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Dolphin Beer...

Introduction of a new beer, Pattaya Lager

Link Here12th December 2012

All Pattaya's society big wigs got together for a promotional party to introduce a new beer from Pattaya, unimaginatively named Pattaya Lager.

From the label it seems that the brewer is sticking to the Thai convention of beers being associated with animals. Perhaps the beer will be become known as Dolphin Beer.

The party pictures reveal a snappy promotional line:

Come Pattaya, Drink Pattaya

It might even take off!

However reports suggest that the beer will be premium priced similarly to Heineken. Perhaps therefore will only appeal to novelty seeking tourists.



Jet Skis, Robberies and Double Pricing...

Pattaya has a reputation amongst Russians as being unsafe

Link Here30th November 2012

Russian Federation Consul Andrey Dvornikov told police and city officials that, due to increasing crime against tourists, Pattaya is gaining a growing reputation back home for being unsafe.

At a Nov. 19 meeting between Thai and Russian officials and tour operators, the embassy counselor cited the increasing frequency of gold and handbag snatches and hotel burglaries, saying crimes are being reported in Russia with many travelers forming negative impressions of safety in Pattaya.

The Russian consul also was critical of Thai officials for the common practice of hotels taking tourists passports. He said passports were property of the Russian government and that Thai officials showed negligence in instructing hotels to demand and hold them.

The deputy mayor also addressed the city's highest-profile tourist problem: jet skis. He said the long-running extortion and intimidation scandal has gotten the notice of Prime Minister Yingluck Shinawatra, who designated the country's national security director to oversee resolution of the issue. In the meantime the Jet ski scam is continuing unabated.



Bizarre New Restaurant...

Cabbages and Condoms restaurant chain expands into Britain

Link Here26th November 2012

Britain's tabloid newspaper, The Daily Mail, has spotted the Thai restaurant chain opening a branch in Bicester near Oxford.

The Daily Mail reports:

Sexual advice with your soup, sir? Bizarre new restaurant is first in the UK to offer family planning leaflets with your meal

After a nice meal out you might get the added bonus of a mint or a chocolate when your bill arrives at the end of the night.

But when it comes to paying at a new restaurant in Oxford you might get a little more than you bargained for.

That's because health conscious eatery Cabbages and Condoms is set to become the first in the UK to issue leaflets on protective sex when your meal ends.

The name of the eatery refers to the idea that people should buy condoms alongside everyday mundane items such as cabbages. Merchandise: Customers can buy condom themed goods like mugs, keyrings and books

And if the name wasn't strange enough it also comes with the slogan And remember, our food is guaranteed not to cause pregnancy.'



Britain Closed...

Jomtien consulate closed

Link Here21st November 2012

Following months of speculation, the British Embassy in Bangkok have now confirmed on their website that the British Consulate in Jomtien will close.

The British Ambassador to Thailand, Mark Kent made the announcement in a statement issued on the British Embassy Website confirming the closure of the British Consulate which has shocked many in the British community here in Pattaya.

Former British Honorary Consul Howard Miller said:

I am shocked by the decision. When I was Honorary Consul, the Consulate was not only busy but for many of the elderly British residents of Pattaya, it was an essential local service which allowed them a local link with the Embassy and would save them a trip to Bangkok to receive documentation for long-stay visas which Immigration require them to present with their visa application. I am also puzzled as to why they would keep a Consulate open in Chiang Mai that sees less than a third of the business and consular cases compared to the Pattaya Consulate. I can only hope that they will look to reconsider the decision as soon as they can.

The Ambassador confirmed that a new British Honorary Consul will be appointed in Pattaya but consular cases will be dealt with by the Consular section of the British Embassy.

The closure date for the Pattaya Consulate has yet to be confirmed.

Update: Closed

21st November 2012. See  article from

Britain’s expat community in Pattaya is loudly mourning the closure of the local consulate in Jomtien after less than four years of service. The British embassy in Bangkok earlier this month announced that the consulate would close permanently on Thursday November 22 because we are changing the way we provide consular services for British nationals in Pattaya and the surrounding area. [ie making them travel to Bangkok].



Offsite Article: Can sleazy Pattaya change its image?...

Link Here13th September 2012
What British TV says about Pattaya

See article from



Just Scratching the Surface...

New rules to hopefully rid Pattaya of its jet ski extortion racket

Link Here4th September 2012

Stricter rules for jet ski operators have been proposed by city officials at the Pattaya Administration office.

The action aims to tackle the long-standing problem of crooked jet ski operators claiming that renters damaged the craft during the rental, and extorting large sums of money for bogus repairs. Threats and violence have been used against protesting tourists. Several foreign embassies now warn their countrymen not to rent jet skis in Pattaya.

A committee chaired by Pattaya's deputy mayor released a summary of proposed new rules for jet ski operators:

  1. The need to set up a central service point for rentals at Pattaya beach, Jomtien beach and Koh Lan, for the convenience and safety of customers.
  2. Set a standard service price for jet ski rentals, including the insurance price for accidents in the pricing of tickets. * See below
  3. The service time for rentals will not go past 6 p.m. daily.
  4. Provide notice to operators of the exact punishment for violations, ranging from a soft punishment of arrests and fines, to terminating the business.

In cases of severe violations, such as beating tourists or extorting money, the harshest punishment of terminating the business will be immediately enforced.

After the Chonburi provincial governor gives his signature to the proposed rules, all of the jet ski operators in Pattaya will be notified, and required to acknowledge and adopt the new rules immediately.

Update: No end in sight

5th October 2012. See  article from

Whilst Pattaya officials were on a propaganda walkabout it was reported that jet ski renters will continue to be forced to pay no doubt extortionate charges for supposed damage. Rule 3 above about including damage insurance in the price of the ticket seems to have been shelved.

* Pattaya Daily News reported:

Officials also took time during the random check to inform some tourist renters about the new laws. In case of tourist exploitation, the authorities assured the renters that they will enforce the laws in all forms. And if tourists caused damages to the jet skis, 'fair' procedures would be followed to accurately assess the damages.



Teddy Bear...

New Danish film featuring Pattaya

Link Here3rd September 2012

Teddy Bear is a 2012 Danish drama by Mads Matthiesen.
With Kim Kold, David Winters and Elsebeth Steentoft. See IMDb

Teddy Bear is about a gentle giant of body builder who is a bit of a mommy's boy. He escapes her clutches for a while and goes to Pattaya in search of love.

It has been quite a hit on the film festival circuit, and has earned many very good reviews.

It has only just premiered and the US DVD release is set for next March.



Pattaya De-glittered...

The Glitter Man departs from Pattaya

Link Here31st August 2012

Several news sources are reporting that one of the characters of Pattaya has returned home to England.

His frequent presence, riding his bike around Pattaya, certainly added a bit of colour to the town. 



Offsite Article: And the Scam Goes On...

Link Here4th August 2012
More debate about how to end Pattaya's Jet Ski Scam

See article from



Offsite Article: Video: Pattaya's only naturist hotel...

Link Here2nd August 2012
Owned by the Naturist Association Thailand, Chan Resort in Pattaya is the only naturist resort in Thailand which allows guests to fully enjoy the natural surroundings of the area – without wearing clothes.

See article from



Cracking News...

Fighting back against destructive pile drivers

Link Here1st August 2012

A group of management and residents from five condominium buildings on Soi 12 off Pratamnak Road (probably meant Thappraya) paid a visit to City Hall afternoon to submit petitions to Deputy Mayor Ronnakit Aegasing.

Their complaint was against a construction company that had allegedly caused damage to their 4 storey buildings whilst deep piling of girders was going on at a neighbouring site in the construction of a new block of condos.

As a result, the Deputy Mayor led a team of building officers to the scene to investigate the allegations. They saw for themselves the result of cracks and other support damage caused by drilling poles into the ground and ordered an immediate suspension of construction by enforcing a City Regulation Act on the company.

After a primary discussion with the company, and to the satisfaction of all concerned, they agreed to pay compensation to the petitioners and will instead, even though it is more expensive and time consuming, agree to dig holes to place the support poles in.



Ladyboy Round Up...

More of the same, but a couple of interesting points from Pattaya police

Link Here26th July 2012

In the early hours of Wednesday a further 30 ladyboys, who Police consider as individuals who have the highest potential of committing crimes against tourists.

They were rounded-up on Pattaya Beach Road and on Walking Street and taken to Pattaya Police Station. Their details were recorded on a database held by Police and in accordance with the law were fined 100 Baht each for loitering.

Some are questioning the effectiveness of the Police policy to arrest transsexuals roaming the streets of Pattaya on a daily basis and fining them only 100 Baht. We spoke with a senior officer at the Police Station who believes that by taking them off the street and disrupting their evening will eventually force them to relocate thus improving safety levels along Pattaya Beach. [But not where they relocate to!].



Offsite Article: Pattaya's mayor outlines priorities for second term...

Link Here14th July 2012
And thankfully refrains from mentioning nightlife

See article from


18th February

 Offsite Article: Hookers and Hookahs...

Link Here
Bungling Iranian bombers pictured partying with prostitutes before botched Bangkok attack

See article from


15th January   

Diary: The Wisdom of Beer...

Christopher G Moore to launch new crime novel set in Pattaya
Link Here

Award winning Bangkok based writer Christopher G Moore will soon launch his latest novel here at Pattaya Expats Club (PEC).

The famous Canadian expat novelist has handed the PEC a World Exclusive for his 10th literary talk to the Club - this will be his first lecture worldwide to introduce his latest crime caper The Wisdom of Beer. Moore joked, I can't think of better group or city to unleash the full set of characters inhabiting that book. Some of whom may be in the audience. They know who they are. There is no place to hide. It is only his 2nd Pattaya based novel and its hilarious.

It unflinchingly pokes fun at different characteristics of - the Russians from escort girl to arms dealer, geriatric police volunteers, Thai male hair and mobile phone fashions, the fixing and tribulations of a katoey beauty contest, the US cast - bar owner, Marines and Obama's US Navy son (from the same Kenyan village) and the Tweeting generation within the mix of ingredients.

Hear the full recipe from Christopher Moore on 29th January at Mercure Hotel Soi 15 (behind the Avenue Mall) - all are welcome. 180 B buffet from 10am, or reduced 80 B entry from 1130am when the meeting programme starts.


12th January   

Update: Cage Boxing?...

Large boxing venue opens but is restricted to the tour bus market
Link Here

Pattaya's largest Muay Thai boxing stadium has just opened to the public, targeting Russian, Indian and Asian package tourists to fill its 700 seats.

Pattaya Boxing World opened on Sukhumvit Road near Mini Siam on 23rd of December.

Pattaya Boxing World Group Executive Director Oros Chutimant said more than 20 million baht was spent on the facility to make it one of the city's premier tourist attractions. Initially, the stadium will be taking only tourists on package tours, but plans call for opening up the venue to everyone.

It will host three 80 minute shows each night starting at 6, 7:30 and 9pm.

It is perhaps somewhat unsurprising to see that the venue is relying on the captive tour bus visitors. Passing trade may be a little difficult to snare with tickets being an eye watering 900 Baht each.

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