't like Bottled Tiger Beer.

An English Guy sitting next to me was knocking back the San Miguel's, he had 5 in an hour. How do these people do it? (why do they do it)? I can't drink that many in a whole evening.

I sat there on my own for an hour as my usual Girls were not in, so it looked like a cheap visit. Then I got set upon by 3 lovely Girls, a Topless Dancer with Big Knockers Called Goy, a very cute small Girl called G, I didn't really want to buy her a drink as she has Chelsea tattooed on her very ample thigh (I'm a Spurs man), and a tall girl called Sa, who was very good at massage.

Stayed for another half an hour and left for Happy . The Coyote Dancers were on the Stage when I entered, they were wearing Rah Rah Skirts and a G-String, there were some very cute Girls. They were followed by the Bikini Dancers, some attractive Girls,  2 of them with Tit's out. There was no show while I was there although there were 7 showgirls present. Maybe I missed it?

I stayed for 1 Draft Beer and headed for Soi 15. Popped into the Shark Club which was fairly quiet. Apple and her sister Ray were back. Apple had lost weight and looked much better, she said she'd been running. The Girls were dressed in traditional coloured Coyote outfits not very Sexy, apart from the showgirls who were in Bikini's, which suited the Girls much more.

The Girls got some food it was small doughy Balls in a spicy sauce, I didn't like them much but they were knocking them back. Stayed for 1 Draft Beer and headed home about 1-15 am,



The nature of change...

News from Soi 6

Link Here 24th January 2019
Nature Bar on Soi 6 has put up its shutters for reasons not yet apparent.

The long running 'fun on the couches' bar has also gone dark, but it seems that this is down to renovations

My Friend You is S12 and "Nature Bar" is S50 on Ishi's Soi 6 map .



Updated: Moved On...

Mandarin A-GoGo merged into Bypass, and other GoGo news

Link Here 21st January 2019
Mandarin A-GoGo on Walking Street has announced that it will merge into Bypass , also on Walking Street, on 18th January.

Meanwhile the upstairs A-GoGo on the upper floor of the Walking Street end of Soi Diamond is set to re-open as The Catwalk A-GoGo . The bar was previously Overmind, and before that Shark.


Tee Rak A-GoGo is now taking shape on the corner of Walking Street and Soi Diamond. The name means 'darling' in Thai. (Although Thai girls often joke say 'darkling' which means something more like monkey's arse).


And indeed Mandarin closed on the appointed day. So there are now 78 GoGos operating around Pattaya.



Not in the mood...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 20th January 2019

Popped out to Walking street last night it was fairly busy.

I started in Peppermint which just over half full. Some young and cute Girls as usual. I sat with a lovely young Girl with a wonderful face and Smile, I'd seen her before but not for several months. It livened up about half past Ten when a group of Farangs came in and started throwing baskets of ping pong Balls around. Only 3 topless Girls and no showgirls.

Stayed for 2 Draft Beers and moved on to Baccara , which was full as usual. It's always a cheap drink in there as the Girls are interested in the free spending Asians. Lots of Attractive Girls with Large Silicone Tits but no young Girls apart from 6 Coyote Dancers, but they were all on the Fat side. No show Girls while I was there for an hour.

Had a Draft Beer and moved on to the Shark Club . This was very quiet, full of punters but no atmosphere. There was the Usual Asian guy playing paper.,rock, scissors. He bought 10 shots for 900b and put a 100b under each one. He was playing with 3 Girls, so whoever lost got the Shot and a 100, What a mug. None of my Birds were in so I had another cheap visit, had one Draft Beer and headed home.

A very Dull evening, or was I just not in the mood?



No More Secrets...

Bar news from around Pattaya

Link Here 18th January 2019
Secrets hostess bar on Soi 14 is set to close in March 2019. It will then be reworked as one of the chain of Scooters Bars. The Hotel and restaurant will remain as Secrets.

Secrets has been influential in Pattaya since it opened in 2006. In particular its forum was one of the major sources of Pattaya information for many years. Perhaps its decline could be down to social media taking over as the dominant internet medium.

Another iconic institution from many years ago was the Winchester Club on Soi Wat Boon, South Jomtien. It was very much a forerunner of today's gentlemen's clubs. It is now springing back to life under new ownership.

Another complex in the Soi 7 and Soi 8 area has gone to dust. It was located on the small cross soi connecting sois 7 and 8. JD Bar has closed on Soi 8 whilst Lek's Classroom Bar 2 has closed on the cross soi between Soi 7 and Pattaya Klang.

On Soi Buakhao we have lost the Unique Blue Sports Bar , Seventh Heaven and the Three Lords . Pleasure Hut has also closed but is replaced by Rocker Bar

On Soi 6 Miss B Haven has closed presumably after getting into serious trouble after a police raid.



A double kiss on the pink before screwing back into the bottom pocket...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 17th January 2019

Popped out to Walking Street last night about 11pm, I was watching the Masters Snooker.

It was fairly busy but a Shortage of Girls everywhere.

Started in Bliss which was very Lively. Nana was back from visiting her mum. She was wearing an all over black body stocking with no crotch and no knickers.

There was a slim very attractive Naked Dancer called May who kept pushing her pussy towards me, I bought her a Tequila she was pissed but she usually is. There a chubby Girl with a lovely Face and Big Knockers called Mai who was Dancing Topless.  Bought her a drink also.

Stayed for one Beer and moved on to the Panda Club . This was well down on Girls as well, less than half the normal number.

I Sat with A Girl called Mae from the Sapphire Club, she is very well built with a lovely face and a hugh Jarce. She's a Coyote Dancer but she showed me her Tit's. they were very nice, a Good size. Another Girl came over for her drink, she said her name was 'Popular'. She didn't speak much English but Mae was translating, she was very friendly if you know what I mean, and said I was Horny, haha.

Stayed for one Draft Beer and Headed home.



Blue shows, Happy shows and acrobats...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 13th January 2019

Popped into Walking Street on Saturday night, the roads were very busy, Walking Street was heaving, not with the usual Coach Parties of Asian Tourists, but with Punters.

Started in the Sapphire Club which was very busy, the usual array of beautiful Girls on show. I was sitting on my own for most of time before Katie and Mo came over for a drink.

There was a new feature of a Cabaret with 5 Girls wearing Bra, Small white Tops and extremely Baggy Denim Shorts, cut down from Jeans. Katie was saying Sexy Girls, and checking my Heart, but  I'm afraid it was an extremely boring 15 mins, it was very un sexy and tedious. They said they'd be back later, luckily I'd gone before that. The Girls were knocking the drinks back in 5 mins, so as I'd seen all the Girls I paid up and left.

Then decided to give Happy a try, and got the surprise of my life when the Showgirls came on, and not only that they stripped down to nothing, thats the first time since the old King died. There were two groups of Dancers one with Bikini's and one with Coyote Dancers who were wearing Rah Rah Skirts and G-string with a small Jacket Top.

Sat with Bikini Dancer Bang and Coyote Mae who has a Hugh Jarce so looked very good in the Short Skirt. Mae's sister also turned up as I was dishing out some Tips, she's Tall Slim and very attractive.

Stayed for one Beer and moved on to the Shark Club. It was packed with only Space to sit at the Stage but someone left before my Beer arrived and got a good seat. The Acrobatic Girls were on Stage, they put on a superb show on the poles as usual. They should be in a Circus, the best Cabaret I've seen. the Manager of the Sapphire club should take a look.

Sat with Polly, She has a very pretty Face and is very Friendly, A little on the Chubby Side with a Hugh Jarce. She was wearing a Rah Rah skirt and G-String, so very sexy, with a small jacket top.

Nui, Del's sister, was sitting next to me, she is very Small and was bouncing up and down on a chinaman's lap. I said to Polly if you did that I'd end up in Hospital, so she stuck one ample leg over mine. later Polly's sister Money came over, she was very attractive. The Mamasang came over and asked me where my Girls were, by that she meant, Pie, Del And Ray. I said you should know, you're the Mamasang? They weren't in the Bar.

Stayed for one Beer and headed home.



A low bench mark...

A Walking Street Blog

Link Here 9th January 2019

Popped into Walking Street last night. The roads were fairly quiet, Walking Street was busy without being overcrowded.

Started in Peppermint which was quiet with 12-15 punters. Some nice new Girls on show. The lady I was sitting with was pointing out all the 19 yr olds, some very nice ones. The Manager has Died, he was 55, of smoking. Cancer I assume.

Stayed for a Couple of Beers and then thought I'd try the New Harem . It was quite nice to start with, attractive Girls on the Stage, 8 Topless Dancers. There were 3 Girls from Happy and several other faces I knew.

But when I sat down on the Bench seating, I got an uncomfortable shock.  I assume the seats were made by a passing group of Dwarves, they were low and very narrow and there was plenty of leg room so it did not make sense. Apart from the seating it was quite acceptable, I soon paid up and left.

Passed into Baccara which was very busy as usual. What was unusual was it was full of Farangs. I was sitting next to a young man about 30, all the girls who ignore me were trying to chat him up, but then a very attractive Girl tried her luck and they moved to the back of the room.

A very Ignorant Chinaman came and sat next to me and was blowing smoke in the air, I was trying to wave the smoke away, but he ignored my efforts, so I had to move, why do they allow smoking in a-go-go's it's illegal? Anne came down from upstairs for a drink, Hobnob had a day off. I don't like it upstairs as you can't see the Girls Tud's, stayed for 1 Beer and headed home,







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